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miMMfiXm tew'
f la Row. Colinnbl Coimlv Hunk.
-- -
foruet III
Tell Smile ami Mr. Adauii, ol the Ne
halcm Valley, cuius over last week to
Interview the county court In icgurd to
wniic road clmii.
Collection remitted on day o( pay
Intnl. CoIIiiiuIjIu Couuly Hank.
Mr. mid Mm. A. T. l,uw mill Mill
Clmrlcy took lu Astoria ami .Seaside on
Huturduy mill Sunday lust,
Ktmavkii 1'rom my place at llachclor
I'lut mi Muy 3(1 a two year oltl mare,
color liliurk, until head, no brand, dut
marked with i barbed wire tear on the
front leg, Anyone findiiiK her will re
ceive lihrrnl reward liy returnlliK her to
John Ilcrdidil, Wnrren, Or. II ifl Oil
Mr. Winnie Ituiley and father, Mr.
Hincrami, of lloiitton, were Irulilu pa-
Items of Interest to Mist Readers
I'ainfx, Etc.,
G'roc-orien. Klc.,
FwmI, Ktc.
All (luarantccil. Ktc,
next VotuutiM
Hill .
i llecr UUiul, November 10th.
Mr. N. rimknev. ol Carlco, vUited
the Mint " on Hur,tay tart
John Kdholiu. of 8cmnxwr. oui
cui.ty rt vUHor lt week.
Mr Trlll. the Warren mill win. wa
, Portland vWw VtMy.
Mr. J. N' vUlklt clty "c
... I I IMwk.
IIHV !" " I .., w .,W
There will 1 Catholic ervlc In Watt for urttnnt on Thursday.
(k Price' Hi wcappmiw, ' K
A,t(.r,tvieeiiiiwH"K ' hM
nlj4l to the hull.liim of chnrvh. All
embolic " JvWr re,uc.lcd to I
Uve order for your Ice cream for
your ShikW M"' "kt,', w
Mr.. WiiinU limns and chlhlren. of
futvewU Perk, came ilown lrt week
l..r a Uil ' r Mr mtu'
Utlt I'efry, arut other relative and
toopcnchccklnir account with individ
ual, firm. '. on"""'"'' '
Link, ami Kv careful and prompt alien
lion to bu.ine. whether Urge or
.limit. Columbia County IWnk.
Mr. II. J. Wetter and ton l'i' "
visitor to th mm troli on Mon.Uy.
Mis Lulu Oeorue '"l Ph"
Ceorjte were I raid tenKr for the
city lt Monday.
Mi Nellie Ui and Mi Ada Schrad
rr were ltopplnj In Portland lt P'iday.
Mr. M. C. Ory lil PortUnl on
TuewUy l-
Mr. Jswe iMrt ol Uuhter re
H,rue4 Urt Fl'ly Urre
tl,ey Imve len pen.liug tlx ummef.
H.,li.nleK ke crem. Tie wry
liecker', Mt. UtleM.
II. MorCiilhvi"f ,,K,, ,m,U om
(he i.lewlk In front of hi rtort.
Ml Bitier Mtnil to our cur ne
treated . rtrlv tly confidelitW. Columhw
County llk.
I'ull fi.hin ewnec'l tt Mon.Uy.
S-iit 10. Toe ceiiiierwe re i-m-r
Mr.Jcoh Oeofge l KI" 'P
n.m.l, niter two wcek'.tl-ell of lck
Ci.t. Stone U ' ' ",wn,rt lo
Kiher up f.h for the Ull k.
We elcnt to our cumtomer rwy f
ctlity coiwUteot with c.nnftive Unk
ing n.l r fully e.;ip ,Uml "K,n
wlWiictory erlc ! " WntnKe.
Coluiuhi County Itank.
Mi AllwUuU k h recovered
(rout n tlck of meusle.
Rev. Thomj-on. of '.r.hm. will hohl
rvicreiHtheM. K. Church here neat
Su.,.Uv, t I l.m... Li 7.1.1p.m. Rev.
