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NO. 30.
a Condensed form lor
Busy Readers.
A Hesuin of the Important but
Nul Las Interesting .vent
of the Ptt Wk.
Ciiiiiiiul charge ar to be mad
agilnit rhlladelpbl bank director.
emperor ol China baa pro
rUiinxtl lit Intention ol (ranting
president Palme rfua to treat wllb
Iht Cuban ftlwU and wanl do Asnsri
tn Intervention.
Tli Unlit between 0n nJ Nlson
(I Ooldfleld, Nevada, was woa by th
(.inner In the lurty-oond round on
Tli rrnlier Rudun went agronud on
OrrM llnd shortly elUr leaving He
III. Hh pulled aft uninjured l
high tid,
Two in.knl man bUI up lb UUI
Link ol IUInlr, Oregon, bJ alter
binding III Mahler, rMKl with if
leeo 12. WO end l,M In gold,
putee ar to pursuit.
KtMirt from th province indirat
tint throughout Haasta gorl tt
ol pillaging Mil IncendlarUm ettsls,
fifliling twleeen tli peasantry nod poll.-
occurring el many palnl.
lit tli biennial election In Arkansas
I .t slat nd count afliclat Ui ltuo
ctuli r.rtd prectirelly everything,
(if th 13A member of Hi legislator
I ImuI 126 ol Uim will I ltuocraUi.
( Iiln ll adopting wot measure
against lorlgnr.
A bottle niege ! tfl t in I8M
Iim juU own picked up in Heettl bar
bur. Tropin b nervon prot ration Irom
th continual itrlo to which li i ub
JecUd. Japan I gelling oonldrbly worked
up over tb killing ot Japeoeee eali
by American.
Trln hud ol Farley' lrlk break
en n root to 8n r rancleeo bad to
itrlk lor bllr lood
Tli revolution In Cub It spreading
fur nl wide, and th government tn
ml. Id Intervention, probably by lb
I'ntted Hut.
Tb official ol th United Railways
ol Han Francisco ha grl la In ar
liltrailon ol the lrl ear etrlke pro
vided tli men rlru to work In tli
Secretary Wilton. ltr Inspecting
tbe packing boo In svrl ol lb
lars rltlra. rlue to mtk concessions
to tha buint. and it eppaan thai b
ill.) not And thing a nlc a tbey
might L.
Ut hundred lawyer ar attending
th meeting ol tb American liar "
elation In Hi. Paul.
Kin Fraticlero ha contracted lor tb
bntl.lln ol 4.000 (mall bouM, to b
Dnihd tin 11 week.
It I MllmaUd bv th Panama canal
r.,..,..u.i..n that i!fi 000.000 worth ol
work can b don annually.
four (Ireek laborer wr killed nd
anothei latally Injured by blof Uack
by Italtimor A Ohio train.
Cbliiea ar planning lo eaUblltli
rhaln ol nwppr In Canada wlln
which lo couiUl tb 500 per caplt
Tb city calr ol Chicago ha order
ed tull begun agaiixt lour 01 um
tt parking boute In thai city lor l
ling abort weight !!.
Preaident RooH ba cabled to
ii k. ihrotmli th Ainarlcan
nliilaier. bit conirratnlatloni on lb
opening ol th cable lo Iceland.
Ti. Hnt Parkin comoanr. which
I. !( tn aialliah an Itument park
lint ulant In Portland, will lo build
lu own car and laniHhlp dock
II th Htandard Oil company I re
quired to glv bond lor IU appearand
In all tiia Initlntmanta aulllltt it at til
tin rat that ba been rqulrd In tb
lint indictment, it will bav to put up
a bond ol IM60.0OO
Th A met Iran Bar oclatlon I no
l.nl.llMu ita animal convention in tn
Tb police ol Rig captnrd depot
ol leTolullonarr itorc. Including M
A pclictman, two gendarme nd
coiuliii'tiir vara killed on a train by
band ol teren rrolutionlt nr Tam
bod, Kuntla.
Th Japanr government annonnoe
that alter 8epteinbr 1, 10, l'y
will be a Irea port ol ntry lor goou
ol all nation.
Th Nv.,la atata liuuranc commit
loner ay be will rvok tli llcente
ol all couipanle which 111 to py tblr
Han Kranoitco low
The cwr I badly wared by tb tt
cent terrorl.t ontrage. nd It n
thonirlit be I atnut to pUc the gov
eminent In tb band ol a dictator.
H.,..tn. W A. Clark will bnild
branch railroad line Irom U Vega.
iiranch railroad tine ir ' ?
