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Tim Tyrnn-rouvrAiy FAinim. axd "Raxcitma-, Tuesday JFohmvc, Matcch 4, 1002. 7 IIINiSbH
John Hay Pronounces Eulogy Upon the
Martyr President.
Distinguished Gathering in Hall of House of Representatives, In
eluding President Roosevelt, Prince Henry of Prussia, the
Cabinet and Diplomats Listen to Oration.
. i n 1 li 2" - At noon to.
! J k b of the Ilnu,e of Itcprc
"r ,n tn I " ot 1'rcBlJont
"""',, i , Homy of 1'iuaala,
Z Bt it u rmnn ninperor. the
rlrsofll lalmut. ll.e Jll.lBP.or
TCIt . " lhc ,"nM"1 f ""
J.n.Uf.1 of the army and navy
"M ,,P I t . Kinrn .in.l other dip
"",,, ,.,inMiirroielBncoun
Iimum c nnc, itepreMiitrflhPsi
lrt" , i a I UK number or ills-
!ln , , Hie Hon John lluy.
& ' ! I-ionouncd a ou
"lr i ti ' or marnr-r.
n.i, o "- """ m ,,,', nl
. v ,i ,f i ip Inn elvlo u"l nill
!,,,rr " ' K,l,l, """",u' l"-
" lr , 1' .ins, H anil uvemic
UBC ,',,.,. I Six months
""J. . iv n, uirod at Uuffalo.
.ail .notb r bin rtirr rent sort or poxes
uTtenlri. . hlboilythroiishlho
o -he . Min.la or tho Capitol.
L?.-e Ihe bi funeral oration waa tle
,h , m . IIln an-1 tho tributes
S ,1; m n- ' 'ho .-.irtli nboul 1,1
mJ h ok- i u ral Miriow. To
i'.Vmm . Itli uncovered heart.
Xf Nation I "t i l"t tribute ot re
cant pi. OM-rtsse.l It- l"nr
NOonoAM" "5 rnor'i.ssioN.
ciin th i" uvcniio .vns lllleil
,rt,att mi n it wis u year bbo
TUB th Me re a nn or Rllntliig
Mimeta and .."InR Plumes nn.l the
ilr a till .1 "li the music ot him-
Jrrftn?ufflr I .onrtent bands Tn.la
ill i hin 'I riie ptntoselon wns
unvtanlz 1 S" inirtlul niuslr light-
(ii d th feet of lb throne, no cheers
reitlh air Tn only pageant una the
"' altering ire p of avnliy erortlnff
' Mtuf Henry nii.l bin parts to the Cap-
or nil and i-irmge here anil thole trin-
e pflnjem. r In uniform ni diplomats
"I. nmiri mmr ' the plate whom the
0 eui ; ai lo hi il II. t ixl
' ' Thai - th extent or tho outnniil
rpeeUi le le the people was one for
-Itr he rnlmlanil h i rnthei thnn fur the
gv fie ami fir Notwithstanding It wan
it rrw alnvM In nd.snre that ndmlsslnn
mil ii the lull of K ir uenlntl.es ami e. en
an. it the Capitol ll If wns to bo reMilelcil
iF. (iitoffh H r. nul the people ilm-
I prfRatfd In unniunbf rerl thnuiianrta
,1, tut the ere it nnrblo pllo up on the
Ml While ih II kei holders besieged
ihMtrat broiu iloom to the entrance
' the rotunda and oerllo(d the por-
i1(' l ui4 aleiw If idlnir to It, the crnnila
et .ereKeMhi i u llnei ot hlue-toated
.ar 11 e II 1 m i ihrt e hldea of tho
n lo -uIHj a In I mil of the I'npllol,
k 4j Th fmhlrin nt liiniiinlnit at iho
, i,, tpli i at ihe iinrn lliiderlni? nt hnir-
llcrt ast ilmi the in uIiirh and on the
fat ir hlns dome This pi-etedent In
edit f of tl l Uleld exeulsex n
f bi ir-ntlelo' li 1,o hall una without
?,i,n "'l not in hiiiarlfi. Th ipd-
rura ft'cii Marine I ln,i Mxly ulronR, a
m!cr '!u.0.;' ln. """ eirridnr uhlcb nepaf
, i "IH Ihe hall trim ihe r ar lobby of the
m.f K wnn I'Kon.i:.
in i . ,.
,att Ainorlork ihr iinnia ere opened
j u "Jill, mriu , Hi, np.it IniiH Bal-
Su -tlei iirp-mi ns u,p tmm,cr iicie
UM i..ii h -ns nf people, liven
rnim '"I" t e mini bill tho trondlnB
HUM "Ijammln nlilth hnie marred no
" ,,?.'' r n lo,l'' n inert
, ,? .y '',k 1 uel were limited
'."f ti Hi uuinliir of Bents pro-
V,f ATI,rmN0 a niSTiNoinminn
f'tt -j;"r.Iir" .1" cll'n to racl Hennlni
retort th. J,,."' ,f1nn, thoKnihe,lnK
rw ,, ;.'', "t dlslln
e Kf ilietiori hiiTt? "" ,,",t fpw nf ,h,
la oi Karkr..m h,n''," ""'I theinHel.es
nt heir ,Z T'U,l,,w ",c "' pft"lnn'
Wo! -m ' lh "nl" '"'' ''r their up.
"rNa"yamr.'"'.Tr" nf "1, "r"1"'
in,'3, ..C'.'p1,," 'ZZ?Ce
MS l.Vh!S.fK ,ANn "''"WIMUNT.
W ""mm . ." ,""" "f "i Hpeaker-s
"i"? :it"-'ha,il ',"' l.t''1 iil'hnlMe.ed
""j: maiH , r" 'lfoilhoiu.mil
'rat,'1, ! "Irrl I-rlnc . lie.-
S. T'n i nr,heH.ipirnifrourt
" "( er. J " " ""' leiuorallf
hlld "J am th ',.., r"r"'o .llplmiiiillo
! -I ii I , t01" r"" linmeilliilely
! tntu Tk, n, ''' ""'''ibilR r Ihe
""miaalcner Z ?'",s?f ",0 """"
,oh'a h. i , "" '""trlet nf Po.
Ulutt tii "''' "in nt ninl other In-",-,
,r,l"' '" sU ,,'lt "f tho
l,T" """'"IAMMIJ.
f '-Hl '"', Vi,r""' ,'""1 lnn
riime ,h. ,, "' th, iniiKimi rn.
1" tlhiih,r, follH O.er-
"" vL '", Hnwln, inra.
I """''. Inlerm V fIn,t ,n 'rl"'c."
U'n lhp ll0"'. HillllVllll,
Vl"oulio, '"'I' "" "H a
.f"UBKif , ' ",k''r'1 i "ill inn
irf "" t "I1 "lai. bed In pin.
in Thn r rr, "' ij "ma .t h
i l"ii i, ' "ibuawiiliirH and
tJ'k I'm la "'..". '" ."""lr to,llt
"ll" i ,',..'":tki!''-i8i'-
14,?"" Mm" r '.,1." """'"Pit"'
'uh , "' llls' r ..ho na,at.
nriv. ' "'"" or ain,
w -hw ri,Tni ,(,""'
i.,h I . , ','c ""'"I' l.mbna
,Tpr, ' ",.!!' lb" "IP.
rlirw ' r?n""i 1 1 n With , uu,
,n ' f." .n.,,r,k,'rllV"lor'
;?o'.,al -IP'-' ,''" V.wiVit'Vfo
:''. tiT"1,'"..! V';,1:,' ",""' i
rail W i l. Iri lill r " ""' man In
i."?" ;'?.Ver
"fdi 1th , ,", lonrkteper an-
ht Hoi- s m"k ,", """'"
'na the ulplonwuo
liodj nrose and Oen Miles, reapleaident
In Bold Lire, Bold epaulettes and a
bioiil. yellow s.mh neroew his hreantnnd
wlllj bis sldo anna Uaiurlns henMly at
b a heel, led the nay dnn the main
nlslo A.lralrtl Deney, m, r n nor.
da. Mould lime been .nth him bad ho
been In tho city.
riiiNt-n HKNity auiiivch.
Tap, tap, tap, ami oiue more the as.
aembbiKe loie The dnor a.iiing open
and rn Ihe threshold and with e.ery
oje upon him stood I'rlnre Henry be
tween Senator Tonker and lien (Iros
enor, thalrman respe.lliely or the
Hcnule and House tommltlees
"Ills Itnynl lllnhness. l'rlnce Henry
ot Pni'sl.i," nnriounied tho dooi keeper.
The l'rhue i.ns drease.1 In the nlniple
dark bluo uniform of an Admiral of the
German nn.y. without a slnsle star or
other e.lilence nf the Imperial houso
lo iiblch he lielonReil upon lill breast.
Ilo tarried white Bloies and his Hat
natal tap In his left hand At bis side
huns a short gold mablurd.
IN PnilSIDKN'TH ciai,l,i:rt.
