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H ' -. Till! rvj'KlKMOL'Vl'AIN JV3tMJ3R AND llAyCIOlAX, TUESDAY MOKSiyG, MAKC1I 4. IflOi. rr7-
B J Where Science Boots Nature
H ! ! Thee and the e,r havt long been
H ' regard rt s imnrt of in hinlsm
'H .,ulte the st wonderful things In
IH the word Hit comrared with the lm
IB i plemcnti of a present da Uhoritor-
'H , the sensitiveness of " human organs
JH ' s n a gi ' enough A photographic
JH 5 rUte irlcd 'h a ''"Ol" W,H
B I reveal tr presence of millions ' r.f Mais
B whoe llhl do nt affect "? ' l?h
I In the Hast rh. microscope too" n
H Ha reve ations of the world of the li
M finite y ml tells us how crude af
M ter al i t 1 moat delicate of senses
B Indeed v may liken It t a plan)
whe c o 1 a single JJtav I vtaris
the mill m la Fiom th- ultra
jl violet ti tie lowest reaches or tne
upc t u i Is a range of some nine oc
HHB ta ea f lent MOratlona of which
HI nave f o ir nw mechanical aenaea
we r a a nevn have been conacloua
AVJi Th" ! ara little or what la K Ing
on j i l meant of a mlcio
r., tread of a fly aounda like
the Iran i nf caalry Our heal sense
Is ve ague we need a arlatlon if
n at lev t fifth of a degree on a ilwr
monc realise any difference In
t m, at 1 1 of Langley a little no
lor- i r II n te the difference of a
mil 3nth -f degree It la two nun
i orr i th us nd tlmea an sensitive aa
J our tkn (al Snyder In Harper a
J Mag - n f i March
HBW Women and War.
(In aupj n the mn for the car
nake cf i i ittleneld women have n't
mer l a tuellj Buffered more than
IBB . j ihe lit who He then, tut In Ihe
rlf long ir h nf bearing and rearing
i the wo rn nf the rare go through a
J long tlent v end ire I strain which
no kntr a kel ol Her on III" lonseit
mar h h ever more than equallel
while e en In the matter of death In
I alt c ill 1 societies the prnballllly
f thai th u e age woman will die of
,W ih Ibirlh is far greater than the prot .
it '; abllit that the Berage male will die
,j "' in but There la perliapa no no
HHI man ho could loot do n upon a bat
llcflcld roMre) villi ilaln lilt the
HH thougnt v iul I come to her Po nuny
H . mother sons So man oting bodies
H ' brought Into the world to lie there' Ml
H thla that n en might lie with glazed
I t i) balla and awnllen fare an 1 fixe I
,i , Hue un loted moutha and great Umbo
HE It to it I about thla that an acre of
f M ground might be manured with hu
fH man llrjh that neM yara grata and
iiH popple and karoo biuhfa ma aprlng
H up greener and redder or that the
HH J rand of an frlcan plain h.ie n glint
fH I t white bonrt And we cry It
fH fj tannot b" So woman who la a wo
ffl i man aa) of a human bod It la
Jfl t nothing Olle Schrelner In Harper a
HJ Coat of Ocean Ctblea
H I rnm nn authoritative Matement
ffl ' In the March ( cntury we Ink" thla
Jfl . note apropos of Marconi a uirk In
H nlrclesa ttlegraih
Mr Marconi alro believes thtt his
H ayatcin may hcome a forml lal le com
petitir ngalnt the ocein cables To
I d i so on land la not so ras as the
1 111 ea tl ere c H only JIM a mile whet
aa the rjblea cost lloOn a mlh nn I
H reriulre exprnslte ateamera t repnlr
H i nn 1 maintain them V transitlnntlc
H i ble rrpret'nla an Initial outlay it
H at least three million dollars lealdea
H the cost of Its maintenance A Mir
H j conl station can te 1 tillt for slxtv
K thouianl dollars while their mulnte
j nance shoull In Inslgnincint What
H tls aiiciesa will mean can le tent
grasped I y considering the extent of
H the prcperti which woul I he dlsplired
H theieby although It la oillj flnce An
H glut i ISoS forty three sears ago
Hj th t the nrst Atlantic cable was lal 1
H J There are now fourteen laid nloni, the
HJ I Atlantic bel an I In the whole worl 1
H seventeen hundred nnl rlxt nine tel
H igrurh cables of various sizes with
H a totul length of almost one hundrel
H nnd eighty nlno thousan I nautunl
H miles These re tutre n greit number
H of ocean going table steamera for their
H laying an 1 TLpalra nnl while the tn
H tal alue of the cables cannot be eis
j t lly computed It la known In b a
H 'net thit Irltlih eapltallsta hive one
H i hundre ml lion dollars InveH 1 in
H F cable storks
B j A Deform of the Laundry
H ' Two hit,h otllrlala of the Unlverlt
H nf th b u 1 at Prvvnnee Tenn hive
1 leen omrelle I to Ilea the iountr In
H order to tvoid the wrath rf the miun
B tnlneem of the neighborhood who are
H eirigel a the effoits of the author!
