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The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, July 24, 1903, Image 3

Image and text provided by University of Oregon Libraries; Eugene, OR

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Tlio Klml You IIiivo Alvrnya JlouKht, und which llut been
In una for ovit .' Jfi'nm, lute liornn tint ult'imturo of
-' luu Inc., i.m.l.. i(r i, M .,r.
UUjyM&Ziic TIT1 ""i"'"1'"" Mh. k ir,-y.
All C oiuit.-rlVIt, Iiiillatloim mit HtiltUuU-N uro but V..
p. iIimi iiIn tluit Irlllo -Willi iiihI milline r tlin lu-nllli of
Inliuilx and t UlIilrcu-ICxjK rl. iim nuulnut i:jn rliiunt.
What is CASTOR I A
Citfttitrlti N "iiltallliiln for Cunt or Oil, I'uri-irorlf, Ilrop
mill Noolliliiif Nvrii.i. It la llnriuli. ami 1'lfiiaunt. It
tmitulii lu'lilior Opium, Morphine, nor other Aurc.it lo
miI.Mimi.'o. tlx uE It imurimtcf. ltd-iroy Wornm
itml ttilnyit IVvcrlahiira. It iinntl)liirrli(iu unit Mind
full.'. It rrllrY.tt Tcrlliliiif Trouble, ciirca (ouliiUlou
mill I'liiluli iK y. It Ualuilhit- th l'oo.l, regulate tlio
Moimu Ii un.t llmvi N, ishlnif li.iiltby mill imliirul um V.
'i'lio Children' I'uo.ici-u -Tlio Mother' Irlcinl.
Bears tbo
w Jrw r jr y
Tlio Kind You Have Always Bought
In Uso For Over 30 Years.
By The Bi4 Sawmill!-
1" Utvisiir.; New I'mwU
lioll of I,.
-(JKNHKAL aii:uc:h.vi)!SH
Dtirt 6s: Muckle,
J M. II. !.-;is, - Ori'Siiii. J j
I:M I'A'R31'ACy ;i
P.ttrntii.o ;i iliug stuiv when you
want Dim', fresh and reliable
Drugs and Patent Medicines
Perfumery, Toikl Articles, l-tc.
A Fine Line of Writing Supplies.
Plain and Decorated Crepe Paper, htc.
Direct from Publisher-Regular
M. C.
Pcak -
'm.-w-w- w-t ww w
IlltV ll.M.I.S, HIMKH' A"
u. .,a.i"i
mil l II HlltlM. I K I II K II
... .t.. ...vu i ...in vil CKI'll.
I II. i, r
I desire t say that I would like to do business
with every person in Columbia County. My policy
. . n i i ,,.w.lc
js to naiKiie iioih'm K1""'"
affords me much pleasure when I feel that my pa
trons are getting their money's worth.
. Ai AAA AAA AAa""
A Family Libmarv
The Best In Current Literature
12 CoMfitTf fiwtia Yeu
$2.80 pen year : SB ct. a eof v
Signature of
I'.tvry I.v hi t 'i ; 'iVei'k
for (inly tin- L--t iii
25 cent Novels Only 10 Cents
r in
. tii'it vivlilValM liUlll'KllIKH
-u vl1 I VKII Vil illlllll?. .U I H' I '
1 " 1 """ ' . ...
,..,., u T.
n o
ut limu'st nrices. and
cj J - ,- '
m W ion aim
Hedges A (iiilloWM.v, Oregon Cilv, will
. furnish blno priuta of any ..iibhip in
1 this dislricl.
1 The steamer, Kuinh Dixon, has now
1 changed lo the siimnier schedule. Nie
,, reavforOnk 1'oiiil and wa.v Isml
lugs on Kuudiiv evening" nl H o ciock.
leaves rortlaud for Cliitski.nieand way.
landings TiieNdtiv and Thuoduy even
i lugs nl o'clock. Ueiurning, leaves
ClalsUani" on Wcdtiesilny ami r ruhiy
..i uu.. at 4 o'clock, tide pel niltMJM.
! Wi lobar.!' U..t on tnp at the. Owl
10 year old whUUi-y at Duw'.
J. II. Wellington in MKrtin the proprie
tor i. the Cruiser .ulooii.
Pti.ont rV Hon., of Valley, have , ot
! -l,ir hlntiKU-H lr null, j(iut,m,
I want wild hli.ckla rrie for the Alaska
trade. f. c, (inlyi st. Helens.
Wellington fr tlm lurgi-nt and
n,lit Ikt in town,
KiiKli-rt'K Muilio, iii-iit iloor to Tint
Mit kIIIi o In opiM, Hilliiluj'N.
I'v l(t ulnt ami oil. M. C. lirav
M. II. Ii.ua. "
(iikI k.hxIh hi tlio owi,t jirici'd cun
I. .' Mi uml ut N. A. IVrry'i (i-iieriil titer-t'lHIHlllkl-
mi.if n lloullon.
