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csssr- -JJyn-arouyTAiy tmumeu act TUyciiMAy, Tuesday aroT-rxo, aLuicn 4 . 1 002. - IIIIIhhhI
TTTTlome Mia I-n ot South
k vcir wa Sir WIIIHm W.il
", ;,i(d - When was Bobert
i"SK.nfc of ScollanilT-
..V i .? .
( Is the r"' ' pronunciation of
"(It. H'" rr sd""''8 "me7
.fl, pronoun d In three Habits,
mat rtr cent of en' milk Is wnt
i At what temperature should
,v be churn, d" W J "
boat SI '" ,h n"inBe- 2
sm I" 6I dl rc ' ",e ,'"t le"'"
iturf usualls
ABi(rl.an Folk Vtih, Tel, 17th
rr Tribune The law requires
,, nUnlnKloMtlon 'hull be record
i, both the dl tilet and county lev
' .. ViotkM a P nalty for linn
nc of IM provisions Question
.loJator'i nl Hi the county
more the dl trlct would hN loca
'sYvort nnl hn ground Jumpablo.
",Sl he .irnpl b- 'lablVL r'nn
,i, of non nnipliaiRC of the full
,Lof the st Utile and be able
iShU Broun 1 James Chlptnan
,wur re the Plate law Imposes
lortfltw f 'h" tlllm . In i!" ""
Vol knouM'.e respecting the pro
7 cf dtstrl i rulr no opinion can
7. at in their i fleet upon your
,. While the (ourts are loluctaiit
Scree a forfeltuie It li the safer
wcompl) fullv with all law, ells
irulrsanl r gulillons
taut hat will be the total revenue
, rojtofflre department or this
diitni! June '0 J M. I.
MUtlliOMOOM Ihe figures for the
in ljr eie Jill 611 1. and for
,r before that I10.',JJI .9
Pecat llo Idi . Feb 23rd.
jwrTrlbjne Will ou pleaso nn
In jour n it bundas i Tribune
en ihe llr t animal trainer nnd
till he lit A Header
jm he Uteri In the Garden of
lorn; lll It tike to recoil e i"n
by mall to a letter sent fiom
bulcan clt to llutnos Ayres,
Ulrica' S S
e postal Hllinc between New
itdBurnos tr s Is twenty-nine
lo It hartlv t ould be reasonable
pet a rcpl) within two months
twTnrunr What Is the present
ithn of m fits Cap. Nome
(i Wl a wi 1 f-t seam gold
li from Nomr Ilnw earl In
rdMifir t t el hate for Nome,
hom warf I llite an quartz
i hen found tet 5 Are any
Milthv comianlei Interested
' I What are if general pros
f" future i D) most of point
i it r In the stil . oi there' 8.
U Manner fare a Aho com of
t In Nome
othftjiand people are sold to bo
Ji -litf tee 2 About i million
jj Ulf dollar 3 Lite Muy or
-, i !uc I No i Not ters. the
t i r rapinlm Ind C It i not
bit lo ia some saj there Is
K'l i Ml Iher others malntnln
illthtirlnlng ground in sight has
II don 7 Mot Ma) there
r.t to Alaska Steamship rompany,
It I About doubt that In Salt
uV , ,
iir Uuj Ihe pension law pased by
JM -USIlyS 1900- T N M
il ' . M.n' ""t dl-sablllty pen-
nM i 5fl.ne " i',n Providing
tj ihe dltabllltles In th nggrcgilo
US', Ja m-s. I onsldered In
Jta S?y,1?' mon' of his ptn-
of. '!ymltl he prothlonn of the
id' " ma tied pi lor to June 27,
if, li!'" In ""' an' ot
ndli M per jeir
S "tiJh" fT" '"' 0f "8
r rii,i , e) m?k ' h mare ijo,
,,l llni tor a .lo1d l,ors -(jtJ
"' "Z'l t "r-1 ,n no?
IITI Ulendn. J """"owner re-
SrTi i. i'.T'T "n "" f'"1 "'at
olir im bul "hfn the bor-
the t
in', r IT lul1 r'h 27th
nS 'Kir. , Dl rWa" 'William
t author, j! , "n.m" ot "'e
t lr on his Wrri m.'.i i'"8 lcn,h
R" " ' Thi ., '"'Ilirlaj, nt his
" "h ,L u,0URh m"y
sff ,!'"'h,Tlo?,,.'i "'"""lltr
"" '"nre? ,'i nnetinte,17 3
0r,i' sooal ,.?'"!"' "Tit oil
ouni Mrli i .
aharf "'W ii,., V" "iPiromlnK of
'."ah" nurkfl tin, mnny
""-nten V", "'u'"ablo
J ,vri1 (Jfe nnd rung
"m p,i, ,'
5 &?5 SJ'-'wou'l
1 r,: 'ones ' "' ncoiint
S JM"''''"" ",'"?, "'ah'
i V-.JTSkc "Mil!
W ,, '"knit r i lll lieisuiO
s r ski ? fay or ii. " ' '''n
an ",rr si im" t'lintts
'rf, ,fc'Vr,,IO(1'l
i " rail",1 l t n ls'ry.
"" "off ouiS'o'ichua
ht, ib'.'l that t,,,,,1' Iftrflu
to assault Howlett ami i,. .mni,!'
tore j handlrd bin U l,e ,ws K'
him nnl h" w, ,iL?,'n"r" Protected
l-ito the liaM w"tho ,i 1'fvitmlUelf l0
serious InJurt t .ii. lulnR """talnel
ndop on n, a compromise anrt otNlon!
