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The Oregon mist. (St. Helens, Columbia County, Or.) 188?-1913, June 28, 1907, Image 3

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, ; , , ,, " '
'A" " ' V.N
Tls to KoiM. ColuuiliUCuunlv Hunk,
Ktv Am 8!tb wilt prsacli In Hit M.
j.CI)iiff t Ifuulum. t HMalh at
CuluwUfn l.uinWr pomimiiy, of Heap.
KKine, will I""'"11 " wverhd cable
vtm la Nf M Umljf r tltnaled
about llirrt thousand fctt (ram tin mill
tvcrytcrp around. .
Moury orders at one luif prist Ml the
Columbia O'linly Mint.
Key, V V. IfollltiB'l'cad, presiding
Witeruf ilie Wctt I'ortlaud Iitfiel, will
nrru'b I" ,u M- t'liuri-li at Kl, Helen
, ' ....
atlt HalilwlU at 11 .. immiiron
trill be Mlowcd I'X rWstlielit il
lilt Lord' SnHsr.
Mis tu-ryl Mm Win, who lia been visit-
tug (or several nioiitli wlib Klallvrtlitit,
wiunied to tier home In Rainier Iut
Monday. -., .
itftf day ahead of lime ntt week, in nr
ikr tint the printer and tdltor limy join
trilli III rest hi III world in eeletifnUnje
t!ii ever glorloii fourth of July.
Mi I.l (Jrse, prncipsl of our
puUc school, accmn (Milled by Mis
jfjrtf rtrc (.rr,f, took til steamer Klitrr
utrt I'aitUuil 11 ilit on their way to
Lot Augelc. California, to attend the
meeting ut Die National Teacher' Ami
elation. They will t ftWnt about
month, ami their many friend line with
them plmwiitsud pnf4t(l outing tnd
1 talc rrtnrn.
I bsrt money til loan on approved
Irttl estate security.
8k Helta. Oregon
If yon hurt bu.liitt In Portland,
iloB't lufrl to iMtmtili tho lcmrr
lrxl.U. It i tr rniA tlun V't
mm, lit umrv citintuftntilv, ami one
lbirl r)imir. It km) Ihing, Tbrw
mini wiiimif f It l (i!rurr
t it ikr tu iwnrnif on the ujitwr
itvk tlw nml ame M yod
tt it t-rur f itUy to fmt OcHinaUuii.
Mr. Junif. MwkU., (iirnirrly n( St
lli.'li'i1lm)iir.-l.11Ml)( I'urk h..ul. i
tllM run It, ..I, ..... '
" " ' HM l.lluill! tlCt'
HliM tl...r,.,ir 1C ,,,, ,
Uto iriMfty a .,. i.i....l
Mr. Murklt l.onw D(umlrlilirtwd
w...i who i.lni (,,r WrMlt, W(l Ql Co,
"WW County'! tl.iilr una ,,vv.tc,l it
Mulinoiiiih rrnl rtUt.
If yon iiuii't km. thi, t, m
ftCt I Hill .i.v. It to JfiiU, Y(,u
'.( imtivwu Uiy h mink until
Jrt.ni Illtfl-U.vlliowl,
J here will be a Grand Ball given
at Grange Hall, Deer Island, next
,ViYy n,ht' Ily All are
invited to attend and a Good time i
guaranteed.- Tickets, including Sup-
i-., .pi.ou. music ny tne lloulton
4 th
of July
a hurt'
Cult ut y
marc O.
iHr. lUrry H. Cll K" orlin
to iintuWr uf hi (iltrvt Ut MortIy
on hi 1111 gaanlin Uuuclt.
Mr. N. A, I'rrry, t( Iluulton, nhti ha
bn Uiit up for teirrml rik I lit it
Milt ol i rrrt Uuli. it cnnvtlrtvirie
ml til una Ut Me to muntt hi lmi
Bra itutic.
The trrtin Kailrwd CotttnitMiuti rn
If it-t it-Uiin Mtv IX kim the
SuoirJ I.Kitini Coiiijwiny, leet of the !
