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: Tnc JyTEnrouyrAis- FAimEn and ILvxcrorAy, Tuesday MoKxryo, aLvnon 4, 1002. 9 SwlBi
ooooaoooooo00 ' spLH
By Jnmes Albert Wales,
.,., norm on the fatur
'lZ,tft th laskctball
js v.ait ashore
f",(I MireBor nd
Si wnt out In Waller's
.nor th term and col
,bor of linvy squire
ii lis 6 in h i. In coot
Mine of the lul.hou. They
Mimo t n when ft sud
'J'llii Uiu "1 JUc- '""'"-
"Hit on 5 "" f'" ln0 rn"1'
Warran ,L ' '", ' though
tj ,k . '" ' 'l draw the
'"n m ii, ' ' ' frmlned
"M f 'i n " nt "is 1
tamintV , -T rl"b
""' ""cri n nflcr
toKither The bojs had brought tans,
hnmmeis pluneB chisels mallets, etc ,
ft mil lionu, ami the more skilful ones
wire Intiustcd with the dllllcult parts
ot the woik
The foundations havlnjr been lalJ It
was derided to stop wotk for the day
and sek recreation on the lc Most
of the boys hid brought skites nnd
rhlnney slicks nnd n spirited game
was the result Mnn of thim pliscd
well, nnd the Idea ot orginlzlns n
hockey team was cnthualaitlcalls ap
proved Hex Tleknor ns captain, nnd
Jack HlgBlns, as manager, were uiged
to get up n team thit would brlns to
thr Pel severance club Its tlrst lctory.
On the follow lug nflernoon the boys
lesumod work Ihe laid HI beams, 1 ,
leet low?, ncioss the ground frame, .
feet npirt, Bplklng the end? to the
sills An equal number of beams, U
feet In hcli.ht. were Mood upright at
the Junction!, nnd beams wcro laid
ucress tho tops or these Ilea ins were
then Hid to meet ft heavy rldgo nolo
In -tho ccnlei which was supported at
either end b) a bun tiom tho mound
$" i ,'f1 ,f,r' " dimly
T; ' i '" '' Ln
?, tn ' v , 'o In oh
M Pre I . f Uie min
A in l ,","" l,l fclu
h, '" "' !. r i,1' J ' "le
ill'""1 1h i,"1 ' '"l"1' "
'"Pin li? ,',',,J '"' ero
" " and splk.,1
flame. All thtso beams we. ocaicfuUy
u ion the topn of these ,"" W,.T
doubled It took all the bo he , 1 jeU
pail o( th ufleinoou to get li" "
worklnu industriously N" 'ilnp lne
cuiti or Hlpsho! m permitted t torge
arahnnfs father, o ilf ''! ""S
tho wo!k on Tuesday and Evo inucn
htlpful advice. v. rtr
'Ihe hockey team wan chosen after
tho hoys had stopped nork for the
ikkj - iiiiM
i,L , M?aB,c' "'KK'i" announced n
m ih- lh ,1lle.I",nsel8- ,0 b P'acl
oil the Ice In front of the clubhouso
? i5 rMa adde'1 "9t and inter
est to the piactlce The boa who had
not made the teim formed a scrub
learn and made the llrst team hustle,
A special mtetlng of the team and
scrub was held that eenlne A
book of rules was carefully studied by
an, an1 th boys found that hockey
was much more silentltla than shin
ney they had been llajlii?. although
a somewhat similar game The
worked out a number of comblnitlon
plas on the blackboard and agrtcd
upon sli,nal
On ednesda the beams for the
ends of the house were mot Used Into
the ground fiame silked to the roof
beams and suwed off Hush During the
progress of the work proWslon had
been undo for the doors and windows
specified in the plans
Much time was demoted to hockey
pricllee, as tho gamo was to come oil
on Trlda The treasury had been
drawn upon to equip the team with
egulatlon hockey sticks and skats,
and the boji were neatly nulled In
heiy sweaters, football trousers nnd
stockings, and stout shlnguards A
regular hockc) puck was used Instead
ulncs and cover point and shootlntr
goaT Bcoie, -1 Jack Hlgglns put
the rubber through for another, the re
sult ot ft lively mlxupat tho goal, and
the score was now S 2,
During the Intermission Treasurer
Char ley tooli up a collection from tho
crowd In behalf of the clubhouse fund.