See h1r,,"nSn7,ne.nt a" """d mo
ah,anrtTt,hne,,lrnVh! "
!,. ,f ,lert and came ost to esrann
elfoiv R "wHnR w-ix put Into sticks
for commerelal'uie' m sucks
main'" "llld,,l J" forms made of brass
sUck, thR rnr.L,anK,,11r "r 'rims?
two pieces. In ulo V.InKIe-n" forms
are Rrootes m,i0 sIlRlitli t,,iirn""
otto end than at the tl,w, o make
ei-ler Bettlmr the stick, ou,r' nrrat ed
f?r,T, rc dlfflf"u t0 """ out nnd this
h.'J m,,y. lene.l by rubhlns
infrlt. WJ.""' Pa of tho 'orm with
"ho wax ,urpel"lno '"' Pourlns n
I.lltor Tribune will you kindly In.
nJI'sTJ" :""tlon'' nn'l Answers?'
?-nti?u".',ay. Tc'h'me. the name of a
reliable Institution or person who re-Tin-'T."
cr"'cl!,p'' minuscrlpts Does
The. Tribune do this?-! K W.
ij rr'bun" doesn't do this, and has
S?r.l?n. ?' iny n,ace- Inatltutlon or
person who does, nor of how nntone
enn mako such a business pay.
What Is the pension of a United
States bandmaster, and what will the
tttl?cd7-A u"?! HOb"0n b When
Tensions nnd retired pay are differ
ent matters. The former depend, In
''.''r'- "' least, on the extent of dls.
ability: tho other on the pay rocelted
when In Berth e An army chief musl.
clan received from 160 to J65 a month,
nnd may be retired on 75 per cent of
that. Cnpt. Hobson. Ir retired In regu
lar course would set 75 per cent of
J350O. his pay as naval cnptaln, but
special legislation may make a change
In hla ca,se.
Wellsvllle Utah Feb 2t
Hdltor Tribune Can n. man secure a
dltorco from a wife, residing In an
other State, without due notlllcatlon
hating been given Ihe wife?
We should think not, without her
consent nut If it Is nn actual case.,
rot merely a curiosity question, jou
had better hate a lawjer look Into the
What Is meant hy a "pair" among
Congressmen' 2 What Is a cantlleter
bridge.' X V :"..
Tvto members opposed In their les
nn rome measure effect a pair hy agree
ing to abstain from toting on It Thus
one of them ran bo absent when the
tote Is taken without lessening the re
latlte sticngth of his side 2 A tjpa
of truss bridge In which each truss Is
supported on a pier and balanced or
countorwelrhted and projected over a
spare to be bridged toward a like
truss from an optoslto pier The two
trusses etentually are connected dl
recti), or by nn Intenenlnir girder.
Ogden, Utah Feb 29
Editor Tribune From a reading of
Sour paper I see the Confederato sol
diers oro being pensioned Arc they
pensioned by the Goternment or State7
To it hom would I apply? A Confed
eiato Soldier.
Confederato soldiers are being pen
sioned by the tirlous States of the
South, and hate been for many jears,
neter hy the United States ou should
apply to the Secretary of State of the
Stato In whoso regiments you scried
In what year was the wall built
around the cits of Londondcrrj ? 2 In
what scar ttus the siege' 1. Where
can 1 find an authentic history of Its
earls settlement' It. I
Wo do not know, UrIUsh encyclo
paedias speak of It only as nn ancient
wall 2 In lCSa from April to August.
1 The siege Itself was the source of a
consldernbl literature, but wo trace
only one hlstors of the city. This was
prlntpd lorty years ngo, across the
ocein, hut then, probably lire a few
copies In this countrs'. nnd a dealer In
second-hand booku might locate one for
Sou. Londondciry grew up Hiound n
monnstery founded by Saint Columbia
In H8 and from Ihe ninth to the
eleventh century was frequently held by
the Dalies.
'lerrnce. Utah Feb 22.
IMItor Irlhimo Whom was Cloftrgc
Francis Train? Whin nnd whero was
he bom? For what was he noted?
Olve a short sketch of his life A Sub
scriber deorgo Francis Tinln Is nn author,
IcUuni nnd agitator He was born
In IIOHton, Mnrch -' 1S2J, be was en
gaged In business and In promoting en
teipilses In his soung manhood, he
tiled to Introdurc street rnllttass Into
Ilngland upwnids of forty scam ago,
without success lie has for many
yearo been noted for his eccentricities
and exploslte outbursts on tnrlous top.
Us Ills, address Is Mills building, No
1, New ork city
Who was M F Maury, nnd what will
sou tell mo about hlm7 n
Mnlthaw Fontaine Mnury, nn olllcer
of our irnvs who won fnmo ns a hyilio.
giapher He was born In Spottssltnnla,
Vn , January II lbOH spent his child,
hood In Tennessee, nnd beenmo a mid
shlpmnn III 1MB As early ns 1811 he
wtolo n treutlse on natlsatlou that bo
amo a text hook for th" luty Of his
lain writing, tho greatest was n work
on iihsslcnl geographs of tho sea. In
18M hu was dlsabl'd by an accident,
and nflernrl was superintendent of
tho nntlonal obsertqlor) In 1861 he
entered tho Confederato service, obtain
Ing tho tank of Commodore, and nt the
end ot tho nr took soitko under
Maximilian In Mexico. Then ufter set
eial ycais In Muione, he accepted a
prnfcssninHp at tho Virginia Military
Institute, llo died February 1, 1871.
