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If they're fat and send send thorn to
Smith. He want them all. Smith ne.rr
ahanras cnmmiaeioa nor drayaara. Evan
tains' weighed aa aoon aa it errivae. Ha
will pay as rollowa:
Fresh ranch ayaa market pr-W.
Draaaad vaat, up to ISO Ibtk. UVtni laita
Veal, leee.
Dressed pork, any ai a, 11a.
l.iva hen", !ftc
Preened hena, 17c.
l.ivadurlts. We.
Ireeeed w"e, IBe.
Draaaad turkeys, 2M.
"ricMintl the Bal W
Racy Btetanaor.
The Archbishop of Canterbury It a
great example of a ready wit, accord
lag to the Pathfinder. Ha was going
with a number of clergymen In to a
luncheon, after tome ecclesiastical
function one day, when some dignitary
"Now to put a bridle on. our appe
tites!" Quick as lightning the archbishop
retorted, "Say, rather, now to put a
bit between our teeth."
PAZO OaNTMf NT la ruaranteed to cure any rata
af Itching. Blind, Bleeding or Protruding Piles in
S ta 14 daya or mony refunded. bOo.
Not So Badly Off,
"Kitty, think of the poor reindeer In
the frozen north. They have to paw
through the snow and Ice to reaca
their food, and then have nothing to
at but moss."
"Why, mamma, I just love Iceland
e'ha tawrreaea).
"Father," said little Rollo. "what to
the difference between farming and
agriculture T"
"Well, my son. for farming you
need a plow and a harrow and a lot
f other Implements, and or agrloul
;ure all you need la a pencil and a
pleea of paper." Washington Star.
Soma nrnmla suffer continually With
tired, aching and swollen feet Little' Ru 0theP constituettS,
do they know now soothing la uamnnsi
YVitard Oil. Kub it In at night ana
have thankful, happy feet in the morning.
Tata Calla for Sympathy.
"Tea. It's pretty hard luck to find
your coal bin empty during- a cold snap
and be unable to replenish It except at
exorbitant prices. To keep my house
half way warm yesterday cost me fl
"Great Scott! Vbat extortion!"
"N-no, it wasn't exactly that. It was
en worse. There was no fuel in the
house, and I had to burn the children's
Christmas trees."
Kot Very Cool.
Che My dear, baseball Is a very
eool game for the spectators, isn't It?
Ha On the contrary, it la aa u
usually heated one.
She But the papers speak f the
thousands of fans aren't they alaotrle
nes? Baltimore American.
WKE1J mitH I I
mg9 fr-;UM. plant th best I I
g g shmU. Fcrry'i Soodj are bfwt I
tweau tbBTiwcrftUlinTlcia g f
if or quality. Ttn twrt rardeo g g
ff f en and femcn tyverrwhere g g
f f know Ferry to tw ii g g
I I hitwat standani of uaMj J g
I f yet attained. For -ai g J
I I vrTWbar. 0 Jf J
V Free on requrt JT
ft. u. ratt i j
Ai Prices that Defy Caaapctitiaa
mm without plates a specialty
tlK GOLD CROWN $5.00
Out-of-town patients can obtain perfect wca-a
aad aaya nwmey by calling at oar attic.
All work guaranteed for ten year
323U Waahiactaa St.. Car. Sink
CstabBabad IS rears. Hera to atay.
Objeettve Iteforaa.
the defendant had been found guilty
of habitually getting drunk and beat
ing his wife.
"Tou'tl not be guilty of Indulging In
the 'lick her' habit during the next two
years, anyhow, you sorry specimen of
manhood," said the juds. "Officer, re
move the prisoner."
Seventeen Yeats the Standard.
Prescribed and recommended for women's ail
menta a scientifically prrpnrvd remedy of proven
worth. The result from lhir use ia quick and
permanent. Fur Bale at all dnur elorea.
nia Una Method.
"Did you say you wanted to abolish
our tyrannical system which enables
parsons who do little or nothing to
exact tribute from hungry struggle!?"
asked the chairman of the meeting.
"That's what I said." answered the
Socialist orator, "and It got great ap
plause. "Tea, But don't you say it again.
Remember, you got your start In Ufa
from tips while you were waiter In
restaurant." Washington Star.