N. M, Into Ban Franclwo. UM Wl
antlgo In Rtbtlllon Imurgnlt Con
trol Santa Clara Province.
Iltvana. Kept. 4 Th situation her
far darker than at any pruviout time
ilnr th linurifctlnn hrcke out. Newt
ol an Olirltlng lu Hanllavo niovlnre.
wlill not yt publlthed litre, Itrpread
lug aliout tli city ami cant'iig tb
gravtat concern, When Mr. Blceper,
lb American churn d'arfalre here.
wa told th ronteiiu of an Antoclated
rati Hantlago dltpatrh, lit endeavored
verily It through tb Hlate depart
ment, but wm told It wat abiolutrly
untrue. Hubteiiiieiitly It wat Verified
Irom private newapaprr aotirre. The
ileht ol lb riling In Hantlago la not
nown, bat It it tb oplnlou here that
th woral calamity ol all to tb Palma
govarnment would be an luturrection
lu Kattarn Cuba.
Tb Associated Pre. wa Informed
tonight by two reliable eyewitnraee
i at Cardenat, which hitherto hat been
contldered a perleitly paacelul city,
wa tb tcent yesterday u( deultory
figlitlng between police and rural
guard on one aide and roving iniur
genu on tb other.
Th only province remaining per-
leclly pecelul I Puerto Prim-lp.
Th Aaaoolt'eil I'rea corretpondrnl
at Clenluego telegrapbeil tonight that
ere at 8,000 armed Ininigenti In
hat vicinity and that all tb tinall
town In Hanla Clara provltir are con
trolled by iniargenl. who attack and
tool traiut and telte in property ci
lorelgner a wall at that of Cuban.
Trinidad 1 turronnded by insurgent,
nd lb government appear powerl
to protect the property of Americana
and other lorelirner. Kailway traint
ar bald up at will, and paaiengert
tarchd. Tbe Cuban Central railroad
ha declined to a.tuui reaiiontlhility
lor th aafelv ol Mueengert or ireight.
Kevru tin lor government tone i
making good progrraa here. Tbe gov
eminent continue to make nne ncau
wav wherever there la open nghtlng.
Tne troop in the wettern part ol
Pinar del Kio bav not Jt come up
with Pino Uuerrera, and, according to
tb Ataoctated Pre. corrctponttent
Ilk the troop, thvr I no preeent
IlkellboMl ol their doing to, th
ruoMi rolgbt march lor ten year and
all lb whit Ouerrera would be Jut
bead ol tbetn in tbe bill. H'
are tbouaan.lt of mount ain trailt with
which th inturgnnt ar laminar and
hlch lead In all dlrectiout. II Uuer
rer cared lo baratt th guvernment, II
troopt could I k lied tniyi;ar,
itmitara. Th loverniuent hat no cav
Irv in Plr.ar del Klo. and tli oniy
real oldlrr th artillerymen, Out,
at they ar on loot, they cannot cop
nli tha mall mono el veierant on lur
Intuuent tide.
American and British Marchanti Fear
Enmity of China.
Victoria, B. C, Hept. 4.-A Ivlcea re-
Imm I'ek In or me tieaiunr
i.ll l inneeaina antl-loieign marli
Inaliou. Th eorrtpomieut ol the To-
klo Malnlchl report Ihtl lungsaoy!
.i.v mlnlaler ol loreign alfalr, it Uk
ing advantage ol hie growing mnuence
in the government to ttrenglhen Ihe
power ol CblnH) who bav been ap
pointed director ol ruttomt, having
th tupporl ol lb an I lorelgu element
among th Cbine.
a . a - - l...aIaiM ak till
Th corretponueni ear" "" -
n.lil.l. eoniinonllle ale mucii iu
.t Chine attitude. Amerl
can in particular feeling great anxiety
i to the luture courte oi ....
i.i.i. Tl.a PMn nolle have in-
Villi1 - - - . ,
tricted Cblntae mat no preuu. v.
... li... i ha rented to (jfeiHiiert.
.n7 a.uv, . , ,,,, ,,
The lain' correponii.
Cbinet comiwloner woo ...v. -
turne.1 Irom travail aorotu i.a -
conference with tl.a emperor a. ...
a dowager and tne uecie.u.i
reached to lormulat conttilutlc
VOID. .1,--
tM.l ...
Tb Atahl't correaponuein
tie change In me ceuirai a.... r. -
, , . i.i..i.i..inna ar contenipiaieu
ciai aiiiuii' - . . ,,i
nul.l.. llwraarlll II a licu""
" V..,.,lrnl til
IWO general rv. .
, ,. ..... jiMi.artmenia anu i
gui i., .in h
vl royalty in '"""",,: .:
divided into even awi ona.