Salt I-nke City, Feb. 25
Kdllor Tribune Is It illegal to send
the rtlblo thiough the United States
mall' 7, . .. ,
Certainly not. unlesn you get one that
Is too heavy, or fall to pay tho proper
Ily what race of p.oplo and In what
ceniuiy were some rltlts built In Yuen
Ian that were found ,ln ruins? 1 In
what countiy was It' lint n party of
Amcrlians of Ihe Hlatoa were mas.
sacii-d, who ttcie charred with fill
busterlng. over half a century ago?
Ily the nncestora of tho present
Mayas, but Just when Is not known.
Home of these Penlial American cltlesL
abn.i!.n ." "ot fen- " alreads
i S h"rT,v,'; !h: ,,aa ot r"-i
lion a, V,? n ,n W"" of consttuc
d o ,"mf ,h t-Pamards ar
etldcnr " on'11 bl, d ore
more ,Lal,n8t,Rr"t ntlqult nnd
that , "So, " f.aul" of l" "tructlon
"nd In d.str,. .V.a '"'""'"B "IHt
tomo wrti? ".Ne tc,lm"tlc conditions
a nrodlie 1 the ol,1er renulns as
inu.h ir '.?' lhe. 'hh eenturs but
The nbSLVjf. "Zoning Is conjecture
ate a, lit f 'mi rhlcs of the ruins
able V t,0'111 mo,t ia" "ntianslat
to IhoWrt rno,',l y--U hateieference
tlfn Lo?...!t.,w.Ml!h commanded b5
" of 'iif.a",d,.101 w U "tenden
I'nlltd LT. u'o1rne-0fn"'" f the
northern e . T,ho lan,,''d on r"''a
quick v-' '" Augl"1 H"'l nt
iltorn r Th ""''"Imol the sur-
ute5f!htt0lhtra "Kh,lns boins
Fdltor Tmk" I,ak.e Cl,y reb
hold i!, i "a" obtained the dltorce
court11!.,!'1." nf "e court, after all
Sub.ulbs'r"""" 'nXe p"n PW?-A
It VoF1aernexC'.,,1,ren . 8,,e eoul(1 "how
of Rood fn!fh h""lnJi' "" a" etldenec
t aid n L H-i .t, :,JThe man "ho has
miu me bi-1 should hate It.
IMiinr n- ,t W'lgham Feb 21
BnsVtlr ,l,Jrflnnmc1-WI" ?" Kl,u,'y
Quistlnn. I- OT.,ns ntlons In tour
das TriE?n"n'1 Aers' In The Sun.
Ideas. n.' ur lr yo" cn"t answer.
J hhnUIo" ;CdoV,fn arra"n
caW'if l'hs,uhthtafir;ary f P'a,e 0t
.Morgan' Who was his wlfe'-.Mrs II
anil In "?-- i" '" J;'C" about 171C,
a pimili' b,'gn,n N' military career as
a.,eamler In Ilraddocks nrmy I'ie.
.,?li.s.J0 ",e Hetolutlon he hnd mans
anT hi?" "llh,ln'J'" nd the French,
?mi,.rt mn-led Abigail llalley In
Sin?!!."'??' " t"ar"a"' f one ""
J,'""1 of. the Virginia ety, and In the
on nT.' os",ult of New Ycai's 177:
r?leisCr wyaPtred After he an
SliTl "CnljnelH commission was
N'cn ' I", "e did good service in
of 'unlJZ t00l5 ,art ln t'ie otcrthrow
lnBVinSnr:nn,,1 "fining Cien Wash
se?teS inl.ih.lat,PrH u,Ktnt request,
17-a hi I ',he 'Ionmouth campaign. In
urn to fJCU' aml "hen " '" f
lWr. ,"10 "I"1, refused because
ft""1 '' him a commls
S,?" "encral After the disaster at
nnT niV ' ,,0""T' he Joined flen dates.
lSiiens afterward was made a
nosed vr"!enf'.a, and Boon " oi
PS, .y, lnr'eton whom he defeated
Durrn,'.l'.nn'1 b1'""'y t Cow pens
uurlng the icmalnder of the war he
dVdfrCJnCi,,mUch. from '"""Wing lines" ,
fir..,?!1 r0""-"' Afl"fd. as Major-Shit-
'' '" t0,nniHnded the largo army
l,emn rC"5nce onded ,he "whisky re
a reders 2? V elec,f" ,0 Congres, ns
"hi j ?".".". thf re "nlously supporting
He dd"1n'?t'iac,,"",.of IT"ldent Adams'
180- ' '"Chester, n. July 6
r,u.n, n. . S'unson. Ida . Feb. 19
...nil. Tribune -Aro there any
ninrT hrUC" 'Vn! SaU ke or
cite hh"rr' 2nd Jf BO "'" you Pl
K Lltot. s"ndys Tribune -Jas
hTi1.6" "Je nn reK'ar rules at either
,!lV"r. hl" In'tructlons aie lten all
"I to ee that tho hat law Is com
?.i'lf""n:.not to 8nat People- after
rise of curaln until close of act. unless
aisles becomo congesled. to attend to
the comfort of patrons In etery way;
that head usher shall meet patrons at
i".?. ,or ""?. '.'"" them ln direction of
ft."f1r "hlch they hold coupons, and
that ushers shall meet them at head of
nlsle and conduct them to seats.
, .. Mercur. Feb 26
F.dltor Tribune- Name tho different
kinds of whales. If more than one kind
Is a whale capable of swallowing a
man' Karl N. Podcrsen
There are many tnrleilcs of whales,
and sometimes a single tarlety may
hate different names In different local
Itles principal nnmes are cachalot or
sperm whale, baleen or whalebone
whale, right whale, how head, hump
back, finback, rorqual 2 The cacha
lot could do so tcry easllsj most of the
others coull not.