H) ties t cs'nlllsh a university laun Irj
H therct depriving thtf washerwomen
H f if the pli o of vvhut they regarl as
J their lust pierogatlvef The first linn
H i dry wa burned and the chincellor
H I and stcwaid of the unlverstlv hive
ji leen thr atenel with vlnlemu If It
H le rebuilt The situation rresentel la
1 I oih dramatl nnd Interesting from nn
1 ccnnoml il M.lnlolm It is another
1 I hasc of the old question of the ton
j lllct of raiital and labor The irate
j mountain) a hrve doubtless leen t II
1 ly the piofessor nf political econnmv
H that the eieellin of u laundr) means
H lteul well paid Itbor anl uniform
M . i rice- as well as the general I ell r
H rnent f the appearance of the student
n rodj fn nc aslina when evening drtaa
H 1 worn There ate tcml I lit unaatls
H fving arguments A far letter one
H 1 aj be dli el If these I Ian hie
B reuses of the nmintalna can be per
B ruade I tn I ok upon the mutter from
H nn nltr istl standi olnt The shoull
m rem mler thit ist xperlnire has
B d monatratrl that the Imriasfd ron
m rtrucllon 'f launlris me ins moie
m thn a roiusHindlng In rense in the
H destruction of garments in 1 theiefnre
1 that where the are the I seia olheia
I rqtnllv deserving woikera ire the
i tulners an) all -coi oinl liws are
" thus aattnlod In the meantime the
, two hatd v o kil inei ibera of the fa
I ulty v ho h been driven Into exile
I nrw doultless enloying a ninth needed
I rent nn 1 the pitiable ondlil n of the
I atulenta letween the levll in I the
tl p set Is tlic krave't thing tn lie
considered Hirper Weekh
f i Letters That Are of Little Value
i It la ny ludkinnit that tin Hist
8 I thlts a oung mil stutlig In life
r Ji rhoul I do Is t master th krt u utwork
j li if hit ch sin calling aa might tit
ill tual i Meter N matui h i v I UlilJ
ft educate I he ma be when h makes
I ' a leglnnlni, awn fiom 'olleke he
ought to tear In mind that he las aa
mil b to learn that book in lot ton
tain and n feasors never tei h aa
f was (mi ai te 1 tu him in his aluu ma
I i tn
I I Letters of iet.oniintnlatlon no of
il little nif It 1 1 J i- krown to b. the
II ease tint an Individual Is slxe 1 up
I i" for what he shows hlri-elf to be and
! ' n t according to aome othei i i us
f. written estimate It reall lakea a
I " e r or two of hold knocks and lei uffa
L tn 1 ring a oun(, fellow who thinks
' j Ills sheepskin is all he nee Is tu i
point whci he uan propeilj stlmate
IE, himself When he reithos that atnge
f he win begin to t,et on i ie v id
' ill. F Auguetus Heime In Success for
!ffi t Wrch
R t Expensive Smoklnf
m home men milo a Ipi, for the
Jjjk eake of economy because they can t
-IH?1 afford a good cigar and i ther men It
E!W( ilultre In u nieerachnii n and brtai be
UK I cause they claim It Is tha onlj way to
if s.et the full enjoyment out of tobieio
l I The question of economy doesn t enter
E Into ths scheme of the IMter ilass K
e Walnut street manufacturer of Turkish
i cigarettes sells at If W) a round n cin.
I aldciablg iuo.ntty of liniorUd tobacco
II istomera ire nnnoisseurs and
Ihev arc mfn who can amply iffor 1
in pay thla exorbitant prl e and ray
th goods are worth It Prme'fthem
tn ti- sure mike It last longer bv mix
ing It with Mrglnla long cut for the
Turkish tobnrco la excee HnMy pun
gent and n little of It will flavor an
equal qiianat of the cheaper weed
mulce who was rrlclng thla tobacco
yesterday etrpresaed H me surprise that
it should be ro expensive That Isn t
expensive replied the toba tonlst
There are Torklsh lobaccoa thai with
the duty addl would tost as much as
MO a p mnd In thla country n lladcl
j hla Ttecord
The Sons Mystery
if It touches the heart of a Poet
The gods and the a M will know it
For over the wst ra and crags of time
The winds or the world will Wow it
If ever ihe Bard shall brine It
The hsods of the Fates wilt wing It
Aiid i It will travel from world to
Tin ihe klnss of Orion sing It
-Edwin M?rkham In the Century for
Mar h
New York a Most famous Wedding
Perhaps tne moat aenaatlonal lere
monv of m .rrlage that has ever been
performed In New York 'n ""J
known evervwhere In .flnl-nll'lnt"J.
a the Dmmond Wadding "
the union ot a daughter of I leut Bart
lett of Ihe United fttatea navy to a
Cuban genu man of great weath Don
Fsahan Porrta Trua de Ov le to Aa
Kenertus as he was opulent ''"
Isvlshed upoi the bride inore than
J100 000 woiip tf pearls and diamonds
bXp' VugheV'-Hle'dm mm
memorated U ov-nt in a p. em , an 1
morallsta r-lnte 1 to II as an extroordl
nan Instance of the evils of splendor
Sn 1 luxuiy thtt were corrupting mer
lean society Ho great was the urlonl
ty to witness Khla wed ling that proba
bit for the tlrm time on su-h an ot -i
slon cat Is of llmlsslon were Issued to
the church A stiual of pnllcemen
was require 1 elinplv to protect the
bride anl groom from strangers who
ruvhl after them The magnificent
nuptials It may e remarked had a
melantholy sequel the brlKroorn
died soon his widow un ler the Span
Ish laws was entitle! onl to the right
of lover and nil tie Mtts which he
hid ahovvete.1 upon ler were tien
awav from her on the grounl mat
legtllv they were heirlooms March
It Ilea Home lournal
How n Spider Crosses a Stream
The slr'iim that now Inter pted
rnnelnis psth was o narrow th it
the lower branches nf the trees reachc-d
to within tvvvi r three fet of ei h
ther across but as she was unable
to swim she might ns well have
thought of cioselng the Ulantlc so far
ns traversing the water Itself was ton
tight belt iv her In n shallow pool
rlns- t the shore still another f
Uanelm s ronislna a water spl ler ha I
lullt a dom I tesldenie beneath the
surface to wlilcli she lose ott istonally
to seize a w ifrllj or other Insett or to
I reithe carrying diwn Hguln air 1 ub
lies In the fur vvhl h coverel her loly
Rhe hid spun u Ihlmlt nf silk nnl fes
toonel It to the stem of t wnler plmt
nnl Into this thimble she had currle I
her air 1 ill hi i whl h hal graduall
dlsrlicel thn vvnter mil llllel the
whole chatnl.r Here she llvel In
anl rnmfnrlnlle nnl was miking
I reparations for rearing n famll
ranelna however wasted no time
In env t f t hln i elatlv e s acq ilremi nts
either Phe whs n creature of resource
Nothing dauntel l the trook she let
herself llghtl down from the wall nnl
laboriously rltmbed one of the tree
at the vert.e f the rtteam golnk out
to the extreme end of n limb that pro
Jectel tver the water The nlr wna al
most rerfeetl still anl Ihe little, spl
ler rose up on her four hindmost legs
nn 1 lifted the first tw i of her feelers to
ascertain In what dliectlir any slight
current of nlr might be settlm, N ivv
she emitted frm hei splnnerelsa ver
light threal which streamed o it to thn
length i f two r three feet lloatlng t n
an ilmost I nienei title breath of win 1
one of the phen mena which le! srme
nittnallets to I Hove that the spl ler
shoots out her web against the air
This threal moving very rlowlv
eemed to le feeling for a moot Ink
I late an! It was after several mln
lite llfte I up until Its gummed en 1
touched a leaf of n 1 rnn h higher over
the water
The moment the gossimer thread
toiched thla leif It stuck to It anl
Arunelna on the alert pulle 1 to see If
It woul! hoi 1 Finding that she was
able to draw It taut she rtn across it
anl held the mort advantageous posl
tlon Throwing out another thra 1
that lodged on a longer branch she
found herself at the en 1 of a limb
vt hence she w is able to cist a line to
the leaf of i tree on the o poslte Hie
of the I rook where she at list rearhel
terra hrmt Pearson s Magazine ft r
Observant Though Blind
Father toseph Ptalemin of the
Jesuit founlatlvn of st linnrU
avler in West hlxteenth street de
votes himself to w vrk among Ihe blind
anl the deaf and dumb He savs that
tnntrar) to the generul Impiesslon the
1 llnd ire pecttllail) haj p nnd fond of
Illustrative of this not long since a
tlln I acqialniinc of his whose r
inilnlng senses like th it of all blln I
are ex eptinnall keen was In n rot in
wheie weie sue 1 1 lv visitors Unal
l one of the la lies left
What leniHikalle white anl perfect
leeih that la Iv his laughlngl n
market the I llnd man
h) how I) you know askel
I'm I er Sta lelman
lletauee for the last half hour ahe
has lone nothing tut laugh! New
t rk Times
The Miiuso ot Words
In Hirpers foi March Joseph Fit!
