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TlTE TyTEK-roUXTATNT Fat?mt:t? ASTD "RAXCIWrAX, TunsDAY Mors-ixg, fAiicn 11, 1002. 5 BwPH
BjH Filed in U. S. Circuit
Court, St. Paul.
.ion of tho Attorney.Ocn.ral of the
mated Stt-ObJtet& to Te.t the
Legality of the Alleged Comblnn
,Ion of the Northern Pacific and
Oreit Northern Hallways and
Northern Securities Company-Ills.
m of Matter at Issuo Set Torth.
c, Paul Mnn Mnrch 10.-1 he Oov
,, I k on the lOn.OOO.OOO
"m!Lr unties compiny, rcpre
'"..., ih m rgor of the Northern
"'T'i .he Oreit Northern rail
S.vas -." ,otl"y "-' a W" f0r ,n-
.m I nil 1 states
The mil .n-tltuted In the name of
.. a tTtr anil agnlnst Urn
lrthern f- urltles company, tho
ced illra.H of .1. Plerpont Mor-
, Jim J I"11 nnrl nl1 ,1,( '"''tor.i.
"i Ml n ..holders of the thic
""iJir involved, ami seeks por
iXlv to r.-tinln them from .airy
ft out " Purno of lh0 No" J,',"-y
'irtlon i"" brought In neeorelnnco with
.h. nrovlslnii ut the Sherman Antl
Trust pn-ed July 2. 1810. which
J I. Fild to violate and It li sought
','hi'e the me gcr of the Northern
;.Si declared an iinlattfnl comblui-
and "".piracy in restraint of
"nt petition In the cane la signed by
Milton 1 Pur.lj District Attorney for
lnf,ota and bs Philander C Knox,
iitornei General and John k. Ilieli.
rtJ, Solliltoi Heneral of the United
After rcclllng the fact that the North
,r FKuilll. , omp my I. a corporal Ion
erranlied un. er Iho laws or lh Hlnto ot
J Jerses lhat tho flreat Northern
;,:,,,; organised nniler the lawn ot
ih.'llle of Minnesota, an.l tho Northern
Aria" una. t Ih" law" ot Ihn Btate of
,. Mln nnd .hat tbo two Ul named
, inranlis re lominon cnrrlcrs, doing an
itiS'l I la '' nd that Iticse ram
ful t ' l,rlor '" ,ho ',oln OI lh?
I I rompUlnr of own-H, nn.l oi.erale.1
irniHPrte. Indepenilent, parallel anil
comicilrir line of railway aggregating
c " mtlei In length, Iho petition foes
Mt0"nr computing lines
They were Iho only transcontinental
Urn ot nlla extending across Iho
norihtm tier of Mate. west of the limit
bike from the Ureal L.ik( anil the
Mau lrrl river lo Iho Paclllc ocean ami
were trrn enngcd In nellvc competition
sltti one nr ithrr for freight anil pns
ienr trifll among the several Stales
et inn 1 nil. I Stitei iiml between null
date, nnil foreign countries, each system
tonne tin? ut lit eastern termlnini not
only lih linn of railway but with bike
ml rher steimers to other States anil
to fnrelun rnntitrlen ami at Its elern
terminal with eea going lenfeln tn other
fuiee, rerrltorl i and pn"rloii nf tbo
InlifiPtu and to foreign lountrlcs.
lortMl 11 Dl.AI. C1TK1)
That trior in the car 10J the Northern
r piKlein uji owned an.l operated
by tro Northern iNiclllo Iliillway com
rjnr a cnrporutlon nrganliert nniler rer
liln acta nr longre-i that during that
leir the, ionipan hrcimn InnoUent and
ji plic 1 In Ihn linndn ot a rocelier
Mhle In Hit condition awaiting fore,
cloturw anil mlo all arrangement a en
tmJ Into ti-tween a majority of the
bnr hoi ir ot the Northern 1'ielllo Hall
nay iompan and tho (Jreat Northern
RJlmy f-.mpin for n ilrtllal cunaoll
tMn of Ih two and pliulng Hie control
"1 the Nerthern IMilllt ajutem In tho
tn of Ihn llreil Northern Tlila nr
nnBem.nt nut niplitiil Ilia foreclosure
if the Northern I'icllle In u cnmmlttco
of ton.lhnlri r who Mlioiild organize n
new cirp r lna tn bo known ua the
Nor rn 1 1 lib Rallnay enmpans. Ono
bat ef the eipltHl nloek nf the new com.
riny mi tur u I ocr to the Ureat North,
era imp-in which In turn waa to ginr.
aniee tho hoiu nt tho Northern I'acltlo
kailnay r up nj
T'io nrr'lng out nf this arrangement,
ny Ihn p tltlon wan defeated by the
i in of iho United Htatia Supreme
court In the n e nf Prnraall .lgillnut the
ureu North rn Hallway compiui), which
wde'ldel Mnreh 10. HH In which It
-a hell ih t the practical effect would
te ihe n lld-Miou nf two parallel and
lompetlng ltri" uf rallwiv and the gMng
Jo ihe. mfr mi, the (In it Northern
.... i- ,m' ,ln, a monopoly of all
tljeln the nnnfiern lulf or the Btato
of Mlrnr ita wf n, ot n) tri,.
wtin t i trifiie north nf tho lines nf
the 1 nioi i in, t ,n detriment of the
Ml nnrl 1 Intlmi nt the lawa nf the
Stile of Mlnne nl i
,'";i.hl,''' 5f1r of 1101, the defend.
!"' ,t f.rnt Northern anil Nortlurn
J, .,, "iniy mmpanlea. In enntem
f. !"k,l,.u,h" "lllniiile placing of the
V,'I;t,K'W "i and Norlhern Pacific e.
iimiIj. T ' ommon eourLC of control
H!tlVl1' purrhisc of tho tolul capital
JlVf. ,h ' hlfngo. liurlluglon &
Si , ",,,"" cnnipanv of llllnola. glv.
er5 Vr.JJnt I"""1' "f "'o Orent North
t1i.a,N '.th rn Piicin.i Itnllwuv com.
'"''. la tin manner the Ureal North
i ard Nirthrrti Pailllc Hallway corn
it l . t. " ' 'ontrnl of the Mint Hjetem
im.ulPI I, t'OMIllNATIOV.
In er'e f 'L"'!' In l,lr over a controlling
thSJih0 "' !lr'" Northern lining
dw'.iS.'ie 5,fr ,w"- "'en derented hy a
fenl !?. ' """ biipreme court. Iho de
t!"iki,,l,n"" J, 'J111 ""1 bl nunocl
ownlne Z1 Mrn Vr 'he "rent Northern.
tek ,2, .""trdllng n majority nt Its
CL nt defenilnnla. J IMerpont
nlrounml hl ! "'.""''ilei.. owning or
ltnn , i" ',", "lo eimipiny, entered
lira. i ,i V'"1 lomblnallnn or con.
MlheN mi""1, n rtal coiwollilatlon
"II riiiiii, "' i. Plain rcatnilnt upon
tf "''' 'nt rotate and foreign
.I,"' rce iiirrl.d on hs them
'" l nw ni"ir """"I" to monopn.
