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The Inter-mountain farmer and ranchman. [volume] (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1902-1902, February 25, 1902, Image 6

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M f lion' lilsh Is tho LIITcl toner n(
B j" Franco? A I'. H.
H Nine hundred ami eighty-four feet.
H f SAM illsmnntls melt nr run In n fire?
H i No, they mil liurn freel) nt modcr-
H ' Me temperature
(What vvorll-ronovvneil Amorl nn Im
mortalized a lertaln mkiI In Hiiiiln-
bsbbsj Tlianklnfr You
B i Wiishlnslnn Irvine; nnd the Alham-
H I lira llkclj lire sour mnn ami spot
B I What vns tlie i,n1d production of
Oreson for 1W -M
Tor the calciidir veir tho Wrcctoi
fl of the Mint put II nt SI Ml 7M
H ) ...
' Whit ex (loiernnr of Arknnens i
B ! killed In the hiltio tf llucna Vista? - ,
B , Arcleihall 'Veil ho win eervlnt; ns
tnlnnel or tho llrst Arkansas Volun
B Milt Lake City, 1I 2lt
BBB I'dllnr Trlliun. Will jou kindly ox
BBB l,,aln lnr Australian Inn I tnx system
BBB In your next bun I iyn issue In column
BBB rt Questions mid Ansiicrs7 Tax-
Bflfl pnvcr
BBB ' A illpplitR tint vvns Inclosed recital
BBB ,h" n" """ "' ""' C Irtyton nineiiel-
BBB Incut hy the Colorado Henntc, nhicli
H 1 mould have nllhdrnnn the proposition
BBB 1m leoplc of I olurniln ulll nte upon
BB1 1 rcxt '" " l constitutional nineud
B t jnent This nmendinent, tho clliplno;
BBi I fJld. 'ulll make possllilo the Innu-
BB1 1 riinttlnii of the Australlm land tnx
BBI K vystem In Cnle.iwlo" An oxpl ilnoel In
H ,v Mio tlohitrs on the inoasuie In the Doii-
BBB H Mr paiern nr the .nth Imilint the prn-
BBI V Tooed amendment ninuuntH ptni.tlc.illy
I 0 """ slimln tax
B I)ll I'M pi nt "e lime extend Intn
BBi AsH? 1 r no how far'-II II .M
BBi Ti Ao"' Annies I nr the eighteenth l)
BBi '8 n.My opened up nn epeih or muniicst
Jp carrjlMK her .limn tn the ruphintes.
V What Is the speed nt Hclil? ! Whit
BBi l" lr"" 'oinptltid distance to the I'ole
BBi ctnr1' J. n
H It travels 180 130 miles per sot unci 2
BBi Ahmet forty tnci llcht units A llRht
i i ' unlt ,s tnc distance light travels In n
Bfl i s"ar
B j l.ai;o. Ida Pcli irth
BBB IMItor Trlhuiie To decide a winter.
BBH nl" '" phase answer In nur next
BBB! I Issue Is I line any place In central
BBBl L Arizona, newly discovered, where thero
BBBI I "were once several cities nhete them
BBH J rll' walls leached for mllen uphill and
BBB down dile? A Hclinol Hoy.
j '! Not that no knon of,
1 Arc Mildlers or the roKiilar army per-
BBB I (. mltted tn vote? -J. I. M.
BBB I In l,u"1 rtntes, es In Arknnsns,
BBB I Indlnnn Missouri Montaun, hcmtli Ia-
BBB " ,(ota nml Texas they are excluded trout
BBB j ' nurfr.iKe, and In Nebraska and CJIilo,
BBB I ' belnR stationed In the Btale does not
H i j of Itself constitute residence
!. Halt I,ako City, fob IStli
' ndltor Tribune Is there n Ccrmnn
Consul In Denver'' K not, where la the
nearest' X Y.
Adolpli Ilnsentlinl, ret ban Francisco,
, Is Germtn Consul foi Utah.
BBB What kind of nn animal Is n sophcrf
BBB M" " a hl,r'1 "nc" "n bnck H
BBHl ', n1me I commonly npfilied tn
BBH burrowing rodents or mouse-like or
BBH rot llk(' 'nri. and also to the noctur
HH nil, burroulns; land tortoise of plne-
barrens In tho South The latter his
I it hard shell,
HHJ V hero Is Company I Seventeenth
I Infnntry. nnd where will It be stn-
1 tinned when returned to the Hlntes?