gerald wr s en to ainlnglj of our mis
takes in the tie of words, Jleie are i
few ordlnar) example
Supercilious la from superillltun
cjebiow supercilious ev throw Is
therefore equivalent to eebiowlah eye
I row a rank tautology and Inexcns
able Hut a lea ling newspaper haa
Ihe reviewer proceeds to say with su
icrtlllous ejehiows aa well might we
say with ouIhi eyes r auricular
ears oi pedil feet oi menu! minds
Commit when sail of a moral aa
Is ilwus nsscKiated In the mind with
I In mew irtliln sa never wlih a ts com
ni ndable But In inoilceofthe chlej
Investigation we lead ot the Pecre
tnry of the Nnv) committing his Dist
impartial ml
resslnust and pessimistic designate
nivvujs a mental attltile a pjlnt if
vlet bu never tht quality of nn oh
Je live thing or slluatl u Tho igh the
i siett of it coming halves be never
ao loomj It la not nni ci pessi
miMl and though nevei fit rink It
Is not nor can be tlinlsllc , sslmlsm
and i timlsin are stil tlv nooli nf
mind und ore predlcal le only t r the
mind of mar Dut the Setretnr of k
rlcult ire Is reporteJ as styini; Tho
outlook for tho crops Is hy no means
resslmlstlc rhe right word is dls.
couraglng or Ihe Ilk
Tribulation Is one of the mot notable
words In iur language It Is distinctly
a Christian nnd religious word us Arch
bishop T en h shows in tracing lis
origin Th re rrows anl trills the reli
gious mun hat, uro lbs thrtehlngb with
t He wou d be no fitting him
I ih i t r y garner Trlbulatl n
, 1 i r trom the Latin trlbulum
vvhl h was the threshing instrument or
1 arrow wh-rehy the Homan husband
man separated the corn from the husks
and trlbulatlo In Its primary Klknifl
cance was ihe art ot thla separation
(Ptudv of Words Lect II) In cor
rect usage the word has preserved all
Its sacred and solemn meaning hut the
newspaper which sees no merit In the
effort to maintain the ctvmologlcal
purlt of the mother tongue lebar.es Its
signification whin In telling of the
search made for a stra submarine
mine It says Ihe seirch was mide In
fear and tribulation
Ho Wna Busy
It Is scarcely ci edible thit ro faithful
a servant and so good a courtier as
John Hrown of Dalmoril could ever
deliberately have kept his sovereign
waiting but Ihe London Tatler relates
an anecdote vvhch shows that he had a
ver human side
Ilrown was very fond of fishing and
one day when he ha 1 a fine salmon on
hla hook there carne i message from
the castle on Deeside desiring his
I resence at once Queen Mctorii was
going for her afternoon drive nnd It
was Ilrown s duty to attend her ns he
always lid sitting In the rumble of th
Tell her Majesty that I II be quick
ly he sal 1
But the salmon was strong and could
not lie landed at once nother and
more urgent message reached him
Tell her MaJsty that I have a sal
mon n but 1 11 be in In a few tntn
Btlll the salmon held nut and a third
an Imperative commanl arrived
Tell her Majestv shoulel Ilrown
that Its not possible for me to leave
without the salmon
Nor dll he Hut whether the Queen
knew enough of fishing and fishermen
to appreciate Ihe clrcumstsnce la not
I I Id HI Iiuls rsioh Democrat
Functions of Bubber Tree Milk
No lellnlte function has heretofore
tieen ascribed to the milk of the rubber
tree from which nil ler Is produced It
has no nutritive mine to the tree nnd it
loes not assist the growth In anl way
that has been ascertained What then
was natures object In irovldlng the
latrex or milk of troplcil trees" .