Makea the blood of the right
quality and quantity normal
in ml and white corpuscles and
all other constituettS. It builds
up the whole system.
1j u-u1 Could form or chocolated tab
lets calli-d Sanmtaus. 100 Doe tl.
Take LAXATIVE HROMi) Quinine Tablets.
Druatriata refund money if it fails b) cure. K. W.
GROVE'S signature ia on .acta box. g&e.
Over the Telephoae.
"Hello! Is this the Information edi
tor T"
"Who la the president of Nicara
gua v
-Walt a minute, and I'll "
"But I want to know who's president
now not who's going to be president a
minute from now!" Chi coco Tribune.
As ExeaiBliaed.
"Man's inhumanity to man," chuck
led the backer of the winning pugilist
who had pounded the other chap to a
Jelly, "makes countless thousands
cheerfully pay their good money to see
It working"
Will Kaow letter.
Stranger I am told you have a "pur
chasing agent" In this city. What
does he do?
Native Mister, we're payln' the
Murrlam commission $50,000 to And
The word "Vermont" on a can of
maple syrup baa always raised that
brand about one hundred per cant In
the estimation ot the buyer. A few
i yeara ago, however, a method was dis
covered ot Imparting this him aeiic
ioaa flavor to preparations without the
uaa of real maple syrup. This navor-
inar extract is called Mapleine.
If a dish of syrup triad with maple-
ine and the real Green Mountain kind
is placed before a Vermonter, ha would
not be able to tall the difference be
tween the two. This ia largely due to
tb absolute purity of the ingred
ients and the great ear used in the
Mapleine ia purely vegetable and
makea a syrup that ia equal to any and
superior to moat branda of maple syrup
that are placed on the market.
To make delicious flavorings for
rakes, ice cream and sauces, nothing is
required but a litUe granulated sugar
and water with a fsw drops of map!
ine dissolved therein. Housewives find
it a great convenience in preparing
pudding out of leftovers.
A little booklet, with the title of
"Mapleine Dainties", Is published by
the Crescent Manufacturing company,
who are the makers of Mapleine. The
booklet will be sent free to anyone who
asks for it Nearly every grocer car
ries Mapleine. Try some today and
you will say the same that thousands
of others have, that here is a flavor
with the real maple taste. This little
suggestion for sauce for puddings
Whites of two eggs, one and a half
cups of granulated sugar, one cap of
milk, one teaspoonful of mapleine
Mapleine is to be used anywhere that
another flavoring could be used.
when no more your purse can
The uplift In the price of beef.
There's mors nutritious food at hand;
Eat beans and rice, snd find relief.
Good Gaeish,
George Do you think that I'm good
enough for you, darling?
Darling No, George; but you're too
good for any other glrL-'-IUustimted
HOWARD E. PFRT05 - Hearer and rhemtet.
LabJv.IL.. rSoitir-do. Hdu.iiub tiruMi tioU.
Bil.-r. Lead. SI. t.ul.i. SUr. Be: Gold, ate: Im
or Copper. SL Mniline enrelopea and fall price lu
et-ni OB arrnraiion. inarroi ino imp:
Ucited. fietereace: Carbonate tiatiOBei t
Catalogue for
the Asking
Send for It
188 Street Front Portland, Oregon
A flavoring used the tame ai tenon or aoiTla.
Br diifolvint? KrMUl-tted stifcar in water ani
adding Mapleine, a delicious yropii nude and
a syrup better than maple, Mapleine is sold bjr
grocer. If iv send 35c fur 2 ot. bottle and
recipe book. Crvcit Mf. Co., Seattie, Wo.
The Place You've Been Reading About
Write for Information
COOPER & TAYLOR, Selling Agts,
206-7-8-9 Henry Bkfg Portland, Oregon
The rarmera' "Vj Ffl I I 'eire
friend and huildet
U lliltoei,
p.. - ' rn
ru..,..:''.i l (,?,
. a :: tsl. I
Pettit's Eye Salve for 25c
Relieves tired eyes, quickly stops
eye aches, congested, inflamed and com'
nion sore eyes. All druggist or
Howard Bros., Buffalo, N. Y.
Lt the Heater Beware.