In the Philippines tn be addressed
BBH nl Mnnlln Z is not one or the rnur
HH lompinlcs of this ifRimetit ordered tn
H nail about March 10th. and tn be sta-
tinned tn the Department o( Cciluin-
H Travo Utah, Teb :0th
BBHl IMIInr Trllnmo To fettle n dispute,
BBBU ould you plenso state In Sundn rt
BBBu Tribune whether the plume In following
HHH rentence, 'or rrnetlnn thereor" nllude
In any part or llrst week, m whether
BBH t ll alludes to n pert or any follow Inc;
BBHl veek The sentence Is iih fnllnn i
BBHl 'No hcneilts for ill ft week h Hckncss
BBBl' nr fraction theteof" Ipnoranee
BBH I '" 1oled, It lefers to tho fraction il
I I lart of the first week
BBBE ! In the Trench Itevolutlon did Hnbes.
plerre sldo with the people HKallmt the
BBH nolilllt)" 3 ir so, why did he iifur-
irds become n victim or the kulllo-
BBBJi tl,m7 J
H lie was iiKilnst the nnhlllt nnd with
BBBl """ m0, "'"' " bnm ho lonK was hlch-
BBB1 I y popular, 2 Ilecause Tarls cventu-
BBBl n"y Cll,ne t0 renllrt th it It vvns ruled
BBH ' to? n tuurdeious mountebank
H halt I.sko Cltv Feb IRtti
BBBU ndllni Tribune Will ou or nuy one
BBBl f r,fi0 P'ft'1n kind enough tn tell mo
BBBl Mbere 1 inn find the words nnd music
to n snug culled "l'nlr Kvenlnc bttr"
BBBl ' n cc lcr n hiuslc.
BBBl there in nrknnlratlnu known ns
BH "' Society or the Wat of 1R12 If
BBBl I nut nrP lrt purposes O I
BBBl Yes, It nlms to build up n pctrlntle
BBH HPlrlt Men who sre lineal descendants
HB cf thn.e who served In the t'nltecl
H (ttates nrmv, nnvv revenue, nnrlne or
BBH Vrlvnteer service of that vvar ate ell-
BBH f'ibln to momberihlp
HH1 North Salt I.-ckr, J in :oth
I ' IMItor Tilbutie Will on pletso In
BBH 3oui Wuestlons nnd Answers column
BBH Ktln fl" '" ennccrnhiK tli duel urou-
HB ' Ins nut of tho Tell) nnl llrnderlek
duel fought by Col Jeff el son llile-
BBB1 vood' How did tho duel tiriulnite
nnd who did Oatewood tlc,tit with nnd
HH vhm did they llKhf-M II N
HHS "'"' "" i''coi'd of this duel In II 111
H croft h htstor or Ciliroinla, nor in
BBH 1ho l'leld of Honor ' n comprehensive
I book on the Krat dueU or the 1 1st few
centuries Including a numbu fought
In thn early dis of rallfnrnl 1 Hi
nddrtsslntr the State lllslorle.il odcty
II of Cntirornla tlvo desired Inform itlon
can doubtless be obtained.
Where vvns the Woodmen of the
BBH I Vorld nrgniilred and founded'' I Mho
1 are Its bend officers, nnd how U It ril-
HHi iWed" W T
HHH At thp Taxton hotel, Omthn Neb
Hj June 3, 1890 1 SnverelKn coinmnnder
I Joseph Cullen Hoot Onnhn, jcnvetelgn
ndvlser, F A Kalkonhurit, Denver,
clerk, John T Yates Omaht banker
Morris Sheppnrd, Texnrknna Tex The
nrRanlzitlon has tout head ('imp. a d
4,93 local camps
tfss , Salt Lake City Feb Ulh
BBBH Kdltnr Tribune What constitutes a
BBBkn ' valid mining location under the state
BBBB tint Hnlted Slates lawRT- t'rospector
SBBi To Rive all the lawn for Incatlne nnd
j I tioldlnR every kind of mining clnlm
IBHHI 11 mol'ld rerjulre more space than this de-
BBBH f IPartment can give. btake nut lour
BBBH 1 I c''llm, note the dlscoveiy point, post
H I J notlco of location and hava It recorded,
HHHJ I'' What Is, nnd from whence comes the
I no-called 'horse-hair unuke" seen In
BBBH 1 , 'water? J. G '.
HHH 6 '1 It Is kind of worm nam'd Rnrdlus
Xrnm the knotted appearance It often
BBBH I lassumes Not a great deal Is known of
BBBH I ';n "f0 rl,"or hul ""me speelcs are
HHHJ L fmrosUeaoI fishes In their larval tagea
BBBBft' HBk.
and ,i nilults uir found fico In mud
or water.
