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TlIT! TxTEK-MouxTArs- FATOmn ,yn RAyciotAy. Tuesday aroitxixG, Aptiil 29, 1D02. 5 li iSH
aker Henderson Is Cer
tain to Be Called.
,, Interested in Irrigation
ln Do No' Propose to Have
',, Bill Shelved nnd Somo Hnid
L Will Most Likely Bo En-
Led 0" 110 noor o tU H0UB8
i Speaker Attempts What Has
flUencd-He Has, It I.
ld suggested nn Aiuemlinent.
THtnt NE ni'UKAU,
j J K Street, t
... , n C . April 2S- )
,Z " -o". r a resoluUon by
.nat. Mc-J,ll. making their-
'rill th- ord.r of business
V i ml to the committee
h ? i lluii- . has brought the
'' 3 the members as to
.rthat " ,U" UtClX CCnSl11".
aurlr tn- present scjiIoii of.
,.. It i3 lumorcd around tho
jtMtti. suikerlias made tho
H n to t iln college presidents
v. , t t the bill to establish
''.if n n rKy'" rlous states
ii i,s ain hed as nn amendment
lirlB "n bill, and till! Is re-
1 bi the. interested as detrl-
,1 to the Ihwl passage of tho Ir
ion rocasur
i-cirrtoniY vote riaunns.
naltlon t-- this tho vote of some
h, " "tern Itcpubllcans on the
n teclrrc Iti hill mny hnc come
, on the n Hon of the speaker In
bur th- measure to be bi ought
, the lutuie Speaker Henderson
chBlrmin of the Committee on
Lba, the power of nllovvlng or re
cto allow the consideration of any
ire fending before the House, and
" resolution mnklns tho Irrigation
he order of bm Incus will first have
. report 1 b this committee, It Is
ro.ltlon to hold the resolution an
-nlte length of time, and In fact
i other It ultog ther If so desired.
il1 ther iprorlty ineusuio won up
tTOliir ti i Mr Mnndcll called
the . -K r itgarditiK tho pros
of getting the Irrigation bill bo
th llou- , nnd be was Informed
Ir Hend in at th"it time that he
j not i in Id r tho matter at all
Utter th r Iproclty mensuie was
it tho a In Mew of this state
t nt th" rienk r some of the vvest
I eputlti nni nro of the opinion that
W on th" luban bill will have
llnlluini on Ids notion regarding
ration Of cuirse whether It will
Kit remalni to be sopu, but be this
ma) th r ,irr ientntles interested
irrlgitlnn enterprlo are deter
lto bring the matter up If possible
t the a Ion rumen t "f congress,
It any iliipinlllon Is shown to
t th' matt r i nine bnrd fueling will
ibh be cog mlcred on the lloor of
mlttee on Irrigation Ileport on
Bill to Rcgulnte Matter.
TRIIt'.M! special.
uMnirton Apill 21. The committee
rlgttlon has Instructed Mr. Suth
in in L a favornblo reiiort on
bl I now r inline before that com-
inking It unlawful to held or
are am vle sheep, horses or
rllv tr k uron any reservoir site
ml i I upon the public lauds
Unit J St t s or to enter there
lth th t it herd more than onco
tours t r thi- purpose of watering
an- at I not to lemiln thereon
r than o hours nt one time. This
rt - however, any poison
orr.-rjuon driving- stock from a
i to a li -Mling ntntlon for tho pur
of shlpn it fmm stopping on nny
ill r n i itci tn rest slid cattle
rither ' of tho Journey. The
villi 1 r u 1 with somo amend
lotainin r ehuncter, which will
mate-lall) nfi nt the measure.
'tary of Interior Passes on Ono
From Lewlston District.
!h!nitt"ii iirll lis. -Tho Secretary
f hit rlir ( Hy roversed tho do-
"i 't th 1.1 ncrnl Lnnd olllco In
cf 1 -ut 1) JlcCormlck vs.
F 1! i ot nl , Involving lnnd
' Lttt.al i I H., land district. It
'" fr m ii conls that McCnr-
'PPll I id unite honicHtead entry
f nrJ in iui ition, and that his
W n j? rejected by tho local
, .. ",? v" ,he ground that the
1 Molio hail a pieferrrel right
itiali i ,H under thu net of
; .. ' v huh bad not expired
M of i ,,n, nun,, 'n10 Qeiic.
unloHr r i.i tlmt tho local olll-
"J In r j ting Mci'ornilck'n np-
"n In . vUCl 0f the selection
larl u ,he Ktate The case
PI ilril .he Seiretary of tile
i.;,Wj ' 1" 0l the d.ilslon ot
t-entrai i , U(,C1V nnMtCor-
n i SIT . "" ,a then fme reject-
Mnta! f Ulttnunllts aro to ro"
trtl5 Ilepoit on Sutherland's
V ttbllslt Station.
MWn-n ,nPl, 8Tll0 ollBO
H o on m hunt Marino nnd
" li.i ,.,! (0 nin(0 n faN0l.
m,?"01 J' '"theilund's bill to
."Jo n i hauhlng Btatlon in
."" v into 5 000 therefor,
wV h "jn0a icqucst I'ish
t . " ' tr nppeured beforo
,,,) " " Rlriingly looom.
liar r i " ot "l0 monsiirc. A
c i ' n uitiiidiieed In ev-
1 L.ut n " "umber ot jcars
f I ' Miro a ha,, ,cf,n unnuc.
t, i"" of the fnct that
ition i " '",R nlvvn3 been
th- ' ln'i bus never met
foh i ' "f the depaitmelit,
mil "i 'h" Imvn always
in l ' the prior bills,
rrt ulrtllJM llsi'8 Its own
" mi i of a locution,
'Mian A"P,Kica AlD to Bb Con.
aihir'""'1 bl'lIAI.
