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NX). 51.
a Condensed Form lor , Our
, Busy Readers. :
Ik Ruma of Ull ImpwHanl but
No! Let Intareatlng Events
of the Put Week.
A Htit e arthqi was Ml through
nut Daly.
The mlmn ( Turkey tliow lit ol
yielding to th i iwer.
0 in has eent ft gtinWt lo Investi
gate Mi aff ill ol the lain ol Pint.
Llniev'lih idaM to have put down
a uiirlny In Manchuria alter much
Tne I'nlveraity ol Pennaetlanla haa
taken ilie initiative In auggealiiig new
lu.4l.all rule.
Vw : York police authnrlllea hava
d millet ihe iitiwlier ol police reserve,
irrnina'l In anticipation ol a (Ink
by Ironworker.
Heavy ' liava pi awn 100,000
(ewt o Ilia east limit ol Coney island
.d Inhabitants are terror stricken
Iret iwire hould go,
A trril.tp gate haa wept tU English
clialin.-l It reported that the Hilt
i.li ltl.-.hip Kind Kdward VII lound
ervt .birlng tint aliiim.
inll. nivllgllii the aflniiaol
inert anle ae-ay nine have dleenvered
rviit-iiw to (how that Adam' di-falca-Hone
egtetided a tar hark aa IttOJ. !
Thr I'lill-d Dial. aill to Can'da
lat v.r rii'ta to tha valu ol ll'KI.
OOOmiO. Toil i mora than 02 per
o n i l ili' litl nl Canadian Import
and I'OV It per criit ol th rxuyiU ol
tia i'nit.-i H etee.
Or.if.oi. Kmaae T, New Mexico,
V- Vo.k, D-leware, I'ennaylveiilB.
V h -ti l Marjl.ii'1 all hava men In
e mgreaa who would Iwuatlt their etatea
iy reeigniiig. a their term ol UmIuI
nnw have peaee.1.
Iloiiry WatleriHin aaya lia wanU no
public ullli-e.
Tha British Lilwral parly haa apllt
n home rule.
I)mlt ha returned Irom hi new col
ony In Mra.
There 1 a growing dimll.-ctloo In
lb Hi. Petersburg garrison.
nollre have found letter
tailing ola plot to kill lhaciar.
' -,.!, IU.tnlnr.lt will build and
maintain ft theater in New York, a
cordlt.g to hr manager
Turkey la exiwcteJ to offer no rlt
am a lo tha alltwl fleet onlee troop ara
lauded, In which event a fight may en
The largo rmniW ol accidents In
i..i.n u.iiibi tlile season haa erouaed
college euthorltiea to Uke action againet
Iba game.
la ll.ul -1,1. tlmt In the reoiganUa
tln.. ,l .nirriMa Ankvny ,and Kulton
III a-ora chatrtuanahli ol important
Tha manairenient ol tha Hh k Inland
r.,lr.-d l,. d I.IH to prai tuaiiy re-
t.tiil.1 ih entire ivataiu to etwure ft
tninlmtiin grale.
Fifteen peraona were lnurel and
,.,. ,,iliii twill ah-ken up In a
.Mik on trie MiMourl rauillo near
Leede, MiwKiurl.
J i- M,i..Ui minlater ol flnanre aatl
-.. ... th. m.nillurea for tha
coming .ar will he 1 ,020,000,000 and
tha raveliue 11,027,000,000.
ti. ...... m mav allow Austria to
alae Mawduliift.
. a.... ..t. I.. (!l.ii'aira did much
A Bltlt" B"" " "
daiiiugu to propel i jr.
lr...h miitliif baa broken out on
the Uuaeiau Ulauk " Heat
More graH la being eiiied In the
inanraiice Imniirjf at N ork'
tltulgarla ia anxloua to lnva.la Ma.-e-
iloula, hut la reatraineu oy m-
d. I-- .n...lnviira hava united to
i tl... atriki-ia. who huve nea-ly
ralne.1 them.
i i .Li.,.-. Imv organtaad to
tight rite dienriiiitnatlon and may lorm
ft tuie aMiHtiatlon.
!.l n. llavll. M'a"rl
l...b I... .lUemmired with 118.000 ot
the inatliutiou'a money..
i i i. .1 -..i..... ..I ItAnra la to locate
A lrrw v....". -
i- ir ...... .i. a urniit ol over a
III n.n-nii.itw.
11 iii arri't ol laud haa
P HHlili-nt Caatio.
