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I Tina i:
Mlhot People Anxious to
Secure One.
imUob TttttcM nnd Commlt'
nlMd to Canvass Bingham
'c..ro Guarantee of 6000
(WB,!rw julse Deets-Anothtr
"", will Visit Salt Lake
Ti confc' wlth utnh'
Lurcr- Tests of Beet Pro-
iTBin' rlCTLJ
, p, , V r n ' At a lnrK"
1 ,,tlWl"' n , iy Hn rrgan
,l5 n'n t ( m (hB nifrci nt a,
.hm" ( mtnltlcea vvcte up-
tj' ' , ounu. and It Is
"'j'n t w tl", "ext '"" ''
pctt(l 11 . uuaranlccd to tho
l,irrof s (n tuk0
'""us I t I eolnrndo manil-
"'" .nd If i lll Inituon Ihom to
""'". il ' oindn concern Is
k"'1 o, ii lover, nn) If sllffl
trlHu "" d nlll pintalld !
"W '".",, do beet Piwlucl nf
CM1,", n M IW .'l "" .?'
iOitW',. , , i rlnc mutter.
II"1' vrrv tltKh llVerilKO
w u "" I miigoB besl los tliis.
intK' " . i, mil nver In
i. .n i t" securn tno
jen'"', u I All!
KtM nf a l ,r ,,,,y ),,. ,Pnt fo
Hpif"1' i i,, hi onfer with
Jrn "d,8. r, tn nHorlnln Just
tit ' ' , , inietcst Ihcm In this
( "u
Mlble Accident to a Miner by Ex
plosion of Dynamite.
,, w Mirc'i I 1 ""it fonnelly. nn
T,m of t Wen Kind Mining com
'P Mil his he 1 IIP r.lly blown from
fJtt by an explosion of .lyn imltr.
lhl1he " thanlne out for lino In Iho
itr.li form The roof of tho
Jf,. ,. v r keel
United In the Olrls' Dormitory nt
the Lemhi Agency.
rrniniM piiciai.
rert Hill In II n Vnenrj Mil . .March 1
-Henry Hihsr ird !lrk Hums tno In
xii of tW reservation who hive been
unlrc s rmllrrmrn nt in I cinhl Indlin
lutr It l " orttit were recently
niH in the Blr ' eiormltor of tho
xd loestrJ al I 1 nt.cncj Ihoivvern
mini bj I r nt nil placed In Jail
l film to b hell for the next term
(multilist I onrt These Inrtlnns
it alsais lior 'ilr reputations here,
end It Is M,f 1 if t seme mistake hns
jua mil's srn il-elopmentn will
proxj, them not nullty of so Krae"a'
Diirlnir tlw atorm perlm of th. n...
week consl lrahlo ,now hi" rolleS inP."hi
Ll?".".'."; "-nhhl lifn?"ent tr? a.sur
an nernRo nmount of ater for ihl lf
snlnit sen-on Ptockmen Tare let tlni a f
of the stronger enitif out on thf ?;"
nnd they seem to do well iii ne
lontlnufnB to feed "' "" m1""'
rour-YeAr-Old Child Burns to n Cilsp
In Vancouver.
Vancouver, II C March 1 -A 4 ear
c.1 daughter of Jam., MUrhell ot h
nut of the kitchen lo speak with i hcIkI,
l.or lealK her haby pl.yg , "S
When she returned It was to find Hie
rx lnn"a"tn"a1 eirs'Viie';1!;.'"..
lan of ooal oil In tlm room and the tire
thoXe." " ,h"' lh0 "lb l"" H n
Ooorgo Irons, Wanted in Kansas, Ar
lestcd In Spokane.
Bpoliane, Wash, March 1 -Ocorce
trnns, wanted nt Onhn Km, for post
office robbery, was amstod esterda at
VVaterMltn this Htale hy Deputy I'nlted
fitntei Marshal Irtr and 1'o.tnfilce In
elector 1'eters of Kansas City, Mo
The chnrse ngalnut Irons Is that he nc
cnmponlod li other men, mtcred thn
Iwstoftko nt tlalMi on the nlaht of Ten
ruar in 11 and stole 1107
lostofllco Insprrliirs hnve been working
for over u ear bn Hn. caso Mr Peter
nrrestcd twi of the men some time as
nml after much erfort wrung a rnnfeaMnn
from Ihem Ihat Iron-, one f lhc h ,r
.IrrvTngYdraJ Wa,e",l,n- " ""- "-"
VVIilio hiro Thursday Mr l'etcrs sill
,'T T.," " ""Mnher ol ii bind of thlcM-s
anil cittlo rustlers that unc Knnsna pen.
