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consulted In Its preparation. Bound In
unique wood covers. 158 pp., 12mo. $1.00.
The Ice Crop.
By Theron L. Hlles. How to harvest,
ship and use ice. A complete, practical
treatise for farmers, dairymen, ice dealers,
produce shippers, meat packers, cold storers
and all Interested in Ice houses, cold stor
age and the handling and use of ice in any
way. Including many receipts for iced
dishes and beverages. The book Is illus
trated by cuts of the tools and machinery
used in cutting and storing ice, and the
different forms of ice houses and cold stor
age buildings. 122 pp., ill., cloth, 16mo.
The Hop.
Its culture and cure, marketing and
manufacture. By Herbert Myrlck, assisted
by practical experts in successful hop cul
ture in America, England and Europe, deal-
The Study of Breeds.
By Thomas Shaw, professor of animal
husbandry, University of Minnesota. This
book gives the origin and history of all
the pedigreed breeds of cattle, sheep and
swine now found in America, in a man
ner at once brief, comprehensive and in
regular sequence. It also deals with their
present distribution. It treats of the char
acteristics of each breed, showing relative
size, adaptability, early maturity, feeding
and breeding qualities, and uses in cross
ing and grading. It also gives relative milk
production in cattle and wool production
in sheep. It gives the recognized stand
ards or scales of points where these exist,
and where they do not, standards are sub
mitted. It is a summary of condensations,
stated in a manner at once clear, concise,
comprehensive and exact. The time oc
cupied in preparing this book has covered
a large portion of 12 years. Illustrations
are given of male and female animals oi
each breed that are true to the type. For
farmer, breeder or student, the book 16
the one complete and reliable guide. Up
ward of 400 pages, nearly 100 full-page
ij'ates, cloth, 12mo. $1.50
l'he American Standard of Perfection.
The recognized standard work on poul
try in this country, adopted by the Ameri
can poultry association. It contains a
complete description of all the recognized
varieties of fowle, including turkeys, ducks
and geese; gives Instructions to Judges;
glossary of technical terms and nomencla
ture. It contains 278 pages handsomely
bound In cloth, embellished with title in
gold on front cover. 1.00
Broilers for Profit.
By Michael K. Boyer. A practical guide
to successful broiler raising for market.
Written mainly from the experience of the
pioneer broiler raisers in this country. Pa
per • 50
The Practical Fruit Grower.
By S. T. Maynard. Just what the be
ginner needs and the successful fruit man
practices. Illustrated. Cloth. 50 cents.
The Cider Maker's Handbook.
By J. M. Trowbridge. A complete guide
for the making and keeping of pure cider.
Fully illustrated. Cloth, 12mo. $1.00.
Feeds and Feeding.
By W. A. Henry, dean of the college of
agriculture and director of the agricultural
experiment station, University of Wiscon
sin. This large and handsome volume is
an exhaustive compendium of useful knowl
edge, to date, in the broad field covered
by the title. In its preparation the exten
sive experiments conducted by investigat
ors in the. old world as well as the work of
American experiment stations have all been
carefully garnered, sifted, compared and
arranged in the best form possible, care
being taken to give the subject matter a
practical, helpful bearing to the farmei
and stockman. The numerous tables con
tained are well digested and arranged in
form to convey quickly and accurately to
the mind the data and summaries of re
sults of feeding trials, analyses of feeding
stuffs by the ohemlsts, digestion work, etc.,
etc. The one up-to-date manual on this
most important topic. Cloth, Bvo., 675
pages. $2.00
Testing Milk and Its Products.
By E. H. Farrington and F. W. Woll. A
manual for dairy students, creamery and
cheese factory operators and farmers. All
the questions Involved in the various meth
ods of testing milk and cream are handled
with rare skill, and yet In so plan a man
ner that they can be fully understood by
all. The book will be found invaluable to
every dairyman and buttermaker, and
should be in the hands of everyone Inter
ested in the subject. Cloth. Bvo. Illus
trated. $100
American Dairying.
By H. B. Gurler. A practical treatise
on dairy farming and the management of
creameries. The book is in two parts. I
on private dairying. II on creamery man-
Pasteurization and Milk Preservation.
