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St Helens, Oregon, Jan. 22, 1909.
No. 8.
1'iRST National Bank, - Portland. Ore.
V. S. National Bank, . . Portland, Ore.
1 1 anovkr National Bank, - New York
Officers Win. M. Rosh, President and Cashier; lulwin
Ross, Vice President; A. h. .Stone, Assistant Cashier.
Directors Wm. M. Ross, M. White, James Dart,
Ivdwia Ross.
a t. niEHCoi i
K. K.
Tmg Columbia County
Titles Examined Abstracts Madk
yj? Non-Rksidbnt Taxes Paid !s?
Rkal Estate v Loans, htc
Mist and Oregonian $1.80
UK have the best and most
V i fully equipped Job Print
lug Ofllre in Columbia County
Jnd we are prepared to
do all kinds of Printing
on short notice and at
most reasonable prices
Carry a Complete Stock of the
Best la General Merchandise at
Lowest Prices Consistent with
Quality. Country Produce
Bought andSold7" When in
Need of GroceriMjJDrGood9,
Hardware, Boots or Shoes We
Solicit Your Patronage and As
nre You.Courteous Treatment
Good Livery Rig
Reasonable Rates.
Drummers Trade A
i ,
Houlton-St. Helens
leave. Iloutton at 7:30 lo meet
x train, returning l'
fw,n. .ftrr train leave. .
their In time ,eet ,1;IS 1 T n
Meet. iS:W train and.leamer IrnliU
In afternoon.
1'iim I'auts Unknown (Julie to the
surprise ol those wlio were acquainted
with him, Mr. l-'rcl llaehr, contractor
for (he new bank building, ha skipped
fur Mrt unknown leaving hit boudmnen,
MtMrt. Law ami Schupliach.locoiiiplele
I lie buihliiiK ami make good any defi
' iency between tlie contract and the ac
tual cent. The amount of their lot it
l Course iinlr Hnltr ami cannot be -
I'l rtuincd until tlie work it dune and all
bill, paid llaehr, in addition to the
tcurvy Irick he played hit bondsmen,
swindled I'urwr lloliiuin of the America
ind the firm of W . I. Fuller ttnd Co.
Me, while in'Fortland, drew a check in
hi- own fiivnr on the Columbia County
Mn uk , and by reprencnliiiK that be could
not get it cashed because the bank to-
pie did not know him, Induced Mr. llol
man to iiidomeit. He presented to the
IV. I. Fuller hit check for t10 lu pay
ment for material amountliiK to o0, ami
they laid him the balance in cash. Work
u I Kin the buildiuK wal returned tliit week,
.Mr Clay Clark being in charge.
Takkn ft' At my prcmisci in lfoul
lon nn Friday January Htb, a two year
old Holtlcin bull. Owuer can have the
nlmal by paying eapriKcs of keep and
mil ol thit advertisement.
Ot-roN Bail A. C. and K. W. Cox
charged with the burglarizing of J.
l.psiiitcrllar waived further eaamlna
lion licfore Judge Welkin latt Friday,
and were placed under 1M bail each.
Oath ball at furnithed Monday aud the
young men rclcacd from (ail, to come
Ijt forc the grand jury at the May term
of com t or h ive their bail forfeited. It
i. nunc tmibable tlie county tieatwy
will be enriched in the turn of fW.
I want to contract for ihe Mumping
IU or 20 acre in tw4 nW ec. 3 P 0
r 2 w Adilnt W. II. Young, rort tt
vent, Oregon-
IKVl.Ud-ll!sT I.KAf.fK There wi 1 I
a meeting in the county court room at
Ihe court hotite. St Hclenr. today (Fri
day) at 1 p. m. It it hoped all weiuheia
will attend at mattert of imi lance arc
lo I cotnidered.
TnKKN l'r Al my premises in Houl
tona black lloUtein heller alwut U'
moiithf old. Own. r can have Mine by
paying for feeding i;nd the cot of thit
vlvertiaeinrnt. ". L. TOI.MAX.