Mrs Itooseielt, Miss Uooseicll, Mm
Conies, the President a sister, and Mrs.
Carou Ihe Presidents sltcr-ln-ln.i,
and friends of Ihe 1'iesllent occupied
tho President's sallery.
As soon ns all had aKiln been sealed
the Speaker- Ba.el nine mnro brousht
tho Rsseniblaco to Its reel and tho
members of the flenatn appeared, head
ed by Senator Tryo, President pio tern,
ihe Snatora took their seals Immedi
ately in the tour or the members of Iho
diplomatic .nips
haiij to Tin: cmnr.
At this point the Speaker jlelded tho
Bnel to Senator Pre. who was to pre
lde. Then tamo the President an I
members of his Cabinet and the Mn
rlne band struck Up "Ilnl! to tho chief "
I r.slilent IliKxeielt una accompanied
by Secretary Haj and fplloned by his
aj'ies. Col nitiKhum or the nnny and
Major Ollmore of iho marine corps,
eath In full uniform Tho other mom
lers of tho Cabinet came ln tho wake
of these iinirnrmed ofllrera. The Pres
blent was attired In a black frock
oat with Bray tiousers, and nnio u
motitnlns bnnd of trepo upon bU left
nrin. He took his place In the area
facing the speaker's desk with Print o
Henry upon his rluht With the lat
ter ho exchaiiBed a word of BreetliiK.
The incmbus of the Cabinet, except
Secretary Hay. who ..as escoited to
the clerk's desk Immediately below tho
rostrum of tho prosldlriR olllter. took
theli places lo the right or tho Prlnco.
hecretnry Shaw und becrctary Wilson
wero absent.
Senator Pryo then called tbo nssem.
blrtRe to older, and nfler a fervent
praier by Hoi, I)r Cou.len, tho blind
chaplain of the House, bo Introdiued
tho orator of tho day, Secretary Hay.
As the Secretary iwtran to lend Willi a
slow, clnar enunciation, ho seemed
nwnre of the Intense Interest not nlono
of his aiilijeit, but of bis own person
nllli. ns ho lead his tribute nf lo.e
and loyalty to his departed chief.
Setretars Hay Is not a llnlshed ora
tor In the strict nrccptanic of tho term,
but today his lolce had unusual tarry
InB power and he ..as able to mako
himself beard to the farthermost re
teases of tho bill The purity of stylo
nnd depth of thought of his lonipo
anion fully compensited ror whatever
forte was lacklnK In his delivery. Ills
orntloi. was as follows.
Tor the third lime the Congress of tho
Cnlted Stales nrn aeaflnblc.t to torn,
memorale Ibo life und ttio .Iflth of a
President slain by the hand of an ossia
sla Tho altentlon of tbo fiilaro historian
will be attracted lo the fealiuea which
rrapiKnr with slirtllng somenfss In all
thieo of these awful crimes the iiReloss
n. ss. the utter lack of consequence of
the art, ihe obscurln. Ihe Insignificance
ol the .rlinlnnl Ihe blamflesliess-so far
ns In our sph.le of exlflen.e the beat of
men in is be held blameless-of the vlc
ilm .Not one of our murdered 1 "ref
dents hid an enemy In the world, they
wire ill of sikIi pre-enlnenl purlly of
life that no preical could ho gl.en for the
attack of passional crime, Ihej wero all
men of demo. ratio Insilntis who could
nevei ha.e olTen.led the most Jeslnus art
vo.nl. a of pmMlliv Hies wero of kindly
and eenerou, nature lowborn wronit or
Injuallco was Imnosslhlf . of modernle
roriunn whose slemler menns nnlxidy
could rao ThM were nien of ausieio
virtue, of tender heart nf eminent abili
ties, which Ihey had devoted with sing e
min.la in the goo. of the Itepubllc If
ever men walked before Oo,t and man
ulilioiit lilnme, ll was tlifke three rulers
.V our p. "pie 'Ihe oiilv leinnlallon o
alls.k iholr IUc orteie.l .vns their genlle
railliiiicr In e ballus the light that
was offense enough
Hr-Air. rnt.i s no i humor.
Tho slupld usilessneas of such an ln
fiimi aninnls the tommen sense of llin
SrVl.l ne can ton.. lie how ihe rtenih
orC'i. ,11 idor'mas ch.l.ge the poll. lull
ninillllinis of an emi.lie how the exll l -lion
of n imrrnwIliB Hue of k nga niiv
lir ns la an all. ii ilvnnsts Hut In a well,
i i.bie I lleniibll" like ours Ihe ruler may
fall bil Ihe H nil" feel no lieranr niir
fielovld'and l.ve.e.1 leadjr Is KJ'''.h,"'
leas nourished hs Iho .nine leach ngs
ItiKplud b llie same prim . les, pi, ,ige.i
in i i.i c r n(T( ( Hon (lr i ll H "X n'i,i
ovill t "arf" li. lomplellon I he lm
nense. task romniltleil lo his hinds and
lorn liivi in" dal. the wnr.N that reaili
uvVr iv thousand i ears, out of lie
arl IVt lioui of ''"' ll;rr"J'r,',ih,',"The
blow'sWulk at nnar.h) v leadller still
n IJ. tut d l rn.hr a sjsteiil ;.f govern
.1 -V. tin ind so inpirt al Ihat we
re oLniie lis e, en.e onl. by Us bene
fa t" is under a Weill order -m , nun
l1"'"01" NO HAH (ll-Alii;
Mow many tounlrles can nh w 111 us
wlX ariiiliiullonenursm 'hedi ly
life of iviiveriiineiit. Hut ani'.nef "",,.
thins bnunil I" ns b ne l ns ,
Inlojiouisa-wlioian Jiiaci " proim
wreUhes base rimes ii"."' t im
i'lSinu!..Vn. MnWA th. emmn
liioir Ihrotmh murder t th soarfol.l
1 nOIH i millv AVI) INTlllCATI.
our minds cannot dNeern the origin,
!Lnn "'. """ teni ot wickedness .n
. timro.,""l '" "?e hut this does not
m"iKJ "",ffnln 'he dm of trying to
...i .'. "I'1 '"Ullteracl It We do not
..m.'1""'1 hnt 'I1 trl.lt Is wh.ine It
jomes or what Ha hidden proncrtl.s miv
io.i !! ".Mk"0' ll " mighty for.e for
y'' "I "" and o with the painful toll
hltf . """n r I'smhig and skill have
J,SJ1' "ore and 1. subjugate It, lo
Iin.".".!!" nn1 "" '" emnlo Its le
...i'."! fnerajlea This prolilem of in
? . t,'L.rk ?nd Inlilcale but It ought
oL . h n '.'"f empass of democratl
Roiernmeiil-slthmiKli no ssne mind run
raihoni the mietrrles of Ihese imtrnk.d
K!li. "."""? natures to guard against
,!.. ."'""""J""'' I" takeaway from Ihem
Ihe hope .if man., lh,. long luxury of
seamlslnua diin In tourl Ihe unwhole
some svnunitht of h)Slerlial dfgcnerales,
f.?" m rtere to mall, the .rims not
worth enmmlillntT even lo these ahnor
ml und illeloited souls
as to tiii: nt.Mrm
.JiL wmld he preaiimptuous f. r me In
1. Jlr1" .""! '" simg.wt the details of
remedial loglslHllon ?or a malady so
malignant T-hm tk may ssfelv be left
to lh; skill and luillcme of the Nallonnl
t .ingress, whl. h has tieier been found uu
".""J, 'o anv su.h emergen.v 'Ihe coun
ir beiifi,, thm th. mrmorv of three
im rile red .nniradea nf ours-nll nf whoso
voices still haanl Ihese walls will be a
surilclent Insplrillon lo enable ou lo
fri5 '"?!'". '.hl" ahstiiise and painful prob.
em which has .llnimed so mans pages of
history wlih M.hmI and with tears
CV.1U l.u ok M KINI.in
Hefore an andlinee less svmpalhetlo
llian this I should not dare lo spe.k of
that great rsr.er whlth we hn.e met
to coonnemorate Hut we are nil his
k '"", ''lends do mu crlllrlse eath
o'ners words iibout an open grave 1
thank von for lh. honor ou hn.e dono
me u Inilllng me here, and not less for
the kind forbearan.e know I shall hate
from j. hi In mi most Inndoiuule cllorts
to speak of him worthily
Iho life of William Mckinley wjs.
from his blrlh lo his death, tjplcallv
American There Is no envlrnnmenl I
should eav an where elan In the world
which could prodiiin such a character
Ha was twrn Into Hut wa of life which
itsewhere Is called the middle tlos, but
which In this tounlrs Is so nearly unl
.frsiii us to mako of other classes an
almost ncEllEll.l.- niuntlty Ha was
nellhf r rl. h nor poor, neither proud nor
humble, ho knew no hunger he was not
euro of satlsf)lng no luxury which
could tnfrinte mind or body Ills par
Jnts wero sober, Ood-fenrlng people, In
telligent and upright, without pretension
and without humum lie grew up In
the company of bnjs like hlmstlf, whole,
"tome, honest, slf respecting Thev
looked down on nobody, they neier felt
It osslhle the could bo looked down
upon Their houses were the homes of
probity piety, patriotism They learnr.l
In Ihe admirable school readers of llfty
lears ago the lcaons of heroic nnd st len
til 1 life which halo come down from
Ihe pant Thes rej.1 In ihclr weekly pa
pers the stpry or tbo worlds progress.