Chou Fuh It quoted to wio v.. . --
U,. conetllutloeal government in
China will be.tblitbHl'"e
ol Irom 10 to IS ?'
i-....ni Oftic In New York,
IM-JIV , ...
v. v. -L Q A. In Mi o!!.c
Cuban Junta e.thii
Colon.l Agnlrr. fij..r -"" " ...
. ....i u.nni Nordote. who win
ZSl retenUtiv.. of the
evolutionary mov.... -
U7, we.. - , , .. .
monle. lOionei nK..- - -
lunU in New York I not to ne ure..
.."M.I ravolntlon. It H0'l
' ' " " L .t,;.cte,l Mlel to keep
In. tha Amlcn people Informed a to
tbe true cour olthmo .e n.
u.u. Vaed Men In Union.
l. a..i A Kinolove i
todar formed a rjauona.
BUU '.1:7 her and elected olllcer.
' l nrlnclDle coutalnt
in aecia-.- - r r.,lon
""."tT . Sin. nt era U Join band.
,ov.rnlnt .nd tb employe, can be
aerved." .
Warning of More Bomb
wuu . .jtitv, but n
fuiel to aiiciuBB ..'..i.. and
admit that ber .Mipor t to -Im
h.a warned her Jailer, ttat Bt. PertH
i, u on th ev
i. .... ia nn tna eve oi .
Polk County Stock Bring Top-notch
Price for Breeding.
I d pendenc Tin re were lua'el
and (hipped Irom Indy pendenc one
ay latt week 7110 buck Iambi and 20
bead ol thoroughbred Angora goat.
The buyer ol tlila blooded atock wa
lexander Donaldton, ol Hherldaii, Wy
oming. Tb teller wa W. W. Percl-
al, ol till place -
Tha lamb were principally Irom
'oik county, although there were a lew
in lb ililpment Irom Yamhill, Benton,
nd Marlon. The goata were raited by
Mr. Percival. It required teven tingle-
eckd car to carry th ibipment. Tb
lamu ar Mncolmhlr and Colt Hold
breidt, lor which Polk county ia be
coming (anion. A few carloadt were
hi pied to Wyoming by Mr. Percival
laat year, and tbi year lie received an
order for double tb amount.
For breeding purpoae lb Polk coun
ty Iambi bring fancy price, which tb
butcher cannot pay, and owner of
tbeep are naturally turning their at
tention more to the raiting of thorough
bred nock. Tbe ililpment included
lamb from th J. B. Hlump and Wil
liam Riddel I farm, already known
among Kaatern alockmen a producer
of Mich grade ahtep and goata.
One lamb Irom the Klddull term, one
year old, llieareu i.t pounoa, nu
weight d Z70 poumli. me neece ai za
renU brought 10 41. Al tne maraei
uric of lamb, it would have brouabt
10 HO. which, togather wiin trie
tlei-e amount! to 117.24. ror bleed
In Dornoeea tb lamb told lor more.
There wer a number oi laino in
tha ahlumenl which ihear 21 lo 2.1
Small Outlav Will Eradicate Codbn
Moth and Other Peat.
Milwaoki J. II. Held, ol thi
olace. who ha mad a clot ttuoy oi
tnravt lor codlln moth and Iruit peU,
t)live that wormy apple are not
neceaaary, and that it i pitaible lor
all who rale fruit to keep It Ire irom
rndlln moth or oilier pea. ujntrary
to tbe aoppotilion that tbe coat ol
loravlng I eiceaiive, Mr. Held give
lome figure to ihow that ipraying
nr. I ainanliva.
" -' .. . i i .
Mr. Held cite Ihe appi orcnru oi
Mark Levy, at Mllwaukle, wno naa a
total ol SOU boxe ol apple and peart
Karh time he enraved it took 18 hour
Thei wr two men empioyea at a
coet ol $, on team at and cot ol
m.b.r i waa I1U. mating me roiai
cott 2. Tbia wat lea than cenia
per boi. A great many ol Mr. ivy a
tree ar young and not in toil Hearing
nd l.,r that reatou lh coet lor pray
Ing wat '.arger than tt would nave Deen
I,.. i tl.a iraaa been In lull bearing.
In a arira orchard Ik mat oi Mil-
1...1 n In.n.dale. In Yamhill coun
ty," aid Mr. held, "tne coei wouiu
.,n ha mm man 10 o ceui.
lor epraylcg. When the tpraying i
properly done the grower dot not have
more than eight or ten per ceat lot
Irom worm."