,Ui,.n In the Jiflnraon, Mia-
amrl. iHn Itentiary. made ft ill'rat-
'.. To miiiril wen
I rilll" i" ""l". ----- I
kln. il, a third "eri.iiiHly woundtHl, anil
..... ..... ... ...i... i.h.wn no with nitn
-I.,!.,.. The convlfla ware taptiirei
.itue fluht In which one wat
and one wounded.
The. nrhlnt haa appoliiled H.
lt........ ,.l Knewell. N. M., M K"v
..?..! K Mexloo. to take oflec
January 1, the ..plratlon ol Uovernoi
Oteru'a term.
r. I. ... -.in . ....i..n nromler ol
nun 'ii. win
Qreai llrlliiln.
Miy.n.n-1 U continuing Ha flu'
againnt. the Htandiird Oil.
i? iKiin l.m.Ue have organlaed
t....u to do biiHlneaa In Turkey n
Pratant Year Wai Record Breaker In
United 8tataa.
Waahlngton, Nov,2S. " Wtalth pro-
auction on the larim ol tha United
Hlatee In 1U0Q reached the blghoat
amount ever attained in thlaorany
oiner country ld.416.0OU.OOO,"
In the Unit annual report ol hi third
term Hwrelary ol Agrlculluia Wllaon
prmtonta an array ol ligurea and a itate-
ineiit repreaeiiting producta and prollta
ol tha larmeri ol thla country, which
ha admit "Ureama ol wealth produc
tion oould hardly eijual."
rour cropa make new high record a
to value corn, hay, wheat and rice
Uhoiigh In amount ol production the
corn la the only one that exceed pre-
ion yieldg. In every crop the gen
eral level of production waa high and
at ol price atill higher, ikteltle the
enorinoiia yield ol wealth the aecretary
timaUm that the larm ol the country
hava lucreaeetl In value during the pail
ve year to ft preaeut aggregate ot I1),.
"Kvery linnet during the pant live
year," lie aya, "haa registered an ill-
creaae of IS, 400,000 In the value ol the
rm ol thla country."
Rate Regulation the Only Prob
lem Before Coming Session.
Vahliigton, Nov. 28. For variou
reaaona Preaidvnt Kooaevelt will not
urge congrca at the approaching aei-
ion to take up the queetlon ol tariff
revinion. lie helievta the ri.il road rate
ii ami inn la the moet vital ieaue which
wnlronta the people ol the United
Htatea today, and he la therefore un-
willing to bring to the front any other
problem whoee diecumlon would tend
Aualyiing the principal crop lor the w poet pone, ii not defeat, legialation
vear. the aecretary aaya thai corn on that iiih ect. lie proceed on ine
reached ita hlghett uroililction at thoorv that the womt evil ahould tie
70H,0()0,000 buahela, gain ol 42,000,- Ifimt cured. Alter lour year' expert-
000 over the next hlgheat year. 1MU9: niice in the white boune. and with a
av la aecond tn order ot value, ai- comnrchenaive knowledge ot the met h
thutiuh cotton held aecoud placo-during od retorted to by congriM to defeat
be to preceiliiig yeara. The hay crop legialation which i dlalaalclul, me
I year I valued at, nu,uiu,unu. preaident la fully aware mat i.e wouiu
ittnn cornea third, with valuation materially uecreaae the chanrea ol get-
875,tKW,(KM); wheat. ri5,KKl.OO0; ting rate legialation It be .hould make change in the Immigration law will
oata. f2M2.t)00,000: Imtatoea, 13H,.
OOO.IHIO; liailey, $58,000,000; tobacco,
12.000,000; aogar, cane and augar
lieeu, 150,000,000; rice, is,iu,.
0U0: dalrv tinKluot. I'iO.OOO.OOO, an
intreaae ol ft4,000,000, over laat year.
Secretary of Inlarior Ha Not Bean
Furnished Proper Figure.
Weehlneton. Nov. 28 W hen the
trelarv of the Interior and the Kecla
matlon service reach an unileraianuing
i.. -he eiieut and condition ol the
allnnal rectamatiou fund, it ia eipx-t
. that ft nomher ol new irrigation pro-
lecta, Inclndmg projecU In r.afew
nmmn end Kaatern W aillinglon. Will
tie appMve.1 and placed aimer coniraci
Hut until there la ft complete onder
etendine. the nreaent chaotic condition
moet n,nt iii lie. and Inmllviiv win oe
e rule, rave on prnjecw tn are aci
uellv under colilract.