. , v" " IH. Bnnutor Pit-
1 'h u', "ll "10 I'loposltlon to
"h "U,,"J r of Iiullnu iignncles
I " t t ono of which was
,"' i i. , "iL? llua fulled. Iho
" .il un,' - , "" '"dtaii arfalrs lmu
u" r pnssuio und litis pio-
ylded In the Indian bill n conference
for tho pay of agents as heretofore
deUlnlng to concur lu the opinion of the
Inellan onice lu this regard nils r
fe" ',' r, U t0 hVe " "ttnlnea ati:
i !?,",' ll'orouBh consideration of the
subja. It was thought that the
superintendents of s.hoeils ore not ab o
to maintain discipline among thu In.
enrirSer0' things0"" """" l"B "r9-
Nez Terco Indians Uncover Sum Due
the Tribe.
Wnshlngton April M-Jnmes Stuart and
Thomas Knlntuek, the two Xcb Terco ln
ilhuis now In Washington, have uncovered
C(M) In rnsh long shue rtti.. the tribe, to
gether wlih Jwrno expense money rightfully
belonging to the Nci l'erees by virtue of
a treit mailo In 11 Senator Dubois Is
assisting the.,, indlins to get tho noees
snry Informitlon to enaWo them to fnr-
niert It Is said there Is no nocewlti rm
rmiilovlnr n, rlnlm iiriiu These riprc
f ;S . .' "V,1""'' "re very much npposr-u
;o the rpteullon of Antnt Btrannh in, ul
lOKlng that he N not In sjmimthj mth
tho piogrosslvo clement of the tribe.
Private Secretary to Congressman
Sutherland Coming Home.
linlnl'NK BI'KCIAL
Washington, April SS-Cliirlcs T Har
mon ot ltolse, Ida wis today appointed
n mesBengir In the Suvcjor-acneral s
offlco nt Holso at IKO per annum
X 1 Nclsim, private secretary to Itp
resemntlvo Sutherland, left tod i for Silt
I.uko (Mty on personal business He will
prob,iblj not return beforo adjournment
of i oiiL,ng
J 11 ltobcrts and J, n Dlehl ot ltobln
son, Ltah, ure In the city Msltlng.
Senator Clark Awaiting Information
Trom Montana,
"U'ashlngton, April 2S The nomln-vtlon
of J, Reynolds to bo ngent of the Crow
Indians has been held up by Senator
Clark of Montana until tho receipt ot In
formation promised b certain parties In
Action of Judge Harney in Sending
Attorneys to Jnll for Contempt
Has Aroused tho People.
Tutte Mont, April OT rii action of
Judge Harney of the District court la
the famous Mlnnlo llonly mining tarn. In
Hcmllnpr Attorn.) b John V Torbls ami
I o i:ans tu Jail nml ImpoiInK n Hn
uf &n) for contempt of toiirt lius urouseil
nn unUHunl mnount of discus! on on the
recent ilohiKS of the Judge. Iho public
Kcncnlly Iuih taken slika In tho cape,
und If n n thing tho majority Is ngitnat
thn court.
Attorney I'orbls has been a practitioner
In tho htato for two car8, has un txrrl.
lent record, nnd Is considered ono of tho
foremost hiwjera of tho Northwest He
linn handled millions of dollars worth of
buxlmas for tho Amalgamated Interests,
nnd together with his ouug pnrtner, U
O i;nii8. has mnnj friends, who nro In
cnjed nt the action of tho Judge
U Is urged thnt tho Buprcme- court gno
the nltornes tho right to Incorporate
tho uffldnvtts nllegert b llarncj to bo
contemptuous In their llndlngs nnd for
the miaou it la thought the lontr court
bad nbsolutely no right to take tho dc
cldell harh step against tho lawcr
Iho Inter-Mountulti m ido an editorial
nttark on Hnrny for bis nitlon Iho
attorneys arc still out on bonds, und the
habeas corpus proceedings will como up
on Uidnesda), to which day tho hear
ing was postponed.
Investigation at Boise Is Moving
Along Very Slowly Witness Bell
Is Cross-Exnrnlncd.
Tiunrxi: si'nciAt, i
Dolse, Ida, April 2S -Tho I'crrault In
estlnatlon Is movlnB alone very slowly
This morning John D Hell was put on
the Btnnd for crosn-examlnatlon llo de
clared he overheard Mr l'trrnult tell In
spector Ilurko that his pass hud arrived
This Is In connection with n charge that
i'crrault paid especlil attention to tho
Inspector In order to curry favor with
him, and that he secured railway trans,
portatlor for him with that end In vltvv
ills ustlmony dll nut van materially
from Unit Klven Halurda)
Charles ivtntnn. un emnloveo, testified
that ho gavo Chief Clerk uobb V for
cimpnltin purposes: Uobb, ho said,
ealud him Into tho oftlco und suirKested
that he mlBlu contribute If he wlslud.