In which Ihey were eager to take part,
and of the alna nnj wrongs of clilltzatlon
with which they hurue.1 to battle It
was a serious and thoughtrul lime Tho
bnjs of that day felt dimly, but deeply,
that the daa of sbiirp struggle and high
achleiement wero heforn them They
looked at life with tho wondering set
resolute ejes of a soung esquire In his
vigil of arms Ihey felt a time was com
ing; when to them should be addressed
the siern odmonlllon of the Apostle,
tjult jou like men, bo strong"
war nv.rwr.i.N STATUS.
It Is not easy to gl.o to those of a
later generation any clear Idea of thit
exlriordlnnr) spiritual awakening which
passeit oier the countrs at the nrst red
elgml ItreB of the war between the
Statis. Jt was not our earliest apota
l.pse, a hundred srura before the nation
had been reeaed to Itself,, when after
long discussion and much searching of
heart the people of Iho colonies had re
solved that to llvo without llherts was
worset than to die, and had thereforo
vvbgtred In iho solemn game of war
'Ihclr ll.rs, Ihclr fortunes und their sn
cre.l honor" In a stress of heat and
labor unutterable, tho lountrs bad been
himmered and welded together, but
thereafter for nearly a contur there had
leen nothing In our lite to loucb the In
nermost fountnln of fntUog nnd de.o
llon, we had hid rumors of wars-even
wars we had bad, not without sacrlttcea
and glorl hut nothing which went to tho
.Ilnl self.Lonstloiisiies of tho country,
nothing which challenged tho nations
right In II. e
Hut In IttO the ujtlon una going down
Into- Ihe Valley of Decision. Tho ques
tion which had been debated on thou,
sands of platforms, vvhbh had been dis
cussed In tountless publications, which,
thundered from Innumerable pulpits had
caused 111 Ihelr congregallons Iho bitter
strife ond dlss.nslon to which only casta
of conscience .an give rise, was ev.r
where pressing for solution And not
merely In tho various chann. Is of pub
licity was It alive and t tumorous Aliout
every llirsldo In the land, hi tho conver
sation ot frlnds nnd neighbors, and,
deeper sllll In the secret nf millions of
human heirts, the bitlle of opinion was
waging, and all men felt and savewith
moro or less clearness that an answer lo
tho Importunate question, Rh ill the n v
tlon Hvo7 was due, and not lo bo dc-
And 1 do not mean that In the North
nlono there was this austere w resiling
Willi conscience. In the South as well,
below all the efferi esceuce and excite,
cut of a people perhaps moie U.cn to
eloquent speech than we were there was
the profound agons of question nnd nn
swer Ihe summons to decide whether
honor nnd freedom did not call them lo
revolution ond war. ...
II la easy for partisanship to say that
Ihe one sldo was right and th it tilt other
was wrong It Is sllll easier for an In
dolent magnanimity lo say that both wero
right Pelh.ps In the wide view of ellh
Ics'ono la alwass right to follow his con.
sclen.e though It lead him to .Hauler
and .lea III Uut history Is Inexorable
She lakes no account of sentiment and
Intention, and In her cold and luminous
ejes that able la right which lights In
harmony with Ihe stars In Ihelr courses
Then men nio right through wlio.c efforts
and struggles the world la helped onward,
and humnnlty moved to u higher level
and a bristlier diy
Tho men who nio living today und who
wero soung In lwe) will nev. r forgel the
glory and glamour that lllle.l the eurih
and Ihe ek when the long twilight of
doubt and iineertalnls was ending und the
limn of acllon had ome A speeih b
Abraham l.ln.oln was an event not only
or hi. Ii moral Igntllcani e. but of far
icachW imiorlante, the drilling of a
mllllli tonipanj bsr.llsv.orlh allnu e,
iiiillnnnl allenllon, Ihe nutlerlng nf Iho
Mug In the clear sks drew lours ironilhn
cms of voting men Patriotism, whlth
IiiiiI b. en a rhetorical expression, b. came
a piisslnnale .motion. In which Instinct,
Inula and feeling weie rused The conn,
irv was woilh saving. It could lie sa.ed
ouls' I'S ll", no si.rillio was lou greol.
Iho soung men of Ihe lounlrv were ready
lor the sacrifice; tome wc.I, como woo,
ll-es wero rends
At IT sears of age, Wllllim McMnley
heard this summons of his . ountrs le
was Iho sou of south lo whom a mill
tin-) life In orillnarj limes would poss..a
mi nlliiirllnm His naliir. was r.r dir
terenl from Hint of Iho oidlnais soldier
llo hail oth'r dreams of life lis prizes
und pluisurrs, Hun thai or march. a and
h.iilis llul I" hs mind there was no
rllnl.o oi iiiierlliiii 'Ihe limner Homing
in Ihe morning bn wo was tholieckonlng
noils'of "ho irumiiei called him htm and
niino other-hit" ihe ranks
i.Ni.ifnrn as a ntiVATi:
llls porlrMt 111 his lit att uniform Is fn
millir le you all the short slmks ll
mi the quiet thoughtful Met', the deep,
dirk us ll I the rme nf a lid who
cotiM not stay at home when he thought
he was needed In Ihr. Held lie was of ihe
SHUT of which good soldiers are mii'le
I ud he bun l.n sears ol.Ur hi would
hAvo inteied at the head nf a couiliiny
Sud come mt at Ilia heart of a division
"li t ho did what he could He cniutcd as
a prHolei he lejrne.1 to obe Ills ser -Sus.
Venslblo vvnss. ll1'!""1"!'' ""','? ,
march Si Ifl "". Sn.l leirltss In light
Vi lirt ihe nrin will! hld rank when
i'o war ended" brevelie.1 Jv President
llncnln foi gnllonlrs In Inltle
in ronilns vei.rs when men reek lo draw
ii. mliri I of oiir Btoil Clvl wai nolhlng
will "ecmi to Ihem io adnilrubl.' In all lb.,
hlslniy of our Ivvo mignlllcfnt armies us
."nil !" " "'' "', ' K ' '" ,l"' '""" 0t
Ihero Is no .ent, since th nation was
born, width ln si ptn.d lis s H I . i
tn ll for self j.iiv. rnment Hiihs. Hoi s
share rquilly in tint .rown 'f glori
They bad held a Me but., of In nmparnble
Importance and hi I fought It out with
equal encrg A inmlnslon had been
reaihed-and It In t, tho .verlisllng
honor of both sldis that lb. e .. h knew
when the war was over and the Ivoin of
a lasting peace hud slrurk W c may
admire Ihe desnei-ate daring of others
who prefer annlhfl til, n to tomptomlse,
but the pilm of common sense, and, i
will sin or enllght. nod patriotism i
longs lo the men like .Irani and I ee who
knew when thi had fought enough, ror
honor nnd for country
SWOItl) l.llll ASIDK
William MelclnleS one of Hint seaslble
mllllm nf men. gladlv laid down his
sword and lietnok hlmsiir to his Isjoks
He quickly made up the lime lost In sol
illeilng lie nlta.kcd his Hliukslone ns
he wold 1 have dope a hostlh mlteneh
ment, tludlng the range or a inltnlr. law
llbrar. loo narrow he went to the Al
ban. Uiw school where he worked ener
g. II. nil) with brilliant sui i ess wis ad
milled lo Ihe Nil aim Bellied down tn
piaitlee-i breiettul veteran or l In Ihe
quiet town of e'ini.n now and hen. o
forwnrd foreler famous as the sicne nf
his lire nn I his pla.e or sepulture Her.
man. blisslngs nvslled him high reptile
prnre-elotial suit ess and a ilomesll. af
fection so pure so de.nt.d and slnlnlrss
thai future, poota Bfeltlng an Ideal of
hrlsllaii man lag. will llntl In It a
theme worthy ot th.lr songs
AN imiM. Ill SIIVM.