I" i i . ' '". ""I'Preaa the loih
r 'ay f;f''fe .xlrtlntc iHlwien ail.l
f"reliti i- ,."' In "Him InterHlnto ninl
!",lr"n' inuiv '"r"i"0r' "'rough Ihe
1 lna iv.i, anil hv tho iiioina fnl
"" nn, ,i nl. . holding corrmnillon,
l r , hf Northern Keeurltlea 10m
"' N ! i . "" r '"led under Ihe laws
llilr I . ,wl,lh. " capltiil sloik r
n n I wl"ll In ehaligo for Ita
m,i ' ' ,', u inn i,rtnln basis
"IT an 1 .. V r,,r ' lo bo turned
"' e ! mi ."d I bo capital stork,
"eek nf i115, '"' ' In tho cnpltal
n- i " "r ' .endant railway
JSJ7'r-v. .,rKoi.nKRfl
h e,i,i ',"""' ."'? ln.IUI.lu.il stork.
'" K r iii... " Indepenilent and com
f'lmirar i , eoinpunlea werei tn be
5 ' ih k ,,i" rl,filo inmmon slock
.V t I i 1"?,r". weitrlilea .ompanj,
IS irilbMiin ,.'" ' " "'o merest of
'.V ' I ( ,rh,'"l"'",llln,r I" lll 'r0D-
"mrnni L"ch,' n, or the two railway
I..1" ""I inii , . '."."dnnte. being thus
I". "1 'rir-h',"1 '"'ercit m tlin prop.
iT1." f.lih'n,1f "'" Northern Be
i,rl''r3or '"v 'ho Individual slock.
JL" " n ,i,""T!n Paclllc company
Stf'tyor Jiru,.",!1"',1'1 .')" bin rest In Iho
In. j ,, "."" lliilrdUidenda from Ihe
fi,' " iillw.i,Vrlh."n.,.''"o eyatem
S!HSrf "-ny'fwerS
I" ".r?v",'r ...vim (";rx
f'hnl ier, 7nl' '.nles uinl having beoome
,7". nt, ,' ! tbo holding cnrpornlb
."."rnliig1 I,,, heir illvMeniln fro
tl,J" trllain iiiv".1 , V''"'. l-illeclcl
wn "llu ny tho holding corpora.
Nl;r,' """nthr bj inakliig the sloilf
- bt rw&r-tiMiii
SI '.no ilSSK -H 5? bTV fffl
In fnr'n V rOM.N 1 OnMP.tl
Be'clir .e.r"'corn,nn'n"r"1 .lo th? No?.he"r"n
"imnilii VTi." trlhfrn UallUrtJ
yniimm iinu tnp nffpfHlniit I Piftrittint
?Srn,.m""r,;5 ' !'" N"rher,i ,11 fn'i
enmttan fur meh share nf the nniinl
stork nf the Northern Pacini Hallway
".,'!'..',,.' "nA thereatier the Northern
Heeurltlia companv offered In the stoek.
names" tn'ls'.V.'e 'len',"",i,n., rnllra -K
til ''" and exchange Its capital
?k-fr ,h , eil'ltal Mnek of surli rail
n,. nnVnles upon the lnsls nf n
tnange nforesi ,1 n nther e.msl.1 rillnn
sfteiT'W ... T1"" defendint the
Northern Securities eompanv Ins tie.
'ir'TCl "(V'i"1"""1 "mount of the sick
,.ii- i defendint -allwav companies. Is
sulrg In lieu thereof Its own stock on the
basis of exchange afonsnld and Is now
holding as nwner and proprietor aiihstan
U ... all of the capital slnek of the
Northern Pacific Itnllwny compsn nrd
as com unlit lielleies, a mal.rlt of
ne enpi i stock of the flreat Northern
Hy reasnn thereof a ilrtuil consnlldi
tlnn under one ownership and serfe of
cnnlrnl the Ureal Northern and Northern
I acllte rullwaj sxstems hue effected a
(nml.lnatlon or consplrney In restraint ot
irsde or lommerce nnning Ihe several
Klates and with forelrn nations formeiiy
carried on i, the defendant railway
compinles Indepmdmtlj and in freo com
petition, one with the othi Ins hei n
formed and Is In operation and the do
ferdants are thereby attempting to mo.
nopollae and line monopolized such In
terstntu and foreign trade or commerce
lo lint great and Irn parable damage ot
Ihe people nf the Pulled States, In dcro.
titlnn, of their common rights, and In
ilolntlon of the act of Congress ot July
2. IHO, entitled "An Act to protect trade
and commerce sgnlnst unlawful re
straints and monopolies"
If the defendint, the Northern Securi
ties cninpnn) has not ncnulic.l n large
ioajorlt of the capital stock of ihe cle
aendant, the (Ireat Northern Hallway
con i nn. It Is because the IndM.lual de
fendants named and their associates In
the enmhlnntlon or coneplrncj Is charged
In this position, or some of them, slate It
became appirent lhat Ihe legality nf
their corporate del lee for the merger on
the stock of competing rollroid lines
throtiah the Instrumental!! of a omtral
or holding corporation would be neitled
In the courts, hive purposelj withheld or
causid to ho withheld n lirge amouat of
the capital stock of said railway com
runy from transfer for the stock of the
Nnrtbe.n Securities companj and hue
I purposely discouraged and prevented tho
I trinsfir and exchange of such stmk lor
tin slock of tho Northern Sniultles
enninny, all for the purpose or cnne.Ml
Inj the real scone and object of the un
liiAful enmhlnntlon or conspiracy, nnl of
deceiving and misleading Ihe .-bate an.l
IViHral authorities and of furnishing i
ground for the defense that the Northern
Heiurlllcs eompanv does not hold n ilrir
mnjorllj of the stock of tbo Oreit North,
irn compin,
oiuhct sncrniTins companv.
1 he Northern becurltles compnny was
not organized In good faith to purchase
mid pav for the stocks of the (treat
Northern and Northern Pacific com.
pnnlcH. It was orgJlilred solely to Incnr
poniu the pooling or the stocks of ihe
anil conipnnlca and to carry Into clTrt
tho unlawful (nmblnntlon nr conspiracy
nfoiisnld The Northern Securities com
piinv 1 a mere depositor. custoPin,
bold, r and tiuitce for the stocks of the
Oreat Northern and Northern pieitic
companies and Its shares nf stock are but
liemflclal ctrtllliatts Issued against said
rallioad stocks In designate the Interest
of the holders In the pool The North, rn
Securities companj docs not have, and
never bad, an) capital sulllclent lo war
Tint such a stup. ndous operation Its
sill scribed capital ftoik wis but MW,
ninl Its authorized capital slock o' ll.n.
Oi)om la Just sufficient, when all Issued,
tn represnit and covir the exchange vnl
lio of anhetnntlnlly the entire stock of the
Orent Northern an.l Northern Paelllo
Hallwai compnnles upon the basis and at
Ihe rate agreed upon which Is about
tl.'S.OCCICVi In oxcess nf tho combined enpl
tal stock of tbo two railway companies
all noAiia may nil Aiisoitnr.D.