Woman's Clubwomen Agitated Over
Question ot Presidency of tho
I.os Angeles, April S.-Mrs. ncbetci
Doumls I.uwe, of Atlanta, Oa , president
of tho tiner.il rcderutluu of Women's
clubs, arrived In a speilil train Into to
da. Hho was met hi a. loi il delegation
of piomlncnt clubwomen 8ho camo In
with tho Ocorcla nnd Kunsas ilcleBatlons.
'Iho delegation from 'U-xus arrived to.
night. 'Iho (onibliud di legations from
lown, Ivcbruskn and Minnesota ore duo
nt 8 30 p. m. tomorrow.
Nothing In connection with the corning
biennial meeting Is nglt itlng the minds
of locnl clubwomen so much ns tho rres.
Idinlinl candidal . nnd Just how miltera
are lo develop iilnng this line Is nn enlg
inu lift for the convention to solve.
Koosevolt Unnhlo to Attend Meeting
of Spanish War Vcteinns.
tVashlnaton, April Ik -I'rotld. nt Itoose
vclt will not attend the meeting! which
bchlna In Now VorK tonight of the mili
tary ni 1 nival or.lpi or the Hi niilsh
American war of vvhlth he Is command,
ei but I s commissioned Hen. (leoign I)
llnrrles. a miinb.i or tlw orsunlttllon to
convi'y 1.: bist wishes for n success id
meell ig nnd his ngnts at his Inability
to UtlUIlt
1.1. M'V JompIi l'arker minister of tho
City Tini.ilc, London, la u rlously 111
ri.o UTorls of the riutestnnt nlllunce .to
rxiiil tin Jesu to from llngliml, i"idi
fh i act of (leorgu IV.. havu again failed
Shadowed or tl i week In .lie Ilrlllnh
l' irllame il In order tulit pi ogress m n
ie n" i w Ih the new rules inoied re
&St epidlaV d Kgi.,1 in the Bu
umlcr tho presld.nev n- .,'', roxl,d,
lo prt'eiVo (hctt mdipendtnio.
Speaker Henderson Had I Known T hat Would Grow So Fast, I'd Havo Slugged It Early In the Campaign.
- Itrnlt Journal
United Copper Company Is
Papers Tiled In Trenton Authorize
the Incorporators to Mine, Melt and
Manufacture Copper, Gold, Silver
and Other Metals It Will Include
Nlnety-Flvo Per Cent of the Helnzo
Piopertles Eighteen Thousand
Shares ot Now Company Dealt In
on Curb In New York.
New York, April :S. The Unit
ed Copper company, with nn authorized
capital stock of JSO 000,000, was incoi
porateil In Tienton today. It Is
authorized to mine, melt and manu
facture copper, gold, silver and other
The capital stock Is divided Into
$3,000,000 preferred and J75 000,000 com
mon stock It is provided, hovvevei, that
the Issued capital stock shall not ex
ceed J5.000 000 preferred nnd $45,000,000
common, except on the nfllnnntlvo Note
of tlnce-fourths ot the directors of tho
company and tho holders of two-thirds
ot the stock of euih class.
It Is provldod that the pieferrcd stock
shall di aw 6 per cent cumulative Inter
est. There is a pinvlso that the com
pany may sell Its entire plant with tho
consent of three-fourths of the dlreelois
and the holders of two-thirds of the
stock of etch class.
who lNcoiU'OiiAiorts am:.
The registered ngent of tho company
Is tho Hudson Trust company of Ho
boken, N. J., and tho Incorporators nro
lloiatlo Whltrldgo Trumbull, New
Yoik, Arthur A. Iiioivnlee, I'rlncetcji
John Trench, New Yoik. Tho papers
were llled by the law ill in of Carey &
Whltrldgo of No 50 Wall slicet, New
Yen k.
includes huik.i: l'ltornirrira.
Acioidltig lo Mee President lohn
Maglnnls of the Montani Oie Purchas
ing company nnd other Helnzo proper
ties, tho new company will havo In Hm
trciBuiy 93 per cent of tho coinpanj
stoik of these cominnies. The Mon
t inn Ore Purchasing company, tho
Nipper Consolidated Copper compuny,
tho Minnie Henley Copper Mining
company, tho Cohra-Ilork Island Cop
per Mining company nnd the Uclmont
Copper Mining company,
Tho compa will also havo $1,000 0W
of the first mortgage bonds ot tho
Montana Purchasing compnny
bonds nnd .,r.00 000 first mortgage
bonds of the Nipper compnn. These
bonds represent tho only bonded In
debtedness nt tho companies named.
About 18.000 shares of United Cop.
per common vveie trnded In on the
curb when Issued today. The stoik
opened nt IJ. sold oft ', advanced tu
J3 and closed nt 34 7-8B35.
HUMsrilptlnn to thu underwriting of
tho new compnny wore quoted ut 1J0,
with the amount of stock offered twice
ovei subscribed
Consolidation of Helnze Interests
Causes reeling of Unrest.
nutte, Mont, April SX-The reported
consolidation of the August Helne In
terests In ono combination to be known
m tho United Copper compan) of New
J.rse has created feelings u! unrest In
this city and vicinity, 'the statement
camo Mom New York lost week to
the elTeit that Helnze nnd the Montana
Oro Pun basing company and the Mln
nlo Hculo, Coria Hock, Ilelmout und
other companies had been absorbed bj
tuo United Copper company lent truth
to the reporto that the Amalgamated
companj was nbout to effect a settle,
inent with their untogoulit and would
icon control the situation completely.