Suit Like fity Feb lth
Fdlt r liihiuie IMc-i . answer In
vour next Ikmii of questinnt nnl An
hwcis If tin liw Iihs b .n r peeled re
(liiirlng revenue slnmi tr bo use I oh
mining stock certlll ates, If nm what
dcnomlniitlnn must the stump be uivler
the present law ' Header
'I he I iv. Is Mill In effee t S cents Is re
quired on thcTirst Issue for eiech Jl'i"
f,eee value of the stork and 2 cnts tor
Jtno Is required for a transfer Not
less thin 5 1 enta must he pine p 1 on any
nilKlunl certllleite and not less than i
cms for any transfer
Who was rmtna I,asnrus and where
ran I llnd an neeount of hoi life" -Ilienhnin
She was a poet She was born In
Now Ynik 1 Itv Inly I! Isf and pub
llshed her Itrat volume of versos In 1V,7
A second volume Issued In W'l met
mueh vvnrm 1 inlso ospeel illy In Kn
laml Mueh prose nnd verso some or
the latter translated, Pillowed She
elled In New Wk Nnvemler It. Ii7
IMratello Ma Feb If,
IMIInr lilbnne Plenso Hnswor lh"
followlnp; In Sundays paper I What
otjle of hit Is to bo worn Mils summer '
2 What II to lio the style or li llBei'
1 llow inn the suits In b. mneli lend or
what stle goo Is ' 4 What kind of tie
Is Ri.lng to lie the stvlo7 I S
1 Straw with fumy baiiils Light mi
ni oil Fi loins
5 I,ow nil or Oxfoiils In Inn patint
or niir. In lie worn with extieiuily fan
c trill hnslerv
1 Nn Kind change nrslty sneks
and bin- si rges will bo fnverltos In
legulnr three piece suits the enrfeo
brown and llghler browns will bo I opu
I tr Verv light iiitnuniH also
1 Polkti dot bows for sack suits 'lbs
mnele of same miiteihl 11s shiits when
wont ucKllgec nnel all icsent ttvlea
ud Mb
Will oil tell me what llenrlce Is
mnelo nf nnl what It Is used fnr Ik
iioiniit The coil hi 11k sort I" the dried ex
trui t of the toot of a leRiimlnmis herb
ciiltlvnled laigcly In Ihirope It Is Mil
liable in mediiine us n demulcent and
toe tonint, In phirmacy it is helpful
In in ore caning the uiiplensint flavors
nf many dings It Is eiuploicd extcn
slvely In Itivnrlng chewing tobaccos
and the root is emplojed b biewers
of porter The Western sintes hnvo n
will llcorlio mneli used an a homo
Lorun Feb IS
Fdllor Tribune leienso glvi through
the uiliimits of oui semi wcrkl the
piesent nildicsa or Senator Kcarna
A Subscrllier
llein Thiiuins Kent ns, benuto cham
ber, Washington I). L'
Salt I-nke City, Feb. 15
Fdltor Tribune lleare answer ques
Ileitis in Sunday morning n Tribune
What Is the mennlllR nil I pronunciation
or psjchlc nnd psjehof .' W lint Is thn
hiiiiI illon or Denver 'Olson
1 PsMhlc Is pmnolluied ns though
spelled si klk the Hist I lung the si e
oud short, with iiecent em llrst k liable
Detlrlllon Of 111 perluliilng to the hu
man soul spirit or mind, pscholoRlcal
Fsviho is pionoiinicd as though spelled
si ko long I nn 1 11, with iieicnt nn first
svllnhte Dcnnltlon 'A prefix Pcr
tnlnhiR to the soul or mind "
J The populatlnii of Denver, shown
by the icnsui of 1900, is 13.15,3.
What It linen nindo of, nnd how Is
It miilo7 A J S
Its material Is the tllne or
the llax plant an iinniml nr
quick Rrowth Hint thrives In tempernto
lutlttnles When llax has renched 11
miture Rrowth It Is pulled nnd dried
Thin It Is 'lottid' In wnter until the
fibres will so nrilo from the lest of the
stalk This Mine then Is put through
severnl processiH of breaking nnd comb
ing tn sepirnte tho llbres, take nut
short ones nnd lav pirnllel Spinning
nnd weaving follows Flaxseed Is the
source of linseed oil and most II ix
grown lu this country Is grown foi the
Crovdon Feb II
Fdllor Tribune If A bus 11 piece
of land rrom II, by signing notes to the
amount agued nn pnvnble nt a certain
time unci In the meniittme A gets out ft
watir ditch on the 1 mil liuiucstlon, unit
A fails to pa for tho Innd when the
notes me due and II Is obliged tn luko
the land hick alter A has had the ut-c
or It ror several ears unci litigating It
vvho doe 1 the elite li bcloilB to, A or 117
A Subscriber
Tho ditch belongs In nny enso to tho
owner or tho land, In this cuse to II
Will jou print a description or Key
West Fla mid tell why It is n
nival stntlon' What Is the popul itlon
nud what snldleis ure there?
lhe cltv has a population of 17,114
sill inniiderible industries In cigar
making simiglng llshlng nnd wrecking
The Islind Is or cnrnl formation, seven
miles long bj fioni one mile to two
miles wide with u seueinl elevation
nhnve the set or about elevm reel An
excellent hirboi with the Met that tho
Island Is tit the entrunie tn the Cluir nf
Mixleo, m ikes the lace valuable ns n
naval stntlon Two companies of const
nrtillct) the One Hundred nnd Twenl
llrst and the Fleventli 1110 thero now
Fish Springs Feb U
Hdllor Tribune Plenso let me know
through join ijueMlonr. and Answeis
columns If straights bit tliu-es in eiruw
poker A btllwcrlber
cs where slrnlKhts tun plijed, nnd
It Is mi uudciiitiYid
Itosetle Flrch Feb 13.
