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I '' iSl?HHH
The TNTER-MouyTAiy Farmer and TUcrarAX, Tuesday IMonvivo, FnniujAirr n, 1002. JL5 i
There Is great profit In the produc
on of chickens and eggs In the Inter
lountaln country. No home product
rings so steady a market or such high
rices. The prices of chickens and
Kgs In the Inter-mountain country
nern" the joar around from twenty
o thirty per cent above the prices It.
he gnat market centers of the East
rn an I Central States. A Halt I.nk
icrchant Is authority for the state
nent that tho profit In the raisins of
hlckens nnd eggs Is twenty-five to
rty per cent higher than In tho pio
luctlon of livestock nnd gritn. Thl3
real Industr) should be encouraged
Anr one of the great advnntsges In
Ilther the beginning or onlirglng of
flits Industry lies In the fact that It
quire no "special skill nnd ery Ut
ile capital Almost any one can build
chlckon-house nnd keep Its Inhabl
iuits heilthy, and can successfully
pook after their multiplication. Tho
modern Incubator enables the farmer
or ranchman to produco thousinds of
chickens where only hundred could
be proluced a few enrs ago The mod
ern Incubttnr Is an Inexpensive affair,
Its management 1 simple, and can
rifely be left to tho boy or gill of the
The lntor-Mountaln runner and
Ranchman, which I tn tnkc the placo
of Tucslat's Issue of tho Semi-Weekly
Tribune beginning February 11, 100J,
desires to encourngo and assist In the
.development of chicken-raising nnd
egg-production In tho Intcr-mountaln
IHpuntry and Its editor will be pleased
jHo publish articles upon this subject.
The rallroid olllclils who were In
1'tah eslerday f,ae n patient nnd
courteous hearing to tho citizens of
bgden, nnd to the Commercial club's
fcmmlttee of this city, on the question
If the I.ucln cut-off While no formal
leclslnn was made, the final word bo
Kg with Mr llairlman, the ocpiosslin
If the rallroid visitors wcio so decld
1ly In faor of the lino ncrosn tho
north arms of the like that thete Is
no reasorablo doubt tint tho cut-oft will
be built on that survey. The Tribune
therefoie tuks occuslon to congratu
late Ogden on tho result, nnd to ussuro
the j orlc of that city that thero nro
no heart burnlnrs here: nothing but
the he rtlest good will. Whllo tho case
wus pending, of ccursa Bait Lakers dlil
what the could for the'r city, but
therehas never been the slightest ef
fort h i to arouse uny antagonism
or bitterness; those who have tried to
pi buatle them to tho contrary slan
dered this city nnd Its pcopla nnd tried
to make personal capital out of n slt
uitlon tint In fact admitted of noth
ing of the kind, but was a straight bus
iness proposition
And that was the basis of tho Judg
ment of tho railway olllclals. They
showed tint by their sureys tho dif
ference In faor of the northern lino
was sixty seen miles, and that ii very
Important lneieiseln fact, a prohibi
tive Increisc In operating expense
would bo required In tho running of
the proposed lino by the south shore
nnnuall), as enmpared with tho cost
of the north-shoro lino's operntlon The
object mainly nnd strenuously In view
b) both tho Union Pacltlo and tho
Southern raclfto railroads Is tho short
ening of dlstunco and tho reduction of
curies nnd grades A great nnd bril
liant woik has been dono In this by
the Union Paclllc, nnd tho reduction of
Pacific will ndd Its pirt, by thl3 I.ucln
cut oft and In tho elimination of grades
and curies further west. This ono cut
off will dl'posn of tho most Impartant
piece of troublcsomo road east of tbo
Sierras, to Ogden, viz. tho Promon
tory hill, which Is costly nnd slow to
surmount Tho two roads, when theso
Improvements nro made, will bo In po
sition to do their share In meeting tho
requirements toward turning tho Aus
trillnn and Chinese trndo and travel
this wn, nnd keeping It -nt least till
tho construction of tho Isthmian ca
nal bait I.nke rejoices with Ogden In the
prospect for Improved sen Ice that the,
new conditions will bring. Wo shall
hive our full shnre of theso benefits.
It I admitted that this ilty has not
received tho consldi ration that her
C .0,000 tons of Incoming fielght (coil
ing J5 000 001 tn pay for Its trans
portation), $30 000 tons of outgoing
freight (mother $S,000 000), nnd mil
lion dollirs of outgoing pussongei
travel entitled her to This will bo"
clanged. We shall, first of nil, hio
the full benefit of tho reduced grades
nnd curves nnd tho shortened time to
the Const, which should give us chenp-
Ier nnd quicker freights; nnd wo shall
hae implements In tbo trnln ser
vice such as lnvn long been needed.
Tho spirit In which Kilt Like has met
thl sltintlnn has been admirable nnd
has won the f,nnd will of tho inllioad
authorities They think more of tho
city than ocr before, nnd nio ready
to meet cery rcasonnblo demand to
advance Its Intetests The occasion has
passed off admirably, nnd tliero aio
no regiets. Tho gentlemen vhn had
the enso In their hands gave ociy erne
tho Impicsslon of cnurtciey, l.lndly nffn
blllty, excellent buslncs Judgment
and thorough Information on tho sub
ject In hand Thoy mndo nn excellent
Impression on tho rnemberB of tho Kjlt
Lake committee. Hint Is one thing
seltl. ij now for tho next good thing
for all Utnhl
(len Alger's plan to reclaim tho
deserts by raising forests nn them has
goni" inlnts, no doubt, and Is worth put
tin into effect so far n practicable
Ihu It would bo tho old question over
"gain, ' Whether la first, the egg or tho
hen?" in most of tho mid nrea, It
would he Impossible to ralso trees with
"Ut piovldlng lirlgitlon facilities to
water them, whllo tho nrei nn which
trees could be inlsed without irrigation
Is too small to have any appreciable
effect upon the climatic conditions nf
he great nrld belt. Tho forest icicrves
in tho mountnlns nt the bends of the
streams nro In lino with Hen. Alger's
suggestion, but they dor. t have, nor
could they iin expected to have, 'ny
fuithcr effect than to protect the snows
from melting too fast In tho early sum
mer sun. To get much of a forest nrea,
I such as might Induce rainfall, there
must first bo lirluutloni but when we
have that, we don t need the trees, nor
the rainfall,
Southern Pacific Will Build
Lake Trestle.