rulber expert has recently suggested
tlit it Is robablv lntende 1 to protect
ttorlcal trees from the ravntea of de
structlve Insects This seems a plaul
hie theorj as almost ell tropical tiees
have such milk which Is unralatable to
Insect devourers oft rapidly growing
trees have pHrtlculirl large quantities
of It I hlladelrhla Record
Talking of Royalty
The fondness of nav officers for tell
Ing Jokes nt each other s expense Is
well known unl their 3arns like the
traditions nf the Indians nre handed
down from one generation to th next
tears ngo there was a brus iue old
dmlra upon whom many stories were
tol 1 In most catee true ones
t one time when the warship of
which the dmlral was In command
was off the coast of I ortugul Ihe King
of that countri expressed n desire to
llt un American man of war
The Admiral received the party with
greit cordiality hut insteo 1 of nddress
Ing the roal visitor as our Majettj
he Invarlabl) calle 1 him hlng
It was Step this wa King Look
out for sour li -ad King when showing
him about the vessel and before his
Majesti de arted the dmlrnl con
vulsel nil wlihln hearing b saying
lnpltall King come down In the
ciibln nnl have i drink Caroline
1 ockhnrt In Llpplncotta Aligazlne
Across the Street
Across the sireet there lives a mall
V Jnll teastnk little Jade
w nil wai i m hair and witching eyes
Anl y-l so still anl worlllv wuo
rhit If she deigns to senl a glance
cros my wav it seems mero chance
And qilck withlrnws In swltt retreat
cross tho street
Across the street I sit nnd look
1 orgeir il of m i Ipe and hook
I se her st a low n Ihe pane
n I build n e casiles In far Bpaln
I wai h anl wilt with patience rsre
TIM jut as I wo ill qilio despair
r-ho looks rrom out her win low seat
crosa the street
eross the street hath come a change
The window hath a tenant strange
Who movfs me tn no ros Ireams
My train no more with cistles teems
What use have 1 for taneles rraltr
The mill us Ills romanll tale
llilb mud t makt m 1 lomplete,
Vcr se tl i- strict
Truman llnirrts n Irene In March
Smirt t-et
Coronets of Society Loaders
Again Do j ou remember w hen good
old fashioned society women rat b the
hour and talked hornets" When there
were whlsperel comments to the effett
that Mrs lookel like a fright In
hers anl that Mis It s (providing Mrs
U of comse was the one allressel)
vms slmpl i Ireim There is no more
of It u miy losslblj hear Mrs (
ea thit Mrs D a new crown Isn t a
bit lecoinlng hut lonnets nre a very
mli or tonslderutl n indee 1
These crowns nre really anl truly
t nes tlthoiikh some are more modestly
ttftnel to us coronets anl others as
tlaiar I can trace their use In America
in fm ther back than the thirl Mrs
John Jacob stor who die 1 In 1SS" but
her slstir In law Mrs William stor
was almost na eirly In the Held with
the rojal Intignli The nlue of there
ornaments varies from I'OOOO to SUIOoq
each The resent Mrs John Jicoh As
tor has two one ft lelj of dlamon Is and
valued nt IMOOii the other of dlimonds
anl emerulls vnluel at MOOOO while
Mrs Oklen Mills poseesses three with
n tolal value if JvSftOO one composed
of diamonds another of dlimonls an!
reirlr an I the thlr! of llimonla nnl
emeralds Others tint hive nloplel a
custom that was it first a hit start
ling ate Mrs O H P llelmont Mrs
William Stair Miller Mrs llradley
Martin Mrs William D ''loine Mrs
Ievl P Morion Mrs lfred S lost
Mrs Clareme II Mickay Irs Ceorge
Javdould Mrs Charles T erkes Mrs
I em Tlffanj Mrs Phillip rthlnelinder
Mis Harrv I ayne W hitne nnl Mrs
Mfred Owvnne andeibilt rrank 0
Ariutl In Vinitlee
A Story of Bishop Whipple
W hen railed to take up the new mis
slon of Ihe Holy Communion Chicago
he found busy railwas jards close to
his hit I He asked the cllef engineer
how to i i h railway operatives Head
Inlit-ri. Ilnllwsj Econoui) until voi
si alle t isk a question )f an engl
m i anl h nor think ou a fool so
insiru t d he droi pod In one lay on
a groii) running an engine and vn
turel a qu tl"n W hlh d vou like
the h tttr Irsl le or outside connee
lions" ti rent of discussion followed
on conni li ns steam heateis ex
hausta an I at the end of a half hour
I en marked In leaving Hos I have
a five church In Metropolitan hall
where I should Ix glad to see you The
next Sunday every man waa there
March Century
Mrs Fiske s Fillur
Mrs Flskes fathi Thomas Davsy
oi Tim Uavev ns he was more gen
erall known In the theatrical i rofes
slin was a manager of consequence In
the later eirs of his life I ut his cu
iter began In the hun 1 1 cipacltv of
pionrler Mrs Hke telle the follow
Ing (inecdott ubout liln
Duvey was hulling the hook on
night whei tntst of the com pans were
verj Imperfect In their lines and tho
lei Unix man knew less at- it what h
w is doing unj s vlim than any of the
others 1I vould i- die dnwn to the
entrance v here Dav y tojd with the
promitbotk il f i it P c rne
word m dfar b th vv rd This
happene 1 r ofi i it at Ltvey"s pa
Hen o was taa, i I yond cuduiante
The word the word h" suddenly
yelled back lou want thf book the
book and there It Is and he threw
It at the octor s head
And there s the prompter yelled
the manager, who had come hack to
fin I out the cause t f the trouble and
planting a kick at Dave) Ian led him
In the tenter ot the stage The cur
tain had to he rung dovn and the
performance discontinued - Chicago
Inter Ocean
A Smart Man's Clever Ruse
' I saw jour wlfo In a car with wou
the other day raid a friend to the
gay Wall street broker I thought she
was going to stay South over the hol
idays She thought so too and the bro
ker smiled She was with ftlends
down there for a long time and kpt
writing me not to tell her to tome back
Just et
How did ou manage It'
I dldn t write for her to come hack
I Just sent her last months gas bill
It was for eleven cents She got here
two das later and her trunks have
been coming In on every train since
Then they both smiled and drifted b
tween littlccd doors that swung In
vvird An Old Fashioned Woman
No clover brilliant thinker she
With college rcoorl and degree
Ph has not known the paths of fam
The world has never heard her name
She walks In old long trodden ways,
Th valles of the jester lavs
Home Is her kingdom lover h-r dower
8h seeks n other wand ot pwer
To mare home sweet bring heaven near
To win a smile and wipe a tear
An 1 lo her duty day by di
In her own quiet place anl wav
Arounl her childish heart ire twined
As round some reverend stint enshrined
nd following hers the childish feet
re let! to Ideals true and nweet
nd find all i uritv anl no 4
In her dlvlnest motherhoo I
This sad old earth s a brighter place
Ml for the sunshine of ler face
Her verj, smile a t lesslng throws
Anl hearts sre happier wh re she goes
A gentle clear eye 1 mespnser
To whisper love thank Gt. I f r her
A Double Team
v. man who was blcyiing In south
em I ranee was 1 ushlng his machine
up a rteep hill when he overtook a
peasant with a donkey cart The pa
tlent beast was making but little pro
gress although It wna doing Us lest
The benevolent cjcllrt putting his
left hand against the back of the cart
and guiding his machine with the
other hanl pushed so bird that the
donkej taking fresh courage pulld
his load successfully up to the top
nin inau successtuiiy up to me iu.