("ni KT NuTi-s Clr "uit Court djourn
d latt SVmday uulil Febiuury 8lh, at
1 ,h liu i the celt-bin ed cate of Ihe
Ci'i utbia Kiver Door Company againM
ibo- I lilncl No. l:: will have the
riKlit of way. In Cram S: Co. et al vt.
Mike Klin leMiniony wet taken and the
atlomryt inttructed to file written brielt.
In Fw iy and Nicolai vi Foster and Nccr
pluinlill were, given thirty dajsin which
to file n motion for a new tiial.
Fou SaI.K A new noutr, with good
lot. for filX; ao 20 choice lots, either
I., tir in i.roilm. I will alw tell MO
lot., iill iti one group, including lltlO feet
of deep water front choice fiictory
,ile- Wm. M.Ross.
Syrup of While Fine and Tar, the old
reliable cough remedy. For aalc by A.J.
Ikniing, dntggift.
Hintist lr. Kanibo will 1 in St.
Helena, at the St. Helen Hotel Friday
and Saturday of each week, prepared to
do all kind of dental work.
bhanh of Iho l)Mt ftrnln. Inquire Of
U linor Ci nnell, Ietr Island.
Full blooded ltarred Hock cockerel
for tale Kt I .50 each. N. I'incaney,
Carico, llrcgon.
luiiiv Cows FOR S.i.K Firtcla
duirv cow, (fixnl grade mm iuhuiooh
. . in., i
lertex. for wile at very reasonauie pruc.
by C.corge I.eniont at hi place on Ucr-
niunv lltll. or a.liliet M. iien-n.
If you are not using our Roy.
nl v liibund other high grade
good vou thouhl Ix-gin lit
once. There are none lietter;
nrd retneniber, your money
tvnek if goods are net n rep
resented. llitvo just got in n fiesli and
large vuricty. Maple tyruii.
actually pure Also maplo
and rock candv blend, which
it the same a 1 usnnlly eoltl
for pure maple.
1'eacock F'lonr. Ask those
who Imve used it. It' the
tn-st flour eycr old in St.
Hclent. It you cull for a
pound we give you sixteen
ounce. Help u to give
you the best possible service
by reporting auy error or
faulty goods.
M. C. UUAY, St. Helens, Ore,
D. C. Kirby, of Hudson, called at the
MtsT office Mommy ana auucu ui. u..u.
to our rapidly growing list.
Goon Nitws i-OR CLATSKAStK The
Mist is informed from what it considers
a rcuaoic buoivc
.. i , . l,nf til loTHl tl
between Portland anil Kan
will soon be extended to Clatskanie anil
that a "Y" will he pt in and trains run
into tbe citv on the Benson track. &
. service would be of Incalculable benefit
to that community aud the Mrs sincere
ly hopes the Information wty prove to be
The ill. Ukt attorney filed preceding
this wet k to have the property of Una
Sweeney, deceased, etcheat to the State
of Oregon. Bwceuey died at Clattkanie
in I (KM and no heir have put in any
claim, "i he ettate contlat of 150 acre
of land mid f IW in CHth.
Tint l!o: Law In Frake v. Ilar
liierl, Ju-'ge Mc Bride ruled latt Friday
igaintl !l e demurrer, hi ruling lieing to
the effect tlmt as Columbia County had
adopted he Ihw prohibiting hog from
running at large the owner of tuchitock
ire rc p i:uilile tor any damage inflicted
by them upon prciniset even though
they be niifenced. In other word jou
mutt keep your hogt up or pay for any
damage they may came-
Mr. Jennie E. Ream', of Klamath
Fallt, Worthy Grand Matron of the
l-jittcrn Star of Oregon, paid Mipah
Chapter No 30 an olllcial visit on Sat
urday latt and wot received with appro
priate h'pitality. The lodge room wat
beautifully decorated with flowers, in
cluding carnations and azaleai. After
the tetsion of the chapter during which
weie f .ur initiation an excellent tupper
wni served in the lower hall. Tlie Wof
thy Urand Matron Complimented the
chapter upon the way in which their
work was conducted. There wat a large
attendance, among the out of town mem
bcrt being Mi. Juiuet Bacon and Mrs.