CUikiie .V Nehlem lUllmitl, Clt
kuie. lirrvjiiti. ilttUrliiir lit rutri on
lumber aorrawinalitc and rmlnclt4 tbetn.
TU i irieiit rattt are lift ear of W.i
ami I!:' teal of uiller kite. The rum
Bum. jo lutmJ titer betriitif th colli'
jiUiut i( (he Keytint l.uuilr Cvmpniiy
tint thi rt houhl ht di-d t 112
n4 fW, renwet!vly. tin Jnne IS the
CniimU.i,.it recvivc-l t vliliun (mm the
Sonl I.'KiC'tt Coin p lie, kliiK Hint
the oht rl a(iti )iittienu of Ik tit
thmtier, mentl re l..ee.l hy the Cmtt
BiiMinw ii(.n cmijilnint of the Keyttonv
I.Hmlirr C'lun-niiy from H mi l flitii'I
$12 iil f ti) rrrtiively. lie reMureJ.
bri-t:e the latter rto i niinout to the
reiaiirtiiy' ItutiitctM, tnce It will nut !
oriliu etfiiie. The COlliy
t it hoi .hut lmn it own luin)ieitni(
iul losing Im.iiic and it would kite in
freiKht to the amount Of .'-Vt tr yar
il tin new rule it intitted m.
A Utv etcun'lon of Swede irum Toil
Und u ui ked at Warrior Rock Ut
Sunday. They went brmiRht diwn n
the K and tteaver to the nuiiilwr of
over Ihn-e hundred, and by U acfotmti
they cnj.Mtd themwilvft thoranjjhly.
there It no rttier '4i on the rivet
than Watt tor Roek or tbt iii:nic giound
t St. Helen fur nil cxctiniiin.
tin Saturihty W, while Mr. tharle
ilaiicn and family were thtent, Mite
jierwni ut peron enteral their yartl and
pulled up their fl)er and lanl. Inflict
i cf)iderahl ila'iWRe from In
tiiary taud(oint and lmin Im. k the
bcautiflcation of theirhome another ysr.
UU littcrcly lio:d it waa tht work of
thild, hut, however that way he", the per
fetrotur thould, if p anlhln, le dltcovered
'd an tnd put to inch conduct. Mr.
Marten ha inytted hi money hete
nd rnada hi home with n. mid it i
diiKmceful that lie houhl ht tihjected
to iic!i annoyanct tnd loan, Tht li the
econd time parties hlivt trcied upon
hit pretniw and t'.one nil the iluiii;e
" tltcy could.
tioUt MIUiiiR Comi nny, cf Clutlf, are
biilldinn 2,000 d el i f raltroail 10 traii
port ttmlr lumber from thttlr null to the
. dohlt &Kt!luilem HiitirontI, nvtr wlilch
their himWr In lilpi'!- '" corpnny
in now npaiallnK llu no from their mH
to tho railroad, but with tht couiplntloii
of thniriur they will I III pdkltioll to
handlt NorlhetH' I'uolllo i(Ulpnienl
direct to tho mill.
Prof. J. H. Cqllln fmt n:i)iied hi
employment In Hit nwwor'i oflice tnd
fcturuvd to Clalfkaiiit oil Siindny lt.
l'rof. Colllni ha a farm tboiit n mile and
half from tht "Oitlewny of tht Nelwl
eiu VaIlBy,, and it I nectmmry that
tome work bt iloim thereon. I'rof. wn
K ttlng f;i ptr day In the neoi' olTics,
hut found it iintio-lhl to hivt mtii to
do farm work for le than 2.W. wI,
Money Oiden nt filin crun
Ired iliillar ul il,c Coimnhia'
Tht Mint and it,., V, Mr (ii(.a,,i,m..
1 1.50 pt r yer.
IVint Mirei the dame
follhetieiielltol tlie bill Irani Saliir,lv
l or HaleOne lii, ,lmu
tf.l'I'.RRV, llulwn, o,f.