The irieat miaunderalandingthat now
nrnveiis la aa to the amount ol money
a eh e lor nee. anil me reeim-uum
niut.r which that money may be ex
landed. The Kcvlemation aervlce haa
lta own aet ol figures, hut thoee figure.
I,. tvilnt-lde with the figure wnicn
umlMD lurnlahed Hinretary Hitch
coi k by the men in hi own department
Min whom he reliea. me
nonfrnnUel with verv different financial
teinmenta. from aource whlcli ought
i. I. .a eotirliii ed that neuner le
been made by
Preildent Will Not Qiva Senate Any
Excuaa to Avoid Action by De
bating In tha Air.
Mitchell Likely To Ba Displaced on
Senate Canal Committee.
Washington, Nov. 27. Apparently
HenaUir Mitchell la to be deprived of
the chairmanship of the committee on
iiiteroceaulc canala when the eenate re
organize next month. This baa not
been definitely decided, but It ia the
concensus of opinion ol arriving sen
tor that Mitchell will have to relin
quish hi chairmanship in order that
soma active member of the canal com
mittee can preaide at it meeting, thin
Congress must appropriate money
ea.ly in the corning aesaion for contin
uing work on the Panama canal, ano
must decide whether the canal shall be
built with lock or at the ea level.
Thia legislation, together with all other
legislation pertaining to the canal and
the canal sone, must be considered by
the canal committee, and will be ont
ol the most Important topics to be con
sidered, liecauae of ita importance,
itenators believe the canal committet
should have an active chairman, wbc
can not only preside at committer
meetings, but who can vote both Id
committee and in tbe senate, and win
can furthermore take charge ot canal
legislation after it baa been reported to
the senate.
Hitchcock Admits California Ha&
Share la Klamith.
York Boara of Trade
Restriction Removed.
New York, Nov. 24. Keolutions
ivoring abolishing American duties on
'bilippine producta and repeal ol the
!W lawto regulate shipping betweei.
.lis country and the Philippine were
t-lopted today by the New York Boari:
it Trade. The reaolutioua readjn
"if the island are our warda, tbe.
I i . . rT. I I ' : ...I UUIn. tA
Fulton' Plea for Umatilla Irrigation re l "rl "'" " . .7 .
ae snouia not mane uie inuiaio
Fall on Deal Eara Secretary
Denouncea Malheur.
Sargent' Plan for Keeping Out All
Washington, Nov. 27. Radical
land revision an lisue of final import
ance with the regulation of freight
rates, lie Is aware that the senate
would ouickly eeixe upon tin opportu
nity and concentrate ita attention on a
tariff bill, not ao much with any idea
nl modifying the Dingier tariff as to
distract attention and sidetrack the
rate hill before it leached a critical
There ia other legislation which the
preaident bo)ie to have paimed besides
the railioad rate bill, but he ia mire
anxious about that measure than any
oilier, and he will concentrate hit
ff.irta to aerure mu ll a law as will, in
hia ludtfiuent. effectively check diacrim
maltone ol all aorta, lie wama a law
which will apply the "aquare deal
rule to railroad business, and it his in
fluence, backed by public opinion, can
hrinir it alwut. siM-h a law will be writ
ten on the etatute luxika before the Brat
suasion of the Fifty-ninth congrea ad
he made next year, if the auggeationr
of Commissioner General Sargent are
put into effect. Mr. Sargent is anxioui
to have limits placed on the nunibei
of immigrant, and that persons who
are either too young or too old to sup
port themselves should not be per
mitted to disembark. This would not,
however, apply to those who can turn-
sli guarantee that they are on then
way to relatives.
Mr. Sargent believe that by an ar
rangement with foreign government
the useless traffic of deportation of im
migrant unSt to land here could be
stontwd. Before an immigrant la per
mitted to take passage for America, be
should undergo an examination at tbe
point of embarkation,
b. lwn In lore-. " .,l ,1..,
Rumor That Weatarn Congreaamen
Have Got Hia Scalp.
Washington. Nov. 27. . The fact
leaked out tonight from a responsible
aource that at a recent cabinet meeting
Ethan Allen Hitchcock, secretary of
the Interior, expressed a desire to ten
der hia resignation July 1 next. The
ami authority announce that Vespa
sian Warner, ot Illinois, now commie-
i .1 1.1 . anal ' pen.ions, ia to succeed him.
ol the I.ll.m.n anal ch Jn ,he
t lot New ork tod.y been brought about by
member of congrea from western
states, who charge that Mr. Hitchcock,
in operation against land grabber",
has permitted hia personal feeling to
enter into the prosecution. nne
thia rharire bad been often repeated, it
is said that the retirement ot Mr.