TIh- piln.K axil mpa for W. A. HarrU'
ui'W liiiililiiigN have Uien uUcvd in i
lloll. '
Horn, in Si. Iliilcii", Siuuluv, July
H'ili. to Mr. hikI Mr (ii;,rf A. iUII a
on. Wt-lKhl. IIH, ponuila.
Part A Min-klii Iwivu n-wlvi'il a lot of
lV ami yuuilia' clniliinK raiigiiiu in
pi ii i! Imin fio to 7 50.
olliw lum wciin-d t'.f m-rvirva of
hii npi-rirmv.l j.li priuifr, ami ia pru
pnrH to ilci all ork promptly,
titaml i-oiii-i-rt ly Min Mary Convert,
lUiim-r July 3.,. Tiikeu 50 tiiita.
l ull program publmliuil m it wefk.
Ni K'M"'" ln'inif rwfiveil at Hai
Irv A Urinii'a, ll niton, fviiry dar.
Wpiiial iihliiii'iiidita tocauli piircliaai-ra.
I',li fant Hup ol ilinhi-a (jiven awav with
ImkiiiK oiliir at Hailey A llr'iu'a,
II. . nil. .11.
J.J. rCiirrl'a utiulio, licit ilinjr to
Tin Mim ollito, on for vtork every
Itfv. II. Moya, of Kninii'r, will prvacli
nl lloullon ni-at Hiiiitlay luoruiiiK, ami
in I In- i'M'Iiiiik will till llif pulpit of llie
M. Ili'li-na Mi-lliixlint Knincopal clmnli.
l'oir-poiiiriil ulionlil wnil in tht-ir
iiititu r to reni li tliu lliiii oltic dy Wiil
iit f'lny nioinliig at llie InU at. Later ini
p .it;inl mutla-r can I avnt wparately.
II. iiiy Morifna haa ailileJ a full lino
. of Inniiluri) to alia-k of gi-nfial nier
I t-ti tii i i lmirx, Im-'IhIi'h.Ih, etc., and a
I'.llllpll tf lilll.
III. .. kl'iii- ari pli-nliful in the
! and adjurriit couniry, lint the
pukriK an- iiianv, and tlm aupply in
.Imtt in (lie iiinrki-t.
I .Mranrt. I'ait A Mucklt have repairi'd
tliihvk landiiij; ulip, ami the nvoim-r
Aim n. n h(iii ili litera Inight c.mveil-
( ii-nl In thi'ir wiiri hiiiiiic.
t lime no piini-a lo oiler, lint give my
I i'iiMoiik'Iii rvri yilmiK in Viiliitf ol the
(hkIs Mild. i.fd . uu 111 v and rumnt
; wi ii'lit. .N. A. IV i iv, gi'iii'ritl nirrchaiit,
II mi ni.
For a liijev
MoiiiHi li mid
Ifver Irv
l.uer Tablet'
vigoniir llm livirr, aid the digesiion, leg-1
iilali) the liowrla ami prevent lillious at-
lai i. ! or sine ny imiwiii k-ws.
Aunt I'dfc-e, K of I', in-lalleil the
mwh eleiled olticeia Tued.iv night.
I lie lu.ilnliiiig I'lticer l l Chanrel
I '. M. C. iiray. The lint of oirners has
lurcl.dore bci-n pul'lishinl.
W i 1 1 i : 1 1 1 Mi. Ub, bend sawyer iu Ij.mp
Star Cuiiipaiiy's mill, is laid up with a
hudly brui-H-il h-g "d ki , llie recult
i.t a :-lool log striking the back purl of
bia leg. last haliirdny morning.
Cuplaiu Flunk Holc-unh, of 1'orllsn.l,
Mrs W. II. Dillard's father, has pur
chased luo lots from Mra. Tynkiewica,
nil nhich he inlelids 10 build. The
puijiertv is linaied nil the sigluly point
jtinl mImiic Mr. Waters' old barn.
Mr-. F.oabelh I'erry celebiatiil her
Viiui bit lb day last Fiiday. She i the
only sutviviiig pioneer ol 1K44 int'oluiu
hm coiiniy. Last year her iftth birih
i. ass the mrai-ioii of a lamilv reun
ion. Iii. lii.ling children and grandi hil-
dren, aK.ul .10 were present
pi... n , i...iii ,lan... oleeii IV
" 'I. .. : , , J
I S.'iiiiin- lent. Milglita ol AMi-caoees,
I nl Scapis.se Inst Satur.lav night, was a
' vmiilvimr sii.ee.. financially ami social-
i i, . The commitlee i.i chaige waa M. J. j demeanor. His otfenae co.msteil ol
iFnglcrt.O. D. tiariiwon and T. A. Clou- 'negoliating checks and drafts, drawn
I j on places where he had no money or
- credits. S. A. I'erry. the lloullon post-
J No ninti or woman in the atnle will ! ,u.r cashed a $15 cheek for Fair
f i hisitale lo speak well of Chamberlain's rhild, diaan on the Ladd A Tilton bank
Siomiii h nml Liver laldcla alter once jn Portland. It waa returned iliahnn
li viug llo in. They always pr.aluce a ,.,,). Al Scuiijioose, Waits A Price
pleasant inoiemriit of the laiwela, iui- ,.,,sicd a draft for Fairchild lor a Bimi
prove llie appetite and strengthen tlio hir amount drawn on Sherman A Har
digenlion. For sale by Kdwin Kiwa, 1 ,mm. il,p r,i,thind general h gen Is for the
... . ,t.B, '
iiiiTssiM i-..u .... '
Helens opera house on f-alur.lny even- i
ii,. 1. I II tut till. lata OVivll.