When the summit was reached the
peasant burst Into thanks to his ben
It was good of you Indeed mon
sleur' he protested I should never
In the world have got up the hill with
only one donkej ouths Companion
Pronunciation Tads
W here polite usage gets Its authorltj
nobody knows Now It Is saving that
valet the tlnal syllable of which we
hive learnel to give off hanl with a
high bred a shall be ngllclzel Just
as parquet was a few jears igo and
shall appear Ih polite ao tetj In Ita
plain Lngllsh stubl Iness It Is llkelj
that we shall all stumble and stutter
and make mistakes at first but event
uallj fall In line ot ets There are
those who claim that a polite s tburb
should have a long u an 1 that tip
ettrj should be a long and that
the sun never shon; i Iliely with a
long o The same authorities are
busy with the ne v automobile Imtor
tatlon chauffeur eho feur) vvhl h
has leen colle I everj thing that Is po
Hie It might be calle 1 something
more for It is not a truthful term It
means when Interpreted fireman
stoker and Is Innocentlj a tood
Joke on our millionaire who spe 1
their own autos Client Round
The Coronation Chair
Some sieculallon exists as to the
renovation of the coronation chair
Before the reign of Queen ictorla
there was an expressed wish that this
chair shoult le restored to something
like Its historic beautj anl hopeagiln
pievatls that the present jear may see
something done In the Jubilee jear
the rnolern lions were freshly gilt 1 ut
much more might lie lone of the coro
nation This ctalr hi suffered so
much from mutilation thit one wishes
Edwarl I had catrlel out his original
Ilea und male It cf bronze It Is lm
Rtoballe that a echoolbvj would then
ave been able to carve on It the le
gend P M bott slept In this chair
Julj lSvo
For manj coronations It his been
the custom to cover the chair with a
cloth of gold hut indent drawings and
the remains of Its line work show that
at one time It required no such cloth
Ing Its excellent workmanship Is a
credit to Walter of Durham who tin
Uhed It In 131 aid was pall uctoid
Ink to the warlrobe accounts of I 1
wird I 100 shillings for Its manufac
ture with a further sum of 13s Id for
carving palntlnk and gilding the len
arils A little latr Mister Walter
was paid fl 10s "d for making a step
at tho foot of the new chair In vvhl h
Is the stone fr m Svotlanl In rursu
ance of the in ler of the King The
present step like the lions is molern
I onion Chr nlrle
He Bought the Church Too
The Foui drv Methodist church at
fourteenth and I streets desire,! to
move to mother put of Washington
John K Walsh th Colorad million
aire who Is lujlng much property In
thn citj had hit eje on the church
corner and lrtpiel lino the church
one night vvhll u Ice cienm roelil
was In prigrtss He nstnnifhe1 the
voung lidles bj tie prodlgalltj of his
expenditures r In illy the last r enmo
art und Mr W ilh Inttoduced him
lm having i good lime he said
I like to buj things Hive jou anj
thing else for rale"
Nothing except this church frop
erly letliel ihe i astor
VII right rei lie 1 W ilsh 1 11 take
that ton
nd he dll pajlng !01 two therefor
-New ork rld
Mozart ind Beethoven
The stories f how men of gtnlus
have hal future time iredlclel for
them In their eirlv jouth mut gen
erally te taken villi a considerable
grain of salt v.s mihentlc as most is
th account of th first meeting of
Miami with th jo ing lleethoven
which took pla on the litter a first
visit tn Menna in ihe jeur l"s" Mo
jarl then at the h Ight nf Ills fime
asked him to pi u but thlnklnk his
perfotnance a pr pared piece pal I
little attention to It Detttnven see
Ing this entreated M irt to give him
a subject which he 11 ! ind the lioy
gettink excited with tho occislon
plajed ao finely that the composer of
Don Giovanni stepi Ing sofllj Into
the next room sild to his frlen Is
there Pay atttntlon to him he will
make a noise In the world some day or
snother Chambeiss Journil
Kubellk s Genius
II F Krehblel tie musical critic
of the New lork Tribune In on article
on Kubsllk In the Mirch Century thus
s ima up the power of the joung liohe
mian violinist
The ease with which he conquers the
most appalling dirtl jltles H lewiller
Ing ind Imbues his music with u fine
sense ot 101 ore which however deports
more and more as the music approaches
llo simple soulful mng stjle When
broad ontablle moment are reached
the Immature Oriental sentimentalist
comes to tho foic lie is joung anl liv
ing In Ihv excitement of a phenomenal
kjreers His vlolinlstic legerlemnln has
turned the heads of thousands, and he
takes s mew hat too great de ight In th
mere vanquishing of difficulties but th
attributes of greatness are always e I
dentin his plajlng even when the must
Is paltry He Is Imperturbable In hl
maintenance of tempi and Us command
of rjthms His double stopping Is lm
peccable No plajer of recent jears has
approached his mastery of harmonics
The accord between his bow arm and
left hand Is automatically perfect and
his tone a miracle In Its fullness and so
norltj alto in its purity and sensuous
loveliness when unforced In short he
Is a wonderful jouth a reincarnation
of Paganlnl rather than anj master of
the last half centurv and If he shall
turn out to be the gieatest violinist of
the next half centurj his severest
critics todij will not be surprised
Girlish Confidence
jou told Charlej Chubblns jou
thought he sent that beautiful valen
les Charley Is a verj nice joung
man with good prospects
But jou know well enough that he
dldn t send It
Ot course But it dldn t do anj harm
to let him know that I shouldn t have
been a bit angry If he had Wash
ington Star
The Joy of Gardens
Perhaps no word of six letters con
centrales so much human satisfaction
as the word Kardsn Not acctlent
ally Indeed did the Inspired writer
make Paradise a garden and Mill to
daj when a man has found all the
rest of the world vanltj he retires Into
his garden W hen man needs Just one
word to express in rich and poignant
symbol his sense of accumulated beauty
anl blessedness his ftrsr thought Is o(
a garden The saint speaks of The
Oarden of Ood gar ten enclosed Is
my sister mj spouse crls the lover
or Theie Is a garden In her face he
sings and Ihe soldiers stern dream is
of a garden of swords The word
heajen Itself Is hsrdlj more unlver
sally exrslve of human happiness
than the word garden
And jo i lave onlj to possets even
quite a. small gar1n to know whj V
small old garlen So long as It lie old
It boldly matters how small It Is but
old It must te for a new garden Is
obvlouslj n t a gard n at nil .nd
most keenly to re Ish the Joj which an