Hitchcock will be wholly due to the
desire ot the president to surround
himself with younger men.
Ridicule Reporta They Hava Changeo
Decision on Sea Level.
Weahinuton. Nov. 28. The five for
eign delegatea to the board ol consult
ing engineers
citiiiinsHinii lull
and will sail lor their homes. They
will meet again in Ilrutsela dunrg the
Orel dava ot January, licneral Davie
will go to that city as repreeentative ol
tiers ol uie ooaru,
Washington, Nor. 25. Secretary
Hitchcock i now convinced of tbe in
terstate character ol the Klamath irri
nation project and acknowledge that
California I to benefit by tbe work in
xintemplation fully aa much a Ore
(on, but be i not willing to change bit
order charging the entire alluimeiii to
.he state of Oiegon.
W hen senator rulton again took up
he matter of the Umatilla project with
the aecretary, be found Hitchcock bold
ing the came view be voiced on tbe
ccasion of fail previous visits, contend'
ing that Oregon a 61 per cent reserve
fund has been appropriated and ex
plaining thai there are no fund avail-
tble for coiistiuction of the Umatilla
Mr. Fulton maintains that, even if
ihe secretary adhere to hia determine
ton to charge the entire coat of the
Klamath work to Oregon, there is yet
unougii money in tbe reclamation fund
to the credit of Oregon to build tbe
Umatilla project. On June 30 last
Oregon' restricted fund was practically
12,600,000. Deducting $2,000,000 al
lotted for Klamath, there was yel
,500,000 left, and it ia Mr. Fnlton't
contention that aince July 1, 1905,
enough money has been received from
liBpoeal of public lands in Oregon to
make the other $500,000 necessary foi
the Umatilla project. Tbe secretary it
unable to state how much money Ore
gon lias contributed to tbe fund since
July, but will advise tbe senator when
he ascertain tbe lads.
Notwithstanding that he denominates
the Malheur project a "steal," and al
ludea to the operation of tbe wagon
road people aa a "graft," tbe secretary
will not formally set aside thia project,
though admitting that be will not con
struct it. Nor will be permit tbe Mal
heur allotment to be used in part foi
tbe Umatilla project. He say Oregon
haa bad her full share of reclamation
money outside of the Malheur project,
And l not entitled to the benefit of tbe
money which ia now credited to tha
project, but which is not being used
what ia good for tbe United State U
food lot the Philippine. Intense de-
lire ia evinced in the Philippine !o.
the removal of our dutiea on their pro-
lu :ts and, insofar a inch abolitioi
would benefit tbem, we ahould gener
ously grant them that advantage.
In nrging upon congrese tbe repeal
ihe shipping act, which will bee emu
operative on July 1, 1906, the reaoln-
uona declare thai ibe ail will rtau
the facilities for commerce between tin
United State and the Philippinea am
naterially enhance tbe cost of product
rom the United Btatea or ol Ameru-ai
nanufacturej imported into the Phil
Duiuea. The resolutions continue:
"There are no American snipe in id
rade between tbe Philippine and tbe
Vtlantic porta, and there would not be
tmough American tonnage to carry
125.000 bales of flour annually import
ed at these porta. A great deal of it
on!d have to come via tbe racinc
jorta and over transcontinental rail
roads, and thi unnatural route affords
he onlv competition to cbecK tne ex
lorbitant rates to Atlautic porta made."
Fulton Endeavors to Obtain Ap
proval ot Hitchcock.
Did Not Know Half Klamath Tract
Wa in California Till Sana
tor Told Him.
No Action on Senator' Case Likely
Before January.
Washington, Nov. 24. Senator Reed
Smoot, who arrived here tbie evening,
tays moet emphatically that there i?
ao foundation for tbe etory inai ne in-
-.ends to resign from tbe senate, and be
is at s loss to understand tbe source of
the report. He ia surprised to learn
-.hat tbe senate committee win reopen
hi case and give lurther bearings, but
Washington, Nov. 23. Senator Fut
on bad a conlerenca with Secretary
litebcock today on Oregon irrigation
natter. He waa advised, aa previoua
y stated in theae dispatches, that tbe
ecretary will not tbink ot building the
Vlalbeur project nnder existing condi
tions, but was surprised to find the sec
retary unwilling to make any allotment
for the Umatilla project. After some
argument, tbe senator, obtained ft con
ditional promise from tbe aecretary
which, if fulfilled, will mean early
adoption and construction of the Uma
tilla project.