By J. H. Monrad. A complete treatise
on pasteurization, sterilization and the pres
ervation and selling of milk In general. Il
lustrated, paper. .50
five Hundred Questions and Answers.
In poultry raising. With chapters on
rhe feed and care of poultry, diseases, eggs,
incubation, buildings and miscellaneous que
ries on turkeys, geese and ducks. Bvo. Pa
per -25
Itiley on the Mule.
Ky Harvey Rlley. A treatise on the feed-
Ing and training of the mule, and the uses
The Farmer'B Veterinary Adviser.
By Prof. James Law. A guide to the pre
vention and treatment of diseases In do
mestic animals. This Is one of the best
works on this subject, and is especially de
signed to supply the need of the busy Amer
icaD farmer, who can rarely avail himself
of the advice of a scientific veterinarian.
It is brought up to date and treats of the
prevention of disease as well as of the rem
edies. Cloth, Bvo. $3.00
Dadd'a American Cattle Doctor.
By George 11. Dadd, V. S., twenty-five
years a leading veterinary surgeon In Eng
land and the United States, and author or
the "American Reformed Horse Book.' A
complete work on all the diseases of cat
tle, sheep and swine including every dis
ease peculiar to Amei\c« and embracing all
the latest information on the cattle plague
and trichina; containing also a guide to
symptoms, a table of weights and measures
and a list of valuable medicines. Cloth,
Bvo. Illustrated. 2.00
The Nut Culturist.
By Andrew S. Fuller. A treatise on the
propagation, planting and cultivation of
nut-bearing trees and shrubs adapted to
the climate of the United States, with the
scientific and common names of the fruits
known in commerce as edible or otherwise
useful nuts. Intended to aid the farmer
to increase his income without adding to
his expenses or labor. Cloth, 12mo. $1.50.
Small Fruit Culturist.
By Andrew S. Fuller. The book covers
the whole ground of propagating small
fruits, their culture, varieties, packing for
market, etc. It is very finely and thoroughly
illustrated, and makes an admirable com
panion to "The Grape Culturist." Cloth,
12mo. $1.00.
Uuck Culture.
By James Rankin. Natural and arti
ficial. Fully Illustrated. Paper. .25
Stoddard's The New Egg Farm.
Or, the management of poultry on a large
scale for commercial purposes. A practi
cal manual and reliable handbook upon
producing eggs and poultry for market as a
profitable business enterprise, either by It
self or connected with other branches of
agriculture. By H. H. Stoddard, for many
years editor American Poultry Journal, The
Poultry Weekly, author of An Egg Farm,
etc., etc. Mr. Stoddard's first book, "An
Kgg Farm," has had the largest sale of
any standard poultry book. The present
is an entirely new work, three times as
large, summarizing the lessons of all ex
perience In the recent vast development of
the poultry industry. It is the only up-to
date manual on commercial poultry rais
ing Nearly 150 illustrations, 331 pages,
12m0.. cloth. *l-00
Land Draining.
By Manly Miles. On the principles of
draining, giving the results of his extended
experience in laying tile drains. The dlrec
tions for the laying out and the construc
tion of tile drains will enable the farmer
to avoid the errors of Imperfect construc
tion and the disappointment that must nec
essarily follow. Cloth, 12mo. $1.00.
The Secrets of Health, or How Not to be
Sick and How to Oet Well from Bicknesa.
By S. H. Platt, A. M., M. D., late mem
ber of the Connecticut Eclectlcal Medical
Society, the National Eclectical Medical As-
The Dairy Calf.
Breeding and Raising. By L. S. Hardin.
A careful and minute description of the
correct system for raising dairy calves.
The whole work is characterized by the
never-failing current of sound common
sense. Paper, 12mo .25
Cattle Breeding.
By William Warfleld. This work is by
common consent the most valuable and pre
eminently practical treatise on cattle breed
ing ever published in America, being the ac
tual experience and observance of a prac
tical man. Cloth, 12mo. $2.00
Youatt and Spooner on the Horse.
By Hon. Henry S. Randall. The struc
ture and diseases of the horse, remedies,
rules to buyers, breakers, shoers, etc.