Railroad Officials Meet Salt Lake Cit
izens and Explain that the Surveys
All 1'avor Ogden-Lucln Route
Want to Shorten tho Through Lino
Line Via Salt Lake They Claim
Would be Much Longer Meeting n,
Pleasant One, but Decision Already
Favored the Lake Route.
Ogden gets the cutoff. The Southern
IMclflc will build Its line from Lucln to
Strong's Knob, thenco across the flrent
Bait Hko Into Ogden thereby saving
forty-three miles over Its present route.
This fact became known yesterday nft
crnoon, when tho railroad ofllclals met
u committee representing the Commer
cial club of Halt Lake. The meeting
took placo In the large aoant room
In Short Line headquarters opposite
Mr. llancroft's ofllce, and those present
were President llornio O. Hurt and
Chief Engineer J. H. Herry of the Union
Taclllc nnd Pourth Vice-President Ju
lius Kruttschnltt nnd Chief Engineer
Wllllim Hood of tho Southern Pacific.
Kcprcsentlng bait Like were Messrs
T. G. Webber. T. 11. Cutler, II. E Cut
ler, W. A. Neldcn, M Harratt. E.
Wilkes, A. 1". Doremus nnd 1 A.
These gentlemen were prepared to
ably argue In favor of Salt Lake and
that they did so goes without sijlng.
1 ut the railroad ofllclals went Into de
tails for the benefit of tho Salt Lakers
and showed them that tho Ogden-Lucln
cutoff would savo grndes and curies
and forty-thteo miles of distance oxer
tho piosent line Then they showed
that the Union Pacific could not build
a line Into Salt Lake and tint nny line
coming fiom Lucln to bnlt Liko would
be over heavy grades unlos the water
were used, md at all events the point
of ionni-tlon would have to remain nt
Ogden, so tho south shore line would be
rlxt)-sever miles longe than the tres
tle roiito across tho lake nnl that for
these reisoni the Ogden-Lucln lino hid
been recommended and would bo recom
mended to tho board to bo built.
Tho Salt Lakers stated tint they had
ben working under tho Impression thit
h shorter lino could be secured around
the south shorn of tho lake, but II
such wero not the case, they, of course,
could icndlly understand why the short
er route had been selected.
Theso were tho main points brought
out, although tho question was dis
cussed from nil sides and eery inittci
beiilng on tho bubject was given lr
Aftci tho meeting Mr. Kruttschnltt
explained thnt there had always been n
inlsapprehenblon a to what could be
accomplished, but nctuil surcys had
demonstrated tho superiority of the
Ogden-Lucln cutoff. No contracts had
been let et, only bids lirwl been asked
for. s to tho meeting of yesterday he
said Hint over) thing would bo submit
ted tn Mr Harrlmin, he being hero with
tho other nfllcliils hh Mr, Ilnrrlmirlf
repioHenlnlvos and nt his lequest, bul
that the recommendations would be
made favoring tho Ogden-Lucln cutoff
u stnted.
rinunrs on lakh cutoit
Now that It Is definitely settled that
tho Ogden-Lucln cutoff Is to bo built,
n reHtltlrin nf tie figures will bo In
teresting rending. Tho present Houth
ern Pulflc lino from Ogden to Eucln
Is 115". n lies long. The Ijkc cutoff will
be 10J5 mtks a sating In distance of
fnrt -three ml I cm. Hut this I hut tho
beginning of the saving. The trilna to
day, both custbound and westbound,
hae to climb three hills, one of tbem
the Piomontor), being steep and full ot
operating obstncles ny tho tutrf the
grades nto all pnetlcnlly eliminated
I'rom Lucln to Strong's Knob there Is
n drop of les thin 600 feet nnd flfty
elKhl lies In distance The trestle will
be level, and from the like shnre to
Ofcden a rlso of 100 feet In about Severn
teen miles The rise, either eastbnund
of westbound will be hnrdlv noticeable.
The recllon from Ogden to the (there re
quires ordlmry grndlnc, with n bililge
over Wcbor iler The trestle from the
shore ncross Henr Itlver bay to the end
of tho Pioinnntnr doe not present nny
fnimldable harriers At the end of tho
Promontorj there will bo several miles
of rock nnd earthwork Then come
tho Inul Jn' the bidding of tho tvven-ts-mllo
tr. tb from tho Promontory
through deep inl"i to the west shore
neir Wrong s Knob Finm Wtmng's
Knob the llnr cuts through the ripening
of tho nre.it Amiilenn desert, between
tho Terrnco nnd Lnkislde mountnlns,
nnd tho rest of the uny Is easy, being
meiely desert gindlng
icoi, wnimnrts STATHMUNT.
Col T fl Webber Slid list evening
that tho matter soemtd tn ho definitely
settled, but the committee had done
ovcrv thing In Its power to piesent Salt
Lako s argument tn the best ndvantnge,
but tho distances of the nlllrlnl survevs
wero nil against Halt Lake ns tho
thlrty-seven-inllo stretch from finlt
Lako to Ogden was a factor which
worked ngnlnst the south nhore toute
It was alio nppucnt thnt the Inl.o cut
off wns ngreed upon, nnd what the
rsllinad wanted was to reduce tho dl
tnneo of the through transcontinental
route, nnd with this In view nothing
hnlt Lake could offer in franchises or a
bonus would have nny effect upon tho
ntllroad men 'Ihn meeting, ndded Col,
Wobbir. wnnn Inti resting one, and the
inllinnd ofllclals were iiiurteou In tho
ixtrcme nnd evinced gieat Interest In
the arguments ptesentfd.
Tho Hearing by tho Itnlhoad Officials
of that City's Claims.
