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in at.
tor HWlir .
mm. at. MttHlll
F 7 i.m to mm timet oi
t . . i il... R)iibllc
fceclprluw' r M tirillTI!.
ill n t . . - -
""T""" .
'? .r" 1 v thW for .p.
f''I. I Vmkrt.connkh.
Uim WOUlt Diirliijt tlie jiiist yeur
lUt city ol BClfctuii hm hI1 1 .(MM! of
iU Indebtedness, fMi interest nml lint
greatlyjlucrcased Hit cnU'lcnccy of the
water yteiu. Ttic retiming indebtedness
I about 2,WiO, Incurred by iturclinnltiu
l If!"iiniililii County uDrt ! Improving ! water nyrtt.it. The
f , ... Republican voten at ' original cost ol the system wa. 3,000,
nd owr 2U00 keen txjNHided In Im
provetiieiils, Coi.uubia'b Fink AHiM,KBumplc of
Northern Spy apple from the orchard of
Ah Ilolt'lay, ol 8cupjoo, Columbia
County, were went to the Orroiiiiiii uffice
jcslenlity. The fruit win large, sound,
well colored nml juicy. A plciiilitl how
liiX for apple at thU bctwiatatid tad ween
lr IteprwcwtaUv
" .......If aa mmll.
fPl.y aiilioun '"'" : "
,rn,m.lntl forth ofnt4-p.
ivc auMrct to the action of the
,UVC' ' .1.. Wl nrlinarles.
,,,lhereiit t' the lmary
Icilrr and "'il
,on of franchise.
htoaoiw 7. .... .,
M- . i
ce the itttutlMrr ol gtonum ..
I taxation of enrrtln and in
,1. ,- ','A(i,,J.
or I'atuty flrrk.
it .... m MM.tl.
trt,y announce wyc - -
rllic RcpilWwan nomination
tCouiitrtli-rk,ut-t to the
tlie Republican voter at the
Primary lilecllon, to. b held
,Ke utynrlf H X( l,cvol m'
, cuiinty business esduslvelv.
II. 15, LA BARK.
for 1'entitjr C lerk.
file 1 hit p tlllot, with Uie re-
havt my
..tiiiiiirr vi sk'.,
. . .. .i.. ..in..!..! H.iinhirttitlff
,ntnri "
I ,rrct)V announce rajntu
. . . . - i .. f.i.w
i i ilie drciii.n ol the KcpuWICan
i Die piiuwry electUm Ajil SO.
V. A. I1AKKI.-J.
r or Mate I'r ntrr.
uriVriK"'' annouuee inm-i.
,!,lu n candidate lr renomioatwn
t'e I'rititcr. ut.ect to lte dcci.los
Kepuhlican at the primary
ti A.il) .
srrunt! rirl lerw,
,, that h lcn accorded to Slate
,'Krnc:lly,tht ol a rcnowtlnation,
(.neatly aflf-trd.
tiy. OtcfB.
Seed lit emlleit variety
and quantity. Garden
Hrcdi, I'lower Meed.
Whyavnd away (or them
M. C. OUAY, Ht. Helen.
-. x r t 1" r
.A. WP
r w w w w
k t Hie M.l Hall al "y
iiU wan uccca Inevery jMrttcuwr.
.t4 bciii aWnt The halt
ithrr crowded r danclnx. yt all
Led l eny themeWcitJrunghly.
e punch w acrved free to all ano
t and lc crcm cre add. The
h u. rved at the Heuuns rwi.icmx.
i m.... i umUlolici. codec, ami a
liuunol dillcrtnt varlcltea ol line
Tlnr who did not care to dance
Ld ilicwwlvc hy cardplarinK In the
uic '.ictiie loom. The Utle are
:ied over their auweaa and lect am
rwrded (or their hard work.
muni to nee tlie mau woo iwj-
. i.uutliinif unWMtal. We alwa t
to have thl kind of weather in
..... . ... .1. 1.. ..I Ml
;cr. liiUlut aim im.iui",
kainc, wre viailora to St. Ilc'eita
Siiturdny evening lu attcntUncc "ix'n
Line l.oilj;t.
pty iiiterrtl on time drpoit.
and cc u. Colunihla County
The following claim agulnat the ev
ernl nwd dlstrkt wnre allowed mid the
clerk ordered to draw warrant in pay
ment of anmu.
R. D, 7.
V I, Drown f22 50
l.oval lirown.,,.,, , si fjy
Iwmun Hr )W
I OHiimu Hro 80
Grant W Girt II 25
I. Bwctt, , 30 48
R. 1). I.
J RHIkkIiiIjoUoiu,.,.
iafe lliown
K. 1).
H Wanter
II Waaler. . ,
J Wauer
Uuble Milling Co ....
K. I).
lUlorgren $ Hi BO
J T Clink '. (I .2
J A Amlcrnriu
i'red liill , .
I II Kdwarda
Oluf OUn...
C l.iiidlxitu .
0 00
8 HO
, 8 00
. 8
, 23
. 10
l.etuiard Ward
M Krch
C II JOiglinli...
1(1 OA
10 IV
ft 40
111 ib
11 00
It. U. 0.