If Iho (lovcrnment falln tn prevent Ihe
carrying out of this combination nr con
'splracy, not only with a virtu il consoli
dation nf two competing Irinsionlllieiitnl
Une with Ihe pnutlcnl pooling of their
earnings be etliited and n mnnopol) or
Iho Interstate and foreign commerce for
mcrlj carried on by them, as miiipet tprs
he created and all elTecllio lompetltlon
lietwcrn suih lines and earning of In
terstate and foreign tnftlc bo deslrnvo.1
hut thereafter lo nil clesliInK In use It.
an avilliblo method will be presentnl
whercbj through the cor) orate i scheme or
ilevlcn aforesal.1. Ihn act nt Congress of
Jnll 5. 1W. iny he circumvented and set
at naught and all transcontinental llnea.
Indeed Ihe entile rallwav sstems of the
counlrs. may bo absorbed, merged and
10 so hlated. thus pliclng the public at
the absoluto mcrcj of the holding corpor
The pellllnn praja that the Northern
Reciirltlca iniminn. its stockholdirs of-
licers, etc perpetuilly enj lined from
purchasing, lotlnir, etc ani of m
shares of the inpllal stock of either tho
Northern Pacllle or Ureat Northern com
panic!; i and lb... a maniia nri Injunc on
mnv Issue ti tiilrbig the Northern rsiruii
tYea coniniK I" recnll and cancel nn
certlnci nf . .ock ls.lie.1 hs '",";'
K&Y'of-riie'Yapb'n i,,;rr,c,o?n.'.ihfr ft?
it.J said rallwav companleti, surrenderlnr
return the"rcfir .ho Jerlinoate, ,of
r."!l "o '.".keif That" .iVdefen.lan.s Ihe
Northern Paclllc and the llre.l Norlbein
Hallway enmpanes, Ihelr ofpeers, siock
liol. U: etc lie Perpetual! . njolne, I fr m
In any manner recognizing or accept ng
.hft Northern BeciirllTeji comnani I
owner nr bolder of any nf t e snares 01
their capital stock," cio
Tho petition Is signed M Hon ".
Punly. nttorney for ths led Btatca
flletrlct nf Minnisola: Pbllindcr C
lCnni Atloiney-lleneinl of tbo United
StXs. mid John K. Ulchnrda, Solkllot
flencral of Ihn 1'nlted blnlea.
Neceslty of Natlonnl Laws Set Forth
In nn Addles.
i-ainbrldKC Maw. March 10 -The
necesfilly of having national laws to
Pnvem truala or B'eit Induslrlal com-
lilnallona was the text fni on ndlreM
byj"m. H "III "'? " -' ; Tn "l E
nornllon lancr of Now orK, ai iinr
C ml iinlv crafty lhl afternoon llesl.tea
n'lo menbera cif the Unnnrd r.ionomlc
ioclctv the nddreM ntlracled n large
nswniblago of ilellora lnteiestc.1 Irt Ihr,
mies Son RTOivliiR out "t Iho nntl-tnist
icglsuilon before the Unlled Blntcs
BlSrtf'inCm'l'e Iho point.. ()
v.. best tntelllKCiice of ho (ountry fa
nrecl I U idoiS of nill-mal p.lncl
li. Mini lesnect to corpornte m-
f r In illspiilt' had ficquenlly re-
aTvaTa orhl.enArere teclmlcalltlea
Vi)i .akeii into theniHelvea Iho requl
,BU? amlmtHy imdenr .ho Implied powers
of tho Constitution-
Illinois Anti-Trust Law Un
constitutional. DID NOT PROTECT ALL
United States Supreme Court Passes
Upon the Act, lp-clnl Stress Br
ing Laid Upon tho Ninth Section
ExunptlnjT Tarm Products This
Provision Held to Ho Antagonistic
to tho Provisions of the Constitu
tion Which Grants E-iuil Protec
tion to All Harlan's Cplulon.
Washington March 10 -The Pnlted
States Hupieive court toda ite-lded the
Illinois antl trust statute to be uncon
stitutional because of the provision of
the law exempting agricultural products
and live stock from the operations of
Ihe law The decision vvna rendered In
the case nf Thomas Cnnnell) and others
nRalnst the I nlnn Sower Pipe tompin
of Ohio ami was delivered by Justice
The case grew out of the sale of pipe
bs tho Pipe compati) lo Connelly nnd
others who. after securing It declined
lo make pnmcnt nn the ground that
the Pipe company Is an Illegal combltir,
tlon, for the restraint of trnde, under
the common Hvv, because It tomblncs a
number of locil plpe-ninniifnctnrlng
concerns that It Is n lomhlmtlon In
violation nf the Sherman nntl-trust livv,
and, further, a violation of the anti
trust law of the Stale of Illinois.
The llrtt two contentions received
very slight consideration, the rouit
holding that even If the allegations were
true they could not Justly prevent tho
corporation aclllne Its property. The
opinion, therefore, vvna based on the
third plea, which Justlco Harlan said
would be valid If the State law could be
held to be valid, aa there could be no
doubt of (lie purport nf the net. Under
that law the coipotatlon could be dis
solved, if the law Is valid
He emoted Ihe law at length. lalng
'especial sties upon the ninth section,
exempting farm products, concluding
lint this provision la nnt ignnlstlc to tho
piovlslona of th Constitution grnntlng
eriual protection to nil under the law
He also held that the exempting clause
Is fo Interwoven with other portions of
the statute as to render It Impossible to
eliminate It from the law as entirety
and therefore held Hint the cntlro lavv
must lie held tn be Invalid.
cash: on whit op nunon.
Justice Italian said that the cnae had
come lo the .Supreme court on a writ
of error from tho Circuit court of Iho
United Htatos for the Northern district
of Illinois, which bad held the State
anti-trust law to bo uiiconstluitlniuil
because of the piovlslon dlirrlmlnatlng
In faiorot fiinn products. It grew out
of actions by the plre compnny to re
cover cm ncgulloble notes given by Con.
nnlly and William H. Doo for plpo re
ceived bj them under contract.
Section i of the IlllnolB law, upon
which Justlco Harlan's opinion was
based. Is to the effect that ' The pro
visions of this act shall not apply to
agricultural prodiictn or live stock
whllo in Iho hands of tho producer."
Plrst atntlng what could bo done un
der the statute without the exempting
provision, Justice Hatlan aild that the
nrrangement or combination between
the Union Bewer Pipe company nnd tho
other companies, lorporntlons and
llrma created and constituted such u
trust na the Illinois statute forbids In
manifest from tho evidence In tho rec
It Is eciuallv dear that If the plilntlff
was an Illinois corporation Its charter
could be forfeited nnd nn end put to
Its corporate existence by proceedings
instituted by tho Attorncy-acnera.1 of
the State
It la also eleir that If the statute lo
valid Ihe defendant could plead 11011
relliblllty for the plpo purchased by
them upon the ground that tho plain
tin was an illegal cnml Inatlnn nnd the
contracts which It made with the de
fendants void under the statute of Illl
nils Ihe statute cxtesly nuthorlzen
such a defense
nrrncT or hxhmptino claush.