She hilf-niiUhed house on the river
hnnk had been ndmlred generally, and
Charley hal was well filled The sum
collected was S3 10, which made a wel
come addition to the treasury
In the meantime C'apt Ilex was
encouraging his nun lie admitted that
there had been too much Individual
playing, too much 'grandstand' work,
nnd ho told them that IHim work was
necessary If Ierse erance was to win
The playlns In the secortd half was
fast and sclentltlc on both sides Tor
ten minutes there was no scoring, then
the Hangers' center got the puck on u
poor pass and shot It home Bcore 32
I'crsev erance quickly tied the score on
a clever combination pla. In which
faultless passing b the forwards
brought the puck so cloi.e to the goil
that Jack Hlgglns had no diniculty In
sliding It between tho pnts
'Ihe scoie was now 33, and the crowd
cheered enthuslastlcalli. In the excite
ment sceial of the onlookers ventured
on the weik Ice near tho north goal,
which the Hangers wete defending
Hex Tleknor got the puck out of a
scrimmage, and was rushing with It for
the goal, when the thin Ico nt the side
give way nnd a llttlo girl about 10 sears
old went through, disappearing In the
deep wnter beneath Hex turned In
Mnntly and raced for the break In tho
Ice. The girl came to the surface and
ot a rubber ball, as formetlj, and n
space SSxll. feet was marked out on
Ihe Ice. with goil posts at cither end
Hx ft-et apart and Joined by n bar four
feet aboe the surface. Terry O Drien
did so well on tho 'scrub' team that
faptaln IVx put him at cover point
on the flrrt team in plice of Wilbur
Wheatley. Wilbur was so ongry at
this that he wanted to fight Hex on
the spot. Hcuben Sajles came for
ward as peacemaker, telling Wilbur
that eveiy member of the club should
forget his own Interests In the efforts
to help the team to victory, whereupon
the latter repented of his Impulsive
action and shook hinds with Hex,
much to everyone s relief.
Thursday raw most of the weather
boaulliir and rart of the roofing In
Place The hockey practice consisted
mostl In signals, without the 'scrub
Bulldlm operations on I rldiy were
suspmded, o Ing to the game V II bur
Wheatlej had posted tho town with
notices of the game nnd a large crowd
assembled on the ice A rope had been
tlxed to keep the crowd away from
the section of Ihe weak ice near the
The Perseverance bojs had trained
hard for this game and felt that they
derved to win The general Impres
slon was one of pluck and l'ersever
nnre" They lined up In this order
GHdwin. goal, llany point O Urlen.
elver point. Tleknor (captain), center,
Siiatford Vorvvaid. Sules. left wing,
nnd Hlgr.lns, right wing.
Two goal umpires and a referee were
selected, as well as two timekeepers,
and the tame began On the face-off.
ihe puck shot into rersevcrnnce tcrrl
or. Hex got the rubber In his c uh
ind went tearing down the Held Uudlng
tho opposlnir point nnd cover point vers
skllfuli. Ho made a long lift for
goik imsslng byn few tDChe. The d l.k
traveled up and down the ico till the
Hangers' 'enter secured It In Prese
"erance territory He stirted for goal,
with Tern onrien making desperate
Jabs to get the puck awiy from him
'lorn nirry also got In his way, but he
cleverly side stepped and droo the bill
Into goil Scoie Rangeis, 1, l'erse-
It was only n few minutes later when
the Hangers' forward got the disk out
of ft splilled scrlmmige near Ihe Pejse-
. ranre poll and shot the second tally,
nuking the score 2-0 Hex took the
puck on the tucc-off nnd dashed down
the Ice He went through the Mel I of
skaters and when within ten ynrds of
'the kal lifted the rubber. The shot
went rather high, and the goilkeener
slopped the puck with his hani 'lhls
was certainly unfortunate.