J. ('. Walt ha filed with the clerk
lcclaratorv lalement a cnuillillc
the office of repreacnlallvc from Col
li Coiuilg. Mr. Wall. In hi tle-
tdrclari- himself lu fovor of Mate-
tNo 1.
Ir. W. T. Watt, of Soatlxc. lm
1 lii aunouiu'ciuciit to Itccome a can
ic lor Uic o.Tuc of county urvcyor,
diitii ol which ofliva he la now fill
" K in In. third term.
We will ncll you a draft on Indon,
K'.w, llcllant, l'urin, II. rllit. Vienna.
una, Aiiiklcnlaui, or any place in
Mic and our churue are inall. Col-
1'iii Con n I v Hank.
I'o SiiHHll'f l' Cl.aT.VT Mr. Mer-
l l'miicruv. auent for the Vancouver
inrtiiliou Co. at Antoria, la a candi-
ic (or the ofllce ol thcriff of Clatanp
untv. Mr. Pomerov 1 a native of
Mitir, In thl county, anil a on
mir old acriuniutniica, Han. Merrill
mrrny, who repreaented Coluuibia
ty in the Leglalntun) many year
H. He lm the reputation ol lwing a
luirmiulily clllclcnt limn and would make
rtatsop County a good ihcrifT.
I'r.vMoi'Tii Rock Kcr.s I'or aide at f
kr aetting of fifteen egg. Iwiricd Plytn
P'ttli Rock and full blood.
duo. Pkkhv, Houtton, Ore.
When vou wh)j to tend nway money,
rmnc and imrchaae a Kcw York draft,
1viiIiIk on demand any ldace lu the
I'nitcd Mutes, and our charge are ainitll.
Culiimliia County Hunk,
'cii'di Irom dliitheria have occurred In
the family of Geo. ' ApiUciiitf-rg, of Go
hie, iliiriiii; tlie oust tun week. There
afe nine children In the fuuillv and ev-i-'fy
one of tlietn have hud the cllacnae. It
now under control and no more dentil
are feared. Coroner Cljff liuy hud charge
"1 the matter and hm done everything
Hint wii neceuury or possible to prevent
'ue mmnd of the dlneane.
We know we enn lie of ervle to vdU.
Coie and inuke a dt-poitit with u and
pay all your bill by check, which give
you a receipt to which you run alway
refer. Columbia County Hank.
I.akk Sunt SriK'K 'hm Nkw Mr.
A. Hun ham hu taken a contmct to build
twu mile of the I'oitland and .Soulliweit
cm railway lor the Chapman Lumber
Co, It will be a broad gauge, up to date
road. The contractor began to drive till
ing March 1'ith. The road brgiu a quart
er ot a mile norlb o( Mr. and Mr. P. A.
Krulw' residence and will drive 2HW feci
ol ml I way on the river (runt property of
Mr. I. A, I'rake. Thence running
wot on Die (arm ol Mr. I'rake and ad
joining neighbor, with two utile ol
trealle to the ItiKhlaiid. Thi railroad
run through the north Nirt ol SrapaKne,
thence up North Scapppuoae Creek to the
Chapman l.unilarr Co'. immcUK tract of
timber. It U encctcd that the rund will
be completed by June I.
Columbia, a utuat, wan the ftrt cotinly
to pay It State lane. We ara. out ol
debt and pay c!i. Coluitilita ha now
enjoyed thl duUnclion lor aeveral year.
WaUO 1'ob Sm.K-A .T Mitchell
wagoo, three inch lire, and a f 10 art of
double hatnc tor ! lr fHH). Have
lud one yeai" ue. W. V. Co"Jer, War
rtn, Or.
Tli blgKf'l Uytr in the county i
Ibe Ikniou I'ggtng 4t Lumbering Co.,
it Ue amounting to f'.nM.
Awcwur Lawand lrHity Knn trt
ed on tin ir tour of Columbia County on
Monday I Ml.
Mr. Jiiwph Shorpack.ol Portland, lia
purchased Mr. Kolwrwin uie.il market.
and will take charge ol the l.ulnc tlie
fif.t day of April. It U alo uii.lcratmxl
Dial he will pir lia.e Jo. Hayburn'
lrm on Sautic iiland.
o amount t'K mall to ttart an ac
ciuiit with the C'uluntbu County Hank
Vote tor Wm J. Clarke lor Stale Print
tron primary day, Apr I .(lilt. Mr. Clarke
U one of the oldcat priutcru in tnc Male
and oneof the bctl known country editor
in Oregon. Hi nomination will liealri-
bulc lo Die cotintn prc and they arc
backing him licavily lor the place. Re
nicinUr. the name of Win. J. Clarke i
the fiwl .ne under the head of .Stale
Pi inter.
I have nioiiev to bun on approved
St, Helen. Oregon.
Sihixd re.rt card the very best form
ft per hundred, with cnvelojar.
Mr, Hurry Went, o( .Vapiae. ha l"f
needling walnut tree which were grown
Irom uiil Irom a needling tree at St lfel-
The St. Helen tree luw la,rnc rvg-
ularlv every year for many year. Mr.
U'm'i tree arc ttlno Uarnig regularly.
T-n ol Hie tree arc larger than the oth
er two and aUo Uar larger nut. The
.piulity ol all the nut i eiccllciit and
Uic larger one are larger in i than
rmiiiiii-n-lal walnut, l'rom
HID m'"H -.
a German lu hi employ who wa familiar
with walnut growing In Germany, Mr.