It ban been currently reported that
Helnze Is to hold a high position ns
general manager with the Amalgamat
cd Interests, but this Helnze himself
icfues to dlsciiHS The mining man,
In fact, will not talk of tho sltuitlon
except to say that ho hns the forma
tion of a parent corporation for his
Interests in view.
It is known that a deal has been on
foot for some tlmo between Helnze nnd
Ue Amalgamated people for a settle
ment ot their dirfererw.es, which has
cost h much trouble and expense.
IIctn7o has maintained a position al
together too high for the Amalgamat
ed to consider, und here is the reason
It has been supposed the two factions
could not mnke an agreement
When seen this evening nlmut the
reportH fmm the East, Helnze'a agent
declined to dlscurs the matter, Helnze
could not Iks found, and his partner
nnd general manager of the Montnna
Ore Purchasing company, John Mac
Glnnls. Is now In the Enif.
Calumet nnd Ilccla Strikes Stock
holders Very Hard,
llo'ton, Mass , April IS. Directors of
the Calumet and Ilccla Mining com
pany todiiy deelaied a dividend of $"
per slnre, the smallest contribution In
threo enrs. Tho cut Is exactly one-half
from the previous dividend and standH
stockholders a loss of $300 000 Along
with It, Vice-President Llvermore an
nounces that tho compuny has re
entered tho market at ii'i cents. It
Is understood that the compnny Is now
engnged lu selling 20,000 000 pounds,
which should carry them up to July 1,
It Is evidently war between Standard
Oil Infiests nnd the Uoston people.
Salt Lakers In New York,
New York, April Ss -These Halt Lakers
nre registered here Orund, P. I), vwidc;
Criterion, C. It. Kern.
Magnificent Silver Servlco Given the
Admiral by People ot
the South. '
Mepmhls, Tenn , April 28 Tho first day
of the visit to Memphis of Admiral and
Mrs. Schley opened with lowering clouds
nnd occasional showers. The parado was
postponed until tomorrow. Many promi
nent peoplo paid their respects to the
Admlrul and his wlfo during tho morning
hours. Including Oov, Uenton McMillln
and wife
After luncheon tho Admiral nnd his
wlfo wcro driven to the Audltorijm,
where a magnificent sliver uervlce was
I n seated to Admiral Schii y on behalf of
lsoiJO aubscrlbert to u fund for thut pur
pose The movement to present n testimonial
to the Admiral was begun by tho Coin-incrclnl-Appeul
about a jenr ugo and
contributions were made In small
amounts from Arkansas, Mississippi, Ala.
liitnn and 'lennessee I ormer hinator
Thomas II 'iurlev made tho presentation
siiich, and Admiral Schley ucccptcd tho
-- 4-4--f -f
f St I mils April SS -Ernest Wilde, -f
n llrltlsh subject, occupies a cell -f
f In the guardhouso nt Jefferson liar-
links, awaiting transportation to
tin Pidernl prison on Altnlrns 1st. 4-
and In California bay, to serve a
f nlin l.nlne.seur sentence for tiea- -f
-f son to thi fulled btntes If ho had -f
-f not falsi Ij sworn that he was n -f
4 citizen of the United Stales he
could not havo found his wa Into
4- his present predicament, for he -i-4-
would not have been oocepted ns a -f
4 reirult for tho Pulled stales army
4 hi St Iju1 December .1, W), and
-f shipped to the Philippines .
Wilde had been In active servlco -f
on J.uzon Island only about ono -4-
month when he disappeared from -f
-4- tho camp of Company 11 of the
Twelfth Infantry nt Panequle, fifty -f
miles frem Mnniln. Por twenty -f
f das hcremulneit absent Then ho -f
4 turned up In Tarlio ami surren- -f
-f drred Ho sull ho had been can
4- tund b tho lncurgenls, ond with -4-4
much dlfileiilts hnd escaped. With 4
4 hint vus a soldier named Kenney -f
4- from tho Pourlh cavalr), who told -f
f the snmo stor 4
- Instead of taklnc Glide's word
4 nnd 1 crmlttlng him to rejoin his 4
4 command, the commanding officer 4
4 nt Tnrlac ordered him beforo a 4
4 general court-martial chjrglng 4
4 him with desertion nnd specif lug 4
4 thut he hud quit camp to Join and 4
4 light with tho rihplna Insurgents, 4
4 On this charge nnd noccltlcutlon 4
4 W'lldo was convicted, 4
tt-f . .. .
Twister Wrecks the Town of
Glenrose, Texas.
Forty Others Are Injured Storm
Struck the Village Between 0 nnd 0
O'Clock In tho Evening One-Third
of tho Business Homes Demolished
Assistance Has Been Sent From
Neighboring Towns None ot the
Wounded Aro Very Seriously Hurt
Courthouse Also Wrecked,
Dallas, Tex , April 28 A Ulephono mes
saso to the Dallas News from Morgan,
Tex, sas n tornado panned over fllen
rosc, u smnll town in BnmcrWIIo county,
brtnecn C and G o'clock this afternoon,
killing flo pcrPonH, Injuring forty more,
and UcinolHhlng much property,
Mrs. Carl Milan.
Two-ear-oM daughter of J n, Milan
I lev. Jlr. JTordt pastor of tho Methodist
Ml? Mao Connrll.
Hoy named Mudgrove.
Mrs. CI a go and ono othr, name un
known. BinuousLY iNjunnD.
Mrs. Tldncll, ""
Mrs. Haichow
Mr. and Mrs. Ihomas Trice and baby,
Mlsa lRg
Mr. nnd Mrs. Shields
Miss Lewis of Wcatherford.