After the square-off the rubber was
close lo the I'ersev erance goal Heub
I Snsles cleuied tho bunch and was away
like n flash He Hoveled through tho
center of the field, r lestepplng tho two
clutched the Jagged edge of the break
H-x dropped flit on his fice about three
feet nwa, an I stretched out his stick
to th rlrl shouting to her to catch It
She took hold ot the stick and climbed
out on the Ice, which it first broke be
neith her weight She was soon In
safety and In the enre of wllllu hinds,
while Hex was lionised for his courago
ond pierence of mind He laughed his
admirers aside and went bock to tho
gome as if he had lone nothing it nil
In the list minute of play liill Strat
ford got the disk near the center. At
a slgnil from Capt Ilex the wings ar
rayed themselves, ono on either side,
nnd the three tore down tho Ice ut
lightning speed, with Hex following
clotely In the) rear. The formidable
quartette took tho Hangers by storm,
and soon onlj the goilt'ndcr was to be
passed. At this point the real vnlue of
the triangular 'orrnatlon was pioed.
mound the tire nnd prnnced around,
shouting nnd singing, too happy for re
straint. In the next story we shall learn how
the clubhouse was completed and how
the boys tried a new and popuin game
Indoor baseball.
' The first I can remember of my
early lire was that I was a tiny pink
and whlto bud, hut as tho sweet spring
das advanced my petals opened and
became a hxmillful apple blossom.
Summer drew near, nnd I, by then, be
came an apple.
' One September morning a firmer
nnd three other men came into the
orchaid and began to take the apples
from the trees. 'What will become of
us?' willed come of the apples 'Where
shall we be taken to7"
"A man picked me off tho tree 'Oh,
Jlr. llrown, seo this beauty!' 'Yes,'
said the old farmer, 'It is a beauty, but
now work, don't stop at eery beauty.'
' I soon found mi self being packed
Into a bind among many other ap
ples. 'Where are we going now ? asked
a large but not beautiful apple. 'Oh,
I heird thit nun over there say we
were to bo shipped,' answered a very
liomelj apple
'Tho next thins I knew we were on
our way to New York When I ar
rived in New York it wis new, Indeed,
all was hustle and bustle after the quiet
country life. 'Oh' Is this New York?'
asked several small apples
'Wo were soon moving again, and
Bomeone said wi vero going to u
store Hy and by top ot a burel
was taken off, nnd i Vere again in
the open nlr that those who were
near the top, nmn,. thoio I was I
was put outside of the store next, but
oh. such a different place from what
I hid expected' On all sides of me
were houses und stores, and by and by
something came buzzing along ond I
heard someone say It was a trolley
ci "
A llttlo fclrl came lions Just then
and grabbed him up He could so no
faither, for tho little girl began to eat
Tallinn No Chances.
"Are you a detective? ' asked Mr,
'I am," answered tho man with the
turndown collar ond the white necktie
"Well, I want to employ ou I want
sou to get out oui false whiskers and
jour dark lantern and dog mv foot
steps, night and diy lleniletta's gone
out of town to vlilt home lelitlves
nnl I don t wnnt her to bo obllgi-d to
tako my word for unythlng" Wash
ington Star
Not Rubber.
Hill What a short neck Bella has.
Stella Don't sav that,
Hlla What shall I say?
