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Almighty God Himself, in whom we
live and move and have our being.
He has made us all, from the jellyfish
to the philosopher, 'of one blood for
to dwell on all the face of the earth,'
and the individual living a long time
and learning as he grows, it is the
race that gathers wisdom, changing
form and habit of existence to fit en
vironment."—Harvey Sutherland in
A decibion rendered by the Superior
Court of San Jose. Cal., on May 16
holds that a nursery must sell trees
that will grow and bear fruit; that
they must approach the standard of
their kinds; and in case the trees do
not grow because of their condition
at the time of sale, or are not stand
ard, then the nurseryman is liable for
the damages caused.
About a year ago L. P. Brackett, a
l'ruit grower of Santa Clara, bought
some fruit trees'of H. Martens and
set out three acres. After three years
of care and culture the trees, which
never had made but a moderate
growth, died. Suit was brought
against the' nurseryman for damage,
and the judgment rendered gives Mr.
Brackett $1,500.
The suit turned on the word "mer
chantable." Expert testimony was
furnished to show what a fruit tree
must be to reach the standard ex
pected by law. The court decided
that any person who is deceived into
buying trees that only encumber the
ground, but never thrive or bear fruit,
is entitled to be recompensed to the
amount Of the actual loss sustained.
For Selling Impure Food. A Hard
Fought Trial Is Expected.
At Dayton, Ohio, a grocer named
John L. Schuster has been arrested
for selling Arbuckle's Ariosa Coffee.
The Pure Food Department of Ohio
• laini that the glazing or Ariosa Cof
fee makes it unsaleable in that state.
This interests other grocers, because
similar actions are likely to be
brought against them for selling Ar
buckle's or any other coffee that has
been glazed or coated.
The trial has been set for June 2nd.
It is understood that the Arbuckles
will send New York lawyers to de
fend the case. The Pure Food and
Dairy Commissioner Joseph H. Black
burn, will employ the best legal tal
ent he can secure to represent the
state's side of the case. The laws of
Ohio are very strict in defending the
people against impure food. It is
<iaimed that Arbuckle's Coffe is im
pure, because it is covered with a
glazing that serves to cover up de
fects and make the coffee look better
than it really is, and that this glaz-
Kis cheaper than coffee. Every one
who drinks coffee will be interested
in the outcome.
The Oregonian notes that the new
•'-operative commission house to be
in Portland, the capital
for which has been raised by sub
scriptions among the readers of that
c^y and the country trade tributary.
'" meeting with discouragement from
• vather unexpected source. The lead-
S brokers announce that they will
'* sell stock to the concern, as it is
t!'eir business to deal with jobbers,
"<l, the Portland Exchange being a
'tail concern, they do not recognize
!t« right to purchase through the same
hannels as does the wholesale mer
chant, it is very probable that, with
the cash to buy, this difficulty will
not be of a serious character —but
there are others.
A great deal of Interest is being
manifested on account of the introduc
tion in this territory of the Livermore
Self-Feeder made especially for thresh
ing machines. It is such a simple ar
rangement that wherever grain is cut
by headers it is safe to say no thresher
will be running with anything but a
Livermore Feeder before many, months
pass by. It practically does away with
nearly the entire item of expense in
keeping up the feeder in repairs. It
uandles all kinds of grain. Baker &
Hamilton of San Francisco, who first
introduced the Benicia Rotary Disc
Plow into this territory are the sell
ing agents and are ready to give full
particulars regarding same.
will be made by the Northern Pacific
on June 28th, July Ist and 3rd, to
St. Paul and return, $52.00; to Chi
cago and return, $72.00. Tickets good
for stopover, with final limit f sixty
days. For all information and tick
etc call on or write to I. A. Nadeau,
Genl. Agent, Seattle.
Round trip rate to St. Paul, and
$72.00 to Chicago. These reduced
rates will be made by the Northern
Pacific Ry. account of Eagles meet
ing at Minneapolis. Tickets on sale
May 25th and 29th. Your ticket
should read good on the famous North
Coast Limited.
Because a scrub cow occasionally
proves to be a fine milker, don't jump
to the conclusion that 'scrubs are just
as good as any." What is desired is
certainty all the time as to what you
will get.