This Is a silhje.1 to wbli h the llahlest
allusion seems profiiuallon but It Is Im
possible to speak of llllatn Mi Mnle
without remembering lhal no truer ten
derer knight to his fhoscn ladi oier
lived among mortal men If 1) th. spirits
of tho Just made jerfe.l Is permitted
Iho rousclnunees of earthly things we
mav be sure lhal his ralthful soul Is now
witching nvei that gentle sulTcm who
counts the long hours In Ihelr shattered
homo In the desolate splend r nf his
rvri.rw poi.nu i, pii t n
A man possessing tile qialllles with
whl. b nnttiro lud enlnwe.l MeMnlev
pr.ks illll.'.il ucllvitv ns niilurnlH as a
growing plant seeks light and air A
wholesome umbllton a rare power or
making friends nnd keeping them, a
faith whh h may lie ialle.1 leliglo.is In
bis enunlrs nnd Its Institutions, and
Honing from Ibis a belli f that l man
could do no nobler work than lo serle
such n country these were the" elements
In his ehnracler that drew him Irresistibly
Into piddle life lie hsd from Iho begin
nlng a r. marknble equipment, a manner
of singular grace and charm a mice of
ringing quality and great rnrrilng pow.r
-list as were the irowds lhal gathered
about him ho reached their utmost
fllnge without apparent effort
He hid an exlraordlnars power of mir
shallug and presenting signlficint fails,
so as to tiring conviction lo Ihe avcrago
mind Ills range nf reading wns not
wide he read only whil he might some
lay find useful, und whit he read Ids
memors held like brass 1 hose who knew
Urn well Hi IhoBe early days ciiu never
forget id., ennsnmmme skill and powei
wllh which he would select a f. w pointed
Mcts, and blow upon blow would li im
mer them ,nto the attention of great
assembliges In thlo as Jnel drove Iho
nail Into the head of the ( ana.nlle cap
tain lie line not often Impassioned he
larels resorted to tho aid of wit or hu
mor yet I neter saw his equal In con
trolling and con.ltK.ing u popular audi
ence by sheer appeal lo their reason and
intelligence. lio dl I not Hatter or cnlolo
them, hut Ihere was an Implied compli
ment In Ire serious nnd sober tone In
which he nddressod them He seemed
one of them. In heart and feeling he wns
one nf them i:nrh artisan 111 a grout
crowd might stiyt That Is the sorl of man
1 would like teWbe and under more fa
inting cltcumstnnces might hn.e been
llo had tbo dlvln gift of slmpaths.
which, though 'glvrn only to tho elect,
makes jilt men Ihelr friends
So It came naturally about th it In ISTfl
the liegtnnlng of the se.oiid lenlury of
tho Heptibllc he began, by an election to
Congress. Ida political career There,
after for fourteen sears this .number
was his home, jj use the word ad.ls.ll.
Nowhere tn theworll was he so In hnr
mons with Ills' nvlronment ns here, no
where else did bis mind work with suet
full tonscloitsnepa of Its pow.rs Ihe air
of deb lie wagjiutlie lo him, hern be
drunk delight ',it battle with hla peers.
In after dass.kwheu ho drn.e by this
stntel. plltofAwliv" "n rare occasions
bis dills culled liloiheie, ho gr. utrd his
old haunts with Ihe urfe.tloualo'zest of
u child of the Housed dilrlng all tho last
ten sears nf liW life, tilled as Ihej wero
wllh aillvlty and glory, ho nev.r ceased
lo bo home-It k for this hall When ho
came to Iho Presidency, there waa not
n day when Ilia Congressional h. rvlio
was not of use lo him Probably nn
other President has been 111 stl. b full und
rordlil communion wllh Congress, If wo
except Lincoln ulone.
MeKlnley knew the legislative body
thor.'tighl, Us composition, its methods,
Its hi.blls of thought He had Ihe pro
roundest resM'(t for Its authority und
an infl.xllile belief In the ulliniute ret
t it la In of Its pm poses. Our history shown
how stirels an Hxcciltlve courts disas
ter and ruin by assuming an nttitmle of
hnsllllls or distrust to the legislature,
and, on the other hand, MeKlnley a frank
nnd sincere trust and tonlldenio in Cm
grcsa were rep ltd b prompt and losal
support and co-operation During bis en
tire term nf otllie this uiulunl trust and
legard so essential to the public w.lfaro
waa never sludowcd b a single cloud
was a mirmiMCAN
lie wns a llepubllcan He could net be
ntiv thing .Ise A I'lllon soldier grnHrd
npot a CI i) Whig be neeessarlls be
lieved In the "Amerlcnn system In pro
tection tn homo Industries, In n strong,
nggr.sslv. nillonallly. In a liberal .on
strut Hon of the Constitution VMut any
self-r. Hani nation might rightly do he
felt this nnllon bad power lo do If re
qulic.l In llin common welfaro and not
prohibited by our written churter
iiioii inNK in iiorsi:.
Pollowlng the natural bent nf his mind.
ho tlevoled himself In questions nf llnunca
and leviune, to tho essentials of that
nallonnl housekeeping Ho took high
rank In the House from the beginning
ills readiness to debale, his mastery of
evirs siibltrt he handled the bright nnd
amiable light he shed nbnut him. and
abovn nil the unfailing courtesv and gool
will with whlili ho treated friend and
foo alike one of the surest slgnitures of
a naluro born to gie.it diatlnics-made
his service In Ihe House ,i pathway of
unbroken suciess and i inught him at list
to the all Impoilant post of Chairman "f
W'ass and Means and leader of tho ma
Jority. PAM01I8 niivr.NL'i: ACT.
Of the famnii. revenue ait which. In
that tapaiUs ho framed und .airlfd
Ihlnugh CoiigrrrB, It Is not my puipose
here und now to speak '1 he . nib. rs
of Ihe tonlro.eisy In Ihe mlilst or which
that law hid Ha trnubl.d being urn v.t
too warm to be bundle. I on u ila like
this 1 mas onl a ly thai It was never
sulllt lends tested tn prove the piulses of
Its friends or Iho criticism of Us o pn
nenls Afler u brlif exlslenie it passed
awns, for a lime, In llin storm thai swept
the Itrpiibllrans out of power Mi Klnley
also tiiihsed through a brief son, of
shadow, his Congresalonnl district having
been teiirrnngeil for that puipis b) u
hostile Legislature
i:i.i:ctli oovi.n.soii or omo.
Someone his said It Is ensj to lou our
en. nibs, they help us so inurh mom tliuii
our friends Tho pontile whose linhvn
lent skill llltl turned McMnlei nut of
Congr. ss desitved w.ll of him and of tlm
Ilepllbllc Novel wns Nemesis more swift
and energetic 1 he ItepublicaliB of Ohio
wero sued the Iroublo nf (housing il ln-eriior-lho
other side bud ehe s. ll one for
Ihem A sear aHer MrKlnlc. Iffl Con
gr. ss he was made Governor of Ohio
and two pars later he was re-elected,
eaih lime b milorltlra unhop. .1 for und
overwhelming He tame to lill a spate
in lh public eje which obscured u greit
portion of (he Held or vision In two
uutloiial toinentlons the presidency
seemed wllhln his tench Dm tin had
gone there In the Interest of others and
Ida honor lorbude ans dilllancu wllh
timptailon So his nnv waa nis-de.
Ilvered wllh a tone nnd gesturn thero
wus no denstng Ills bom was not set
Thete wns hnwevei, no long delns. He
hoi line, from leal to veal, Ihe most
pioinlnent politician and orator In Ihe
countrs I asslon.-iteh devoid! to the
principles of his liurtv, he was alwass
r.a.l) to do nnitfilnK tn go alivwhcr.,
to proclaim ll Ideas and In support II
landldalrs Ills ram and his lolie be.
came familiar lo millions of utir puiple;
and whereler lhe wero sem and hen id,
men beiame his parllHins Ills fiito was
cist In a classic mold, jou sic fnreu like
It in antl'iu.' marlilt In the galleries of
the alleuii ami In the porlrnlla of the
great ciritinal-statesmen of Hal), his
.olca wns the .oho of th.. perfeit ontor
ringing, vibrating, tireless persuading
b Its .cr sound bv Us accent of sin
rero conviction So prudanl und so
guarded were all hla utter mtes, so lofty
his court tej, Uicu h iio.cr cmbnrraaaeil
lis fit, n la n id imv r off lib. I his op
For several months before the llepuh
lleuu Satlntial lontentton met In !M It
wus evident to all who had ov.s t se
that Mr MeKlnley was the onl) prob
able candidate of hi narlv (Vllier nhniea
were mentioned of the hlgheet rank In
ablllti thnriutir and popularity, they
were support.-! bv powerful combina
tions but the nnmtna' Ion i.r MeKlnley a
against ihe tl. Id wns Inevitable
The campaign he made will lie nlwavs
memorable in our political nnnals lie
and his Minds had 1 bought that the la
sue ror the war was the dlstlmtl.e md
historic difference between the two pur
tl.s on Ihe sithloct of the tariff To ihl
wagir of biiitle the discissions of the
previous four vears desiimilv pointnl
llul no sooner had the two parties made
their nominations II. an 11 lie. am. ..I
dent that tho opposing .andidale de
clined to accept Ih. Held or .list usslon
ibosen hv the Ilepubll. ans ind proposed
lo put fornanl as the main Issue the
free coinage of sllur
AlCKITIlll '1 111! CIIM.I.IiMU:
M. Mnl.v at nu.e nc.epl.sl this clial
leng. and taking the hultle ror pro
tection ns nlretdv won went with energv
Into the ills, usslon or th. theories pre
sented bv his opponents He bad wisely
. "ii. I.i.l. .t not t.. leave his I in me dullns:
Hi. canvnss lima avoiding a pineeedlug
whl.h has alwius hum of sinister an
gun In our polltl.s but from the front
porih of hi modest house tn e'anton he
daily ii.l.le. ss. .1 the delegnlions wlilelt
came from ev.ri iwrt of the .ounlrv lo
gri.t him in a series of speuh.s so
stlnng so luilo.1 an tartlllenl. so full of
fails brlelli set forth ot theories em
bodied In a single phrase that the
fonnttl II- liourl text for the othei
speakers of Ids partv and give probsblv
the most louvlnilng prisif we hn.e of
his surprising fertllllv of resour. e nnd
ii.xlbllltv of mind Ml this waa done
without aitxlet nr sliuln
woMiMtri l 8ti:Ki:it
I renumber a da. I spent with him
during that busv summer He bud msde
nineteen sie, i lies Ihe day liefori , t licit
da be innde maliv llul In Ihe linen ill"
of these addresses he But In Ills slttdy and
talk.. I with ii. rvea as quli l and a mind
ns free fiom . ire as if we had been
spen ling a hniida al the seaside or
among the hills
When he came lo the Presidency he
cniirrniit.d a aluintlon of tho lilmosl dlf
flcultv whbh mluhl well hn.i anpalbd
a nun of has serene and tranquil alr
conn.b nee 'Hi. re had tiern u at He of
profound common 111 and Industrial de
ireaslon, from vvhlih hi friends ha I
said Ills el. ctlou would relleie the coun
tri our relations wllh the ouiside wort I
I. rt much lo be deslnd Ihe reeling lie
linen the N'orlhern and Southern sni
Hens or Ihe fnlon wa lucking In cor.