Flltor nrlliune -Will vou kindly nn
swer this question Has a postmaster
nuy light to give up a registered letlei
even tn a. nail carrier after ..aid letter
has leached It destination 01 tn anybolv
else onlv to owier of said letter? A
ir the letter bus n street adlioas the
letter cariloi nf that cllstilct dollvus It
nnd Inkes n leeilpt Heglsteied mall
miller cannot be dellveied to nn one
but the nddiessee except upon his or
her written order
Will vou print u short rkrtcrt of
Louise Michel' J D v
She was tmrn at Vroneouit. JIaute
Maine Fiance In lv30 gained distinc
tion through her musical and poetical
abilities, ami In lw) opened a sehiHil In
Pails In 1,0 diirlns the I'mmniin
she donned the unlfotm (if the Sntlonul
leiiaid mil fought at the ban hades
Taken rrlsoner she was sentenced to
death but the sentence whs commuted
to tmnspnitiitlnn fnr life to Vow t al.
donln Whin nmncsiv was granted to
pnlltli.il ptlsoners In 180 she returned
to Paris where her participation In
communistic enterpilses brought her
impilsnnment In 13 nnd lrt Slnee
then she hns mid her home In London
and Ins written memoirs nnd plats
dueii Hlver Feb H
Keillor Tribune Please state lu your
ruxt answers enluinn If h bank robber
can bo extradited ftom n rotelgn ioiin-
tty and nlvo v nlch countr
Yes From nn cnuntrv with which
extradition treaties have been made.
Smlthvllle, Utah, Feb 11
Kdltnr Txlhiinc -Will nu please tell
mo vvluthi r or not there vvns n man b
the name or Tom Dall shot nnd klllel
In Rmerv t tah two or three voara ago
and If so whnt Is the name of the man
that killed him? 2, Ja thero a man
killed In hilt Lnke n great many jears
ngn In vvhnt was called Jenkins s drug
store If so what Is the mans name
thnt did the killing'
1 Inquire of tho County rV- of
Lmer county,
2 There Is no record f v such
among the iiolleo record of tl y.
How ol I nre tho S hlnx nnd the Fvrn
rnlds sjpiosed to ho' 2 Are there
chnmbors In the Sphinx and tho other
pvrnmlds, as well ns In Cheoos ' 1
Were they finished, anil what is their
size?!) fl L
The nge of th grent Sphinx nt Olzeh
Is nhsnlutil unknnwn though many
writers have assigned It to many
icrlods The second of lhe Oleh pyrn
mlds elntes bacK to -ef. 11 1" 2 There
Is no 1 hiiinber v Ithln the Sphinx so fm
ns Is known All the pviamlds being
tojnl tombs had a chamber or chim
hers sultnbly furnished to tecelvo the
rovnl mummy nnd vnrvlng much In
sire The second or the (llzeh pvramlds
baa a ih itnlier IfVixlii 1-3x2214 feet.
Mnlt Lsko Cllv Feb 14
IMItor Tribune llnw mnny colored
lie I le nre there In Salt Lake City' linn
mnnv In Ogden?
About 300 In earh rlly
4alt Iil e ( lly Feb 21
IMIInr Tribune -W hen vvns electric
light first In use In Salt Like ( lty?
Will jou sketch the lives nf Allre nnd
Phnel o f'nry'-il L M
Mice whs turn Arull 20, lJ0 near
flnrlnnatl O, nnl when I" began
vvrltlllR foi the pioss III Iff! she pub
lished with hoi sister Phoebe a sue
oossrill liook or virse the next vear she
I ut out another suiressrul woik nnel In
1S2 tho tun removed to Now ork
I'nlll 1MB Alice was 11 1 rolllle writer or
verso sketches and slorlen She died In
Now v,ntk IVbitini) I J Is7l Phoebe
wns born 8" ltnl r I IV2I nnd when 17
wrole One Suietly Sole inn Thought
('nines In M net nnel On She wrote
tnnn 1 o, ins and livmiis nnd necnslnn
nll lonlrlbiitod prose in the mai.'izlnes
She died ut New 1 urt It I , July 11, 1S71
Itlnghim ( nnon. Feb 17
IMIlir Tribune I ro the mnil car
riers on (be rurnl dellvor mutes under
the same conditions or einpleivinont ns
thedtv cnnliis' 2 ir n cnrrler on tho
mini deliver) Is Inken slek ought not
another in ! 1 lined on his route? 3
Whoso duty Is It to si o thil the mill
Is ptoperlv dellieied In laso of sick
ness' A Subscriber
1 es unci uncle r civil service rules
since Februnr 1st
2 Yes, the liw makes provision fnr
3 Tho duly nr tho tnrrler's substitute
In nn nrtlile on "Jumping on Rkales."