Salem Hat New Industry
u..i.,. Tl.a mil alenna nalnt fae
torv on the racinc corwi auu
.1.. i. in ma uniLou oiaicv. wuw
.. ...-, A. . ... I. mmw In
operation In Balem. A complete out
in ni si niiins. iiiium anu iui...
-i,i.,r. ha bean inttallid. but the
,i.n,an.l (nr the oroduct already indl
...ia that the Plant will hav to be
duplicated. Tbe factory ia being oper
material hipped Irom the i
enn depotit discovered a year or two
ago eonth ol Eugene, in Lane connty.
a. th denoalt cover an area ol 62
in a deDth ol 60 feet, there
plenty of material to uppiy iue raiwj
r.. a inimliar of vear.
ra.u have proved tuai me j-ane
county depoaitl ar ol a high grade at
the Italian alenna ana iv
demonttrated that the Oregon material
can be placed upon the market In com
petition with the imponoti arm-i.
Epidemic of Hog Cholera.
b..i,iK. K. Willard. who run a
dairy on th Wauhama, report an epi
demic ol hog cholera throughout hi
neighborhood. Willard liad euiii one
porker that h Intended to daughter
within a few dava, but th cholera beat
him to them. Mr. Tbompton, a neigh
bor, who it alto in the dairying bui
neta, ha lot all hi hog, and Mr.
Dawson, who live on tne viaiU
plaint, ba lost hi entire herd from
the dieeat.
Record-breaking Prune Crop.
nftv William X. nvl.
- an M.na nv.bard near
who owna ! r1"""
Carut, report that he will have a re-1
cord breaking crop ol exceptional qnal
ltv thi yer. He ay bl tree are
load I to their capacity. M-. Dav '
tree are all ol the IUlian variety, he
having plowed up hi acreage ol pe
tite, tiipplnntlng them with th Ital
ian which b Bnd moi profitable.
Large Crop of Cbbag.
LaQrand - lUrv.y Clark, Irona a
trant ol mounUin land, located
four mile. outb ol town, will hrtr
600 ack of potatoe. and 16,000 bead,
of cabbage, weighing from ' two o five
pound., in poiaioe Will uim .-I
and the cabiiage 0U. or a
turn ol $1,200 from 20 acre.
total re-
Vandal Cut Hop Vine.
galem Unknown marauuen eniere.i
the hop ysro oi iiiK w''"ai
J , tb, hop vn on about
J. A Tb. ho, wla be
. , ,,. ...
lot lltll valut.
Prominent Willamette Valley Dairyman
Says "Buy Cows."
Independence That the cow I tbe
beat ol money maker lor th farmer,
It tha assertion of K. C. Kldridge, of
tb'.t place, owner of creamerleaat Inde
pendence, I'ayton, Jefferson, Kagene
and Junction City, and on ol tbe larg.
ett buyer ol cream In tbe Willamette
A large part ol the prosperity oi
th Willamette valley ba come Irom
lb milch cow," be laid. "Darylng
beat wheetralslng out ol light. And
three or lour yean ol dairying on
wheat land will double the wheat grow
ing capacity ol the soil. A number ol
farmer In Polk are railing more than
30 buiheli of wheat to tha acre on tuch
and. which several yean ago wonld
not produce more than 12 to 16 bush'
el. .
A farmer with lay 60 cow, al
though that' a rather big herd, and
with hog and chicken a accessor lei,
an make more money then do many
ol tbe country bank that it, il be
usee brain a well a handa. il a
bonanxa lor him, lure enough. Farm
er are fait coming Into realisation ol
tbia; in fact, many of them realise tt
already. Dairy products alway can
Bnd a market without Hunting lor it,
at high price. But dairying require
constant attention every day in tbe
year, and for tbia reason torn farmer
ar nnwilling to Uke up with it.
"One man of my acquinaUnce wbo,
ix yean ago, ownea ou acre! oi iauu
and wa in debt, by going into the
lairving business paid bis debt, bought
70 aerei more for $3,850, and ha paid
12,600 ol thi price already. Tbe other
dav b cold 14 lix-montbi old bog for
Construct Eagle Valley Lin.
Baker City David Kxles baa decid
ed to take in hand the construction ol
the Kagle Valley railroad, a project
which hat long been looked forward to
bv the neooe ol thi place a of great
moortance. Mr. Kiwle na oimseu
announced that he will build tbe line
and ba called upon tb people of Ba
ker City to aetist by ratling a hock
.iihr. notion ol $100,000. Tbi work
bai already been Uken up ana gooa
progree made.
Seaside Bath Houae Burned.
Seaside Tbe large bath bouse owned
hv K. N. Za r. located on the heacn
near the Butterneld cotUgee, wa to.
lallv deatroved bv fir a lew day ago,
There wat no wind, or tne urrooro.ing
rottairea would have been deetroyed.