It w ill te under exivl
ii. K sjuivmmm, i. ... j
i ..o.i..ii.iiii iitul tTiUH. iiiiimi hiia
giHal music has
ll'ltfc illlOini -iiv
la-en secured I he opera House is
roomy and bus one o tlm nei-l nance
fliK.rs iu Columbia cotinly. Tickets, 7.i
Uev. (i. A. Taggart, of Itainier, vs
lied the Mill. lay school lit lioble last
Siindav inoriiiiig, and found it in a
promising condition. The Sunday
ach.Hil i under Iho superintendem-v of
Miss Foster. B'. Taggart will hold
services there nest Sunday, and prohi
bly at regular intervals in the future.
Mr. Hill, manager of the Wik.-trom
ann mill ut Kahima, Wash., nccidently
lull into Hit' river while Irving lo board
V i n . ..., i ...... , I l.v I'anlaiu liappeneii to see an auverii leuieiii, 01
.i" i'l rL In the al Mr ill I s ruck I Clia.i lrlain'i Colic. Cholera and Diat
, rim's wiiic s utn ed biiii, I.iiV wa 1 rl,wn ..y with a tesiimonial of a
nn. .1 t tc v reseneil bv CapUiu Hough-! " ' '''.' ' uri'd b'.n;, Tl,e
1 ".' , i . .1... tt ,.tr un.l case was so similar lo my own that I inn-
k.ik wliojt.uipcd into the water ' cln,,t.(, , ,rv ........dv. The result
pulled hun out. ; wH(t woldl., jnl- r,,,,!,! ,8rtiv
W. II. Dillanl linsoruereii piling uii"e
on his water from proiierly lielweeii i the
Ihirris property and the '.'"'S".1' ' l
Company"! diH-k. D Is Mr. Dibanl s
I .,l.ii in eiiH-t a we I lightcil mstaiirani
....... - , , ,
bull. ling, aiioniing n "
Coluuihiii. The building will be fitted
up as soon as a comptent man can lie so
cured to conduct a first class place,
where meiila will be served at all hour.
pcptitv rrosectiting Attorney V, H.
l'.iwe I went to Itainiet Tuesday to pros
ecute C. C. Wilson for assaulting H. t.
Howard. A line of $20 and nlxuit $40
costs were iiiijioscd bv Justice Svmons,
which was paid Wilson and Howard
each own sawmills buck of Kainier, and
It.i.l a.nna ill men IV over an m-e"uiu,
.alleged that Wit-on kicked How-
!Ve'iVdci"iens. ami the affair
It was
U id out
highly respi
is deplored.
"I band dropped overboard," explain
ed a very wet stranger to a crowd of cu
rious oeonle at tbo depot Inst evening.
II. mi 1. .a l...iilir Vt'l'V Wl't I
very drunk. Kmlier in the day while
wtil'king along the trestle in the east end
hewmd Schollield A llaukc's B-ore. he
hud (alien into the river, nd '"'J .'('r
be prompt action of tieoige Melinite,
might, have la-en drowned. Mr. Mi
Bride iiroinptlv siirnn in after him and
siirceedifl in getting him out. He tisik
llie evening train lor Portland, soaking
wet an not in the h ast solere.l bv In
iiiii row Chcitpo from drowning. Aato
t inn.
ir i n o j e "y o
,W I
Mra. It. Cox ia viaitliiK her daughtera, I
in rorthtiid.
Jour ph Copidand, n plom-er citizen of
Mn..ro, nun in jsx, iiuiena Wedneailay.
Miaa Donna Doty, of Oregon City, ia
viaithiK Mra. A. M. Ilolton.
Mra, J U, Mi Khv la viaiting relatiyea
hera an j at lloullon.
J. B. (ioilfrey liaa been veiling Asto
ria and down rivar pointa.
Hherinan Milea, of Hiilem, waa vialtiiiK
Ida grandparent here the nrat of the
J. N. Brlnn, of Yankton, who waa re
ccmly aiverely injured in a lawmill K-
ideiit, in progresaing favorably,
T. K. Mill, of Wealport, vltited
Irieiida and relative at Houiton over
Mra. II. O. Oliver ami child, of Yank
Ion, were visitor! in Ht. Helen Tuea
day. ThomnH McKiel, a merchant of Tort
land, ia viaiting hiacouain, Henry Mor
Ku. Mr. and Mra. O. II. Cranilall and
diiughu-r, Minn lina, of Qtnnn'a were
vimtora in Ut Helena, during the week.