Ho then took up the question of the
effect from the exempting pectlon, nus
talnlng the view of tho Circuit court
that this necllon Is repugmnt to the
Fourteenth Amendment In tho Consti
tution of tho United States, and fur
Iher that It Is so connected ntl Inter
woven ullh other sections tli.lt it acta
lo Invnlldile the entire nit,
I'ollowlng Is a portion of the argil
inenl In support nt this position,
If combinations of cnpltal skill nr acta,
in respert of the sale and purchase nf
roods inercliindlsi. nr rnmmodttloi
whneb ihn persons firms corporations
nr ass ilitlnns forming suhscouenl coinbl
nitlons mil control or istnhllsh In Ibelr
illsrrellnn the prices of surh goods mer
chandise or commodities are hurtful to
Ihe public Interest!, and should b. sup
1 ressed II Is impossible to perceive why
like romtlnillolK In risprrt of agrlcul
ttiral products and llvestoik are not
euuallv hiirirul Two or more engaged In
selling drjgonils or grntirles or meals,
or fuel or clothing or medlclnis. nre,
under tho stntuie. criminals, anil subject
to a line. If tin combine llnlr cnpltal,
skill or acts fir the purpose of cstnb
llhlng nnl rolling Increasing or reilue.
big prices, or of preventing free and unit-strained
cnmpelllloti amongst them
r. ,vrs or others In Ihe silo of Ih. Ir
c. ixls or merchandise but Ihelr nelgli.
bora who hnpin to b. agrli iiliurallsis
nnd livestock ralseis maj nuke combi
nations of that ohiraitir In nrerenie to
their grain or llvwdmk without Incurring
Iho picerrlhcl lepnllv Pinter what rule
of permissible c I isslllcntlon can such leg.
Isliillon be sustained as consistent with
Ihe collll pmlectlon nf tho laws?
Justice McKennii delivered a dissent
Ins opinion. Ilo contended tint the
mualllj of opeiatloti which Iho Con
nil tut liiti implied In Stale legislation
inunot b ronalriied no demindlng nn
absolute universality of operation
having no repaid to conditions and re
lations of men. Henri- classification Is
necessarj He then suggested that the
distinctions mado In tho Illinois statute
uro pioper
Tbo decision of Iho court in effect de
elates tinconiitltutloiial tho unll-lriist
laws of (icnrgla, Illinois, Indiana
l,i ulslana, .Michigan. Mississippi, Mon
tana. Nebraska, North Carolina South
Dakntn, Tenmssee, Texas and Wiscon
sin. In each of theae Btatcn there Is an
exception In favor of llvo ptock and
iigrlctiliural products In the hands of
tho inlscr or ptoduicr or of labor or
Kinlzitloiis Undci the rulings nf the
coutt un nntl-trust liw lo be constitu
tional must apply Indiscriminately tn
all combinations, vvlth no exceptions
Ultlini In Roslon.
Hnston Mass. March 10 -Mr nnd Mrs
A P lluckler and child uf provo, Utah,
arc ut iho IVrl.cr,
Secretary of Navy Tenders
His Resignation.
Change Made Complete by the Selec
tion of Congressman William Henry
Ilooily of Massachusetts as Ills
Successor Tlicte Were Half n
Dozen Aspirants for the Portfolio
Chanirs In tho Dtpirtment Will
Occur on May 1st 3-eiotny Lon
Will llc-cntcr Tractlce of Law.
TniHUNn nunnAU, j
lilt K Street
Washington. I c, Mnrth 10 lite. )
An exclusive printed In these dis
patches last Krlda), Secretnrj Long has
tendenil bin resignation as Secretnty of
the Nnvj, to take effect M,i 1st, and
Congiofsni.in Wllllntn Henry Mondv of
Massnchusetts lias been chosen as his
aucccessor This Is the third change In
the Cabinet of President Itoosevelt The
concspondcncc on the subject Is nsfol
lovva SnCHHTAHV l.ONd'8 LP.TrHR.
"Niv ncpirlment Wnshliigtnn March
tn 1B-M Hear Mr President
"Will ou nceept this ns m resignation
of the Becretarvshlp of Iho Nnvs to lake
effect on Ihe 1st rtiv nf M ly next, or
sooner, of course. If ou shall at an time
so wish It his been In m a ilellghtrul
service I leave the ollwlal rlrclo of onr
Cabinet, In which mi assnclillnn with ou
and Its members his been so hsppv with
high aptueclitlon of our administration
and with most cm dial good wishes lor its
success and for loll pers.inall Ver
truli jours, JOHN 1 LONG.
1'he, President "
"White House, Marhlnglnn, March 10,
lleiJ-My Hear Mr Secrctarj
"It Is with very simple regret that I
accept jour resignation I enill ulwnvs
count It a privilege, not onl In hive
served with inn during Ihe last six
months, but to have sirved under voti at
tho outset of President Mi Mnlei ad
ministration. I have men n i In both le
latlnns, nnel It hns never been mj good
lollilllu to be associated with nny public
man more slnale minded In lis devotion
lo the public Inn rest Our relations havo
been not meielv otllclal, but also those of
personal friendship , , ,
Mas all the good fortune sou so rlehl
deserve ntlcnd ou vvherivcr sou go Sin
cerely uurf1,1-m)0tr noosnvKi.T
"To tho Hon John 1 Long, Becictary ot
Iho N iv "
Tiiitouaii with puni.ic lipe
Mi Lone had Intended to re
til e nt tho beginning of tho late Pies
Idenl AlcKlnlej teiond term but ho
tonsenled to remain until certain lines
of policy In which hn wus Involved
weio moio sitlsfactorlly nrranged.
Then when President lloosevelt suc
leedcd, though nnxlous to return to
prlvntei life -for Secretary Long will
never ogaln enter public llfe-u ntrong
feeling of lojalty toward Mr Itoose
velt Induced tho Bcctetary to defei his
reilirment until It wns convenient for
the President lo make n change.
will ih:-i:nti:ii law phactici:
Recently Mr. Long has been In Massa
chusetls making nrrangcincnta with
his old legal connections to te-enter
tbo pinctlci'"of law and he has had his
house ut Hlnghnm put In ordei for his
occupation When Mr. Long entered
the Cabinet originally he was an active
member of the firm of llunlngwuy &
Long, a well-known legal linn of llos
ton. Ho has ulvwijs maintained a si
lent connection with the loncern and
will ngaln becomo an active partner.
Mr. Moody's selection was tho out
como of tin inteiestlng contest. There
were no less than h half-doen aspi
rants, hut the struggle finally narrowed
down to Iho two Representatives In
Congicss Mr, Toss of Illlnola, chair
man of the Naval committee of the
House, who had the energetto support
of his Wnslcrn colleagues, nnd Mr.
Moody, for whom Senator Indgo mnde
Ihe winning light. It wns for a time
In doubt whether Moody would not be
placed In some Important foreign mis
sion rather than In the Navy depart
ment, but ho piefcrred to stny at home.