ill lilt, which wns necesiir to the wel
fare of both Hawaii hid asked ror an
nexation and had b'en rej.ttcd b Iho
preceding nitoilnl'dliitlnn Ihere was it
state of things In the I'irlhbenii whl.h
.oiili pot tiermnnenlly endure Our
neighbors house wis on lire, and there
weie grave doubts as to our rlghtB and
duties In the premises A man . liber
weak or rash, ellber lrr solute or he id.
strong might ha.e brought ruin on him
self and Incalculable harm tn tho coun
trs was man roil tiii; timhs
Again I crave tho pirdon of Ihose who
differ with me. If, against all mi Inten
tions, 1 happen tn aav u word which uus
seem tn them tinbetlttlng the pi ice nnd
hour. Hut 1 um here to give ihe opinion
which Ills friend rnlertalned or Pres
l.t nt MeKlnley or .nurse cl liming no
immunity from crltiilsm in what I shall
sis 1 believe, then that the vcnllct of
hlslors will bo Unit he mit all these
gravo question wllh perfect valor and
Incomparable abllits . that In gr.ppllng
with them he rose to the full height of
a great occasion In a maiinerAwhiih re
dounded tn the lasting licneTlt of tho
countrs' nnd to hla own Immortal honor.
Tho least desirable form eif glory to a
man of his habllual mood and temper
that of Biicrfstrtil war waa peverthol. ss
innferred upon him by uncontrollable
.l.nls He felt ll mutt come he deplored
Its nic.sslli he Btrulned almost lo break
ing his relations with hi friends In lrder
Hrst. lo proirnt and then tn pnittponc It
lo tho Ijiiat possible moment llul when
Hie dlo wus .list, he HI in red with the
ulmoet eurgy and ardor and wllh an
liilelllgrmn In nilllliiry malt, ra which
shown! how much of tho soldier as t It I sllt
llvcd In tho mitiire Male-am in to push
ferward the war to n deelslvo doeo War
wa an anguish to him he wanted It
Hhnrt and lomlilslie Ills mrrrirul zeal
communicated Itself tn his siibnrdlual-s.
and tho war, so long drended, whoso con
seqileni.s wero so momentous, ended 111
a hundred diys.
Ai'UMi.NTint or tiii: statu.
Mr Strdmtin. the dean of our poets, bis
called him ' Augmenli r of the SI He '' It
Is n proud title, If Justly tonf. rred. It
ranks him among the few whoso nain.a
may be placed definitely and forever In
charge ot Iho historic Muse Under his
rule Hawaii has com.- In us and rutiilll,
Pnrl.i lllcii and Iho last urt hlpehigo of
tho 1'isl Culm Is free Our position In
tho Cariblienii Is assured beyond the pos
slblllly of future .uusllon 'I ha doctrine
cillttl by the lililne of Monroe so long
lb ri.le.l and denied by alien publicists,
ciokea now no chill, ngo or contradiction
when intend to Iho world It hus be
come an Inierniillonat truism Our sister
repiiblltn to the south of us lire eon
llnced that wo desire null their penco
and prospcrlts Ihirope knows that vee
th. rlsh nn dreams but thnso of world
wide (ommeni- Ihe bcnetlt nf whlih rlull
he in nil nnllolri The stnte Is augmented
but It threatens no union un.lt r hni.cn
As In tho. regions which hn.e tome
under the shadow of our flig, tho posal
lilllty of their being damaged by surh a
i huugo or circumstances was In the view
of McMnley n thing unthinkable Tn be.
lit vn that we could not nilmliilster them
tn their advantage, wus lo turn liill.lel
tn our Amerlcun faith ut moro than u
hundred stars
(iiii:Ti.sr or diplomats
In dealing wllh forclhti powers, ho will
tako rank with Ihe gnatcst or our dliilo
nullsls It was a world of which he hid
llltlx special knowledge b. fore ..lining
In the Preslilil.es lut hla nuirviloil
adaptability- was In noininsr more remark
able than Ij Ihe Htm grasp he Immodl.
ntely ill-pla "oil 111 International riluthm
In preparing for war and In the r store.
Hon of p.uce ho sen ullke adroit, courte
ous and far sighted
When a sudden itnergfmy declared
Itself as In China. In a stulo of things
nf which nur history furnished no pie
.ident and Inlernnthmul law no Slfo and
certain proept. he hesllat. d not a nio.
ineul tn take the .olirse marked out for
him hy eonsld. rations of humniilty and
the nullnnul Inti rests l.ven whlln the
ligallnna wcio llghllllg for their ll.es
Hguliisl binds of Inliirlaled fun itlcs llo
le. Id.. I llul wo weroal ici.e wllhChlni.
nnd while Inn eoiiiluslnn .lid not liln.lt r
him Hum t iking the most energetli mi ns
urea lo net ne our Imperllnl illlzeus It
enaliled him to maintain i lose and friend
ly i.li.lloiia wllh Um wise nnd heroic
viceroys or the south whose naoiiite
etau.l savi.l Hint mi. lent unplre from
unar. by and saillnllt 11
NliVllH IlllVr.IlSIIll A DI'.e'lHlON
He illasied of i.uy qiiestlon ua It
little tilth a iriiniptliess and .Isrlly of
llslon Hut iisi..llshil hie mills, ih and
he nev.r bail .a elision to review a Jiulg.
m. nl or re.tree i dot Islon
Ilk pallence In llimnesa In sheer reus,
onableness ho Improved our understand
lug with all the rii.ii pow.rs .if the
world und ilghily mined lh. blessing
whlcli belongs lo ihe p.a.unikcrs
llul Ihe m lile.emenls of Ihe nation In
war and illploimiy ale tin own In Iho
shade by Hie vast einnnuilial "level ;p
ments which toik pla. o during Mr Me.
Mnley a Administration I P I" Ihe limn
of his llrsl tlecllon, Ihe eoilnlry wus auf
ferlng from a long perloii of depression
tlm i caseins of width I will not tr t
seek Hut from the moment ihe billots
weie .minted that betokened hi .advent
to power a great and niominlous move
ment lit ntlvnnte dorian el llself along oil
Ihe linca ol Industry and inmineiie
I'lt'l.-tl'UHITV iii.ui:.
ln the icry month of his Iniiuguntlnn
, tc. l mils begun to bo sold at III! a Ion
on. of the mini slglilllraiil fails nf mod
ern limes ll meant thai merlt an Imlua
tries hud ailliislrl thums.lvi's to iho long
ib r.ssloii Ihut through Iho power or Iho
rate lo urganlze und combine alltmiUtrd
liy tho iiiiiillllous then prevailing, and
pirh.tpB hv Iho prnspiri of legislation
fiivornblc lo In.luslry America had btgiin
lo lindersill Iho leat of tho world 'Ihe
movement went on without .eeslng
PLi:tim:s wniti: m:pi'
The President mill his pirty kept the
pledge of ihelr platform und then can
viiss The ninaley bill was speedily
framed and tet fo operallon ll Indus
tries reepun le t to the n. w i.llinuitli und
Amerlcnn undo m t out on Hi new cru
sade lint lo lonquer the world but to
trade with It on terms advintareous lo
all c ncerned 1 will not weary you wllh
Ullallcs, but one; oi two wvrda teem
n . .ii. I , .n w h w Ihe u Is nr M
klnl i. Pre.1 I ll kept pine Willi his
prop bi, us as t iiitlldnti
Ilia four vears of atluihilsltnitou were
cosily wp e illicit on u war with h though
brief wns exponent Vllhoiigh wo bor
rowel two hundred inlllloin. and paid our
own i xpense without asking for In
demnlu the erTeillv. ndti.tl.in of Ihe
debt now ilc.nl.i the ImIiiI of Ihe war
bonds We pav six millions less In Intel,
est than we did Is ror. Ihe war and no
bond of tho I'nlled Ktalrs yields tho
holder 2 p. r tent on Hit market value
So much hir Ihe flovenimeni tredll and
we huvo like handled and rnrtv six mil
llonn of arose gold In the Ireaaiitv.