Captain C. I. Ilooghkirk and family, of
the Meamcr Iralda, will go to the Nehn
lem next week for their aunuul outing.
II. K, Smith, llie well known Kontli
ern I'ai illc engineer, ia visiting hi
wither, Mra. M. 1'. .Hinith at Keaaey.
Hei accompanied by hi family.
Mr. and Mra. M. D. Henshaw and
i V. Kellev, of lloullon, went to Hea
nidi) hiat Sutiirday to aojourn for a
couple ol wecka.
Allien Hemdiaw wa down
ory :
Mr. D. Ik-ushaw at Houiton over Sun
day. Mra. William Doherly, of Kainier, Or.,
who has been vUiting in Kugene for llie
past week, returned home lo day, Eu
gane Uuaid.
Dr. Kdwin Itoa is itirTering from an
other attack of boiKiu oak. He was ex
posed while culling down some trees
near Ilia place.
Charles Kifher ami family moved
buck to Woodland, Wash., this week.
Mr. Fisher has a mail cun tract, which
demands hi attention.
Miaa Marie Watts, of Scappoose, who ,uosl ractive dee.-riptiv? pam
ha lieen very ill in a Portland hospital ; phlet ever iseued in Oregon, and is el
for several weeks past, was brought gnully deiigned in tlie highest style of
home on a stretrher lai-t Sunday, Her j Uie engi aver' and printer's art. It is
niiiwlitimt iu mutrinllv itnnroeiiit illuatraled with tf halt-tone emrravim?.
, . . . ,. I
Newton Tomiikins and Mirsea Sadie;
and Maude Kaki-r, of Warren' Orrgon,
were the gm nta of Mr. ami Mrs. (i. W .
Orace the lirslof the week ami attend ng
the Chautauqua. Oregon City Courier.
James liaitlena. a iirominent farmer
d Deer Island, mis in M, lie ens Mon-, ,. . . ,, ,.
s.t i .,i ,, . .1 .1 ... i. ii i llie roailbed u in excellent condi
( hnui'M-ila in ilnv. He slated that the Deer l and ,. , .,.' i, ,i ; i i
,, I'l lll j
iiniiiiri' k nirii 11- 111 orin 1 ilia, win 110111
its regular monthly nieeling at 8 o'clock
.. 1 .11. . n .1 ,
; batiinlay nighl
Mrs. A. Itoladav. of S-apioo.p. and
her -isler Mia Alice DoOrail, a leachei
in the stntd normal school at M idison,
; Mirlli 1'nkotii, vinleil Mm. o. r. Mur-
ray, yesler.hiy, Misa DcUraffe is here
for a flioi t visit to relatives, and other
i Cholera Infantum.
This has long Iwen regarded a's one of
t tit t dangerous ami falai di-easea to
which iufauls are subject. It can lie
cuied, however, when properly treated. ;
AM that i neeervi.iog,veU.B.i.lr
Iain's l olic. Cholera and Diarrhoea
Itemiily and cantor oil, as directed with
eaeh Uillle, and a euro is certain. For
sale by Kdwin Koas,
A. D. Fairchild, an erstwhile travel
ing 11 gen l for Tlm 1 Vim Mutual Life In
surance Comp.ny, is wauled here for
obtaining money under labe pretenses.
Fairchild was here soliciting liuauiess
I... .,.. U.ilnul oluml.m nr 11
" . - .. .. ..
days ago, and created ft favorable mi
pre.sioii by his modest, bunnesa like
IVnu Multiiil, which waa returned w ith
the Matenieiit that the maker ol the
, f , , , ,)CCU ju ,luir , .))ov or
couple of wet-ks
Very It-markaule Care fo Diarrho. a we y anything about selling this mer
"Aboiil six veara ago for the first time I cbandise at less than cost, as we consid
iu niv life I lnid a suil.len and aeveie at-: er hi a clearance sale. We must make
lai k ol dianhoi-a," savs Mrs. Alice Mid iroom for our Fall goods. John Deilur,
er, of Morg.in, Texas. "1 got tempoiarv corner First and Yamhill, Portland.
relief, but it came buck again and again.
nml lor six long vears I have sintered
: more mi-t'iy and agony than I can tell.
! It mis none than death. My husband
spent bund reds of Isillar for physicians'
I preset ipiiona and treatment without
'avail. Finally w moved to Hospue
county, our present home, and one day
, , . w u , r iH,ieve it could
,H, ,Q ntwr IMVing sullereil so long, but
: tliHt oiitt iH.ttleol medieine, coting but
t R fl,w ,,rutH) c,lrcj , j,-or aTe by
Kdwin Ross.
X Wonderful Iureutlou.