The Status of Mixed BloocU on In
dian Heservntlon3
Leland Utah, Teb 2t Agent Myton
recelted a letter from the ofP.ce of In
dian Affairs, Washington, dated Janu
ary 30, 1902, containing the following
decisions concerning the rights of mixed
bloods or Indian restitatlons.
' The faccretars of the Interior has de.
elded that the children born of a white
man. a citizen ot the United States, and
an Indian woman his wife, follow the
status of tho father as to citizenship,
and are not therefore entitled to allot,
ments on the public domain under sec
Hon 1 of tho generit allotment act of
Febiuurs S. 1897 (Jl Stat, 3SS) as
amended February 2, 1191 (28 Slat ,
7SI) The irorerty rlshtB of mixed
bloods on reservations are. fixed and de
termined bs tho prothlons of treaties
and agreements entered Into bs the set
einl tribes and bs general law, and are
not affected by the question of citizen
ship The act of June 7, 1S97 (30 Stat ,
90) speclllcnlly protects mixed bloods In
t licit tribal property. It protldes that
all children of a marriage theietofore
solemnized between a white man nnd
rim'miuz?u iiiHwecn a nunc inun ana
nn Indian woman by blood, shall hate
the same rights nnd prlt lieges to the
property of tho tribe to which the
mother belongs or belonged, as any
other member of the tilbe"
The ngent recently enclosed n copy ot
this clrculnr lettei to the Attnrnej.Gen
cral of Utah, asking him for Informa
tion ns to the rlkht of these people to
tote In Utah and ospeclalls this. 'Can
a white man who is married to an In
ch in woman nnd the sons of such
union tote In Ihe counts In which they
lite when the onls icsldonre thes lnte
Is on Ihe Uintah resort atlon?
Veis few white men are Intermar
ried with Indian women on the resor
ptions In Utah, nnd we do not know
MllK'llH 111 U.uii. tun. nc mu iiui SHOW
of nn such unions In recent sears Ihe
Ute worn, n are not git en to excursions
from the resertallon, or eten from their
wickiups Thcj are lellred In manner,
bashful, nnd do not Intlte the np.
proach-ti of while men, and the nhsence
of trnrea of white blood among these
people bs Intermarriage or otherwise Is
hreatly to their credit.
Salt Laker's Patent Device for Hot
Air Furnaces
Application for patent haa been made
for a detlco to obi late soot, dust, dirt
nnd other Impurities, to bo used In
connection with hot-air furnaces, by
William M. Anderson of halt I.oke, As
Is well known, soot In Ihe household
doei not come from the furnace, but
from the outer air The filter consists
simply nf two rollers, similar to cur
tain rnlleis, with common cheese-cloth
stretched between them and their
holders A little Clank Is attached to
the end of each I oiler, to turn them
One roller Is so placed as to bring tho
cheese-cloth to the lower end of tho
nlr window through which Ihe cold
nlr passes, and the other Is attached lo
the upper edge of tho duct Thus tlm
air must pass through cheese-cloth be.
fore getting Into the house. Ihe
cheese-cloth Is of sufficient length lo
allow a good current of air and there
Is enough of It to last one season
When a piece becomes clogged and
dirty a fresh piece can be Introduced
.py alniply turning the crank.
Hansfarough-Newlands Irri
gation Bill Passed.
Sentiment ln Favor ot the Measure
Practically Unanimous The IIouss
Committee on Irrigation Will Re
port Bill in the House Monday and
Name Mondell ot Wyoming to De
fend It Passage of the Bill This
Month Is Now Fully Predicted
Senator Kearns Confident.
Tninu.N-i: m'nnu'. i
lwm K Street J.
Washington, D C , March 1, 1102 )
Tho Senate passed the llansbrough
Ncwlands Irrigation bill today with
flight nmendments Stewart support
ed the bill ar did nlso Mr Tillman
The latter. In the course of his re.
marks, icfcrrcd to some statements
made by ex-Senatnr Carter of Montana
when ho talked the rlter and harbor
bill lo death In the last Congress
'Which were not true,1 Interjected
Mr Berry of Arknnsas
'I am afraid. ald Mr. Tillman.
tint nis friend fiom Arkansas will
Ret Into the same trouble I was In re.
cenlls If he Is not moru parllnmentnrs
Mr. Ilerry of Arkansas. Mr Hoar of
Massachusetts. Mr llacon of Ocoigla.
Mr leller ot Colorado. Mr tialllng-r
lic,V I!?.mP'hlrc. Mr. I'atteison cf
Colorado, Mr. tan Una of Iimh nn,
Mr riic'nJn "a,w"n, of Utah and
Jir. Clas of Oeoigla. a so supporter the
measuie, and the bill was passe. with-
vor or it being unanimous.
