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The Inter-mountain farmer and ranchman. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1902-1902, April 29, 1902, Image 11

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H ! m G Tirn TXTr.n-.MouyTArv FAinren axd TUycrorAy, Tuesday XonyryG, ArniL
1 '?3r73 1 "- ' "
bbbbbbH I film " " J " prmt n ","rt hlM r nf '
BBaBBaBaal ;I S'1'3 Jk " l.oi 1 Chief Justice Jerfrys, railed tho !
m t
LbbbbbbH 'i'cilS it ,v '" 1",m ln ""ihlBrtishli North
H ''!Jf M Vi il s in 1048 nnd lii low as called
bbbbbbbbbbi ' IP ti th I ir where lit u p omnted
H lIHj'l' rapi II He nan knighted In 1177, and
H .";;!) f " )HT berame chief Justice or
H I "( t t c K rgs bench lie was a Milling
!' too) of the crown, for vvhJch he as
i el it( I to ihe prcinge by Inmcs II
aBBBBBBBsl nn n i lo hlpt nntPf a hvvvorl for foul
( b i lilt an) Inrllr tlvoneas During
, li i I oly Assise 120 wore hanged
s a 1 1 It nan 111 Inast that ho had
ass , I i li i ., h innic lienors than luul all his
H . J i ) j nis gince the Conquest Ho
H , sun 1 nil lb- Mnga despotic
H i i ii i this letters downfall
B i ii,r bn tried to MfjBP" from the conn
H t "Kbt In th digii!s or aallor
H 1 mt In the Tovvci lo save him
H ijl, r ii 11 mob ami then died (our
j ' jj i sinter Vprll 1 IMS his constl-
H II' " vlna long been undermined
H J 'I 1, I) i J drinking
B (li AMi in the differ, me In the anatomy
1 V of ,i fr ran nnd that of a white man
1 ill nn" .' What Ir the length
H , nrd 1 1 1 i of the Ingest ranal "Ul In
1 1 I, t le I i It .1 Hlales 3 When Win It
j l t i M heie lh if A J
H , . 1 Ml inn akin I blackish or
j 1 1 n bin k hi lmlr la Jet blark
j , 1 j rj i 1 hi aiwt fnnl and flat In
H ' i , t ih ied inn Kin heard la at ant
If I h. k ill s long an I narrow ami oft n
. i I I ul Ibe Inner Jaw pleejee la for
xi I h ekhomi an high nnd llat
' lit ti k ewrt'tl and allowing re 1 In
i , ji kn lulgbt mther ulirnc the n-
'li' ' rr; ft me Iwny ami aloiit th itiah
jlT I , k in th' fet and lower leg
fH f ,' Ion i familial nlth the arletlea
H ' .. c m letion nml of olor of hair and
j ) ' ;. e c I in the hair la oval In aec-
1 v n n l 'i i tie ml Ii full The skull
H ' i loi i, r ahorl In either ane with
H I J comi ir itl Iv am i J I projection of the
aaaaaaaW rfJ l j i hi 1 I Is iuwiw th nterage
aaaaaaH ?.J 1, I"" '"' brawny flumes the llllie
aaaaaaH ttllv- form ipabl of emhiranea being alao
aaaaaHl i'1TO,Ui a r OKhlied tpe . The Urle eanal
allllHI Htlfi!: r mpl led In I826 la the longeat the
allllH !lw" ''or' i thur nnlgible ilepth 26 feet
aaaaaaH i!IS con ol ted In H'Ji l the riftpeat See
I li 111 ,!5 nn r '" J M ''
HHH i' 'an
I ?Ul Mrndon I'tali prll 21
HH ! Vi? rdltor Tribune -Will you i leaaa gUe
HHH i-i Mlttu In tour next reinl nttkly Meue a imp
HHH .3' IJlHl of I he rhiindn mountain dlati let with
HHH ' 'lilJ mr ' dlnet route for Irnnm mil rail
HHH fflrt! oa 1 eonnei tlons tlri dlatanee of dlf
HHH 1 ' !' f rent ruiltea eti na II will lie of great
HHH l' 'i'ti Int r t to a great many nr your auh
HHH !l Ull: f nhtrs in thin lount) tuid ol llge
HHH ' lilt' jours trul JOKIMI 31KI It
HHH t lil'i " voull )e Impoasllle tt imtlerfte
HHH ii Hi'S! nnjthlng more on a map than we )iae
HHH I'1 'iflt'fil nlrcn l ahonn In udrtln menta of
HHH !' tlViH h illffeieiil tnutea each of wlilcli
HHH I M" )t rlalinj- lo be the beat
HHH .'Jl'SJ Mnlml ( Ity Mi. prll 17
HHH jMiJif 1 .lltor Trlbuni -111 apeaklng of In
HHH '(1W re 1' of both aexea would It Is piover
HHH Jiii"i t call them he nnd abe or male nnd
HHl Ill'i' (nil' Tor lnt line In apeaklng of
HHal il 'El'r' two lllrs pleaa- Htiawer the nboe In
aaHH ! 1JI jf nur unda a l'rlbiiiie -Owena &.
BHH I till I Appl the neuter pronoun It
IS Ijl Will ion print aomethlng aliout the
I !. j canals of the Unlle.1 Btatea their num
. , I, hir 1 ngth coat an I where altuiteil?