In Pearsons ror lebrinrv. Mr Msrrus
WocHlnard se)s tor speetncillir e rfect
of all stjlcs of skiillng (iiinmeiul mo to
Hint of die crick Vinerlciiti or Canndl in
Hkiire skaters The Canadian skiilers
liliike a spec laltv of ton spins pirouettes,
nnd lvnt movements In (heir p. rform
aners lliej go much further thin the hu
riiinn prorrssors ixeciltlng proillglneis
feats which sometimes border on the
111 rolmtlc
"Vniong tho exponents of the CinjilHn
slsle of figure skating Urn nnmo of
Cleorge A Meagher stamls supn me Ills
tours through the states nnd through
Can nil hnvo caused profound sensttions,
and he bus evir) where held Ids own
lignllist all romers lie hns visited at dif
ferent tlims some of the principal skat
ing centers of I urno nnd his marvellous
fonts of Jumilng on sknles, tne-splnnlng
and pirouetting astounded even tho con
tinent il experts
' Meagher holds the record for hlgh
Jliniplng on skntis Tho grentest expon
ents nf this s ort ure to bo reiunel on tho
American continent Meagher has
Jumped throe feet four nnel a luir Inches
clearing a height or nctuallv three root
seven nnd n qilniter Inches above the Ice
'.Mciighi r s hlgli-Jlinipliig Is 1111 extrnnr
dlmrj sight As he approaches the
jiiinn nt rull speed he sits well back on
his heels, then su Idenlv rises up Intn the
nlr, with Ids bodj upright, throwing out
his feet slilennvs to his left, so that
thev nre almost pirnllel with the bir,
landing with tenth feet together, chest
thrown far forward, arms outstretched
and held well luck He Jumps us ilean
1) and . nsllv as 11 race horse might tako
a hurdle
"nolher nr Mengher s specialties Is
toe-circling In his quaint original toe
clnllng figures he spins him. elf nroun 1
on the toe or one skate, standing upright
with Ills arms outstretched at such a
speed thnt It turns one gill) to look at
blni-niiiklng nillinlli one hundred and
t went J Hie re mint! ins In a inlnutei He
Is 1 pest minder too In vvhnt Is known
11s the Itussian spin' 11 llgure In Willi 11
the perrortner sqtleeis d wn almost on Ills
heels and si Ins hlmseir on the blade of
one skate, holding the t ther skate In his
hands for all the world like 11 tiov spin
ning lop Vs he spins Meagher s cap
files from his head nnel his hulr stunda nn
end wlih the vclncllv or his movement,'
Old. Tea Tables nnd Writing Desks
Burnt Wood, Drass-IIend Nnils.
Old bits-nnt to say 'reeks '-of
furniture vihlch enmo under rhu head
nf new art. nlthouRh not cxnitly of tho
art notiveiu school, vveie In Rreit de
1 ni mil ns bolide) presents, but havo
ben re'eluitil In price In many or the
ships now thnt the seison or novelt
seekeis la over. Tho bill clocks ot sc
veic outline, In brown nsh or turned
01k nre tn be Tin 1 ror J23 Tho weights,
iliiilns figures an I hands nre nr brlght
I) shining buiss These clocks me
quilnt nnd ettectlve ror hall or lilnlntr
loom nnd belnr sltnplo In rortn nnl
decoration or nt least absent c or deco
rntion-vvlil nnt strike nn Incongruous
unto mo pun Intended! even In 11 room
vvhero furniture! Is strictly of onn st)lo
or period
A writing chilr or table or burnt
wood are irfectlve bits ror it corner of
the living loom The table hns n binad
strip of leulhei t.ieked across the mid
dle by brass headed nails The chair
newt Isrnvered with leathei which fnlls
down below the seat In 11 rrlnge roiniol
b) slishlng the leather In strips, "lhe
eintei or the 1 hair link Is similarly
iidoi ned
Another chair nnd writing table nf
1 olished brown woevd with elecoiatlons
of while Inliij aie 1 for the two The
wide edgn or the tnble bens this In
scription In old Hngllsh letters 'Then
look Into thine heart and wilte
A lea tnble which Is patriotic nil I
amusing as will as deelil(dl) new. Is
In poker work ver rhjIv tlntid The
top shows n equate plitute Mirrnun tel
In 1 broad border or eiude gu-en 'lhe
I It nil Illusliutes the Ilnston lea
luitv ' erv blue waves lHge mound
a ship from the deck or which a Re nlal
Indian with 11 re.it hei in his h ilr Is
lealnusl) thiowlng the hlstnilc ta
oierboird In the distance can bo seen
a row or bright reel houses nn .1 white
quav The edges er the table nro
palntid a blight and nilve blue. Iho
undei shelf foi plates Is p tinted red
t one sldo Is u rnw of brass hooks
for (trn eups -Phllndelphla Inquire!
Honest to a Fault.
Suppliant-Hog voui ptrdon Squire,
but 1 don t suppose vou hnvo got a
dime Imnely I huvenl hid a bite tn
out all div
Pedostilin to vou sure tint )ou
want the mnnev tn huv fnoel with ' How
do I know but on will sjenl It ror
llqtini '
Suppliant I II b sti light with jou
Squire I shall spen I It rnr 11 tior, hut
not that 1 1 ire ror the liquor mind nu
1 shall elimk It nnl to give me hii
ippetlle rnr the rood Hist somehodj
eises money la gnlng to buy fot me -Hostnn
1 rnnserlpt
Cassltj-Mau, vere drunk
Cise) -TIs a lie j ere spakln", Cassldv
ed not dire tn sjy Hut to mo Iv (11
wis sober
1 isslrtv Iv ve w is sol r ved hov slnse
ennisii 10 know jo nuz diunk,-l hlla
delplils. Iress,
rind Jack's Brother nnd Uncle,
V J I 1
Can You Draw These Two FIru res With One Continuous LlneP
Odd Dncjles.