Ogden, 1'eb. 10 At noon today rresl.
dent Hurt nnd Chief Engineer Perry of
tlie, Unloq Pacific nnd Oenernl Malinger
Kiuttschnltt nnd Chief Engineer Hno1
of the Southern Pacific met tho commit
loo of Ogden business men In room 9
In tho Union depot. Tho Ogden commit
tee was composed of David Eccles, Prod
J. Klesel, Joseph Hum croft, M, H
Hrnwnlnsf, John Watson, Ihomns I),
Deo and A. T. Viliht, All newspaper
men wcio barred and the dnot carefully
guarded to see that no ' news gatherer"
got nn Inkling of what took place Th
meeting lasted about two hours, und
nfteivwurt evernl of the committee were
seen, but woull say nothing further
than thnt Mo hart a pleaseut meet
'UK," willed had a sound of previous
Cleneral Manager Kruttscludtt, how
ever, wi mora gracioue to tho re-i
porters, nnd received them In his prl
vate car and treated them with the ut
most cordlnlltj To The Tribune he
stated that the Ogden gentlemen had
preented n full nnd complete review
of their cae nnd had presented many
facts and figures to them which they
would tako under consideration As an
Important one he stated that they had
given thm some valuable Information
ns to the tluctuitlon of tho waters of
Great Silt lake, Its maximum nnd
minimum height nt different per'ods of
the jear, nnd a table showing the gra
datlons of the lako level All this, Mr
Kruttschnltt and hi nssoclntes would
tabulate with the results of the Salt
Lake meeting nnd forward Immediately
to Mr Harrlmnu lie could not tell
when the de l-don would be leachel
but It would not Interfere with the bids
for tho work from Ogden to tho lake
It nlnuvs tikes them about ten dnvs
or two weeks to examine tho bids before
the contnet Is awarded and till matter
would llkcl be settled before thnt time
Mr Kruttschnltt was asked If n com
plete -urvey had been made of the
jnutlimi i-nute and replied that It hid
before the hike route hud been deelded
upon lie was nsked whether It thej
should take the southern route, the)
would then como from Salt Lake to Og
den, or would n cut-off from the capital
city to Echo loive Ogden oft the line.
He replied thnt ho did not bellovo the
Echo cut-off was feasible
The railroad magnetos left for Hilt
Lake nt : 10 via the Oregon Short Line
Mr Kruttschnltt said ho would return
In the evening nnd In company with
Mr. Hood, proceed on westward, whllo
Mr. Hurt and Mr. Herry would return
to Omaha.
Lite list everlng one ot'lhe members
of tho citizens' committee stnted tint
Messrs Lei k and Klesel hnd present
eel Ogden s case to the committee.
Thej elaborated more particularly on
the fluctuation of the water level ns
alM.vo noticed Mr Hurt nsked the
spenkers a number of questions but In
each cise wis met with n satisfactory
nnswer. ut least to tho mind of tho
buslnes men
In conversation with Vice-President
Kruttschnltt he dropped tho remark tu
the effect that the Union l'acllle eom
panj wns prcpailng to do simo ex
tensive Improvement work through
Wohcr canvon This lemur k Ink. n
with his statement that tho Echo-Halt
Like cutoff was not feasible and In his
decided opinion would not bo built, Is
looked upon hero to me in thnt no
change will be made In the origin il
Plan of the Ogden-Lucln cutoff.
Venezuelan Gunboat "Crcspo" Sunk
by Revolutionary Steamer in
Iloadsteid of Cpmniebo.
Wlllemstad, Island of Cura- -
coa, Peb. 10 Cannonading has -f
f been heard hero from early -f
- morning In the direction of tho -f
A enezuelan coast. It Is bellcv- -f
cd that the Llbertador has been -f
- engaged with another Vcnczuc- -f
bin gunboit,
The report of tho engagement -f
f between the Llbertador and -f
- the General Crespo appears to -f
-f be confirmed. -f
t It Is further asserted thnt tho
j Crespo sink In the roidstead of -f
, Cumarebo. -f
- General Andrade, the former -f
1 President of Venezuela, who
reached this Island recently, em- -f
f barked on board '.ho revolution -f
4- ary steamer Llbertador during -f
tho night of Pcbruary 7-8. The
I -f Llbertador somo da ago land- -f
f fil n force of Insurgents on tho
Venezuelan coist and they sub- -f
. sequently took possession of tho -f
village ot Cumarebo, sltuited
1 near La Vela do Coro Tho -f
( 4- Venezuelan gunboat General
4- Crespo, which attempted to pre- -f
J -f vent the landing, wns tired upon -f
i and tuidly el imaged by the Lib- -f
' 4- e rtnelor, Tho Crespo had her
i -f propeller shaft biuken. -f
! 4- The success ot the Llbertador 4-
" 4- has caused a sensation at Cara- 4-
, 4- cas, where great commotion pro- 4
4 vails Tho news received thero
4 fiom tho Interior of Venezuela Is 4-
4- not fa voi able to tho Govern- 4-
4 ment. It Is announced tho In- 4-
4- surgents arc very nctlve, espe- -4
4- daily In the vicinity of llirquls- 4-
4- Imento Tho revolution against 4-
4- President Castro Is gaining
4- ground visibly.
4- 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4- 4-
Both Briton nnd Boer Have an Un
usually Lively Time in South
Africa With Heavy Losses.
London. Feb. 10 A repot t received
today from Iord Kitchener at Pretoria
shows last week to hivo been tho live
liest week, with the heaviest losses on
both sides, for several months pist.
Lord Kitchener gives the Iloer casual
ties nt a. total of slxty-nlno killed, ll(t
seven sunendeied und nf taken prlion
cis, Ihn Urltlsh captured 0 rifles, ono
pom pom and tho iimmI grist of muni
tions mid live stock
Tho most serious Hrltlsh los during
the week wns tho capture nf clxty
elonkei wagons, convoved by 160 troops
At n, point thlity miles from Hcaufort
west, Capo Colony, the enemy swept
down on tho donlcej wagons nnd cut up
tho convoy beforu nsslstnnco arrived
They wcro nblo to rcmnvo only twelve
of tho wignns, nnd burned the lest. In
this enguc-ement the IliUMi lost two
ofheers and cloven men killed nnd one
olllicr and foilj -seven men wounded,
while tho liners lost twenty-four killed
nnd forts -tlvo wounded
The liners also lushed a detnehment
of 100 men of Col Ilornns column tho
night "f Pebru.iry 3rd, when tho Hrltlsh
lost three nlllc ers ind seven men killed
and seventeen men wounded.
