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H I rj,jrE ixter-Moutatx Fahmeii AM) JAXCiorAV. Tuesday Moireiyg. LAKCI! 4. 1002. -
LLflLsLsH 1 Published nffi Tnee.lav mornnm by Salt
fH J Dn" jUKnlrlh.n. I'ubllshlnil
EsH ,1 minium
ErVH ' pnttrtv h hi
EhtSLsLH Publisher un.l Uwn r il Managar
El'mH Terms if iiibsc-rlnlinn, Strlrtty In A1-
LvVaLsM 1 .rer Mountain farmer anil Ranchman,
flH ! T '' '"lt"i-fceWiH!lily Tribune, . P
EV&i-SssH " I ".'Mountain Farmer and Ranchman
l&hiifaLsHi " 1 "'It Uee WcMy Trlbuns.
Fv LsH v '- --
IVissE tl rMIVY, -MA1KH 1, 100.
K 'ft B - n1 man it not to be punished, the
'(. H x utli n of censure should llava si- !
Y ''Al c u i. 1 those Henators who stopped the '
?'"4 H . -oo I mnnv pUtn elthwns ,vre likely
f-ii?5?,ssH " ' ihan the Senates method or tie
TssssH A. in pectT of tho Indian bureau It
h&iH " has been nblt to deltnltrly M-
-JS-Bj r ,i,, what lias been suspected (or
OTsssH -srssrsssssr
MH! While It may he that 'he renMlnln
Hl Dcnundta are not locking ufflce. we
HJ cannot be absolutely euro until they
Hl " MiDJocted. to the sever teat
H ghc t a.
H li a the Irrlgatnra renllsed the
j need of tmnmremenl the Irrigation
H ,.,' s tcm the) naturally were vvill-
(i Ins to e to the dire extreme n( having
H 1 nn extr i aeaalon of the legislature.
B The men Mho are aureit that the fall-
H ute ci the Semite to expel MM-aiirln
,i nnl 'tlllman la outrageous, are thorn
, Sruth I'lirollna citizens whn hoped to
H V be appointed It vei-anclea were created.
A Chicago lady ha tlecllneil to at-
tend the l'rlnro Henry hall on the
A' ground that It la Lent la too bad
B that It niu too late to get a stunning
dnew gown when h recelveil the Imi
tation --
HHHj The IlrlUsh (lovernn.ent cannot make
HBHB public thoec paper relative to IU attl-
HHHH ( ) tude tnnnnl the I'nlted ritatea nt the
HHHHj I outbreak of the t-panlah tvai. a they
HHHHj j ore ot n hlghl confidential character
HHHI 'j and proe (Jermany a
HBHHI There use nn old alary to the effect
HHH that n coon, aeelng I)iv f'roil lt point
HHa his rifle at lilm, enllei out. "Pin't
HHHI ahoot, 1 enma ilown " It look! ua
HHHH If the weather man hnd fnllnnrtl the
HHH coon a example, and turned nn the tap
HHHHj oa soon as the Irrlgntora ca'luro.l here
HH lu work for more water.
H In concluding nn article nn the re- j
HHHJ fulls of pc)chlcnt reae.irch. the Itev.
HHHH Mlnot bAVRge, D. I) , ansa thnt "All
HHH normally constituted ienple wish to
H continue tn lit o becind the Incident of
HHHB I death Of courae, and all normally
HBHJ j constituted people wish for aometlilng
HbvHI t more, they "I'll to eecapo that aamv
HBHH I Imldent of death.
HBHH The director of the Ch trie ton expo-
HBHHj j sltlnn hac repudiated the action of I lie
HBVHj I Hcrnnil Tillman boor, nnd hne In the
HBHJ I most cordial manner reneweil their In-
H I Mtnllon to President Ilnocclt to nt-
HHHl tend tho exhibit This action on their
HHHB I nrt emphasise the generally accepted
HHHI belief thnt the Tlllmana are In no sense
H the rcpreantntlea of the aeragc In-
HHHj tclllgcnce and decency of South Curo-
HHHJI llna.