Brlggs A safe conversational rule
Is, When In doubt talk of the weather.
Griggs Safe nothing! I met my tai
lor yesterday, and oa my speaking of
the weather he replied, "Yes, It Is un
settled, and that reminds ms of that
little bill of yours." Boston Transcript
Motbera wtH fled Mrs. WlneloVi Boothia
By nip the beat reraedv to Oaa to thsUcaUOvu
auruig toe teeuuug yariou.
Wary formal.
In all the latest novels out
The damsels are. beyond a doubt.
Of lofty tone;
And never see their beaux without
- A chaperon.
Louisville Courier-Journal.
"I have suffered with piles for thirty
six years. One year ago last April I be
gan taking Cascarcts for constipation. In
the course of s week I noticed the piles
began to disappear and st the end of six
weeks they did not trouble rue st all.
Cascareta have doue wonders for me. I
am entirely cured and feel like a new
man." George Kryder, Napoleon, O.
CUT THIS OUT. mail it with rour ad
dreaa to the S'erlins Kemudr Company.
Chtcairo. IU and ree iv a handaome eou
mir Gold Bon boa FKKE.
Don't Cough! Use
m tut mmi to. (guwsa
Will instantly relieve your aching
throat. There is nothing like it lor
Asthma, Bronchitis sod lung
troubles. Contain! no opiates.
Very pleaiant to take.
AH Prefrbta, 25
Wo I I I
As ih'm very remarkahle preparation is now
called, ia the sreatmt CotutituUoiud Kemadgr ever
knowb for Brood Marea, Colts, Btalliona and all
other aomea; alao IiHtniper amonir lotra and
fiheep. 'Ihiacompound iamada of the ruraNt in
Sredtenta and not an atom of poiaonouaorinjuri
oua nature enter, into ita compoaition. Many
persons are now takinirSI'OHN'S for La Grippe.
Colda, Coughs, Kidney Trouble, etc., and itiaaU
vayaaa'a. It axpela the IJiaeaxe Germa f rom th
bndy: acts directly on the Ulocd and Glands.
fiFOHN'Klanow sold by nearly every druirvlat
and harness dealer in the land, and any can set 1 1
for you, or aend with remittance of prfea to the
manufacturer, who will ship to your order, ex
press paid. Fifty cent and 11.00 a boUla, and
K.UO and 110 the dozen.
Record of Annual Safes.
Prompt Obedioao.
"Harold," ' peremptorily spoks the
tern father, "you are spending a good
deal of money on booze and tobacco."
"Yes, sir."
"And you look disreputable."
"Yes, sir." .
"Stop It at once! Put the lid en
Hastily thanking him, ths young man
went out, bought a $5 hat, and had It
charged to the stern father.-r Chicago
1st Tsar.,,,
Jnd Year....
8rd Yoar....
4th Year....
6th Year.,..
th Year....
7th Year..,.
8th Year....
th Year..,,
10th Year.,..
11th Year.,..,
12th Year....
13th Yrar.....
14lh Year....
1.068 Bottles Sold
.2M M "
19.1E0 " "
0,24 " "
72.SM) " "
ioo.ri.2 " "
124.00O " "
172.4l!S " "
tn.iM " "
287.SZ0 " "
878,t;2 " "
W).720 " "
68,200 " "
SVnd for our Booklet of twelve arood recipes for
family and srock madlclnas, FREE,
rhcmisU and Bacteriologists,
the Chest
Ask your doctor the medical
name for a cold on the chest.
He will say, "Bronchitis."
Ask him if it is ever serious.
Lastly, ask him if he ore-
scribes Ayer's Cherry Pec
toral for this disease. Keep
in close touch with vour
family physician.
Wa paella our fan
W banish alaohol
fro aur mHiom
Wa arra f
aaoauil rout
PrlmeroICoal Mine In Colorado
Scene ol Disaster.
Nearly Seventy Others Were In Mine
and Little Hope That They
Are Alive.
Primero,. Colo., Feb. l.Seenty.
nine bodies of the victims of yesterday
afternoon's explosion In the Primero
mine were found piled in a mesa at tne
foot of the air shaft shortly after miu-
When the explosion occurred tne
men evidently made a rush to escape
through the air shaft, and were suiTo
eated as they battled with one another
for freedom.