Tho courthouKO was badty damaged, a
printing office wan blown awni, two sa
loons we. o partly destroy ed, Milan's
ware-room was demolished, I.lly & Bon's
grocery store was blown away, a black
smith shop was destroyed, nnd four
buildings of Hendricks & Son were j
tally demolished. Onethlrd of the ,1
news houses of tho town wero wrcc..d,
Assistance haB been sent to Ulenrose
from Morgan.
Will Qlvo Banquet to Ofllclals of All
Ills Roads on Thursday Night
In San Trnnclsco,
Tnmi'Nn sphciai,
Ban rrnnclscn, April 28 1'rerldent liar
rlmun of tho Southern I'aclllc will be the
guest of honor Wednesday night nt a
banquet given to htm by the commerclil
bodies of Bun Krnnclsio On the follow.
Ing night Air llnrrimnn vvll nlvc n bun.
iliiet to the olYlclals of the Hoothcrn I'n
illle, t'nlon I'acllli', Oregon Short Una
nnd Oregon Hallway fe Navigation com.
t'uny i
Vlce-I'resldent Ilaneroft nnd other offl.
chtls or the Oregon rihort Lino will luvo
today for San i'rnnclseo to attend the
bumiuet given by their ihlif.
Omaha Officers Leave Evnnstou With
William Heap.
Uvnnstnn, Wo, April 2S -Sherllf John
I'ower of Omaha left this illy this morn
ing with Wllllnm llenp. tho mnn who de.
fruudeil the 1'erry Cuttle and Commis
sion lompany of $11,11 rbnut u yiwr ago
Mr I'ower has been hero about two
weilcs waiting for requisition papers It
will no rtmembered that Judge Craig de.
elded Wsomlng hid no Juris lletlon In
tho llenp enso, and thnt Heap was Im
mediate!) rearrested by Nibraski oril.
icrs and placed In Jail awaiting roptlsi.
lion papers.
Gas Flnnt to Bs Constructed at Teller
imini'Ni: special
Grand Jumtlon, Colo, April 2S-The
aov eminent will construct an ncotjlene
gas plant nt Tiller Institute, tho Indian
school located two miles eust of this
cltv, iho contract for building and pin
ing has already been lei, Hue Is to bo
used for light and there will be too jets
In tl n various bullJliiks 11U Is a much,
needed Improvement, as heretofore coal
oil haa bien used,
Pennsylvania!! Creates Sen
sation in House.
Declares That He Was a Disgrace to
tho Uniform He Wore anil Ex
pressed the Hope That tho Presi
dent Would Strip Him of His Uni
form Within rorty-Clght Hours
All This on Account of tho Orders
Issued by American Officer In the
Samnr Campaign.
Washington, April 25 ltcrescnta
tlvo Sll)lc, of lVnnsjIvnnla created iv
sensation here today during the general
debate on Iho agricultural bill, denoun
cing1 Cleneral Jacob II Smith for the
orders he Issued In the S.imsr cam
pilgn. llo declared thnt e'.en Hinlth
vvns a disgrace to tho uniform he wore
nnd expressed the hope that the Presi
dent would strip him of bis uniform
within fort .eight hours
now it was ltnoiuvnt).
Mr. Hlble's speech was i iithusiasti
cilly applauded by the Democrats and
wim revelled with some evidence of
approval on the Republican side, Tho
speech was considered the more rc
markablo In that It came from a He
publican who left the Democratic
party on the Issues rnlsed by the Hpan
l.h war and who has slnco been nn nr
dent expansionist.
Upon the conclusion of the general
debate slow tu ogress was made with
tho bill, only thlrt-nvc of the fortj
nlno pages being disposed of.
AoitiomriJUAL liiw. vi
This wnn District of Columbia day
In tho House under the rules but the
regulnr order was postponed until Mon
day next In order thnt tho House might
proceed with the consideration of the
ngrlcultur.il bill The nnvul appropria
tion bill was reported nnd the House
then resumed tho consideration ot tho
cruris Di:ri:Nii tunston.
Mr. Curtis made n brief but fervent
defmso of Qen, Tunston against the
criticisms to which bo hnd bien sub
Jected, "The peoplo of Knnsas," he bo
Kan, "aro proud of the bravery und
dnrlng of gnllunt I'red I'linston. lie
lias been criticized hero for un act
which for daring and conception and
execution ranks with the greatest
feats of arms ho captured tho new
fleorgo Wnshlngton Agulnaldo, if nn
ntber hud accomplished what (5cn
Illusion did," he said, "the Democrats
would InVc mado him their cnndldatu
for president."
Ho called ntlentlon to tho fact Hint
his promotion had been recommended
by lien. Wheatoti nnd (Jen. McAr
thur, both soldiers of tho Civil vvnr.
"Soldiers who knew mnro of war nnd
tho rules of vvnr than nil the politicians
In this country combined" And his
commission," bo added, vvns signed by
tho greatest president we have ever
had the soldier, statesman nnd mar
tr. William MeKlnley.
Mr. 1'eelcy, of Illinois, submitted somo
remnrks In support of the contention
that the laws of neutrality were being
violated by this government In allow
ing the shipment of mules nnd horses
to South Africa for use by the Ilrlllsh
nglnst tho lloer republics. llo said
public sentiment favored the cause ,of
tho Ilocrs nnd Insisted that neither
secretly or openly should our govirn
ment extend aid lo the llrltlsh. Mr.