H ii i j m
H t r H r are the ptlnclpal nnea lbe
H i f mirle and Cha ipeoke Norfolk Vn to
bbLI JR. Currltuek Sounl N I' bnglh foil)
H ''l, 1 four mllea coat l ". 11 "i.3 uguala,
B ' ii havnnnih rler to AURiiatn Hi nine
HHal ,t Jl mile f l fiOii ooo lllirk llvri Home to
HHB fii ' lsona Tills In New Inrk lhlrl live
LLH I 5?t' '"Ilea H11.I t nyilga nn I Senern lie
HHn ' tween those Inkea mil Mnntexutnn New
HHH irii' ork tuent the mllea . -12CU
HHH !' I liami lain hltelull to Weat 1 rn In
HHH 'i Np" "rK elkhlj -one mllea lintlftixl
HHH i' Chofnirake and lielawnre (luaaneake
HHB (US M loPilawitn C It) OelawHK
HHB l fourte i mllis t 7li in Cbeam nko
HHH ' nnl Ohio Cumberland lid. lo Wash
HHal .3 IbRlon 1) HI mllea III JM UT
HHH ill. ompnna Mlaala p ller to Iliioii
HHH yal nil l in lulhlana tu(ut two ihII-h
HHH i'l iiOOOO nelawme nnd (laritnn New
HHJl V i II Drun wick In lienlon in New lerai
HHl ) I. fiKtv nU miles JISKS7H DiUwiui HI
HHaU it (ill M'b n Fusion l IHlati I In IVnnxW
HI Ji fij nnln alxt mllea 2 m 1W Da
HHH V., it Moines Ita pi la Mlaalaali pi rhrr e n
HHH Jl 5 rf "' one half mllea )l'.s"(M Dlamal
HHfl Jl H Bwamp, rheanpiake Hi) to Mliemarle
HHH ? I Tl Pound twenl two mllea Ilsr-HCW
HHl k yri Mhin) to Iluffalo In New ork
HHH 3W mllea J ,10 I'M Onhealon mil
HH ( Hrlo rSalealon to Ilraaoa ilvi-r In
HHH, , ; , T xir Hum elslil iuII.k Jlinnoa
HHH, , ,. r . Hoiking i nrroll t Nel oniue In Ohio
HHH ' I ! ' fori) two mllea,, 'I76 11 IIIIiioIh and
aLH I 11. 2 J" llll-1M 'hliago in la Salle In mi
HHal ' ' T "nl" "1- ,n"''4 357 7H7 I ehlgh ( mil
HHal ,1 rort to Taston In lVnimj Uanla li's
HHB tin 1 "",0 " ''' no loulxlll and I nil
HHal ill', it lnn'' 1 'Ula.llle K Inn and one half
HHl f.( ! "'"''' - i7s CM Miami an I Trie In -
HH (l r llinntt in lolnlo In Ohio .74 mllea
HHH if JS06.MA0 Nnrrla 1 tiatoti I'enu to
HH j L .ler.,o) rlt N I 101 mllea Si OrtlfuM
HII Ji f 31IK Miisrli 1 ho.ila nnd Ilk lllr
HH . hhniln connrrlel In 1 enneaaee alx
BHBHBJ I l' irrn inure in-iri (IgeeClliP I Oil
HHal . I nectim, riiixannnh anl Ogeirbee ilirs
HHg i I I ' '" (i "rxt- aUteen mllea I0, mo uhl.i
HHl .r t flexeluul l, IHirtanniiih In (Iblo n;
HH V' ' mile IIU. n Oswego Oxwego to
HH 1 ' Pvra use In New oik lhlrl . luhl
mllfs t -n 'fi r, nmjhnnlii i lum
HHH ! ' ,'"1 ln lliiiillnglon In rVnnajliHiila
l tnll-i- I. I n I'm l Arlhui f .in
HHal i nrt uthur lex to the liulf i
I - rortace I like and I ake Mmierlor
' ,' tuenu lle mllea w . B.lni.Mklll
I i Mill I reek lo l'hlladeli hie lnl-ennal
i ll tini 10s nilea $1 Ifil H00 Pt Muta
;i 'alla Iikea Supeilor and Union at
HHal I n bulk sie Mmie one anl one i mi
.i i inllev $ i.vifrt Huiiehaniia t'nliim
HHal I ' I ! ";1 v''n" 'o Unr de Urine Mil
H I Ii ' forl l1" !!' JI11M1'. Walliond-
H Ii lnc Itmhraler to Itoaroe In Ohio
HH '!! twent five mllea 07 .i
hH I ' "
Hi I fall I ake ( t rll "5
I ' Tdllor 'Irlhune I'leane Inform me
HH '" nexx H,lr"'' " Irlbune If there la n
HHB ' ' ln In I'lnh where thex maniifactllie
flower pots and If an where?
H I W ( do not know or any
H & "alt Lake I It) pill 20
HHB ii 'l I dltor Tribune Will you lie go kind
HHl 't'i!?S ns '" ,nrnr"' '"" thniugli fjuer) ml
I1 I Jit2 18 "m" ho" "" '"'d numbera or rather
MlW r 1""1'' ntmbeig In thla rltj aie deter.
"; ' d IVn InatHii. e what Ir the coi
, 5 ", re t number for lota 41 and 15. Home
HJ . ' 1 MilKilon ol block ) plat C Halt
H I ' t I i lit) Binrv
HH, , What la the legal width of the
HHl i fi dew ilka u the iilmlpiil atienta
HI , 1 nn trill) Max Ulauk
HHl . I Arply to the In I iihhieer for above
HHJ 1 ltifoimatlon
H I it'fi SbII I-ak. Ii) pi 19
B ' j")1 1 liter Irlbune Can '.on give me
BHI ' ' J Infnimntlon how to nioruie a putenl
HH ( i1 nnrl "u rrobable coaf- Raior
HH ' i. U Vrlti lo (hailea II luill commit
HJ , i J t . , sionei of p. nalona aabington D C
HH Ifl'ff "',0 "'" furnish all Inforinatlon nee-
'r ' ar5 0 seiUI' i'1' "'
H jjffil Sill Like City prtl 2
HI i IS'! Hdltor Tilbune Pieaa let me
HH I ' 1 1 r ' , i '"ou In Ju' "l l'at wiiat will n
HI Ith move fie klta' Dm J'nnipon
ts r Si' Iluttermlllc la ailil to be one of the
If most efteilHi ifimedlel foi the r
l,i movnl of iieiklca
' i '
HH 'i Vi J Mll jolt pilnt aomethlnt: about th
HH IS'1)' i lsKes oC HolUiid '- U W
HBI . 'iluj ate unbanl.menta to rrotuct
HH i - tho land from null ur ficah vvilci, mil
BH 'II ire on an enounous kcule, coatins
H ' i millions of dollars ) arl) to malntuln
HHJ 'lilt "ni1 rrescrvlni for ugrl ultuie man)
HH I 1 ' thouKands of acres of land that other.
HH ''"'f'
I U ;-:'
HhL-J It'
HHhHhJhBl tf
I wlae would be undei water much of It
I len r! deep aome of 't nearly three
tlnnti aa deep Many of them are
tilled b carriage tonda nr footpatha
othera are the banka of navigable h
nn In and at leant one the Weat-Kap
p'l d)ke 1JR4X feet long SI fiet hlfch
and with a aeaward alope of 100 feet
haa a rullwa) nnl n arrlnge road at
tho top Nelherlanda haa 1 V) mllea or
d)kea ngalnat th in and many muc
agalnat the more dangeroua watera of
the rlvara Thur extent and Import
ance moved rioldamlih to write that
the Xbitehmnn aenoped out an em
lilre from the ocean and led to an
Irreverent old Dutch proverb to the
extent tha rtod madi the tea, but the
Hollander made the land
Halm Itv rtah April 14th
Editor lilbune Will )in please de
fine the leim real estate telling
whether it lovers pioperty other thm
land or roi and if It does what kind
of pnpiiDf (2) Alao what are the
rnata or nurt do the) Include the ut
tornoa fee and the witnesses fee of
the I alng party? .1 P
Bel tatate Include a all land and
fixed permanent Improvements aui h
aa buildings treea eti The term la
ro extensive In meaning with land len
entente and hereditaments Watei
rlghta and i lalma are also Included 2
The coala o( coutt Include expense of
filing, etc and wltneas Tees Attor
ne s feea aie not Imtuded except by
Tenaen I'tali April I lth
nditor Tribune What amount of
church Itfinda of the Mormon church la
held li) the Zlon Havings Bank and
Trtiat rompany (J) i ould you refer
to the Assessors books and give a
tenement what the presidency and the
tw'' apostles of the Mormon church
la Individual!) worth not Including
churrh bonds' -h 3
bout 1200 000 worth fS Aa this
question refers to private matters The
Iribune does not care to examine tnln
It If vou are verv anxious to I now
why don t you write to the Assessor?