Th...-oo It Uel.1 tervice here verl
ti.,the .t i "
nwaker. There tutultl lie K lXtn'X
mice t twth netvive.
I t,v money to lm lP'
tit. Helen. Uregun
Money to ! i,,t lr
t'nlutttUiA County luink.
Ktwol couiutem-e. here Monday. IKlo-i-
v.- I nto Oconee, pnn-
ci,l; Mi Ann Ketel in ctann
iler,..e,lite rde.. .ml Mi- hmw
. i.i.... iho nrluwry kw'0'
...... .. irutier. Urtthlle
I iini niv
.. . -.t..-.l will hve three more
It look. like. ItlKh -.hool hetweett the
i .li.,uld be counldcred
eiortomk necewty, :'' 'Uer "-'J'
vice could be Kcured .1 Kte.t del
tuallcr cot.
Mr. nd Mn. Ch. Pyw
from thi. city to 1'ortb.n.l on l "dy
IIorc end light wko r mU. r to
tde for lef cttle. A K" "
will lie iven. ImMb. t the ntet
nuirket, St. Helen.
So.nelhi.iK doii'K tomorrow mght.
Kverylwtly turn out to the clmrivari.
TheflRoittltc .tenmer I.urliite were
th.f ,n..to..Tuely U. n
oflhcdelhofCaj.t.Ch.t. Kmm. ""'X
on of Jwou Kiiiiiiii.
w-.t. .,ll out of HcM
mr, r. a. i . ,
on the tlth. will, two c Jo o
lloUtelil I'rlcln cnuie ir "
the Oregon Suite J'lr, t Slem.
Mr. IV A. I'ntke. her M K8,
daiiKhter 1.0U will ll the week at the
suite l'uir.
Wahtko-A cook. Man or woman.
Apply et St. Helen hotel,
American .ml Sincerida.1 clg. "
leader in hlK K'e ",fc
St. Helen.
... n..i..... .,,,1 children, ol
ir. a, hi. -, ui,.,
.. , . t...rki St. Helen
Han i'nim:ico, . , it
lt Saturday for t" "'""
with friend, and relative. The Holum.
left here lor 'l'rio mn ;- "
nountofMr.Holton'. heUh, which i
now much improved.
Byrupof White Pino mid T
reliable cough remedy, l'or by AJ.
IK-mliiK, drugK11- , . u
W.y lnterc.tondepo.lt. Coluinbla
County Hank.
Capt.HooKhkirki.aKalu in charge of
th. Iralda.. Iter ..hort vacation.
V. A.Krlxon vl.ited hi. home at Salem
1il Hit twin V.
Mr. lolm Winter, left here ! t Wcd-
nehiyforSaleiii, to take m
' "countyconrtl. In 1,cr0 l,,to
m ' i i
The hotel i receiving coat of white
uiut. The roof lut lieen painted red,
end the jwnh .round the eut tide of
l he bulldinit h lieen rooletl over. Alto
gether the .pptarnnce of the building
luu been greatly Improved.
Krb week bring. n new depwiitort.
Columbia Comity llank.
I'rnnk Cmlmt. at llmilloll. Went to
the city Thurwlay,
Mr. 1. O. Gatic wa . Portland visitor
yelerdy. v.
Vim Sim-Sis milch cow, wllh or
without calve. liiiuire of
Columbia Citv.
Mr. Harrv illanchurd and daughter,
l'r.rtl.,,.1 wrrr the tmesUol Mr. .ml
Mrs. J. II. Sheldon, last ween.
A. J. Ilemlni!. Andrew King, .nd Kn
...... miim i,.V in the Kuir at Salem
vMtrrdav. Mr, Drming' brother
' ' . ....
there wllh ome nue tiorw. n e iru
the St. Helen, gentlemen won't hike any
wooden mane).
We carrv the finest line of cntilection.
liinl ill Columbia County. All
... i. i .1. mwt imre and wild at the
most reonblc rate, teener .
Twenty or Iwentyfive acre of lond
near Warren or Scappoose. Prefer
cleared land or land under cultivation.