At tbe outset tbe aecretary stated
that he bad already allotted $2,000,
000, to tbe Klamath project, which be
bad charged np to Oregon. Thi
amount ia within $465,000 of Oregon'
restricted fund; in other worda, ia
within that amount of 61 per cent of
Oregon's contribution to the reclama
tion fund. The aecretary, nnder tbe
law, ia obliged to expend thi 51 per
cent in Oregon, but he clearly showed
to the senator that be ia unwilling to
give Oregon more than its 61 per cent.
The aenator told the secretary that tnn
Klamath ia not entirely an Oregon pro
ject. He pointed out that about bait
the land nnder that project lies n Cal
ifornia, and further stated that Kla
math trade, after the project i built,
will go largely to California. He there
fore insist that it is unjust to baud
the Kalamatb poject entirely with
Oregon funds, and demands that the
$2,000,000 allotment ahould be divided
ind at least half of it charged to Cali
fornia. If thia ia done, the secretary
will have $1,500,000 for immediate ex-
has no objection to that course.
(nrlharmnra W1arM hia willingness to
tbide by any decision which the senate penditure in uregon, ana oniy ii.uuu,
when it cornea to a vote on 000 i asked for the Umatilla project.
v.;. .... I The secretary saia ne aia not a. now
UMV IIOV. 1 " ... . . 1 1
Tt ill nrnhVili hit late in January that tbe Klamath project inciuaea vai-
before the committee on privilegea and ifornia as well aa Oregon land. He
oWinna makes a report on the case, bad supposed it waa entirely an Oregon
Hearing cannot be resumed before tbe project. He added inai ne coma no.
a... i After their con- allot (1.000.000 for the Umatilla pro-
,.ir,.;nn the mnnniUM will take some iect unless it could be shown that the
Fourteen Perton Lot Live In Ma-
. aachuaetta Diiaatar,
I iniviln. Maaa.. Nov. 28. Fourteen
..re killed. 25 were aeriously
injured, and probably core ot other
... hrulaed In lb moat disastrous
railroad wreck recorded in una ue
i... ....nv v.r. The wreck occurred
a.is nVl.u k. at Baker' bridge at-
lion', ft mile and ft hall west ol Lincoln,
on the main line oi me n.i "
.ii..n nf the Boaton A Maine railroad
tl. .,L, MvtireHB. WHICH IBU JUieiun
m.iK .i.Luik f. niniiireni. or n.j " m lie nun
eraaiifHi imu mr i i rnni e on ine ini
Sneaking of published stoiira mat
tl.ev hail reconsidered their lira! vote,
one ot the delegate made the following
"Whatever we have had to lay will
be lound in the report which will
ahorllv tie in the hand ol Preaident
Roosevelt. That we should cnange our
vnte on a uh eel to which ior mrco
n,..niha we had uiven the closest atten
ii..,. anil ahnuld change it merely be
cause Borne parties are not contented
with it, is a great absurdity.
iharacterize Him aa a Man Sanction
ing Practice of Polygamy.
Philadelphia, Nov. 27. A meeting
ol tlie executive committee of the Na
tional League of Women organixa
lions, formed two yeara ago to oppose
the continuance in the united etaies
senate ol Senator Keed Smoot, of Utah,
was held here today. W omen from all
sections of the country were present.
It was announced that a petition would
Force Working to Save Rail
road From Destruction
Los Angeles, Nov. 25. Two bun
dred men, divided into day and night
shifts, 20 team hauling brush and
sand, two piledrivei thumping away
almost incessantly, two eteruwbeei
steamer carrying construction material
and commiBsary store
these foicea under Superintendent J.
Tolin are engaged in the Herculean
.ime to digest tne great maaa ui won
mony and it will be remarkable if it
..an report in January, unce me case
iinea lo the eenate ll win receiyc
prompt conaideration, aa it ia a matter
of the highest privilege ana win ueuie
Dosed of before legislative matters can
receive consideration. It ia expected
tbe debate will occupy several weeka.
whole Klamath tract is not in Oregon,
Thia, of course, ia easy of demonstra
tion, and Mr. Fulton will tomorrow ob
tain from tbe Reclamation service map
and letters showing tbe interstate char
acter of the Klamath project. Backed
up by these papers, be will reopen tbe
case with Mr. Hitchcock, and is hope
ful that tbe Umatlila project may then
be authorized. No mention waa made
today of any engineering or other flaw
in the Umatilla project, and it ia as
sumed that nothing prevents ita con
struction save "lack of funds, tbe
original excuse, which has subsequent
ly been denied.