HHHD I The second Tillman lwnr lias lieen
HHH snubbed nnd heniled off most anllsfiic-
HHHR torily. He wlthdren the Imitation tn
HHH Pitsldcnt Itooeeelt to make u sword
HHH piesentatlon to MaJ. i. J Jenkins, nnd
H now the Major decltnea tn receive the
H tword. Seldom 1 It possible to ndmln-
H hter n rebuke iHith mcilled und ulieo-
HHH lutcly hnuelchlng. as MhJ Jeuklna haa
HHH been able to do In this case. The reul
HJ t-outh Carolinians are making them-
HHB selta felt in public life at last; they
HHB are tiled of the bonra.
BBBBJ And now another big merger Is an-
BBBH nounced, prMipcctltel. l'rcsldent llar-
BBBH ' rimnn la said to hac In lew a consoll-
BBBH ilatlon of all tho coinpanlea comprising
HBHB the .southern I'dclttc aateni lcikonlng
BBHW H' '! thereb he can effect n anting of
BBBB n million dollars a ear. If he under-
BBBH takii lo cairy this conaolldullon into
BBBB PIT tit It will be Interesting to ec It
BBBH th r will be am opposition. It would
BBBH al-o bo important If au one could point
BBBH nut wherein audi u merger would be
BBBH In fact a more complete monopol) than
BBBH the a)tem as It now elats.
'BBH Ttepreaentatlve hutherland'a bill to
iHHHj gr nt twenty aires of the reservnllon
HHH nith of Mount Ollet to the l. A. It.
HHB (or a buiying-ground, will, we true),
Bj iilfoid a good settlement of tin uonten-
HHB Hon that haa rtelaed piogten on theae
HHH giants. The pla'-e Is appropriate, and
HHB tho (iland Arm should have proper
HJBD j lmilitl facilities allowing ot auch
HHJ ' liutlala a will be nulla bio and aatla-
HHH factor). Ktentuulh, no doubt, the tract
jHHH I would tome Into the possession of the
HHHj I Mount OUtet aaHoclatlon. and It la a
HHH PI')' that the matter ultoidwl any
HHHj chance foi illnagreeinent
HHH 1' Stead lias recently written a
HHH 1' ok nn "The Ainerloaiilaatlnn of the
HHHI i Wmhl ' Ho looks to c all the Kng-
HHW ' I IMi ,,euklng peoplca unite In one
HBBJJ C nd union, nnd tin I'nlted Slal. at
WHI ti " head ot It Alieady, he a)s, tin
HHH I I'nlted Htatea la Mituallj the In ad,
HHH . nnd Is cunqueilug all munules Its
HHH fabiks ate ctciyuluic Ita mihods
HHV ' are cop.ed, ita t. ols aie irmccded tn be
HHH " the best, Ita industrial and inn bin
HHH "hop oiganlMtlons tuo tilmitledly the
HHJj beat on earth, and while pa) Ing hlgnei
HHj i wngea wo can turn out better und
H ' rheuper ware than any other pouph
H Hl"ad la it senaatlonaliat of tho tiisi
HH IV water, but thoie'a u whole lot of fu' I
HH i "'' In what lie u4iys about this
( h
HH '
J I i We trust that the I'nlted State mm
HHJ I i prce the demind upon Tuiko r i it
HHJ f I return of the ?- WO ul 1 fni the
HB I' vt Ulna Btnne. It li truo thut Tu K I
BBj ( liaa tllw lalme 1 li t i on I lllty In i i
BBJ fi matter, und now dlcclalma It, but It i
n , mie thnt thl dli li mr woull V' ,
u.acd with prerlBel th same tlgor if
thf Identical mone) were jingling In the
-till in pocket S" that ihe dlaclalmcr
, mounts to nothing Tuuuo has polntel
nut thi way to m ike tin Darbnrloua ruf
lian i rlngc, and th re shou'd be no de
lay In formulating the ultimatum and
enlonlng it b) the occupation of a
Turkish port and the collei Hon of cash
em ugh to meet th original bill and
collecting expensea.
The Senate Is now through with Ita
discipline of tho C nutoia from Houth
Carolina. Th precedent Is therefore ea
tHbllahi.l that for a rough and-tumhlc
i.'ht on the floor of that body, no pun-Irhn.-nt
Is to be Inflicted no pcnaltlee
ntelrolied henn Bcnator Is adjudged
jt.il voted to be In nntempt an niology
wine out everything, and the Senator
is tu enjoy hi , full rights and Immunltlea
tha t ,.e a If nothing had bupponcd.