Margaret Southard, of Warren; Mrt.
Smith, Mrt. I'opejoy and Irwin Seff. rt.
of Deer Itland, and Professor J, H. Col
lin of Clattkanie.
Roy, ton of our townsmen Jack Craig,
it the youngest licensed barber in the
State of Oregon, he having patsed the
examination on bis sixteenth birthday,
nbout one week ago, Mr. Craig, teuior,
expect hi family every day and has a
house wiled for their occupancy.
Mr and Mr. Thoma Holttein, of
anUton, were visitors to the county
teat latt Monday.
Coroner Sherwood, of Rainier, wa at
the comity tent Monday on official but.
The steamer Iralda retnmed itt regular
trips Monday. It was the latt ol tlie
river boats to quit aud the first one to
Woik has Wen returned at the quarries
and on the new mill.
Owing to a slide on the North Bank
road the N. l train have beeu running
on the old tioble-Portland division this
Pahtv at 1kkk IsLANo A turprise
party wa given Mis Lulu Kaey, ol
teer Island, the occasion being Her imn
birthday. Those present were; l.uy
ngalls. Una Baker, Mr. and Mr, l-.n-
glish. Hacl Loyd, Marietta I'opejoy,
Annie Horgen, Mr. and Mr Mott, Alice
Itrown, Harold F:i glih, ( ha- Popejoy,
I. Barnes, Fmuia Smith, M. .
. . . i
Brown, Peter Horgen, l.u jonnson, r.u
Kellan, Frank Kcllan, Prssie Poja;joy.
Newell Ward, T. H. Laufniau, Libbie
owler, Blithe Gaittent, Elmer Iyd,
Sam Kinder, Mr. and Mr. L. Ward,
Mr. Sadie Raey, Maggie Uarey. Llla
Roey, Hnwl Rarey. name were
played and a nice lunch w as served, after
which all went to the Orange Ha'.l and
danced for a short time. All went home
I.iilu mauv nanny birthday to
come, sue receiveu a uuihuvi 'ii
Mr. Friti Auliker, of Coble, was a
caller at Ihe Mist ollice last Moudny.
The Old Folk Pance at the Acme hall.
Houlton, last Saturday nigm. was in
tended by ovei seventy couples, and all
appeared to eujoy theuisclvc.
A twelve-pile dolphin and Unlit on the
Government hreakwateJ opposite St.IIcI
fna was carried iwift- by the flood and ice
during the week.
The Ladies Aid Society of the M. F.
ri,i.r. h will inert with Mrs. A. T. I.nws
Wednesday afternoon, January 27th.
A cordial invitation is extended to all the
Mrs. A. R. Ansorge, who dislocated
her wrist by slipping on the snow some
limr iiMi. is slowly rocoveritig and will
in time have the perfect use of tier arm
Mi Florence George made a short
isit to her parents, Mr. and Mis. Jacob
George, last Tuesday,
Mrs. II. R. Cliff will entertain the La
dies' Unildof tha Episcopal Church nt an
afternoon lea on Tuesday next. All are
invited to attend. The usual charge of
ten censs will be made for refreshments,
for the benefit of the church.
Fish, when procurable, at George's
meat market, St. Helens,
WHI trade city lot for timber lands
in Oregon or Washington. Mill Land
Company, "ISCorbett Building, Portland
Oregon ,
Several fine farms under cultivation in
the great Twin Falls Irrigated tract. Will
tr,l.. for timber lauds in Oregon or
Washington. Fall Farm Company
713 Corbett Building, Portland, Or. 2-12
Mr, Alfred Wlckstrom has told hi
farm of seveuty-seven seres near Yank-
inn for 17.250. About thirty acres Is
cleared innd, with a good house aud
barn. There Is a fine orchard of about
three acres on the place. It is certainly
a bargain for the purchaser.