Youatt's work somewhat simplified and
brought down by W. C. Spooner, M. R.
C. V. S. ; to which is prefixed an account
of the breeds in the United States and
Canada. Illustrated by numerous engrav
ings. 12mo. $100
The Practical Horseahoer.
This work treats of and illustrates proper
shape of shoes for different diseases of the
feet, the various methods of shoeing vicious
and ugly horses and mules, and a great
variety of tools suitable and useful Id
horse shoeing ; how to shoe horses to cure
contraction, tc prevent interfering or over
reaching, beet method of treating corns—
whether Cv,.C or hot fitting is best, etc
Cloth, 12mo 100
Sander's Horse Breeding.
By J. H. Sanders. Being the general
principles ot heredity appli'i to the busi
ness of breeding horses am. the manage
ment of stallions, brood mares and foals.
The book embraces all that the breeder
should know in regard to the selection of
stock, management of the stallion, brood
mare and foal, and treatment of diseases
peculiar to breeding animals. Cloth,
12mo 1.50
Coburn'a Swine Husbandry.
By F. D. Coburn. New, revised and en
larged. The breeding, rearing and man
agement of swine, and the prevention and
treatment of their diseases. It is the
fullest and freshest compendium relating
to swine breeding yet offered. Cloth. 12
--mo. $150
Animal Cagtration.
By A. Ltautard, V. S. A concise and
practical treatise on the castration of the
domestic animals. Illustrated with 44
cuts. Cloth, 12mo. $2.00
Harris on the Piy.
By Joseph llanis. The points of the
various English and American breeds are
thoroughly discussed, and the great advan
tage of using thoroughbred males clearly
shown. The work Is equally valuable to
the farmer who keeps but few .pigs, and
to the breeder on an extensive scale. Il
lustrated. Cloth. 12mo. $1.00
Diseases of Swine.
By D. MclntOßh, V. S. A text-book for
swine growers, veterinary surgeons and
students. This Is the first work exclusively
devoted to the subject published in Amer
ica. The subjects dealt with are based on
science and confirmed by experience, so
that,the reader will not have to lose time
in reading theories which are not confirmed
by facts. In the treatment of hog cholera
and other diseases which In the majority
of cases prove fatal, the author's original
and extensive investigations have thrown
considerable light on many points hitherto
but little understood. Cloth, 230 pages.
12mo. Illustrated. 52.00
There is no better time for setting
trees than late in the fall.
Many orchardists make a great mis
take planting trees too deep.
Apple trees should not be planted
on lowlands subject to overflows.
Buy the REID Cream Separator. It has
all the late improvements that go to make
a first-class separator. It has no screw
top to cause leaky bowl and wearing out of
rubbers ; no bowl vice to cause trouble to
take it apart; has only 2 gear wheels,
which saves wearing expenses and makes it
run easy. The bowl has only one piece
inside, which makes it easy to clean. We
sell Victor Combned Churns, Reid Pasturi
cers, Babcock Testers and Creamery Fix
tures. Catalogue free. Fred Redig, 908
West St., Seattle, Wash.
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Kodaks, Century, Poco and Premo
108-110 Cherry St., Seattle.
tate of Carrie V. Denny, deceased. No.
4384. Notice is hereby given by the under
signed, administratrix of the estate of Car
rie V. Denny, deceased, to the creditors
of and to all persons having claims against
said deceased, or against said estate, to
present and exhibit them with the neces
sary vouchers, within one year from the
2«th day of June, 1902, to said adminis
tratrix. at the office of Clise & King, Room
303 Globe block, Seattle, King county.
Washington, that being the nlace for the
transaction of the business of said estate
Dated June 26th, 1902.
Administratrix of the Estate of Carrie V.
Denny. Deceased.
CLISE & KING, Attorneys for Adminis
First publication June 26, 1902.
Irrigation Farming
A Handbook for the Practical Application
o! Water in the Production of Crops
THIS substantial volume presents in system
atic sequence and concise form everything
pertaining to the most modern irrigation
methods and means, thus making it the
most complete manual on the subject ever pub
lished. Its author is the recognized authority on
the whole subject of irrigation, from a practical
standpoint, every statement made is based on the
best experience, practice and science, and may be
unhesitatingly relied upon as absolutely true.