It has been shown by the time
keener a reoorJs that there were 1 "9
men in the mine at the time of the ex
plosion. Few are thought to be alive.
The main shaft of the mine is com
dletely wrecked.
The mine authorities telegraphed an
order to Denver early this morning for
80 Collins. One man only has been
found alive. He is badly injured and
has n t been Identified.
The explosion occurred in the mine
ot the Colorado Fuel & Iron company
at 4 :30 o'clock yesterday afternoon.
Three men at the mouth of the mine
were killed by the force of the concus
Both fans with which the mine was
quipped were sheltered, but were re
placed and J. H. Thompson, superin
tendent, and a rescue party entered by
the main air shaft, but were unable to
reach the main shaft, which waa com
pletely blocked. The party returned
to h surface after securing- five
bodies, which were badly burned.
A party equipped with oxygen hel
mets replaced them and continued the
search for more bodies. Miners were
rushed to Primero from Trinidad,
Saundo, Starkville, Sopria and Cuke
villo, and labored frantically to clear
the main shaft, relieving each other
every few minutes.
Most of the victims are Slavs and
Hungarians, although Eleeti'cian Will
Helm ia among the missing.
The camp was a scene of indescrib
able horror last night While every
ablebodied man was taking bis turn
with pick and shovel to clear the shaft,
the women and children, kept back by
ropes, gathered about the shaft, weep
ing and calling loudly upon their lovd
ones who bad not been found.
Members of the rescue party say
that the effert of the explosion under
ground is indescribable. The bodies
recovered were horribly burned and
unrecognizable. One body was im
paled on broken timbers.
President Taft Asks Mags.lns Pub.
l.thsrs to bs Moderate.
w..hinfflon. Jan. 81. - PwM
T-.ff t.alrl thai lie rlotllcsl publishers of
tY-ar... Gla.t-.aa. tnnlLF.lt ' .ht, U
they overloaded their criticism of men
in ths administrative authority with
unparllemanlary expressions and Inti
mations as to lack of honorable mo
tives, nobody is going W
tlon to them. .
Although he made no direct allusion
to muckraking." it was plainly
dsnt at what he was directing bis at-
"?k. nrul.lanL'aildresslna the period
ical publishers association of America
as their guest at dinner, did not give
.i.i. ..U tha awl I tors assembled
.11 r,.rta of the nation until he
had nrefaced his remarks with good
humored trestment of his relative po
sition to the wielders of public opin-
.if kl u . f.irmliiahla oather In if to
address," said President Tsft. after
he had been presented by C. II. Smith,
the toastmaster. "Gentlemen who act
as fates as to what Is or Is not current
literature, would under any circum
stances, be formidable to address, and
under conditions prevailing In Wash
ington and In legislative hslls, It re
quires a brave man, stanaing in j tr
sition, to face them.
"As to controversies, let me eay
that all evidence questions of fsels
must be weighed broadly to reach an
ultimate conclusion. It Is the case
with every trust, as much as we con
demn them for their Iniquities. The
evidence must be weighed. It does no
good to denounce a person on the wit
ness stand, it he testifies sgains t you.
'You controllers of public opinion
sad controllers of the rulers of the
country msy hsmmsr a man Into Indif
ference as to what you say, but at tnat
he will come nearer to doing right than
if he tried to fight.
"But, seriously speaking, I would
like to say that when you criticise a
poor devil exercising a responsible po
sition, first give him the benefit en
joyed by every criminal, that of rea-
nonable doubt.
?H m& U VJr BB L i
a IS fw- M
ft. I
Al.t-oltOl.il r-KKt'KNr.
Artfv trtltU- IVrparatttwtCr.U
lingtl Smaato aallkwlji
UMumliirihirs; HXlimnl
Not Nawc otic.
Vkm W-
lion. Sour Sttiava-h.tllJfrtwJ
Vurm I umtihwui jrwnss
For Infftnts anrl CMIrlrwe
Tho Kind You Hava
Always Bought
Boars tho ,
Thirty Years
Kaal CofX ' Wtapps.
car-w ' L,.,;aJ.,aa
Water Recedes and Work of Repair
ing is Begun.