W, R. McKce, District Bepnty Grand
Master of the I, O, O, F., Installed the
officers of Houlton Lodge No. 180 last
Mrs. A. L. Stone and Miss Lulu George
visited Portland Wednesday to witness
tlie presentation of Ben Hur at the Hei-
Avon Lodge No. 02 installed officer!
latt Tuesday night at follows: Chancellor
Commander, Albert Stone; Vice Chan
cellor, A . J. Ueming ; Mast-r of the
Work, Frank George; Keeper of Record
and the Seal, W. A. I larri ; Master of
Finance, C. W, Blakealey; Matter of
Exchequer, Mai tin White; Prelate, E.
I'.. Quick; Master at Arinr, K. I. Bal
lagh; Inside Guard, M. Fresh; Outtide
(iuard, Kdwin Roll.
To RaIsK Salarikh Senator Bailey,
loint senator from Multnomah, Clacka-;
' . . i
ma, and Columbia Countie ba lutro-,
. , , . . ., c. , ,.i,., !
UUCCil II l ilt IHOJ bllC i7Uti .rii.n
to raise the salaries of certain Columbia
County officials as follows; Treasurer,
!KK); Ueputy County Clerk, J1.000;
School Superintendent, SI.2U0.
Twenty-four indie of snow at this
place on January inh. The deepest for
ixli-en years.
Thrf farmer are ei joying themselves
slcighridiug ill. we. k, a they very tel
duiu have a snow a i;oid as til!.
Wm. K liol, Jr., of Clifion, is visiting
Kip Van Winkle for a few week'.
Vincenl Mi Ahoy, of CLitskanie,pn8ed
tlir.iuihjiuwii Thursday on hit way to
his timber claim on Kant Fork.
J .uk. n Rny and Wm. 1'ringle Jr have
been toir.n tlu woodt thi past week
looking f r cougar.
Martin Kay, who rj eiit the ho'iday
with the home folks, ha r turueJ to
school at Eugene,
V, L. l'owell liaa Jut .i:r. Imsr d a
large du.i'ex phonogriipli aud nb ut "h
of the la lest lecordt, including ' Rain
J, C. Kay of S'.t.il wa mn wnlking
our stn-i te late Sunday eveuii g
A faijje crjwd of Vcriionia tf..ners
111 tided giaiir at Nitt.il Stturday.
John Xehnn of Ki aey 1 visiting
Ciailes Peterson for a few day.
Word reaches n fr.t.-u -llab" Peter
son that he exiwett to le.ie for Cali
fornia soon, Sorry to fee you go, old
L'harle t'lti-rsou mtdu a flying trip
Atoria Monday.
F. J. l'eteron m.'ule a bueinen trip to
l'urllaud Tuerdav.
James lHi.'Klii,of Yernoiiiu, was teen
on our ttreets Monday.
A sleighing party from Clrt-knnie was
n town Satordar.
We um!ertand that Grandma Honde
t plnnniiig a basket rocial In the Nictt-
aou fdiool district for February 0s.ii .
lionixsox Cbisok.
IVhi bite (or last wek
Tlie mercury is playing around the
xero m.uk diiiigerou.-ly close.
I'eti r IVrgersou bought a fine young
mare for 0125.
I.csiir Mow and his new wife ate visit-
ng hi the valley. Their mar.y friends
wish tlu-ni a bug and happy life.
There is shout two feet of snow in
this vicinity mid a good many of the
citizens aie afraid it will outlast their
Ihe railroad worker tire still grading.
They get a start in a big cil and by
keeping right nt it manage to keep ahead
of ti e snow and frozen ground.
M Ethel Weed hns been engaged
to lenp'i our school the coming summer.
James Dullh-ld spent two weeks with
his parents in Portland, returning Jan
uary 2.
Mr. II ruian Conk, nfti-r m extended
vi.-it wiili Mr. Weed and family look
his departure for ihe outside w rid on
Ihursday of last week.
A body has to tcra'ch nruund quite
awhile the e Cold mornings to iind the
coo's teat- nnd tlx3 1 do a lot of hard
pulling t") g-l a little milk-
Lewis Holt hns moved from Albion
bark to Buxton and tak-:i charge of
Itinck' store.