Stale price per aire Addrcs P. O. mx
113, Clatkanlc, uregon.
(Krnin Til Hsoihtkh)
Illitnchard .jieut Sunday
M Joneidi. of Astoria. Dcnt Sunday
with hi wife.
W. C, Lee went to Portland on bu.l-
nes. the first of the week.
Carl Stewart and Mi. Cleva William
spent Sunday ut Seaside,
Mr.. O. K. Wouderlev and daughter
Millie went to Portland one day thi
Mr. mill Mrs. It. 1' Hunt left Mondav
morning for . few duy visit at the State
Mr. An'lirr unit wifr went to Portland
Saturday night, where they will make
their home for a while.
Miu Ocilrude Iiitett beKan teaching
her second term of school in the Hudson
district lust Monday,
Rutiert IMbhlee and A. L. Clark were
among the pauenger. Monday morning
U take In the State Fair.
W. M. Hencock and wife have moved
out to the C. C. Wilson mill in order that
Mr. Hencock may lie near hi work.
Kir. mot Mrs K. Hire, of thi tlloce.
left Mondny morning for Portland, .nd
from there they will leave for Ohio to
visit with the latter' aged mother..
Wm. Rice and wile were passengers
on the train Monday. Mr. Rice il going
on . business trip to Eastern Oregon.
Mr. Rice will visit with friend in Port
hind until hi return.
tieorgia Puller, accompanied by her
.istcr, Mr. Wm. Hodge, were Portland
visitor Mondny. Mi. Georgia will at
tend Mr. Gardner' chool of hortliand
thi winter.
The adlourned session cf the fourth
quarterly conference of the M. K. church
willi held In the church trulay eve
ning of thi week. A full attendance of
the merolier of the church i desired.
C. tl. Tlmvrr has leased the Plymouth
Lumber Co', mill and ha lgun sawing
lumber from log. cut on hi. own lund ad-
liiiinir the mill. The mill ha. a dock
mi the river where there L over 2'.' feet
of water at low tide, making " loible
to ship by water.
Prof. H. G. Case, of Springfield, Mo.,
will be principal of the Rainier school
thi year. He will arrive some time thi
week with hi family. The other teach
ers are Mis Lois Perry, who will have
charge of the same room a. U.t year;
Miss Gallop, who live, near llat.kamc;
MiM Kvu Hum, first and second inter
mediate urailc. ami Mis Millie WomUr-
ly will be in charge orthe primary grade.
We think it a good corps of teacher, and
aiiliciate a good term.
It. W. Reed i. erecting a large ware
house on lciu' dock in this city. It
will bt) fire proof and commodious,
measuring WxtiO. The cost will btalwiit
II. O. Howard will remove In. mill to
the new site in the course of a month or
wi,. The old mill lias had a run
Mrs. T. M. I.lnduv left here for Flatt-
vilte, Wi., to visit her itter end other
relative, after an absence of eighteen
Mr, and Mr. Martin Hoven, Mr. C.
C. Hoven, and Mr. I. If. Magnutscn
were Portland vltitor Sunday.
Robert Kenny visited at Astoria lust
Mr. L. Poster, of Portland, i. visiting
her brother, Samuel Munn, thi week.
Leona.d Rie and A. Winuna were
Portladd visitor on Tuesday last.
Mr. Cha. Kchl i viriting friend in
Portland thi week.
S. C. lladdty ha sold hi home place
tot. E. Truman for U200. He intend
to move to Portland if he can find
tuitable location.
Hmile and Julian Waster were over to
Vancouver, Wash., the first of the week,
looking after their property there. Julian
U'ussrr eznecta to start on a vi.it to bi.
old home in France next week.
K. W. Powter wild hi house and lot.
in West Heulien to Wm. Wanner and
moved to Catlin, Wash., on Tuesday.
Invite by Deer IliH wriwce
Meet There In 5oemoer.
We are in receipt of letter from N.
Piuckncv. Secretary of Ieer iH.na
l. In ll ii h the Urouife rxtemU
conlial invitation to Pomona to noiu
neat meeting in the IVer I'laml nan.