Pie much trouble fr manj months Ml
the Kana lias either been rounded up an I
linnlsoned oi drhen out of tho counlrj
Oil prospectors are working six miles
south nf thejenns and lme dlscoerel
fiilr Indleallons The belief Is that the
lloulder nnd 1 ort Collins oil belt extends
Into VVjomlnff
limey rrjeberRcr, member nf the
Rteets Frjeherper Mercantile compiny
of ( hcjenm. and Miss Murj Htecns were
mnrrle 1 at the homo of the bride a pt
rents In f heyenne
O A Hamilton of ltnck Hprllms has nn
nounred Hint ho Is a landl late for United
Mates Marshal nml Is circulating a petl
linn in tin Iresltnnt renuntlnit that he
be a pointed M aliened I A. I In Isell
The DouKlas mllltla ijimpany has Issue 1
i rhillence to enter n, tiring contest with
licked men fmn nil or the other mllltli
cnmpnnles of iho Htnte The ('heenne
innipniit has a number of excellent
marksmen and will accept the challenge
All galnhllnK houses In Kherl lan hac
.(li.eed Ihilr games and are awaiting Hi.
IdeilKlnn of the court on the Mill llt of
thn ami ganil ling law The gnmllers
iex reus a wllllnirness to nl Ide slrlctl b
Iht law, should the court di clde that It
,1s valid
It Is believed that In fheyenne an In
ictndlnrj Is sotting fire to rallwni cars
there Tuesdaj mornlni, u iar was buriiel
on a sldlnk ncor the Kurllnktnn depot,
nnd ycfterdny morning another one was
burned within ilfty ftot of tho point nf
thn former car
VVIlllnm Weaver was brought In to
iChejenne from the Charles Woods ranch
Ion Hear criek, surfi ring from a broken
'leg eslcida Wenver started in mount
his saddle when he tripped nnd Ml and
his bono stepped upon him, breaking the
left leg neir tho ankle
Slraijhtcning Out the Central PacificDrilling After the Comstock
Loner LevelsThe Carson Ore Smelter Reno Troubles Ended
"Greatest Storm of the Season.
CorrHronil'nfs Tribune 1
Canon nij IVIi 27 Th re
trotriictlon of th i cntral or Southern
Piclflc rallrond between Henn nnd
louihof VVodsnorth tnunril Ogiien, la
InfallbUit nnd Efttinr; nlons fnmously.
Attbe hea liuarti-ri of tho conliatlorH,
Cuirlti r-tatlon put of Urno, In n enmp
I W m it j out In metropolitan
'trleanlllsMr nub lUclrlrlt), jiowcr
kfntfurnltl 1 b u HO liorae powe
"frlre nl tbe llkht mo strum; iiIoiib
"' tntlri. line or th contract, fiom
Vl'U I distance of Hurt) inllea, iillon
I"! of the woik to he pinsuuliil both
rltht and da r ra tuimshoilHiiro
KlV "'' l""1" or ul0 teams.
it L f '" II1"1 hoaril J'.J'i Ir
ii.! i .nl rnailmmn ctiidn of this new
Ii luenn nn feet er mile, nml
SrtiVj"1" ' ,n u nillilmuiii
' Wrlier brWjei will be constructed,
tit S ir"1 ' ' " " ll' "vi. Iruckic,
nrnMaaT" ' '" ",Ur "' "roVPI,t
tassn. h .'lv Kr"n " t I" a vy
WlreliviJI """"'"M0"'" Heco of
nir nit, roMsrori; intn.i,
uf,,l,,dl,f.V, '" r ho II,., north
JIi.j If !'." ' ' vi I of Iho ("on
liH'w i an I Vlihlnlii mlno
"JiL"',?""" ' iinllieliiBilnHolo
Ji?ihi "no ' "' "' ,llr ''"". " '"
tV,.lor"n "' r " lt that mine,
h th,"1 '.Foint A Mho In Opl.li slock
loch In. ',''"""111.11.0 11,0 1,1k
tht'tmmi'i"" lrl" l'f'Jeclc.1 two or
lw& ! ""hill fiom IIiomui
ViMn,h,,1,t " wnll of the Com
"CtirS. ."' "I"" ,p" haicalh Ihu
Ophlr "e i .'"', '"" '.'" "llt "' "'"
"f me n,r,r "ll !"11 ut " "mliiiil
Jrt"bnrlnhi "" "r)'. ,",t "'"" "'
M the .nn " let Intu litis lii lirt
"mti. r,:,1,r,lllswllll,o wnl.linl
Mh V """"I"'" or luiiriuiliiir
'l . Thlee"' rt hun.liol f(et m.i
epth of i?0 ;. ,'"'." 'Vvh "K". 't the
" lraoni.r '".""II tncoiintcri.l
IteherVl "V'1' ',7 ''' l "ll'l Mil
" "thiT ,,. ' u ,as' -muMii t work
Ml f.T ,'r ' n ""I Ih.y had to
" come t. i ' ",l f"r "" Innutor
'"Wljv ,, , ' ,"''" Hi' niino up
f'lirwi a """",' h ,ln,, "lo "
th OMIml , . . ' "l " "I'OWH 0110 of
'Kllani i ', ",',!;?"' '" hv PX-
Th-uLV ' AN 8M,:Irrn
!hnirdn( nn ". ' r " rH11 t"t hy
'" rirnn Mii !hn" '""K cmpntiy
on 'he ." ,' , "' ' on bo delivered
?'' Jni , VJf, l0 '" ",l "I1 fnr
l.h"r mr, i . hlll0r" Pcnl'luit of
', Ir , , ' ,lu,t nn(vtd from
tin ,ur " ' no iloulit or i mil.