Wertleameil that the nut fciiould be
wonhed lu clear water ut ai.on a they
. I,.. .1 L. This Wllsll-
are remoxu imm -
I T Ion aril
I.owiiiiiii Wilton ..
Auio A Hull
A Capliu
II 1. Darling
Joi n Wollc
Iv Itlcknell
II lioun
Grunt Girt
Ilicknelt & Wilder
J K Stewart
i-red frow
C C WiUin
II I) Kichardkoii , . .
John Kice
yatt Si Co ,
C C Wilnou..
$ a 60
. i0
. ti
. ft
. 28 12
. 20 25
. 42
. 4 U
. 37
. 17 1(2
ii ii i
- :i oo
. 20
. 15
. 4 50
. 14
. 4 40
A J Demlng tatloncry 15 15
Martin White pontage (or hertH'
omce '. . 10
W I) Hurt bridge on Pebble creek. 29 00
Montgomery Turner name., 10
11 Trenkmaui ACotujip'teiforrock
crunhcr 5 30
Caper Libel work on cruthcr and
county com. , 75 80
II L Colvln county com , .25
On thi day the following bill wa dis
allowed by the court
Magnu Haxon ue ol gasoline
launch lor aucMor., 6 00
Ray Mill i home from Yankton for a
week or ten day vlalt with hit mother
and brother.
The Orange wilt give mother basket
aocliil at their hall on Wedneaday eve
ning, April 4th. It will be matqued
a flair. The object il to raise money for
the new hall.
K. It. Throop left Tucaday morning
via CluUkanle for Kattern Oregon, where
ably repttxent the intervit of her people
at WaHhlngton. Mr. Cake it strongly
opposed to the importation of Chinese
coolie labor and for that reason believes
that the Chlnene Exclusion Act should
be kept on our statute book.
He advocate the election of United
Mates Senator by direct vote of Hit
ptople, and if elected will do all lie can
to bring about thi important reform,
War Washington Letter.
Warkinctox, V. C.
That all Oregon land now embraced
within forest reierve which i more val
uable lor othtr than timber purpose,
may be opened to private ownership and
development, Senator l'ulton lots Inau
gurated a movement to have presented to
the Interior Department authentic state
men t of the people contlguou and most
interested. The Senator began with Lane
county, which, from reports seemed to
offer a striking example ot the evil. Judge
Chrisman, of Uno, aay that at least
10,000 acre of land within the boundaries
of hi countv and now embraced in the
he will icnd a few week near I'rlne- j (oret reaerve. i amenable to agricul
R. 1). 3.
Clin Wallace . . .
A Wtkntrom
Jame Kice
A Mclnlyro
Allen WuImjii ...
K Jeffrie
R Kappler
J Kappler
P Amicrou
J W Nowlca
Perry l.niliam
Klicrmau llroa. . , .
II llrouglit
3 00
. 2
. 20
. 27
'. 4
. 21
. 20
. I.'l
. 11
. i:i
. 13
. 10
. 21
. 60
. 2
R. U. 4.
0& WSPipe Co U 40
tin this day the following claim
againit the countv were examined by
the court and allowed, and the clerk or
dered lo iue warrants on the general
fund in payuteul thereof.
(jla it Prudhouunc stationery .
Irw in Hodttn Co name .... . .
llunhoug V Co auuie
f 0 m
87 00
40 25
2 75
13 25
8 :
4 55
13 20
Oregon Mi t same
R 11 Mitchell same
Martin White Mine
I, R lliirnhaut rent lor Hopkins
Prank W Wood med att on same .
H McVcy aupplic for MctHmnld
St. Mary' Hospital care ol potson 41 30
Herman IMtcr moving rock cruu-
Ileall A Co wipplic for crusher. . . .
Hoiicymaii Hardware Co wheelbar
row lor crusher outlit
Oregon Wood t o fuel for county
livening Telegram ad for bid lor
ilau for court house
T B Loll culling fuel lor county
II R Cliff coroner and postage
H P Wulkiu uiukiug jury lift ot
I'nion pecinct
W W Illakcaley same
C H John Mime
Ruby Jackson teacher' examina
tion Mr S S Way same
R It Mitchell stationery
I'red Trow snpplie for Jordan
Ii McVey supplies for McDonald
V P Mucluy, stipplic for county
Clttlskuuie Drug Co nudiciuc for
countv charges
r a KiimI return ol poll tax ille
gally collected
II p Walkin acting coroner
1) S llurii juror iniptest on J D
C R Dodge wme
ville with his ton Lewi. This will be
1,1 firtt vacation from the busy life he
hat been leading for the past year or
The church and Sunday tchool have
their committee aptKiinted and art be
ginning preparation for an Hauler ser
vice, which begin thi year April I5th.
I.. Ilulrn Crouse came oner from Ilonl
ton with a boot and thoe "drummer"
lunt Thursday who (old quite a bill to
!. W, Ken ey. Jt i Mr. Kearey't in
tention to increase liis stock of merchan
dise in all line thi spring and summer,
and Ihua to be ready for trade when the
rush come with the new railroad.
Mr. Redmond has thi week had a
new porch built in Irout of l.er hotel.