The new- Secretary of Iho Navy be
gan to rise to prominence during his
llrst term In the House, when Speaker
need selected him frequently to pre.
side over the committee of tho whole
and predicted for him n brilliant legis
lative career. As iv member of the
Appropriations rommlttee he has since
led several lights In the House, notnbly
In connection with tho contest between
the navy nnd geodetic survey ovei Jur
isdiction over deep-water survejs. Ho
seemed the adoption of n resolution on
an appropriation hill raising Dewey to
tho rnnk of Admiral.
Pennlor Keirns today received a letter
from (iov. Heber M Wells, tiansmltting
papers In the cnae of William L. Miller
of Utah, now In ptlsnn at Alcatrnz Isl
and, Cnl , charged with desertion from
the army. The papers go to hbow doubt
lint the prisoner Intended to desert
The Senator referred the papers lo the
Scttclary of W nr. w It It a request for fa
vorable action looking to a Picpidcntlal
The Senate today passed a bill to es
tablish an additional land o'lUe In the
State nf Montana to be c ailed the meat
Palis land district, vvilh headquarters ut
Ureal Pulls
The Senate also parsed tho hill Intro
duced bs Benatnt, lleltfold, granting to
the rttnte of ldnlm certain land on Ihe
roil Hall reservation on which are lo
inleil nrlnln lint springs, tha waters of
which are nid In be valuable for medi
cal purposes The bill was recommend
ed b the Secretin y of tho Interior,
henilnr Dubois today Introduced reso
lutlons of the Chnmber of Commeice of
Oeneseo. Ida, favoring the passage of
the bill tumbling for the sale and ills
posul of Indian lands held by Indian
heirs. This miller Is covered by n sec
tion In tho nniiutl Indian appropriation
bill, nnd will probably puss with tint
Mr Sutherland rreclveil a copy of all
tho resolutions passed nl the meeting of
the Irrlgition congress recently held In
Salt I.ako City, relating to the question
nf Irrigation, lie will Introduce these
icsolutlemn In Iho House and havo them
rofened lo the appropriate committees.
ltrruuNs to HP.it dp.sic.
Miss Miry L. MrOeo of Park City, a
clck In the census ofllie, who sustained
n surgical opuatlon, Is at her desk
11 ed W. Mrltes nobis hns appealed
from tbo decision of tho I'enernl Land
ofllco refusing In Issue him a ocrtltlrnto
of right of loi-ntlon of unused portions
of Valentine scrip, V. 74 nnd 75, for
soveii-lentlm nnd six acres, iespectlvcly.
Tho land Is situated In the Helena
Mont, dlstilcL Tho Land office held
that scrip lould not be Issued In less
thnn n legal subdivision, and that if a
party elects to locate a tract of land
of less arc than that of th; scrip, lie
must lake It In full satisfaction of his
scrip It ts held that In this decision the
OenernI LAnd otTlee em d and thit M.
Hi v noils la entitled to hts original
scrip Indoised however, to show lb.
amount located thereon.
Utah Original, war with Spain John
Wallers, Salt I,ake Cltv, J6 widow s
Mexican war, Sarah ljvjton. Kas
Idaho Original John Marshall Ki n
driik, Is increase '1 hernias Crosthwnlte
Com, SI2
Is. ! , Y. t . H y. . K V. f. j
San Prnnrlseo Cal March 10 is
I The Pirlll. Mall ronipnnv s steam a
y irSewprt from I'eniril Amerlinn K
1 and Mtxlem ports bnngs a lew de t
(airs of a renin dlsistir between
. Iji Ubertad and a point thirty K
K miles north of Arajutla llho.u r
. a moment's warning terrific tidal .
f wave burst over all thst lenath or Y
Y con.t and when the Newport silled y
Y for Sin Pranelsco It was said that Y
Y tlflj thrco l.lle had alrendv ben t
Y recovered nnd hurled No possible a
I estlmalc nf Iho full loss ot llfo Y
Y. mold be made Y,
Y. The wave went entlrclj over tho Y
Y. the barriers lhat had been built a
Y along the coast swept Ihe towns of Y
Y. 1 a Llbertad and Acajiitln, carrying Y.
Y nw ay Ihe fresh water pumps of tho Yw
r, litter pi ice V.
t 'There seems to have been not Y,
Y. the sIlRhlest warning of the dlsas- t
I, ler. said Ihe officers ot the Niw Y
Y. port ' The only thing that will ae-
Y count for It Is some terrinc vol- Y
Y canlc eruption far out at sea. Tho t.
wave rolled In like n mountain, nnd i
Y there was not n breik tn It until Y.
Y. sulking the beach when It swept Y,
Y. over the embankbents covering Y,
Y, them to a height of four or llvo V,
Y feet, completely Intlnditlng the Y,
Is. whole const and almost wiping out a
Y, all the small buildings In Iji Lib. Y,
Y ertnd and Aiajullj Y,
Y. "When w left the work of res- Y,
Y, cuing the remains had only Just Y
a: begun, whllo nothing nt all had
Y, been done In the way of repair V,
Y. Ing the damnge except replacing V
It the fresh water plint "
i y. y. v, y. y. y. . y. . . y.y.y.y. k
Mother and Nine Children Inciner
ated In a 1'lre Which e
stioycd Their Home.
4- Malane, Que, March 10 Plre
I which originated In tho kitchen of
4 Ihn residence of Arthur llouchard
i- sesterday caused iho dealh of Mrs -J.
! llouchard and nlno children. Tho
I lire was ills, overed b a servant, -J
who Imme.llitely give an nlirm.
P Mr Houchatil Jumi'ed from an up-
4 per story window nnd was about !
! to be followed hy bis wife, hut she
4 failed In her attempt, nnd perished, -J.
4 togither wlfli her nlno children, six
boss and Ihne glrlo, tho eldest be-
Ing a boy of II jenrA llouchard
arose about 6 o clotk and lighted a
! Pro In tho kitchen utid then rctlicd
again. i
Eight Thousand, Men Involved In a
Contest With Two Bin;
Hnston, March 10 War between Ihe or
ganized teamsters, freight an.l express
handlers nf Hnslnn und two great rnllroul
corporations, the New ork, New Haven
& Hartford and the New York Centril
v lludon Hlicr, the Utter loralls known
ns the lloston A Albans, broke out lo.
day The strike, which Is a simpathetlc
one, nlremly involves 8iO men In und
about lloston
Slopping work because of the discharge
or tho union men who retuaed to handle
non-union moved frelnht the various or
ganizations now on strike mudo every ef
fort today to extend Ihelr sphere of In
lluuire to affiliated bodies, whllo the cor.
poratlons energetically tried lo Illl Iho
strikers' plnces and tn receive and dls
I llrli goods offeled them llolll met
Tomorrow the Ileal cmplosees nf the
great express companies. Hie Adams and
the New nrk A. Huston, two lompanlea
which handle practically all Ihe fast
frelRht lu Southern New England, will
return tn work, while several smaller
belles nf organized labor, such ns tho
brewers teamsters and piano movers ns
well as freight Ifindlcrs 111 east Hnston,
will lie Idle
On ihe other hnnd, the New York. New
Haveni & II irtford railroad, afler sue.