I5,llni olnn i,,w, Vint. Irom
."'"eoroi, '' ' l" l,n"Ui piocuio
f"" etc i ,' ", "l hiiH plenty or
. 'r In m. ii V ",np' '""l0M "r
'""clinnr , " nn'1 nl1 villi bo
Lh" r irn i.l ' "'heir oi.s IliInK
T11"" the ," .''" I"v.l Into thla
. v"b tt ,,""Vlm'i " n" looked
"fst ' dinio of puhllo In-
TMr,!",N ' ''"Minil
Jl!2"' a ln","u11""' f''U JlillTnlii
W the ,',","" ' """me In Nn
h n, Arne i ' ," "mnilssloner to tho
' '" ome) or ,h y' "n ' '"'v Invest-
"I them 'i hey ,,rop,,
erecting a mill and going Into tho bul
lion producing business on nn exten
sive nml practical scale, putting on
plenty of men nnd means Thc ex
press themselves na will lerscd with
Nevada and her mining piospects, an 1
declnro that tho half hns not been told
them V hat they will think when they
get aroun I to Tonopah remains to be
hennl, hut ci rtiilnl a surprise awaits
them They sny. 'We have heard so
much of Nevada In the rant tho last
)ear Hint wo felt prepaied for nn thing
the Blato would oflcr us, hut every
thing exceeds our expeditions lou
have a wonderful State, and It la going
tn be developed cxtensUely In a ahoit
time '
Many pnrtlea nrn setting out to Tono
pah Inclining man) who hurried aw ny
from there In January with the pneu
monia epidemic, or getting nwuy from
It, Ono nf them McKay, who arrived
Just nlho with pneumonia, went homo
to Knit ljiko on reiovery, hut this
morning passed through Carson on hla
return to Tonopah Hut timer, are ro
poiteij lo ho lomptratlvrly dull thorn
at piosent, which Ik iulte niltliliil Thn
Uascra nio slinpl) sinking nml ship
ping lb. Ir oro which the) tumbled nut
ko bimll) whlM their lenses continued,
and the compaii) has a foue of men
at work sinking shafts Morn will he
put on lo u in It ntlliiK In water mil
othei optiatloas Inter on The great
ist ixcitemciil exlsta In the outside
prospecting op. milium and now dlso
erlon tho genoial niwa from which Is
lather conlllctlng, Indellnlta und un
settled. HKNO H TIlOUIII.i: I.NT)i:i)
The gient smallpox scale at Henn
ended about as and lenly as It com
mence.! After a two weeks wild nm
the quarantine was raised Inst Man
day morning nnd the cntbnigo lifted
fiom tho publli sell mis I'lilwrslt),
iliunlioM ami Hnlvntlon ainiy Ihoiest
house patknta lame mil fcillug belli r
thin i ii. some having ualutd In
wilght Many of tho .Milled nliel
IIoum sttidentH have kono lank lo the
Unlwislt), h) lermlsslnn the senium,
who hnvu to np'l and n oloklio, are
doing so, and In dun enursn of time all
will !m fm gin n an I roi gotten, and Ihat
Impoitant Main Institution bo nourish
ing na well as cvei Tho Unlveislty
sustained mom Injuiy than anjllilng
111 Henn
iiii: aiti:AT ktohm.
The piesrnt storm Is b) fnr the
Meulest of tho u Intel, mil tho heaviest
known on lho I'lelllo coast foi )inis
A fi ot nt two of snow has fallen In
t' umn nnd Iteno -mil thiee foot nl
Miglnla City It Is I. lotted to be
elghl or ten feet deep on summit of
the Hlcrra Nevndns, ct th train fiom
Cnllfornli .nine IIhoubIi nil rlkht and
unblocknded this moinlng lho &
T inlliuid wan blnikniled b iliirts
near the ( omsliiek this lorenoon, hut
liullis rot tliunigh nil light The
Truckeo rarson und Walker rHors aie
all limning ImnUa full -mi merlh.wlug
ileii'l loads of snow IK l ll '' h
fr i, thills and big mountains and If tho
at n does not en I up Willi a big mill
or a lluiw. Iheio will I e an Abundance
nf wa lei rr ill purl o a next """";
(allfninli Is delUkod with in ll and
atnff, and the old hacramen , n Is owr.
Ilowliig he, lanks as gmorousl) as slw
did III tho ollci times lift" vars nR"
It la almpls tho ol 1 stor) "'
ucuiu. null Hitriimoiiln and inn"
81" amplo leveaa to ,.r,.iril I "''"'"
Inundntlim n'. " hie h the)' ll a o
have I hen Die whole ro'intry Is al
right for water und h?uH 'giS'"
Plain. ALF' 0TJ"N'
yTER-rouyTAiy VAUafEW VXD TtAXCintAy. TUKSDAV rOTtViy, rATtCIT 4, 1002. 5 (HKI
Irrigation Convention Petition for Cession of
Remaining Arid Lands.
Last Day Marked by Pavsage of More Resolutions-Controvervy of
Stockmen and Farmers Renewed Over Proposition to Hasten
Selection of Forest Reserves-Adjourns Till April 2nd.