The next quarterly meeting, we under
stand, will e on tne swmnwr
l,er which i. iiearc.l the full moon, or
theiOth. All the itron should be ut
this ses.lo.1, a. the Deer lMi.na peov
will surely entertain roya").
"Tniii it v.
ulblnr lloliig n TrUI of 1. 1. Uetktr
... ..i.i f I.. L. liecker. who
1 lie mi ' t .
w charged with violating the Sunday
cIolng law. took place in
kins' court here lust luewiay
edln.ht.i.ry. Prom the eviUence
would seem that there was no u..,.v .....
that Mr. Pecker conicvii'w -
wa open on Sunday, iui .
,meof the jury did not believe- in law
enforcement and thought in
own view, .h.mld t followeu n.. .
the law. of the Stale of Oregon. Ti e
warrant w... Krred on a cou.plau.l made
. nji.li. In mirsiiiincc of the in-
struct oil recently ' -
., .1 li I. to he hoped that it will 1
,he ltone, decision, like the
made Tuesday are very com., -county.
(Yankton CorrivKiiifleiil.)
Amanda L. Rover, wa. born in Muus
field, Ohio, Dec. 1H1M ; married to Kd
son Crosby, at Stculjcn. Ohio, Oct. i
1H50, , and detwrtcd thi life Tuenlay
mnrnini. .Sent. . l'.MKt. sued nearly Wi
rti i " -
In early girlhood Amanda Roger lie-
came an active Christian, of tunly l'un
tan tock. havinu a naturally religious
temprrment, broad ymptliie and an
enentctic disposition, her life for nearly
three quarter of a century haa been a
force for good. Her first cliurclt nomc
wo with the Congregationalism but upon
moviiiK to Walnut, Kan., ill IWKI, .he
.nd her husband became members of
the Baptist church of that place, remain
inir consistent member and earnest
worker in that faith during a long life
Mr. and Mrs. Crosby were remarkably
broad in their .ympathies, hospitable to
. degree; wherever their lot wa. cast,
their home was a ttopoin place for any
needing rest, and especially for Christian
worker of whatever name. Mr. Lroaoy
was a member of Company G., Hth Iowa
Cavalrv. and Mr. Crosby was one of
! that vast armv ol noble women, who
i made possible the saving of our country
j by bidding the soldier husband gou.peeo,
1 ..lit! fliasw AIl1 M fwflf. rr,Mtter siflf-denial
and courage, remained in solitude to care
for the home
They came to Oregon in l&M, stopping
two year, at Corvalli, ami coming to
Yankton in lfSKi. Many will remember
the tragic death of Kdron Crosby in June,
HH, when it wa thought the shock and
sorrow would cautc.tbe aged wife soon
to follow. Hut her was a vigorous con
stitution, ond it Kerned God's will that
the should live out all her days, which
!he did bravely Bud patiently, until April
of alwnt five year, at it present place I o( ast vear when a paralytic stroke left
mi.t has cnhaustcd all the iimlr within i helpless and mentally clouded. et
easy reach. The new mill w ill have a j durjng the year and a half of pain and
. ..i vrm. and is to lie built to ' .,,,. I urnVniss. she welcomed her
cut 40,110 feet per day. The amount of ; (IKniu i,J responded joyfully to any
timlicr easily reached at thi point ha j (mcstion na to her faith and trust in God-
lie;n cniiscd at forty million lecj oui K,mi ,Carts nml ready nanus careu lor
there is mm h more. The mill building ithfiilly during this long period of
- ''is
NssMBMsssw -miJ
In business that we have are those who come to us as
"doubting Thomases." They said tiiey were "irom
i onri wp ciinwpri thlTl.,, We will do the
same for you if you will give us a chance. Our goods
are wnat you warn.