Mr, Win J, I'ultertoo of Warren wa
t,tMr to the eonnly e.1t Wcdaetday
in I ne inlrrrst ol (lie ,tc palt
M. Kd Wail, of l'urtUud, and Mr.
Relultr, with her iter and on, re
lilll8 Mr. I), J tiit,rr tl.U week.
Mr fieailicny, and children, of Vcr
nonia, haw reutrowj from the strawberry
hnrvent at Hil Kttrr.
The launch Al Ka,ter, Urlonitinjr to the
mn l'iiln Co, id Portland, hrouKht
pirwiut party ,i Si llclrti Utt Smi.ly
totlnit Mr ami Mr. Jnculi Ceoinc.
Mi. I, N, Juiih and wm, of I'tntland
have been vitiurif with Mr, Jacob
ieoiite during the tmt week,
Rlinier, .S,-,ve, and CliuSumc
will hold eelebratit.ii of ihe Cl..riu
l-'uurth. They will all I pleated to tn-1
leiUm at ni4iiy vititnr uilie, o
tllal Utera wilt I no invetiv lor any
lenident of Coluinhia County to a f.
Irom hom to hvt a liuit- that Uy,
Mim Anna Chuk, of I'ortla- d.h ttbeen
iitin her Umllier, Mr, J I.. Clark, of
thi plc. duriiiK Ihe p4-t aeek,
Mr. Neaoe, Ihe tiniU r cruiwr. 4 in
twwn on Wcdnrtdny, exjilin) to chanjje
me oeavy iijj ne nn wren uui
(5 C. T. NtKSCOTr
F. B. I'FKHnTT f
Tho Columbia County
Titi.ks Examined
Abstracts Made
Non-Rksidknt Taxus Paid
Real Estath t
A J iyvp, aiv
Open Letter from Mr. Iullerlo.1 to
larmer mid Other.
What nn? you doing to in ikti it a u
iyi thi in'I? havt you farmer and
(i'uii;i-i ro!lei-ied any rumple of that
ft- cier or liny vou had? If you have
not done , dj it now. J'iik out the
t.t joit have in we'i and ev, rytliiii in i
tho ur-iiu or grim line, tin it up in l,un
die of nbout 4 in.'hci in diuuitli r and
lay li(i inili tlnula to curt. After it i
i-U i-d cover or w up up in piper r bur
!p iu it ill liolJ iig color, Tuu all
i.inp.nt you to. led with your iiauie,
iocalioi, and any nd iitiomil dtA you
thli-k W"l!d lw of iuti Ml to Miniurl
n. l.l me know l.at you liuva col-lei-u
dui. l it, r mi I ill call and talln-r
it in, or; oil eon tend or UtUig jojr
a inspHM to ihe newcourth mt bnaeiuent
iii.il ri:l r tin-in for premium thi full.
mi" il.iiUiir.a, tnimblj fjr (rauiiiiK,
mil 1m hU.-ii t the
Hirl-eufold, were marrUd at tht home
of tho bridu't pnrentt, Mr. and Mrs.
An tone Iiirkenf.-hl, jt Sundnv
fttrnoon. The yi.uug couple lmvt gone
fort Khoit trip and will return and make
ihetr hoi.e here.
ll lltltl tn nuv l,l Lruirit mid lodullIU 0t
of tho !l per day it cn l tlly figured
; that it woulif pay him to (jo to work on
the fiirm, , . ': "' j
JmlKO Jtilint C Mondand, wt-ll known
to old retident of Columbia County, h
been lippolnted cleik of the Stnte
Supreme Court, to fill the vacancy ciiuwd
by the dean, 0j j, j, MnrpUy. It i
derttood that tht appointment came to
Juilge Morelnnd umougliT. It 1 n very
ttiponiibla poltion and Ihe Jttde'
Iknowledire of tht law will tnahle him
lighter one, lie had ttimetblng to my
wbtxtt the rw! In Columbia County, but.
a e i!rire immigrunt, we decline to
print hi remtrki. Hit h finithel 1 2.
and the greater portion of 4 4 and 4 3,
and expect to work down the river front
to the norih boundary. Then he -aill
wik np the Cllknie and Nehalem.
finMiinie hi cruiic on 4 north, 3 et.