Adjoining cottagea were protectee oy
the but ket brigade. Tbe lot i par
tially covered by insurance.
Dry Rust In Valley Hop Yard.
Woodburn Dry rust ba appeared
in bopyard. In tbe vicinity ol Mount
Angel, where there li considerable com
nlaint. and an immense amount ol
damage is liable to be done. Tbi il
the fin. appeaiance ol dry mat lo tbii
lection. It hat a muety imell and ab
solutely destroy, the flavor ol tbe bop.
Wheat Club, 05c; blueatem,
valley. 6Ua70c: red. 8c.
Oats No. 1 white, $22022 60; gray
Ii.rlev Feed. $20021 per ton
brewing, $21 6022.50j rolled, $23
Kve 1130 per cwt.
Corn Whole, $26; cracked, $27 per
. Hay Vallev timothy. No. 1, $109
liner too: Kaatern Oregon timothy,
$12(914; clover, $77 50; cheat, $7(8
7.50: grain bay, $7; alfalfa, $10
vetch bar. $737.60.
Fruits Apples, common, 60976c per
hax: lancv. 11.2592: grapes, ocis
11.60 ner crate: peaches, 70c$100
Dears. 1125; plums, lancy, 50975c
ner hox: common. 60 9 76c; blackber.
rles. Sflttlc per pound; crab apple, $1
ol AO nor bji.
Miloni- Cantaloupes, 10c$l 25 per
crate; watermelon, ll,c per pound
raiahal. I3.26M3 60.
Veetablo Beam, 597c; cabbage
l.'(a2c: celery, 85c9$l per dosen
corn, 16920c per dosen; cucumbers,
26c per dnen; egg plant, 10c per
nnund: lettuce, head. 5o per doaen
nnlnna. 10iai2Uo per doaen; peat, 4
Be: bell oepoeri. 12X916c; radiihi,
109 t6o per doaen; spinach, 293c per
pound; tomatoee, zogouo per uox
pariley, 26c; tqnasb, $191.25 per
crate; turnips, 8Oc0$l per tack car
rot. $191 25 per eack; beet, $1,259
1 Ml nnr aark.
Onions New. Ua 91 Wo per pound
Potatoes Oreiron Bnrbanka, 70 :1s 9
80c; sweet potatoes, 494'c per pound
Butter Fancy creamery, 2a,Ha
nar nnnnd :
. Egg Oregon ranch, 24c925per do
Poultry Average old hen, 13X9
14c uer pound: mixed chicken, 139
ISWn: anrliur. 149 15o; old rooster
flraiO,-: dretted chicken. 14916c
turkey, live, 17920c; turkey, dress
ed, choice, 21 922 Xc; geese, live, 99
10c: duck.. 13915c.
ll.mn 11)08 contracts. 17 920c per
pound; 1H06, nominal; iwu, nominal
Wool Eastern Oregon average best,
16910o epr found, according to .brink,
page; valley, 20922, according to One
ness; mohair, choice, 28S30o per
Veal Dressed, 5498o per pound
Beel Dressed bulls. 3o per pound
cow. 4i95Wc: country steers, 636o
Mutton Dressed, fancy, 798o per
pinnd; ordinary, 696c; lamba, fancy
roik Dreiied, 7(48,0 per pound
Cabanas Taken by Ouerrera and SanU
Clara Is In Danger.
Havana, Aug. 81 . Tbe .orrender
ol some ol tbe more vigorous Insurgent
lenders In the province ol Mstanza
and Haota Clara, aid the coming in of
a scattering lew insurgent In reeponte
to tbe government' offer of nmneity,
ia vaat r more than onset by the in
nrov ncea ol Havana, finer tiei ttio
and 8anU Clara, which il now report
ed to be gaining headway in Santiago
Irom which province, however, there
are ai yel no report oi orgauwu
Tha testimony ol person arriving
here Irom tbe country ia unanimou to
tbe effect that the people are rmtles
and becoming more and mora excited
Tbe talk of
the towns is of those who I
bava gone out to Jo.n tbe Insurgent
and tbe chance of winning against the
government. There are grave doubU
of tha loyalty of the recroiu, especial y
ol negro recruiU, who are inspected in
many quarter ol a willingnea lo Join
tbe other tide, with wnicn many or
their people are idnt Aid.