Stella Say that she has a close-fitting
Trances Morris was seated one da)- In
tho nurserj, telling her little sister,
Mubcl, about tho circus
She had been that a f lei noon to see
tho performance, but Mabel, who wis
suffering fiom a severe cold, was
forced to remain at home
I ranees was Just tolling her of the
funn clowns when their older brother
rushed Into the room
' Oh Trances ' he cried, "u bear has
escaped from the circus and tliej can
not find him ans where
' ell. he c innot get in the house,
wo know, said Princes, trslng lo re
assure Mabel, who begun to crs from
When Mabel had fallen asleep,
Frances crept noiselessly from the
About midnight she was awakened
by a strange noise down stairs A
horrible thought rime to her that It
might be tho bear
ijach moment added to her terror,
so she resolved to run to her mother's
room, nt the farther end of the hall
There was a dim light burning In
the hillway, which made objects dis
cernible, and as she peered over the
banister In her flight, she saw some
thins on the bottom step that chilled
her heart with fright.
There, at the foot of the stairway,
stood the big, brown bear
She uttered a loud, frightened) cry,
which speedily brought the household
to her rescue, and when bruin was cap
tured ho proed to be a lirge fur car
riage robe, carelessly left on the foot
of the stalls )y a retvant,
This Is one of the best and most In
etructlio games wo know, for it teaches
tho plasers not only how to form
words, but also how to (It them to
their definitions. It may be played at
reccts, In school or by a compunv of
boys nnd girls who wish ecnlns
amusement, and It has the advantage
of requiring no speclil preparation, ex
cept the writing of several list, of
dellnltlons, one list for each of tho
plaers These lists, of course, must be
written in advance, and the writer of
them should act as the leader In the
Here Is a specimen list: you can use
It if sou choose, but It would bo good
practice for you to make up a list
1. First In every home Ma-.
i Could not live without It L- -e.
3 The more sou take from It, the
larger It sets 11 1-
4 All oer tho house -oo-,
8 Found In tho suburbs L,o - -,
ed. PlftfirH '(III
Dy Izota Chandler. W'il ' JlH
Sir Walter lives nt Klngeloii-on-thc-llud'on,
nnd though 1... Is a hcotch
collie nnd is often called Wulllo for
short, he Is such a favorlto that when
eer he goes out for a Utile stioll ho Is
greeted tj so m iny people, old anil
soung, ns to mike It a great meres
that collies are not expected to wear
hats. If the did Sir Waller would be
taking his off at nearly eeis step of
tho was
Hut sou know that a woll-brcd collie
is only expected to gUo a gentlo wave
or two of his plumy tail, which Is vers
easj to do and a plcasuio besides
Sir Walter lived ery happily In a
gray-stone house overlooking the Hud
son Sometimes the fumlls belonging to
him went down to New Yoik for the
winter, but tho house was usually kept
open by a coupte of servants und bir
Walter was fairly content
Once the house wns quite closed Hut
the moster took the collie to the huuso
of a frknd nnd hade him an affectionate
good-by befoie ho went nwos
bir Walter was vers loncls, but his
master had explained nutters to him
Tho people were crs fond of him and
he was wise enough to know that one
can't have oveisthlng as ono wishes fco
he became cheerful and took such rare
of the household that It wos vers haid
for members to let him Ro when his
own family camo up again In the
Sir Walter was losal to his own nnd
fell nt onre Into his old wns of living
and of loving those belonging to him
Early the next autumn trunks nnd
boxes were brought out nnd clothing,
books pictures and silver began to ills
appeir The plice with Us furniture,
1 nd been sold and though he did not
know it, Sir Walter was Included In the
sale, for the gentlemin who wob coming
had t lien a great fancy to him
The new family were expected very
soon nnl the master of Sir Walter was
to hurried that ho did not take time to
explain matters to the collie nor een
1 to arrange a place where he could be
fl Gives a cold cures a cold, nnd
I pass tho doctor D t.
