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Money In Poultry.
There is money in poultry ruising if it
is conducted on a business Imsis, by
doing the right thing at the right time,
and not putting off until tomorrow what
had better be doge today. The Pacific
coast is a first rate country in which to
pursue this business, as the prices are
better here the year round than in most
Procure good stock to commence with,
and such fowls as will produce the results
for which you are aiming. If you want
eggs, get t.Ue strain that produces the
greatest number. If it is market poultry
you desire, get some of the larger breeds
which are noted for their early maturity.
Cleanliness is one of the most essential
requisites. If your houses are kept
scrupulously clean and free from vermin,
the fowls will be much less apt to catch
diseases than if they have to live in filth.
Pay close attention to every detail. Ex
amine them carefully every day and as
you detect the least sign of droopiness or
lack of appetite in any of them, tind out
the reason and treat accordingly.
Do not expect to make a fortune out of
a five dollar investment the first year, but
stick to it; increase your flock with your
stock of experience, and do not try to do
too much at first.
Now get in and help The BAMCH to
grow and we will give you the experience
of older heads in the business.
The Ail-Around Fowl.
Of the many breeds of fowls that have
trained popular favor none has held its
own with the old favorite, the Barred
Plymouth Rock. This beautiful bird was
admitted to the American Standard of
Perfection in 1883, and no other has so
met the requirements of an all around
As a broiler it is unexcelled, as it
reaches that age quickly. It lays early
and averages as many eg^s as auy of the
setting breeds. Its eggs are large and
rich. It makes the best of mothers, being
contented and even-tempered. As poultry
it is plump, and the rich yellow flesh
makes delicious eating.
There is deplorable ignorance as to the
appearance and qualifications of the
breed. la almost every barnyard flock
are specimens which the owner will
declare are Plymouth Koeks, when in
reality they bear but very slight resem
blance to this chicken. The male should
weigh, at least 9.. pounds and the female
eight pounds. The beak an 1 legs are a
beautiful yellow. The under color is a
grayish white, while each feather is
legularly curved with bars of blue-black,
which gives a bluish tinge to the plum
age. The comb of the cock should be
perfectly upright and straight, with even
and well defined serrations and free from
side springs. The comb of the hen is
small but should answer in every respect
to the same qualifications as the cock's.
The wattles in both cock and hen are of
medium size.
It has taken many years of constant
and careful breeding to bring the Ply
mouth Rock to its present degree of per
fection, but by proper mating it is the
easiest of all parti-colored fowls to breed
to color. One poultryman tells me that
it was impossible to fill all orders for
eggs last spring or for fowls last fall.
There seems to be a greater demand for
this breed than for any other. —E. M. C.
in Northwest Horticulturist.
lOur Poultry Editor is Harry H. Collier, No. 950
C St.. Tacoma. Address him on all Poultry
The pure Plymouth Rock "holds it own"
Short articles, founded on experience, are
always welcome.
When eggs are sold by weight the small
breeds will hardly b« "in it"
A mixture of Leghorn blood makes a
rustling fowl and a good layer.
About 50 fowls constitute a fair sized
family for comfort, health and profit.
Nothing better than crude petroleum for
scaly legs in fowls. If you think so let Thk
Ranch know what it is.
Poultry will not thrive in a swine wallow.
Ergo, choose high, dry ground for the
chicken yard and house.
Chickens fatten best wheu given a full
feed fust before going to roost, and also the
first thing in the morning.
Many who keep fowls lose enough by
wasting the manure to pay for all the feed.
A bushel of hen manure is worth a silver
This month watch for roup. Once started
it is a most dangerous disease, difficult to
eradicate. Good care is better than trust
ing to luck.
Save all of the chickea manure for the
early garden; it makes the best of fertilizers.
At the same time you will keep your poultry
house clean.
Nev«»r give y iur bird* more food thau
they will pick up at one time. Scatter the
grain over a large area. In that way the
weaker fowls will be sure to get their share.
Fifty million eggs are used in the United
States every day. At 20 cents a dozen this
would amount to $333,333. And yet the
poultry interest is considered a rery small
Consumers are finding out the difference
between fresh ranch eggs and the pickled
shells from over the Rocky range. Estab
lish a reputation for your e»*g product and
you can always get an extra price.
If you have a small orchard, plan for
another year to keep 100 fowls to every
acre. They will destroy many insects and
it really means two crops from the same
ground, each benefited by the other.
Many farms are able to profitably keep
two or tbrw times m many fuvli m they do
now, but the owners are indifferent to these
little animals, which with care will net a
good profit during the least busy months of
the year.
At the meeting of the American Poultry
association in Chicago, the following new
breeds were admitted to the standard: In
dian Games, Buff Leghorns, Buff Plymouth
Rocks, Buff Wyandottes, Black, White,
Partridge and Cuckoo Bantams, Sil »er and
Gold Campines, and Birchen Games.
Cream Cups.
In winter dairying we find a quick market
for odds and ends of grain and rough foddtr,
by feeding it to the cows.
The money value of rich food as com
pared with poor is largely increased when
fed to rich cows instead of poor cows.
Statisticians have it that in 1885 tie
assessed value of the cows in the United
States was $700,000,000; more than the
capital of all the national banks at that time.
Thus, it is estimated that the annual daily
butter product exceeds in value that of lum
ber, wheat and iron combined.
•'Good wine in old bottles" is pcor
econony, as we know from the ancients.
Apply that lesson in getting together that
dairy. It does not pay to feed poor cows.
One good Guernsey will make more butter
than six scrubs, consume only a sixth of
the feed and require a sixth of the atten
tion. So it will pay better to buy good
cows at $100 each, than to keep poor ones
at $20.
Breeder of Wyandottes,
Plymouth Rocks, Pekin Ducks.
Dealer hi all kinds of poultry and poultry sup*
plies, books, boue mills, bone m*>al, wire netting,
incubators, etc. Ageiu for all the leading poul
try lournals. Send stamp for auswer to com
municatiou. Three Bared P. Rock cockerels
for sale cheap.
819 Hall St., Tacoma, Wash.
Breeder of Light and Dark Brah
mas and Houdans.
Enclose stamp for auswer.
LIVE HORSES that require .
A 1, XXX HARNESS. -**-
First Street, North Yakima. •-><
Also* full live VMeriuary Remedlon. J

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