The measure provides that nil mon
fnr,re.telc from the sile of public
InS'h", '" tAr'n. California. Colorado.
v1!h. "'"V,' ,-Mntana. Nebraska.
n' N?X, cxlco- North and south
Dakota. Oklahoma, Oregon, Utah.
ii.?v i K..n .nl,d Wsomlng. beginning
inn if 'i8' be ,ot.ed '" the construe,
tlon of necessary Irrigation works for
reclamation of arid lands, the work to
i if. 5nen.1d t,,e. mnes expended under
Intsrio Secretary of tho
.nS!??, I'0"6.0 Committee on Irrigation
oday decided by a tote of seven to
wo to report the bill fatorably. hat
Ing nmended It In minor particulars
and named Mr. Mondell of Wsommg
nre.fn0r.'hM01d,,y and def""l the rmValE
me on tho floor ot tho House West
ern Senators ore In high spirits oter
', 6uf "f the bill and freely pre
ninth'" cpass.aB '"'Ing the present
hT. hh Re.nator Kearns of Utah, who
has labored zenlqusly for the bill said
the chances of rucccss are bright, nnd
''? M", '?n"dent this Important piece
a ht Um? Wl" b tompleled "nln
.h1n.ah0r UeM,M " Idaho said today
that the amendments made In the bill
rM.,h..SeiJ5le would d"Ul'tless coin
ntJu.'" ,ho" ma,,e ' the House
rSiM . r- " I'11.1 ,ne Senat0 b'll could
ff" '; ubstltuted for the House
III on the tloor of the House, and
thus cons dernble time may be saved
hiii-lni ,Ve tf,d u ""nRUInt that the
I " h'tantlally as It passed the Sen
slon bccome tt 'a the ptesent sej-
nousn coMMiTTi:n MEAsuitn.
h.T,ihllouse.Com'"",M on Irrigation
V.S,C? at wor.k " the b"' for
wctRa. An amendment wns adopted
n.n,ldlng ,hat ,"" tltl0 flnd manage
ment of rcsertolrs and works necessary
for their protection should remain in
!i?Go,,orSme,u llnt" otherwise pro.
tided bs Congress, leatlng the orlgl.
nal proiislons of the bill In refeience to
management nnd operation of works,
excepting rcsertolrs and works neces
sary for their protection, to pass to
Ihe owners of land Irrigated therebs.
mmnM.'i".1 aa ."'slnally framed, con
tcmplatcd a Blnile fund arising from
and r,.lf and'' ln ,.no "xtetn States
and Territories named, to be expended
E.hnEie.r ,hsrt"y of tho Interior
hj his discretion might determine This
made It possible to expend all the
!nn?,y 'n one or two States, or to dls.
tilbuto equlabls among all btates On
this rolnt tho Houso committee has
labored dlllgentls. and today adopted"
new section proposed by Itenresenta.
tlte Sutherland of Utah, as follows
Section 1 It a heieby declared In be
the duty of lhe Secretart of he interior
la cnrrslng nut the proiffions of this "?t
f.nrt .mm" , fh." '"J"8 "!a b0 practicable
and Filblect to the existence of feasible
Irrigation projects to expend the major
portion of (ha funds arising from thasale
of public lands within .achsute and
lenltors herelnberoro named for the
lenent of arid land and sembarld Ian S
within tho limits of such Mate or Tr-rrl"
tory. protlded. tha tho tiecretarv m.y
leniporarll) use siirh proportion of m d
ilUna.S (nr fh0 lwno1," ?' "rld or Bsml " d
lands In any particular State nf rerrt
tory hereinbefore named us be may deem
aittlsib t. but t hen so used the exccJa
n!?ai11lcJl!'r,?r"1.h", ,no. f,,nd i soon as
practicable to the end that ultimately
and In any event within each ten-year
rif.AiTM1'' V P""".Ke of this uct the
.xieminures for tho benent of the said
States and Territories shall bo equalized
according to tho proportions and subject
f?a.l'b0i,r.t,naf,0r?."a!d" '" "rac"""'l' i"d
Tho case of John M. Underwood and
iV.nnanler lJowll' n'Bnco of John
11 lllls. his been appealed from the de
cislon of tho Oenernl Land ofllce, hold,
rig for cancellation soldier' additional
homeslfin entrs mode by Alexander
Howie nt Cheyenne, Wso, for certain
land ln that State, the entry being
based on tho original entrv .n..i. ..r.
i.u.i on ino original entry made by
John W. Willis at Clarkstllle, Ark It
nppears that tho Lanil ottlco held the
Howie nnd Underwood additional
homestead entrs for cancellation, on the
ground that Ihero was no basis for
alleged additional rights The Secre
tary of the Inlerlortodns took tin tha
rase, pftei carefully considering all tho
tistlmoas filed In the same, found that
no etror existed In the ruling of the
Land oltlce. and It was therefore af.
The hill Introduced by Senator (lib
son to establish nn nddltlonnl Land of.
lice In tho State of Montana, wus to
day reported bs tho Committee on Pub
lic Lands with nmendments. The
amendments do not affect the bill to
any considerable extent, except to
change the boundary line to the pro.
posed new land district The tractjs
to he called the Oreat Falls Land .US.
trlct, nnd tho Innd olllco to be located
nt tho town of Ore it Fnlls, Tho bill
also provides that tho President, by and
with the consent of the Senate, Is au
thorlzed to appoint u Register and Re
celter for the district, who shall re.
celte the same amount of conipenaa.
tlon lecelved by other ol!cers perform
ing like duties '
The Senate Committee on Indian Af
fairs met this morning, ami the hill In.
tmduced by Senator Kearns was ta
ken up. but nothing definite was ac
complished This bill provides for the
allotment of the lands embraced In the
Uintah Indian lesertntlon. and the
throwing open to settlement the resi
due after allotment, Mr. Jones of the
.committee lead an, informal report.
whl h he had drawn upon the bill, but
the committee adjourned without tak
Ing a tote on the rcpoit It will
pobabls be reported nt tho nel meet
Ing of committee.
