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Prom an Bngllafa Magailne.
People called him "Soapy," in ironi
cal allusion to his unwashed state.
Some would ask him when he
was going to sport his two "grays"
and retire. The boys hailed him as
"Golden Syrup Sandwich," which was
supposed to contain a delicate hint at
the treacley character of his ordinary
Certain it was that Tobias, or, as he
was commonly called, Bias, took very
little notice of this, but went patiently
on, existing- id rag's and hardship.
With his donkey tandem and shaky
makeshift of a cart, he hawked fish
around the countryside, and when
there was no fish to hawk he became a
traveling- green grocer's shop, and
when that line of business was not
brisk he sold scouring sand —for you
must know that Bias was a man of in
finite resources in his way, and was cer
tainly the most enterprising and active
individual in his village.
It was said that he was left an orphan
at an early aye; that when offered by
the parson the chance of going- to
school, he could not afford the time;
that when he grew to be a youn.,'- man
he could not afford to marry; that all
through his life he could not afford
anything to any one, and now, at the
age of 75, he could not afford to live.
Yet it was pitiful to see the old man
hobbling 1 at the tail of his remarkable
cart, in all weathers, amid the jeers,
and often the fish-offal puttings, of the
villagers. The old man bore the hard
ness of his life with a certain philo
sophic indifference, and was known
many a time to have lent a helping 1
hand to his enemies.
A wretched, mud-built hut of one
story, with a small, dirt}' window,
perched on the end of the coy
was what Bias called home. At the
back of this a still more wretched
shanty, roofed by an old disused in
verted boat, formed the stable and
cart house. Bias lived all alone; no
one ever went to his hut but mischiev
ous boys, who would peer into the
window and annoy the old man as he
lay without fire and light on the straw
bed on Sundays. Such was Bias; and.
if you will allow the term, such was
his life.
One day a chance remark or reflec
tion set speculation rife in the village,
for it was remembered that the well
known form of Bias had not been seen
for nearl}' two days. This news com
ing to the parson, he set out at once
for the hut of Bias, and on the way,
as though struck with a prophetic
sense of the old man's state, he called
for the village doctor and carried him
along with him to the old man.
(fort —s^ffl?BJE^s— (hQ
Sp^T Homeopathic,
&*L j^S^ Hydropathic,
s*" ■ 3f^ Eclectic,
S/^/ . Herbal. ■
This great work of 477 MOM lias been sold to the number of 250,CC0 copies. It is
endorsed by prominent physicians, and declared to be a reliable and most valuable book
for family use. A plain, practical and reliable guide for detection and treatment of com
mon diseases. Gives, especially, the treatment prescribed by each of the schools; direc
tions for nursing the sijk. Its object in to promote health in the family, and enable one
to determine whether it is necessary or not to call a physician. Such information in the
early stages is of utmost importance.
It comprises diseases of the Skin, AlFec- J"*"^*^ii i,,., -^
tions of the Mind, the Head, Eyes, Kare, l^goo^Z^o^io^
Nose. Face, Lips, Jaws, Teeth, Mouth, _-r^^^^^^^^^^^^^^*^
Throut, Windpipe, Chest, Stomach, and f&S^^
Bowils; diseases of Women and Infants; S^^gp- ft^^ _^^^^
miscellaneous diseases, Rheumatism, Gout;
Crampß, Sleeplessness, etc.; Accidents, Murs- _
ing, Poisons and Antidotes; H.iths of all B|jji|^~~— v^Jl^
kinds; sur^ioid prescriptions and treatment J&^)[>
in all cases till the doctor comes; Home . F/!* /JuJß'^e
treatment of all simple cases; Pharmacy; rbv/^ '^Y "**^O^lCl^*
Preparation of poultices, foments infusions, jLJ^• OICIA Xl -*^tm!s^»
liniments, ointments, ponders, tinctures, 9Sffea?~^ *Jjr£^r£\t\
etc ; glossary or scientific ami technical '^Wrk^Lj
terms; Table of symptoms, etc. Sl^^ VT« .^^
The retail price of this gnat work was |*os§^^^^S
We have come into possession of nearly 400 y/^
copies of the book, nicely bound in cloth.
A copy of this valuable book will be given to any subscriber to The Ranch, whose
subscription is paid in advance, and who shall send us two new yearly subscriptions at
$1.00 each, prepaid. The book will he delivered at this office, or will be sent by mail
prepaid, to any party outside the county on the above terms.
Yakiraa Publishing Company, ;

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