ccedlng todiy In moving cnnsldernhto
freight by llnllan labor, will augment
the force tomorrow, ami the Huston A
Allmny eperls to hive n. largo number
nf men work In Us freight studs
The on of the expressmen lu Join
ing the irclsht handlers will nulckls af
fect the freight hiislncta with nearby
business centers like W'oncslir. Spring
held, Hartford, New llnven. Providence,
Pall Hlver and New Hedford
Nearly (vers labor union In this city
met tonight to discuss the situation The
predli linns weie that the longshoremen,
numbering nhout I'io. would strike, to
tether with -fO Knights of Iibnr freight
handlers emplnjiil by the Huston ft Maine,
rend, nnd IimI men In nther unions, when
their asslstuno is needed If nil these
laborers cease work the striking force
will be over Ili0 men The strike of
Ihe longshoremen villi bo for the purpose
or stopping wnter 'shipments of freight
Alrendv Ihe strike Is telt at the neigh,
boring cits of l.viin, where It mas close
shoe factoiies and thus give thousands
of operatives an enforced holiday As
the result of the strike today Wal rases
of shoes lire held up In Iho Lynn freight
house Tho cut solo nnd leather llrms
are tied up as they cannot get a sup
Ids of leather The Lsnn box facto
ries, which supply out-of town firms with
shoo boxen, wtll have tn shut elnvvn, as
they cannot forward boxes mado on or
neis loolght the I inn A. Poston Sleam
ship companv Inndled an enormous
amount of merchandise This uvenue of
transportation will be closed tomorrow
If the Hoston longshoremen go out.
Two Men Killed Outright, a Third
Will Die nnd Three Others
Are Seriously Injured.
Keokuk, la , March 10 Tho H I Du
to..i, mimoura or Co powder plant, rtve
miles west of Ihls city, was seriously
damaged, hy an explosion today. Two
men were killed outright, n third will die
and three others nro seriously Injured
Prank Schneider, blown to pieces.
Egbert Erlckson, head blown off,
I.cwis Leake. Injured la iho neck, will
Jimea Onllowns', cut about had anl
face may die
Hiu Hamilton, cut about head by fall
Ing rock
Pnkn.iwii man, cut about hend by fall
Ing rock.
The explosion was In mill No iov: and
the enuso Is unknown The men killed
nnd Injured wore working In Iho bull, lint
Tho unknoi u mm who vvhh Injured hy a
falling ruck was employed alwiut tho
grounds None In Hie other buildings at
work wein Injured
The damage lo the mill will reach about The mill whernln ihe explosion
occurred win totally demolished it was
a eigne structure with a wooden roof.
Geo. Melton ami Four
Guns arc Captured by
Gen. Delarey.
Three British Officers, Thirty
Eight IVlcn Killed.
Ono Officer and Two Hundred Men
Missing Battle Occurred Last Trl
dny JiiBt Beforo Diwn, Between
Wlnberg and Llchtenburg, Ornngo
Itlvcr Colony British Foico Num
bered Twelvo Hundred Men Boers
Charged on Three Sides Qcn.
Methuen Wounded, Being Shot In
tho Thigh MnJ. Paris Then Sur
rendered. He Was Afterward Re
leased and Has Benched Kranlpen
i Dispatch from Kitchener Detailing
1 the Victory of tho Boers Is Bead
I In Both Houses ot Parliament.
London. March 10 It wns announced
today that Con. Lord Methuen and four
guns had been enptured by the Iloers,
commanded by Hen. Delarey. The news
came like a thunderbolt to London. The
extra editions of Iho evening papers giv
ing nn account nf the disaster were
eagerly bought up. Their readers hur
ried through the streets vvlth nnxlous
fnces, nnd bitter remarks wern passed
on tho subject of tho Government's
declaration Hint the war In South Africa
was over. The news came too late to
nffect business on tho stock exchange,
but excited curb dealings quickly fol
lowed Ihn i losing, In which South
Afrkuns slumped heavily.
mini: MAUKivr excited.
The news caused great excitement In
the mine inaiV-ct. Tbrogmorton street
vvna thronged with South African opera
tors early, inquiring for details nf Ihe
Iltlllsh defeat and wntchlng the effect
nf tho announcement. Shares were of
fered freely nt llrst. but by 6 o clock
tho excitement hnd abated nnd thu
curb tone hardened.
Tho news was received In Ihe House
of Commons amid great oxrltcrncnt.
Tho leading nf !,nril Kitchener's tele
gram by Mr. Hrodrlck, the War Serre
tars', was listened to In deep silence,
which was broken by loud Irish cheers.
Instantly there were cries ut 'Shame,
shamol' from the ijiiveriinient benches.
Then the Irish members seemed to think
better of their outbreak und suddenly
subsided. Tho subsequent eulogistic
references to Hen. Methuen vvcro le
ccived with cheers.
In brief, I.ord Kitchener announced
that when (leu. Methuen vvna captured,
wounded, with four guns, thtco Ilritlsh
ofllccrs and thlrly-elglit men were killed
mid llvo olllcera nnd seventy-two men
were wounded Jn addition, ono olllcer
and 200 men were leported missing. The
full text of the dispatch follows.
"Pretoria, Saturday, March 81
Breatly regret to have to send lou bad
news of Methuen. Ho was moving;
with 900 mounted men under MuJ. Par
Is, and W0 Infantry, font guns nnel a
pom-pom from Wynburg to Lltchen
liurtr, and wan to meet Hrenfell, with
1100 mounted men at Hovlriilnesfonteln
today. Yesterday morning early ho
was uttucked by Delarey a fnrco be
tween Tvve.Hnsch and Palmletenlll.
The Iloers tharped on three sides.
"I'lvo hundred nnd fifty men have
romo In at Marlbogn and Kraalpen
They were pursued by Ihe Iloers four
miles fiom tho scene of tho action.
They report that Methuen nnd Purls,
with the guns, baggige', etc , were cap
tilled by the Doers. Methuen, vvhn
last seen, wis a prisoner, I have no
iletnlls of tho casualties and suggest
dolus Ing publication until I can nend
definite news.
I think this sudden revival of activ
ity on tho part of Delarey Is to draw
oft the tioons nresilng Dcvvet."
In a second dlspitch dated Sunday,
March !th. Lord Kitchener snys,
' Paris has como In nt Kiaalpen vvlth
tho remainder of tho men, lie reports
that the column was moving In two
pirlles. One, with tho nx wagons, left
Twe-Hosch nt 3 a, in. Tho other, with
tho mule vvagots, starte 1 an hour la
ter. Just before dawn tho Iloers at
tacked Ilefnro reinforcements could
leach them the rear guard broke In
tho meantime a latge number of Hoois
gnllnpil up on bulb llnnkn. These at
first vvcro checked by the llnnk parties,
but tho panic nnd stnmpeela of the
mules hnd begun nnd nil Ihe iiiuln
wagons, with a teirlhln mlxtitin of
mounted men, ruined past Iho ox
w igons. All efforts to check them
were unavailing. Maj Paris collected
forty men and occupied n position n
mllo In flout of the ox vvngnns, which
were then halted. After a gallint but
useless defense the enemv i tiered Into
the nx wagons an.l Methuen was
wounded In tho thigh. Paris, being
surrounded, surrendered at 10 a, m
Methuen Is still In the Doer camp."