Senator Dubois nnd ex Senator Shoup
of Idaho presented to tho President
Thomas Cobb editor of the Idaho
Stucsman Mr Cobb Is on h wny to
Europe but stopped In 1 nshtngton to
sat a word for Joseph Pcrrault Sui
tes or (Jeneral of Idaho Charges of
tlolatlng the olul sen Ice nrc pendlhg
agilnst Mr Perrault an 1 threaten to
pret.nt his being nominated for the
Tells Senator Piatt of New York
It Will Not Be Politic for Boose-
velt to Visit Charleston.
New York March 1 The
t' Times will sis tomorrow Sen-
ator Benjamin R Tillman of
South Carolina was a c-iller on
Senator Piatt at the Fifth ate-
nue hotel sesterday ISaturdas)
The talk lasted oter half nn
hour. One of the principal top-
les of contersntlon was the pro-
posed ilslt of President Roose-
tclt to the Charleston epol-
tlon -f.
! Senator Tillman Is said lo lnte
been ters explicit In nsser-
tlon tint It would not be politic
for President Roosetelt to mike
a tlslt to South Cirollnn, ow-
! Ing to the stale of public feel-
Ing oter the Tlllman-llcljiurln
Incident and the wlthdnwal of
President ltnoseielts Invitation
to the Senator to meet l'rlnco
Henry at dinner nt the Whlto
House, which iras followed by
fr tho telegram from I.leut .r.n. J.
...- ...in. .... i.uii, n If... -..UV. V
Tillman of South Catollno, cm-
celling the Imitation to tho
President to present a sword to
Major Mlcajah Jenkins
Senator Piatt, when asked
about tho Interview, sild !
hate hnd a talk with Senator
Tillman The fncts which hue
been brought to my attention
will be laid before President
Roosetelt. I shall advise the
President not to go to Chirlcs-
ton " Senator Pint declined to
discuss the matter further
4. a. 4
Soldier Declines Present on Account
of Insult to President.
Tarrenton S. C, March 1. MaJ Ml
cah J. Jenkins haa declined to nccept
Hie sword which It wns proposed to
present to him nt Charleston, S C,
when the President! Mlod that place
MaJ Jenkins, who Is a member of the
faculty of the Bethel Military acade
my, has sent the following telegram to
Lleut.-Oov. Tillman of South Caro
lina, lou aro represented In tho press as hat
Ing telegraphed President Roosevelt nt
the rcn.uet or stilisirlhers to Ihe sword
recently offered mo through sou request
Ing him to withdraw arc ptiincn lo i re
set t same if this bo so 1 must decline
under tneso circumstances lo aiceit
sword Thanking nu tor perronal kind
ncss In tha matter. I am trult sours
it l. Jenkins.
Emperor William Grateful to Ameri
can Newspaper Men.
New York, March 1 Emperor Wil
liam made the following reply to the
cable message sent him by the Ameri
can press on the occasion of tho ban
o,uet glten by tho New York Staats
yeltung in honor of Prince Henrs.
Berlin March 1, 1902 Mr Melville E
none, New lork Accept my thanks for
sour welcome, message I highly apnre
claio tho grand unit sjmpaihetfe recep.
lion given lo my dear brother by the
editors of tho dolly newspapers of tho
United State. 1 illIam. 1. It
Attempt by Colombians to Invade
Venezuela Results in. Defeat.
Wlllemstad, Island of Cutacao.
March 1 Accoidlng to advices from
Caracas, the Mochlst leader, fjarblra,
with n thousand men, nearly all of
them Colombians, attempted a new
Intaslon of Veneiuela near Li Frlis
Februars 21th After a bloody fight
at Luscumbres, the Insurgents were
completely routed and obliged to retire
acrosa the frontier, leatlng a large
number ot dead on the Meld
Property in Kentucky Advertised at
Sheriff's Sate for Taxes
Hodgentllle, Ks , March 1 -Tho birth
place of Abraham Lincoln near Ilodgen
tlllo, Is advertised at Sheriffs salt for
A few scars ago the placo promised to
bo a properly upon which Ihe Ootern
rnent wouli spent thousands of dollars
Hut it was bought by a cnmpinyof Eist
em capitalists with tho Intention ot mi
king It a public park This Bchemo fell
through when the cabin In whlrh Lin
coin was born was carried to Central
pnrk In New Sork cits
lhe plice has been unrarel for and has
grsdualls gone down till lis laltie Is not
more lhan enough to meet tho taxes on it
An Important Strike Made on Thun
der Mountain,
noise, Ida, March 1-News received
today from Thunder mountain under
date of Fcbruaiy 12th confirms the
story of an Important strike made on
the Boston claim, one nnd a half miles
west of tho Dewey properts, Vthlle a
great number of good dlscoterles hate
been made during the winter, the strike
on the Boston seems to hate been phe.
nomeml The strike was made by a
man named Sweltzer. He took up a
claim that had been Ignored lis others
because It seemed to bo nothing hut a
red bluff. In doing his assessment work
ho went through a cap Into lino oie
The ore Is described ns being filled with
gold This strike has caused grit ex
citement In the camp
Wonderful Result of Qoveinmtnt Eol
diera' Sanitarium ln New Mexico.
Albuquerque, N M, March l-'iou
may quoto me as saying that we can
cure consumption In etery stage," raid
MaJ Appcl chief surgeon at I ort Hay.
nrd N M , to a newspaper rorrespon lent
'I hutn net cr before made that slate,
ment, but we hate succeeded in demon
strating It Iwjond doubt uemon
Gen MacArihur. who had been nc.com.
panted bj j. Aprel from the fort. In.
duraed tho stulement and declared ho had
neter been so much astonished ant
pleased with anything In his lira as the
resjlt of careful lutntigailin of tho
work at tho Government soldier's sanl
Jarlum M. Fort Bayard, She main lea,.