It is intiirestiiig to note 1 lint
are frequently made by llie invention of
articles of minor importance. Many of
the most popular devices are those de
signed to lament the people and meet
pomil.tr conditions, and one of the most
interesting of these that haa ever lieen
invented is the Dr. While Electric Comb
patented Jan. 1, 'HI. These wonderful
eoinbi positively cute dniidruir, hair fall-
j hi ouwid
wt,i'f ' K'"'
aiek aim nervous tieauncnes.
used ill connection with Dr.
;lec.rio llnir Brush, am posi -
lively liiinriiiitned to make atraiglit hair
cuily III :n iluva limn, inouaanna oi j namruuys, negiuuiuK ouijr inn.
these elecltic ciunbj haw bet a;. Id in j lu.gillllillK Saturday July llih. the ev
the various cities of the Union, nml the ..: ,,... , ,ilH i t 'h k leavina
demand is conslantly increasing. Our ? . T' Vi'.1. " ' .
. : il., i. ,. . ul I. U..I1I..
lliese ciimlis. iiiey poanivciy sen
. , , . ......l- ii. i. i. wk
bend for sample Men sue 3.5c,
Indies 60c half iirice while we are intro
ducing thetii. See Want Colutnn of this
ptiucr. Tlm Dr. White Klectric Comb
Co., lVcalur 111.
Working: Night nml Hay
The busicl and mightiest little thing
that ever was iiiiido i Dr. King's Now
Life 1'ilU. These pills change, weakness
I into strength, listlessnesa into energy,
. hi uHn-Ing into menial power. They're
I i. l.ii.l.liiii. in-. til I. ..nil).
I Only 25c per box. Sold by the Si. H -Ions
I ... '
'Flilil'tliiiey. ,
Gocning Suents. '
joaroed county court
next Mon
Columbia County I'omnna
C'Jiinty I'omona Grange
meet in Vernoii.a on Hatur.luv, An-
KUHl ,B.
Coiinty Teacher' Inatitute will be
held in .St. Helena, Augimt 18-0.
I've got High Standard flour guaran
teed. M. V. Gray, Hi. Helena.
rrogram of Hit t'anyrr , Concert
t Kalnler Hatarday Mght
Jaly iflith.
Tii lienor'a Orcheatr Selected
"Miiiiona," or Love in Japan. . . . Alleler
Miaa Mary Conyer.
"Ikrcemie," (Violin) Renarde
Miaa A u ii in Engliah.
fiolo Selected
Mia Kuby Jackaon
Piano aolo Selected
Miaa Veda Williams
"Day Dreams," fjlreletxki
VioUl ....Wright
Mil- Conyers.
Kainier mile quartet Selected
D. Ii. Stuart, U. Ii. Johnson, H. V.
Keiue, J. H. K. liourne, A. I..
l'art II.
"Dainty Dorothea," DcKoven
"Slumber Sea" Chistioliu j
Mi Conyers.
"Lullaby from Jocelyn" Godard '
Mis Anna Engliah. ;
Kainier mala quartet Selected
.u'k..n i -p.. i. in - i.
When Love is Told" Vannah
"Oh Dry Thoee Tears" T. Del Kiego
Miaa Conyers.
1'ia no aolo Se lected
Misa Veda Williams.
"Where'er You Go" Somerset
Mia Couyere.
General P aaeager Agent Maya Issue
j A Magnllietnt BvofcleU
1 J. C. Mayo, the wide-a-wake general
1 paeaenger agent of the Astoria A Colum
I bia Railroad Company lias issued, one of
allowing up to exi-elleul advauUge
i '.i t:u
; lot.k collage and holela at Clalaop
. iieaci,, picturesque scenes along the line
!o( llie railroad; also an excellent cm of
1 Kainier. Many of the engraving- are
' '"" W re ,rue lo
l.Ull, aiJH immq n..u n Il'.v 1 ii
. , , -,1.. i
Close cou-
neclioua are made with the atcauiei
I'otter and the abcotta lor liwaco ami
Long Leach pointa on the Washington
side, lieacli excursion lickaisare sold
at lortlaiiil that, are interchangeable
between the O. It. A Vancouver
Transportation Company steamer ami
the railroad.
J. H
Celllus Elected Principal or the
Clatskanle School.
Collins, of St. Helena, ia to be
w principal of the Clatskanie
K.l,ool. Mrs. Gertrude F. Collins, ale.
! , , , , j, tttHim
, ... ,. , 6 , , . ,
; and Mis Mary Ticl.enor, of Clatskanie,
selected aa another. The fourth teach-
er BHs not vet been ekctd.
Clatskanie ia the only school in the
county that has a higher grade depart-
inent. and is to oe complimented on its
new teacher.
Mr. Collins has had a nnniber of
vea ra of ex perience in school work, hay
ing taught for everal year in Clatsop
county, and waa principal of the Can
yon City school in Grant county, also
field a like position in (he Elgin public
school in Union county. Mnce retiring
from the mercantile business in St. Ht-1-1
ens last Alarcn, Mr. loiun uu ueen
principal uf the Scappoose school.
Sot Mach Said.