The principal chapters treat very fufly of the ad
vantages of irrigation ; relations of soils to irriga
tion; treatment of alkali; water supply; canal con
struction ; reservoirs and ponds; pip*S for irriga
tion purposes; Humes and their structure; duty and
measurement of water; methods of applying water;
irrigation of field crops, the garden, the orchard,
the vineyard and small fruits; all about alfalfa;
windmills and pumps; devices, appliances ana
contrivances; subirngation and subsoiling; seep
age and drainage; irrigation in humid regions;
common law of irrigation; glossary of irrigation
terms, etc , etc. The volume is profusely, hand
somely and practically illustrated.
5X7 Inches, 500 Pages, Cloth
Price, Postpaid, $2.00
QAVT7 MDNFV By orderlug all your
jnvr- JVIVJIN C I reading matter from us
Below Is a list of some of the leading
publications which we can furnish In com
bination with subscriptions to our journal.
In every case, subscribers can save money
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foreign countries. In column A is given
the regular retail price of each paper with
ours ; in column B are net prices for BOTH
when subscribed for in connection with our
A. B.
for both.
1.50 — Pacific Poultrymau M 1.35
2.00. . Ledger, Tacoma W ' 1.75
2. 00 . . Review, Spokane S-W 1. 60
2.50.. Oregonian, Portland W 2.20
2.50. . Examiner, S. Francisco ....W 2.30
2.00..Am. Bee Journal, Chicago.. W 1.80
2.50.. Am. Gardening, New York. . 2.20
1.50..Am. Poultry Journal, ChicagoM 1.80
2. 00..Am. Sheep Breeder, Chicago..M 1.85
1.50..Am. Swinherd, Chicago M 2.40
1.05.. Bee, Omaha, Neb W 1.80
2. 00 .. Blade, Toledo, Ohio W 1. 80
3.00. .Breeder's Gazette, Chicago, .W 2.50
500..Century Magazine, New YorkM 4.00
2.50. .Christian Herald, New York.W 2.25
2.00. .Cosmopolitan Magazine, Irv-
Ington, N. V M 1.90
2.00. .Courier-Journal, Louisville,
Ky S-W 1.70
1.75. .Enquirer, Cincinnati, O W 1.75
2.00.. Farm Poultry, Boston,
Mass S-M 1.80
2.00..Free Press, Detroit, Mich..S-W 1.80
2.00. .Gleanings in Bee Culture,
Medina, O S-M 1.80
2.00. .Globe-Democrat, St. Louis..S-W 1.80
2.00. . Good Housekeeping, Spring
field, Mass M 1.80
1.50. .Greene's Fruit Grower,
Rochester, N. V M 1.35
5.00. .Harper's Bazaar, New York..W 4.70
5.00. .Harper's Magazine, New
York M 4.70
5.00. .Harper's Weekly, New York..W 4.70
2.00. .Hoard's Dairyman, Ft. At
kinson, Wis W 1.80
2.00..1nter Ocean, Chicago, 111 ...W 1.80
1.00.. lowa State Register, Dcs
Mines. lowa W 1.45
2.00. .Leslie's Monthly, New York..M 1.90
5.00. .Leslie's Weekly, New York...W 4.60
2.00. .McClure's Magazine, New
York M 1.95
2.00. .Munsey's Magazine, New
York M 1.95
1.80. .Poultry Monthly, Albany,
N. y. M 1.40
3.so..Review of Reviews, New
York M 3.30
4.00..5t. Nicholas, New York M 3.75
4.00. .Seribner's Magazine, New
York M 3.85
4.00. .Scientific American, New
York W 3.80
2.00. .Tribune, New York W 1.50
2.00. .Tribune, Trl-Weekly, New
York 1-85
2.00. . World, TrMWkly, New
York 1-80
2.75. .Youth's Companion, Boston,
Mass W 2.50
W —Weekly. M —Monthly. S-M—Semi-
Monthly. S-W —Semi-Weekly. N—New.
R —Renewal.
No premiums with other papers are in
cluded in any of the clubbing rates, unless
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Whenever more than one paper besides
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