IWonl deflnlllons, unless ntherntso stnt
oil nre according to Webster s Intern 1
tlonal Dlctlnnar) Llpplnce tt s Gilctleer
or fhllllpss Dlctlonnrj of Hlognphicnl
Iteferenee Original contributions villi bo
weleomeel, cnmmiinlcatlnni ror this de
pirtment tn be nddressed tn U. It Chan
bourn, Lenlttnn, Me
"" " '
Vwvysv5?i3vtr co E f
W hit popular song does the picture call
to mind? F W LOUAN
10.17 -CHArtADi:
The TOTAL nf mv pintrv shelves
Are (IM! TWO small hut harel)
To everjthlng the help themselves,
Sweet sour, salt or Inrelv
80 when I baked ee custnril pie
For rear they d help themselves,
A rente or pepper red put I,
Around It on tho shelves
Then I sat mo elnnn delighted,
Never dreaming nr elereat
I mil supper limps were lighted
And twas time tho pie to eat
Then I round Iho TWO had tunnelled
With n brnonistraiv nnd with lest,
And all OM! had crossed In snretv ,
Woo Is mc! 'V.011 know the re.t
T II V. M O It F I,
A It T K N 1. T A
It A I! II T I! K I
li I) M S L I. Il S
I T i: S V. I P S
It It S A M V I
II n A T It tr 1: H
S K D O O (1 S A
On the llth of this month Valentine
ventured to propound this ptiule when
the gas In the psrlor burned liw
An improved proverb muv bo read In
the .ibive diagram Iho first letter Is
A' an I the remaining twenty letters
will he round h rending In order the let
ters around the border of tho L llgure
when nropcrlv 1 1 iced nn the squire, this
figure bring mute of paper to cover seven
letters, (our on each of Its sides
F. L. S
Jos, I am a marrlitg man:
1 ni irry whoever I cm,
I'Bly nnd preltv
Stupid 1111.I nut)
joiihg an 1 ol I I llnd nnel lime.
Itlili an I poor all tho same'
All sons and conditions or women I seek
And my neord is seventeen brides a week!
A bigamist' I.nllcs leealin'
1 r 11 . iion t lalse the TW O In nhrm
A bachelor I
hhall bo till I die,
. A inlKigjiiiit ONI, against charm
Hut ror llclng the knot I obtain a rat
Since i m a mnrrtlng mnn din see'
1 Publlo orriclils lu 'the pnstnl servleo
or a Riinrnmr-nt 2 Methods or oxer
clslng 01 npplv lug forte 3 Intervals an
irovlmsteli ceilliil to half u major tine
on the scale 1 ( hamplnns of tin rlchts
and llleortles or the eieopie t 5 5
to ripen 1 M ide expl itfnn ror 7 lei
pendlculirs droned (rom one end eif a
circular nro upon the radius of the other
end s Digits of n root n exlsten e
entity or being 10 l.lghteenth letters
ot the nlphabtl 11 A letter
1.1. HM DKC
1MI -Tit NSPOSI no.v
Pror Shellej bent his shining head
I have, some specimens of om he
ONUj a coatl If I iinnt forget
1 roni Mexico, where Is the pretn tet
lie anseverid with a doste-n smiling no Is
.T)lll..os,!, "e,';''"? "f. "" aanropods
And those urn TWO In tint compartment
Vh. TWO are skulls no doubt I
lookid norilexed
Those two are biachlopods hut here
. nre rllllBI s " "
'Tea blooms have IIIIILHs-iiiiiI pods
what ihmIs are theee.
Not ani sort or pod this was Instead.
Pan nt the armor or a cirrlped
Well then, do tell me if all kinds or
sin lis
Have names thit usinlly mean some
thing else
Ho chanted the subject, told or Ids Intent
T" ,'.r.l,i J"'1!" " w "' niinument,
Vs shellfish do for ages vet to run
1 said lhe KOUll kin. s tomb would bo
I .
Then on a ehirn spine tore my thumb In
Jags '
And hurried off In search of five and
rigs. M C a
A certain insk cnntnliiB wine nnd mi
ter In tho ratio or C to ; What percent
age nt Iho mixture must be withdrew!!
and water stitistltutid In order that tho
ratio of wine to water mav be 2 to 5?
F L S.
Up from the dewy grass ere lights the
On buov'ant pinion soars tho flute-voiced
Higher and higher toward tho night
draped blue.
Where still a 1111 rind tlnv stars are TWO
Thn river llkn a rilllLi: of silver-gray
(listens below with tho llrst light of clnv,
Ills brllll int vest with red and oringo
I rom slender throat tho liquid muslo
TOTAL the echoes Into silvery sound
While song wives through tho ambient
nir rchitlnd.
And neetuie mirvelt nt tho mitchless
That trill on trill, bursts from bis gol len
And (lowers look up Uko listeners nil
Flute-lhroited warbler, slnco UIOHT
heard then I'lVi:.