7. What some girls think too much
about D - - - s
8 Neir to everybody's heirl L - n - a
In all these words you see, the
dropped letters ore represented by
short dashes, whit the plaser has to
do Is to write the proper word In evich
case. It Is necessary, therefore, for
each pliyer to have a list, ond If sou
nro going to pliy Ihe game nt recess
the lists should bo prepared the day be
forehand. In the list here given there ire sev
eril possible answers tn somo of the
words, which makes the game all tho
mora Interesting
The tell answers, however, nro as
1 Mat. 2 Life. 3 Hole. 4 Hoof.
5 Lots 6 Draft. 7. Dress 8 I.ungs.
The leadet of the game has a list con
taining nil the answers, nnd ns the
plJjers hand In their lists to him he
checks them off, nwnrdlng tho lctory
to the one that his Ihe fewest errors
If tho game is pi ''J by n company
in the evening a piize should he of
fered Xor tho best unswer, and a time
limit, say fifteen or twenty minutes,
llxcd within which the work must bo
All children who aro now golns to
school hivo read about how Mr. Stanley
went Into the Jungles of Africa to hunt
M Livingstone, of whom most nil
trei ted him very kindly. Now thit
comfortable until the new people were nil jyffiJSSS Vlitl
come re- MviX1.- i ilH
ho the house wns closed nnd Sir (a- H'Sll'Sp J.
Wnltcrs beloved family went away. He t ii,W J',H
wis ers tinluipps because he did not It KAijfXiJ t , s
undeistnnd matters lie sal on the ay MCMf :! Jt H
porch nil dis waiting nnd thinking ii!jw i' ifl
Passers lis railed iheeilly out to him, fSisSj' " ' i IH
and lie dutirullj thumped a return Jj k T,i S' IsH
greeting upon Ihe floor with 111! Huffy fir v"K h tM
tail but he did not run to meet anyone S3. J!J; . gjj MM
All night long he looked ul the stnrs fjHJB" "H
nnd thought Al first It seemed easy ,w v( I I'lliB
lo grieve hlinieir to death because he r. i'XPM I lilsH
had been so ciuell titnted. The next ,rt JJW,M, i. jilH
dnj he waltul Nobody came lo him in MAi IS, H
He had been taken to nobody Ho wns d Wfift ,' ' '
unhapps and he went hung!) He re- .. 11110 ' H
mcmbeied tho family where he had ' (fly " H
stastd the winter before, nnl as the ' ' Ki&l ft,! TH
sun went down and the nb;ht came on ' WfV ''-; LaB
he went down the pnth without once ISali.'liMiflsH
looking back ind on over to thorn n Mi IMSfBlH
A llttlo bark nt the door made It fly nt MflBiH ,t iltH
open like magic Sir Walter found as MMt !
good a welcome as any member of the ltfl tBsy I) tEiHl
pociHgo could wish k- HEfl. dShBI
When the owner ot Sir Walter's old Wl)itHI fSIH I
home came on nnd sought him out ho Mflfn'r luHl
refused In go When led oor by some ' MjBEiir- JPBisBsl
member ot his ndopted famlls ho al- IJKlW'l1 iHI
nj slipped his rhiln and ran back g, VtyHjMi rcHI
ngnln nt the first opportunlts tn flfijlsiit I'.'HM
The new owner was so dlsippalnted d. rnftC j , 'Dal
tint Sir Walters old master inn up r jp,W J 'Kilfll
to Klngston-on the-lludson In order to 1 fl i pBI
set matters right llut to his utter liBl' ' j IB I
amaziment, Sir Walter refused to W.rtl tl JU
recognlzo him In fret the collie, w ho 19 Pftill li llBfl
had been so ilovoted, cut his careless 11 HW'jl . tHfl
master dead, and turned his head away " jKBuUt ' JMB