87 3rd St., Portland
will I nearly 200 feet long and 3(1 feet
idennd contracted in the mci uo-
It is located on one of
.1i.rM-n.lf.nri.. and her last day were
peaceful, "till she finally "fell to sleep"
slantial manner. It i located on one ol ; ns tue morning broke. These are the
the brunette, of Heaver Creek acros j yinet ( which may lie said, "She hatn
which a large dam ha been built for a ; ()onc w,at she could," and these are the
log pond. The mill i alxml one mile j fUUUilatiuti of our Nation', strength.
from the old site and a new plan roau j xwo children survive, air. . a. v-ros-
with whom her last years were spent,
ha. been built to the main county road.
over which the. lumber Miut be hauled
to town. Mr. Howard is one of the olid
men of the county, and in a business
wav one of the men wlioi making Rain-
ier a great lumber .hipping point.
Most of the lot. in HIanchard'. ad
dition, better known a Kentucky Flirt,
have lieen ld to men who work in the
camp, and factories, and a number of
neat homes have been twin or are in pru-
.1 ..n.tnwiioti. Some of the new
one arc : Geo. Miller, a cottage, 20 by
:U, ready to move into; I.. Mau, a cot
tage; S. C. Count., an addition to house
more than doubling it tc; itir. joncs,
t,. truine of a new house iut up: Mr.
Gilliland, n new house; Mr. Iore, n new
house; Jumcs Wilson, a new collage, 1 .
S. Strothcr, a house nearly finished.
These are all home of laboring men, and
represent the best class of ourcllueiiMiip.
Ut tl. hope that many more wm "
and that two year, will ee Rainier with
a population of 2,ihX1.
,t Mr Insira K. Ren fro. of I'sk. Wn
One daughter, Stella, aged 12 years,
died at Waluut, Kan. Two of the origin
al Roger, family remain. Mrs. Rebecca
Anway, of Republic, Ohio, and Oscar
Rogers, of Miles City, Mont.
r noil res me
... t.ll.l. Ill
Hereafter the JUST will P--" -real
..t.te tran.fer. In thi county ever)
Up to Wednesday mornlnK. when it
commenced to rain, work on the court
houM building had made great jarm.
The .tone work of the two
h.. been complete.! .nd th. . Itaor of the
thinl .tory I. lieluR "
1,6 "'..,.1 t,.. len under cover in a
tllg wmi
short lime.
.. ... ut vwk Thursday morning,
cV, mi. Jo i'""1"- who W1W Vu'
? i n SI T. O'Conneir. loKKi"K
ployed in M. i. i.,.tlv
;,.u.n near Kainier, wa. .
wa lin unioaoc" - - -
Inrefu.aUoTof the elwrgo that he
. . a visitor to his ofhcP.
nn n.li h had a runaway lust Friday
near the Scappoosa bridge, and wo
.i.,..,- (mm tin. wnirau aud very badly
, 1,1 n - o -
cut and bruised aliout the head and face.
Otto Vaughn took him in in miggy o
ScapXKJse to the hotel.
Mr. Wickersham hn. rented her farm
to her on, Otto Vaughn, of Seattle, and
1. livtntr at Scappoose, where her
husband ho . position on me irae
1 .... lortlie N. 1". K. K. ineir iu
luici...... -
George i in Portland attending busincs.
college, and daughter wnrgarei
Centcrvllle, Wash., visiting friend.
The Scappooscr. have U returned
from Seaside, a. it w.s already gettiug
fil f 1 and rainy down there.
There wa. several from Scappoose that
went hop picking thi. year.
Si-amioosc i quite a busy little town.
Several new house have been built and
several more are being built.
Mrs. Sampson ha lately moved In her
new hotel on Main street, and Is prepared
to accommodate guet. In artyle they
never have been treated to before in
Mrs. Dttpont, of Valley, is visiting
with the lie Jersey family this week.
C. I). Ross made a business trip out to
the metropolis last Friday, returning the
middle of thi. week.
Claude Chamberlain wa. nt Buxton
Joe HiKginbotham, of Hillslwro, has
been here this week, looking after his
interest in the Baker much.