Will Build Many Huge Battleahips of
High Speed.
Victoria. B. C, Nov. 23. Tbe Jap-
I aneae admiralty baa entered upon an
elaborate scheme of naval expansion
Leave lata of Pine to Cuba.
v..l.i.inn. Nov. 28. The Cuban
government will lie permitted to eettle ,o presented to tne senate asking for
K .'...!.... i.n ..Lin... I .1 ,l..u:A.. Rmnnt nn the
Satlniai'lioil me r.m.. in. tm-iuoiuu .....
. t .i. .1 The I ...... ...I iLui "I... tn a memher of a
,he Rutland ay.tem. '"" "t l"'"nMmtaA. Ol hir.r..hv whose president and a major
rear end ol an at """" . rV ,.iii..,. to be it. i the member oratctice and teach
vuo n - . ...... .n.. - -. . ,, m. :l III .1.,!..
XllU uiuuiuuui nut mow
Smoot Iibb never raised hi
ese doctrines, and th
hy baa broken ita cov
: gave to the United
4mri.-anaon the island place them- State w ben statehood was granted
u.iv,.a niila de the pais oi tne iw uy
refusing to recognue the antnoruy oi
the Cuban government, they will have
to lake the consi iiuimces
hr nob and which atarted Irom Boton UI1duly persecuted or maiuea eu oe- polygamy,
hr.'iion. ami w.i v .. se bv them ol their that "Mr.
.?' . . - j n..enmra .:..!. f fr,.!oin ol siicecli or ftwembly, voice against th
in t he twoVear car ol th Marlborough t!li, government will take tcps to se- Mormon hierarc
In the iwo rear i. t....i... .... ,i.., i.t ,w. Hut f those enants which it
Offers Stggeation for Federal reg
ulation of Railroads,
Washington. Nov. 24. The aenat
ivimm ittee on interstate commerce to-
from Ynma 1 ,1a. continued the discussion ot meas
nrea relative to amending me ratiwa;
regulation. Many idea were ex-
task of building a 600 foot Idem across changed, but there were no develop-
'.he want channel of the Colorado rivel I menta of importance, eenaior tiains,
fourmilea below Yuma, by which tht I chairman of the committee, occupied
California Development comnanv hopee I much of tbe session in making Buggee-
tn bring Salton aea to a standstill and tiona and discussing proposition which
eventually restore the Salton Sink to a I he thought ought to be incorporated in .-hich is expected to be approved at the
dry bed of evaporation of the flood Uny bill that may be reported. These coming session of the diet. According
wtaers that have wieaked auch havoc uggestiona were numerous ftna wouiu to news bv the Bbawmut loci ay, aamir-
there. I mean a lengthy measure aside from I aitv officials aay Japan' best hipa are
If the dam is a success, the Southern regulation provisions. I beginning to be out of date, and larger
Paciflo railway in :.ime will be able to Mr. Elkin did not bring lorwara uie
abandon its 16 mile of Bhoofly track pooling proposition, but intend to
east of Salton, and resume ita main I present it later in ome modified form,
line. Tf the ikm ia a failure. 4(1 mile, I an that there mav be freer traffic be- I
iween rai road. One particiar poim
made by him looked to compelling
trunk linea to afford better tacilitie.
to lateral lines and email roads which
ire cnmnelled to use big roada to reach
l market, rue oeiver uianeiseuieu. "
the private car line bo aa to meet the
train. " -- : , . '
n ..i ..I I m Montreal eaini-eo, '
IW.HI..U, --- -
hi. fireman. o iin..
"I" .V:.. . ; 1, .r an
... I. i.val 1 Ileal I- HVPrl. m uiiuu" " I
" . r: .....itiv killed in the colli-
-i. II- other were either burned to
death or died Irom uflocation.
Summoned bv Judge Hunt.
Helena. Nov. 27. United States
Judge Hunt today ordered Frederit-k A
Hyde, John A. Benson and other iftii-
and perhaps more ol shoofiy may have
to be built, the whole Imperial coun
try may be deprived ot its supply of
canal water, and the Colorado rivei
may be diverted through the Rivei
Padrone into oleano lake, thence to
find its way northward through the
new river into the Salton Sea. What
this would mean may be conjectured
from tbe damage already done by tht
flooding of the great aink.
ship with much heavier armament and
higher speed will be built.