W hen a lady or a man gets fitted with
a pair of (4 shoes lor $2.48, 3 shoes for
$1 PS, not much ia aaid about it. When
a man selects a pure worsted suit of
clothes, 10 value for $15, or a regular
60 value for fS.fcO, uot much is said
about iu When a lov clmosc a neal
suit of clotln a woith (4 60 (or $3,011, he
or hi mother aaya nothing, but they sp-nri-eiutA
the s-reat. hanruin. Neither do
Beach Tree whiskey at the Owl sa
loon, Itrinn Bros., proprietors, direct
f.oiu Kansas City, Mo.
A part of nickel plated music rack,
on the road between Yankton and War
ren, via Houiton, July 4ih. Finder w ill
receive reward by leaving il at J. S. Ba
con's store at Warren, or notifying him
of its whet en Units.
lirutalljr Tortured.
A case came to light that for persistent
and uiinieieitui torture ha pel naps nev
er been equaled. Jim; UoUilia-k ol Colu
sa, Calif, writes, "For 16 years 1 euduteii
insufferable pain from Kiieuuiatisui and
nothing relieved me though 1 U led every-
! thing known. I came across F.lecu ic
Hitter.-, ami it's me greatest nieiiicine on
earth (or that iroiu.le. A lew bottles ol
it completely relieved and cured me."
Just as giaxt for Liver and Kidney lioub
lea and general debility. Only Due.
Satisfaction guaranteed by ihc. bt. Helen
i. . ,..,..,
tyeuinir irauu rrtim io.u.uo u
I ui uni.ii in I 11. ui. win i'o unn.iw.iv..
' evi-rv Sntiiriiiiv fur the aiiuiniei' season.
, ,
aim uioaw uc&iima w reiiniiii 111 iw..-
. . . . .,.. ,rtti ,, aepnri-
led should leave 1'ortland on llie 1'orl
lan.l-8eila.ile Flyer depailing It. 11.
ion Depot every Saturday al 'i.ttO p.
iii onlc-r to reach home ou tiauir.lny.
in. ;
No I'ltjr Shown,
"For years fate wa. after me continn
ouslv" write K. A. litilledgc, Vcrbeiiii,
l la." "I had a terriblecase . ! I'iles cans
inu- Vl liiiimrs. When all fail.nl Huck-
len's Arnica Salve cured me. Equally
j good for Burns and all acbes aud pains
' : .. I.. U7. . ... .1. hi. ll,.l..l,B I'liiirttitli-U.
n-JLJSWZSli::,'yv".. t '."Wtf.t
HAUmn 10.00
Harnes s
$13 to
i ioiil.Do
Oar SewCatalope liLrrjT,
ntHiv hitritex. MiMf in Hhy article you u
Alitor WfHT. Ut n U'h
Pacific Mail Order Comiiunj
2nd and Salmon Bts., I'ortlund, Ore,
llr. Itoaa Will Hay It Hark.
You ansume no rik when you buy
CliBnilierliiin'a Colic, Cholera and Diar
rhoea Kcni'ily. Kdwin Boaa will relund
your money if yon are not eatiatied after
uaiuj it. It fa everywhere admitted to
be the moat ancceaiful remedy in uae
for liowel complaints and th only one
that never fails. It is pleasant, sale and
Fresh fish in season every Friday , and
special Sunday dinner at the Oriental
Owl Saloon i
Rkinm Bkothkbh, PROPRIETORS
Only the trt ol
Liprs and Cigars Kejt in Stock
And other )pnir hrm.di of whtkU-a
aluaya n xluck.
on dmuyht.
"Tom Benton" Cigars.
All the laiet neww-rwancl other pop
ular pertMicala.
Dill. rtm -nit of th Interior,
Laud orhca hi Oregon i'Iiv, Oregon.
Julv la. I1:.
fiiMimliiii-DHine.1 filler ha Hied notiiii:
of his tiiHnilou to nmke !iunl iroi( in U.p.Tt
I of hi claim, .nd uii i.l pr.
i before U l.emie a-at Keen
-mil wl l oe iiiB.io
iver ui Orenou i-ity
Oregon, on .-epmeker ;i. r.w. viz:
W 11.1.UM i.. o WOOIH.
H. E.No. 12,163, lor Uie n ! of sevttun 31, tpt
n, r 4 west:
He names the followiua wtliie-sen lo orove
hiKeouliliu.mft leildeuce UK-u t.lid cidtii ation
of iai.1 land. Til: H. K Shirk, td A. Mo lilt. ill,
J. A. McDonald, ol Auoima, OreU'in, and I-rank
Sniltli.ot i'oriland. urifton.
lcprtnitnt of tt.e Interior,
Laiia uttii'v i Oreffou eny, drecon.
July is, lau-t.
(olio wiiii; tiaitiel settler lia 81! riui.ee i
his iiiteiitioii ti niite riiml prtKil til nuppnt of
hn ciiiim, u0 mat anl p .( .it in matle be
Kiretltf KeiKter ami Kt-reiter ( Ortou City.