Tecley and Mr. (Illicit (Mass) clashed
on the Interpretation of that portion of
tho treaty of Washington Vhlch
bound the United States and England
us to what constitutes war materials.
Mr, Sibley, Ilepuhllcan, (l'enns)l
nnla) Buld ho Ind been nn expansion
ist and defended the policy of the ad
ministration In the acnulsltton i of tho
Philippines. Duty and honor, he sold,
Justllled our position there. Tho com
merclul vvelfnro ut tho nat on demanded
that we should control that nrchlpcl
ago, which stands as the gateway to
the Orlentul world. llo then said.
When I have heard the statements
rrnde that we were cruel In the conduct
of that war. I hnve thought, p.rhsps
he partisan was bik iiVctiiB 1 ut . li. i. I
have nnd. as I have within the pu
fort-elght hours, tint a liencrnl weur-
ng the uniform ot the army of the
I'nlted States, one who standi under the
shadow of our army, Issues orders not lo
conciliate a, province, but ,";
howling wilderness and to HI I all nb vo
10 vears oil, then It seems to in.; Ihul
humanlti must hnvp marched '"eKwiird
for eighteen centuries, nn I that Herod
iign n mipeurs. 1 have imhI of Tlniour,
tho Tartar, 1 hive read of Achilles, j
have read of the Saracen seourg., but I
thank Ood that since tin. Iruiili menu nn
("ilvurv It Ins taken eighteen centuries
to nroduce u Smith
I have read of tho waler cure. Can
nnv man whose blood pours In Ills tulses,
ny man who has rea.l his Hlble, or whu
bus been rcired st the Klie of Christian
woman. Justify the p. rpctrntlon of such
crucltleB upon nnother man who wears
the guise and the limao of his creaior7
And jet wo heurd this rnnn attempting
lo justify acts by which men are pumped
bo full of water as murl to drown them,
and then biouaht haik to life bv thump
lug them over, the stomiih with the
bulls of muskets That Is not elv lllxa
tlon, that Is not Christianising Ihe world
1 am thankful thut these nro spoi idle
Against that, as a nun who belongs. I
hope, not alone to Ihe Itepubllian runks,
but to the whole brotherhood of man the
wide world around, I want the numbers
of this House, on this sido of the cham
ber and thai, to voice their protest
against nil such measures
A friend of mine said u few minutes
ago. 'Oh, I know you hnd better wait
nnd hear his defense ' 1 hope, tho Presi
de ut of the I'nlted Stales will have tho
courage, upon what the mm ndnlts to
ellschnrgo htm dishonorably from the ser.
vice that ho tus so disgraced Il ml
mils that ho Issued tho order to leave
tho province u howling wuste and a wll.
derness. and lo kill till above lu jeu,rs of
age, tho Innocent with the guilt).
lUTTliU IN UI1.MW1.1IIU.1.
That man never ought to be permitted
to slay lu tho service of the I'nlted
Stales until the sun goes down He Is a
disgrace not ulong to the i nrt but to
ever) man who ivir wore tho uniform
of the United Btntes, nnd he Is a blot
and a disgrace to our present civilization
'that mun does not live who can justify
such orders 1 care not how adroitly his
lawj ere mny flame their plea or how
subtle he their reasoning, tho fnct ud.
mltted by bis own mouth, thot he Issued
such orelers Is sufficient for the hope
that there Is the courage and putrlntlsm
nnd thu humanity and the Christianity
at the olher md of the avenue thin will
not let him wear tho 1 ederal uniform
twenty-four hours hence
Mr. Williams (Mlrs ) heartily en
dorsed Mr. Blbleys onslaught upon
(len, bnillh, whom he described as a,
"bruto In unlfotm." "Hut I nm a little
nfiuld," he lontlnued, 'that he does
not Htrlko the evil In the right quarter.
It is the stem which should be struck
out, not the man who unconsciously
enrrlea out the spirit of the system.