Who was Tarn O Shanter' 15
One of lloberl Hums a character
What religious denomination la tha
Aatih Tower lllble and Tract society
of Allegheny Pa' 8 L
It la undenominational anl not con
trolled h) any stct
W hat la meant in chemlatr) by doit
ble decomposition" 2 Haw many met
als are known 'II
ompound nr lompllcated decomro
sltlon .' 1'nrty nine elements are unl
Versnlly i leased aa metals tellurium
sometimes Ib tnken as a fiftieth
I dllor ml line Will you please
slate In your (Questions and nswers
on Rundx) next If possible the name
of a part) orerutlng a tanner) In Salt
I nke i It) nliout 1MW to 11T0' Tanner
Jennings A Wlnler Simuel Mllner
anl Ihigalc) riolden
Palt Lake fltv Arrll loth
1 liter Tribune -rl'lease answer the
following In Miinda) Irlbune and
oblige (l) What steps must a prospec
tor make to stake iin.l bold a clilm
In I liiho- (21 Htnte the slie of claims
(II ( an i inrnon atnke out more than
onef (1) What work mint be done to
hold claims of both kinds' 4 SI inn an
cxinrlemel iroapeitnr who cm do is
si)lng expect to git a grub stake for
limn ler mountain ! advertising' (f)
( an mother ptrson take and hold a.
claim nlienlv flaked while original
slukfi Is absent from it and no work
done on II (J) hat kind of n. notice
ir an) must bo pn-ictl on stakes'
(1) Make his dla.nveiy of mineral
post n notice of 1 nation on the dlscnv
irv inii'nmeni stake his claim b) es
tabllshliig at each miner and nt any
nngli II representa a aubatantlal post
(2) Not to unnl 1 fPPt wide b) If 0s)
fe. I In bnglh (ll es no limitation
III On quartz within slxl) da 5 a after
lo ii l Ion sink shift ten feet In depth
below lis rim anl innlllnlng an aten
of not less than sixteen s'lutre fiet
If lacer lo.tlon within fifteen das
from due of location make in exca
viillim not Ihh thin IW cut l reel iM
He inn tr It Ibl es inviting the
tin iclailng In piellmlnar) or annual
woik his not been .implied with (71
Notbe if nuertx claim Tnuat contain
(US ime of lot ator (lit Name of rlalm
(.1 Pate of dlsiover) (dl The dlree
lion an distance claimed along the
lete Horn the discover) (e) The dls
tan ii anl direction fiom the discovery
monument to such natural object or
permanent monument if in) sin h there
lie is will tlx and deacrllie In the notice
Itself the location of the claim (fi
The mine of the mining dlatrl t lount)
mil male If placei loin lion the no
tice tnuat contain in) Name of o
c itor (h Name nn 1 dimensions of
i In I mi i I The mining dlstri t If anv
and count) and Slate in which located
(d) Ihe distance and direction from Hie
dlsiovciv post or mnniimen' to sui h
nitural object or permanent monument
If nnv such there be as will llx and
.lean Ibe In tin notice Itself the location
of the claim
What Is the meaning of the tenn
I ow bridge ' ( (
It is the warning of caml boatmen
on nppinachlug a bridge and means
that those on deck should stoop to
have their heads It has sprea 1 among
landsmen too
1)1.1 all of the Iwelfth regiment sail
from Manila lo San Tranclsco on trans
ort (Irani March SMh' Ciiha
the in int aailed fn m Manila March
list for Han rranclsco via Honolulu,
nnd with MS short tcim men nnl alx
t) two slik
Is Ihe ("iir of Hussla Queen Alexan
dras ali lei a child nr king 1-Mwni'dn
slain a .Ml. I' .1 l
He is quern Alexandra' fclsici a
Park city Utah April SSrd
Klltor Irlbune l'lease answer In
next Riinda) a Tribune was Williinn
.1 Mr) a n a member of the Knights of
l')ihlaa at the time he u eanllilate
for I'resldent of the I'nlted Ptates?-W
I'ocstello Ida Vprll 82nd
I'dllor Tribune -l'legse state In jour
Questions and v ns w era of next 8un
du) s Tribune where f could get a
book on how to shine shoes (5) lso
win li Is Ihe highest building In th"
1 nit. I Ut ites (Si Hon far Is It to
New 'voik from 1'ocalello Ida '-Mar-ilott
Wc km w of no such book (ft 1S21
rail. How New oik twenty-nine mo
rlea 100 feel to inof top tower IB
fit ill Twenty three hundred and
nlnel) nine miles by rail
Salt Irflke City prll 15th
Fdlloi Tribune (1) W hen did the
cltv ui'oiial explode' ( How man)
iilmliuls have been executed In Utah
c ) Ulini Is the letlgi.n of Mexico and
frouih Vmeilia' ll) What lu)e In the
)eai do the bull tights come otf In
'spuiu ( i Has Spain any possessions
in nith vmerlcj- Btha
Th i u lei mill on iseuil hill ex
plod I WelnesdH) Vprll 5 IS70 (J)
1 Iv John D Iee Tred W'ehome
1 no li Pivle ( hgrlea Thlede and I'U
iii k ( Bill in (ll I'rlurlpallv ( iithnllc
(ll 1 t an) dav In the year (6) No
Who vide the letters of Junius'
ri will ease cur minis greaiiv h)
jiisw mi. iv cunt flnl out How
ahoul 1 th vnr 190' be vviltien in no. i
nui ii" on I, anl ft
Thci -i tlor hip Is not known drfi
t ili i fj rly strong chain of
i I v I n e p inta to Fir
1 i I Is i ihdr autlmr Mrny
ii i st t s ut own hive hi en
I iiii I i ir this qiestlon the at
r nuts ti uniavel the mvalery constl
tin a considerable literature. 2
Mi Mil
Iivyton 1 tali April 2"rd
la thire an Indian rcsorvillnn extend
Ing from the line nf Idaho to Dakota
along the ( anadlan Urn' (2) W hat trlb"
of Indians were Interested In the f us
ter missscre and where was their res.