What the Convention Did Yesterday
Passed a memnrlol to Congress, nkltiu Hint all icmalnlng arid lands
within the Htate be ceded to the Unite foi the purpose- of perfecting and -f
extending the Irrigation s)stems, and stating Hint In the opinion of the t
convention this would he more benellclnl to the people und result In -
"t- grc.ter and earlier development of the State than an) other helpful
mensure proposed
Adoptel a resolution offerel b) Delegate liura I! Work of Washing-
ton prajlng that tho work of examining surviving nnd selecting tern-
porno tracts for forest reserves be pushed will ill possible dispatch and -t-
the matter settle 1 at the earliest possible da) f.
l'nse I a memorial offered hy I) 11 Morris of Washington petitioning -
Congress tn cede to Utah Hint portion of tho T. rrltor) of Arizona l)lng
between the Colorado river and the t'tnh Imider
f Adopted a resolution offeied by Delegate l.o Oran I -V oung of holt Inke.
that a committee bo appointed to Investigate the nature and character
f of the hills now before Congress and report their conclusions to the dele- 4
gntlon of Utnh now In Congress
f Adopted n resolution offered by Delegate I.e Orand oung nf hilt lnko,
asking the I'tnh I eyislatnic to mak. nn appropriation to pa tho espouse,
f of the delegates lo tho convention.
Adopted a resolution Indorsing the New lamia bill In Congiess as nmeni-
ed h) Congressman Sutherland nf tTtah. ..
Hejected a resolution offeied by Delegate J icob Johnson nf Sanpete re-
questing the Htalo I.ind Hoard In gianllng Hnda to select lan Is from
watersheds, and to give local residents, and especially munlclpilltles,
the preference In selectlop
f Adjourned to meet April 2nd
What Members Thought About It.
President Abel John Hvans, Utah Considering that the delegates eimn
f together entirely dlsorganlied and with no dellnite programme or pltn -f
of action, I think the results were very satisfactory. Tho most Important
business done was that of organizing a permanent Irrigation nssoclitlon
for the Ktale This Is a necessaiy prellmlmry tn any effective work, nnd
I have little doubt we shall accomplish much when the convention reaa. -f
f sombles In April
Vice-President Jncnb Johnson, Ranpete: Tho convention wns a success
be) ond question W llh the permanent organization provided for at this
meeting a great deal of good ran he done Next to that 1 regard the
memorial to Congress as the must Important business performed by the
-t- A 1 Doremus, Hilt Lake. The results of the convention far exceed m)
expectations Tho meeting will have a far-reaching effect In amusing
f the peoplo to tho necessity for notion, nnd In milting them In the effort
to secure what will bo of benefit to nil The steps taken lo form a per-
manent organization would alone make the convention worth while
I C, Thorsen. Cache. The meeting was successful In part at least Tho
-r memorlnl to Congress, at representing the sentiment of the Utah Irrlga-
tors may have some effect In securing whnt we desire Tho business was
considerably h impered hy the persistent cfTorts of the sheepmen to block -t-
all resolutions looking to tho lmproement of tho Irrigating systems -f-f
George JIalverson, Weber' The convention was chiefly useful In giving -f
f the Irrigators a chance to compare notes and find out what Ihey wanted
f and how lo get It. When we meet again In April wo ma) be able to ac- -f
cmuplish much In consequence of this.
Wearied b) four lone da) a of discus
sion nnd controversy, but happy over
the results accomplished, and confident
of the ultimate c,od to come from their
efforts, the delegates to tho Irrigators'
convention left tho Assembly hall at 4
o clock )esterday afternoon, and a few
hours later the trains wero cnir)lng
them 111 every direction to their homes
Piled high on the desk of Secretary
Ijimbert wero a score or more of reso
lutions relating to every phase of the
questions tint had been under discus-
pointed will drnft a constitution nnd hy
laws and bo ready tn expedite bufclnesa
f)uno MAOe Br
I'ry or Salt I Ant iS
COf)fr?tnS Arret .
0?fSFMr STaftAGe SurfiV k.
usro v certva ay n
fitno- TAOS ay .
dry or Saii t-AKe.
4-G..A1S0SJ ry,tf v"
t V l I
'P - -" I
, .z2lfh
slnn. The) formed not a third of tho
nieasuies presented nt dlffennt times
.hiring the convention, but b) gradual
sifting nnl condensation and ellmlna
tliu the prorosals sulimlttel hnd boon
l.dur.d to their lowest terms, whl.h
fnlrl) represented the cr)slnlilzcd bin
tlmeiit of tho nuijorlt).