IN HEVLVI OP l'Alll.i:
Hut, coming to the devetoiiuient nf our
irade In thu rour Mt KluleV years, we
seem lo tie entering the reulni of fnble
In Ihe Insl tin nl oar our oil ess of ex
pnils our Imports was WI Wtt sis In Iho
luil four v.urs It wns l.'w IIJJH lll.ee
ttgures ar. atnis ndous lhal lb. y m. in
Utile to a .artless remit r but u.nsl.l.r'
lh. .x. ess ot expol Is over Imp. II lot
the wlole nn-i-ellng ,eri.id from i?i to
lWI rmm Washington lo McKlnlev wns
only tllMI ftv J2
cmnr ciiKDiToit ' rios
The most exleavaaant promises made
by Iho sanguliiR Mt Klnley itilvmntCB live
vears ngo ill - 1. ft out "t alghl bv lh. so
sober la. ts The debtor nnllon has
Iwtome tho chief iwHtor nation lha
llnnniliil tuiur of the world whloh n
iliilml lh.ui.inds ol vears in Jiunn. y
front th. I'uphrateB In the Thames and
Iho Stint- . .me passlnil lo the Hudson
IhIvwm.ii ditkbriak and dark
t will not waste your time by explain
ing that I do nnl inv ik. for any man
the .mill of ilils tnt resull The i aplalu
uianot tlilm lhal ll Is he who drives
ihe mlghiv sirimshlp ovtr Ihe luinlfllng
blHowa of Ihe ira. klcsB drn-p but pralso
la Jnslli dun him If be has made Ihe Iwt
of hel ireiiieudous puw rs If h. has read
aright the .urieiita or the sea and the
leaaons or I hi- stars nd we should h.
ungrottfiil If In this hour or pniilhtlnus
pioslierlly we should tall to rem. mber
that William M. Miller wllh Bilhllme filth
foresaw II wllh Indomtlublo totirage la
bor.il ftH- II pill his whole hi art and
mind Into the work of bringing ll about
Hint it was his mini whl.h. In datk
hours, rang out, heralellng Ihe .omlug
light ns over the twilight walers of Ihe
Nile the mysllt t rs or Memnoii nn
noun, ul the dawn to Kgy pi, waking from
Mi, (k.
Among Iho most agreeable Incidents of
Ihe I'resldenl a tt rm of of Hi e wero Ihe
two JournrVB he nuulo In Hie South Ihe
mor il tt union of the se. lions so long and
so ntdeiitlv il. sired bv him had lieen
Inllhiliit In Hi. Spinlsh war, when Ihe
vturutia or both "l.l.s und their sous,
liatl niar.h.d shoulder lo shoulder to
gether uiuh r the sunn h inner 'I he Pre
blent In lh.se Journeys sought with more
than usual eliiu.-me und pathos lo
. I rule a sentiment whlih shoul I end for
ever the unil.nl rend He was too gon.1
ii point. In ti in oxerl any results in the
wav of voles In Ills favor and ho ne
compllshod none Hut ror nil llul Ihe
good seed lid not fall on lurren ground
In the warm und rhlvaltous hearts of
Dint renerniis people tho ciho or his
cordial ninl brolherlv words will llngir
long and hi mine will be cherished In
many a household win re even set Iho
luet Cltifa la worshlpptii
Mr MeKlnley waa re elected by an
overwhelming malorltv 'lh.ro had been
little doubt of th.. result amnntr well
informed people but when It was known,
n profound r.ellng nf r. II. f und lenewiil
of trust were evl.lt nt among the louden,
of c.ipll il ontl of Industry, not only In
Ibis country but everywhere 1 hev lilt
Hint Hie Immediate fullun wua secure,
nnd that Ir.ilo und iuiiim.it might
I Safelv push rorwatil In ..cry Held or f
I for. nod onfpriirltfp llo InMi.lrc.l inilvt-r.
fort nud enterprise He Inspired milver.
sal toillldenre whltll Is Ihe llfcblisid of
Iho .onimirrlal si stem of the world It
began fiiqiiontly lo bo sail that such u
(Intu of things nitght In (oiitlniie, ono
after nnother, men of prominence slid
tint Iho I'resldenl waa his own beat suc
cessor NO TII1IID TllttM
He said llltlo allenllon lo these eug
Btsllons until they wero repiutcd by somo
of hi near.! friends Thill he saw Hut
ono of tho most th. rlshe.1 traditions of
our public llin wis In danger I bo gt n
rrallon which has seen llin prophecy of
Ihe Papll Ultima- Noil vl Icbl lunula P. -trl-twlie
tontrnillclcl by tlm longeilly
of holy mill wns In peril nt forgittlug
Iho unwritten liw it our lltpiiblli rhou
shnlt not .xrctl I lit. ytnia ol Washing
ion. The I'ltaldeiii saw II waa tlmo lo
sinak. and In Ids elurnclrrlstl. milliner
ho spoke, brlcdy. but euoilhll Win re Iho
lightning strikes Ihere la no need of
tleralion Prom that hour, no one dream
ed of doubling hi purpose of retltlng ut
iho cntl of his second term, and It will
Im. long before another such Iceaon la
He felt that the harvest tlmo waa come
lo garner In tho friilln of so miiih plini
Iiik and tulltne and hi was determined
that nothing be might do nr say should
be lllblo In tho r. prtiath of a personal
liitcnsl Lei us a is rrnnkty bo was a
I arty man, ho lielleie.1 Ihe policies ml
located by him and his Mends .nunleil
for much In the country s progress and
lioBpirlty llo hop.il in Ids see mid term
In accomplish substantial results In the
itetelopmenl and ufllrnialloti of thoso
nfTL'llll OP COl'NTUY.
I spent n (lav with him shortly beroro
ho slnrltd on Ida fateful Journey In lluf
rilo Novir hinl 1 seen blui hlgli.r tit
hoi and ptllloll. conllilenie lie wus
as sun of Iho futitio ot his couniry ns
tho Psilinlst who trlul ' lllorloua llilm,
mS iiokrn or Ha-, thou City of Hod
He was griillrtod to Ihe .heart llul we
had urrang.d a treaty which gave us i
fnc bund In Iho lathmiis In rancv he
saw Iho canal already built and the urgo
sles of Iho world passing Ihroiigh. il In
of ico and amity. He snw in Ihe Immense
evolution of Viaerlcan trade Ihe fullUI
ment nl all his drtanis, thu reward of all
his libora
llo was I need not iuiy-an ardent pro
t.tllntilst, never mole sincere mill tie.
voted I lin o during thoso last diss nt hla
lire llo regarded reelprorlts as the bul
wark ot pr.ii.cilon not a brent h but a,
fiilhllnient of Ihe law The Irealleii which
for four seurs hid been prep irlng under
his K-rsiriinl supervision he regurdetl ns
nnillliiry to lh. gen. ml at heme lie was
(ippo.d to any revolutionary plan of
chaiign In Ihe rxlsllng l.glslil.on he was
an lul lo point ml Ihut everything ho
hid done was In faithful compliance wllh
tho law Itself
ins iii'1'i'Ai.o spiir.cii.
In lhal mood of high hope of geneinit
expectation, ho went tn Hiiffttlo, aod
lh. r' ou the threshold of eletnlty. he
dell. end Hut mt niorable speech worthy
for Its loitlnesa of lone, Its blam.l.m
mtirnllly Its breadth of .lew lo be re.
gariled a Ida lestam.nt In Iho nnllon
llirough all hla prldo of c tinlry and his
Joy of success, runs Ihe nolo of atileuill
iviirnltig, as In Kipling a iioblo hymn,
"Lest we furget "
'Our (niHitily lo produce bis de.rloKtl
so innrm.iiuly mid nur pttaluils ha.o k-o
iniilllil...l lhal tho problem of mom mar
kets irqulteH our lirMlit and imnicitiiile
intuition only n bio. id an I enlightened
polity will kup what wo hive No othil
poll., will g. I lutiri In these times of
mui.el.iUH buainihs imrgy and gain we
ought to li looking in iho futun
slmigth.iilng Iho wink pluics In our lu
illlslrhll ami lommerilui sysltms llul wo
may bo ready for any storm or slialu
Hy St nslble trado ariangimenis which
will mil Interrupt our home i-nalii. thm
we iduill extend the millels r.tr our lll
crtnalng siilplus A syslt m which pin
vl It a a mutual exeliangi or cimmodlllea
la uuillir. ally- issuillll I" the (nutlnued
und hiullliliil growth of our exiiri trail.