She hat rented and fitted up the Laven
der house, just ncroi the street from
the hotel, so as to hnve room to accom
modate the transients during the sum
mer. Last Thursday night she had
bout all she could accommodate w ith
Road contract for permanent work
near here were lul lart week and Lon
milium got the one from the I'.raden
Hill cat to Ilridge street ; 1. W. Keaey
the one pear the Taylor UriJire; D. T.
arly the one near the Adam bridge and
lo a small out for some grading on the
road east from Adams; C. B. Armstrong
irot two or three up tlio liver in the
annahan m-iuliboihood ; and Alex
Sword that on the IVbble Crock road. In
District 14 V. B. Mellinger, T. B. Mills,
C. Keasev, and John Cheldelin car
ried iiffuiost of the contract work. Then
ere no bids fur the pecial work lip
about Kiit, and on tome sections bids
ere not satisfactory, so that our super-
ici ri w ill have Kjint thiiig to do lu the
HTiiiaiient line during thu iiiuimcr.
Hailcy Hi-dmoud has taken the entire
mail route between here and Houlton oft
W. Rice's bands and will conip.ete
the contract, which expires July 1 neit.
He and Will Lindsay do the carrying.
one ot tin m g dug through from Vernon- j
ia lo 11 u'ton, the other coming through
from Houlton to Vernonift each day.
The n ntract after July 1 baa not yet
b.-en let, a we undi-nl.tnd, no one be-
nit willing to take it at the Government
offer of JI500 a veur, the amo a I now
bring paid. There ia no money in it at
hi figure.
At the raucu held at Zillgitt't Hal!
last Tuesday evening the following city
ticket was put in nomination to be voted
upon at the city election to bo held April
via: President of the Council, K.
Sesseninn; Mcmuertol me council,
Malmtten, 1. W. Keasey, A. tin-
uions and R, M. Ward ; City Recorder,
A. Malnistcm ; Oily Treasurer, C. 1..
4 05
3 00
25 05
ng keep the shell light colored and at-
tractive in appearance. Mr. r ""
hi mil in the house, Mil h nc wc,SIMK'"t
raising on a larger scale it woul.i nc ncc- j w A n,gi,r(lner same
CMarylohave a drying hou of some : j.; jf Hareit satuc
kind Oregon Agriculturalist. j u i.axc same
Tol-AaMKaa-The Mist hi reccivedjM llhickford registering voter..
U..II.... . .rv louir list of ; W L Urowtt sup r d 7
mIiU, ul.llsl.ed by the detriment of It R Cliff med alt county charge
mint iim" j ... i. i i u ..( nr l- viTthiikr v rurrcu
Arlculttire. They lnclu.ieuc
. Tli.. Vcedimi ot Animal;"
and How lo Kill Them;"
hn'e:" "Potato Culture ;
turc;" "Care
"Weed road
Siloa and SI- J M Payne cnamutan amc
"Onion Cul-; Sherman Saxon wuc . .
.! l'..ciiiiff of Powls; ' tieOrniKCBau... ...v
Owned by the ClaUkanie German Coach
Horse Company, will make the season ol
1000, commencing April 10, at follow;
Tuesdays at Deer Island
WedneHdays at Hoalton
Thursdays aud Fridays at
Saturdays at Holbrook.
J.T. GRAHAM, Manager
C. riHC'MEK,
Hulfirld; City Marchall, C. V. Mill.
ia a good ticket.
. 15 80
State v V
:.; '. ..l'mniiiir :" and very H 1' Watklns j oi r
,ay other, that'should b. Interest J-& me! I ! !
list, ami i7 i... --
on application.
office .
. .. ,-.. I i.r II O.......U ll'itl'llLTS eX
i nm MouTOr.i( n. copy .v
5 85
U 60
3 50
10 50
assessor 10 j 50
. ... . I, It IVHMUIl ,,V,i,.J
mortgage given ll.e l nio.i ir , 'att aw postage in assessor' office 30
...iv of San l'rai.clsco on the pro-erty of A T Law posing i
he Pacific railway and Naviga t.
1 ' -iln.r al ue from llilli
the const, with a connect on at -appoosc.
,, Ven filed In the office o emmty
2!'.!. e i.ed'to imve th. ! C If Hrljlg Ptffc
'.'."Trn u.ok within the
ro:tu coiupii-iv-. ... .
year. ,
Mr H. 1. re lurta hn purchased Uriiin
nrother' ...loon and will move here with
,U f mliy" Mr- l'"r ft
J ip? "lor of the Hotel S y, of Sand
lioiwlble, m
A Lively Titasio
ion CO., I V Nowel sup r a.
Illsboro to i A i Aaron same 0. . . .
M l'resh same 4
15 Wasser same o.
04 37
10 25
1 80
beskie....... "
H 0 Howard plunking for r d 0. . . 93 50
M KIH & Co spikes for same 42
Perry Graliam supplies ior n
r. w Kicltardaou ntnount ovcrdis-
bursed a sup r d (I T
I II Copclund postage stationery
and trnv exiienses ". - 2;J 07
Hudson Co election supplies a.) i J
To F. I. Dunbar, Secretary ol Stato of
the Slate of Oregon, and to the Repuli-
lican party and the elector ot Oregon
in tlio Stato of Oregon:
I.James Withycombe, retide at Cor
vallis, Ut'iiton Countv, Oregon, and my
ivolofflJO address la"CorvallKrfgon.'
am a duly registered inentoer oi me
Republican party. If I am nominated
for the offlco ot Uovernor, at the primary
nominating election to bo held lit the
State of Oregon the twentieth day of
April, 1900,1 will accept the nomination
and will not withdraw, and l! l am
elected I will qualify a such officer.