Von Donep surprised Pntgleter'a
longer nenr Wolinarstadt Transvaal
colony, Pobrinry 7th, killing three Hoers
and capturing thirty-six. ns well ns
twenty-live vwiRnns and livestock.
Canadian Tioops in South Africa Al
lege Bad Faith,
Vanrouver, 11 C Peb. 10 -Canadian
troops In South Afilc.i aro leprcseuted
to bo In a stnla bordering on mutiny,
Letters received In this ilty fiom Kru
ccisdorp stnte Hut the Canadian
troops In the Transvaal aro to bo ills
banded an 1 uppurtloneil In small
bile Iks mining tho regiments of Impe
rlul troops hti'tlonod nt Mirlous points
thinuKhMut tho country. Tho Cunu
cllans have lefused to bo scattered
nmong the Impel lul troops throughout
tho country, and thcli action Is consld
eied mutinous
Tim Canadians however, claim thnt
the mllltaiy authorities havo broken
faith with them In several instances,
nllegli g bad faith In tho mutter nt pay
nnd also regarding tho purchases of
discharges and being kept together nnd
ofilcerod by Cnnadlnns.
It is alleged that thn nist and second
cnntliifcents and the Htrnthrnna Horso
did ruch brilliant work that tho Jen!
ousy of lirltixrt nfllcera wus aroused
and that tho Canadian contingents now
In South Afilca are paying the penalty,
Effort Being Made to Re
open Salt Lake Case.
Secretary is Urged to Appoint ft Sp
clal Commission of Three Men ,tl
Visit Zlon and Review the Whole
Situation No Member of the Utnl
Delegation in Congiess Has Anyj
tiling to do With tho New Move-in-lit
Senator Keatns Desires Min
ers' Homo at Tort Douglas Hescrv c
tuihu.m: iiunr.AU, i
1012 1 Iftwith Street. J
Washington n C . Peb 10. P02 J
An effott is being made to chnngo the
site of tho new Government building at
Silt Lako Cits, notwlthstnndlng the
fact that tho deed to the new site on
lower Main street has passed nnd the
plan foi the building nro completed
ltepresenlntlons have Just been made
to the Secretnr) of tho Tieasury, ask
ing fur n reopening nt tho case, with a
view to relocating the slto upon vipper
Main street An urgent lequest has
been muelo for the bictetnrv of the
Tn asury to nppolnt n special commis
sion of three men to go to Salt I.ale
City nnd icvlew the whole situation,
tho nppllcints believing the reusons
for n change nro strung enough-to
cause a reversal of the action taken.
Your conespondent made an effort to
learn the Identity of those who mide
this nppeal, but tho Trensury officials
would not disclose It The- nctlnii I
linked bv those who led In the nrlklnsl
effort to havo tho building located upoo
Main street, but no member of the
I mil delegation In Congress woull
have mi) thing to do with the new
movement Tho Trcnsurv olllclils do
not look with favor upon tho requent
that ii special commission bo iippulnted,
jet such nc Hon Is not Impossible
There Is n portion of Port Diuglas
leservullou which Senator Kenrns de
sires to havo set ulde for a site for a
miners home, to bulll which a wealthy
miner left a bequeit somo time ago
The Senator wants n portion of the
reservation not rar fiom the public
cemetery appropriated for the miners
Idahoms nre nllll protesting against
the proposed Kootenai forest reserve
Senators Dubois und Ileltreld Joined In
u request upon tho Hecrolurv of the
Interior that action h deferred. In a
letter from tho Commissioner ot the
General Land oillco. received today, go
Ing Into tho subject ut length, Senator
Ileltreld wns ndvfsed that union would
bo deferred as requested.
Tho Indians of the Nez Perces ngen
ci, Idaho ure Incensed ut tho iictlon of
the Indian ofllip III recommending that
the ugent bo not reappointed mid that
hi dutlen bo devolved upon the super
intendent of schools nt the ngenc).
Under this plan thero woull bo no le
durtlon In the force of employees, nnd
tho only vncancy would bo that ot tho
agency. ..n ono connected with tho
agency 1 responsible for this nrtlon, ns
It wis done In consonance with a gen
eral policy ndvouitcd by tho Coinmls.
sloner of Incll in Affairs Idaho repre
sentatives In Congress hid nothing to
do with tho matter.
It Is repined that Messrc. Ktandrol
nnd hlinup have recommended L It
Ihomns for reappointment nt tho
niurkfoot Land olllce, and that Oeorga
A. Itobcthnn has been leeommended to
succeed George II. Ilogers.
Tho Thunder mountain rangers nro
e luinnj lucr for mall routes fiom Ilalley,
Wan en, Holse, Council, Idaho City nnd
Chullls, for nn Immenso popular rush
Into tho mountnlns In the Bprlng Is
anticipated Senators Heltfeld nnd Du
bois have Joined In n request that a
postoflleo Inspector bo sent to the sceno
to ndjust the matter on Ihn principle
nf tho greitest good to tho greatest
number Them Is dlfllcully In adjust
Ing facilities In Custer count), owing
to tho fact tint the branch road from
lilac kfoot tn Mnckn) has only n three
times n week service. 1 he Ideho Sena
tors h ivo nsked that n postal Inspector
be sent tn adjust this mutter also
hntehtained hy senator
Senator Thomas Kenrns this evening
entertained Anlililshnp Ireland nnd n
company of dltlngulshed guests ut nn
elaborate dinner nt tho Ilalelgh Later
111 tho week the Senator has a box par
ly nt the National the iter, among
whom will be Postmnsler-Geiieral and
Mrs. Payne nnd a number nt Semtors
Tomorrow afternoon tho Henntor gives
n box partv ut tho Columbia the iter to
tho Utih delegation to hear Miss Oates
of Utah sins
Mont. II Gwlnn and wife, well known
In Idaho, nlo hero homeward bound
Utih liurcaso- Iludolph Alf, Salt
Lnkn City, S
Mexican win, Increase-John Ilrun.
hall, Olendnle I2. ,n
Idaho, original-John Mnjzo, Laclede,
A postnlllco ha been established at
Dixie. Wnvhlngtnn county. Utnh, with
Hoy Orundv postmaster
American Beet Sugar Association To
tltion Congress to Send Commit
tee to Iielaud.