ervallon at Ihe time (3) Where nre
the Kl at heart Indians located' A
He sder
No (2) 11 was a confederation of
Western tribes composed principally
of Slnnx ( heyennes and tiows. (3)
In northern Montana
Ppsnlsh l'ork I'tali prll 2nd
Kdltor Tilbune Wilt j'.u please an
swer ihiough the columns of The Trlh
une th following questions? A 11 0
I) nnd F own water In a Joint ditch It
has been the tule (or custom) to vvaler
by turns on time As land does not need
watei on the second round can ho come
In when Ihe water la half way roun 1
the next lime and legally claim tho
water he could not use on the second
round' A Subscriber
Salt l.ake fit) April 18th
I dllor Tribune Will you klmllv ex
plain In jour next Issue of Question
and Answers the tneinlng of a Ken
slngion tea' Also can you refer me to
any pilnled Information on afternoon
social entertainments A Palthful
11a) seed Huhacrlber
A Kcnalngtnn tea la one at which the
guests sew upon some fnnc) work It
was originally Kensington work (2)
rno)clniudla or I tlquette by Pmlly
lloli Publlahel by MrClure Thllllps
A ( o New V.oik
How long should a dog be confine 1
that ! ruepecied of being Infected by
a mad dog' 2 At what stage of mad
ness does an affected dog s bite affect
another dog' J Does a clog that his
dew rlnws ever go mad' I
Ihe Interval between bile and ap
pearance of rabies has not been dell
nltnl) determined but II may exceed
alx months So conilnement even for
that period would not alwa)s bring
pinof 2 In all stages that ore recog
rliable 1 es dew cliws nre not a
Will vou outline Ihe cause of the
war with Mexico" J M
Texas which between 1S21 and IW
had been settled largel) from the
Southern States revolted from Mexico
In tho Miter yeat and In 1H30 declared
Independence with the unqueatlone I
Intent of Joining the I'nlted Suites ln
dependence being won Texas applied
for admission In 1117 nnd was a Imltted
In Itll iexas claimed the terrltor).,
lo the Illo Clranrte nnd Mexico hel 1
to the Nueces ns the houn larv ao
as the I'nlted States bnrjed up the
Texan claim, wsr followed annexa
tion Salt Lake fit) April 22nd
Pdltor Tril une Pleme answer In
next Siitidi) s Tribune the following
question In which phi) or pi iyB wis
("Inrles II llnnford seen when he wis
In Salt 1ike nboul two )eais ago with
lames Kid ler llanfonl piodiictlon nnl
oi nge i c n
1 ho Winters Tale unl Mirbeth
Mcfimmon Idi Vprll 23rd
Kdltor Tril une ln jour quer) col
umn please sa) (1) If I.alllr corn,
aitlrhtlrs and grnnn 1 leas can n
tamed In these parts, dr) firming 11
Where cm t ohtiln KalTlr corn for
llantlngf (1) Whit are beat crops to
raise for hog feel requiring little or
no Irrigation' (41 hnt vvoull lie fair
average of cost icr hog pr month for
feeding If compelled to bu) feed Muffs
M I.
lvatllr coin mil irtlohokes cm te
rnleel aucressmil) on the dr) farms of
this se lion Kalllr com Is especlill)
well adapted to restating drought (2)
Kalllr coin cm le nbtnlnel fiom lb)
honaas experiment stillon any rellnble
seed house etui sui plv vou (3) Lucerne
emu nnl wheat (Ii It will depend en
lllel) on the age all 1 bleed nf hog The
hog sboul I giln nt least one poun 1 er
di) and In oi ler to pro luce this gain
It has l-n fuund that S SS pounds of
com meal or 4 r poun la of sirainl
wheat or 1CM imuntlg nf sugar beeta
anl . R2 pounds of bran will be ie
qulied a dn We advise )ou to ohtnln
bulletin No 70 from the I'tali expert
ment station on I x erlmenla In l'ork
I'rodui ti in
W hat Is meant b) the Tullin period
1 How long did Herod the flrent live
nflei the birth of c Inlet ' 1 Will you
piinl aomeihlng of the life of Ptolemy
PblluileliliiiB' nxlous
A eiio of 7livo lullan )eirs the
)cnr of the lull in ei In I la found b)
ndling 1171 lo the enr l 1 A
few weeks 1 He wis Plolm) II
nnl reigned peacefull) over I gvpt fiom
"XI to 2li It " This perlni wis
marked h) extension of trade b) large
public works anl b) stimulation of
erholirshlp Jn his lelgn Manetho
compile hls'hlalni) of IV) pt anl
the (Ireek version of the oil TestH
meill known as Ihe r-eptllaglnt wart
made at least In part
What tiesent St ilea anl Terrltniles
vv ei. Included In the loulalana I'ui
rhise' 2 What form of government
has ustralla" T 11
leMilslami Arkansas moat nf Indian
Teirlloi) Mlaaourl moat nf Knnaaa
Nebinaka Iiwa theliikntia moat nf
Mlnnesol i Montana nn 1 W )omlng nn 1
1 art of color i lo .' The Common
wealth of Vtistnlli luiiigur He 1 vvllh
1I0I is a fediritlon Eoverned under
n iniistlitillnn finiii d h) lis own pesi
lie lut passed upon b) the Ilrltlah
Pirllament There Is a Oov ernor
Oencral ipolnlM lij the British Cub
Inet to leprcaent the Sovereign but
guided b) 1 ablnet chosen from the
Pectoral I'arllaiiient and twci leglala
live hodles Senile and Itepieaentstlve
( hamtter Ibe cnnatllullon apcclticnll)
entrusts ceitaln nmlters to the Pedeial
I xeilltlve nnl Paillament leaving die
lest In the Htites In Ihe gene-nl man
ner of th.ae I'nlted States but the
mattcrn of leleiil control are nore
extensive than hue in) aome subjects
having Pederal supn vision with us
there hip left ti the fnies
Twolve-Veir-Oltl Ogdtn Boy Wiltcs
Unique Letter Home Fiom
Anaconda Mont prll rt MitnrD
Clntkann 1J yeaia old i ml claiming to
hall from Ogden 1 tah walked Into
the mllie 110110(1 this miming anl
ekert that he be fiirnlKhed with enough
otatloncry to wrlu home Hie lad
staled Hint he ll id left Ogdrn vvllh
tlio Intention of going to Spc kane an 1
on lo Altska 11 ss)s his mothers
usme Is Mrs Orrtiude i larksnn Ihe
I nv was well diosaed and said lhat lie
left home without his mothers asm-
II ill he stated that he had em ne. 1 51
silue leaving Ogden ami. ms ago
The litter written home 1 ihe lad was
unique In that It dec In d thn should
the mother be in ml c Hide In u r
the writer guessed hi nil I lemli ,
few doll.iis to help her ilons
Indiana Bully Damaged While nt
Hei Dock in Milwaukee
Mllwaul.e Wis Alrll u, moke
out In the el oli h In st lulon torn
I ativ a ale-mi r li .11 u i I ,,, ,fnn
nil b roii iii biaz bi i i iam
hi, rrtlm it I i il ii H i I in
J Tie w Is I d I i. ihe
ras fihi - l vc n i
l in w 1 iris li I I ll wh n Ihej I c
I rone c at
Omnibus Bill Carries Appro
priation for It.
Measure Carries an Aggregate of
Sixteen Million Dollars Of This
?125,00O Is for ORdcn and ?100,
000 for Evnnston It Will Proba
bly Meet Some Opposition From the
New York Delegation, Who Claim
They Have Not Been Treated Ulsht
in the Matter.