Uider these clrcumataiices, a boom In
the Senatorial prlac ring li to be an
tlilpated, and the next time there need
be no apology, for It la impoeslW to
think that the weighty reaaone why
Senators cannot rightfully be punished
for a breach of the peace on the Senate
floor, could be oven ome merely became
a Senator might be dlscourteoua enough
to refuse lo apologise The Oonalltu
tlon rtoea not rertulre an apology In luch
a case en why should It lie tendered?
The rlghta of the Senatora are over and
above e er thing, and tbelr prMlese to
light "In the heat of blond" Mnndi
forth foil) vlnilealed. The only sort
of lighting that la tabooed among Hen
atora in open MMlnn appear to lie the
old fashioned profeaelonel prize-right,
which was u matter of cool prtceduro
i not Involving any hol-Woodedneae. It
la well tn know In theae mutters "where
we are at
One of the most Important announce
ments eer mode In the world (provided
It prove true and exact), l that In the
dispatches this morning from Albuquei
rille, New Mexlio The chief aurgeon at
Vort I In yard there clhlm,nnd Den Mac
Arthur ninrma the truth of ltsthathcan
and doo cure consumption at nny stage
l'ure air, selected diet, and absolute
rest where the patient la much reduced,
inniptlse the treatment, l'robably the
exmt Uxallty of l'ort Itaaid la not
essential to the aun'esa of the treat
ment It could doubtless lie aa nssuied
nt most places In New Mexico und
Arlxona, and In southern l.'tuli. We
have all beard for some j-eara of the
curutlvo properties of the outdoor lifo
In the Southwest region, and there nre
considerable colonies iif consumptives
living outdoors In Arlinna, enthusiastic
In their tenons of the curative proper
ties of that life und of health regained
from It. That waa decidedly encourag
ing, but now to havo the assured word
of an expert that the cures are genuine,
that theyarc the result of the treatment,
and that this tteatiuent can lie relied on
to effect the cure, la what the world haa
been watting to hear. The establish
ment of tesorts where the allllclcd ma)
throng by ten thousands may now bo
expected, nnd humanity will be able
henceforth to lief) one of Its greatest
scoui gee
The pi, Jectcd construction of a new
plant lo make sheet steel, by a com
luiny Willi J10 000 two capital, and repre
senting forty Independent mills In six
teen ritatea. Is an expiesslvo commen
tar nn the Hancock Idea that tariff
protection should lie withdrawn from
this sort ot noma production Of
loumc. tho reason why the withdrawal
of protection is urged Is that the big
steel combination tan make Its pro
ducts In competition with the world,
without the aid nf the tariff. Those
who take thla Hue nf lessoning am
emphatic lu thelt condemnation of ' Ihe
steel trust, and It la partly tn pun
ish that trust that the) would remove
tho tariff. And )et the removal of the
tariff would prevent the organisation
of Just aui'li opposition tn the trust as
this projected new plant would pio
vlde. It would also kill nrt the scores
nf smaller steel-producing plants
throughout the country, and thus by
elimination nu the fine hand and pre
vention on the other, leave the big
steel combine In control of the markets
of the counlr) and assure to It tint
control for the future. In no portion
of the Industrial activity of the coun
try would the ikiIIi) ot discontent and
revenge prove more lastingly Inju
rious than In this proposed retalia
tion measure against the steel trust,
if it weie to be put Into effect.
Matters at Ogden are now active In
piepaiing for the beginning of active
work In grading for the Southern Ta
enia cut-off across the northern amis of
the lake The distance to be graded Is
llfteeu miles, an. the grading la tn be
llnlshcd In ninety da)a Hut It wont
take half thnt long, If time Is nny ob
ject, for the track will go oter a level
plain, with so few Inequalities of sur
face that the work will be light and
liilikly done. The heavy nail and the1
l.dlous part will lie the piling and II1N
lug In the lake, making In the midst "nf
the lmvy waters a solid, substantial
track Xut doubtless the line has been
thoicnghly sounded, rtrm bottom tound,
and all preiwratlnns duly made. In for
mer times u -h an enterprise as putting
thla lino luraiw those aims of the lake
would have In cuventuied upon (If con
sidered (euslble at all) Willi rotuotnnoe
and misgiving but in the piesent stag
nf engineering science thla woik Is
conaldued a mie tilfle not to be com
puted with such tenia a building rail
loud in the Andes, Und put
ting In th ti metuloua viaduct
on the road to lluiinah, bo
it may be tonfldently atmtned that
all will go well, and that th work will
be pushed without Inteiruptlon und
with due sprod. It will make Ogden ll
lively plaou dining the aeasnn, foi no
doubt that city will be the headquarters
i r vll tin wmk and supplies We ic
ih i n Ita prove i
i r ' i i i i I to the Hr lie
I '4 .. i i i tun) porn n
I r T" tt j'i l t Ita Just dues
1 1 l-K tat.