WnFhlngton, Peb 10 --The American
Heet-Hugiir nsroeinllnn, by Its presi
dent, Henry T Oxnud, today submit
ted to the House Committee on Ways
mid Means u pelltlnn Uglng that a
rommllteo boot to Cuba for the pur
pose eif nbtulning by actual Inquiry on
tho mound nnd by an examination of
tho uccouuts vt the Cuban sugar fac
torles, the finis In rcgaid to the Cuban
Hiigiu Industr)
The pjlltluir augrests Unit the Inves.
ligations nf the special committee will
bu facllldlcd If tho tominlttiH! bo ait.
Unitized tn invite u roprmentulUo of
tho Ameiicnn Heet-Sugnr association,
j( tho Cub in planters and of tho Amer
ican Cniio Glowers nssoclntlciu to nci
componj the committee to Cuba and
to cross eniimlno witnesses
Tho petition sajs the be"t-sugar
miinufiutuieis offoird tn permit tho
lommlttio tn Inspect their books und
Hint the Cubin planters refrained from
giving details nf their business
Idihoan In Cotton,
nitllll'NU SITCIAM
noiton Mass Feb 10 H V Weston
of Idaho Springs Is at the Qulncy house.
Nino Hundred Workmen Thrown Out
of Employment by Burning of
Big Monufnctoiles.
Miliie-ncld O, Feb 10 -The great
' M street shops tmllt by Wllllim N
White I v tho reaper king nt n eost of
i Oil Oe 0 were UeMroinl b) lite todaj
Hi chop en occupied by u niimbei
i firm Iho liulldlnsf wns bought
le e i Unr Palrhanks of in liana ten
m ns mn rollowlnR the fnllure of
" hue h ) The loss Is estimated nt l,-
Hi, nn stnrted In some srheuili als
in Hi i hamploq Chenilml plant The
Hi imnpnnles wero greatly handl
en I'p il n the light pressure of unlet
I n Mr m n w, re in unit I In tho otllie of
lln Ki II Pre in h Piano iniiipauy und
i" Kt out lulled down tho steps mil
Jump. 1 out nf a window
1 h minihe r or men employed b) tho
llfferint com eras located In the build
ing wan mio
e even Miiehlne Tool cnnlpftni ftlffilO
I I lunnpl in c h. tnli hI ininimny oim
Hi rliiull, 1 1 . Mindr ioiii nni mim
In II ii in. lln 1 rog nnd Hwllrh Co . Sonrnl
vim i ii;,. indue eomimiiv .. 80(K)
er ,ti M inulHi lining eninnsu) no ls
hull I r. II. h 1 Inno enmpsn) lWdxi
'I he InKiirnnic Is Hionoo on the eon
Ii nts mi I for Henntnr PHlrbniiks on the
bull hint ilii000 n total of IJI0OO0
Dnvii.ii was asked to svml help
vvnreler liushnell a. Glessner com
pan) a Hie department assisted.
The Giest East street shop were
built nemlv thlit) live jCHrtc ngo li)
SMiltehv Pansier H Kell, of which
nrnpHiiv Wlllliim N White ley wns the
iloininatliig factor The shop nt the
tlmi of their Inception were the second
largest In the world being rlvullcvl only
bs the great Krupp gun works ut Es
sen, German)
Unknown Schooner Destroyed By
Eire About Six Miles off
Cape May, N. J.
Capo Ma), N. J, Peb 10 A three
misted schooner, the mmoof which has
not been learned, was burncil nt so i
tonlRht. 'llio llrrs which wns pi ilnl)
visible from here, started about 5
o'clock this nftcrnoon nnd burned until
after 9 o'clock. The schooner enme to
a point about six miles oft nhnie In n
northern direction from Capo Mny
lighthouse during bnturdiy night, nnd
wis caught In the Ico fields flouting out
of Deliwaro II ly.
As soon us tho crews of tho llfe-siv
Ing stations at Capo May Point, Cold
t-prlngs and Turtle Gut Inlet saw tho
lire they minned their )nvvln und nt
tempted to go to the rescue of tho sail
ors on the schooner lco prevented tho
crews from reaching tho schooner, but
It la believed from what can bo sin
through glasses that tho men nre In
their smnll bo its floating around In the
Ice, wnlllng for assistance.
Up to the time darkness covered the
ocenn tonight no big craft which could
have tendered assistance wns seen
within two mile nf tho hurnlng vessel
Tho llfe-sivlng crews hnd not returned
up to 11 o'clock tonight. Tho vessel
cemed to bo burned to tho water-line.
What Industrial Commission Recom
mends for Working People.
Washington, Peb 10 The third por
tion of thn Indtistilut commission's
final report was inula public today. It
treats nf labor. Immigration, tixntlbn
mid Irrigation Itegardlng labor. It is
said that tho several States establish
uniform hours nf labor, and nlso spe
cially regulate tho hours of employ
ment nf person between the uge of II
and II The working day nf nil pub
and 21 The working day nf nil pub
Ho cmplO)ment should ho eight bonis,
In the hope thnt It would bring private
empln) merit tn the same standird The
pet Ind ot woilc In underground mines
should bo eight hours a day.
It Is iccoinmended th it Congress un
der Its lowers us to Interstuto com
merce, prevent any peison under 18
)oars being empln)ed as a telegraph
operator on rnllroids: that nil engi
neers and switchmen should submit to
nn exnmlnntlon for color blindness,
thnt It should bo n misdemeanor foi
an engineer or switchman to be Intox
icated while on dut). The report sub
the btntes should ndnpt a law provid
ing th it lahor should be paid In cash
or cash orders without discount and
not in goods or due bills, and that com
pany stoics shoull not be allowed.