Titiin-NR m hhau j
160! h. Ilrert V
Washington D pril 25 )
The Committee on Publl nulldlngs
and Orounds will reiort the omnibus
public building bill to the House to
morrow The bill carries an aggregate
appropriation of le One) OftO Ogden
Utah receives an pi topil iilon' of
JUS 000 as was stated veslerdav
I vanstnn Wo alao ie elvea $100000
for a federal building Ihe bill will
probata!) mct some opposition from
the New lork delegation who claim
that the) Imvc not been treatel rlfht
In the matter of appropriations for pub
lic buildings but It Is noi thought that
sufllclenl strength will materlallie
against the measure to affect It to an)
oi) great extent
uthorl7atlons for public buildings in
every State of the Union except Deli
vvare and Idaho for whl h States no
hills were Introduced ore carrlel In th
measure ln all there nre 171 authori
zations In the bill
In the following cliles the limit of
cost of public buildlnk la Increased
Denver from J50000) to $"00000 Hutte,
J22SOO0 lo J275 0O0 Leadvllle J75 000 to
JS5 000 beattle, J7".0oio to Jiooooo An
appropriation of J7(K)000 Is made for a
building In Sm rranclacn on ground
now ownelb) the Oovernment
Ihe appropriation of 12' ooo for Og
den Utah Is on condition that a site
la sold to the United states at a noml
ml coat
ot m:rt apphopiu vtion
The following npproprlitlons are
nwde for hulldlngsand sites rolorndo
Springs, Colo J13S00O I reano Col ,
JIOOOOO lleno Nev , Jfioooo
Approprlitlons nre mide for altes as
follows Ppokane Wish IGO0O0 Ta
cnmi Wash ",oooo Provision l
made for enlarging the present site nt
I,os Angeles Cil nt i coat of Jlsnnoo
or for acquiring a new alte with (suit
able building the entire limit of coat to
le J500 000
Delegation of Ncz Terccs After the
School Superintendent.
Wiahtngton. April 1 he delegation
of Nez PeireB Indhina her are camp
Ing on the trill of T Shanohan
former agent nnd now a hool superln
tendent nl the agencv The) allege he
Is Incompetent to manige the schools
Body of lleno Blicksmlth Is lound
Reno Nev, April 20 lames A lltnn
k blacksmith was fnun 1 In nn Irrigat
ing ditch this morning dinwned He
had been drinking heavll) for two
weeks and it Is lelleved he fell Into the
ditch accidental!)
Employees of San Francisco Company
Achieve a Victory.
S,in I rnnclacn e nl prll ! The
strike on the street nillvvn) Hjstem of
the United rnllrnidn which went Into
effect Inet Hnturlii) nlghl was nlll
clall) declared off tonight 'v, ictory
rests with Ihe emplovees who niv
conceded nil their pilnclpni demmda
The United rallmads have granted .in
advance In wage- a ten-hour di) nnd
In a meaaurn recognised Hie Carmen s
Fever ln Blttei Root Valley Thit
Claims Many Victims.
Mlafouli Monl April 2 The epotted
fevei iouige In the Hitter Root val
le) htB broken nut with gleater vio
lence than nt an) llmo known In the
hlator) of the pe ullar clleeaae right
persona aire id) have die 1 of the
strange nuclad) within a week nnl
the deitha nf seveial more aie expect
ed loda) a numhei of cases were re
ported In the nuihorltlea The ellacisn
Is unknown elaewheio nnl tlm fur
lias baflled the (h)slclinie Nearl)
ever) victim that contrails the fever
dies The dlseaee commences with i
fever like tviholl and svots begin to
show all over tho I-1) Tha spots In
ciense In slxe and at death the victim
Is spotted lltte a nttlesnike
Miner Literally Blown to Atoms by
Seattle Wash April 2 W 111 Trlre
and llernarl Sutler vveie killed by nn
exrloslon of ilviiinnlte nt Issiquih this
afternoon butiei a bo l was blown
all to pieces I here wns not cnourh
of him left men which to hold an In
quest Ml tint remained of the nneo
rm Inei vveie u few throds nf
Ileal. loihlns which were pie ked
off the surrounding Itees and hushes
Price lived about in hour niter tho
accident hut died without tesilnlng
coime lousnees
No one knows Ju it how tho explo.
slon occurred John ( out Is a bo)
was standing about flft) feet aw n
from the men hut with his bark
turned toward them When the d)na
mite exploded he vvna thrown ur
against the emb inkmeint, but was not
Liberty of Short Duration.
Walla Walla Wash April 16 Aa he
walks) from the penlienllarv here to.
da) Harry Long alias II II Johnson
alias II a long win taken Into cus
tod) and will be i-ent to Anaconda
Mont to answer to a charge of I ur
sTlar) anl attempted murder In Ihe
shooting of a iepui) ?herllf He Is be.
Ileved to be rciward r lark
Board of Tiustees His Some) Reulgna-
tlono Piofferitl.
nnim Nl l'f ( IAI.
1 osan I tub , rll .el I here was an
Inipoitu i momm f the Tiusteeo of Iho
vul ill r n,,,. of Utah In Ibis city
M'lerclii aft n n int roni.1 lerable
w irk or imp n in the Institution was
stlth i iiea were present Thev
! " ' e M ( nil k .Mrt. I inlh 11
I i arJs a id 1) a Adams of Salt Lake,
Pcth I cigt n Ir r Hi i n ' J.., "
A M VI si r of C he ci I Mis
II s i N Piale f iyi r ut I
Am rg th r things incln s hjj "J
a'n imbr"of 'tho pr ifcaaors It has twei
slated tint the resignations wrre clue io
the fact lhat giealer salaries ' ,,!"
man led an I refuse but no lnformttt n
woillle given out on this point I') the
Trustee list night The reelgrm on if
1 rof 1 J McBwen Instructor n I n
illah was a rented, on 1 lror I nliam a
fe ent graetuato V Hat"""" ,ln'wi",'h
vv emnl 1 to tfill the ncv Noth
ing la given out aa to Prof Mchwens in
tenllona for the future , h
Prof 1-errla who haa had charge of the
commercial iepartment of the ""leg.e ' "'
a nimber of veara tendcre 1 his resign i
Hon i lao lut no one waa chosen to 1111
Hs pafe Prof leVrl. haa accepted ihe
pearleno of Ihe Idaho Hlale Bcsdemj it
1'ocatello and will "asunie his du I es
when bis present vest wllh the Agritul
tural college la en ted .