Paris, Feb. 1. Improvement In the
general situation continues and the
spirits of the Parisiana are rising as
the waters fall. Street hawkers are
selling postcard pictures of the flood
ana tne boulevards are once more gay
with thousands.
With the crisis past, the mercuria
French temperament faces tha subsid
mry troubles with a light heart, but
the papers already are warning the
people that measures must be taken to
avoid a repetition of the disaster.
The prefect of the department of the
Seine has issued instructions to the
owners of flooded bouses to clean and
isinfect their premises to the satis
faction of the municipal architects
within 24 hours after the subsidence of
the waters.
The government has ordered the tax
collectors to show the greatest len
iency to delinquents, and the Mont de
Pie to is extending pawn tickets for
three months.
Public and private benevolence
continues to respond to the call of the
sufferers. Theaters and societies are
organizing benefits, while the various
race courses are arranging a big
meeting for the spring, the receipts of
men will go to the poor. A resolu
tion has been introduced in the cham
ber of deputies asking the government
to award special crosses of the Lear on
of Honor to those who have been con
spicuous in the rescue work.
Although the papers are nrintlnir
columns of pitiful stories, a hundredth
part of the horror hever will be
known. Many corpses have been swept
down river, and occasionally a corpse
is found In a boat, broken away from
some funeral procession.
Tafi's Brother Is Worse.
Los Angeles, Feb. 1. The condition
of Henry W. Taft, brother of the pres
ident, wno is in a local hospital suffer
ing with an attack of erysipelas, took
turn lor the worse ton trht Mr.
Taft has been' attended by Dr. Wil
liam A. Edwards, of this city, his
brother-in-law. Tonight Dr. Edwards
reported that the patient had develop
ed more alarimng symptoms, a light
lever having let In and evidences of a
spread of the infection having ap
peared. President Taft has been noti
fied of the sudden change for the worse.
Suffrage Union Bsrs Meat.
New York, Feb. 1. The Gotham
beef party, named in memory af tho
Boston Tea Party, was formed today
by the National women's progressive
suffrage anion, which hss been active
in the campaign Strsinnt hlirhar et '
living. Mrs. Sophia Loeblno-er and
others addressed an open-air crowd in
maamon square. Mrs. Loeb nirer said
she and her asslocates proposed to
open public cooking schools in the
streets, to tescb cooking without meat.
Trust Attorney Testifies.
Chicago, Feb. l.The federal orand
jury ioaay resumed Ita investigation
Pacific Roads Must Face Trial by
Nk April.
Washington, Jan. St. The president
has determined to press to a conclusion
the pending suit against the Union and
Southern Pacific Kailroad companies,
looking to a dissolution of the merg.r,
and today concluded to deny the appli
cation of Mr. Lovett, llsrrloisn's suc
cessor, for a dismissal of the suit
Soon after Judge Lovett and a num
ber of influential railroad people ap
pealed to the president to stUash pro
ceedings before Judge Vandsvsnler'a
court in Salt take City., Mr Taft,
following the course that had been-
A Vet..te tea. mm.
rata Is ths land of lb onion -a
!ai-t h!-B t-tuitd Mr tfuaw. the
Aor of "Spain of To.lsr," to fall Into
Jte epnetiuVd y r:
All returned tr!''rs sr sure te
ipprerlste It fr Its fa'liu fi.r truth
father than l' r-roMan. to the
'iorro of "I'be Aacleut Mariner."
(Jarilr. arlle eer .liste
fcsccpl in hl "U il'U-a.
t. htvel i. bear .aaa.
Al.ar K4. In ASIfii', aec. a
t t(i,-, b. i. i..! t.. .. . 4. h lt.
uri , ri. tl.. lu i f- t it( its! fc't At
il 'In ts'ttt Sit.i !... c. ; .- l"tl -t
lmu a tawtet, la Bojl.S. I.
lea atr.a.l.rr.
"Whn I returned frm our po"1-'
sarty last nl!il my !? )ul Uwiaad
,lta; nut a rj was swkrn."
"My allt loosed at me. tw, anl I
Iju'I tl:ra that a moii a us
A W.aasa o.l.t.a.