The Injunitlon the, commission si)s,
Is n high prerogative writ, and should
le nwurdcel only nfter the most careful
exiimlnnllon by a tribunal thoroughly
Congress should legislate to prevent
the Importation mid salo of convict
mude goods from one Mate Into an
other without the consent of the State
Into which the goods mo Imported, or
whoro the) nre sol 1
Recommendations of Industrial Com
mission on this Topic.
Washington. Peb 10 Hegirdlng Ir
ilgatlon, tlie Industrial commission rec
ommends thnt Cougies enuct liws.
In piovldo for national control of
Milium nf water supply upon which
tun or moro States may depend for Ir
rigation. To provide for furthet comprehensive
surve)S of tho nrld lands of tho United
States nnd un estimate nf tho water
suppl) uvnihiblo for leclamatlou tlicio
or for tho cnnstiuction of storage res
eivolts nnd lirlbutlon works by which
to utilise tho water sii ply of the ail I
regions tn tho grrntest pusslblo extent,
to reclilm said arid lands of tho United
Mates, loooivlng control of the distri
bution of tho w 'c ir lirlu.itlou in
respective Htale Teiiltnries nnd
tin holding of an finds for nctujl
h ttli is under hon ad entry.
In provide for lieglnnlnf tho con
duction of huge insennliH lor ellvor
slin works where tho intuits of sur-
vs nnd exumimitton have shown that
vuuint public I inds can be reclilmed.
' i
Senator Hoar's 1'roposed Amendment
ravorably Heportcd.
Washington, Peb 10 -Senatoi Hoar,
from the Henite Committee on Prlvl
I ges und Elections, todiy reported fit
voiably the amandiucnt to the lonstl
t Ion introduced by himself changing
the da) for the Inauguration ot tho
Pieslilcnt of tho United SI ites from
Match 1 to Ihn Inst 1 hurudny In April,
'lhe lesolutlon provides that the chsngo
shall I iko effect In 1905, and extend tta
term of IMcrldent ltooscvelt from
March -t tu that date Tho i evolution
ulo pi iv Ides that hereifler tho teims
of Senutors and members of tho House
of Itepresentatlves shal begin on tho
last Tliursdi) of April, I.. ted of Mauh
4, as at present.
Detroit Bank Official Wrecks I
City Savings Bank nobbed by Its
VIco-rreidcnt of 81,138,000 Be
sides a Trust Company Holds His
Checks Certified to by his Cashier
for 5002,000 Moro-Cishlcr Se
riously 111 nt His Homo With Nerv
ous rrostratlon Utah Interests aro
Affected by tho Wreck of tho Bank.
Detroit. Peb 10 Vice-President
Prank C. Andrews of the Clt) Knvlngs
bunk, which luiH been in the hands of
Stnto Itinklng Commissioner George L
Mnlt7 slncn this morning, wns arrested
lite this afternoon nnd nrrnlgned nt o 80
o'clock tonight nn the rhnrge of ' Wil
fully, friudulenll) nnd knowing!)" se
curing from the hank without securlt)
nnd without tbo know I, dge of the other
directors, n sum exceeding Jl 000 000 He
wns relenred on J10 000 ball and his ex
amination was set for Pebruar) 21st
Cashier Henry C Andrew s, through
whom P O. Anlrews Is said to havo
secured tho money, by means of over
drafts nnd cerlllled checks. Is seilously
111 at his liom- with nervous prostration
In nddltlon tn a total Indebtedness to
the City Havlnks Innk eif JI.ISS.OOO, to
secure- which Mr Andrews hns signed
over to Hut Institution nil his teal es
tate holdings and stocks, lion. In nnd
either seeurltle. which It I estimated
will total about Jl 000 000. four local
banks an 1 n trust rompiny hold his
cheejes. cerlllled to h Cashier Andrews,
tn the amount of Jf6J 000 A consider
nblo numli'r of theso checks nro pro.
teetcil bj securities deposited with
them b) Mr Andrews
As soon ns Commissioner Miltz took
rhnrge of the Institution ho began nn
examination nf Its books It wns found
thai t ashler Andiews had permitted
I r Andiews to overdraw his account
. . iiiiicH in eivereirnw iiih uccnuui
Jill 000 Other llabllltie brought P. C
Andrews s total Indebtedness to the
lnnk up to JI.ISS.OOO.
In addition to this, Cusliler Andrews
hnd certllleel to cheeks for V c An
drews, which ho had deposited In banks
to the nmnuiit of tCii.'OOo.
At tho tloso of his examination Com
nilssloner Malts tonight Issued tho foi
lowing etnteiiient of the bank's condi
tion at the tloio of business Pcbruury
Total loans nnd discounts, bonds
mortiiagoB and securities !Mt
Overdrills ansa
Heal ,, ..'.V.".' Wi:;: .' . '?$
Cnsh In bink 2107
Other assets .. , 18 0J3
Stock, surplus and undivided
prolltii t 22.-, "13
Dcpnrls . . 1Kli.l
The examination showed that tho
record of p. c Andrews's trnnsuctlnns
wus net kept In the legulnr wn), but In
a memorandum book. Ihn first record
of a transaction between Cashier An
drews und P. C. Andrews I Jiinunry
II th. but tho examiners estlmnto that
tho trans irtlons have been going on for
about six wcekie
Piesldent V. C. Plngteo explained tho
mnnner In which tho reitliled checks
wero oblnlned ns follows. 'P. c, An
drews would draw n check for the
amount he wnntcd, nnd hnvo It cerll
lled Ii) thn rnshlei. Henry It Andrews.
Ilo would present lids re rtllle 1 check tn
the person with whom ho was doing
business and ask hlru In hold It out for
that day, us the hnnk wns not In funds
to meet It Perhaps he would thus
hold It out foi two or three) days, nnd
oventually, when there vas money
enough In lhe b ink tn meet tho check,
he would go In nnd take It nut. Thero
would bo only n slip of paper In the
drawer, and the withdrawal would bo
put elown us a cash Item With this
money ho would In person pny tho cerll
lled check nnd tenr It up This wus
done limn nnd ngnln "
The ellreclnrs lsued tho following
statement In regard In tho suspension
bi . ., .'." "urselven our depositors
fn lV".y""V:r,V1'? underslsneel elirec.
trtLfLy" M,y ""'"? ''ink make, llm
fnllonlng slntement Uirly on Hiturdiy
iiTi.Jl",?'w "t Irrno.I for Jho tlrst lime that
,!r,rn" Anilrowj, enshler of the hink.
bud ullnned I rank r Andrews lo over
draw his account In lhe sum nf over jini.