We lillisl mil lipusii In fan. lid set urllv
that wo tun forevei sill evtryllilng mil
buy Utile, or nothing If sin h n thing
w.re possible, It would nnl be boat for Us
or lor those wllh whom wi tleul
lleilpniclty Is the milurnl outgrowth ot
our wond. rful Indilslilul development tin
ib r the domestl. poll y now llrml. siuh
lleheil Hlo period of ex. Ilialve
nesa Is p. at Thu expansion or our trade
and commerce Is Ihe , ressitte piohiem
Cnmmoielul wan. are unpmlllahle A
policy ol good will onl frl.ii.llt Ira.lo le
lallona will prevent teprlsals Ileclproilly
treaties arc In limmony with the spirit nf
tin- times, measures nf letalltlloti are
not '
NorniNo moiu: to ask
1 wish I boil lime to read Ihe whole nf
llila wise und weighty spurlt, nothing 1
mlkht say iiuild gl.e sucli u plrtuie nf
Iho Piesl.lenta infill anil chirnrler Ilia
vents of upurenllteshlp hid been a. ivul
lis stood llul das piat master of tho
att of vlntesmiuahlp. He bud nothing
moro In usk ot the people He owed
them nothing but truth und ralthrul
service, Ills mind um) heart w(ro
pill god nf Hie temptation whit It beset
all men engaged In the struggle tn aur
vtvi in view of tho n vi lullon of his
luttlie louchsufid I" us Hint day und
tlm fate whlth Impended nvtr him, we
ran only say In .l.tp atfe lion ami m.l
emu awe, Hlessed uti. th. pun In heart,
for Ihey shall see (lol 1 ictt for that
vision he was not unworthy
llo. had not ions to wait, Tho next
tin spnl lh. hilt of d om, ond for a flHx( nlilllllllH
wt.k ufiei in in niton, of dread broken JslMil ISbbbbbbbH
bv Illusive lillmpH. of hope Hint our ); HbbbbbbbH
prn.ers might In inswrretl- the nation hsHR' laaiiiiiiiiH
walletl for ill. rn Nothing In the glnr- HHiL VbHHH
loos lift thai w. s.w gi idtially waning- UbIHivIi bHHIH
wus more ii.lmlr ibb ind rxtmpliry thnn MB .tBHl
Us i Ins- rh. genlio humiinlt! nf his BDBb. i HiHaHl
wor.n. when In s iw. his iiHsallitnt In dan H9Ul- , sLiiiiH
g r of aiiniuuii veiigdimt 'Don't let 'BaBt1 I IbbbbI
thtm hurt him his rhluilrui cars that WOBS. ", , HaiiiH
lh. news shoul 1 be broken K-nlly In hla BB !
wtf. the tine uuirteav with which ho ijMI I?! HH
iipolnalxrd for th. dunulKo whlih hi artC'a 1 1 .' IIBbMI
tl.iiili would bring li Hi. great ethlbl- BKifJ ji'vi ?SbH1
Hon ninl Ihe Inrol. realgnutlnn of hi WEmfAs t I-bHbI
ninl wi rds lis .lo.l h will Ills will, ItU'U'j; ,)HjHi
u.-t ours be done wut- all the Inttlnc- HLOtVuR1, iHaHl
Hv. .xiii-esalniis of i iiutiire so lofty nn.l HBrJ'TIrT," i.l' MbiiiH
so pur. thai prldo In im u blllti nt oneo (bKHmIi-S I i !"lllllllH
soft . ..I nnd nil. in. d lh. n illon s senso j .'u''HbB
of l..s 'Ihe llepiiblb grl ud oier such 13'.,' il'tVlVjBl
a am but la pniiiil f. i cr of Inning ataHHTil 1HIB1
pro, 1. 1 . ,1 blin flir all 111 spite of Its HHj A HbHI
tragi.' intllng, lit tiro wis extraordlnar- FsBBPif -. IbHH
II- huppi ll. had nil his days troop HIRl'iUi SB
or rrl.n.iH the . heer of fame unit fruit tttr bH1
rul labor and he h. mu ut last IK'S.t L . IbBH
(in fiirlttn. s uowiiliig slope KaValKlils IiIbIH
T1i plll.tr or ,t p.. mle a bone KrnlH il jWBl
The cent, r of a wt . I.I s d. sire HlK t !' sLH
lie wus r.irllmale even In bis untimely K?, 1 lLHl
death, r..r an ev. nt so Hugh il (ailed tho r'LJ, ! 'I1 9bH1
world Impcrnlt.clv lo the Immedlato fMX e ' it HbH
Btinli of hla lire and chnratter and thus WbTtX' V 'ifKiH
aittl.lpate.1 the sure praises of posterity. ClVi 'll MbHI
ll.er. young and growing people In MrVL Ms MUIbIbH
to uuet at iiiouuuils the probl.nm of Its tSfCV -f '.:lIHH
distliik VVbrlher the nut sllon ionics no lit?!kV itlsBH
In rgypl fiom a sphinx symbol ot Iho kfU's.J ,J. A'rjWfl
hoBllli- forces of omillp.ilMit liHtlire who IjltiilJlft (IMbHI
piinlshea wllh Instant tlealli our fill hi rn HYIltn ) 1 1 BubibI
to nn.l. rsluii.l her meaning or wheth r CMatott l'WmU
ll i.imes as In .leriisnt. m fiom the Ivnl SiftrV . r''MH
of Hosts, who lommauds tint the past Is HtvUsi' " 'RBI
pasl. and exp.il. nee v line -nur fath ifTsVltlS. r, . IBabI
.rs nh. re are tin v nnl Hie prophets jitM V t VvftfKSl
do thev llvo forev. r' Tho folhera ara Igf-, 3 X IblUl
.bad, tho piopheta are alletit, the ques ,il t P ifUM
lions are new and hnvt no answer but UN.ll-n J t'iRHjH
'" """ ifiUp 'S9I
WK Mil' llli: I YT1IKP.B tl"flt' t'.lllH
Whin the liotnt oiitslile inse which WtH IuIIJiBH
prol. . is the lutmii v or u chrysnlla nation IVj'' fr", l'i
slid lenly hiirits and 111 u slnglo nhrupt bfttf . ll 5 '(
sh.Hk nn.l lls.lt lltnlbig on wings tMSc'e1 .MJbbB
whlth hu.l not . xl-.l .1 in fore, whoso rJoieJJ'O, ,tinjH
slnuglh ll has u.v.r t.slr.1 among ilin- ililte) W 4' . EBB
govs II tuiinol fores. c and Is without ex- iMAi 1. H
perl.nu- lo measiii. c-verv motion Is a nwe ?. jl, ( mbbH
Piobl.tii unit v. n heHltnilon may h Kf', .1 Ii j !HJ
an trror The past given no tine to lha ftlf, I I: HjB
futui. 'Ihe faiheia where arc they' rijiWSH , '"fBH
anil the pitiph.l do Ihey live forever fjiiif,,? I ! 1 MbH
Wo at. ..uracil. Hu lathers We arn i'.S-!r ? '1 . '- , BHl
nurselica Hie- prophets' rhe questions Ifitvl k t ,i H
Hint nre put tn its wt must answer with ff p I, JbbH
out tl.liv, without hel ror tho sphinx uJeKBti b t"al.BH
allows no one to pass ?,' Ui ' HbH
VI sui h mom. ills whl.h have alraidy 'Javlf-t ,; HH
.letutn.l ut hast twl.n In Hit brief his. Pft'li y,'i, oIHB
lorv of our own Hus, we mav be hum- UtJiZF i? HibH
l.li grateful lo have hail leiders slmpln 55 I " lUDafl
In mini dear la i Islon us far as hu- Wf JP, ; . SxIbbH
mini vision .an saf.lv cxlcnd-penetrat- NJSi-f K i , iH
Ing In knnwleilge or men supple anil lll'Viit." sSiIbbH
I'exlble nn. I.r Ihe strains nnd pressures jliWMi'I SrHH
of socletv Inalliiii with Ihe energy nt IbUet ! . ' .vAbH
new life mid untried slr.ngth. emulous, HHSl-f,, ( lBVH
mini mill, above all. gifted 111 a supreme 19)1 (!, rflnH
d.gree wllh Hie mnit nurels i Iclnrtous ot hlWHstft e, IiiMbH
nil polltleiil iltlliis tho genius of Inllnlto latiSffV HlfdllW
'Ihe ohilotia ilemcnis which enter Into Imucr! 1 HI
tin fsme .if n pill, II. man are few nnd by tlnCVht 'SSH
no means reiiuidlle 'Die man who fills pJKHi, ' nl
a great station In a p. rlod of change. X!tMl.t.i 19H