Mis. Miunie Ferrier, " who hat been
vUitini? with friends hereabouts since the
camp utretiiig, "'returned to her home in
Portland this week;'
Mr. ond Mr. 0. West are visiting
friend in Portland and Washington
County thi week and next.
Tell Soule aud John Adam were at St
TTilttt week. interview ini; the county
court in regard to the proposed change in
the road going east from tne oruige. air.
Soule and a large number 01 petitioners
desire the the road to go npCoon Creek,
uh,.r thpre is no erode at all, instead 01
over the very high hill back of the Adams
place, while Mr. Adam protest.
K. C. Pauli, of Hillsboro, who for the
past two month, ha. been visiting hi
daughter, Mr.. H. O. Howning, and
family has returned to In home. rank
will stay a while yet.
Mi Stella Gray and her father, of
Portland, came In Monday for a visit
with A. L. Turker and family.
W. I). Hurt ha. rented the Baker
And barn and will move to town
In n few davH. He can reach hi. work
at the mill easily from here, and will
have hi bovs where thoy can go to
chool this winter.
Mrs. Nellie S. KtNwev ' and two grand-
.lmiulitera. Dorothv and Manril. of Port'
land, who have been vi.tting u. w. nua
r n. k'f-nsov. and diniille. for a fort
night pat, returned Monday, going via
Buxton and the new K. K.
C. A. Malmstem .nd wife have bought
of 8. V. Mnlin.tein the 40 acres of his
arnch next the Van Dvke place and will
build a houeo and bam and make tneir
future home there. Tiiey have already
moved from town into the house with
Sidney, to as to be near their own place
while building. Mr. and Mrs- Went,
who have lived with Sidney for two or
three year paet, intend to build on the
tract just wuth of the school boune
which they bought a year ago from A.
M. Parker.
Mis Linxie Karly, wiili her sialcr
who wa taken to St. Vincent
hospital five weeks ago for operation for
mastoil abscess, returned the first of
this week. The operation was a success
in every particular, and Miss Grace 1
now about well, after her long and pain
ful sicklies.
si,- V K. Kii-kerson went out to
l'nrtlmid last week t) meet her sister-in
law, Mrs. Kolo, and children, from Knn-
... Mr. KOIO Will IOIIOW lairr mm ir.
rill live noon the Bench ranch, which
if... lri.nl. I rewntlv nurcliHScd. We
MIC w .
are glad to welcome them to the valley
Mm. Klsie E. Emmons, with her two
hililrcn. went to Mist Monday and visit
.l uith friend there while Lou went on
with Mrs. Tracv. Mrs.
Itpilniien. Martraret Bynon and Aula
Dent, where they will pick hops for a
couple of weeks.
The railroad news is slightly more
favorable for our Nehalem people than
it Ittia lu-ll of late. Word conies, al
though not absolutely authoritative, that
the board of direetois will accept our
proposition ; eut out tho three miles
beyond Vernonia in the contract, ond
proceed to the construction of the road
between here and tne ld-iiiiiu sibvmhi
some time this full.
PArFic 348 "3 FINE MlELlJNJSKlc-
"Columbia County People are especially invited to Call and Inspect
Kansas rITY sr. HH1S
The Regular Yellowstone Park Route
Via Livingston and Gardiner Gateway, the Government Official
Entrance to the Park.
Assistant Geueral Passenger Agent
Portland Oregon
C oacli
Owned by the Clatskanie German Coach
Horse Company, win iiiokc me k
11KHI, commencing April 10, as follows:
Tuesdays at Deer Island
Wednesdays at Houlton
Thursdays and Fridays at
Satnruays at Holbrook.
J. T. GRAHAM, Manager
rK'Minm-iit of 'the Interior.
I.ml Olli. e m l'ortlmul. Oieicon, July 7, 1906.
Nntiro l hi-n-bv iriven ihm Ihe (ollowiiia
IHIIllvn ,1'iin in,.- mum ....... ... ..... .