UrviCU. uu fvpleiiitMir jtli, liWJ, vir. :
.lAKUtffO.N K. lti4;k,
H. K. No. Vl.ii'' tor luene.1 o( -wvilon 27, tp 4
n, r 4 wtjAt.
H immei the following witnextc to prove
htd L-onunnuUB rcuHieiice hkii nt t'ultivatum
UI Mitt IMIKI. WZ. W VI. " XK1 t. A. Slliiiwu
J. A- Mclmld. of Atuittku, Oregon. :ul
ri.mth, ol I'ortlnii-l. ftretmi.
Of eaJmMea, Texaa.
"Win of Cardtil is Irtuted blustnt;
ia d vomcn. Having iu((erd for
seven ytr with wcaknoj and bear.
lng-dov.il pains, and having trkd sev
eral doc ki and different remedies
with no i Kcesi, your Wine of Cardui
was the ' ily thing which helped me,
and evee-ually cured me It seemed to
build up Ihc weak parts, strengthen
the system and correct irregularities."
By "tired women" Mrs. Adam
means rerroua women who have
disordered tnenses, falling of the
womb, ovarian troubles or any of
these ailments that -women birre.
You can cure yourself at home with
this gre. t women's remedy, Wine
of Carr ii. Wine of Cardui has
cured t'tousands of cases which
doctors h ve failed to benetit. Why
not beg to fret well today? All
drugs ist have $1.00 bottles. For
any ston ach, liver or bowel disor
der Th d ford's Dlack-Draugbt
should lo used.
rrail-,cean.tlltmtni,!wMlTal. triune
ayiUMr . Tlla Ladww" AiiTUory IH-iil-nnxpi,
T'a C)wtuuMuit.i Ucd!.--in Cw.,
All diseases of Kidneys,
Bladder, urinary organs.
! SShSl'A.
k---, r,mal. Trmble.
I Don't become discouraged. There la a
aureforyou. If neeoanury i'lt llr. l-eunor.
Ho haa spout a life time, curing Jti-t sucb
Cases aajrours. All couaultkloiis Fr.
I "A. gravel lodged In my bladder. After
I using a few bottle, of lr. Fauuei ' Kidney
and Backache Uuro I paused a gravel half us
largo as a marble. The modicum prevented
turttior folluatlons. I was cured.
W.T. OAlvts. urrix, va.
I Prugglsts. OOe.. 1. Aslt rorl ooa nooa- f ree.
ut iiiTiioin i unr
; Sure Onre. circular. Vt
0 1 1 1 1 U0 UAnOE. Kenncr. Frodoula.N.y
Sale by Al. C. win
, ci, iiciena ;
general mi l -
tl-o Hailey it Ut inu,
.-bants at Hniiltou.
Part A Muckle have received a com
plete line of iiib'ih' clothing, ranging
from $7.50 to 1,11 . Call and inspect
It does not cost you any mor
to travel on the
"North Coast Limited"
than it does
any other train. Try it and
your verdict will be
It's the crack train of them all
A. It. Cll AHI.TON.
, Aaaiatant General Passenger A cent
Morrlmin St., Corner of Third,
Portland, Oregon.
underfill tea Admlaidralorof the t'siate el
William 0. Conntdl, deneaacd, haa riled lu tba
County C'uiiri of Coiambia County, btate of Or
egon, hin tinal am oiint and report in said as
tute, and thai the liuu. J. B. Uoan, Judaeof SMd
Court r.un aip.iiiiei Mon.lay, the jrd limf of Au
f;ul. at 'I o'clock p. ni. of aaid day for tba
henrtnf; of imid finnl acconnt, and all objec
tions ibereto. and toe anal aeulemeul thereof.
HARP.IfON ALLEV, A.loria, Oregon, At
torney lor Aumiiitfltrulor.,
Deptrtment of the Interior,
LauU Otiicv at Ureou City, Oregon,
June , 11MI3
folmwiDK-uametl wttler taut fileti notice of
hi mteuuuu to mttke tin at prtol iu support o
ins t'lttim. ttiKi tliut rtiJ Dual proof will b
mtute beioie the Couuty Clerk of Columbt
County, ui bt. Helen, Oregon, ou July S5, lyj3,
II. E. No. tor the e!, ui nwf 4. w of nw
oi ecuou ii Aini Mf;4 ui ue uf lectioii M,
tp iu. r 3 wet.
He names the foil -wing witness to prorw
nxs comihuous renienre upon una chiiivmiub
ol nan! land viz: J itm b. w ilvcriln ndGer
hurt M'trtMi-k, ( alley, Uregou lutc T. Wil
mm, of Yankum, muu t.U. Vtirney. of Houiton.