Chief of these mensuies wan n me-
m u al which will bo sent to Utah s up-
Vscnlntlvis In Congress Th. memorial
air for that the deslie or Ilia lirl
mitorn of tho ftato for lmtl mill aid
could best be seived b) the cession In
iho hlate of all (lov eminent aril lands
e mill ling be used I.) the State In
pcrf c ng H,e lirli.nilo.1 tems The
memorial emb.ille.1 the main Idea In
several resolutions pie.ented b) mem
bcrs from dlffeient sections nnl was
ndcirtrd by n d.clsHe mnjoilt)
Next to IhlH ineinnrlal tho chief res.)
lu'llon In linpnrtalieo adopted 08iordiy
was Ihat of D. legale Laura 1, Work
.if -Washington designed In hasten tho
selection of temiorar finest loserv-s
it wii prescnlel b) the comnilttee as
u substitute for a u solution pic Uousl)
inlrodncl b IX legato H llson pio
testing against these fotesl ,es-ros
Tlif opposition or the stock Interests
was again niouied, and the entile for,
noon was spent In wrnngling over his
mewuie. The funnels a secon I time
uevjlled however, nnd the reio iitlon
was adopted '1 he .1 -bate w as i e lev od
from hopeless tedium by a stirring
speech fiom John Hi no ninltl, ot bait
"ihe convention was not dissolved at
the i lose of Iho session, but merely took
an adjournment until Apitl 2nd, when ii
permanent Htalo Irrigation association
will bo formed. In the Intervening
month the committee specially ap-
Stockmen and Tanners Havo An
other Bound.
The stockmen nnd tho farmers had
another roun 1 at the morning session
The occasion of It wan a resolution by
Miss Laura Work of Washington tho
out) womnn delegate In tho convention,
praying lint tho work of examining,
surve)lng nnd selecting tempornr)
tiacls fnr forest reserves bo pushed
with nil posKlblo dispatch and thn mat
ter s. tiled at the earliest pisblblo day
K II lalllstil of bait I like whowaa
In alien lanco us a prox) fnr I'ommls
alniiei James Anlerson spoke vehem
ciitlj ugutnst the me isuie until his time
limit of t. n minutes waa oxhaustid an 1
the convention would not eiuouinke him
tn lontlnu. Ills efforts who secondel
b) In In Johnson of bunpete und
Oeorge IMIversui of Weber
lohn Henry Hrnlth made a stirring np
I .al In fuic I of the icsolutlin ot which
tho following Is a nrt
J 11 bMIlllfl HIM ITII.
This question Is one of extreme mo
moot to th people of this Htalo Our
filends lepioseutlng the sheep and cat
tin Int. rests of this Hlato have hid
(heir Innings man) times (Vpilause)
The lirlgmnrs of this fttnti are culled
tokeihei t . ..insider their Inteiesis, and
the i reposition involved In this action
Is a question of self picserwillon No
man can elm) who is romeisnnl with
the watersheds of this rountry that
each da and eaih hour this quonlon
cnmpllrniis The iconmmenliitinns of
this coniinltten shout 1 puss and nt the
curliest prnc tloable inoinoiit litis nation
Hiould detcimlne the question uh to
should determine the question as the
tain legion shall nek homes In an
othei region or luuo preserved tho
rikhla the) havo utilized
This Is a problem that needs solu
Hon It .aiinot be solved b teuipnii
lug Wo havo teniiorlzcd an! tempoi
Ized and Ii inporlzod nnd nch da) has
seen It ,row In Itn coinpllcallom The
fiunlni, coniiiiunll) or this Htate havo
h i b) theli Hn sides rtiMttlliK them
s. lvca to be lobbed da) b) day nnd
hour hy licur, believing Ihil something
might be done b) soniebod), but It has
not been done, (
' This bod; of men tliould demand
that the watorshels of this section
iShoull b preseived and I nsk this
body of men tn see here and now. that
the question of th. wnt.tslu Is of this
section shall be dc in mined one. mil
forever that they may know where the)
stand and what tin own and whether
th ) have an) rights urn own iiiunlv
Is doing tl the ee initios aroun I us tin
being drle I ui nnl it is a nut that
I nil) nnn who will news the mountain
ranges ran see that If this thing con
tlnu.s w. must s.ok other homes nnl
those farmers must go to othei sections
Vmt will iiir.leiu ni seeming iinliuu
Hon but I trust that this rotmntlnn
will determine two thluas thai the
nwneis of the waters of this Itato will
delermln. that the) ImNo a water right
anl Ihat those water tights shall be In
such form that the) shall be preserved
and protected
VVhei lho mensuio wns put In a voto
It rev n lied by a declshe majority
He hum: cultivation
At the opening of the morning ses
slon while walling for the committee
on loeoliittnna to piepare Its lepnl lho
dcloxat.s tail uel le Iholi minimi rsles
and had n nleo .oiiifnrtnbli talk on the
uhjel of cultivating lu.iim Oeorge
Vustlii siipeilntcnileiit of tho ngil til
I irnl elerwrlmeni of the lbl augur fa.
tor) a l. anted high cullluitlon do. p
I lollghlliR anl humming as .ric.tivc
moans of counteia. ling lite clTec Is of
drouth ,
Potltlon for Cession ot Unclaimed
Arid Lnnds to Stato i
The irtnclpil work of the nftoinooii
session wns the pissago of a inemorlnl I
to e oimrcSK asking Die usslnii of nil
lemalnlng arl 1 lands In the Unto to the I
Htate lo be used for the purpise of ter
fee ling nnd oxten Hug the Irrigation b)
tenia tho iiieltinilil i tt Ink. the sense
of lit. tnnvenllm tint this would I.
moi. benell. In I to the people und i.