Another reslhiiatlon handed n was tnal
of Mr Orirtltn the inetnetor In the
blickamlth ahop This realena i Ion was
acceptel but Ihe vacancy waa not filled
It la the Intention of the Trtiatee. to em
plo) a number of nldlllonal tn'tructors
for next vear and a large number of ap
pllcailons for poaltlons were i leeuaaed no
action along Ala line waa tnken and the
applications vveie turned over to I real
dent Kerr for his opinion cm them
The meeting Isated mill "clock th"
evening and was harmonlnue thioughout
The building and gronnts committee re
ported on the work done In the lonstruc
tlon of the miln building of the idles
and tho aiablea the report was mini)
satlafactorv bjt will nolle made piiNic
at this time V general Inape. tlon of ell
depirtmente of the Inailintlon anl he
grounds was a part ol the b islneaa of the
Hav All the Truateea e-xpreased th"l
selves hlghlv pleased vvllh the ",',."'
the college and Its present flourishing
Elctrlc Road Franchise
MBVllle Vprll "-The Ka )sv Ills I'll y
Toimcll met In special session last nlghl
to consider the petition nf the Salt I ake
it lirlsham t itv Electric Kallmad com
1 an) for i Iranchlae lo build an elerlt-lc
road throigh the cltv The rnuncll bv
a unanimous vote granted Ihe franehls
tor a t nn of nit) veara the road to he
ronalruitei along the center of "eventh
Narrow Escape,
Sprlngvlllc Vprll . -Milan Packard
the mining magnate of this cltv had j
narrow rpcnpe from teeing run over and
killed bv i Bio Orsnde engine here this
morning He wss going to take Ihe
carlv train for Eureka which leaves here
st f 15 i m and waa standing on the
platform h the track talking to a
hlend V train ha 1 Just pulled out from
the elepoi ml he was aliout to cross
the track to get on the Mireka train
when n Ion engine came along and Mr
Packer 1 did nol see It in time to gt far
enough awi from the track to prevent
lelng struck bv the ateam cheat of the
engine He nfli knocked down and m
talned some eevere hrutaee but none that
ore consldere 1 dangeroua He will be
confined to his tel for aeveral davs
Six Months ln Fenltentliry.
Logan Arrll !-Charles Ptandtey and
James Price the transients who the other
ds) were found gulltv of ho isebresklng
were this morning sentenced b) Judge
Hart to svn montha In the Stile prlnn
The pair will b earortl to the ugar
House baatlle on No ie this afternoon
A School Mttslcale
Sprlngvllle. Vprll -rhe pupils nf Ihe
public schools of hprtngvlllc cave a must
rale at ll el D H meeting iintue ve aler
dav afternoon and evening The mill ile
waa well atlen led unl give a,lendll anl
Isfictlon The afternoon performan e wi.
for the chlllren and the evening per
formanro for Ihe grown pe lie line
at len lid feature of the procramme was
music b) the public school or heatri
whl h la cornjoaed of Isvva from I. lo 1.
veirs of nge and the) have onlv been
organized ani pla)lng since last Decern
her tbev hive I een under Ihe Inatru
tlon of Prof Moae Cloiielniundson and
their progress Rives promts, thitlhev will
make a good organization If they keep on
A Fabrication Ventilated.
1isan April M-ln tho locals of the
Nation of toll) the following erroneous
statement waa found Ihe lnan rorre
apontent of The Tribune stated jeeterda)
that th offlcera here woul I nol eniorce
the law axalnst Sunday baaehall VII who
know Major Hansen nnd Mirahll ( rook
elt will aet the atilement down ns an ib
aurd falaehnoi
All who real the atatemrnt In Tho
Tribune will tut down the writer of tho
ih.ii. as a mnllcloua anl wilful fnlirl i
lor Thle fame individual w is caught In
a fibrl allon aent lo lh Newa anl In
irder to ai narentlv aquare himself and
sling mud on Ihe. Irlbune. ha tells an untruth
Ilolcomb droup at Thundei Moun
tain Is Sold to a Compiny for
?2O0 000.
Ilolse Id i A ill ii. Tho Holromb
gioup nf claims at Thunder mount iln
on Marble cieek at the mouth of sun
inside creek has I een sold to the nolle
of Thunder Mountain cominny The
group Includes sixteen claims II la
iindeistnol the price Is about 00 noo
The piopert) Includes i v ilu ible w mi
tight on Marble treek anl anoih r n
Sunmside creek The . Iilms w re lo
luted bv Fnd Ilolcomb the v rr
Pour linlse men tola) re elved l i)
ment nf Jioooo from the mm" on
pan) this being theli share of a dori
maele In fnnuai) fir four claims th
Vpex Hlnrk HIM Hoi) Tenor indWar
ren 1 nctlon Theae men held a Imu I
nn the property nnd thin was their
I rollt
Denver Hns It Tint tho Road Will
Tass to tho Rock Island on
May 1st.
Colorado Springs ( olo April sa ,
mors nre current In this eit) lomghi n i
on Vlaj 1st the Colorn le Midland r id
will naas Into the control of the Rn k
Island A few davs ago tho Itork Isl nl
ofllelals went over Ihe Mldlon I read In I
irlvale ,ar In the pari) were a nun
lier c f engineers who aioppe I off m ,.
cnl fsilnls along the line anl male aur
Vejs ""
i.l.?.r.ntl!!a"it ,','k,l"'' amga have
een enRase.1 In re laying portions of ihe
rick wllh heav) steel while th-ra have
I een doing exlesnalve grnillni, wllh a view
e f ii mnv Ing nnnec easary curves an I
sles-p krailce "" '
le'V.'LTl"' '"'"".nel H'ops tonlsht
It la leporiei among the mm that ihe
capaill) of Ihe aho, a 1. lo he iloiiblsd
Iniinedlitel) u la alao aald lhat while
all thn r astern roads hcv. been .Ulna
Ihelr IhroiRh fleight hiialness ir ihe 111
L,u'l!"".l,,,rhI"rk.UI,n' h" ' v li'en
glvliu. nil the hialnets lo thy Miaiimi
Flvo Hours After Rcing Laid Out Ho
1 -erelt W nrh Vprll "6 A Uram.
me occuired In Uiveralle i h n I
nlghl when Punlel s i am to all ai
peir Hires passed from life 1 he b i
wis prepared fe r burial Five hou
later Cain tevived and silting ui
ted sang sones or thankst,llng ll
lemilnel alive mull x min k ve i
da) morning when death iamr In,
Ing the post six montha he hid M,r
fere I from heart dlseiae
Anniversary of Norway's Indeperiu
erne to Do Observed
IS inlays r
Noiweglms will or p,), n(,x
elebrite the clghlv h ,nnU ,
ef the llllepende. NoiwB1 ,v ,
celebration at Ch .-tenson h hill a,,
iiiterlnlnineiit on an oluher-iie ?i
? .'.' l,f h" "I'bratlon whl I, nui i,
followed by a dance
This was the cnchuion rr ilr i ,
a salheilng of repi ,nia,, " ? "l
weglin citizens at Jinti e i . ,
lice In the f onttlintion hk k rritiy
20,100. I
nleht The programme will consult of
a number of musl al selections by the
Vrvvegiin quattHtte also a number cvf
sol ind spec hes by the """"Inff
ll v E V Me rk pastor of the Scan
dlnavlin Methollst Uiurih vvlll spcik
on the 'Independence of Nprvvaj.
Judge C M Nielsen vvlll follow vvllh a
speech on 'The Fatheiland, Dr. PA.