XjOTICi. is hereby given that the nn
i.1 lieriirueil as aUuiriuntrator of theestare of
.eriaiah Oalviu, decvtu.el, liua tilej in tbe of
ncenf the t:ounty t'Urk in me County Cirk of
Columbia. Mate oiurg..n, his final account of
bin a-mmistraiiou ui on .ai.l estate, together
with hn-lual repott au.l petition for dl. trlou
tiuu, and lhaa the ftun. J . b. lioan. Judgo of
.aid court, hua apg.""nied Mondav, the 3rd day
ul -w.nu.-i, A. I)., I'.Vo. ai 2 o clock in the after
neou ol aai.l liav, an the nine, aud the court
room oi Mid eourt in 4t. Helena. Oiecon. .as
j the place ox hearing the name, at which lime
au.i ..ai-e huv person imereatea IU saia enuile
iua a .pear an i nle objections in uniting to aaitl
niial ai'i-t.uut or oio nnal reHrtand petil.ou
(or aistribuiiou, ur auy poriiou or either of the
Administrator of the Eatate of Jeremiah Ual
viu. devtased.
v.. tl. row ELL. Atloaney for Administrator
Ie.artmnt of the Interior
Lanu uthce at Oregon Ctiv, Oregwn,
June Ti, 1SUU.
follouliiK-uamed aettler lias filed notice of
hia intention lo it. .ike tinal proof iu supiiort of
liii. claim, and that said woo- will b uia.le b-
: li-te llie HcKiter and Receiver, at Oregon Cily,
: Clreeoh.ou An'il.-t VI, 1J03, viz:
j MAKt B. Bl MP.
I It. E. So. I3;st, ur the lota 3 und 4. Section ,
I ip J n, r A weal.
i ll-names the folio-" log witoesaes to prove
f his ci.ntiuuoiia ivaidcnce ukiii and cultivation
j of Mid iail.l. ia:
Wilson Hump and Jaeob slaich. of Mountain
: dale Oregon , J . N. lii.ttmun, of Korea! Grove,
i Oregon, au.l I'eler H.jtinaii, of Hacoiia, fiiegon.
j AI.OKRNON b. DUESEit. Kegialer.
Iu the Circuit Court of the Slate of Oregon, for
Columbia l'oitnt.
IMollce Fur 1'ublieatloD.
Dcp.trtuient of the Interior,
LuU .)tlice at Oiejtuu t'itv, Oregon.
Juue 'At,
"V0TICE is hereby given that the (ol
i.1 luwinn naii.e-l ne.iler has Hteti notice ol
in intention tu nmke tltml pniof iu uj)LKrt oi
his eUitn, hhJ that mhI prin uitt be mude b
fttrt tin; County t. let it ei t.tlumbia Cotnity ai
ilvlens, Ureytm, on AuyuM 7th, 113, vu;
H. F. No. for Uie oi w;4 of 8ctioo 33,
UtwuMiip 0 iioith, Taunt a V fett.
She URine the (oilttivini; witness to prove
her cuimiKK.u- reDieiue ujxm and cnUivatitn
ti( siibl laad, iz: Meve i.ainim, AUtou Kt-roakt,
Joe o.'ikii, Vulle. Oreou, auti 'ruak Utio
Uh ki, ol M. lteleti, Orvcon.
.1.i;KkNuN b. DKESKK, HeslMer.
Of Fast Heart Lasted
160 Hours.
Doctors Didn't Know
What To Do.
Dr. Miles' Heart Cure and
Nervine Cured Me.
"For seven ye irs I h ivj been troubled
with what the doctors c.tlled a 'fast heart,'
goin at once from the usual beat to twice a
fas., which in a short time would exhaust me
terribly and only after treatment b a physi
cian it wout I get back to normal speed.
These attacl'1 increased in frequency and
seve ity until December, 1901, when they
came on one; a week. Kch attack would
lay me up a day or more. The utt.ick begia
ning January nth, l-ioa, lasted 160 hour
(almost a w-ckl my heart be .1 almost one
hundred aud tittv per minute and soma
times more. Djrhn,' this week my phvsician
consulted with four other doctors, but all to no
pjiponc. My heart finally .lowed up, and it
was tiicn a sei'ious question with my family
wh it to do next; as tor me, 1 was too fir gone;
lo care much what happened. Dr. Miles' ai
nunuc said, "write for advice" and my Son
wnite, receiving a nice reply. Aneigtibor told
us he had usej yo tr remedies with great ben
e'it. It ok courage, beifa lth-u4eoDr.Mle,
New Heart Cure and Kutorative Nervine
until I ha I taken eLwen bottlei of the Heart
Cure and seven bottlez of the Reatorativtf
N.-rvme. I had two slijht attacks after I
began the use of your m.-dicine the lat m o
lasting only thirty minutes. For more than
three saoiiths my heart has run without a
flurry. 1 am cured, aud Dr. Miles' Remedies
did Lie work. 1 hive been postmaster here
for more than ten years." M. T. CANTRII.I,
P. M , Frcdonia, Kansas.-
All druggist, sell a . 1 g laiartee fust hot.
tie Dr. Miles' Remedies. Send for free book
on Nervous and Heart Diseases, Addreaf
Dr, Miles' Medical Co., Elkhart, I ml.

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