The following prices are being of
fered to the producer by the local
dealers for delivery in round lots on
the dock and in the car at Seattle:
Grain—Oats, $30; barley [email protected];
wheat, chicken feed, [email protected]; bran,
$16; shorts, $17.
Hay—Puget sound, [email protected];
eastern Washington timothy [email protected]
Alfalfa—sll per ton.
Poultry—Live hens, [email protected]^c; old
roosters, 8c; live turkeys, 12V 2 @
13c; ducks, 13c; geese, [email protected]
Live Stock—Choice beef cattle,
cows, 3y 2 @4c; steers, 4% ©5*4; choice
sheep, [email protected] I,ic; hogs, live, [email protected]}ic.
calves, [email protected]
Hides, Pelts and Wool—Heavy and
salted steers, over 60 lbs, 8c; medium,
sound, per lb, 7^c; light, sound, under
60 lbs, 7c; cows, sound, all weights,
7c; stags, bulls and oxen, sc; salted
kips, 7c; calves, per lb, 8c; green
hides, lc less than salted; dry hides,
per lb, 13c; dry culls, summer deer,
per lb, 20 @ 25c; winter deer, dry, 14
<g>2oc; paper deer, [email protected]; dry elk,
[email protected]; green elk, [email protected]; sheep pelts,
[email protected]$l; shearlings, [email protected]; Eastern
Washington wool, [email protected]; Western
Washington wool, 13c; dirty or timber
stained. [email protected]; tallow, 2%@4M»c;
grease, l%@2c.
Butter—Ranch, [email protected]; Washing
ton creameries, 1-lb prints, 20c; East
ern, 20c; California, 18c.
Cheese —Native Washington, 13 @
14c; Eastern, [email protected]; half-skim, [email protected]
8c; California, 12c.
Strawberries, [email protected]; gooseber
ries, $1(g)1.26.
Eggs—Strictly fresh ranch, 19
Comb Honey—California comb, 12Vi
c; 2-lb frames, 12% c; strained, [email protected]£c
Poultry—Live hens, [email protected]; ducks,
14c; geese, [email protected]
Vegetables—Potatoes, [email protected]; Yak
iraa, $35; new, [email protected]^4; beets, [email protected]
per sack; rutabagas, [email protected] per sack;
game, 8c; radishes, 10c; green onions,
10c per doz; squash, $1.50; celery, 60
@75c; cauliflower, [email protected]; dry on
ions, $3.50; spinach, [email protected] per box;
lettuce, $1.60; green peas, [email protected]; as
paragus, native, [email protected]$l case; toma
toes, [email protected]; rhubarb, native, 2®
3c; wax beans, [email protected]
Send the Names
Of any persons whom you know may have
the Western fever, with any knowledge
you have regarding them, and I will gladly
see that they receive Information about
the Northwest and Its future possibilities,
and the low rates now prevailing to all
points In the Northwest. For further In
formation address any agent of the North
crn Pacific Ry., or
No stockbreeder can be
successful without
adverti sin
Classified Wants
Wanted position as assistant in
milk dairy supplying city trade, or in
creamery. Understand the dairy bus
iness, including pasteurizing, bottling,
etc. Address A 8., Care.The Ranch,
FOR SALE —No. 5 Empire Separator, 550
lbs. per hour capacity ; 60-gal. churn, all
In good condition, and ' will be sold on
terms to suit. Ward T, Smith, Tacoma,
Wash. '
WANTED—Position as butter or cheese
maker. Can take full charge ; Irst-class
references; had long experience. Ad
dress, A 3, The Ranch.
bOR SALE—Pure bred Jersey • bull calf.
Sired by King of the Ledges. This ani
mal is of the finest breeding. Price $50.00.
C. M- Smith, Beacon Place, Seattle.
WANTED —Local agents in every county
in Eastern Washington to sell the new
improved REID SEPARATOR. Good
commission allowed. Address Fred Red
lg, General Agent, 908 West St., Seattle,
Satisfaction from cattle raising.—Send to
L. K. Cogswell, Chehallß, Wash., for a start
in Red Polls. They are gentle, hardy and
profitable in every way. A dozen bulls now
for sale; prize winning stock. Orders taken
for heifers. Send at once for Red Polled
__ r --. —-j..__^_ WEST COAST
ji^^^Jl W: B« by T|t ; Bnd Mld( in the West.