111 muke tlnnl i'l in mi'irl ( his cluim. awl
llllll liinu prtp.,1 iu it' iiimmv i-.-,"n-,i
nml Uw-eivi-r, t rortlunil, Oreiinii, on Ann .Jl,
l!Kr,. vu: ,.mcini!i .ninnsiiii. ii. r.. .. i-i,,. ,,
(lie B', S E sk-C.Jti TT.N, II.1W.
Ho iinines ihe fullauliiK wiinmsH lo prove
hts i-oiilliiiwn n.'siileiiciiiKin ami eulilvnili.ii
of sunt lu'-il, vis: ClirUtuph Ssiiervetn. 1 mik
tnn.oreKiui. Khisr VIIls, ( IMriUinl. Ureeoii,
Wlllicsaiiervelll. ol limniou, urvuoii, niouu
Fluher. of IHirllanit, oreemi.
ALUMINUM . Ulirwr.il,
Ki f uter.
AND Union Pacific
plaintiff, vs. Kiclianl
Buy on Credit!
this $60 Machine for $25
FREI6HT rural. hiV?' b.U besrliig,' lock-
ItltOD, UOUUIW iv-w, wi.-
hrtliiK ahnlilii: bi
sutomstlo boVbln wlinler
and other latest Improve
menu. ThU Is the AM l
th ssms mschlne sgents
sre uklo( you 100 for. All
attachment' nowlth each
Writ TMM hr free FUMITOM MTttOOUl howlnt
Oovui-tM FurnlturB Company
Hi.ITFlrtU rvaia,v.
In tho Cireiil: t'onrt of the Stale of Oreiten for
(110 1.IIU1H) Ul .U1II1UU1H.
Florence M. Sehulm,
Tolllcharil ScIiiium), the sbovc nmel nefend-
In the name of the State of Orenoii yon are
herehv re.ulrcrt to cm-ear aixl answer the
plaintiff a complaint HUM asninft row in the
I tictoiH-r, liHKi. ami it von so fail to appear and
answer said oomplaint on or lwfort- ihutlime,
plallllllt Will IIPPIV OMIU- m n-r ,r h-iivi
prayed for in herconipt'lnt herein, to-wlt: 1-or
a decree mrevwr uismim iuk "-
inonv now existing between you and Wiiinitft,
and lor uoh other and further relief oa to the
Thia snmnmna la puhllsln-d by order of the
Honorable Thomas A. Jicnrme. jmine oi uie
abov entlllMl court, duly made and entered ou
the JOili itnvol Jnlv, WiW, in and by whli-h or
der It ia prescribed that this summons shall be
t'llll AliO-POKf LAM 9.1.1 A. MjS. rU
SfKi'lAL lor tho Eal I liaily. Haily.
via lluntincton. : i
HldKANK r L Y K H.'IS.I-S P. M.,8 X.
for Kastern Washine-.l Pally.
ton. Walla Walla. Lew-
Istou, i:.wur d Alene
ana ureal norineru
fortheEuat vis Hunt-i Daily.
lueton. "
l.lll..u( ...i... u.VA.,11 l.tP l ..I11-I.!4I V. U IM'KX
in the "8t. Helena Mint." The dull-ol the Hist
nublieallon of this summons 1 July 2itn, luo.
Aliorui-y nir riuiiiiui.
A Mystery Solvcil.
"How to keep ofl' periodic attacks of
billiousness nnd habitual eomttipation
w a uiystorv thut Dr. King' New Lite
PilW Bolvod ff nio," writes .lobn N.
l'li-neant, ol Magnolia, Ind. The only
uilla that are guaranteed to give perfect
autisfui'iinn to evervbodv or money re-
f unded. Only 25o ut Perry & Uralmm
7:11 A. M
Lower Columbia River.
Steamer Hassalo leaves Portland daily, except
u I... a. H-ftA U..tnnl.. Ill-Li t, n.
for Astoria and war landings. Returning
leaves Astoria at 7:00 a. m. dully, except
Sundry. A. L. CRAIG.
Ge ueral Tassenecr Aiient. PORTLAND Ore.
Watches, Diamonds, SilYcrwarc,
Repairing a Specialty.
Alder Street, Bet. Front A First. POKTLAN

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