Siii'i'il'! V."'1 'i"":'. wh"Ut con.lderutlon.
certllled Prank C Am reus a ehecks for
.'.Venr,.'i W0"!r!"K"( ,v"1111 cheeks w" soil'
standi, The lank wn nut In lhe hand,
or the Itinklng ("nnmilsslnner who set
iiiinut to get nil Iho security he could
I rank C, Andrews his turned over In thn
bank u I irge amount of securities., from
which wo hopo 10 piy our depewltors In
The Hanking Commissioner hns deemed
It Hi. wisest imlley to rlosi th. lnnk for
Ihn present for tin test Inlirent of all
ileponUors Outsliln of the i-riink C An
orens UidihtnlncM and clucks the lnnk
was never In a better coudlilnn
Thn City Suvlngs bank was tbo de.
pnstlory for the funds of the Count)
Auditors, their bnlmres thero being
more than J15O00O, and P. C Andiews
was arrested this afternoon un 11 com
plaint sworn out hy Auditor Christian,
after 1 long conference between tho
Auditors und Prosecutor Hunt
The warrant wis served on Andrews,
who Is Commissioner of Police, hy two
of Ids detectives, In tho nlllco of the
Detroit Trust compun), wheie ho had
been In consultntlnn with olllcers eif
thn banks holding his certllleel cheeks
Tho City Savings b ink was nlso thn
depository for the Hond nf Education,
which hud a toll I of Jle,7 OuO on depns
It other local b inks will temporarily
advance funds tn tho Itoaid of I. dura
tion foi sal trios nnd tunning ex
penses. At 11 meeting of the Clearing House
association this afternoon, the follow
ing statement on tho suspension w is
'The dln.mtrr which hns loluy hefnllen
the c'lu HKvlngs bank Is tin icsult of
trinlluil Irregularities conduce! entirely
to the Institution, and cause 1 in the rinii
Hpcculitlon of lt vice lucHldeut, who
eontrolled the manuKcnient and belnised
lis trust 'Hie hank his bejn cine led
(run the assnehilin
lhe oftlccrs if this association dculm
to state to the public Hint there Is no
need of apprehension rcKHrillng uny
oilier bunk In the elij, 'ih present ton
llllnii '! tb binks ns shown tiy Iho
weekl) stitenicnti fiirnlsliod the cltar-ttig-bouiit.
isveuU nn unusnll) strong
linwInK In nserve und cash reources
and lhe fnlr nimo unit good reputation
of he. hinks of Detroit will not suffer
by thin trouble "
Thete wns nothliiR llko a pinlo nt
ail) eif tho other banks In this city,
and comparatively few deposits wero
withdrawn as a result of excitement
At the itrntlQt avenue brunch of the
City Hiv tigs bank, which diew Its
deposits I irgely from tho laboring peo
pie there were many pacuctlo scenes
as tho depositors learned that the bank
hid suspiuirteel policemen wero In
the -Wclnlty to quell any dlsordei, but
their services were not necessary at ksVH
uny time -VB
Cashier II It Andrews who Is not ilH
1 1 Intlv of P c Andrews, Is In a
oilius condition of collapse at his IH
n mie Mrs Andrews sild this after- aH
n m IH
He rams home Prldny night from 'HI
the bnnk so nervous nnd trembling H
1 hit be griped his way to Ills bedroom Hfl
111 1 bis not stirred slnre them Por IH
th pist three month my huihnnd has ifH
ni t had one hour of 11 iliunl sleep, hav- IH
Ing Ik en under the Intlui n ot opiates rMH
roi thnt time and the worrv at the K
bank hid been more thin ho could fr
stand Now he Is raving tho vhol zH
lay and the only cc-hen nt wnrds that !eK
t can hear him sn) as I lean nver hi V
heel me oh 1 know thev will blame H,
me the) will blame mi but I am not H
tn hlime, 1 um not responsible for jHf
'1 ho Journal nt will h P P. An-
drews Is one nf the stockholders, thl 'M
afternoon sh)s of the siihp n Ion 'The , 'iH
whole trouble has been ills I by tho 4 i
pluugliiK of Prank I Andrews In tho t
slni k market three momhs ngo Mr 7 flit
vttdrews was a mlllloniibe This I
si eaklng wlthnul ex igg ration. Ho WiK
begun plunging In tho sine k market.
Ills phenomenal success had deserted H
him and In 11 short tluu ho bee imo MH
hopelessly cntnnglod ' llr
ITiifortimite speculations especially n
heavv pun liases nf Amalgamated Cop- lBt
per stock ate believed to be responsl- &
hie for Mr Atilrcws's rut 11 Prrsi- fV1
elent P ( Plngree nt the ( Ity Savings E
lnnk snvs thnt Andrews told him that !
he lost JIOOOOO In AmnlKimiled Cop- !
per Andrews hits refused lo make i!