Tbe Jin Shinipo says tne patuesnip
of tbe future navy of Japan will dis
place 22.000 tons and have an arma
ment ot 14 12-inch guns and a epeed of
20 knota, while the future cruisers will
lisplace 15,000 tons and bave a speed
f 25 knota. but no official announce
ment haa been made in thia regard.
The five submarines recently added.
lemauds of shippers and amendment of I built in America in sections, gave auch
the laws bearing on terminal compa- I mccess that the squadron will be in-
uie and termnial charges
also were creased.
--ii. JI....I..I. to the Miner states that with having fraudulently obtained
haa been put on
carted action against
..a.. I....laaldl ieltl
ni mia iminintivn. -
t... ..nan mas meeiiiiH -
i th. onkaion of llieem
n ovea meana ft ..ihacq.ient reduction
. - . ....i tiiu. hrmioae a
to oppose tralllc
Final Agreements on Reporta.
D..ihmiae Waa Burelariied. fnrniana to appear and anBwer on Feb I Washington, Nov. 25. Tbe board ol
ii.tiie Mnnt Nov. 28. A Ureal ruary 0 the compiaini cuarging mew i-uuauiving eiiKiux?io ui me immm.
I. UHU, ."" ... . : I I.. ,! !,, ;, . I mol : trutao tnail.1 the flnialiinc
4,000 1 touches to the work and compare notei
upon which to base the majority and
minority reports which will em bout
the views ol the members upon the sea
level ami lock project. This wat
ami individual who are also named as necessary because tbe foreign memben
Ken fumigated to the extent defendants in the bill ol complaint
Una iii'iv. -v ,1. t I ui
Oppo. Rat. Lftgift '" "::"'," ;, Te,o county are in a lu- forest reserve crir. under which
fl.h.airo. NOV. XO, " . . ,,.
' . ii..... i am. i rnrn over wuoi. . .
ttiii'na.i, "... -, ,
movement on the part ot ;,,,, ...i.temio ol smallpox aa the the government. The government seek
i-. ... itpaiu'ii oi tue aer.ii;. i - . . ... i. i ....
plnyee in ei
to be a acres ol Montana land was secured irom
to bave the land retoied to it. There
I .. . i i. :!... ..I l.e v.u.thmiae
!.i lt Z Sever., .malipox patienta were confined are a number of Montana corporation,
the Roosevelt idea SoNerai maiii i in.iivl.lnala who are a so named as
.....ii.i...r el.nia I In tho iieieiinoii uu. r- -
all danger ol
contagion ia past. Toe peopieuave
i..... ..i.i. ii-i. warnou uv too m-nn..
nlllciala to be on the alert tor any ap-
"n 7 ; r Z. ; a nearance ol the disease.
In wage lor inem, u "" ' ...V. '
No Flowera at Capitol
... mi
W.al.lngtlin. NOV. 2.
A resolution
Alia Have Acted
Tendon. Nov. 28. The D.vily Mail
pnbllshea Ihe Jt.llowlng l,'"l,au,u
M II vlniiH. dated nuveuioer i .
Burton la Guilty.
Rl. Loni. Nov. 27. Senator J. R.
Burton, of Kansas, was baturday nigni
found gulltv on all Bix count tn Hit
indictment upon which be has been on
trial for the past week in tbe unite'
State Circuit court, charged with bav
inn noreed to accent and having ac
... .1 I., either house on
the MrahlMof the combined fleet arrived cepted compensation from the Rialt.
on her. at 8 o'cltak thi. morning. Admi- Grain & Securit ea company, of St
ion nere avo . tn ennear for thecomnanv in tin
Bwa fttlopted during the ral K Her von ,,1,d to tb; CBpBc ty ol an attorney before the Po.t lor .ervice in the river, of China, wit) llonsghey. of this city, bas applied tt
ol congress barring flowers the Austrian consul, I m ' v , ' Le dLRrtinent. dditional topedo boat, and torped. he authorities at Washington and t
,.taXb. Mr. Cannon governmei. ho. se a 10 SO n oillce depart boat destroyer., are the principal re- he attorney general of Pennylvania fo,
ipenlng day ol congres.
ol the senate was
leal minion
: .... .u i.
irom ine ejii v .iii
ha. already "Wan notice, that he
dlmireiit meniber. ol both house- grapn o.i.ue
reached ft lK0 ")f 1,10 nu.Pnor of Mo.cow Dlamia.ed
buried in flower. . v,,..- 28. The coriespond-
.... ..i ii,- Hiumlard at Moscow says that
r- i. in Part or unnan. em oi - .
re. .
p.-evail because
if the board have arranged to sail to
tCurope on November 23, leaving thi
compilation of the prelirninary report
n tbe hands of the American members,
subject to their peruBal aud amending
Three Big Battleships.