He believe the rettilt will fully juttify
(he wiiblom ol the county court in or
dering the ciuiw,
paonvTH M vrn mh -In Ihe ette ol
J. ft. Imhrrte, leller of administration
have Itren iaaued to J. H. IKWII. In the
ettaleot Sat.ih A. llUrkl-nl, John M,
ll'.ii k'i'id ha keen tpiminted adminis
tmtor. fulrrrtl paid on Tiute IVjoit- Col
umbia Count v Itank,
TiiK l'Kv 1 r,i-inly 12 of the li
trku of Columbia County contributed
anythiiiK to the 1'i-are fund, the nuiutwr
iMjng 32, at. Sit. ?.. 17, W. il. 31. SA. I,
,Vf, and -W, the total tubicribtd UiuK
''jJotK M M,iCiof Mt-tiiiiKi' Mr. II-Moii-ii
lufonu ii that wine iwrwm,
pretutnnbty a uialicioii lxv. did con
tolerable d.ima with a knife in hitore
recently, CMttiuK Ihroiijjli icven kirt
mid two li!tol !k. doing damage to
the amount of over lilly dollar, If
pt.iblc. wumtlitug ulniiitd be dune to
axeitain wh- i U ot 1,11 llie u,i,t"
lUNKlffa rniVH.KCT.1-We urge you to
iimktHie of there privilege. A bunk
account offer yon (.KCtmrv for your
money and cosvimhici- iu making pay
mem. Women will find a checking ac
count moat convenient in paying house
hold and personal bill. Check, can ne
eul BV MA1l.ntinw! ave iv -
A checking account at our ban
not co.iT von A CKNT and will give you
an Inditputable receipt for every lollar
pni.l out. Your account will i wcicoui
l,y u hether I.vhOK or m.hX. Come
in and talk it over,
. coi.uMWA corsrv bank.
Wm. M. Ross, I'rop'r.
Wo nn v.-rv crH fnl I died, t) the
i Il.ittiiiir the two
(Mil' IV I'OIII'S '" r.
IM. a.kmlforln lliuvioiuny.
a ., Tmk kil'nd f ur i nyotfa la't'K'
an i Id wif and Hi"- ' on. They
hndlHiniMIU'wagooil many iheep nd
oihcra art'iiill '
t C lhrgsron nold all of hi tl.wp.
Ilo go.':i p hcdforoldnndflO ior
limit. ;
t I.. K.m tiiobieuth, our leacluT. who
,(tolV ho.ua Xot toeck M P-
dny, Mcndwhlle her tt-wr
...L-'veivcivdd.ihly filling her place
..... i.-.i..--uvml cama honio
ir li. l.i.t.r.n iuNOnntof 'nit-ktitM. Oar.
tui'0 IhidDtcnminfora time
trnvnd VI 1 1 1 1 h'l'.
.' , .L i..l.ii,.nn w'l.t I" I1"
T..,..iHvni,dlvttiin! riiumdau
Atthuau".' '''''l'V,nwtl"VrT
" Syrup of Whitlltto and Tar.lluToTil
The Nome City took a portion of her
cargo of ties from the Oregon-Kansas
mill this week.
Mr. and Mr. Jamet Grant aecom
pemon tendiiw in ' panied by Miss Leda Zieaman left Sun-
i ' i the IwkI individual c lh-c i.niH o( ilia fol-! dav morniinr for a visit with relatives
The Magic No. .il.
ruinU-r three is a won li-rful ninik'O
for (ieo. If. I'anith. of Cedar (iro'e Me.
r.ccordit-g to a letter which read
After Kufleiieg inin-li with liver and
kidney trjnhle, an l leeoiuing greatly
licoiiraged by the failure to find reli
I tricil ri.rinc bit er. ami a a retmit
am a well man today. The first It -tile
relcived me anil th re bottles cotnplebd
lli care. duaraiiieeu Deal on earth
for gloiojch, liver and kidney trouble
b nil drugkilDls. 50c.