old gardn can ahe 0u shoald perhars
have lieen born In a city and dreamed
nil jour life ot some day ovnlng a gar
den No foim of good fortune can I
am sure give one a deeper thrill of
happj ownership that that with which
one thus cltj bred at last enters Into
possession ot an old countrj garden
Lverythlng jour eje falls upon seems
to wear something of the same look
to wear something of the same look
and an jour je ranges with a sumptu
ous sene of proprietorship from end to
end of jour little domain jour heart Is
filled with a, sense of home more pro
found more unshakable and more pa
thetic than jou have ever felt before
before jou owned a garden Julius 2,or
regard In Harper s Magazine for March
Matrlage and Divorce Up to Date
A well known New lork woman dl
vorced from ler husband In South Da
kota seven months ago has Just mar
ried again in Indiana
Her former husban 1 married Immedl
itelj after the divorce was grinted a
woman whom he had leirned to love
during hli wlfes temporarj absence
fiom home and who wis divorced In
order to marrj him Likewise the man
whom the first wife has Jast married
out West was divorced from his wife
lj whom he had three children that
he might marrj his new afflnltj
To nd I to th complications of these
triple divorces and remarriages thej
would not be legal If contracted In the
State where the parties original! j lived
It only remains for the one deBerted
nnd unconsoled husbin 1 In this tat
to marrj the abindoned wife out West
1 1 complete the serlo comic complexl
ties and compensations of this medley
of manlike anl divorce up to ate
Will anj of these wealthy anl highly
respectable persons be ostracised bj so
cletj the remedj sugges ed bj i wor
tlv bishop for the divorce evil' Ire
cedent does not seem to threaten It
Will this plijlng fast nnd loose with
satraments anl contneu and domestic
tics hasten the passage of a ronstltu
tlonal amendment authorizing a nation
al dlvoico Iivv It ought to New lork
W orld
The Sun Is S-ldo-n on Time
The sun Coes not keep goo! time He I
Is almost alwajs too fast or too slo v
Once about tne ml Idle of April he is
Just on time then not again before the
ml! lie of June U 'he beginning f
Feptember he Joins the clock a third i
time and laMlj once more late !n De
cember Now It would teem as If he
were startle 1 nt the way he neglccte 1 I
us In February he fell back until he I
was fifteen minutes late lly tl e begin
nlng of March he hod made up live I
minutes of his loss and before the i
month Is over he will have caught up
to within five minutes of the schedule
Meinwhllo the dajs have botn griwiic
longer very rapidly We begin March
with our nights longer than our lajs
We end it with our dajs longer than
our nights In the one month we have
added to the length o our daj an hour
and twentj mlrutes u llgger gain than
nny other mmth can show I rof 1 l
Pchmucker In the March Ladles Home
Journal I
Coffee Cigarettes
custom which is raid to owe its I
Inception to the Jockey cl ib Is no v I
rail lly gaining headway In larlslan
rorle'j particularly In the clicks of
the laubours Saint Germain This Is
the ccnsumptlon of tlgaiettes mile
from coffee leaves dried and resente I
In forms similar to those of the tt I a o
of commerce Coffee leaf smoking Is
sal 1 to be not onlj perfectly harmless I
even If Indulged In to excess h it to . s '
sesa the propertj deemed by ihe m
ven nrs nn un (Ustlonable alvaniak
nf Imparting tn those who pra il it
nn Intense nnl lasting dislike for the
tlavoi of tobacco
The hygienic cigarette Is de lared bv
smokers tn dnw satlsfa t r v and II
can be smoke 1 with t i f ri if noi
with intense delight to tie en! The
scent and llavor are sul gen ils though
vaguelj reminding one of son e Belgian
tobaccos. The owner I ihe chemists
shop where the coffee Itaf tlgurettes aie
0 be hit rav that there Ik mite a run
upon them and thtt he has some dim
cultj in keerlng abreast with the le
rnand ( hlcago Jiiirial
Its rowerful RtRulntor
In regard to the proposition of rnls
Ing the iv of i ongressmen 1 recall a
tonversutlon h Id somi yea is ago be
tween two n t 1 representatives from
ofVe " k"'1 W""m H Sargent
Uoth alas nre dead One was the
1 IK trained and good natured Duvll Ft
Cu hereon an! trW other his tolleague
Ctl Duck kllgot. Kllgore wis In n
marked to his friend Culberson lm
getting tired of this Congressional life
11 s stale and Hat and very unprofltab e
man cant save i dollar of hla sal
ary I m going home to resume my
profession Confounl It how do they
expect o fellow to eel along on 15000 a
jear and live decently"
I know Its inlghtj little lluek
mlghty little quoth rmterson hit .
member Buck Its lowerful Kulai
-Washington Times
Slnginfj in Florence
fter thus having made m home ihe
net kreat lerlslon was the hoi e of a
mister for In Italy neub all volte
work Is dine through private tti hint.
The two names that popular otlnlon
rang with were those of I r f annu i '
clnl nnd Prof Sulll Mrnux It was
about the middle ot O tober when I
went out to the large Piazza dell Indl
pinlenza tn call on Prof annu In!
There Is t have fmnd IHM u ,. J,
wrltlnk In advance to make arruuge
mnts as ro understanding can be ar
rived at until the aspirant s voice Is I ut
to the test Prof annuccinl Is a. great
man and his name Is vvell Inmr,
throughout Europe but I could not
help thinking that he had reached the
II penteroro stage n life No longer
is he joung anl perhaps for this rea
ron he would agree with the song of the
owl more readllj than with that of the
nightingale Like most cultured Hal
lans he ! gentle There are so very
few reallj good voices now he said
regretfullv I have almost ceased to
expect to har again nn angelic voice
This I thought was quite In opposition
to the theorj ro much heard In Lng
land and In America that voices can b
made and out of almost nothing
Prof annuccinl would have taken me
as a pupil but I felt after I hid sung
for him that I had Inspired no great ex
pectatlons He advled two lessons of
an hour twice a vvek ind for eich his
charse would have been fifteen lire
Hsrpers Bazar
The Fields of Toll
The hill are all a sei with vellow grain
That meets esch merry lmpijle of the
With dances llsht as dearest wish can
nd laughter like the mellow rush of
rain . ...
Th ripening corn flaunts far across tre
Its glorious sbundance scarce confined
nd through the lowlands sunny rivers
Thick bordered b the sumacs amber
From this the lofilest helsht th long
road runs
fsr down the golden hillsides toward
the west . .
Tollows the rsptured Journejs of the
nd seeks with them tire purple
realms of rest . .