H Fiunklln hts chosen for ; till nubJect
The Norwiglin 1'arllamcnt, nnl Hon
M ( hrlstopherseii vvlll conclude with
The .Noiwegluns In Vmcrlcii
After the entertainment and before
the dance thete will bo an ilcdlon of
the May Queen, wh. vvlll be chosen
out of five )oung ladles nomlnnted by
the committee on nrrangementa The
queen will ollklale dtirlm. the dince.
Will Investigate Rise in Meat Trices
and Fiosecute Trusts if He Finds
Any in Utah.
Attorne) -Oenerat Tireeden jesterdiy
decided to go a step fulther In his
manifesto of Ihe clay before with a
decision to drive the meat trust out of
Utah The Altorne) Hcnernl has stirt
ed an investigation inlo the sudden rise
of meat and If he llnds that thero l
an) corporation violating section 1751
of Ihe Revised statutes of I't ill which
makes It unlawful fur nil) cninblmtlon
pool or trust to regulate the price of
an) commodity he vvlll nt once Insti
tute proceedings ngalnat it
While there Is geneiill complllnt
against a trusl forcing up the ptlce of
ment said the Vttornev Ocneril ' I
must tlrat Inveatlgale ind sitlaf) my
self nitlelnll) thill BU h Is Ihe c ise he
fore I take on) action She uld I find
that there is such i combination which
Is unlawful the public inn test assured
that prosecution vvlll be begun nt on e '
llegardlng the letter sent to htote
Food and Dilr) Inspector Helper nn
Frlda) Attnrne-Oonei il Prceden said
he had tecelved no answer I don t
expect lo hear fiom the Mate Inspee tor
for several di)s until he has made a
Man Who Flayed Tart Enacted It in
Tvanavllle In 1 Airll r. -Charles
Bromm a local merchant took pirt In a
pla) slven bv Ihe leading Herman en-lct)
of the cltv lie In 1 Iho part or the hero
and Juat as be went on Ihe stigo he re
celved the sa I Intelligence that his father
seed fc had died Slid lenlv I Honda of
llromm Inslalel he leave the atige and
go to hla fitbers home but this he re
fused to do se. vim. that Ihe pHy could
not go on wlthnil him llromm plived
his pari well anl the an Heme never
knew until after the piiv that Urnmm s
Mther was deal Ilronun a ippree-eed his
emotions until after tho pla), when ho
buist Into tears
Itching Plies produce moisture and
riuse Itching this form as well ns
Hllnd lllccdlng or Protruding Pllei
are cured b) Dr no sm ko s Pilo
Jevuned) Htops Itching nnd bleeding
Absorbs tumors &0u a Jar ut Druggists,
or sent by malt Treitiae free W rltu
me about )our case Dr Dosanko.
Philadelphia IM Nelden Judson Drin
Co distributing agent, bill Like Clt,
lOll Wrlv, I. VN(.U11 PtItnO8.
Weak, sickly peoplo often remark
If I could only et something that
woull nourish me und give mo
strength ' They do not know wh), but
the fool they eit Is of no benefit to
them, the) gain no flesh and feel no
stronger The fact Is tho stomach Is
too weak to perform Ita work and the
little nppetito they oneo had 's so in
gone Tho blood becomes inure thin
nnd water), brlnln on faint, sick
ppells with losa of memory nnd am
bition, they ate nlvvuys tiled and list
less and subjcvls of lvld contagious
discaio on account of thole weakness
Theire Is n remedy for all this that
acts In the right vvuy It turns thj
food you cut Into rich red bloo 1 malv
Ing flesh nnd strength, creiUs an ap
petite because th a)atem demands
sustenance This remedy Is called Di.
Ounna lllool nnd N'ervo Tonle anl
Is sold by nil druggists for 75 rents u
box or thtee boxes for S- or b)
mall on receipt of price Tho tablets
to be taken aflei each meul and tho
guln In solid flesh Is from 1 to 3 poun la
ler week This menus heilih Wtlto
us about your case We have a p im
Ihlct wo vvlll send free Ail Ireas Dr
tiunn Phlladelphli Pa Neldoti-Jud
aon Drug Co cllatrlbutlng agent, Salt
T sic, cm Ptnii
ours if you try
IHfl "id oats lo strong we
I MI r. guiranteeaciiteorrcfiuil
w s . money, and we sen I vou
free trial hotlle If )ou willc for It
Mill Oils cosn V cents on 1 will cute Con
aumitlin Incumenli llronchltU an 1 all
I nng Tmul les W 111 cure a coui,'i jr col i
:n ? "y "" ' "lu prevent n, rlom r, ills
It his liren doing tlicnellilngsloraivcars
S C VV i LLa (V (. o I e Rov N V
Ikarl Clover Root Tea cortrcl j tt Slomach
H cro'coptc ind Analjlie Ptyilclai
Microscopic Medical Institute
C W, Hlggmj, M D, Manager nd Prop
r li.viu iiiirri,
Con v Mnln and Third Bouth.
Has Pru ,i ed in Ball I ake City for tw.n.
e'l til I I r J l1" J"nl"ful "Hi well.
Si's-n,! ?".r, H. !hv'p?'""'nf-
jnu, ,l.l.a'ur,,;i,,,,,;;l';rh.''tv,1' hcBu-L,V.k-,s
!i,?nh.vtraT9,Aff 'Hv3
530 E. 3rd So, salt Lk, ci.
State Anentl Ci
and gen I ent of mail vV?,,1?
House 51 W 1st Bo Bait ift""' CK
Ke County, Btate 0f lU)t
, To Mrs Barnh XI Heath v.
by notified that I have , 771 "tii
soven (ff7l0) dollars IS la M.
ments upon the 1 udora aVn,,Ia '"Jr
In Wlilard mining alftrl T"n""H
count), mate, of Utah n'LLJn t
terest as will appear b) pc7,r,' Us
December so 1901 the ofc. J?i t
c order of said county In orS, JfJt I
I remises under the provliioJ. ,3k
M.4 ltevlsed Hlntutes of th, !!,?'
Icing the amount requ ?MUf ''" 1 1
simo for tho year ending isoi S,AJ
In ninety days rrom the amiM"
notice or within nliety e'"JU
roilco hy publicitlnn oy fffi,..,rt
contribute roll proi ortloVof ..i"1'
oa a co owner, your Interest In asiT
vdll boeomn tlio property If" J "i
scrlbcr. under said aoitlon IBi "' i.
'I EJiWa
a o in r. -
TJepirtmcnt of the Interln.
Ftnlcs Land Office, Salt LakJ Se.'v
March 7th lfi: """ c"f I.
T.e Whom It May Coneern v..
berch) given that the Lnlnn 2
T.illwii) company has nied ll ,IA
n list of lands situated nth. ,1S
destrlbeil below and ha! anrlw?
patent for aal I lands lhat ihi i J'
for Inspection by the piiblJVn??'
thereof b) deserlnlve SiMwii..''