You May Keep An Account
With Us, In Portland, Or.,
And Your Neighbor Will
Know Nothing Oe It
240-244 Washington St., Cor. of Second, Portland
loaii gclusttwof 'farm or horticuluual
p ml. H It ri, d in Ccluiubia county,
tn-ttil tsratiwf and forago pl-illl. Uo
thrc!n'ii grain; threshed grain, 4 kind.
I pti I each ; I d ren beet tKitaioct; 1
il-.icn lert o lion-; doreii earn best
corn, t'tts 11 or driid; 2 best lieadilxf
caWn.". lk'H k.'ih or pumpkin,
at, Scappooae. Mr. Grant returned
Sunday evening.
A $7.50 pair of Bradley shoes for
loggers, it offered aa a prize by M.
Ellis, Rainier' enterprising merchant,
for the winner in the log-rolling; contest
on the Fourth of July.
Mrs. J. Caljia and family, of Denver,
U.-t col,, ction or h-ca, eariote, turnips, Coiora(i0i is m Rainier vititing her
parsnips and oilier 10 U crop. Best col- titU!r Mra Wm. Holsappla of this city,
lecl 1 loo of pple-4 of nrh kin I. test Mi8g j., McCljncV( of Spokllne(
colhctioll Of Cr.-l if eae 1 kind. Not , .- hr ,,tinn in njlin,Vi. ith
cil'.C. 1'iC-t la of B plM 1 00 cusll
and diploma; second, On.: and dip! ma
her sister Mrs. Holsapple. Misa Mc-
Clincy is principal of one of the city
schools at Spokane.
The Kalibia pulled out Tuesday with
1.200,00,) from the Willard Case and C.
She will take 600,000
from the Beaver Lumber Company, the
balance of her cargo of 4,000,000 feet
being made up at Portlandjind Aatoria.
The Kalibia is by far the largest vessel
that has ever come to this port, being
Peart and I'tnuhe rrtuie apple, best
4 quince, diploma.. Will give for the
. ... 1...I1..I l.,l . )l, l ;, n -vl.il il .,( I.iiii,
IK ill irmi, i-iuiii .vii,.,i v . lift -II
urmluctsa teanon admiioa ticket to ihe, V' "f-"1""18-
Slate Fair. Will giva to tho tirange
euditu in I'm l ent collective ixbibit of
farm and hortlcnUuial product of the
eoiint r a nice rilk bu iitsr. Will give
1 , .11. I (....!. K..I ...I
. " , ' 135 feet longer than the Stratchclyde
""V"'"1 ' ' 7. "and Stratchvre. Her cargo goes to
nlli. cantlttl irillia ami vegnaoies;
12.50 and diplotim for r-econd best. ' Aj
1:. I ...... .!!l I, -tvun for the hm.t ex-!
hit, . of walnuts or any other product of j Wednesday for a weeks visit with Mrs.
the county that ao-ild attract ihentlen- j BovetiV sister Mrs. Charters, of Port-
i,.n f th homa seeker or capitalist, hind.
I aboltverytrtlclo you collect or prepare 1 W. M. Perry apent several daya
wilh your name and the name of the
article. All articles entered for prem-
'and Stratchyre.
I China.
Mr. and Mrs.
Marcus Bevent left
turns or diploma are to Income the
priMOty of the county unless otherwise
Wilt and let me know what you have
or (or any additional information. Let
everybody hiHle for flint priai'.
Tours truiv, j
Ka'r Caminissloner.
Warren, Or., June 2oth.
The new reservoir has been c mpleted
and the city coiimil has accepted it.
The city will now nava a suuu-iem
aiipplv of gooil water, lieretoioro wmei
for irrigating purposes has bseo prohib-
ltd. ;
Thetosa show, bedd Iu eiraham'a
Hall hud Saturday night was a ancoera.
Whi:o Hit display of rosea was not equal,
to that iu PoiihndlsBt week, there were
many beautiful on exhibition, aud
many were surprised at the number and
vaiioty ol cluiice roise. displayetl. H
alio that we cm do it if wo try.