who leads bis countrs successfully Will 1 s, RflH
11 igh a time of crisis who. by hla f JJIv SHH
powir of persiiiullng und eontrollltig nth- j I u U9H
ra hsa bun uble to com in mil Ihe beet tatiS!"i ' HUH
thought of his age so ua to Int.e the IwnElL 1- lltlBBa
.oimlry hi it moral or miterlal cnndl wffilFt'I IIAbbI
lion In advinie or whete he found II- TOfS'd'f ' ilnl
Hinli a nuns i.sltlon In history Is se. llfflttnU tilHl
cure If I Illllon In Ihl. hla writ- lERlfll AHbI
leu or spoken wnrl possess the subllo aHBlthl HbbI
ftuiilllv which carries them fir and eJ.i, Wbbi
lodtt, a Ilirm In men's heirts nnd more rlaTUa'lxl - JfvH
limn all If his titlcrnni 3 nnd nrtlona. ttKMTvi , .linB
nnio uu ii iiih ..i.iiiioi a .....i uti,. os. tBBsigiJa i -Itarffffal
white Infornie.l wllh a lofty mnrallty. 9niV !' JHbH
are yit tlngetl with the glow of hillirin HHtlfb 3 9uBb1
sympathy, tbo fume of such u man will uHSjift . ,ltsH
siilnn like u beacon through tho mists of ((oW i JJbH
ages an object of reverente nt Imitation !bHI21 bl 'VdH
mid or lot. IL should bci lo ua nn neon- ', IiH
slon nf solemn pride 111 it In Iho thrcn MB MleVjl
hunt crises of our blatory such n man Mm pUiIMbI
wis not tlenleil us nhHIIH, ilnl
The moral value tn a nutlon of a re- nVKal tliial-rBVaa
nnwn such n Washington a nnd Lin. flHSff lirshlHI
toltis and McMnley a Is beyond nil com. jHeEt, 1$ (jl
pillallon No loftier Ideal tan tin held !RS.Tl ' fL- ,
up lo Iho eniulallon of Ingcninua youth. HwJBJ cMl'IMB
With such, xmuplea wo cunnot bo wholly MrJ lol VjVjl
Ignoble. Oriiteful ua ivi. may bo for HH lr. luvltlSl
khal thev did let ua be sllll more grate. K ST. CUBjl
fill ror wlut they wero While uur daily UH rftl.voainBl
btlng. our pill He policies, sllll feel tho Mil , "JIWBB
Inlliience of Hi. Ir work let us pray Ihnt tU S' t.tiJlBB
In our spirits their ll.es may be voluble, JSV i V jtiMB
(iilllng us tiiiward und onward lELflrJ B jkullllBH
'I here la not one of us but feela proud. EwK W -tUBB
rr of his iiitlve mil betause Ihe august fgf i ,' jaHM
llguro ot Wasliliiglon pieslded over Us IsBi til '' inmB
btgiiiiilugs, u" one but vows It n ten- HSH I r, "IllBH
dertr lo.e because Lincoln poured out HPD J i' 'laQl
his blood for H no out hut must feol H$A? V ; , JIB
hi ileiollm to Id eouutrv renewed and SBSlIf' 'IV
kindled when he remembtrs how McKIn Hvitl ftU
ley loud revel. . I und served It, showed SKjl! ,'lH
In bis lire how a tlilaen should live nnd Cjfjfet 1 , i.LlHl
In his list hour Initght us how a gentle- !1t-9hE ' ' slBI
mini t, ,m, i Hi, nHSii! :Bi
PIlltOltATION APPLAimnil. BTOliie.'" r IWbI
Thrntigbtiitt Ihe ilell.ciy of Iho speech HHEiT! , tiBl
the uuillineei llsteiieil with great Iri- MW 7HH
Iptest. lull tho petntntloit cniiplltur to- tjBluFujf' iiVJ
gether ns If fnr nil tlitin the iiamen or EbVii'i i ifll
Washington ami Llniiiln um McKIn- IKitt'u! IjSl
Icy, xcciucil especially In Impress the HHflrfV, I IH
holier, ninl as Secretnty lltty uttered lifsWil' - p JmBB
tho last f-olenin vvortls, thu apectntorn -lvUfk,t,'Jl! bHI
bioko Into n perfce t stnrtn of npplnuse i-ly n 1BbT II HI
m hl h Instd for several nil miles The IwrMsSi 1 -iWJ
President himself scenictl an deeply Im .BiflrV (t 99l
pttsscd ua those lebnut lilln, und Imh ,B6lllJt i'lvtMM
ho nnl the menih. r of the Cabinet HnHl) il't'B
were quite ua cnthuslnntlt' ua Iho re- tWit-ffcc sirn'eM
iiiulmlci of the uudletne 1 he benedlc. fSSt.Bllt'-iil iiH
Hon wus off, ml by Ibo Iti-v Dr MU- III lrH T-iH
burn mid to the strain nr "Ix-atl. CJIGp1 T'IbH
Kindly Light," played by tho Marina f! in is -uB
biiuil, the PiesliU nl and tbnae aliout li, 1 5,'E H1- fAH
him arnst- nnd quitted tho hull. The, ii ciM',ttHH
m. tnbera nf tbo Supremo .-oiirt Senate, id Im WiokHH
dlplomiillt; rnrp nnd other bodlea left (." MiVi flHl
In the river so order to which they had V ),; (,!! ,JWHbI
U ' HOUSr. ADJOIHINS. 3 ilvf,":H
As soon n a all Iho visitors on Ihe 5 aJf, 'J'lBl
llivir bail vvltbdrawu. Speaker 1 lender- it ill Hit 1WH
nou called tho House tn onler. nnd Mr. Si "t l'".'!
Pnyno nf New York moved tbnt as a H If tfi'iwHM
further murk nf reaped Iho Houso nd- Ckkf .,r5KlHH
Jnurn 'Jhe motion wua carried uiun- -."' j' Jfl-sVHH
liiii.iisly, nnd iictnrdlngly ut 1 10 p. m i-L ( jj1, (i-OTIbI
tbo llnttsii vvun ilecluiuil adjourned un- JLs't jSlil.tifftlH
ill lomoriow. IB 'i i Tli.r tJHWi
I AwBm
I 'i'nr' H S
ft I'Bu t; ffl
V, ,fi, I V
i ii i il 9
if ii iiiH
rf.JI'lJi 'iB
, wi t 'Mb
ml, I Rnfj
' W!iflliI-l
5 iiuLUifi
s iwiiaigf
ft iWl 4lil
If 'faH'.fa'PBV
5, k'ttmiU3j
I ymiiKli!
R' iSreM fflj
i jlSlfflliii
iff with rorltinoH riiiiKlnsT rrom JIOOOOQ wSl iWrWh
In (Ml 000 There la tine mulll million JBil !j4naj'
nlre, ( bin Tan Sun who Is tbo richest t$ff '-tQtiiJ
Chinaman In the cmiitlry. C'ltln Tun i ?JrfO
Sun nivnn nuns whole towns, nnd etn- wi Wk-ORlil
plnya hundreds of while men nnd vvn PJjl IRiSlilH
nun in his fai tm les mid canneries. He Xi-IK Wljewlafl
owns lancliea, (Hy leal ustitte, gold y.HS vmWfM
mines nnd diamonds, be tuna lottery y!Sfi M9jM
Raines, bo linpoitB laborers, bo mnditclf; 13! iiljMMBi
it real pstnto business nnd ho hin fov jlTfjIr -3jWWW
oral merchiinillsn stoics In Still Kmncls- 1 Wrf I lOMl
rn. llo la li self-nuulo mint nn.l very ll.rv 1 VSHH
shrewd and piiigicsslve JIo pnmn la yfihk ,1 dMhI
Amerlcn ns n lad In Ihe nteernKc nnd j-Sa J ifWll
went lo work In n kllihon llo innrrled !Dtt 1 tijWB
ti white worn m and with Ihelr savliiB', PjQt; I'lBPHI
they nilBlimtiil it "little lottery" bual- M, , W
nesa In San I'ranclsco Ho v.na Hrgoly (Hi lWM
pittinnUed by AmciUana and anon grew yjPH j aEfJHBM
rblt enough to bin nine u tnerrbnnt also. Wjy (VMBH
l'runi Ibla beginning bo developed Into Ht MWIWT
it i .iiinnoi. Inl nml polPlcal power llo WJ fVEkiV
In inlled ' IHR Jim" on necount of Ida MM IMifiWH
olro lie Isslx fe.t III belKhtnnd a ..ell- Bag MBfeM
pinpnilloiieil uiil kwiI looking man In HI H&SnE'
business ho la regnrned ns the stmt of id nHHl
honor Hi vvanlroho Is magnificent, .uf WIcOl
nnd se.cinl valets me needed tn earn Rn MBJBwf
for (t.- gunvav.e Pang, In, Forum, lLfJ, Hu WSjiBBt
VJf-! ', , ,,b)bbbb1

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