Then follows tho number of casual,
ties, as already cabled. The killed In
clude Lleuts O It Venning nnd T, P.
W, Nnsham of the Ilosal artillery, who
weie both killed whllo serving their
guns vvlth case shot
As 1iid Kitchener announced that
Maj Paris had surrendered and also
telegtaphed that ho hail readied
Kraalpen with the remainder of the
men It may bo Inferred that the Iloers
subsequently released tho Major and
his companions,
Lord Kllihener's dispatch announc
ing Ihe dl'nster to Clen. Mrthtten's
forces wns rend In both the House of
Lords and tho IIouso of Commons to
day by Lord Itobeits, the commander-in-chief,
and Mr. Hrodilck. thu War
Secretnty, rospectlvily. They both
paid tributes to Hen. Methuen the for
mer expressing his appreciation of
Methuen's success throughout the war,
declaring that his task of forcing tho
Doer position nt Magrrsfontcln was an Rji 3!
almost Impossible one BIhS' ' SH
TIHIIt'TI H TO MT-.THUKN wfir' " j
Lord Itoberts, commander-in-chief, afwjj ,' H
who announced the llrltl.ib disaster 111 Unh ' ' flH
the Hmiso nt Lords, said (icn Methuen , ' 1 jH
for nearly two years had carried on jMnC t
his work with real, Intelligence and HI n ' uHHfl
great persoyeranee ridding that tho BM , i 'GH
(leneral was beloved ot his men and no HUB1! n iH
work wns to) dangerntiH nor dlfllcult HHgn - ,, nH
for them or den. Methuen. Tho com- hBLCm .' , .ftMH
minder In-chl.-f was sure the IIousu SMn !j U H
was deeply grieved nt vvhnt had oc- (MtW I, i J Wfl
ciirred He would nik Ihelr Lordships WxJMiu HBsi
tn concur vvlth him In his sympathy Hjl!l ; ''HH
for the gallant olllcer In his present Mil? ;' A IMH
unfortunate position and defer adverse HtU: S( tl
criticism till they had mnre Infnrma- jK ."''jfiH
tlnn ns tn what wnn directly responsl- WflJii ! i'r
ble Prom Delarey s i ondilct through- orr Jl-1 H
out the vvai they could all be assured HAi H'H H
that flen Methuen would bo taken HH, ' jj.J; H
good care of IHHavJ!1" Hfl
Lord Spencer, Liberal, tho former (W Ir i, lHH
president ot the Council, said ho thor- (ij 'KlHI
oughly believed In Hen Methuen'u fiRi j I h HH
seal. He did not want tn offer a hint K&V ft! I BH
of criticism nt the present time. 9Ulf'i'i Hi
The Premier, Lend Sallsbur. also ex- m J-,M")!J,BB
pressed dcen smp.ithy with Oen. H'lv sj , .itH
Methuen under the UDtortttnnte clr- Kli, !ii l
cumstnnces He snld It wns not tho mfl T Ih II'H
time In discuss his actions. He hadlrlK' Y j .PlIH
nlvvasn ncted with the nreateat gnl-SA; p I if) B
lantry ami the Premlor IhereforofS v )uUM
thought they should defer criticism nrH' lUf J U1B
exnmlnntlnn ot Ihe very sad tntelll-P i? , J 't uHsl
gence until details arrived His Lord-IS Jji V;, , !HH
ship was convinced (len Methuen hadfg jy,"1!' '(MH
done his best In accordance with thl3gj"l(l' ',V 'HH
most nirlanilinly iiffnlr. It? I J I ' , ttHsl
The feeling nt depicsslon In the '"b-fift If l j'HHH
hies of tho House of Commons overWjt: f1' i T,l trlaHH
Ihn news of tho disaster in Boatth Af-tNi;. tj.aljH
rlia was very marked. The servlcoa? ;.i irH
members nf the Douse expressed theiU b'i I nHxel
opinion that It will necessltnta send-i!,t f ' r . JfH
Ing fresh troops to the rront, ivhlli',"J,'t j (9H
Hie belief wns widely expressed thatHC J. u ' :HH
Ihe liners will not fall tn takn nd-Jl, fff".) ,IH
vantage of Clen Melhuen's promlnenc5,T'4"'& lEH
tn hold him ns hostage for the safety?,, 4, ' 'I LrSHI
ot Commandant Krltzlnger nnd nthoriif W i'lBflH
lloer lenders now In tho hands of thai' ... K ei ! OM
Ilritlsh. A1.' i f
SOMnTIlINO ADOUT MKT11UEN. 'ffiftkt flilH
Hen. Methueti commanded tho col-t&vf V ' r, fH
limn sent lo relieve Klmbcirloy In tho!' k ,' ;i jH
latter part of in, nnd whllo on that'r! n ' wBsHsl
service fought the Iloers nt HcImont,J-jt I rlflsHsl
Graspan, the Mndder river and Ma-a t , j, j HHH
gersfnnteln At the laittle nf OrnspanHEiat; I , HH
Iho liners were under command otMlJ'Uf . ' , H
Clen. Delarey, who Is Oen Mothuen'aBHH I HH
raptor now. After these cngagements,f(a-i "'f i MH
Oen Lord Itoberts was sent to HouthKBt ' WH
Afrlcn, where he took a personal com-ElRfj' ' t WM
maud of the Ilritlsh advance on Klnvflfwiji,' ' J ,! MH
herley nnd relieved Klmberley Febru-Iln ifj 1 IflH
ary 16. 1900. mm ij 1 f mmM
After Clen. Methuen's defeat at Mo-Wtfi ; f iVr Wkm
gersfnnteln It was leported that hewfi A. , ''flflHI
hnd shown signs of breaking down'tlB it1 ' tJIIH
almost Immedlalely he took rommandwn ,n 4 lis
of his ellvlslon, and Oen. Wolscley, vvhcMKy J M ' jSHH
was the cnmmander-lti-ehlet nf thfHKiiL' 1 ' . ffWH
1lrlllr.li forces. In said tn havo suggest'Jf'fi hi' mIH
ed tn the Wur olllre. after the hattleVjfj J f, IHH
of llelmont, that Methuen should biW-'J I' i' fnB
relieved, but his advice was notjlri t SHUxel
heeded, iflW i i flQH
SENT rtEMAltlCAHLH MESSAGD. jt' ffl Jl ' j
(len Methuen sent a number of rojfyJtM iill
mnrknbln messages tn tho War oIllccwKVjLl , HUH
one nt which contained Just threiWufKr aHHI
words, "Darkness, after dawn." HIMaacili jH
handling of the troops nroused thBIu llIHH
most violent criticism, which was onlflnil uSlHH
stilled hy tbo lellcf ot ICImtwrleyWBf h I 3 JH
when thu question of his henlth amaMsJ " 'llHH
nhlllts' seemed to bo dropped, SlncHHF'l '. k
that time Oen. Methuen ban rendereSHl Tl ' ifMM
ettlclent service, nnd several notablflHIu 'i iiHffH
successes over tho Hoots stand to htfHfll! '.-FliHi
(len. Delarey, who has proved hlnW?Ssf IJij! (KMH
self Ihn most nblo nt the lloer Hcnnjf-J VHH
crals, haa within a fortnight gained BKii ' v;i IBHsl
second declslvo victory. His llrst vlcMjSVi) f'iMH
tory was tho capture of Von Donop'flHMyn it, fnH
convoy when the llrlilsh casualties lIBwll itlllH
killed, wounded nnd prisoners tntatew9fr ih nlHH
C12, and ho has now ndded to his lauiBffltjjl (-"lll
els by tho cuptuto for the llrBt tlinJKlOffl , liH
throughout tho campaign nf a PromMnlW 'i3
nent Ilrlllnh Heneral and by IlllllctlnWS Ji'J - .ilflH
vvhnt Is generally admitted to bo onOwLlfl 1(H
of the worst reverses tho Ilritlsh hnvWWJH -!H
suffered throughout tho whole war. uSX j ''IEBB
It Is supposed that Lord MethueWE ' ,. , ijflH
was marching with tho Intention da 5 ,' Itls!