Mis. M. C. Gray, of St. Helens, ipuit
Sunday bet vllin Meml I" city
She was the guet of Mr. tnd Mr. J. H
c-ini. ,, ,
Hnrold, the tvn year old sonol Mr.
HitaMu.lWhnap.Ml off ll.o slip, In
front of V. tv.mijei o"-
.1..... iut Monday about noon, mid was
drowned, lh body wtw recovered about
nam Tueadny. No one was p -ev
the boy fell, the father having stepped
into the store to do Rimo trading.
The chool boat-1 of Cl.it'H.iiiie d trlct
met this week Mid elected tho following
twicl.eis for tl.u toisuing yew: J. II.
....11.... i.r'niiiliial : Mr. Gertrude Col-
seventh and citfhU. grades; Mws
Kllnoro F. I'rou y. fourth and l ib ;
Marv Is. Urem, weuim "
Portlnnd this week.
Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brough, of Prescott,
spent several days last, week with re
latives in this city.
Miss Eflie Richardson, of Portland,
is spending her vacation in Rainier,
the guest of her cousin. Miss E. M.
Misa Esther Silva spent Sunday writh
friends in Portland.'
Lloyd Fuller was a Portland visitor
Sunday. .
Mra. T. E. Hughes was a passenger
to Portland Monday.
Mrs. Ed Clark visited In Portland
last Saturday.
Mrs. Jack Stacy, of Kelso, apent
Sunday and Monday in Rainier, the
guest of Miss Lois Perry.
Columbia County Bank
Does General Banking
Money Orders Cheap
Wm. M. Ross, Proprietor,
A two-days' Celebration,
Starting Wednesday
Consult the posters for the program, hut don't forget that it
comprises everything in the line of fun:
A Grand Marine Parade
With Fireworks
' Barbecue of Two Beeves
Races, Vocal and Instru
mental Uusio
And all the condiments of a good old-fashioned celebration
One Dollar -will
,lln f6 or sp.e.
taclet. Perfect fit guaranteed. ,
Your eye filled at ,me. Write (,
iree booklet describing our method.
Remember, the giaaaet wt fit you
to re :"th any where on
earth. Our price, only l. 00.
OUR repair-no,-. . .
hi tun Run, rovniimToiu.
In tli circuit Court ol the fiui of Onauo for
the t'uuotjr of C.lumbU. vwa ns
. il. Mlimau, rialnilS
EmiirBleknell, Mirth. C. Briimer. formerlr
MsrtbaC. Blcknell, oraiit W. Ulrt, Homer
li1".'u"vlt;"r, M- ?w- h'""'e'
Kotie It hsrehr glyen thtl od.Ict sari hr
virtue of in execution aiwl nr.i.. .. ui. iu..
oulof tht t-lrcull Court of the autre of Oreavn,
In sad for the l onntr of I -oluoibit, on lh .l
de of My. im, uader tnd In yamnanc o a
piilarment and decree male and entered In aal.l
Conn on Ihe lath day of Mae. 1007. In a anlt
wnerela J. M. athman. niAintiM- w.
-udEement aaalnst Kmery Btokuell and Martha
Iri lJr-itm?r t'ewtBa therein, for Ihe sum of
rf .a further aura of HUOOO at attorner' foes,
and Ihe further turn of 1-16 HI at cost and dlt-
muKintiiii wnn inierest uiereon al the rata of
10 per cent iter annum from n, Amtm ..f mmiA
judirment nnttl pald.and theaceruliiaeottsaud
dlnhunements upon this writ; rennirfuf mo U
i tale ol the followlna described real btdo
eriT to natl.fr the abote named tnina In aecoril
anee with said decree, to-wll: The.EaM ball
of lh Knrtheast quarter and the Northaast
quarter of the Kuntheast quarter of Section two
Township six North. Kaon three West of tha
W illamette Meridian, situatmt in th t !n,.nt ni
ColumMa, State of Ureeon; to baasld as npon
execution and the prooseds arisina therefrom
iu im a,iim 10 i in paymenioi tne demauda ol
the vtaintin ahora mpntinnM). ana ihn m..