The convention of practical Irrigators
has, after a four days' session, ad
journed to meet again on April Und
next Ita labors have been of much lm
liortance In clearing the wa) for effect
ive work In the future The discussions
have developed what Is needed In the
way of Information and In delinlng the
diversified and to some extent antago
nistic Interests The action taken has
been largely prellmlnai), ns was tn have
been expected, nnd as was Indeed, ne
cessary. Vet some permanent work was
done After two days' general talk the
convention commended the Interior de
partment a investigations, favored the
control nf the watersheds b) the peo
ple lesldlng on the llmv from them, de
clared tho paiamount Issue to he aid
from the geneial government, favored
the postponement of all water litiga
tion until after the next legislative ses
sion condemned the present policy of
selling public land In forty-acre itacts
on watersheds, asked a conference with
W) amine on the Hear river flow; me
morialized Congress for the cession of
the arid lands In Utah to the State,
favored the forest reserves policy of the
Government, endorsed the Ken lands
i.i.i mneiii, c'uiiuiseu me -sew i,.uii
bill In Congress, uh amended b) Repre
sentative Sutherland nt Utah nnd acted
on a Inige number of minor projioelttons
Hut we consider that the most Impor
tant work done by the convention was
the determination to make the body
permanent. A committee was named
tn take In band the task of framing u
basis for the perpetuation of the con
gress That will be preclsel) what the
Xtiitc needs in this matter, nnd it Is
an example thnt will be followed b)
Other Slates The great thing to be got
at In the Irrigation question Is a full
knowledge of the conditions that exist
The data available, as Judge Johnson
explained In his defense of the courts
are often In such shape, by reason of
various defects omissions nnd lack of
official uuthentlilt), na tn be unavail
able as evidence In water litigation.
All these facts should hecaietull) gath
eted and put on record, ho thnt there
ma) be a complete understanding nil
around, hen the) are so collected nnd
teioidcd, some curious facts will ap
pear, aa to the relative use (and need
of use) of water In various soils and
In different parts of the ftate. In the
course of these Investigations It will
no doubt apjiear, us haa often been
asserted b) experts that there Is a
great waste ot water b) over-Irrigation.
Hut whatever the facts may or may
not show, the main point Is to collect
and present them. Thnt the convention
will see this done, we cannot doubt, for
that will be Its chief work as it perma
nent hod). That It has arranged to
have this done through Its own perina
neno, la a good augury for the State.
The convention declared, as stated
above, for Governmental aid us the
paiamount Issue Thla aid has a good
start for uvallablllt) In the prompt
paNige. by the United states benate
)csteida) of the Irrigation bill that the
arid State representative agreed on
It haa been the tule that the benate
moves slowly, el In this case it used
the utmost dispatch. The hill seems
to have been agreed tn without n di
vision, and without amendment. It Is
a good beginning for excellent work.