Iho FOCH of envy almost touched my
Thit nature gnvo to thee so largo a part
or her good girts, jet 'twero Binall SIX
tn sigh
If true It Is that muslo comes from
And will return! then must thou enter
(han (rue.
Hut grent praise, we give him and nil Is
his due
For this authoi's namo will endure
tlirnugh nil timo
In everv linguago nnd everv clime
January Solving,
Prize winners I Alma Harper MO
rirst street. Silt Like Cltv 2. (I or 1)
Mrs J A Houghton, ies 1 lrst street Salt
Lako ( ll
other excellent solutions are neknnwl
edgod trom Mnrr iret M Thtirman. Jen
nle Ilvir, 0car 1 Hooper It II T,
Liura K Hell Mrs I. M Hangs IJ P
Homer, Nellie 1: rnjlor, Mrs J I rank
II n A J Dunn Jessie III, Be. C F Pink
ham II W Morse. 11 M S -Mrs K Ho
1 mmons I) t! llines, Mvrllo Peck J
K I arrabec, Mrs II I: 'league, Lfrie
102 -Kiiprrme Court,
lci2 Bt He taste
llW-l Lherr) 5, lied 3 IllllO
(blew) 4 Salmon 1 Wine B Ml
rnon 7 Iltirr S Pearl 9 Chestnut
10 ( inllml 11 Itnse 12. rink
13I lint red
1102 The only possible Inference Is tint
the bird Hipped Its wings ut tho ritci or
521 strokes ror at minutes
103.1-Aeel nn ulon
10.11 1 ftlchnid Carvel Domthy Man
nor Winston l hilnhlll 2 Isinc Ite
leknh Moses 1 PiiulandMrRlnli.il
bt Pierre 4 (labrlel tjileuneiese Cvan
gellno llellefonlalne 11 W I nnkfellnw.
', lloineo an I Juliet W hh ikespe irn
r, Hugh Wynne, Dnrthei Puilstnn, S,
Weir Mitchell 7. Orpheus, l.urjdlce.
in -1 erpetttnl
An Ordeal,
"Nono but thn brtve deserve the fnlr'
Justice nnd right demand It,
Hut In my uptown bonding hotiso
Nono but Ih brive enn stand It
Negotiations arc On for It Between Edward BeaupreM
Ft. 10 3-4 Inches in Height, and Miss Ella EwirJB
8 Ft. 4 Inches in Height.
Helena Mont , Feb 20 'Mr nnd Mrs
Jntnei lining conllall) Invite you to nt
tend the weddlnc nf their daughter,
Llla, to Mr Edvvnrd Henupre "
Such will doubtless be the salient
feature of a wedding Invitation sent
out from Clnrln, Mo, In the nenr future
While there may bo nothing unusual In
the Invitation, when II Is teillzed lint
the prnspectlve ptrtlclpints nre the
largest in in and womin In the world,
thes ceremony beennws a most unusual
matter of Interest.
Negotiations with this end In view nre
nnvv ponding and an early wedding Is
In his jnuth rode tho range as a coJH
At the nge nf IB however, heHHAvin
obliged tn nbinlnn this prnresslnn liV m
cnuse nr his abroimil Rrowth ThcLJjS
of medium-sized p irents, Heaupre rJm
standi seven root ten nnd three-fou4M
Inches In height, weighs 3G5 potinlH
wenrs No 22 shoes, his hand meaftuJjW
eleven Inches from bnsn of thumb tiirIB
nf mid He linger, his head has clrcnrHI
rerence of tvvenlv -eight Inches, hlsch-B
expands nt sixty Inches, his htri 9 Ni
sixty-four Inches nnitind, nnd he venltlme
n twenty-four Inch collar, nnd uuH ct m
nil In nil, Is quite smmetrlcnlly eitHi
rnrtlnncil He hns grnwn two InchtiB
the Inst two vents ni.d local Phjslct,H""
who have examined him Kny he vvllltjB el
M enui
M ilos
HTnt I
1 U
. (00
m "
Zliss Ella Ewlntj. Edward Bcauprc. K "
Height, l feet, 4 Inches. HclMtt, . feci, 1 . Inches H
' BBc I
untie Ipitod Mr Heaupie, when np
I roar lie el, expre d a vvlllliiguoKs to
mar r Miss Lwlng and with this en
couiaRcmcnt, several of his friends have,
vviltlen, InqtililnR If alio would cntet
taln such a pioposltlou fiom him As
et no repl bus bteu lecelved
llitit thc would prove nn uttrnctlon
lu the largo cities admits of no doubt.
MlM Fwlng has been exhibited before
but Henupre has novel been without
the State of Montnui Heaupie was
born lwent-one sears ni,o nt a little
hamlet ncur the Canadian border, an 1
exceed eight feet In help fcK'ut
Miss HwliiR. Ills proposed bride, licM'
ct gieater piopoitlous nnd st3tiHT
eight feet four Inches In height, nnd ilK.
I re tent rrshles lu n house built espech !