A inietitu w8 held nt Vemnnia on
Tuesday of Ihia week to see how many
wanted to go In'o a ro-opernttve cream
ery Co. mi. I operate a cieniuery nt Miet
We did not leiu-n the result.
Tlio Kist-Vernonia Telephone Co
held their annual meeting at the new
Pleasant Hill school house, formerly
known as the Beaver tchool house. They
voted to keep the central at Dow Kea-
. . .. i t. nl
spy a store, central is to nave
cent for all messages going through
his ofllce nnd 10 cent for connections
made after nine o'cloek at night and on
Sunday. T. B. Penslow was elected
president, L. Siegertaecretary and Gus
Unit treasurer.
It took but an hour of the State's val
uable time to elect a United States Sena
tor on the Statement No. 1 plau. This
Is one of the good features that commend
it to the voters,
The real work ol the Legislature uow
begins and we hope it will commend It-
sell to the judgment ot the people. It
should Include an investigation of the
office of Stats printer and a regulation of
the manner In which State printing U
done. We believe the piesent incum
bent of that office has a greater graft
than any ol bis predecessors.
The following la the report for
month ending January ISth ;
Total enrollment 58
Days attendance 781
Mays absence....... 108
Times tardy 13
JUy tangbt . lii
Average attendance . 41
The following wer- neither absent, nor
tardy; Cnester Brinn, Edward auher,
Mar.e Walker, Wallace Gnffl., Mary
(irilljs, Esther Butt. George Hyde,
, ,
f ieorge Walker, Or
.' ,
Brown, Irma Kot.l
Wlckairoro. Clare
lnelte, Alfred Batta,
Lena Walker, Martin Bri.'ga, Dorotha
Kerr, Albert Butts, Hazel Bounty, Mil
dred Steveus, Darus Wickstrom and
Fred Barger.
Bkshic L. Kkko, Principal,
C. E Lake, Principal.
Very Lew Rate Sow Available
80,1)00,000 Pe pie
No newt that has been received by
the peopfe of Oregon during the last
twenty-four months is so important as
the announcemei t triat the trans-continental
railroads will makea rate, be-
ginni g March 1st and continuing until '
April 30th, from Kansas City, Omaha,'.
St. Paul and Minneapolis, Winnipeg and
other glmilarly situated towns, to all
main line railroad points in Oregon for
The people of so state in the Union
have profited more by these one-way
tickets than have those of Oregon dur
ing the last four yean. The mte fioin
Chicago is 33, from Rt. Louis 30.50,
with a proportionate low fare from all
points in the United States. This
shouM add many thousand of actual
witl.rs to tlie population of Oregon,
fh- se ar one-way liik-ts, and if tra
vellers desire to return to their former
home in the older Eastern states, they
would bave lo pay full fare.
Every Commercial Club and adver
tising bureau in the State, as 11 as
every real estate firm, should tegin im
mediately W advertise these rates. Ev
ery citizen of Oregon should write per
sonal letters to old friends and acquaint
ances reminding them that tbe rate is
good 1 1 their town. But the ticket must
bebougiitto the point of destination
it' just as cheap to the most distant
Oregon point as to one just over the
border of the State.
The Oregonian insists that there is no
louver a Republican party in Oreuon.
It said something like thai prior to the
November election, yet Taft received a
very comsortable majority.
The bill for an additional appropria
tion for the Seattle show should he de
feated. The firm of Well rung fe Wisdom
can get alor.g nicely on its present cap
tal. Now that it ha been demonstrated
that an election infant an election, pos
fiii'ly our great leaders will abandon the
dan of voting for a Democrat in older to
elect a Republican .
In the Circuit Con t of t e State of
eeon for the Conntv of Columbia.