The speech of Mecretai) of the Treas
uiy Shaw to the .National Uuslness
League in Chicago mails him as a
broad-minded stiteaman of the llrsi
rank He is able and wining to ton
cede that there are Important Interests
outside ot the routine ot the Hastern
communtt) In speaking of the ques
tion of irrigation, he delivered this
pointed tebuko to those who have ob
jected to riovei nmetit aid 'I have lit
tle sympathy und scant patient e with
the provincialism which oppose any
plan of developing uny part of our
lominon country, which has lu toot
In the feat that it will create sectional
competition" 1'lt vvoida, bravely sno
keiu We trust that they may be taken
to heart by the nan nw .gauge provin
cials whose petty and contemptible
attitude culled them fnith
Hut the 8cm relary sees on geneial
grounds stiong objections to dlrei t
ilovernmeiital aid, he prefers aid to
private capital lathei than dl
teil l'cdeial Intel position. That
haii, Indeed, been a favorite
method of proiedure, and weie
it applied to the Irrjgutlon prob
lem gieat iCMilta might be obtained
n u under thu svstem the private
H ml would natuiallv set ft certain
p inl points of fiprrnlin iml wo ill
Jev I p tho i ithllltl a n tt "i pom's
fi thf - utmrst pn)lnE rv buttle ti
nly without legatd to the less remu
nerative propositions but pcrhapi to
their absolute bar for all time Tor
Instance, let there lie two sides of a
river bottom, one compaiatlvely easy
of Irrigation, hut Jet ietUlrlng large
expenditure while offering good pros
pectUe returns; and the other requir
ing much larger Immediate ex
penditures, though rierhnps having
tho promise nf fair returns in suih a
case, the company aided would develop
the first proposition, and would plant
its works to the development of the
one side and the permanent neglect of
the other, nnd not only so, but so that
the reclamation of the other tract
would be ptevented for all time There
are large questions, also, which no
company would be willing to undet
take, so that development In the in in
ner suggested would be but little better
than to leave tho mattei where It Is.
speaking with n Mew to the whole.
The litigation, also, that would follow
upon the operatlona of different com
panies on the same streams (aa the
Snake river, for example) would prob
ably be to the water litigation hereto
fore had in the sume proportion that
the magnitude of the operations In
volved might bear to opetutlons heretofore.
The control ot the chief rlvera to be
used on a large scale In future Irriga
tion enterprises, rests with the CienernI
Government. The land to be reclaimed
li principally Government land Uvery
condition of the problem points tn u
National solution and nn other. That
I the only solution which would be
comprehensive nnd thoinugh It Is to
be hoped that the jiuestlon will be un
det taken In such inknner ns to afford
an entire solution of It. and not allow
of nny more patch-work anil partial
redemptions. There should bo ample
preparation, the capacity ot every
streams should be determined, the lands
available tor watering should lie
measured, approximately at least,
and the work done should be
on a practical. Intelligent basis,
adapting means to ends and
suppl)lng no more and no less than
the needs ot eaoh wise would require
Just as an Intelligent man wnuld do
were It hi own private business.
Again Treeldent Iloosevelt has distin
guished himself nnd given exhibition of
sterling American manhood In tho en
tertainment of Prince Henry during tho
visit of the l.erman Umpcror's brother
to our countr). The character of the
entertulnment. neither over nor under
done, hut Just the right thing nt the
right time and place, has Illustrated
not only to Huropo and the world, In
fact, the trul) American characteristics
ot unselfish manhood and hospltnllt),
but It has aa probably nothing olse
could, shown the Ineadth of our cordial
ity to all civilised peoples nnd It will
tend tn strengthen our International re
unions In ever) direction.
It Is not dlfllcult for the tnnst obscure
as well us the highest-stationed citizen
to reud the objects and alms of our
President. He works not upon Indirect
lines. A diplomat of elevated rank, ho
practices what he preaches Ills meth
ods aie not only practicul but plain!)
those ot our people. He has taken hold
of the duties of his high position nnd
asiumed the work of his ofllee like one
who Is determined to make an honest
and faithful Hxecutlve, and he is add
ing flail) to his accomplishment The
people of the far Weet will not foiget
that It was lie who gavo such vigorous
indorsement to their needs, and among
many othet things they most desired,
gave timestrlcteil Indorsement to the
measure to make atnhle their vast arid
plains, u measute which has Just passed
the uppet ami will soon, we fervently
hope be i ompleted by the lower branch
of Congress
An Incident not much exploited, hut
wotthy of note nevertheless, In connec
tion with the dinner given by the
riiooklyn Democratic Tilden club, was
the curious action nf the president of
the cluli It seems that letter were
read b) distinguished Democrats, nnd
among them was one from Hrjan ot
course. It was read that Is. the let
ter was lead but It had a postsiript,
and the postacilpt was not real In
that postscript Mr. Ilr).iu hod mmi .