"rltii: of ... lli.i . . I' d Uka te
Ihoar you mmiviUiu$ tit tl. ti1un
I'uii. h that
"Toy rati"! ahuw me nnthln' Jak
Johnsons "l a iuto h thai has all
Ihem furrliters saain fur hcaatli!--Chlcasu
Mrs CVu)aier nodsad bar httahaai.
"JMiitt," she askad, in a k vajaaj
"hat la that man la uiiir.m. sWlasn
"lia s txitilina a aamt.1. ef the aiaseM
phar tn (hi ear. aasweieit Mr, Ckat-I
'W hat's he doing that fr
"Ita a soing u wee It aa a la'tUteSt!
What did yo StteeT
t..a4 I Make Sal.
"Wouldn't yeti like to try a tot tie
my tt.iata4 eye tamnfl l).ly M
"No: iht's ntiihins what.tsr cm
n.,!i.-r wiiti my "
Vlt. ire etut!lr fW rataaetaal
enrn.. Asa vtn remedy I su n M
1 rnta
Painless Dentistrv
V fjrP-' ... . ". , I m -M ra.
, ' A: 3 Ulmanmm Sm.
But Attorney General Wickershsm
reached a different conclusion In the
Pacific railroad merger case, and todsy
he handed to President Tsft a volumln
ous report, conclutions of which justi
fied the president in the announcement
that there waa a good rase against the
railroads, following ths decision in the
Northern Securities litigation. There
fore, proceedings at Salt Uke City
will be pressed.
The status of the esse at present Is
mis: i ne government has put in its
testimony. The defense must begin in
April and the usual evidence in rebut
tal must be submitted thereafter.
Then the case will go to that novel tri
bunal of four judges providrd by the
anti-trust act, known as the expediting
court, and doubtli-sa in the end It will
come before the Supreme court of the
United States.
.TOT-TO """ft th -cIM-beV
breakfsst, and frequent ht.d.cnc., i ,ru,V R'Pb Crews, general counsel
ahk L . . . . t n " vhstt ru eft I' iasri sa 1 hm nl l a. aw sata ae. a h a
w c ii ne sees your COSteatonrue, DC Will . .--v,.., .iik iniJany, tes
ssy, " Tou are bilious." Aver'a Pin. unea.
tt c i won wen in sucn esses.
II, J. As s..i Mass ay the J. q.aarOo., lawrau, llass,
Children Forced to Work
imcago, Jan. Si. High prices for
rooa in Ohlesgo are driving ehil Iran to
wora. in tha last three months 1,000
more permits nave been aaked of the
state factory Inspector's office th. u
the corresponding three months a yesr
ku. i nis is an increase of more than
v1 nu it is attributed not to
any suouen demand of emnloves fr ih.
services or minors, but to the necessi
ties oi wont ingmen's families, which
have compelled children
i . w
uuy itwa.
Builds Aeroplane Qsrsge.
Chicago. Jan. 81. Th li..k.t...
- ariashsiawiiis.
noiei, an exclusive hosttilryfor million-
miirm, now nesrine COnin et on in it.:.
city, win nave the twentieth fl,y,
i.u up as an aeroplane garage
I lea tvals....J L' I . .a - n
.. v.....u mis is me llrst serious
attempt in mis country to provide fr
the coming method of travel.
gersof tho Hlackstone say they feel
u , aeroplane travel will be
Kon.rai in me course of a f ( w years
at the outside, and that the majority
of their patrons will own airship. nd
the garage will be popular.
Panama Libel Suit Dismlassd.
New York, Jan. 31.Th. i,u..
ment against the Press Publishing :,.
pany, publishers of the N.. yt
World, chsrglnir Joaenh P..i.
others with criminal libel ."s
Theotors Roosevelt, President T.f
uiL?", In the
...v, uisirici court. Judi,
Hough ruled that the at...... Z?l
hich the Indictment T. "r"
., Ilu jurisuiction.
New Csblret Rebuffed.
Budapest, Jan. 81 An ...i..
was met by ths recentlv form-j t,.1?
sr,wyithb.nef,wh,,nth- ch"nb
day with a large majority voted .
want of confidence In the mlnUtV
The orem er tnW , h. a , "',n,,lrJ.
unsbl. to decide immed ately wn.th
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Mayer Special Merit School Shoe
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Mayer boot & shoe CO.

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