; plus. If aur there be. after the payment of tha
"-."i .mw. i'toimj, oe paia into saia vourt
for the benefit of the defemUwi. Emerr Bit
nell. The said Son I h east quarter of the Kortheaat
quarter and the Kortheaat quarter of Ihe Hoath
east quarter of said seetlon two. will be trt
sold, aiulif the proceetls threelrom are snnt -Hent
10 par all ol the plalntirsdemand afore
said, thru tht following deserlhed property will
not be sold: but II the proceeds of the sale ol
Ihe raid last above dem-rilwd land ami preuitw-s
is natHiftirient to satisfy allot the plaintiff
denMnibi atoresaid, then Ihe Northeast quarter
ol flw Nonlieani uuarteruf ssld section two-,
will Immediately he sold ant the proceed
thereof be apl'lied aa before herein slated.
IHKrthl-lHiK .N sl.t lLKIMV. TilbCsh day
of Jnly. I'JOJ. t will al Ihe hour ot eleven o'clock -In
tb forenoim of said day al Ihe front dour of
the court house la Ht. Ht-leus, Iu said count
srd t-tnie, sell at nubile auction, forrasb In
hand, all the rluhl. title and interest of the said
Kniory Bleknell, Martha . Brnmer, Homer A.
Ilaaey ami t'arrle II. llsci-y. the aforesaid d
leii.laiila. aud each ol tt.pm. nf. lniii.ih
real piirry above described, together wllh
the liDprtiveinetiia, teiicuients, herrdltamenu
and appitrteiiaucKr thereon or theremito oe
iiisiuiror In anywise sppertainin;;, to tatiaf
the said execution.
Ojled at St. Uctens, Oregon, June 3, llk7.
il.vkTIN WHiTK.
Mieriffof the Cualv nlciilninhi. Mt.iA Al
I Orciiwi.
' tirt puhlteulion fnpe 7. tB7; aud last puMi
jciiu July . Jaw. , .
W. II. Powell, attorney for PUinllflT.
St. Johns!!
st.-' Johns!!
Situated between the rivers, with deep water frontage
on all sides, surrounded and crossed by five transconti
nental railways, it must become the mauufact
shipping center of Portland,
(Timber Land. Act June.1, 1S7S)
l ulli-.!!- ales Laud tffice. Portland. Oregon.
April 4, lw7. .
Koli.-e is herel.y riven that In compliance
with the provisions of the set ot ouaress of
June 3. 7, entitled "Auaei lot ihe .ale of
timber lamia in Ihe .-ttateanf California. Oirgon.
Nevada and Washington ler.-'tory." asextend
etl to nil the PiiIiIm- Land etausby aetof Ahk-ai-
4. IM, William U. W,wo of Uilbbnro
i oimiy of Ma.lnuu-loo. Mate of O.ecou, hstlbia
duv ait-d in this otrice his sworn si.itt-im-nt Ko.
a'M, ft the pun-hiise ol the hW o beriion
No. I, in 'tonthip No. 3 Koiih baura
o. a Wct-i, and will offer proof to- how
that Hie UiihI soiieht ia moe vnlaalde hr ita
limber or Ki..neitiMu for agriculiural pnrpora
and tn estatilixh hit claim to said land belorw
the KitWi-r and Keceiver al Portland, Oieaou.
uu WediM-stavtlie 3rd day of July ly07.
He uanie-ias witnew-ca-
A. B. Builry ol litlMoro, Oregon: C. c.
Nel.-un of llNcoits, Oregon: J. J, Meaeham. of
Mouniaindsle.Oregou; A. 8. ivholla. of liilu.
Ijoro, tln-gou.
Aoy ami ail pcraons elaimli-g adversely the
sbive-di-eriled larj.ii are reiiucaled ia tile
their rinitiis in ihU otliee on or Uefor i the Srd
dy of j-nly PJ07.
fc - Kegisier.