Wherevtr tlieie Is a way of conquest
ugnlnst a weak and Inferior people,
deeds of brutality natuinlly ncrui. Ihe
chief danger Is not the Injury to the
weak tace. but that the temptation to
tyranny will react upon the strong race
nnd mnke brutes ot lti soldiers. Tor f''?nlepBH
that reason sudi wars should be) splflvP TflBI
avoided I agree with the gentleman fiEffi' V)'9Bl
from Pennsylvnnli that there can be net valiPliQ smB
Justification for n. civilized man to Is- JHBl Wi HI
sue an order to lay waste ft. whole HlKlt IsBH
lountrj and kill ever) bad), Including tfEIHI 8HI
children over 10 cnr of uge " 1HBUW.I iB
Mr lloerlng uf Kentucky, replied to SlflJl'jf 1 p
some remnrks made a few da)s ago ErtKSultf'fliiH
b) Mr. Ullbert of Kentucky, denting; yiH!:?ff3WH
Home of the hitter's statements con- l!Jlr? llllH
coining some ot the conditions that pie- V vXJ ;C-'UsiH
v. Hied when (loebel was assassinated. IiaCtl !VtMH
After some further debate on mlscel- CHolls I'.NMsH
Inneous topics, general debate closed tSf't?2- !t$HiH
and the bill vvns rend for amendment i.Y&i- IliHH
under the tlve-mlnuto rule ffljllffif ' ttHH
Mr Cniinon succeeded In hiving sev- Wilt' 1 (Ml
ernt Items stricken from the bill by rnls- IMg . M ffM
Ing points of order ngatnst them One tit;! U. lM
piovlded for nn appropriation of fin,- PRH tit H
) for the purchase ot sites nnd tho r(j; . kl gM
erei tlon of building for use ns weather Vfvb ' M RHi
bure iu observatories ViWilLj vi llH
Mr llob.-rts of Mnssaehussctts, of- i ,rjT IS IMI
fered an amendment to permit clt) nnd V w- ; MllHI
rotinl) members of the House lo elect I lia? ttCMH
whether they would receive flower or If 'SlMMMiHI
vigelnble seeds ', !lJBf IvIBHI
The confeience report on the Chlnesn fi j' 'il'illH
exclusion bill was adopted without de- j Jli UfflHI
lute This sends It to the President. At ., gk nHH
5 20 p. in the House adjourned. , IJittlMH
OleoninrEnrlne BUI Has Tasseel Both W 0lVJ
Houtses. f f L )DJ
Washlnrton April 25 -After a brief M M,Ba
dlsrusnioii todiy the bennto agreed to A. K,VH
the Houstf amendments to tho olco- V Icjs i'lH
margarine bill ns pas.ed by the t-enatc. a . ;
The measuio now (roes to the President ( $ 'liiH
for his slgmture. An eltort was madn rf, i,H
by Jtr Teller of Colorado to amend t iWM
thu measure so nn to lev y a tax of 10 Vfe f VfMfl
per cent of the capital or niwets on Sljjf 1 '!!.'
any butler trust that might l formed, Jj i Lj HB
hut It vvns defeated, 25 to 2S, tho de- jjj,i(fl .U.Hl
tailed voto being as follows '$ U.jJjHJ
Yens-Dncnn Hates. Illnekburn. Clark U ' JH
(Mont I, Clay. Cockrell. Culberson. Dsnle, fBJ .HV9Hl
Iluliols lVlaker. Foster ((La ), llrllfeld, .j, . W
Mcl.nerv, Mclaiurln Miss). Meturln fftu- 'i B
IS ci. Mnllor). Mnrtln, Mitchell, l'Mter- jffi . i H
sou Itnwllns Stewart, Tiller. Tttlmin. p , 4fHH
Turiiei Vest 23. v i t)iH
Najs Allison llurnham, Ilurton, ful- fay t IMJH
loni. Detew, UillliiBhom, polllver, ar- Bfr ,H
hanks. Poller (Wash). I'r)c Oamb e, II , SfitHH
Hansbroiieh llnrrls Hnwlev, Keen. K tt- Sj ,
redge .i.lKe Mil'umber, MeMUlnn. Nel- affi i'JBH
son? Perkins I'latt (Conn ). I'latl (N Y.). dSjfHH
Proctor, Qiiarles, Simon. Wctmoro-28. SsEMlaHl
Mr Simmons of North Carolina cul- KSL 9SH1
dressed the Senate In opposition to Jfj, JjSg
the Phlllplncs gov eminent bill. lis VSjJ i9flBn
u l if ed thnt the l'hlllpplnes ought to mm MH
be turned over to the Inhabitants of the tAyV 'flBH
Islands. He dcclircd there was no g 9IsHI
doubt nn to the truth of the ihargea mm UfjMH
ngalnrt the army of cruelty, Inhuman- J,K! KjH
Ity ami barbarity. In fact, said he, ijigit ! WUHRB
It wan now organlxed iruelly and bar- fji-h iiSH
bnrlty, nnd not merely Isolated In- rSf ? mH
slunces ot torture. He referred to tho m,m iaSM
order Issued by (len. Smith to mako HIM 'ISliH
the Island of Sumar a "howling wll- 5t- ' li). sH.
derness," nnd to slay all mule tnhabl- Kj;:) I'V-fBI
tantH over 10 ears ot age. ApD ijjlsl
"No mder recorded In nil history," SO Jjjttl
ho declared, "paralleled that order, ex- gl ( fiJBH
erpt that of Herod, Ihe King, when XUi 'XM
he commnnded thnt nil tho male chll- ID ';ISbb1
ilren who were in Hetblehcm nnd In all Ifll S&
the roasIR tbcitnf from i )cars nnd BIB JtiHIH
under should bo slain In order that ho IMF JIHMH
might mure surely compass tho death mat 4BH
of one whom It was said had como MVb 'fflH
to be Ihe King of Ihe Jews, the Christ Xm r.WmM
and Savior of mankind. nlffi SssflH
"I feel," ho continued, "like cnlllne Otfln JHI
upon tho great, brnvo nnd humnno SBs iarHBaB
nan now In the M lilto House to probo Sns&JliHsBl
theso things to tho bottom, and at XibKiuuHiB
leant to make them oellouf." KwwvShIbS
The conference report nn tho Chi- riSWi'MnH
Here exclusion bill wns adopted at&wJnlH
Consideration of the sundry civil np- WlEKnSumM
prnprlallon bill was begun, but not WswUHH
concluded. m EfivlLjffiRfiH
Mr. llurrls ot Knnsas presented the jl VmK JmOM
folovvliiK telegram he had received iyy ISnH
from tho Kansas Millers' association, S5ffl''k WsBH
which wan referred to tho Committee PfrjHJv iSlll
on rorelsn Itolatlonn i!tffi) SBBm
Kniisns milters, nn account of foreign j fn! m WkM
dtserlrnlnuilons, with tho best wheat In 3 ifjf M BB
tl e world nt their etoor, ure not producing TIB!, ffiVJl
over one-third ot their full capacity. Un- a IB!- ffl
less )our committee on forelsn relations 'I ij. ; tl wM
can give us relief through reciprocal con- )K .iF 'ffiflf mX
cessions, pining our mills on un equal it ,tf,U ..jjw 1
basis with foreign mills many of our iFffiJifa Bl
mills will shut down Indellnltely and some It !l;JK 'lis sffsl
of them will be forced to the wall In our f, '.!;,,.--.