an) stntiment as yet either In regard l
to III fnllure or the bank n suspension. Pfl
Mr Andrews has been heavily Interest- fH
ed In suburban electric roads and at i H
present Is 11 large stockholder In tho I'll
inul being construe led fiom Holland Ufl
to (Irnud Haplds. In this Slate Tonight (M
Andrews teslgned us Police commls- H1
sloner lH
Although no wurrant linn )ct been H
Issued for Henry It Andrews, nn of- aH
(leer Is stntloned at his home ns a jM
guard II It Andrews I In u serious IH
condition In iidellllnn tn the nervous HH
prosthntlon he his had n severo attack H
of heart trouble today. Much s)mpa- fl
th) Is expressed for Cashier Andrews, E
who It is understood became Involved
In his trouble through friendship for H
P C Andrews, nnd did not profit by H
the trinsae tions. JjH
The J6i,:o00 w or III of cerlllled checks M
are held hy the following Institutions: HH
Preslou National bank, JlOOOes), Plrst MH
Nntlonal lnnk, J272O0O, Stnte Savings
lnnk, too 000, Detroit National bank, HH
Jiro.000, Detroit Trust company, J70,- HI
000 (HI
Orders Otvcn to Suspend Work nt Ml
Trewaukco and Ophir Mines. iKI
The failure of the City Savings bank IM
nt Detroit, Mich, of which Prank C. M
Andiews Is the president, yesterday, Bl
wn followed hern by Instructions to HB
snspend operations at thn Ophlr ot HH
State Lino and Ihn Tlewniikcn of HH
lllngham, of each of which properties H
Ids crowd exercised control. It was Mr. jH
Andrews and his friends who contrlb- H
uted generously to the development of H
each nf the properties and It Is pro- H
sumed hern thnt tho complications to H
which the Lctrolt bank ban rliccumb"d IHl
Inspired the order to close down Inter- HJ
ests eontrolled by his s)ndlcato In this H
Stute HI
In tho meantime thn Instructions H
havo been observed and the forces at H
each of tho properties will be retired H
lhe erfect can hardly be permanent, HJ
nn certnlnly the properties of thn com- HJ
panics could be drawn Into Mr. An- H
diewss mlsfortiino In thn extent only HI
to which ho Is Interested. It Is nn un- H
ellspiited fact that Mr Andrews and H
his friends have not put n dollar Into H
either property that vvould not pay H
them J10 today. H
Thn Interests nt Mrs. W If. IH
Shnughnessy of Suit Lako may be at- H
fected by the failure ns she has 11 suit H
for JJOOOO now pending against P. C.
Andrews It was died on tho 4th day jH
nf list Novemlier nnd grew nut of the H
Mile of Ihn Tlewauken group hy W S. IHJ
Mi Cornicle to Mr. Andrews. Mrs. HH
Shnughnessy alleged that shn was tn MH
iccelve for nn nptlon she helel on the IHfl
clnlms J11000 from tho purchaser. In H
various installments. Thn tlrst piy- HH
ment nf J'000 was made, then default HH
was nude In two payments nnd sho HH
nsked that all bo eleclared piynble be- HH
emiso nf the nnn-fulltllmeiit of the con- HH
tract At the time of filing the suit HH
Mrs bhniighnessy s attorney, Judge, HH
Rives, secured 11 writ ot nttachment HH
for n portion of thn Tlewnukee group. H
vihlch may result In the payment ot )
tho Judgment If the courts sustain her H
claim. MB
Two Hundred Men Confined in Fed- H
cral Penitentiaries Will Be Be- Hj
leased Under Decision of Court. 1 HJ
St I.ouls, peb 10 pmnbllshel prrce- HJ
denls of the United Rlnte army were M
overtlrown an 1 the freedom nf nearly 200
men niw cnnllned In Pedenil pentlten-
tlarl s wns nssiirrd by n der (Men rendered tH
b) the United Males Circuit ( nurt ot p- iM
peals In. U In Iho rake) of Peter C Drm- M
lug. a former Cnptuln of volunteeis. IH
ngnlnst RoIkti M MeCliughiy. warden of IH
lhe 1 edcrjl penltcnllnr) at 1 ort I. cavern- M
worth H
Ileuilng wn imprisoned on the sentento !H
nf 11 court martial eenipise.1 of nlno regu- 11
lir olllcers convenesl he den W It Shaf- tM
ler on Mlirell ."1 !' Din opllll ill of tho HI
(lirnll Minn wrltini tn Jinlg W ill r H Hi
H mio 111. Is tluu thn court inartlil which (HI
scale misl I). mine act d In violation nt
article 77 nf lhe iirtlrlesnf wir which pro- fH
vldrs that olllcers of the PK'.imr army H
sbill not bo 1 nnp 1 ni ti rlt on courts-
miirtliil for the trill of ofllerrs and sol-
dins of nth. r furred HI
Ihn essential etJestlnn. ns stnted In
Julgi Siinbirns opinion Is whether thn
Mluntur urmv Is the sime ns the regu-
lar urmv nr whethi r It Is one nt the nth. HI
ir'ioicis' 1111 iitinneel In nrttele 77 'lliu
o Inliui estiihlliiheii the fiut that the vol.
uiiicer nnn) la at all times distinct from
the ie v 1I111 iirni) H
Utmlng will he released from the Port
I eavenwnrth penlirentlnry vvtthtn sixty H
da s. and nil other former members nf H
the v ilunteer army who nro routine! In
Pederal prisons nn semen es lnilicie.1 tiy M
coiiriH marMiel of refftihir nllleerH will also
tn llberutcd ns thn usult of lolly s deel
slon It Is stnted E A Hosier, fulled Hi
rttntes District Altorue). estimates the H
number nf sui Ii c is s at lift H
Demtng was a I uplnln In tlie subsist. H
encei department of the volunteer army
lln wns coininltisloiicd under thn act of H
IicjO provlillnk for he enlistment of sol-
tlltrs for the I'hlllpilne war Thn churka
agilnsl him re I lie I In hln ue counts The
reiurt-inartul dismissed Demlng from tho
service nnd sinliliinl I1I111 to thieo years
In lhe iinltenii ir this sentence wns at- i
llrmed b) the Keeretarj of ur and up. B
pnivoil b) thoPrislelcnt H
lu June 1V9S Jiidke Advncnto acuernl
I Ii In di 1.1. 1 thit rig ilar nnny officer
inlRht try volunteers under thn act nt B
licis, provlillng for the enlUtmcnt nt sol. H
tilers foi lhe e mlrh war Under this KJJ
ruling many . is were tried and sen.
tene s tint west 1 he Tieinlug ensn was the
Inst In which an tippeAl w is taken 1
In uis onlnlun Juduu HuiiIm rne snys that
Oen Shnftei wns prohlbllid by the luws i
1 f ihn United Hlutea from ronstltutlnie the
Ucnilrn.- court mil. lul of r-Kutur army of. B
Peers and thit the action of such u tfl.
bunnl Is void M
wants to Hnd his son Richard Whe.leri HI
on nutters o( Importance,

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