To Prove What Swamp-Root, the Great Kidney, Liver Kff' ' ifll
or Bladder Remedy, will do for YOU, Every Reader Mm- 1
of The Salt Lake Weekly Tribune May Have a wfijv'nl
Sample Bottle Scut Free by Mail. Hlfr fllH
' m mm HP'IH
lPx ill
vUTjwmm ft
nil. KtiMr-n e nn n. h . . - r!a"t Atlanta, Oa , March 1, 1301. B M. t SlrH
Lite KILMER .tr CO. Blnghamton, N Y nH ERr ! iPm vassal
, OENrLKMEN -While It has neter been my hiblt or Inclination to jH Wi liElssB
seem? nin.r i"'l mi ."" , """"""" " .'"ch nn, not all known ti ,ml I? ffl Pf'H
HoM vv L! ' ",,,,,f n e)"l'"0' I" he case of Dr Kilmers Swamp- H HE ) 3 ''' SI isB
lloot. My oxpeilence so hir as I hate tested It In my pinetlce. forces mo to BH Ml V.HH
ihvrr0!,,1U,",l" "l'!t U. ' n rc,,,,d nf 'I1" ireitest taluo in nil kidney? Si pT ! i Bssfl
I now 'nl.n8'::1 ."'er ""'""""'"y conditio, of the genii., urinary tract K IT i lllH
Inf nr .,P "' r,e .'" pre"cr b,nit 8omp Boot In nil such c uses w 1th a feel- mmFl ' " MssH
tlon r JoT J. ,.P.re9Crll,,! " '" ,,.,,er c,,t?" '" m Police with the expecU- Wl, K , r MM
(a?j! nX If.T,'' Very "u,y mr- W " ' H
nmnInl!TLIIl,,wi7, "o Pr,,",N"1 ,hat onnf"l remedv for kidney jfitv t iHH
complaint. Dr. Kilmer h flwamp. Boot, with most bencnchl effect nnd known Hff I ( I Isfl
hlm,injrfhrw! ?V lt!"".c T"" Patients had kidney tro ble as dlignoJed HI' t IflssH
ertec ed Ven'ri0"1!'3;.1""1 .'.r"''.'1 ''" heneflt Dr Kilmers Hwamp-ToM Htf t' ! lisH
enected n cure. I nm i liberal nun an 1 aeiept a f.pccKU whereter I lind It ssHE 1 Hsssssl
n an accepted school or out of It Fo, derjerite cases ol ' ildniy wmulilnt Hl "djsssi
under treatment with unsatisfactory results I turn t.. Dr KhneV's Hwamp- jSM MSM
Boot w th most Htlerlng le.ults I shall conllnu.. I , pres. rib" It. and from ffl sssH
personal observation state that Hwump Boot has gr. at curative prupertlc-s. sHfl . JssssH
Truly s out s, VtmV JBB
r-,Swamp.'n.0?1 I'.P'eicunt to take nnd Is used In the idlng hospitals. BUr I HaaHSsH
recommended by phsslclars In their prltsle practice on.l Is taken by doctors Hl ISH
tnemseltei who hate kldncs nllniinta becomo thev reei.gnlxe In It the great- SssBtIdI' Blsssl
,"n,':J5.'t "uccessful tcineds for kldncs. liter nnd bladder troubles HKI9L "UHSsi
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if 2, .",ncr . Co' "'"Blmmlon. N Y. wh.. will gladly send sou by MMtf , HH
mall. ImrnedUleiy. without cost to sou. n sample bottl.. nf Swamp-Koot nnd sJkB W ' 1 Hlsl
a book telling all about Swnmp Boot nud conulnlng nhiny of the thousands K I HtEjIlH
upon thousands nf testlmonlil letters recelted from men nnd women cured Mi ' f TllHsHI
in i wriunr to n Kllrr f- -o ii r 'i suro to nav thit you rea.1 snl I . 'lKssa
this generous offer In The bait Like W eekly Tribune. ' L ' (1
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purchase tho regular fifty-rent and one-dollar size bottles nt the drug stoies mRI ' sB
everywheie Don t make any mlstnke, but remember Ihe n ime, Hwamp-Iloot, t?!9 iHssssl
Dr Jfllmer'n Rwamp-Itoot nnd tlm nddres Itln-hsmtnn NY SflK'' 'n' rir:ssa
tures of the trentnent Ihat has proven
so siccessful In the puro air of the ele
tated region aro life out of doors, Ihe
most caiefully selected, nutritious diet
and absolute rest In tho case ot reduced
Application by Northern Securities
Company for a Charter.
Montreal, March 1 Application has
been made at Ottawa for a Dominion
charter for a company called the
Northern Securities, with a nominal
capital ot one million dollars The
names of her Incorporators nro mem
bers of the legal firm of McOlhbon,
Casgraln, Hsan .4 Mitchell lhe com
piny, howcter, Is the same as the
American concern organized by Intius
J. Hill The Incoiporatlon of the com
pans' In Canada Is regaided by tho
leading lawscrs of Montreal as placing
the power beyond the leach of a United
btates court The compans' will be en
abled to fulfill in etery respect the
purposes for which It was organized
and If so declared It will be enabled
to offei Its securities for sole on tly
exchanges In the same manner uiul
with the same freedom now enjoyed
bs a score of commercial Institutions
coming under Canadian charters.