It I am nominnted and elected I will,
durin my term of ollice, advocate and
Taxation of franchise and gross earn
ings tax on telegraph, telephone, express
and sleeping car corporations.
Uniform assessment and taxation ot
Slate regulation and examination of
State and private bank, tmet companies
and savings bank.
Protection ot the State in it owner
ship of public laud.
A Board of Control for Stato institu
One board for management of Norma
Improvement ot tho Columbia and
Wilhinctte river and coat seaport.
National ownership of the Oregon City
Constitutional amendment permitting
the Uovernor or people to veto individ
ual items of appropriations.
. Form for nominating ballot "An lion !
est and fearlo perlornianoe ot public
ture, horticulture and livestock raising.
This statement by one who is in position
to be informed lias been taken for the
basis tor action. Senator Fulton seeks
the (igned itatement of all cbizen of
Lane county who are informed on the
subject, and when gathered, if these bear
out the report, will present them to the
forestry bureau as reason why uch land
should be reopened to private ownership.
It seems apparent that the Governments
experts often differ with local resident
regarding the real value of forest land
for various purposes. A thee expert
ar not alway familiar with local condi
tions, and the resident of the communi
ty who are accustomed to build home in
forests should be, a full expression ot
cntiment and judgment by the practical
man is sought. If land Is found most
valuable for it timber, the Senator ay
be will nut be a party to any effort to
throw it open, if the reserves are beld to
reasonable bound. After getting at the
bottom of existing conditions in Lane
County, it will be the purpose to take up
other counties afleoted by the reserves,
until all agricultural land has been elimi
nated. In the past the agents of the
forestry bureau have traveled over with
drawn areas, soundiug local sentiment,
but complaint ha been made that orae
of these agent art over-zealou in the
reserve work, and instead of reflecting
local sentiment as to the value ot every
part of the withdrawal for various pur
poses were eager champions of making
the reserve as Urge as possible. Tlie
work now undertaken is to put in orga
nized form local thought on the values of
limited sections ol the reserve; and final
ly determine what may be developed
No doubt can be entertained oi the
enactment by the House- ot the measure
for the relief of Nori' em Paciflc Laud
grant sufferers. Favorable report of the
committee on public land has been
made, which insures enactment ol tlie
law by the House. When it beoroes
effective, the settler will at la-t be as
sured enjoyment of their homes, while
ilie comptny will be amply remunerated
pursuant to the decision oi-the Supreme
Eastern papers have taken up discus
sion of the matter of putting reclamation
work uiore directly under Congress. Note
is being made of the act that in no other
department baa one official sucb enor
mous power and latitude as in prosecui-
ine reclamation work. The theory of the
change is to have projects submitted lor
appropriation Or cotigres. low ag
itation i without anv cbarjre of dishones
ty or misappropriation by the Secretary
ol the Interior, being based upon the gen
eral practice thai t;.e power is too vast and
the duties too exnausitve ior one uuium
As I am about io retire from business
in St Helena, I request all who have ac.
counts with me to call and settle, as I
desire to collect all due me and pty all
that I may owe. Call at the St. Helens
Meat Market.
r. a.
7 oo
t Oi
t IS
10 0
10 0
I 00
0 .
M 4S.S
IS H i
40 &.
bO 0 I
10 03 (2
It 10 (41
I 21 71 1
10 S 7 T;
10 S
l; S3 Ml
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.. Marshland..
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Ar. Astoria .l.r
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All trains msk cIom saosetlon st Gobi
lih MurtlKia Fselrte tralu to sad Irom th
Eutsadaouu points. At rortiaaa wiu u
Mn lunif L'nlan danot. it Astoria with I.
H. m 1. CO. ! uoat ana nu ua im mvmnvi
T. i. Pottsr Is and tros Ilwseo aad Kertk
Bnch io1dm.
I'ssMiirvn fur Astorlt or r point mutt sI
train t Hoiillon. Traiu will stop to 1st ps
Wnsert oif si llou!tnn hes eomlag Irom potDM
wcuof Uukl. M. C. siby.
oca. rsu. AiuAstonaaWt
In th Circuit Court of tneMtafsrri Oresjoa lor
lb County f Columbia.
The rortland l.nmlwr 4:., enrpamUow.
pUistiA, vs. Diiltl T. Younsr, d(mlMit.
To Ilie abort asmcit aclendanl, DanMl T.