suit In a greiitol and rarll. r develop
meiit of the Hlate lb in any othe i help
fill nu USUI i propose I I
This memorial which was ndvnncel I
na a substitute for a numbei of res ilu '
llnna biarlng on tin same subject was
ailnpidl without mi) h rloiis opposition
nnd nn.r mil) a short discussion of Kb
Another resolution ndopled waa thnt
ftesenlid lij Judge I otliand Veiuni;
that a tommlttee of three be appolnte I
to oxnmlii. mil Invcatlsato the niitiii.
mil character of the bills before Con
gross In nt, ird to the arl 1 lands riglcui. .
nnl tlmt the tlnvernoi, becietur) or I
Htnte and Hune)oi clenoinl of Utah be .
ox om.io inomberH, mid Hut tho iciort '
of tlw fin links mid conclusions bo sent
to the elongation etf Utnh now In Con
gross us soon as possible John Homy
Pinllh of Hilt Like Henry Ileal of
Hanis-te mi I 1 f Tlioiescn of Cneho
' imioed on this committee
fu Ige oung also Intro lined another
olutlon lo ropiest the legislature to
approprlilo a null. lent sum to piy tho
exiionma of Hie country del. gates to the
contention 1 1, le. wus later amended h)
striking mil the word 'rountry,' nnd In
this form iss. .1 without optosltion
1 nlhuslnsm wns aroused by the re
ceipt of a telegram from Congressmnn
Hutherlnnd, which load us follows
Iliber M Wells (.overnor Hiltlike
The Committee on Irrigation by vote
of 7 to has Just ngieed to favorably
report tho W ostein Irrigation bill"
A resolution was at once passoel en
dorsing lho Now lands bill us amended
b) Mr Hiillurland
Other moaitiioa were debited nt con
siderable length, but before the after
noon hnel advanced very far tho mem
hois logon tn grn. restive, nnd a mo
tion to udjoiiin wna received with evi
dent delight Hefore adjournment a
vote of thnnks wns extended to the of
II. era for their able handling of tho
biisinosH of the convention President
l.vnna responded b) llmnklng tho dolc
gal. a fnr their uniform courtesy nnd Hie
nsstmlly dissolve! In a shower of bou
quets lo reassemble on the second da)
of April next.
Judge Rolnpp Grants Decree of Di
vorce From Knytivllle.
Oglcn March 1 This morning Judgn
Ilnlipp hnnl. I down his decision, whl.h
In eflect Is to grant In the Mil igo of Ijiy
Ion Davis (ounty it decree nf divorce
from thn Incor: orated town ot Ka)svllle
Tor lho rist ilfteen )enrs residents of
lajtnn Inve objected lo pi)lng trlhulc
lo the town of Kiosvlllc of which It was
a part, when as they chimed they do.
rived no benellt th. re from Tlio llttlo
suburb then r. I oiled nn.l lltn Hupremo
court sustained them holding that Knis
vllle cool 1 not force the nil In lion of city
tnxes a mllo nnd a quarter from Knievlllci
swllcb Hie Ijiytnnltes were Jubilant nn
111 tho Ornntsvlllo cases came before tho
Ktipreme court, when that bl roierse.l
llself, and Iho good people of lho suburb
nn tho soulh fotinl themselies Inlehtc.l
to their sluer at Isw to th. am unit of
uliout lliDD back taxes and their prnierly
was sold for tho same At this I a) ton
arose In hrr wrath and finally rrfert.el
an agreement with bnjsvllle whereby
tho Inter shoul 1 consent tn tho rillntr
krntlon of the former upon pi)inent of
the, nmeiunt due whereuron lho form ll
bill of divorce was filed l Ijiylon and
as the defendant tl I not appear lho .e
rreo was acconllngly entered by default
According tn tho agreement two sev
cnths of tho contested district remains In
the city, with tho other live sevenths In
Uijtoti containing about one tblr I nnd
two-thirds of the population respectively.
Rejoicing in the Snow Ho Fear of
Joseph Looking for Light.
Logan, March 1 Vflcr several weeks
of bare greund wo have now received a
s Ion ill covering of tho beautiful r aim
ers are rejoicing e xcee llngl)
Articles rf Incorporatl in of Iho Pprlnff
(reck Water lo of I rovl lenee have
lieen filed with the county Clerk The
oinpanv Is capitalized at Mm The of
Ihesr of Iho cimpinv are I'resllent,
lou-ph A Hmllh secretary I hlllp Klocp
jer trtnsir.r, Wm It.ailng
The Journal if In la) cl.lms Ihat Ben
nlir Itawllns .lellvireel lho best nlltl.a I
mlnlstrulion speech )et He showed up
Ihe rottenn'ss or Hi. administration s
polio), anl the ilutoiratlc m.tlv.s le.