Tbe undeniable evldance of the
growth of Insurrectionist entiment i
cauiing increaiing doubt ai to whether
tbe government will, alter H.be able
to cope promptly and successtuliy witn
tbe movement, and there u mucn ais- . tfae workirjgmen j tb burned dis
cussion of tb j posibilitie of k peaceful ui tb. new.paper employe, and
.ememeii.. .u-ii v.u. . -
Jected meeting ol Cuban vetcrani and
omer promiueu. uinu
question ol approaching Pino Goerrera
and other inaorgent lesders ol the Lib-
arai party ami memoei l
ernment, with a view to ascertaining
hetber the difflculty cannot be ettla
Ibrougb ome compromise
Meanwhile a rapid ore artillery
torps is being organls. d neder Amer-
lean omcen, ammunition ar.u gunai are
being unpacked and tbe historic lai-
tillo de la Ponta, fronting on tbe har
bor entrance, ia tbe scene of the great-
eat activity. Tbe Insurrection in tb
province of Pinar del Kio ba spreao
acroea tbe mountain! to the north coast,
and tbe town of Cabana it now in tbe
hand of the insurgents, wbo are re
ported alto to have gone in tbe direc
tion ol Bahia Honda. The insnrgenU
took arms Irom a small detachment ol j
rural luarda. and captured 60 home
hich the vovernor bad requisitioned.
Tb government telegraph lines ar in
How Government Inspectors w.n in-
dicate What is oooa,
Wa.hlnutnn. Am. 81. Owing to the
naa nuat innnertion law. the number
of inanM-tnra' labels used will be more
than doubled. Already tbe Agricul
tural department bus contracted to
apply 10,000 lor the month ol Sep
tember, and alter tbe law become
effective tbi number will be increased
to 15,000.
Th ta is about one and one quarter
inches rouare. It ia a thin sheet ol
gelatine, with a few threads running on
. .... . , I
Xtlere is printed in Dine leiier a
laaaml likathla: "United Statei. In-
oected. Passed 207." The number
at tha and ia that of the abattoir In-1
spector, wbo simply slaps the little tag
on a niece of meat and tne neat ana
moisture of tbe (reebly-killed meat
make it stick. In a short time the
selatine dissolves, the linen threads
rub off, and there is leu noming mit
tbe print ol those blue letten in tbe
meat. It cannot be removed, except by
cutting. It il absolutely harmless
Planning Immense Dam
Denver.'Aug. 81. Papen have been
rZ w'h'Si be foVheTr' pusee
.1.1 -.1.1- . 1. ..... .n. f l-n n.
l neorltr 1 flfM! (1(10 ai-IM
olarid lands, the largest irrigation
proposition that bas ever been under
taken bv private capital. Frank J.
McCarthy, a civil engineer of Denver,
ia now drafting plana to build a reser
voir that will cover 24 square miles.
have an average depth ol 35 leet, and
use the entire surplus water of tbe
Platte river. Heretofore, it ha been
estimated that 38.115,000,000 cubic
feet ol water was wasted yearly in the
Platte river, water which, il properly
diverted and used on land adjoining.
wnn'd irrluate 1.000.000, a:rea of lacd
and wou'd support 100.000 people.
Police Raid Nest of Rebels.
Riga. Aug. 31 Police and troops to
dav surrounded a lodging house on
Htolivia street, wcere Domne naa neen
z. . . . . r j l
discovered. The revolutionisU inside
fired with rifles from the windows on
the attacking party and aho threw a
bomb, whereupon the police riddled
the bouse with bullets, killing or
wounding all of the inmate.. Two
men and a woman were killed. At an
other place in the suburbi a Lettish
ttudent wa killed and .everal wounded
while resisting arrest. Two police ser
geant and a rural guard were shot.
New Spelling in All Printing.
Washington, Aug. 31. Tbe presi
dent' order regarding phonetic spel
ling will be extended to all parts of the
government. By hi direction all doc
uments are to be printed wiin mat
form ol spelling. A meeting wai held
yesterday, called by Publio Printer
Stilling!, of all the chief clerk, ot the
variou. departments, and a committee
was appointed to formulate rule, for
carrying out thi. order. The commit
tee will report it at a future meeting.
Wilson Inspects Stockyards.
ChlcaHo. Aug. 81 Secretary of Agrl-
culture Wilson spent part ol today at
the itockyardi, Inspecting the packing
plants, and expressed himie.f as great
ly pleased with the excellent sanitary
condition, be found.
Increase Id Pay Little Benefit to
San Francisco Workmen.
Bread and Butter Free, but Restau
rants and Hotels Recoup
on Other Thing.
San Francisco, Hept.l. Two months
. 1 mimtA I V, a t lBhs,r In fia Fran.