I avenge the rapture of the Von Dc"r,iRf 1 )H1
convo)', TMI i' , JIHH
limni" DETAILS. WSi ) ,i i fiW
The newspaper c orrespondcnU fsra) J ,. JlflH
South Africa buve not yet been allow e.sJK J I , illH
to descilbo the nffnlr. Tho only addtjKm ' llKHH
llnnnl details available nro rontnlnnH jlu ijtMt
In a further dispatch from Lord KitcljKft '', ,l ilH
cner, which Mr. Ilindrlck, the SecrflEI Pit ' 9'IH
tnry for War, icud Just ua ParllameiBKj j i l, 'llH
was adjourning. This ellspntrh alwisBj , ' " dYUMM
that tho flint contusion was cause1 jij- I HH
by native Hoors with horses who gaMr ifii H1
loped through tho mule convoy as tlHT Uj , flCMsi
latter was endeavoring, by Lord MctlWg fij Sll
lien a directions, to tloso on tho ejtK.f a'. 3!SH
convoy. fSij' ; ft IjlflH
Ihe dlsonler among the mules conSjf 'M1', ' fl(H
munlcated Itielf to mounted trooiVii - j'v UlHI
and thu Iloers, dressed In khaki anfji t J ,(HH
riding nlnngsldo tho wagons, frl'JBJS r'i jaMMM
trnled nil tho attempts nf tho UrltlflK? , I jQH
ofllcera to rally thiir forces, f!rea'H; (t i 'UHBH
confusion ensued iimnng this portlj .a l1'U'EIlaHsl
of tho mounted troops. They nnd tf (.J, ,!(,' JiSBH
mule vvagnna galloped three miles b. , Hp3MNH
ynnd the ox waeons, whcio they wcj VA YmuMm
cut "" I -v r,us!i Wmm
1'OUOHT GALLANTLY. ,4 i'. ' rlpl
flections of tho rotirlh nnd Thlrtf fl ' jll' 9(B
eighth bnttorlca of artillery fougl m i tiliflBI
with great gallantry, and 600 mef.'Mil LtSWB
compoaed of Iho Northumberland P(", . Htf , ''iMjjH
sllecia nnd the Lnncashlres, shovviinA, i MvimM
conspicuous courage In protecting tif' I, 'illiH
vvngnns and refusing to surrender iff " t jiijB
til resistance was uselesn. V el 'OVaVivH
WOHE HH1TIB1I HNIFOIIMS. f 1 ifjjl' l"'j!jl
Tho force! under Clen. Delarey win fi H AfHmi
almost entirely dressed In Ilritlsh u( Il M .'BJLiB
forms, 'Ihls mado It Impossible for tAjt lit I ' pBlCiHi
Infantry to illallngulsh between thf1 i ; Ki ili'H
own men nnd Ihe enemy when C, jjj vt h?.
mounted troops wern driven In if,) M KaliiB
them. The enemy numbered 1600 mjb'l' uto. OiH
They hnd one 15-pnunder and a pott, t, "LI I lulSJH
pom Delarey, Cellers, Kemp, Verasja f tiniimm
'lromp and other commandants wilji ' M 'III JMU
present. Jj I'Kr; J i hJM
(len, dethuen was seen by nn agebj, y lfi' il 4t
of the lntelllgencii clepartment. He i 5 Tlt.'l'.jiljaB
being well cared for In his own wng; l II I'l sinl
In a prlvatn telegram Just recelful'" t "' Mimmm
here Loid Kitchener adds "I foiLjlfr ',1 ,,liM
Methuen ba.i a fractured thigh. Witt ,i WVmm
he la reported to bo doing well ' if SviYlfKiM
In another meisago Lord KllchefJjS t'r"pll)irMI
s.i j s the wounded will bo brought IPMe- 'A, li l,(H
the rnllrn.nl today, nnd adds' I h3J3 'wUiHlj MB
tho reinforcement now arrlvlne LVft f'iL'r'H Jt HB
rectify the sltuitionln this arena wF.il R Idnv? iVMitmm
out dlsturbltiR nperallons elsevvhereW !(v Pfcj "jl
WOUbT NOT TOLD. V(, llwj-jlJH
It Js feired that Lord KllchenJl' ,&,. " fjl
Incnmpleta nccnuuts havn not told (l1, T. Wrillilf SsHI
woist, but among the newspapers rjiW.t '-ffJI-Uj,, B
thu public theio Is a tendency to W. EM,i'VrM
cetd Mr Hrodrlck s advice to susplA ,,f fi i aJji.C !
Judgment pending the receipt of Kf Svilidflsi
tans. Wnlll n. llH
Kokomo, Indiana, City Council Uj 'j'l j'wfijH
members a Hero. Jo Bft HVjtjH
Kolcomo, Ind, March 10 -The tMjjjT J 3 i J I'JK
Council has voted a gold medal to PriTMf Plrtj 1HB
Wsntt. a Pan-llsnille rnllwny englnTO ,a JUH
for bravery. The lo.al lodge, of IteL''". t't , jiMH
ders of Old 1'ellows and Reel Men JM: ,i .jIliffHH
voted medals and cash to him, nliho,aui .InMSIUH
Wvatt Is not a member Of hher ordH3 MtliinH
yalt left hit engine at three ,n"UjjJWUi J MM
gns explosions nat wer k arid carried JprJI,SKn
women nut nt burning bullulnrs ruta A '.WJ'Sjlfl H
through a mass of tlanies to rescue irttdf -TraJSH H
Tho women vvere Mrs Ida Achoy. Hffifl lAVJaBm
Elizabeth Phillips Mrs Marv HarrlnJKtf lijWJ
and Mrs Mary Spurxeon Tho twoMJ Wliwr
mer clle.l of their Injuries, but Ih otBI M? 'jflj
'"vv'y.Ht""" himself badly burneJm i,3 H
pulling one of the women from uadJOtf Ktfjl
fallen chimney, . M ":''

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