In Brussels scMerdus at the sitting
of the Inlcrnntlonil Ruiir conference It
was decided lo slcn earlt next week the
contention heretofore uitrecd upon
Queen W llhelmlna has asked lhe Tre
mter Dr Kuper to annoume publicly
that the rumors r.gardlng the altered tin
satisfactory state of her health are obso
lutels unfounded
Tho Deutsche Heberseelsche bank of
Hfrlln has decided to open a branch in
the City of Mexico about tho middle of
April under the Hllo of tho Oerman
Irans-Allautlc bank
Miss T.IIen M. Slone. the Ameilcin mis.
slonars until recent! held eapllte by
brigands arrived nt Constantinople tes.
ler.iav from Halonlca nnd proceeded to
tho United gtntes legation
Itupert drevllle Mlllims tho intentor
nf a telo pantograph has been found fa
mily shot ln tho greenhouse of his resi
dence at lleywood near Manchester,
I ngland There Is no doubt ihat Mr.
IVIIIInms committed suicide
ras ' HB
Two Men Killed nnd Two Others In- ilrvkl'. iiNss
jured in Philadelphia. HMi V - ' iHH
Philadelphia. March 1 A portion ot HMlillt ' MsBl
the new addition to tha Fidelity Trust (a WX ( JhHJ
rompany building at 333 Chestnut !H IE& llll
street, ln course of construction, col- !a Iku j I)JjB
lapsed todas, killing tw j acn and sort- fXii ivi ' ' JeI
ously Injuring two ot yBx . 'H
D1'AD' m 'W i ' IH
Daniel Maglnnls, stono mason. " SK 'Ijf j H
George M barton, bricklayer. 'Jji :P i ' HH
INJUIIUD. If 'l"l!l' t i'l
Charles Anderson, rigger. isSii'ik'i JiMmIH
Frank J Bnrle, mechanic iSHhJmJ QsHsl
Iho scaffolding, composed ot heavy DsBJIbI T4B sssl
timbers erected over tho pavement for BiWi ;iri.4flBj Hi
the protection of pedestrians, was atsv' EkH
borne to the ground nnd tho mass ot R?' iU! Mil 4H
debils w.io thrown half nerosi the 2tUB 'ifJlWtjW Hi
street T.he ciuse of the accident Is ? Wn fl Hi
not definitely known, hut Is supposed '.PH !i Miio Hi
to havo been occasioned by the fall ot it , ,ll tf'BJ l)H
a derrick l a V IMffl M
Batch of Army Nominations Sent to !ft!lWtli,$B M
the Senate. Hwijr $jKfiff?B
Washington. March 1 Tho Tresldent SJ 'ivjlt flrWj
to.Iay sent the following nominations ?C?HS , jllhf rlQlH
In the fennte Vi I Vfll BHfH
Ariny-fleorgo W. Belgler. Indiana, Vffil I fi Uttl SIhI
lain captain Twents-elghth Infantry Wtt ftiiPt WH
tolunteers, second lieutenant of cat- il 'MI InH
airs Second lleutemnts urtlllery H. IST 5 ' pHLI 11 H
A. MacAules lain corporal Compiny ua'i SfrfitttjiiH
I:. First Colorado tolunteers, Wllllim Kg f I M h! jH
It. Midlll. I'enusslvanln, late quarter- t tt L(i '! ''i 1 'fJH
mnstei sergeant Compiny L, Fort-- vK R-t!f "f !jSH
llrst Infantry, V S. V , It, J. Arnold, fi'J f tvTj4jSS
loin llrst lieutenant Twenty-ninth In- n! 9ih UKlilHJ
fantrs. U S V. Albert If. blevens. Milt $' mKaM
District of Columbia, late, second lieu- Haft i4 .VTlwPB
tenant 1 hlrts'-llnt Infintry, C. N. MRS) Mi'filKassi
Ilowntd Into second lieutenant Fotty- Brv iv I il.vH
fifth Infnntrs'. V S V. Jarvls A. nSlrnH'tUiB'tH
Moore, s.coml lieutenant, transferred Erftlf 'IfiffiU'IJlB
from tho Infantry Iirm I'rT't1 !? HKlU lA lIH
Navy-John II filbbons to bo lieu-. Vh 1 iFWiitT HH
tenant commander i'p u'l'VtirjiH
t Srf rlffli
Siijnor Marconi Arrived in New York Yesterday and Reports raj fli'lLB
New Wireless Telesraph Record. MH MMSSM
1 mi fl
: ' JH'SHi
f New York, March 1 Slgnor Marconi, who nrrlved today on the Thlla- fit S rlwiBI
f delphla from Southampton, rejortcd a new wireless telegraph record. ?S' SlitPB
'This time," said Mr. Marconi, 'thero can bo no error. Capt. Mills and ) ivKM 'Muffllf I
-f Chief Olllcer Marsdon signed each message n witnesses. -fi iSrH i.BaiIul I
' Fifteen hundred miles nt sea regular messages were received fiom tho 4i IS 'f MS)! I
Cornwall station nnd ticks were recorded at a distance ot :000. -fj iBH (tf tIHB 1
"It has been said that my Newfoundland messages vern duo to my -M H3 aBliWj I
Imagination and to atmospheric currents, so I teriuested tho Captain's -tj JM TOj t I
-f signature to bear me out. ' HH IfV R II I
'I am not going to establish any wireless service between Cuba, nnd. -fl SIS WjPffl-J
the United States, aa has been reported, nor have I any Intention ot ) ' SH WMffl 1
establishing a line across the English channel." -u Vftl BsIJi I
rt-rt: 4:4;i rK rV 4-,:ff,rI.Wci HHHHT. I

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