But I I e best the bright snl wlndj hill
W here Jojous labor holds her empire still
Mildred 1 McNesI in March Success
The Triumph of Woman
The feminine danger It seems Is
threatening the modern man and h
Is revtltlng Woman Is getting to be
one too mu h for him The most re
cent protest against her accumulative
pressure has come In a nervous sput
ter from some of our unlversltj men
who have expressed their Intention to
debar the girl students of a sister col
lege from the swimming pool v here
thej themsel es wish to disport exclu
slvelj This Is onlj an Internal tern
peet In i collegiate teapot but like
straws It shows which vvaj the wind
blows It Is not long since Prof Muns
terberk of Harvard save vent to his
own dismal masculine forebodings In
an able magazine article In which he
ml uuie inti;a2ine ttriine ill niucii lie
not onlj gravely pointed out the Im
pending dangers to the race Involved
In the over cultivation of our women
but the still direr peril of the posel
ble feminization of our entire spiritual
entltv as a nation This has a cer
tain sound not remote from the hu
morous The ldei that the American
man In conceding minj of the liberties
of modern life to woman has made of
her a Frankenstein who may not onlj
wear upon his nerves as a superior tj
rant but maj In time turn the course
of nature and fashion him after her
own Image Is highly entertaining The
chelf flaw In the proposition seems to
lie In the conception of woman na
tuie Thee feirful gentlemen ought
to be assured that modern woman Is
more faithful to her eternal -e than
thej fancj hr to b that she has the
same fatal weaknesses of the heirt
which have leen peculiar to her rex
from time Immemorhl that her ere
dullty her passion for self sacrifice
her elaborate conscience her gift for
Idealization and turning the sordll
ness of life Into golden dreims through
which her steps winder nthcr help
lesrlj at tint's ill there quilltles ren
der her nnd will continue to render
her easllj manageable by the superior
race of mm Then why rhoul! our
men tilt like Don Quixote nt a wind
mill Let tl em be assured that there
Is no danger that to piriphrase Wer
ther woman will do nothing for to
hurt em Harper s Weekly
Gypsy Knowlcdgo of the Future
It seems but little short of the ml
raculous says the writer nf i most
Interesting article on Ojisles In F ank
Leslies I npular Monthly for March
to have the hidden hlstorj of ones
life read so perfectly by utter stinng
ers but the means ly which they make
It aprear that they do ro Is not en
tlrelj palmlstrj which regardel ns a
science his little part In tljpsy for
ture telling ltomanja gather everj
possible bit of Information about the
Inhalltarii of the nelkhborhooj where
they hapiwn to te sojourning I y Judl
clous questioning of servants and
neighbors nnl hoard the treasure In
their marveloia memories Vld to this
the fict that their naturally keen low
ers of observitlon have been trained
for centuries to rea 1 character an 1
life history from the face that certain
generalities alwnys obtain with cer
tain types of hands an! faces that
general facts may npply to myones
past history nnd that only whit
comes to pass Is rememberel out of
the miss of Information given one and
you huve the key to their apparent un
tanry knowledge nf past and prerent
Age of Earth and Man
The question of the antiquity of the
earth an 1 of man has tiiusnd no end of
discussion amonk scientists The geolo
glstB have figured themselves Into a
dlereputible stntc Thej have gone on
adding cliheis to their estimates until
they have cause 1 ill other scientists
to revolt They are themselves abashel
when thej contemplate the results of
their own enthusiasm The anlhroiolo
g sis who have male a study ot the
'haractcrlstlcs of the human race on
sclentlllc lines have been more mo 1
erale In their raleiilitlone but they
in come to no igreement The most
modest admit thit mm existed nnl
had reached i complex social ronlltlon
it least several centuries igo
Theie are rtlentlllc reasons fir as
sumlng that It required thoustnds of
years ror the race to ichleve ihe st
till conlltlons which nro levelled by
the lettered t il I its of oOOO It c Tho
ruins nf in extensive system of water
w rks affor 1 pres im live evidence that
there was a hustling business inmmun
liv at Babylon for people who do not
hustle tann t ly pi nnl ers bills Th
tablets piove i e use of n printing
press anl rf a revolving eyllnler with
raise! type Baltimore Hun
She ICas Confidence In Her Customers
Posslhly the youngest proprietor of i
s icreisful I uslness in the I nlle 1 btitea
Is Mary Htsaheth 1 vnns ( Syramse
N 1 Bh Is 16 years oil anl sells
more iindy than nny six nf the ether
retail tialers In Byrncust She ire
r a ret! the way for her tn le by hiving
a liooklet rrlnlel which consisted tf
testimonials from rhjslclans who hn I
bought ler candy Another ot her
original plana was a show case at
which all customers helps I themselves
In the rte wer neit boxes ot canlj
ant at one en 1 were d i ible doors
Swinging from one i f the loots was a
sign which r.al Open these tl ors
Take what y u wish Iive th. price
of goods taken Msko yn ir own ehaigt
from mj I trust to a ctisirm
era honoi Ils girl has remark
able luslr ibllttj an! has gieit
confidence in her pitrons M irch Sue
rri&oner s Hard Luck
I Is not unusual for peisnna In
, ,e.rt ,0.r. cr,me ln "'I" Juris II tion to
lead gulltj but verj seldom lo it
hai pen that a prisoner who a Imlls
that ht; has been rightfully it c ised Is
compelltd tt enler a plea r f not gulltv
Such nn Intllent ctcurtet here re
It was dislr d to make i t st cat
In order tt re lire i rullnh f om th
API ell He court on a k otty I hal pro
position A c rtaln coloi l inlMluii
who was in the tolls vv s ted in
furnish frtmework fir th Issue He
win ej rtml Inti c urt for irrnlgn
ment 1 nor tu that formalin, howe-v-
er the prosecuting officer took the t,
caution to remark Of course J?
aro going to plead not guilty SJJ
a plea was essential In orler to til
the matter before the higher court
The response was a surprise i.t
some what disconcerting for the atbi
neja and tho court were anxlois t
go ahead with the test proceeding T"
irlsoner declarel Ise guilty an
wants to be sentenced right here .'
now This dlsarnnged the nrJ.
gnmme xery" decidedly ',0
It required the combined persuatit.
efforts of the prosecuting officer sVS
th counsel assigned to represent ill
defendant to Induce the latter to eoS
sent to ploal not guilty As he w..
led from the courtroom he shook hi.
heal dubiously nnd murmured J
dldn t want to do It, cause I m euini
all right Don t know what theyse 7,
to deed I don t Washington str
Training Prescribed for Public Ex.