Iiln.l It Anl the rhlltlsh statement
that the leenl correspond, nt of The Irlh
mi. is Mttliih xcr.v much al irm. I over
It Wh it ni xl f Th. r Is no n. ed e f
b lug alarmed of Jnsei h In this count)
Miv.r lor.nso lliunen I'r.sllenl of
lh e Itv council 1 W II iblnse n mil
t ojncllmaii N M Hansen left foi I lull
ceuntv tcdnv to lns.ct nn "1'ctrle uw
ei lint owns I anl operate! hv a muni
elpulll) In Hint count) The) will ropoit
lit tho Council meellng next W nines la)
'mothers tost uide' 111
Should Watch the Physical Develop-' SI 11H
ment of Their Daughters. Earn- Mr 'jM
est Words From Mrs. Pinkham to BB-.vlW
Mothers. ., R''ililH
livery mother jkwbpssi'h infnriniilon nf vitnl viltic to lior younR rnK'i."' lpH
tlnllfrliti't 'llmt iIuiikUUi U n m( ioitH ItjrTi V, mill tlm li"ionlliility StJIi'" r iH
for In r future H lnigel) in tln Ii.iikIh nf tho motliui I lie uostcrioiH Kiji p'ttllH
chvnp' Hint cIcmIuim lhc tluumlittcxs Ltirl into thu tlinugtitfili vvoimti H'irl MH
flioi.lil llnil tho motile f cm Iho write h thiv nml nic!it As f-lio circs fnr Hy,)')'
lho iili)t.iral well being of Iipl d uiglitiu, so wil tho woiiiin ho, and her MflsFki iaal
chililion iiImi MS!;;' I'jH
AVIipii Iho voting; irlrVg thntisliU lirooni' ah -HcMi, vvlirn tho oxpc- lEtfsui MlxLH
iIimiioh In nil ithos, illznimM, f lintn.'s-., ,-iuil xhlhlts n it nhiinrnial illspei. 9IC&rflil itH
tllion to si. i ji, pains in tho bn k anil low i linili , ojos clini, ih siro lor Wl , ht'i1' tlH
holttliilp, .uul i eli-hki fu th Hniie't utile t R-iro, wh n bho Is a !K '' 'jll BiiiH
iiivtti'iv to In is If nml Minis, Hun tho ninth, l should go In her nitl ' vi !?' i ifltaH
Iuonilitl l nuih a thin (In (,H itistnlil to nittu is Lv.llu ll. Pink- M.)-?)? .1 , BpH
linm'si o-e (ulilo t oiiiiiiiiiul. It pre pit e (l u u' sluuforthu Kifflfli 1 'xaH
coming ( h uige, and 1, tlu Minst r luiu i in tin hour fin' IL IHji aH
'lh fiillnvv Uin letlcii from Mr Stmilinnl mo l i.i tieul proof oi SMi iJ2ji!B
Jlrs, Pittkhum'.s ctlli lent ndv ii o to J tiling vvouieli PUl'i- iH tKLxiM
Mothers Who Allow Their Daughters to Suffer nre Cruel When M41 Ii IHil
Relief Is Easily Obtained. Read This Hotlicr's experience. ftuMI ' iiH
"IlriitMiu Pivkiiam: I wlih nlvlco In regtrd to mv chiiuhtcr. bho '2$jitt jjll
Is thirteen vonrs old nnd never menstruated Wo havo hnd the doctor to her Kill ! IflLxciiifl
and he sale! elm did not havo enough blood bho Ins b-en t.iteinif Iron for Waffi 9H
three months but Is no L-tte r. In tho morning nht vomit . nnmn days sho 9HICE 1 ' MH
cannot keep an tlitnir on licrstomnch until twelve o'clo-1. If she trlca to do SUl&t i iappH
an thing M,o gets flint. Ilaa heiulncho nil tho tlmo, is as vvhlto na marblo sWWBl ', IfkLI
with great dark rings under her ejes l'l. ve write nn 1 1. 11 mo what to do taHsif taxaxa
ns I amdlscourugrd vvltli the doctor." Mlts Ciiah bot.THARD, I'hccnix Mills, JaBiwii ' i HaxaH
N.Y. (.Ian ID, 11)00 ) Btt ISiH
"DrvuMns ITvkiiaii: Last .Tiinuary I wrnlo you about my daughter, HH- JazaxlH
nnd told you what our family den tor nald about her I saw another doctor 'Hftj Snaxaxal
nnd ho said sho had quick consumption After receiving tour letter, I began SBIoaV liHaxaxelH
glvlni; h. r your romcelles, and after taking four bottles of Ii clhi V l'lnk- Ht3' '"ff'aiM
linin's Vcgctahlo Cciiiipiiiiiiil and four of lllood I'urlller, bho is now well JBSxeK HSnUlaxeiH
nnd strong as ever. Menses have npenrcd ami aro regular. I can never HBaVr kflateaKeaKeal
praise jour remedies cnoupli for they saved my daughtcr'a life." Mils. Chas. IDKt winaaxeH
SouTiunn, Vheculx Mills, N.V. (I)oo 10, 11)00) 1B1K3I' XI T B
Anv voting girl or itnv inothor Is cordially linllocl tn rrltn to HEtui f-'lili LxelHH
Him. lMnlcham ut I.jnn, JVIusi.., for ndviiei in ri'g.inl to her Hick- BBflS j Hfj U
ncss. No ono bus hnd grcntrr ctporlciito or iieec-ss in guiding nKftlS' 1 i laxM
mothers und their dnughtorH (u hciilth, 'J lioiisnnils linvc, triistcd bKMWi 1 Ii IH
her und are glad. Sho tliiugcs nothing for mil lee. "Write to-dny. fjffW a j M
SW ft ft to Bl'WltIl Volisedepolto!nlllithoilloiialClljUinkef lynn.lrooo, uaHejVri,W ' .1! axl
fnlll III wicUllltwpsllloaoysriunwlioenllnUbtllwbolslliiinillllters !9bS'IL) !' IxeillH
III! I srsnoticiuluo,orvoroiibllib.l befors ubulnlnn; lliawrltira ipoclsl per- rWflT laaxtll
UUUU minion. I ydla E. 1 Inkliam Medtoiiw Co . Lynn, Msas. mffif'lr ' (LH
I im SfHIMD U. S. SEPAnMOSl 1 If fjfl
m "The kind that gets all the cream" jM m '"M
H eQSlT ton State experiment Station at i'ullmaii, r uW tj- ll ' ,' '; ?iB
H Is l& '""" '"'' ""' ""l '' ' k-rar-Ugr accordlnrr to H f, , 'i J , liiaxl
fM StiHSsiffJEpl U' s Separator Is without a peer In Kjfl J' i ' ij f I j' H
W Highest Award at the if i' j 'Vll'B
Pan-American Exposition U pli'tjIij'B
m VERMONT FARM MACHINE CO., Bellows Falls, Vt. M ll '( ! Hj!'!