In the hm of IhsaistaolOrMm Tonsrt)
kretii required In sinar and aiwweff Ct, com-
rimliit hert-in on or beforv the Slat fMrol Mrelrv
last, said date acin mure than U oaeka Iron
Ilie dale nl llr pwi.ll, allon ol this sum mow,
ml said dale bain alter I ha time pnacrtbad kr
bj law and lr aal'l -iirt lur the pnMiealiun ol
this summon., and II you fall so loanpoar aid
answer, plalntin will apply to thecoma for tho
relief demanded ia tho complaint, to-wlt: For
a decree reloritilna the dturrtoUon In con. ay -a
tire from detendatit to oue i. 0. Yaou, datad '
Kebrnary 24, ton, ao aa to eonferm r the da
acripilon or the land sold and Intended lo b
conveyed Ihereliy, lo-wlt:fri'ha stmib halt of
the smith half of eectlon H4. tiNvnahlp 7 north,
ranice a west of th Wlllamaitv Meridian, In
Columbia i'oiinl)r, Orcifou, and W ge'irl
eiinitalde relief.
Thlaautniimnala pnl,llahel onee a week for
six cnnaecutlr weeks lr onler of B. M. Ilatlan,
roniitr Judge of Coliiinlila Countr, Oseicon, and
dalol Hie Ulli ilar of February, I'ju.
Theilair of the Hrst iMiltllcalloii of this mm
mom ia February IMh, iwio, and th date of last
publication thtSOIh dar of March, I'jna
Attoracji for rialullff.
(Timber Und. Act Jims , WT t
United Hlalrs Iind uflle.
Portlaml. Oregon, January II, lisjt.
Nntfee is hereby Ktieu that in t-ompliauee
with the provllona of the aet ot Congieaa ot
June a, 1H7. enlllled "An ai.-t for the sale of
limber lands In the stales of California, Oregon.
Nevada and Washington Territory, " aa eaieod
ed to all the Fnplic Land Htaies by act of AiistimI
4. WJ1. l.loyd I.. lM-tritk,of FiUborfi,Coiinly of
Columbia, Htate of Oreeon, has this day tiled In
tills office his sworu statement No. 07.V.!, for lb
purchase of the east of tha aotitheaal w and
In Townithlp No. a north. Itanire No. 4 weal, and
will offer proof to show that the land aouirht la
more valuable for Ita timber or some than for
aKrli-nllural i nrpoaes, and lo establlah hiarlalm
lo aaid land befisre the Uexister and Iteeeiver of
this offiee at Fnrtlaud. Oreeon, on Wednesday,
the 2Kb day of March, Ivos.
He names as witnesses: 8. P. Ballard, of
Pittaburx, (irexon; Albert Parker, ol Pitlaburf,
Ores'in: (eo. Armstrone. .f PUKburg, Oregon;
Andrew Klliot, of Pittsburg-, Oregon.
Any and all persons claiming adversely the
aiiove-riiiif-rlbed lands are requeated to Ole their
t-iuima in thisofnee on or before said 2Sth day
of March, laou.
In the Clrrnlt Conrt nl lha Slate of Oregon, for
the County of Columbia.
The Benson Lnegtnf A LuwiberingCo., aeor-
C, rail, n. plaintlrr, vs. Kilev W. Allen aad Mrs.
iley VV. A lien, his wile, defendants.
To the -iefendants. Riley W. Allen and Mrs.
Klley W. Allen, his wife:
In the name of the State of Oregon too ar
hereby reo,nired to appear and answer the com
? taint herein on or before the 3lst dar of March.
H: said dale being more than six weeks from
the dale ol Ont publieallon ol this summons.
To all persons concerned, and to the legal voters
now actually nwtdiiw in Hcipnoo Precim-t.
OiluubU Couutr. Male of Oregon, ia .articw
v and each of von will take notice and yon
are herebv noiiHed that I, W. J. Cloninger, will
ou Tuesday, ihe lotb day ol April. Its, apply I"
the Honorable County Court of lha Slate of
Oregou, in and for the County of Columbia, for
a license to sen apinwious, vinoua ano man
Hnnon and fermented rider la lesa onaniiiles
than one gallon, for a period of six months, al
Scapnoose. In iappooao Precinct, Cjliimbia
Cnaiitr, Suie of Oregon: which application
will be supporteo aua uaeu uiou me luimw
lug peiittoii, lo-wit:
In the County Court of the State of Oregon for
me county oi twuauia
t.iu mailer of the ai.nlication ot W.J. Clon
inger lor a license to sell spirituous, vinous and
ma t liquors aad fermented elder in less quan
tities than one gallon, at eeappooas. in neap
pooae Precinct, Columbia County, Mate of Ore-gun.
To the Honorable County Conrt of Colambls
County. Oregon:
We. the nnder IrncJ, comprising so actual
majority of the b-jle number of legal voters of
ScappooM Precinct, Columbia County. Male of
Oregon, and wao now reside in and have ac
tually resided in said ipooe Precinct for
and said dale being alter the time preaaribed
by said eoort and by law for th publication of
this summons, and if you fail so to appear and
anawer, plaintiff will apply to the court lor the
relief demanded in the complaint, to-wit' For
a decree of partition of the east half of the east
half of section fourteen, township nve (3) north,
range three west ol lbs Willamette Meridian,
in Columbia County, Oregon, which aaid prop
erly is now owued as follows: By the plaintiff
an nndlriiled one-half Interest, and defendant,
lllli-y W. Allen, an undivided one-half interest,
with a contingent dower Interest In aaid Mrs.