thing to say in praise of "Steadfast
ness." and offered the woid in a suit
able sentiment to bo applauded by the
hanqueteis. Hut they dldn t applaud,
they dldnt have n chance to, the pist
icrlpt was kept hid It was evident y
tho opinion of the piesident ot that
club that steadfastness In upholding
losing doctrines Is not a good thing
for tho Demoira y
The complaint mido by Archlbtld
Cauptcll, n 'Hi' fr of tho Canadian
Pnrliamert that the piesent tariff or
' rangemenU make ot Canada a slaugh
ter-house for the protection of the
nlted States Is h)sterkal It has
long been a snarling grlevame of the
Dominion that thla country wnuld not
allow her to have access to our mar
ket on her oin terms, and there has
actually grown up In Canada a feel
ing of Ill-usage because we would not
grant her people favors to our own
detriment The Canadians seem to
consider themselves good and friendly
Americans for trade purposes, but alien
nnd hostile for political purposes The
latter feeling is what it Is desirable
tn change, and with the amalgama
tion of the two peoples a rush of In
dustrial actlvlt), development nnd pro
gress, compared with the sluggish ad
vancement now making, would over
whelm tho country as the roar of tho
ocean tide fills the Bay ot rund).
That was a frightful disaster which
overtook the miners nt Telluilde, i nn
rado. One slide after another claimed Its
Mctlms until more than thirty men were
buried nearly all of whom were killed
The snovvsllde Is one of the most In
sidious and deadly 'perils that miners
have to face. Its action Is stealth),
BUdden. overwhelming, the chance of
escape for those In Its path Is extieme-
small. In Utah, especially In Utile !
Cottonwood, we havo had occasion to !
mourn on account of -calamities similar
to this now reported from Tellurlde, nnd
nearl) na seveie In number of victims
This Is the season for these terrors of
the hills to bo at their worst, another
Is reported this morning fiom Marshall
Hnsln. with loss of life God help tho
men who are subject to the deadly
sweep of tho loosened mountain snows'
The rivalry In Sanpete count) over the
location of the proposed sugar futtorv Is
referr.d to b) the .Mt Pleasant Pjiamld
as follows
"Ihe heet-sugar factor) project has
come Into prominence again Willi a vim
and vigor whlih augur well for it And
the project as now lief ore the people of
this section contemplates that the fac
tor) shall he In north Sunpete countv.
If such a thing Is possible The inter
ested parties in this community have de.
elared that while they would like vtrv
much to see a large central plant at
flunnlsnii, with pli-e line leading north
and south, thev would like much better
to see one lo.ated In north Sanpete
count), and that tlic tvlTnTend all their
energies In that direction to begin with
If they fall down In thla then thev will
see whnt they can do towards lirinins
(lunnlson out-providing sho nerds hi I.
b) then."
n objectionable hshlt calls forth this
warning from the Cedar Clt) Itrecorrt
.1!ffln ' water animal at the culinary
ditches Two citizens have already been
arrested within the naet week for break
ing this provision of the city laws Mar
shal L'rle Is strictly mi to his dut), and
It will 1 foolish to reason that )ou will
not be seen."
Ihe campaign In Nevada Ins opened
earl), Its present Mate being thus de.
scrliefl by ihe llurskn Sentinel.
The politicians are commencing to
show considerable activity in man) parts
of the Stale, and wires are being laid
for nominations to various Plato offices
ilrlgham city was well represented at
the ugftui ngnt, according to thla dls.
closure made by the llox Killer Report
V bakers dozen of Drlshims -i, ,rta
went down lo Ogden Mnnda) night to
witness the slugging mati li letween
Hums and Rowan At Hrlaham depot,
liefore starting, one gentleman was in.
Ink to llurrlsvllle two were on u Insl
nesa trip to Slatervllle out must go
through to Salt Lake or bust another
wus after cattle and so with ail, but
when time was lalled nt Olenwo,,) Park
pavilion lhat evening, Ihe thlrtr noses
were there Thev were all buck Tues
day and no one nurt."