Ill,) '!'l':i'ri''H
m M '"
rx Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body i.B
liP C Stomach and brniu aUoct each ot A sick stomach sours tbe d' p Ition and pro- Wjs MlrR ' 1' taH
Bf ":?! ents sleep nnd bruin rest and a stck brnln sours tho stomach and i Iocs tho bowels, jraij, !nt'0 pH
IK fSi" cjl Men ot bedentar) li ibits, brain workers who don't net nucli cxerelso, have biek btora- yJM'ji jPK i'j'-lH
evri acts and bovveU, autl wear out their brains and nuu- wi S3 ft'fl . H
v Vir Tl y m ' I work In ths nnlrs snd dnn t ir.1 afl rnn.h Row ttmP SC" .M1 I si. la MUlor.burff sW$i Jrn .V 1 1 ' 1 ' 'kaakl
y-C V 1 ...rrlio.. 1 .tjnld .nllii, I ft I bud I Ju.v l 111 t'i.il ll Ui IKr 1 . ami l-1 wlih b H W Sj!,' W H
I 'TVV 'S J i '"'"' " ' " wlU'h slwsis mn la. (nl ..rre 1 sli I.i ll .1 o ll I luturi ivi fijwf if V 1 kLI
I jSSfC vJlfiiklVK'"Ati aS'frVi'i'a.Ch" H
if ft 4Uj If (allied sonldrtll in Hslsbt ra.psrU enred m .alt sllr ef di.p.f.ls J S s5fc4i,,i j LLH
j II I JT l I -lUrrr IImVsm HVllls Ud snd e I.H . .nrnr woli t Hfli V. tt .. i J If JfK M MH
I I J - l '.J?' pSsCen llwkM"Bwrir"' ksaktss'So hard Vrk Vl'srlna iIM I tain's" wilfu ,U jt ir IfT ej' Mippl
( l Sir zsj:S-''' Vv uti.i.iuwi t.. i..i. ,j .1.0 So.ki iK ir , . fasfjl Jtlf'i 'JLH
8 lV &" ' J) ) K11"l',,"n lallaas 111 akaps '- C bu... t luUdalpkls. is. IKK TflB' W iJpH
r I L jljyK A man who lieps hla bovvels regular with CuRcarets. Candy Cathartic, that ijaij' $ 1 ' ijl
V Ai jia 'a vaitliout mjbIu or violence, ran keep strong and healthy without much 'ftc ij d
1 o iNx-r' Y V. exercise A famous professor in Jeitcrson Medical Collcgo used to m !MiSl tFaaal
I Ml V. V-eoi jft advise hlsstudeiits " i rust in (!od and keep )ainr bowels opcnl " That's ,&6 i?li'''' B aaB
si A k. . iev, Ind's own wisdom, for when thn bowels are regular and tho digestion vjC jjitejiffi jl H
V V. J'jJ '2,11 a. string and health), then the irjstcm h mfe and tho brain and nervoa sK Wl&R n aH
3jCf' Y3, n. will havo inexhaustible elasticity and life. iB S! "flui H H
VjiL,4' t y5?rvssn nii-v Beat ror the Uowela All dmcilau i ajc.SK Nm, H ffiAuTiilr ILI
X25r XI IBti. (JjC45JLVj3Jt soldlntuU Theg.null l.blri .uimp.Jctc. Uu.i. jR4t fr LLLl
af Vg " "rw 'CrJO anteea to euro or your money bsck Sample sad booklet MS BaVil, 'II LLLl
Tq v BnTWMga (ice, Addaa3tcilln(KtnicdyCi,ChlcfaiN,Y. tall SBsjJl'II kleiiiH
Halill UH
'BBaBmila aaal
. J -..A-Il 1, XaitiaaaaaaaaW

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