. ... .v.i th. hih.t Vnn.-
recof1 fof w(ef 8inM theD )abor bM
Knpttli iu own recorci. Not only bas
mbor aT,nced, but bouie renU anl
(ood btv, wltb lapiJ ,tndei
iafDg he uu tmQ moaiht.
Tod ,notber modtnt lit'.le retau-
rant croHed ont it printed price and
,nkeJ , 0D tbe margin. For
, m.n nM 0( f0Mt beef wbicb was
totmly procared for 26 cents, 30 cenU
mnet D0W pmjd It . ,iule
here tbe patron it np to a counter
0, clotn u u p.t,,,.. mostly
Ui pricei are a low as they can be
Tbe proprietor lor some reason or
othe. fe c1Ied apon to Mpiain. The
jncr fc tbe way ig ahout 20 per
.. - ,1
.., , tbi apow1Md the
. h . h ,
th - B M , did Mmt tbe fire To
. ,.h . . , , nrM(1 Xem.
(orme,y for $1. Tbe baker
rtrnck, nd to meet the increase in
wage th price ol bread had . to be
Then the price of meat went up
again tbii week. Tbe delivery men
cot an increase to something like 178
a month, so tbe butchers have boosted
tbe price,
Frnit and butter are way np, and
Jnst tbe other day tbe waiters threat
ened to strike and we had to raise
them. They need to get $14 a week,
now tbey get $16 60. 6o what could I
do? I bad to raise my price or go out
of business.
He told the truth, but only part ol
tbe truth. Wage in nearly every
line have advanced since tbe fire. Some
bricklayer are now receiving $10 a
Amm In nan aa inA i-arriara ra.
. 16 ,. cotter. it. electricians
$5 60. plumbera $7, plasterers $101
structural iron workers , tne setters
117.60. cement worken $6, steamfittert
and sheet metal worken toe
painten $5 and loremen on general job.
Tbe figures quoted represent the
highest wage paid in the trade men
tioned at tbe present time. The aver
aire would be slightly less. Tbe union
I scale counts for very little at present
All contractor ar forced to exceed It
in order to get men. Thev are bidding
I v. . 1 1 . 1. .1 .1
1 agaiuai eacu uiuer, auu wis nuu um
not aeem to have been reached, strike
I baa followed strike, and now, with in
creased wages In almost every line ol
industry, nobody is any better off than
Wrecked Montague and Great Dread
naught Poorly Riveted
London, Sept. 1. Statements have
been circulated about defective work
manship on English battleships
was asserted that in salvaging tbe
Montague, which went on the rocks off
inne last grave do-
1 '"- ...o..uB --v,.
but these sUtements were immediately
denied from authoritative quarters.
The Daily Mail correspondent at
Portsmouth makes a similar statement
about the new monster battleship
Dreadnaught, alleging that in the bur
ry to get the vessel completed her
plates were badly fixed. Soon after
the vessel wa. launched, the corres
pondent says, some holes were found
without rivet, and the men responsi
ble were dismissed. Some leakage also
waa found and she is now in drydock
Indian on Warpath.
Vancouver, B. C. Sept. 1. The
Babine River Indians, whose haunts
are near the headwaters of tbe Skeena
river, have revolted, and tbe rising is
of such a serious nature as to have com
pel led a call for the militia. The oper
atlves on the Skeena river are declared
to be utterly unable to cope with the
situation and unless a force ot military
la rushed north with dispatch there
grave danger that murder may be t'o
It is declared that a force ol not less
than a hundred men i absolutely ne
Statistics of Terrorism.
Bt. Petersburg. Sept. 1. Official
statistic, of the terrorism ol tbe past
week show that 101 officials, gend
armes, police and soidiera were auieu,
92 were wounded, 912 private persons
were killed or wounded, 34 spirit
shops were plundered, private a id In
dividual institutions were robbed of
$180,815 and state institutions ot $84 -981.
Besides tbese, tuere were over
150 armed attempt, to rob banks,
houses, etc.
New Spelling In College.
Bethlehem, Pa., Sept. 1. Prof.
Mansfield Merrlam, of the department
ot civil engineering of Lehigh univers
ity, today posted notice to tbe students
in hi department that hereafter the
Pavnaoia avatam nt rAtnrmnd floellino'
would be used in all quisles and lee-
turet, bridge reports, etc.
Cuerrera Alone Hold Out and Want
Roosevelt to Arbitrate.
Havana, Aug. 29. Senator Do!,
leader of the Moderate party, at tbe
conclusion ol a conference with Presi
dent Palma at midnight, stated that
practically all tbe insurgent leader ol
consequence except Pino Guerrera bad
signified their willingness to disband
their men, 11 all were positively guar
anteed immunity for their Insurrec
tionary actions.