distress wo look to our Senators for rs- fttlr;l i RJH
lief $Lhfewl H
At his own request, Mr, Cnrmnclc H9BH
ot Tcnnersee was cxiused from sen lea S iwl.SiH
on the Committee on Education and H HprnKls's'sl
Labor. :!.tlaH
Ilcturned Soldiers at Tort Wright De- if (iSlJlKflB
tall Methods Used to Extort f Krf;-.SB
u Confession. i.; ,MH
Spokane Wash , April 2S.-Sol.Uers nr- ffi 'Ml
rived ut Port Wright from tho Philip- 1$ twigBI
pines describe another mode of torture w JjfniHI
than the water cure A native, thought tH IW.'ssBbI
to b" secretive, would be forced to In- pi jfSnl
terlock tho lingers of his hands. Small q&
sticks were plaice! In the palms and the JF'i(n9H
victim was then suspended from the limb f HrielSlnS
of a tree, tho limb running between the A- ,tt afwBj
Inlerlnckcd hiiuds His weight threw r (rifflfl
tremendous prissurc on tho hones of the 'HftrllBsMfl
haml and the ngony wus said to be ex- V jwe' 'AWsmwM
iruclalliur l'l )f, ffifll
In ndmlnlitcrlng Iho vvnter cure the 'i )Y'j, IfMl
Nletlin e mouth was forced open by means i birf HAsVI
ot slicks and bandages e 'j,. ..(f'fiHU
1 r pifj unifa
Frlvate Soldier Declares Natives ;!HU
Were Cruelly Treated. i i"JH
Spokine. Wash , April 23 -Stories of tho J 'nJllaESI
water cure,' practiced by American sol- SlllfHffl
ellrrs lu Ihe Philippines, are confirmed by -ilj)'' HjfiB
soldiers uf Iho Seventeenth Infantry, who )u'iHH
hive Jut leturncd from Manila, Two 'I lirlfnllfll
coinpanlri' 11 mid M, nro stationed nt ' CLU V 133
I on right There nre two soldiers now I , t'bUV JT5H
st Port Wright who woio with Lieut. Sj ' -ilXK I MH
Holion on his scouting trips One of them ' jirii1 iB SMM
U Prlvntn nines oC t ompany K Tho I ,M 1C-I, !
other Is Itufus Wilson of Company M I, fflilfl 9l
Lieut iiolton leriulul) Inated those ft ,HHj ISM
iiutlvcs most cruell) " said Private lllnes JM' J 9JI
)csterdi) "1 was with him cm a scouting ?t let IU MmM
trip seventeen d)s lu thn northern part AtxgPgl
or'l.uron When Lieut llolluu got hold livllWl
of n Plllplno from whom he warned In- ,)KfllnRII
formation ho shuwed him no mercy. I ff S J'SwiH
mvself saw the waler euro given three fi tetffe vW'&aH
times on tint trip, '.K'K (IfllllBI
'One tlmo lloltonwvus not satlstled with it, 'Ctl.t lU'ffM
giving the fellow ordinary waler He ffiMfl illflsffilH
forced Shasta watei down his throat I Jf Iff Jj fJfliflBI
would not stand for such cruelty as that t i , 'TiUMfM
and I walked away That Shasta miter is h MlJi 'Ut M
vile stuff It has u terrible taste und it C iiUiliiiSM
sickens a man drcadfull) A J f llSlJIkB
' llernre 1 joined Lleui. Uolton'a scout- i, 'ii-ffi'Swi
Ing party he got Informatl m trnm natives ;u '"ST WL'XUM
bv hniiKlng them to trcs. I did not see tfU nttf'jM
that m)self, however. w ;SK
Women's Clubwomen Will Have U ifjfvMn'jH
Headquarters In the Angelus. if. rli nR
I os Angeles, Cul , April 23 During the jScJP mBHI
sessions here of tho Oeuer al I'vleratlon of A -MMWbKM
Women's Clubs, the Utah delegation wilt P -nJjnKH
have headqujrtsrs in thn Angelus, a us 'A affiMHH
Holmes's now hoicl, the nuest In this part ftBlaEB
of tho countr) Itooms havo been re- il,LSftJBm!
served for olshtceu ladles, arrangements '&' jlHr iTHb
for theh accommodation having bin MsgnCMJoW
mado with .Mr Holmes while ho was In :Ir'HrlRlil
Suit Luke Friday He arrived hero to- IMkaSHin
night, and sa)s that Iho Utah ladles will -mSImlHBMn
urrlvo on the morning of Ihe soth, coming WWwMBmUS
vU Saciamento The) will have nearly tjEMHWHn
half ot ono whole floor of tho hotel and .smlillHIllMr
tlulr quarters will be among the hand- PB&MWJH
soniest of any of tho numerous delega- MFlfiilBHlTBl
tlous, which are now arriving by every, tmHHB&X
truln. ajMM)Mi

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