I een posts I In a convenient oi. .7 '
office fur the Ins, ectlSli oVaViS,1
W llhln the slxl) : daVa fiiK?
elate of this nctlce prot",!""?!
ngalnat the claim of the "mp,
tract or eubdlvlalon within arVt5
ir part of s, el Inn dea rlhesl ,',K
on the ground that Iho ttmVi,
vnluiblo for mineral than for ui
luril purposca will h, rJ
noted for report to the fits, m ,'
olTlc.i nt W lahlnston I) rj,'"1 1
lanTilialrk-T"' "" N K' SaltLis
North un 1 East
bo '4 no l, Hec 2" Tp , ft 1 ue.
Sec ft 1p 6 ll 1, w U iwVt,1
5 s 4 sw Hec 11 Tp ( ar.ii
$ tVP '" .w.n.fiV
South and 1 ast
W ef, nw i, Hec A Tp 1 n I ...
, bee 23, Tp 1, n p ,rt n u hF.
r W Sec Jo, Tn 1, It . u ?'? .'
IS. "Tp 1, li ti part . i sJc'T-.V
North and Weat
Par' s H fiec a Tn IS TI 1
HUM. I) IlOIIRs p,,,,,
Depirtment nf tho Interior rt.
Mates Ijend Office, Bait Uikailtr r,
March 7 si2
To whom It may concern Vila
hereby given Hint the Pnlon PadHit
roa 1 Co has tiled In this otTIra l?
lands altlte ted tn the temnirlpi d.sr
below and haa a; piled for s ritnii
said litids. thnt the list Is epua for,
rpectlon te the public and s copy tw
by deacrlitlvn aiibdlvlilona UiV
roaled In a convenient place In ina i
flee for the tnapectlou of all pemub
tereeted and hy tho public icnenJIj
W llhln tho rlityelays folloslnetbo
of this lotlce protests or conteitiiiu
the clslin of the company to mr tn
or sulsiivlsion within any section ors
of section described In the Hit. esc
rround lhat tho same Is moraviiuiNel
mineral lhan for aiirlculturil puree
will lo received and noted for retw
tho Oencral Land office at Wuhnr
n c
bait Lake Meridian Utah, JeonU
Tp 1 It 1. lots 1 J, 3, 4 t, llli
of Sue 1 all Of Hec J, lc,t,U
I 5, le 7 and of Hec Mat ',d
H Tp S. 11 1, all of Bet t Tp tt
all of bees ' 7 und 9 n ', f" It t
7 II 1 nil of Sec IS and JI Tp 11
all olHile I VU II II 15. 1 IM
IV 27, t" Jl 11 ond i- Tp J, ILllI
Hec 7 v; i n. w ', und a. mit
17 nil of Bees 1 nnd a e Villi
b w , B e t tl w ', a w ll
and n c U s e 'j of Km Jj'iii
i nnl a wr U of fc 27. all of ft
3i il nnd Tn 4 It i. all ol (n
on! 3 c s. e and n viefSitli
or Hec 11 B c t and i of Sec
Tp r. It 2 nil of Se 1 and 11.
Sc fi nil of Hies 2.1 2. II sniia. "(
II 2 nil or hec I Tji I 11 J. lolall
4 5 (.7 8 'I and 10 of flee M, Jotll
1 4 t. 6 7 ft 1 nnd 10 or Sec f,B
2 1 4 V f 7 of bee 2J all cfSeti
Tp 2 It 1 nil of Heca 5 7 and li
4 ind s i of Sec IS, all of Sen.11
21 and 31 Tp 1 it '!
5. 7 9 and II Iota 1, 2 3. t, lit
! and 10 tho s i n e l"nd l it
hec 11 all of hecs 1j 17 :lJ!s
2 1 4 nn 1 r. of fiec 23, nil of ..
11 nn 1 i. I P I, It 3,l f f"?,1
7 9 II It, 16, 17, 1!" S JV'.AV
f 7, 8 o, ll li. 13 ond 15 of Sec. a k
been 2., nnl 2, n ' n e V4 anl J.
&, Tn 7 tt 1 all or hoc J Mill -
5 n 1 all of Bets 31 an I a JP-'1
nil of .li . s 11. II It 2.1, 25 ancl 1"
He s il -I 25 nnd 27 Tp 2, It-K"
of t-ee 25 n J4 Hoc 31
South and last . ,
It I, nil of h-cs 1 5 7 and i. Ijul
2 of Hec 11 all of Beca IS ' tt
ll ',.( Hec 27 Tp 1 It 4 lout'
:s"l V n.r.,i'.:"r.? cv V'W
?f flee" r 'w Vn'cV.oJ'i5
n e ". "e'.of hec 27 w ,
w Ha o '. and w V or Bee. , .
fCe 'i1' oree I'V'i A-.
bec 3a Vftli?.n "sVfb-
or Hec 5
North and W'cst. , , .. ge
Tl .'. It , lots 2,3 "V, .vT
Tp'r ll I o'tin c V"fS 'jiV
i r Boa 13. n e !, net, of B a
Ol O A HMI1II IteccMre
Department nt the ", P
RlatciB I and Orflcc, Bait IM-
March 7lh, W. Itetr
lo Whom It May ""'" .VC
raclflo Iliillrond company J,,15f
mder lis grant In ' .'" i"i?h ri
owing deai rlbeil tracts vjhlc" a
by the records of tblJ ""iiatf. BK
returned by the Pn led Btatrt t
(leneral ns mine rnl Inn I "0",,llf
i,lren that the sail c omi tar lld v
lrnof us in the character of J At
lefcre tho IligHtcc anl c"2,.'
office cm Ibe hub diy 0' "'"
10 o clock a m. yUi .. Ip if;
8 'i Hue 1, "l Sec " i ,JI
1 e . oil of See D h Inj1, jlir, ,,
Bcc I J "IP 5 n. 11 2 e, i pot
All leisons eln tiling Vj.rli lai
sail rt'iBcrilVeel tracts p "j''V, V
clealrlm, to protest or f v""A co.'
I.cil ui thereof I.) lh "'rr0n a
hereby sunimone.l to uPP'' ' cl
unci submit testimony In wr
claims or objections , it'e11
KUAN K 1 . "?ft, necJ"
ITO9 aioitoi: A smith
o lo
nerarlment of Iho Jnt"''?';
iltiiil Bait Lake t Ity I '".. ',, I'
, Nnilen Is lieieb) ,sl'n,,'l"otlc "1
tig named octtlcr lii 1,l,,e?0Ji In i ft
iiirenllou to nisko.lhial I '.',(
of lis olnlin and lliut sal? fij Rrt"
madi beforo the sll".-' t
nt Bill I ake ( Ity , "lh1Jft,itett
of Muicb, iw via .,",nJiot",5i
a V4 of as lo i , 1 '
nw Vs of no H bcc 25, IP '
Hiencer lisbeirn, !". cn'm Mtl
lica.ant Oris.., Mh1101,n3i p.,.',
n. VV. Benlor, Altorney

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