On account ol tne insurgents wn
ngness to quit th field, there will be
no further enlistment.
Havana. Aug. 29. At tbe moment
today when tbe government wa issuing
its proclamation offering pardon to
rebel wbo would lay down their arm.
iU forces were dealing the moat tailing
blow that ba yet been struck against
tbe inaorgent in the field. For seve
ral days it bad been stated tnat uenerai
Guzman' iorce of imurgenta, wbicn
wa variootly estimated at from ZOO
npward, contemplated an attack on
Cienfuego. Colonel Valle, with a de
tachment of rural guard, wa Qis-
patched to Cienfuego for tbe purpose
of engaging Guxman and breaking op
tbe band. The encounter 01 tne two
force resulted in tb wont disaster
which the InsurgenU have austained np
to thi Mm. Tbey lost 17 men killed
and many wounded, while the lo to
be government force waa one man
killed. The government is without
further particulars of tbe fight.
That tbe Insurrection is in a uasy
condition seems to be a Uct, although
tbe end may not be a near as tnem-
bar of the government force prole
to believe. Pino Guerrera, tbe insur
gent leader operating in the province
of Finar del Bio, in a aigned tatement
telegraphed to tbe Associated Free te
nigbt, declares that be 1. as determined
as ever that tbe laat presidential elec
tion shall be annulled before there can
be peace in Cuba.
That Guerrera' s force of 2,000 men
il well armed and supplied with food
and ammunition is amply verified. Ita
greatest drawback is now lack ol mon
ey, but the people of the western part
of Pinar del Kio are lurnisning 11 wiin
all the supplies needed, taking in re
turn therefor order on the "Cuban
government," and in many case re
fusing to accept any consideration.
Rapid fire gun and considerable
war material arrived today for tbe gov
ernment, and more is expected irom
New Orlean.
It I reported that Guxman' force.
tbe vanguard of which was defeated by
Colonel Valle near Cienfuego, number
1 .000 men. well armed and mounted.
Tbe report 1 undoubtedly exaggerated.
A a result of a meeting in Havana to
night, many congressmen inscribed
themselves a volunteer.
Dense Smoke Biota Out Sun
Steamers Slow Down.
Vancouver. B. C, Aug. 29. On of
the lamest fires wbicb ba occurred np
coast this season 1 now raging in Val-
des iiland.
Steamers which arrived in today
were somewhat delayed by dense smoke.
and passenger say that in the vicluity
ol the (cene of the fire massive clouds
of dark smoke entirely obliterated all
view of the flames.
Valdes island is covered with a mag
nificent growth of firat-clas timber.
and many local timber holder have
large claims there. The ore pres
ence on tbe island ha caused anxiety
in local business circles, which is all
the more heightened by the fact that
nothing can atop it. Rain 1 badly
needed along the coast.
Fire Warden McKay stated today
that the recent big bush fire near
Gower Point bad dona more damage
than was at first supposed. While tbe
fire deatroved a large tract of timber. It
also burned the bridge and destroyed
tbe roads in the vicinity, and the
people who live within the territory on
which the timber was destroyed will
have no access to the water until new
roads and bridges are built.
"The people in the vicinity," said
Mr. McKay, "will be practically desti
tute this winter unless something i
done very quickly to relieve them and
to aid them in building new roads and
Office-Holder Jumps His dob.
Seattle, Aug. 29 After waiting for
ten days for David G. Rinehart, ton ot
William V. Rinehart, pioneer and ex
councilman, to explain hi disappear
ance, the city health board today re
moved bim as tanitary inspector. Rine
hart leit town without notifying city
officials and is supposed to be in Spo
kane. Though his wife departed to
join him, neither bit family nor friend
have offered an explanation for hi go
ing other than to sa be had a
good chance to bettei himself else
Wirele.s Aeroplane.
Brantford, Ont., Aug. 29. Dr. Alex
ander Bell'l "wireless aeroplane,"
which il attracting the attention of
Canadian and American scientist as
sembled here, had a preliminary teat
yesterday. Captain Anglemeier, of
Chicago, the navigator, succeeded in
rising to tbe Leight of 200 feet, turning
a complete circle and alighting safely
a few feet from tbe starting point. Dr.
Bell's flying machine is operated by
wireleu electrical energy.
Bryan Decline Private Car.
New Haven. Conn., Aug. 29. Mr.
Bryan ha declined th proffer of Pres
ident Mellen' private car on bl trip
irom New York to thi city. In hi let-
; ter be ay: I do not thins: il wonia
be wise to accent favors from the rail-
! read. Let m pay my far and rid M
II usually do"
tha line 1 already completed

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