Washington, Nov. 25. Three first
dass battleship of at least 18,000 torn
displacement aud 18 knota speed, thre.
aco it cruisers of 6,000 ton displace-
uent, one gunboat of the Helena clast
.md four other gunboats ol light draft.
two for use in the .Philippines and tw
Say Castro It Only Bluffing'
Paris. Nov. 24. Inquiry at the For-
den office today brought out the state
ment that the report tnat trance au
n.l,.a tn Preaident Castro's request u
i ml irate what nortiona of the Veneauel-
in nnte to Mr. Taignv. the trenci
-hflrire d'affaires, are offensive, is in-
:orrect. The otliciala eay me presiaem
ias heretofore been completely inlorm-
-nl regarding the offensive featnrea o'
he note and therefore tbe repori ma'
France will give further explanations it
hnrarterixeil aa "a bluff intended l
lelay and confuse tbe situation.'
Shanghai Oyster Men.
Peliadelpbia, Nov. 24. Having re
eived numerous complaints that met
iave been shanghaied for service oi
xard ovster boats in Chesapeake bay
md that aome ol them have been ill
rested, resulting in two men losinv
heir lives, Captain of Detective Janm
i i..,i nliimat.im to the governor.
I lin.i.tv.. . M.-l
At 1 o'clock ttil afternoon ouu bhuoib
.1 anil Bit
Everything i. quiet.1
nine In Part of Japan. '"' to fire on auch offender, a,
. B. C, Nov. 28.-Fam ne awinji, that the participant, at such
,'eanseoftl.e lailure of the a. boen o( Ue will be court martialed and .
i Nnrtlieast Japan. Thegov
ernment ha begun rellol nieayrc.
the revolutionary proceedings
I congres of peasant.
Will Cut Foreatt and Cropa.
Ilba.it, Nov. 27. Agrarian disorders
have broken out In the Baltic province.
A peasant meeting adopted resolutions
tn cut forest on private land and to ap
propriate crops. The governor genera)
has issued a proclamation to the troops
ana laying
sent to die-
tant province.
aommendation of the general board o
the navy in its program.
Hyde-Dimond Caae Postponed,
Washington, Nov. 25. The hearing
by Uie Criminal court on the demur re
filed in the lfyde-Dimond case, h
w ilch fiaiidulent land tranaaction oi
the Pacific coast are charged, whicl
wa aet for today, waa postponed foi
two week.
iid in invetginting the report aubmitte
o him by relative, of the victim.
Japan's New Big Gun Factory.
Victocria. B. C. Nov. 24. An im
nense gun factory, with 20 large bulii
ng. covering 83 acres, i being estab
Ihihed on the Sumida river, near Tokio
iv the Jananese military authoritie
where 4.000 men will be employed u
making heavy ordnance.
Hungry and Bloodstained.
Tokio, Nov. 23. An eye witnes who
eft Vladiotok on November 18 report
t Nagasaki that food is .canty there,
ing to the destruction ot tbe store
houses, and that only sufficient barley
emain. to enpport the people lor zu
avs. Another person who baa arriv
ed at Moji, having left Vladivostok on
S'ovember 20, reports that noting naa
eased there. The atreete, be aaya, are
. milSS Ol dCDriS "im umuuBiam. em
in evidence everywhere. Many corpse
.re still lying exposed, forming a grew-
'one Bight;
Tammany Man Accuied of Fraud
New York, Nov. 23. James A. Ma
uire, chairman of the election board
n tbe Ninth election district of, the
Nineteenth assembly district, wa. ar-
-ested yesterday on a charge ot violat-
ng the election law.. He is accusrd
.f leaving the polling places in me uie
rict at 3:30 e'clock in the afternoon
,f election dav and of going to the 20th
lection district polling place and vot-
ng there under the name ol Marry w.
Beyond Control of Troopft.
Kurak, Russia, Nov. 23 The agrar.
an disorder, in the district of Subibft
ave assumed .ucb violence that the
'oops arve nnable to cope with ihem.
The whole northern half of the district
in the hand, of peasant rioter, who
ire pillaging tbe estate and burning
the harvosted crop.

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