The Paris I'ost Is convinced thlt Its
town has some undesirable citizens, of
whom it sa)a
Ue have men rignt here In Paris,
vvhn according to ever law for mutual
hetttrment, should be 'national!) striv
ing for illy Improv.ment nnd better
markets, yd who will in no way ion
tribute for this purpose and will even
discourage It Furlhn than this we are
Infested with u clans of people who If
approached b u n.w.omer, will reinto
a tale of woe i him nf glganti pro.
portions will alvi the countv rlts the
ell) tits the people tits, and will fright,
en nlm so that he will engage n speiiu)
train ti take him away from tin place
The Tooele Transcript urges its canl
tallstlc readers to get In and establish
a bank In Its section before the ihaine
Is snapped up
"Theie Is still a chance to establish a
bank lu this valli) that would be wncd
oud mnlrolled li) the people ,n i , .
lar sul Hirlpllon basis A iplii Vl ,, k
of Ml divided Into IS r "' sh ,r i i5
bu paid In Installments na m ill I wi In -llev.i
..nil be seuir.il with., it a vast
amount or troubli .md a fair jrillt In- I
sured hi u the capital stock v ,ti
wnnt 1 rrnilnd in l.ustn s ti, i th,t
the elm in i' It still epm for h i h in ,,, I
lerpilio bit li will nnt run in, , !
ns sim. dav oihrr irtl will ,'m
and seuiro the in. Hut m lu m w i '
be soiur. I by the ,, e ti, , N , ,
Idaho has been fr n. n fli d bv if
lent fir a. hint lan I ti o i , ,
I Farm Loans H
h ive 111 big. n
vv 1 1 m miy on )0ur (l
Miller & Vide,
"I' rr k I lldli g M
ti t l.ak I it, H
T Ibane Vna th rxtr.!iri, of tl f gen
' r 'a8t1il" sman reporter the other da.
l-nik R flooding remarked thlt ev.rv
daj of suih nln ns we have had for
t ,ce or four dav was worth a million
ft liars to the State He Is right It
means thst the gras will be given a
line start and that more snow has been
idled In the mountains to wntir me
(fids during the heat of summer
The need of good rosdi Is thus dealt
with b) the Montpeller Kxarulner
VMIl the mople of Bear Lake ever
w.k. up I. the fuct that thev most r i
better roids? Traveling for the na-t
week over our highway has hem a
frlsht The c ommlasloners are doing all
hoi can but what the county needs 1
t" bond Itself for 135 W) or W.0 md put
the whole sum on the road It tvo Id
cost Jjt one mill extra tax to pave such
roads V hv not have them"
The Fiancee Oeorge and I have never
" He? Frlcndioh. I think ou ought to
have on before ou are married Other
wise vou can t be quite sure whether von
are going to have your own way or not -Judge
Since Ive made mv pile doctor, Ive
ci t so I can t eat a thing
Well sir I think I can place )ou
where )ou were before - ute.
"Do ou think 'that a woman should
dl-late to her husband"
Of course answered the tactful wo
man 'Put she should havo th. skill to
i..nersl th. fact that she Is doing so
Washington Star
Tramp-Of course, I ain't so stuck on It
now ladv but 1 remember de time when
de snow shovel was pleasant to me evi
Uid-When was thatT
Trainp-Durlng July an' August -l'hila
delphla Record
Myer What do you consider the best
sign of spring weather?
Over -The delicious feeling which
makes )nu want tn sit down and waleli
other people work. Chicago News.
Mint Maria-You should love )our i
"ftni-I loU'hTtftter than I do myself
Somen Me Journal.
A shadow crossed the )oung mans j
face Tan It be that we will make a
mm ike in marrying' he asked anx-
''"'flow ou frighten me'" exclaimed the
I maid, lets have another wedding re
hearsal right nwa -Philadelphia Rec
ord Olv a man a horse he can ride,
(live a man a boat he can sail.
And his rank and his wealth, his strength
and health ......
On sea nor shore shall fall
Oive a man a pipe he can smoke.
It a disease as old n nntlrjnlty, ,.
young as llio newest born if 0j
It has ln(csteiUho blood of hnmtm
from ancient times down to th, J
cnt minute.
It Is lictcdltnrr or m-ty bo acrjul
It appenta in swollen glands, .
ulous sores, Mp disease, bolls, pin,
eruptions, and, ns bcllovcd by u,j
autlioi llics, cv en In tlio forms ol caUfj.
and rheumatism.
It ctn bo cured by taklnp;
Sarsapirillafuitlifully and petilstut.
Vo know this, becauso Hood
Earsapnrllla his done It.
You should begin to takoittoujt
Hip Dlaeaoo "I suffered from i
dlicase, had S running tores; uied crotct
I snJ each winter I was confined to taj j,
j for weeks at a time, Hood's Sarnpi,n
I bus accomplished a perfect cure-iaveU
life. I bav e a good appetite and feel itre
and wctl." AiMU Kobzet, 40 Fontms
Fall Illvcr, Mass.