& Invest now,' you will double your money in two years.
ioa Philadelphia St St. Tohns.Oreeon
Sallowness Transformed
to Dusky Beauty ;
A dark ikin become bscinatinf
when delicately oft, underapread
with tht radiant glow which indi
catesahealthy. active akin. Robert
Ine keep the skin refined in quality,
keep pores f reef rom clotnjir.gwaatt
and stimulates the tiny capillaries to
contribute the colorwhichchariniin
blondeand bruucttealike. Kobert
inc i certain protection a(pinst tan,
unburn and freckle if applied be
fore exposure to tun or wind.
Spreads like an imperceptible sheen
of gntucoverskin surface, forming a
aliiehl stimulating aim prcaervmg a
delicate, lustrous beauty.
Jr AfmuHttU V
JULY 4, 1S07
Literary Program: .Music. Reading Declaration of Inde
pendence, Jfatnotic Uration,
Horse Races, Footraces,
Bicycle Races
And Sports and Amusements of every desciiption, for the
entertainment of all. Liberal purses gvven
" for all sporting eventsj
Everybody is invited to assist iu making this the most suc
cessful celebration ever held iu Columbia County.
iu tbeCintilt ''ourt or the state of Or "sub, for
the County ui Columbia
Harriet M. I'ttJtnorc, riaiutiff
. vs
William V. Pnilmorp, iNeft hkIhiiI.
To William K. Palmunt tiiv above named
defendnM. .
la tliv uanu'tsf Ihe isiiitu ofOroartm yon r
hn(iy v)iiirttt tn aiirr unit answer enm
lilaini Itl-rnl a-raiiut jou tn (he above viititted
taiuw ami i-uit. oh or bvfore tlie exftiruiioii of
ix w.vs. fntm the tluie of tne tiani puhlicof ion
of tlii KHmnmiu towit: oo -or b?iore ihe Utii
dav f JtttH 1117, and .f yim fail u, answer
for want therinW the iIiUutitf will apply u the
court fur the relif pravvd for In br einplaitit
now on Ale herein, to-wit: ihut the honda of
mntrimouy now'eistiiig botwwtiplatiitiff aud
defendaut be di5MIved( uioii the rfiiut8 that
the diVmIent haw deserted aud abindoned the
idaiiitiff for wore than ine yar last past and
lor tmeh other and liirtherorder iu the pirtUaW
es the court may xefiu eiuilale.
This aiimmoti" I publiKhel bv order of Ron,
R. S. Ilattan. itdse of the Countv rourtfcif
Columbia Comity. Mate ot Oregon, aaid order
Untie made oe lh '2nd day of Mux 19(17 and the
date of the hrst publteaiuw of thiat BOtnmous ia
the ..ni UtiV ox Aiiy r-'o-'.
Atlomvy tor Plaintiff
P O A re?, Portland, Ur.
Carries a Complete Line of
Groceries "
Dry Goods
Flour and Feed
Fancy Goods
In fact, everything uauallv kept in t first
class General Merchandise Stort. My
prices will bt found aa reasonable at any
store in Columbia County, Vour trade
solicited. '
Marshals T B. DUNCAN,
la the Circuit Court of the Blslo ot Oregon In
and for Ihe I'ounty of Columbia
Catrlt Ksy . fialutltt ' :
v . . ..
Klere Ms-. Defemlaul ?
fo Klerv Msv, defendant!
IN the liauie nf the tMate of Orenn, Ton ara
hereby siiminmieil ..d reqninid to aiear In tha
above entltltKl i-Riiae and answer tha eimiplaliil
of the pluiutia tu Ihe above entitled suit on or
before Uieulnlh duy of August, VM, or Jmla
menl and Uceree for want of mi answer Ibereot
will betaken against you In ncur'tuiu-a will'
the prayer uf the ouuiplalnt. The purpose of
this suit Is to obtain a decree of absolute di
vorce iu favor of tlieplainiia against tbe de-
Thi'data of the nnler of mibl 'cation of till
sniumons is June Hi, 1MI7 sn-l the data ol tha
llrst publication thereof is June il, llsrt.

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