Portland Lutnlwr Company, a corpora
tion, plaintiff,
Sarah Douglas, and John Donalas, her
Uunhaud, and John Higgins, defend
To S .rah Dongla and John Douglas,
he tin-hand, ami John Higg n, almve
named defendants:
In the namk or tuk otatk of Okioos
vou are hereby requireel to appear on or
before the 27th dny of Fe'-rua y, 1900,
and answer ihe complaint riled agai i-t
you in tbe above entitled Conn and
cause, said, date being more man six
weeks from th date or the first publica
tion oi this summons; and If von fail
so to appear and answer, the plaintiff
will apply to tne court tor me reiiet
prayed tor in Itie complaint, to-wit;
that tlie uetenilants ana eac.n or tneni,
be reunired to set forth and fnllv des
cribe the nature of their claim to the
property described in aaid complaint, to
wit, th- southeast quarter ol the south
west quarter of section three (3) and the
noi theast quarter of the northwest
quarter ol section ten (.10) township
seven fj) nortn, range inree id) wesi
W. M., in Columbia County, Oregon,
that said claim of defendants tie held ol
no elte. t, and that they have no estate
in said property, and that plaintiff be
adindtred to be tlie owner in fee. simple
of said pioiierty: that phtintift'a title to
aid premises be quited, aud for such
further relief aa may seem to the court
This summons is s;rved npon yon by
publication bv authority ol an order of
Hon. T. A. Mcltride, presiding judge of
the above entitled court, said order ne
imr dated the 12th day of January, 1009,
and made and entered iu eaid court and
cause on said date.
Attorneys for Plaintiff
Date of first publication Jan. loth, 1909.
Data of hist publicatibn Feb. 20th, 1909.
Undertakers and Eubalmers
Hearse for funerals at all points ou rivet an
rail, f hone at our expense.
School Notice
My regular ofllce days, itt St. Helens,
will be the first week in each month; I
shall be in on other days, but not regu
larly. J. H. COLLINS,
County School Supt.
Are You
Investigate the Her its of
The Best, Most Artistic and
Durable Material for Business
Blocks, Houses, Chimneys.
Foundations, Ornamen t a 1
Fencing, Etc.
'i'hone at our expense, or
write, and we will call and
famish estimates.
Rainier Oregon
I CEO. W- vogel :
ERTY. Money to Loan at Reasonable
X Rainier :-: Oregon
The Flsk Teacher's Agoacy,
of Portland, is placing ;more
teachers than ever. If you need
a high school grade, rural, com
mercial, music or private teacher
write or wire immediately and
yon will receive prompt attention.
Furnished for all points on river
or rail, with or without horses,
at reasonable rates. Addres Mrs.
James Lowe,
Rainier -:- Ore
In Vie Counlv Court of the State of Or
egon for Columbia t'onnty.
n tbe mattei of thee tate of J. B.Brann.
Notice is hereby given that Victoria
Braun. the administratrix of tbe estate of
. B. ISraun, deceased, ha rendered and
presented for settlement, and filed in
said court, her rinal account of her ad
ministration ot said estate; and that
Monday the 4th day of January, 1909, at
one o'clock- p. tu., at the court room of
said court , in the court house ih the city
of St. Helens. Columbia county, Oregon,
has been 'ulv appointed by tne Judge ol
said court, for tbe settlement of said ac
count, at which time and place any per
son interested in said esta e mav appear
and file exceptions to the said account
und contest tne same
Administratrix of .the estate of J. B.
Braun, deceased.
Xotlce to Creditors
In the County Court o( the State ol Oregon, tor
Columbia County.
Iu thu matter id the estate ot Robert living-
stone, deeeaHeu.
Koiiee it hereby elren br the nndersianed.
luliululstratoi ot the (Mate ol Robert Uvlnir-
tuoue, iieeease.1. to the creditors of, aad all per
sons having claims Rgalnni tnid euto lo pre
sent thein, with tha proper voucher., within
nix months from the ante of this nollee, to the
unci mlmluli.lrs.or, st the store of T. C. Walts,
at Keubeu, Columbia County, Oregon, the
same being the plai-e for the trantacuua of the
DtiNtnens of the said ettate.
liatud Dec. -.".i, 11KM.
Administrator of the etute of Robert Llv-
tDgtoQe, decea-ied
K. Miller attorney for administrator.
Practice, la any Court, State w
Federal. Next door to court hooM

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