Kilev W. Allen, wife of Riley W. Allen, ia said
Allen'a Interest, and for an order appointing
referees lor Ihe purpose of making partition of
mid real propertv according to law and the prac
tice ol thlacoart: and that the costs of partition
and of Ibis suit may be charged lo rne paruea
herein in their )uat proportions and th same
made a lien upon said land.
1 nis summons ia puniianeu onf-a- a wcea mr
six consecutive weeks by onler of ft. S. Haltaa,
Countr Judgeof Columbia Countv, Oregon, and
dated ihe lab day of February, ltajs.
The dale ol lae nrn piioiicaunu oi mis snm-
nwus U February 16th, lsu. and the date of the
last publication Is the anri day of March. IWaj.
Attorneys lor Plaint! S.
vm Ice ia herebv eiven that bv virtue of an or
der of the County court ol the stale of Oregon,
for Columbia county, maue ana eniereu on ino
34ih day of February. Isut. in the maUer of the
gtiardiauahlpoi tne eatete oi Aiireo m. won,
an insane person, the nnderiigued as guardian
of the tsuit of said lusaue person, will. on.
from aud after the 31-4 day ol March, 190S, al
the law office ol W. II. Powell, in 8u Helens,
Oregon, proceed to sell, at private sale, for cash
in hand, tne louowiug rewnnea reai propcriy
belonging In said insane person, situated in the
Coanty of Columbia, SUts of Oregoo, to-wit:
The southeast quarter of section twenty, la
township Ave north, range three west of the
w tuametie jtenuiau, cuuuiuuii wn bhwku
sixty acres.
Any person desiring to bid upon said prop
erty at such sale will sabmlt lha same lo me at
MOUIlon, ureKon, or w j iHiflucii w.
Powell, at St. Helens, Oregon.
mora than thirty days Immediately preceding I
the date of signing, nung ana ukpfiiuuhiw oi i
ihis iiltlon. hereby respectfully petition this
A Scientific Wbsttlerv
Tlie cure that Hand toitt omKlmake
Bucklen't Arnica Salve a scientific won
der. It cured E. IU MulloruV lecturer
for tlie Patrou of HuiUaiidl-yaWafiiet-bom,
l'a., ot a dltrefaiii(. cat at Pilet.
It heala the worat Burn,.S6rv Bout,
Ulcer, Cut. Wound,, CltilUuis and
Salt Blieuui. Ouly 25e at ferry Gra
ham', Houlton.
u.u.ni,lA Court to grant to W. J. Cloninger
u.... tn Mil Knlritiioua. vinous and malt lio.
uors and fenuenled eider in leas quantities than
..... ...ii, . mt i.-hi,im),mi. ill Bcanuooae Precinct.
CliimWaCouut.v. stale ot Oregou, for a period
of six months. ...
t vw.,..n it ii. Hcmitier. Henrv vanucrrauM.
u i UnWrv. D. Halch. K T. Gore. Heury
lliishman. l-'reit Olason. rrauk Vatidemiosi,
L. I. Iiug. i. Bushman, h. l. McKay, K. t .
ii. .- i'.i.Vr j.i,u.n. w. W. West. John Eisen-
t.,,'u. IV K RiniKwr. I. Loiulvmint. M. ADOU-
t k. E. Wlckcrshaio. F. a. Hryaut. H. U. Me-
vii.l H I.. Wnirlem. SI. D.Uleen. M. A.Bach-
.i.i.. i: J Molomnn. Jeaa Foas. hob Ternahail.
A. liarber, Oeo. E. Frokes. P. A. Prates. 8. Ber
.1 m. Miidt-r. r. Mii.ier. J. T. Wuitten, Paul
T,.n.v. is u iknimm. Otto A. Miller. Don-
,.,...1,1. u- a Kievna tleo. Wiest. J.Mark
art, W. lien. John I blman. John H-vhk,Carl
Codliat, Ira C. Miller. J. Znrlam. O. Smllh. a.V.
F.. S. McAllister, If. Wet. W. Jeffs. H. A.Han-
sou. A. Zeismaii, J. Hemuller. r. ta-nmuse, st.
Slaver. Lewis tiraul. C. C. Smith. H. K. Gear
hart A. B. Ilowden. A. Anderson. C. Kablnsty,
O. C. Kablnsky. H. W. Kabiuakv, tins Lange, J.
O, Nckay, U. A. Cloninger, ueo. .
. i....nh si.tvaK. jnaeon sun I. ui.
Long, treorge Lousujnoui, o, is . .,uu, ... v.
"D'afe'and first pubUealion, March J, IM
. J. t LOMMiCK,
irtft anroa ol laml near Deleiiir. in the
ferti'e Beaver valley Ior 10l! Of the
100 acre, 0 are cleared and- mere ia a
a 110 orchard of apple, pear,, elwrry and
prune tree. There l a good m room
house on the plaoo and a- weU of tine
water that nevor goe ury. ror nnj-nno
that want to buv in tliiaconntjr tint is
a sunn. For iiartietulara liiijii treat this
He la a llasncr.