cutionors ln Oreat Britain
n Interesting Insight Into the meth
odsof the Hangman s Training School'
Is given bj n Sussex nevvepaper which
comments on the recent demand for
professional assistant exe utioner
Ahlch was supplied hy the nppolntmem
after due examination of Mr lohn El
lis draper of Io hdale Despite the un
pleasant n itura of the work more ar,
plications were rea Ived than vvoull
comfortablj supply the I nlted Kingdom
ind nil the colonies The attl tic knot
ting of n rope nn 1 the sliding of a smai
Iron bolt seems nn easy way to main
monej and the mon fcruesome so f
the work apparrntlj does not nrfect tin
majority of uppllcants
Hangmen however nre mide tot
I orn an I the making th real Is an In
tereeltng process No etit ee ret viij
ever more Jealously guardel than th
course of ln'trunlon whereby novlcei
uie olllclallv traiuformed Into capabt
exetutloners The authorities do not ltd
Incline ! to I oast njb ut this form of got
eminent training nt least But tD(.
sal 1 a case hard n, I though phllosoch
leal rnstn warden lecently tl ere nuo
be hangings ut long as there are cantil
crimes Why n t have the Job doni
right Of course men must be tralnH
for It or there would bo frightful bun
klliig The dean of the rofesslonu
of course Billlngtcvn But DlUlngtonl!
not ubiquitous and his Inability to ham
two dirfeiont mun crers in dlfferttl
rarts of Lngland nt the sine time lu
made the appolntn. nt ot nn asslstan
necessary W h it lillllngton does tat
know about olllclal methods of puttltr
men to death Is hardly worth knonict
and It Is th most reasonable thing tl
the vvorld tlinJ he shoul 1 ho selected u
chief Instructor ln the School of At.
piled Hanging '
n execution means more than a
mere tying of a noose nn 1 collapse ofi
trap door Tho hangmarf must nub
certain nice calttilatlnns how much tf
a fall Is required to produce instantaw
ous death an 1 how to adjtut the gallon
to meet the requirements In each part
ular case I very detail from binlitt
the malefactor In his cell to adjutllr
the f itnl cord Is onsctentlously go-e
through with for the benefit of tti
novices A ck s Instruction Is n
too much A tlm Is hoscn whenihi
head executioner 1 not busy for a fes
lajs nnd then un ler his surervlrln
mock executions It I sal 1 take faa
within the prlnon will .
s n sort of port grtiduate course, i
warder sometlm s emeus the role otibt
condemned man He Is lound In the
most approved fashion nnd then lea li
the kallowx Just as though he tu
about to suffer the le (h penalty Sul
tlent to saj however greit caret
taken that the trip door keeps lnpaa
while he Is put upon It Skill Is-reciuW
to deftly secure a ii Ironer about toul
the fital drop The hangman m ist ihor
no nervousness or clumsiness llemur
1 e able tn adjust the sti i s quickly ul
securely The stu lents who nrs can
fully drilled In this I ranch of thevroit
go over nn 1 over ench detail ind a mil
take must bo follow e! by Inciei
The warder who nets ns lay fran
during this pleislns process mutt pa
Cess sul lime patient e No Instant! i
recorded of nny I rl ner condemned or
otherwise offering himself as a subject
Thus the School of Applied Hanjlri
surfers In not posfcj Ing the same ft
cllltlos ft r studj ns n school of medlcli
or dentistry Vfler the final examlJ
Hon of the rinlldites hy the ri""
commissi! ners U fore whom the entli
programme of an execution (mlnuiti
drop) Is carried cut candidates 1
have pissed It Is said are gratuY
licenses 1 y the hone Secretarj
To many people this business!!!
methol of training public execuiiono
may seem repugnant It Is netetua
however ln orler to mold dlstreu-'
scenes on the scilfol 1 The present li
crease ln applications for employnm
ns hangmen In I nkland Is due ItrpJ
to the unusual number of execuUri
pending ln several parts ot hnjJi'
The dean of the school will be s tr
usy man for the next few vveeki '
In i number of northern prisons he
loo Christmas holldnj visitor brlnfU
anything but nce nnd good chen
London I xpress
A case vvns belns tried In a count
court V horse ha 1 been stolen from'
Held and the evlV-nce all pointed tt1
certain doubtful ctuirarter of thendp
loihool as the culprit Though hlir
seemd clear he h 1 1 fnun ! a lawjert
un lertike hla defence At the trial
defendant s touniel exponlel fusennr
In trying to confuse nn I frighten Wl
posing witnesses especially a ftnw
whose testimony was p irtlcularly dia
nglng The lawyer kept up a on) '
questions nsklng miny foolish on"
repeating himself again nnl again n
hoje of decoying the witness Intoso
trallctlin ,.,
itusay the liwjer went on uu
jo i can avveir to having seen this irj
drive a horse past your firm ontneui
In question' .
I on repllel the witness
for he h 1 1 nlrendv answered the qu
tlon a dozen llniCH
W hat time was this?
I tol I you It was nl out the mW"'
the afternoon . ,,,
But I tlon t vv int nny aboi
middles I want you to tell tw J"
fxiiitlj the time IJM1,,
Why snl 1 the farmer I V
waysurry a gold watch with me
I m digging potntoci . honl
Hut yr u have n clock In the
hnven t ynu?
Will whnt time vvns It hy thtt'"
Why by tint clock It was jmt"'1
leen minutes ast 10 ,,
vou weio In tho Held all IM '""
Ink' went on tho liwjer smlllM'
I wns ,. t
How far from the house '
Al out halt a mile ,t,,iU
inisweai do you thit by tM.
In jour house It was Just nineteen
utes past 10
Tho lawjer paused nnd lofHj
timrhmlly at the Jury At ! v
nlripiel the wilneai Into a cor.W
tory stitoment that would '
weaken his evidence ..h!it
The farmei leluirely I lcked P"
nr I slant 1 to leive Hie '"'" dd(j
Ihrri turning slowly about he so
I ought rerham lo ray tn
much reliance shoull not be i
that clock in It got out of I e"',.
six mouths ago and Ita teen g
minutes piet ten ever Mnce
nntl f nmmcrclal Tribune
Moses Wna n Oentlemn
The Chrl'Hin Ilcglsler reports 'h,,
q I stlon, W hat wis Ihe '"'"fb II '
i r of ivioso dr w from i ", tBj
K in laj s hnol the reply A gepa ,
Nit understanding thi In'yiiii
why llease, sir. when he ,,
tt jethro went lo Ihe well to1"
the the herds were In the way p
lelped 'them snl said to the "
Ladles first, plcute.
' mi

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