1 ror her iiccommeidictlon with ten re HLrP
doors tour and on half t et tables th-K''
she may sit down to them, h r bed kjHT j
nine nnd nuc-hnir feet long, while thKVi
hns nn nut-door hummock lirteen 'B
In length iicnupi la now In Heltnivn
awaiting n reply rrom Jllsi Hwlng V
A phntngraph of the couple Is herelH ,
with presented foi the flikt time. liKtl
Mrs. Fmncis Podmorc, President W. C.I
T. U., Sareinac Lake, New York, OwcsH
Her Health to Lydia E. Pinkham's VegoH
table Compound. Re.id Her Letter. '
"DrARMR-). Plsmiam : For several )cars after my last child H
was born I felt a peculiar weakness, such as I never had experienced H '
before, with sucrc pains in the marics anil frequent headaches. H i
"I tried the doctor's medicines and found it money worse than jQ
wasted. A friend who hid been cur;ed through the use of Ljdla E. Hi
I'inkhiini'H Vcprtnblo Coih)oiiik1 advised me to try it. I did 9i
so, also jour Sanative; Wash, and I must say I never experienced H!
such rthef bcfoic. Within six weeks I was like another woman. I B
felt voting ,ind strong and lnppy once more. M
" 1 hw is scv oral years .iro, but Ljdh IJ. I'lnklnm's Vegetable jm
Comixmnd i- my only medicine. If I ever feel bad or tired a few Hj
doses biings instant ichcf." Mus. I'kancis I'odmori'. K
e5(io roitruiT iv Tin: aiiovi: r.nrrint is not ounuinh. If
AVIipii women nm troiililtd with irrcKuhr, istippipsspd or painful M
inonstiuitioii, wcikiipss, IciKonhii.t, disphiriiicnl, oi uUcratinn of tho W
womb, tint lio.n intf-down ftr-lini:, iniluunnlloii of tho ovuikft, b.ickaclie, H
jiloitindir llatuleiKP), Koiinial dibillty, iiidiirtslioii.iind nuivous pros- BJ
tr.itton.nr an? U-set with siu h symptoms ai ili!ius8, f.iliitiicis, 1 lRsltude, HE
pxcltiiliilitv, Inllnbillty, hoivousucfs, sUeplcssniRS, inoldtitholy, "alb
pono nnd "want to-bo left -alono" fpplii.jri, blues nnd hopolcRsne'is, H
tlicy bliould romi'mboi thero is ono tried and tnio remedy. I.jilin n. f1
IMiildiam'H V( (rclalilo ('otiiiiiiiiiiil nt onto lemoves tjuch tioubles. Ml
ICc-f uso to buy any other mtdkinc, for j oil need tho best. , mr
i . . -giM
fe. Beauty's Blood Deep 1
"JyWwWiSSwfeC "ow ,lntr,l 'll0 ",l1 nelaRo "Reauty' SUn Deep." llow many
rWlW'Wr' V 5a5vElSBErev womcn ' heatttlftil features marreel b impure blood try in vain to Ret
VyfW "2eriP?hti9 - "tUfiDP-OTj a l,uro mmpUilon ,y doctorlnK tho blcln. 1 lie quickest, sjrest, only
S'--'y 'NvVVK'fj' way to bciiity Is to cleanse tho blood.
SMfw" JWVlrjBr ""3u.eiVt"trn"."e'lleil'1,eimr?ld'e Hui '!rin'.nAi "f .' rl "i . in ou'iTS i'eV l"
VJtfr l'svWM'LfE3l lBni.ir.lliU.elwliliCsKBreu Tle.y till W.n nil .nlh fclre-.l New Vert.
rf tffl I. ''BiiJ7 ,'l"", a r OrlfllB M II mBlMeefl.ll Ti" T.. .,.,. ,li,l m. ..m -I -i u. Ilret
ixp p &r .vi,",:,, to; f '"'" ef.4f.r 'y&?K;1izi&
iaaaft ? iftSw Mil. lle,r.eue.loi W.bll.rCltjr I. '"""' '"'lln JI.I.I Allen CU, Hlelllcs
WytvVv , J?fiy ",ow ,n,nnV manY nR vioinen nro nnaentlc, pale, sickly lonkinc. pcrlinpJ
(St-ri VjSiie' C with plmpicB on (aio nml neck, olnK to poor, unhealthy blnoel I'crhapJ
V JL TfiW V vuitnanhnoel is iipproncliInK, that ncrlotis timo of life vvjien lrreKularitlcK are
yKP:jJBtf rs 'able to break down n cnnsliiution 1 lie first rules (or iiirlfvlnir nnel enrich
I "Cf ScTjift'J&' " '"K "' blnocl is to keep Iho bowels free nnel natural, ccntly hut positively.
V 7 I fi f without nervous shock, uml Cascnrcts Lautly Cntharticls tho only medicine
ff ff
''Vv ff 1 TliriPfllnirv 'l'tfe' ir DoweU. All druccUtce. toe, ise, WC. Never sulci Is
ff tVVeJVWvrVfVO '"' The (enellne (abut Uinr.ed C C C Qu.rsnle.il to CUIB
V- 1 7 ' Tb-i ,.ii or our money back Simple and booklet rice. AdJieta
-bbbbMF"' Btrlllns K.erecdy Ccnifauy, CMtagc) r Htyf Vols. M

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