when sroken to bs him Q JSBfnf - wH
A little later the other members nt ,; fHEff?-) j "4Bj
his onco beloved family came to the va UBVffit A IH
Utile ells to visit friends, tint tn not r, WBB J-i HjB
one of them would Sir Walter give the . BSlaf IS H
fainlrst wag of his long tall It wns an ' Hluli li. H
If he did not see them They were not , KSMflr Hi
even ns strangers to him, for he was HClWI ?'. Hi
alvvusH ready to make new acquaint- Hln t' il
nnces ifHwi r Jki 11
He had loved them nnd hid been true '" HER TjJ HI
through miny absences, but when they w 'Wjiflff (Ik HI
failed to licit him with common 9HIK lit& 3Hh
couiless he wiped them 11 rt from hti p flMlSfc Bb91H1
long Hit of nc'iuilntunccs and went on jBll jjjBfnHl
with his life as If they had never been IKK ct 'toilBl
the most Important pirt ot It, t JHw IT (K;IBJ
Mr. Stanley no longer travels In tho iHo.mHBJ
dark wilds nt Africa, thero nro other u BjB itlmHl
men who do go, nnd sometimes meet II 3ft Wj, H
Just as strnngo things as did Mr. Stan- HHtij Jffi J H
lcy- Wt 7t M
The party under the command ot Mr. iBMi ii a Km
Woelfcll, which recently went into tho 9K ' "iJtI ill
same country, tho dense forests back f PR y ' B
of Ivory coist. In West Africa, found Kw'S JC ''IeB
n number of cannibals of different 3 Hill i1 1nffl
tribes They live only about 1:0 miles rtlil J' . 'HBW
back from the coast, nnd are quito lifliji) i ntHH
neir a Trench post, and It Is strange, ftHS f ! IflH
too, that they are so near, for can- . lufC ij ri Ul
nlbals have seldom been found In Atrl- . UHt iiliOoVBl
ca so near the coist As n rule, they UUyDL'U mH
do not live within CM miles of tho ocean ilK&XlfN 1 iliHjl
und most of them stay still further Ma ;&? A )H
uvvay. t HK Jm 1 1JI1H
When tho white men who vvere with mfil fi I WB
Mr Woelfcll found these strango black IlKji PL, Wl H
men, and askeil them why thev ata IHf :" I1 -43 ' iH
human flesh Instead nt heist flesh, tlioy tffi'f (lb 1 : nil
replied that 'men usually wash them- Jvji ' jr, I1 MM
selves three times a day, nnd, there- HSHS K 3 j HI
fore, uie much cleaner than beasts, E?r tl n H
which aro never washed" Wmft iFi IH
Theso uitlvcs have guns and can get Hmj; 5i It 9H
powder from Llnerla, but nB lead In Hut W JS1 iHI
most always hard to set, they often Mai K'ii'; ImM
use stones und gravel In place of bul- ASai. ') r h-,
lets Vijl ' L.xH
When Mr Stanley sent Capt, Coqull- LSI kw SSamm
hat to garrison the station he had es- JJS'Sliii iiCdHvi
tabllshed, he found tlie people alwass ia'R '1? i9flHH
ready to defend their practice ot eating HrK fltA lyBHI
men Rf1a 'iII'kHHI
This Is honlble." slid Mr. Coqull- Pl'i 'MijlBMH
hat, one day to a chief who was nt din- nil's' If.. tllW
nor- 3tlf iHJilBH
' On .the contrary. It is dellcloAis with, AfW u, Ijfln
silt," was tho quick reply. jftMJ 7 ilSfM
W L'i.n SilHl
I An Illustrated Kiddle I 8 j fr4ffl
VtoT impossible action is tils -MwLm
boy 1ryiag 1o perforin 7- R B f'fllVHffl
I Nonsense Vers,e rMliH
I I V I Suppose as wmiwjo put, il'lial
J ( j The mem nm.msiimjjmr 1 l.RbS
iJ$ rSr ?7i nl As iFirwcREACDnrimisiara I n'ilflB
jfj &tj luf h" I THINK,.YDU.WDULD,BE.nUCH J H A ffl
I wil i Alway5 used ifffti
' ' II HI

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