In Hor EyOS-"Myllltloglrlhalr
nla and sores appeared In her eyei, (,
' bottles ot Hood's Sarsaparilla entln
cured her ond sh has never had icr
since." Mrs. HowArn Port. Alpba.Ort,
.V. 11. It you decide to take Hood's 5m
partita do not bo Induced to buy anvotv.
I Is sold by all drunglsts, I'recured oib
br C. L HOc a A CO . Lflw.ll. Mmi
(live n mm a book he can read.
And his home la htlght with a calm
Though the room be poor Indeed.
Cilve a mai u Blrl he can love,
A I O m) I ove love thee.
And bis heart Is great with the pj1
At home, on land, on sea
James Thomson In Philadelphia Rc
Cash Premium Offer
For Original Hrticles
jj BY
; I The Inter-Hountain Farmer
i and Ranchman
l 1
With it vipvv to ilevplnpinf lie latent literary
! talonls tif our leiidcis and others, nml pxcitlnfj an
inteicst In the pioductH of the 1'arm and Itnnrii In
i the Inter mountain country, and to inuiease the
fj allle of The Intel -Mountain rainier nnd Iianch-
a m.in to its leatlt'is, npet i.il c.ihIi pi ires for original
I articles upon the btibjeets named will be paid aa
I Titnn and rnriT culture.
f Cnnli pii7o for best article $10.00
fc CiihIi pi i7e for wrond best article 5.00
Cash piisfes for tlilul beat ai title, three
! prices of ?2 each 0.00
hi X
SCaidi pii7P for best article 510.00 i
CaNh piie for net'onil best aitlrle 5.00
C.ihIi pripo for tlilid best article, three "
pr-lies of ?2 each G.OO l
Cash prize for best article $10.00 "
L Cash pil7t for get mid best article G.OO '
; 1'or five next best articles, cash pi izes of Jj"
- ? each 15.00 t',
1 "
; cut
J C.ih pii7e for best atticle $10.00 jji
Cash pii7e for (-et'oml best article G.OO
f Cash piie foi thtec next best articles, t
! c.uh 0.00 Ul
' Articles should not exceed one tlioiiH.inil wordi 'J
in length, Hlioiild be vviitten on one side of the pane. "i
! onl.v, In a plain, legible hand, or copied on tjp- ",
writer. !
Tho abovo cash offers for special articles for ir
The Intel Mountain Tnnnei und Ranchman will ho Jf
open until Mu.v 15, UIDL'. All inauiistiipt submitted k
j (ontuiiiinp; lnatlei' deseitint,' tif publication will ha m
f published, and matter nnt tleenini of publication J1!
' will be letiiined to the wilter. Each one in submit- jJJ
1 tin;: iniiniihiilpt hlioiild IneloKP postuRe for Its re- J
f tut n. should the miinustiipt be rejected. It is (Is- tou
X Biteil that the name of the wilier should appear J
wltli eath iimnuscilpt, but should the writer for m
t an.v i-e.iMon not tit she to lune his or her mime pub- 'J(
lished, the lequeht will be icspected liy the edilor.
f On Mu.v 1.", moj, the editor of The Inter-
t Mnunliiin r.inucr anil Ranchman will place the nr- ji
f tu'les submitted and published in the hands of n th
E committi'e of edllois of the Intei'-Moiintain Fnrm'r If
and Randimnn and The Salt Lal.o Tribune, and
upon their it-pott tlio dlHttibutloii of cash prliM th
ji will be pinmptly made, "j
I I This Is n splendid opportunity for the up to hii
E date fnimeis and lanchmen and fruit growers and f'
f tieeplanttis and fowl nnd eRi'-ialseiH of the lnV J1
fc mountain totmti.i to not only win a Rood prize for in,'
their efforts with the pen or pencil, but to develop "
and ciicotiiiiRe their ability ns wilters for the press- ,
j Wnters shoiilil lespond piomptly, befoio the bus k"t
seuson of spilnp; opens. j't
All coiiimuuii ntinns sliouhl be ndiliessetl to the
Editor The Iiitei'-Miiuntnln rainier nnd Ranchman, ,Th
it Tribumi Uiilltllnt;, VJ
2 Salt LaUe City, Utah fj"'
IE j
.- tfea

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