In the Circuit Conrt of the Slate of Oregon, for
loiumuia vvuuu,
III the mstter of the esUto of W. II. Palmer,
To Fannie F. Palmer, of Wrnonta, Oregon;
Mrs. T.J. Adams, ol Vernon!, Oregon: William
i'almer, of Forest lirove, Oregon: 0. . Palmer,
ol Vernonia. Orecon : aud James Palmer, whose
Li.oM , KfiKtutwn nairs al law ... ...
nu.l: and lo all other heirs and
devisees unknown, ll any such there I; and lo
all Otner peraoua inirre.-ii ., ,-,"t-. - j
belonging to mo eaie 01 wu uw--a.
... ik. ... nl Ilia KtMtn of Orri-on. VOU and
each ol you are hereby ciled, snd required to
appear in the Couuly Court of the State of Ore
gon Ior Columbia couniy. ai 111c v.,;--v,
lhareof, al St. Helens, iu said Couuly aii.l btate.
. '..V?,..V,i.v ih. nil. dav of March, at 10 o clock
in the loreiioou ol that dav, then awl there lu
.how cause, if any exlals, why an order ot ja e
of certalu real protwrty belonging to the estate
ol said deceased, fn said Comity ol Columbia.
Matoof Oregon, should not be inade as prayeil
lor In the petition ol llraiil lxiwnlug. the ad-
The real pruiteny described and petitioned to
be sold In said petition is as follows, towit: Be
ginning iwsutv rods weal ol the northeast eor-
Al tK. Mxl'hMKl .iiiarlernf seoilou eight, in
township lour north, range four west of the
Willamette Meridian; thence west alsty rods,
thence south eighty rods, thence east aixiy
......I, .ivlitv riMla 10 the nlaceol
iu.ii,i,i,, ennialnina ihlrtv acres, ailllated In
., . a---------- ,-,v,...:.ri. o,.,...!
St. Helena at 8 o'clock;. . Keiurntng , "Sf. '"" ' ThV lion. K. H. Ha tan. Judge ol
the Couuly Court 01 tlie tnaic oi orauu 10.
unibia Countv. with the seal ot said court
affixed, this 13th day of February, lwm.
....... 1 MKNiii-itsiiN.C erk.
Bv W. A. 11AUU$.
W. II. Powell. Alt'v for Aduiiiislrator.
la Ihe Circuit Court of the State of Oregon for
tne county 01 coiumota.
Vrank R Akin and Ren Selling, tdaltltiffs. vs.
Hewitt Investment Company, defeudaut.
To Hewitt Investment Company, the above
named ueienaaut:
Ia the name of the State of Oregon you are
y required to appear anu answer tnc rem
t filed attains! vou in tha above eotiued
cause on or before April 7ih, U06. aud if yoa fall
to so answar, for want thereof tbe plaintiff will
apply to the court lor the relief demanded in the
mat tne coan ovenr ua p.a,..,.i ...w
owners aud in possession and entitled to tlie
poaaesslou Ol tnv nonnweai qoa.irr w. awui
-.9. in township i north of range 3 west of the
u.-niMmtta Meridian, containing one hundred
aud sixty acres, situaut in Columbia County,
Oregou: and that It further decree that auy
claim of the deiendant therein is invalid and
that the title 01 pnuniins oe quieten aa agaiuaa
auy claims and demanda of the deiendant there
in, and that idalutlBs have iudruiaut for their
costs and disbursement.
This summons la puouanea oy oruer oi inw
linn Thomaa a. McBrlde. iudga of the above
entitled court, of data February 16th. 190S.
The dale ol lha hrst publication la February
2k! . W06. . . , , .t
The time prescriueu in tneoruer iuv sua pun
lleatiou ol this summons is six weeks.
Oii;it K p.... 1 em n e- . .
Attorneys lor Plaintiffs.
C. H00GHKIRK, Master.
Leaves Rainier daily, except Sunday,
for Portland, at tt a. nt., departing from
leaves Portland at 2:30 p. in., arriving at
St. Helens at 4:43.
Svrup ot White Pine and Tar, the old
reliable cough remedy. For tale by A.J.
Detuinft druggist.
.... . . 1 of 1 in race. i;on"'i- irwiu
. , nf.V n end u" a uetuli-ltis. To MUdred Urant tux roll and reglstra
,','B....U " i.iw...ri..liiordlMHiiifort. 25u , M tr,,iikiii family
The people of tin Stuta of Oregon
would do well to have a man like H. M.
Cake, of Portland, In the United State
Senate. ? .-
He had .in opportunity to become tho
roughly familiar with the need ot the
state during hit active participation in
its orgaliimtion along linos ot comtticr-
50 clal development No man in-Oregon
; ha been more active in this respect than
50 Mr. Cuke, and the knowledge thus
W.EiiiiieJ has especially tjuullliud liim to
Abstract and Trust Co.
. Titles Examined, Abstracts Made, Non-Resident
Taxes Paid. Real Estate, Loans, Etc.
Carries a Complete Line of
Dry Goods
Flour and Feed
Fancy Goods
In fact, everything usually kept in a first
class General Merchandise State. My
prices will be found as reasonable aaany
store in Columbia Couttty. Voatr trade
Whea la I'triUad U t
The Empire Knttaaraat, Vt2 ThinT
Street, throe doora eVintti ot Btstser Ttitf
tre. Meale trora 15 centa apv tlpea
day and night. Oysters- im ana ttylst.
V... R.Jilan,lnp leniv- fiirniMt aaT taata
Proprietor Ruyai. ut aud iiadiiua.

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