I'lalsilzSiMr CO-Egg Size, $ 7.00
l§§339l§S§p 100-EggSize, 10-00
3 iT^^^Tlffi^ Best Ventilation and Heat.
tL^** h| J? Best Moisture System.
'-*^' pj l<- Send for catalogue.
vr 3004 Alaska Annul, TACOHA.WASH
Bad Eggs
That's about all you have left when
you depend on a fussy old hen.
You want to use
You remember it. It's the one that
has taken 342 first premiums—more
than all other incubators combined.
Used exclusively by the Department of
Agriculture, at Washington.
Write for the large 150 page cata
logue, No. 555.
Let your chickens and hogs sleep at
night on a board, roost, clean floor, or
straw bedding, sprinkled or painted
•with Lee's Lice Killer. Next morn
ing you will find all body-lice lying
dead on the painted floor.
Lea's Lice Killer it a liquid lice and
mite-killing paint which kills not
only all insects that it touches but
also forms a gas which penetrates the
rete from uce. '
feathers of fowls and bristles of hogs,
killing all insects on their bodies. It
I easiest to use, least bodies. It
is the easiest to use, least expensive,
strongest, safest, and best—sure
death to all insects. Sold at all im
portant towns. Send for catalogue
of poultry and stock supplies and
name of nearest agent. Lee's Lice
Killei is never sold in bulk. See that • ■
every can bears above trade-mark I
with our name and address. ■
_^ - CEO. H. LEE CO., Omaha, Nab. M
Eggs —Balance of season $1.00 and
$1.50 per 15.
Twenty pens of White Rocks for
sale, after May 15. Pens to consist of
4 good breeders and 1 cock, a full bro
ther to Highland Snowflake. Ist prize
bird at Seattle show. Price ot pens,
$10 and $12. Also a few Barrea Rock
Cocks at $2.50 to $3.00 each.
Barred and white jHHiV
MAN'S Vnpr
"• NELSON'S i~~
Win at any show. Eggs from the best yard of Bar
red Plymouth Rocks 93 a setting: Light Brahman,
*2 a setting. Eggs from good breeders of Barred
Roc sor Brown Leghorns $1 a setting.
1113 33d Street, ; Everett. Wash.
North Yaklma, Wash.
Breeder of pure bred Black Mlnorcas,
White Rocks, S. C. Brown, White and Buff
Leghorns, Golden and Silver Laced Wyan
dottes, Anconas, S. L. Hamburgs and P.
Cochins. Eggs $1.50 for 13. or $2.50 for
26; Bronze turkey eggs $1.50 for 10. :
Eggs for hatching $1.50 per 13; best
layers, hardy, farm-bred stock for salt.
H. Ralston, Leavenworth, Wb.
Catalogue free of the best Brown and
White Leghorns, Minorcas, Brahmas, B. P.
Rocks, White Crested Polish. FRED A.
JOHNSON, 518 S. 35th St., Tacoma, Wash.
White and Buff Wyandottes
Good farm raised birds that hare plenty
of range. Strong, vigorous stock that lay
eggs and win prizes. Young stock for sale.
Eggs in season at $3.00 per setting of 15.
E. P. SANFORD, North Yakima, Wash.
Eggs for hatching from hens that aver
age upwards of 180 eggs per year—S. t..
Brown Leghorns; White Plymouth Rocks:
Barred Plymouth Rocks. Price, $2.00 per
setting of 13 $3.50 per 2 settings $5.00
per 3 settings. Orders booked any .tlm*
and filled in order from and after February
Ist. H. L. BLANCHARD, Hadlock, Wash.
Eggs for Incubator hatching: 50, $3.00 ;
100, $5.00.
Black Mlnorcas—l3 eggs, $2; two sit
tings, $3.50.
FREEBlanchard's Poultry Book with
each order of eggs.
Plymouth : Rocks
EGGS from my prize winners $2 a sitting;
two sittings for $3; eggs from the best
laying strain of Plymouth Rocks on the
Pacific Coast. $1.50 a sitting; two sit
tings for $2; incubator stock for sale,
$5 per 100. ■
L. R. SCHOTT, North.Yaklma, Wash

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