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The Inter-mountain farmer and ranchman. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1902-1902, April 29, 1902, Image 17

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TlU3 JyTEu-MouyTAiy FAmirAi ax j) KAyoiprAy, Tuj:say Morning, aphit, 29, 1002. 9 v 11 W
b , nt n c nizlng a base bill
therm lv dlscucd at one
, ekl m "" nf "" IVw
lubraii ' ,hL Nnrl"B Will
1 a I pl mmngcr nf the
rl it n ! I' " ,Mei th0
( a captain till llcr.
"eplnlon all Wilt, nddresa
tlne th would '"" more
wlhe I "f "e " 'i
.nil h 1 h HiplOI,.llp Rallies
,al miming ii leiRiie with
.."? th i olden KnlghlB nnd
J iMcj of Ol ml lie "
."ou til. Invincible.." nild
,, Th v mi b it any teim
fre unci r ","'1 J"11 no
," t n 111. nic 1 l t HCllboll
Hten lt m replied Will
(eclln due of our prlhel
not to I 'rl'l nf nil) thing.
i, to ml') till league with the
ration to win neither the ln-
fnr n pi ice on th( team After the
llrnt few davs of piactlce the club
uninlmnusty elected Jark Henderson
captain of the team for lie hart enslly
proved himself the best nil around
plover and mot conscientious tialner
t apt Henderson mw that n coach
was needed to bring out the be6t points
of eve, y player He visited htuait ros
ter. n joung Itlvervlew liwjer. who
had been captain of the bisehall team
durlnc, the senior jeir Mi roster was
Intel puted In the club's Sucre's, mi he
ngloed to coich the tonii fiom 4 to 5
on Mnndii)s W'ednesdijs and Frldajs
lake It euny nt Hi fit h said to the
pitcher,. If you use too much sttength
at the er start jnu will go him- Hnl
Bet what they call a 'gl tss arm' He.
meinbei tint peifeit lontiol nf the
"111,1b more Important than nn)thlng
home of the bo)s who were not bit
t PS would Held the hills sent nut by
the batsmen, who muely bunted the
Ho Pulled Down the Ball.
'WT any eii r Icim Is gnltu
iplrll a h nitlly npplnrded
i"iM thjt a iminltlec of thiej
;nf r lib the nlllters or the
tanimrl In ic i thoiia week
rlMe trr and Hidden
n"1 ac ii the piopoiltlou
I wnt rl i -.if t meeting
"irer i c ilublii.usc. A
onrtlmtl mi n ndoptid nud
""l' I I as rollout. w,i
"In of xv P. ritv crimen i lull
i FrM Wll on of the lnvlncl
'Harj lr urei ' ,e oiginl
" yll"l ih nu teur Hose
w Th" fit r i bibs were lorat
irillu5 of ilneo miles Kich
'Vnd",'' ' ,n P"y In cnclnsed
"'' ,' nn to the vlsll
uinn "'K "'liPdiilB nim
'll'er'teil' i." " " '"""I-
m I-,u . 1,,'""I M" tlolden
, ,,M. " " IKIH May .1-
'"iMnuii "S,"1. nt r'n,lt
K i-hi ,'0!'i'",M;iiini b
" n--" l)!,,ll!V im-
-'M t,.i ' l-ndalo
r' or , ,', ""'"ttrMtw will,
' ' n , hi' !1' Hlllcl' '""I
11 ' llrl . . ''. '.ln "tlllntlt.
ril ,n" ,n ii - tlln kioiiiiiIh
v,a mi ii,'S""lp "'" Unco
ter ;, " " '"'Ja had regular
t-8 At n, ,"'"" "n,l r-ituiduy
'' aPCar-1 .,'," ly , member of
' at piuctke, unxloua
bull tlio extrilne being Intended only
foi the purpose of training the ces an I
kamlng how to hold the bat
Hon t boll your handadoe together
on the bat," ndlued Mi. I'ostei. Hold
them nbout two Inches npirt, and let
the loner hand be nt leiat mi Inch from
the end of the bit When ou atrlke
at the bill, don't chop up or down nt
It, oi awing nt It wildly with your eyes
closed, but meet It fulrly unci squarely
with a illiect blow When the pitcher
delivers the bill, keep your feet to
gether, eiy neat the plate. Again,
remembei that a well-placd lilt, even
If It I" only a bunt, Ii better than a
long dilvo rent nt landnni"
After the batting practice tho bos
rormed two leims and played a prac
tice game Wwn thoy had Pled "
e,al Innings, the coich called the play
eis 111 nnd rxplaliml a lew Pilnclples
0f' Ho'no'nf 0U hold ''"'"Ihl" ".n8
wiling position when tatchlng the hill
l"Sd of holding the vv lists tog. the,
nnd spreading out tin- hmi.lH. vvhlch
orten lesults' In breaking i, linger o,
two . Voil """" 10.1'1 "ia ,P',1Bt.K.tl';
get! er mid the hands paiallcl M to
l, " ko this '-and he HIiiMiiilcrt thU
point by liol line 1,1 lunula In tho m in
mr shown In lli diawlng .,,,,
When lleldlng n gmun.ler ' PkP
keep the heels together nnd the feet a
ilirht aiiBlca. t prevent the bill rioni
'gellfng' ify j'ou 'When P'lnjr.""',,
ball nlivnys icnih for It vvl Ii bo ,
bands, so as to be sure of getting It
w. shall llnl.l. the puctlce toluy by a
,al(-inlle run, four times around tho
-30 The' Ball
1ST TiE'
tea? THr. PJJfl
Held This will develop the lungs nnd
striving powers"
On the following dnvs the hos Im
proved Krcatlj In their playing f AN
though Mr roster could not always at
tend piHitl.e, his suggLStlona weie
larcfully followed out On stoimy daa
tho bojs went through light piaulie
In the clubhouse After prmtlie eviry
day they tepnlred to the house,
changed their clothes and had a show
ei b ,th and rubrtow n
Capt Henderson was soon able to
chooso his team He selected nine icg
ular pln era and foui substitutes to
(ompme the squad M,. Toste, gave
special Instruction to each plajer re
gaidlng hli own position nnd took
great care with tho pitching staff.
'I he day of the opening game arrived
W.lbui Wheatley's posters brought n
large crcAvrt. some DOO In nil, at 25 cents
each which netted J50 to each club
the Perseverance players appeared In
natty unlfoims similar to those used
by tho Indnoi baseball teams. They
bitted In tho following ordct:
Tlcknor. ss: hajles, 'rf: Olmsted, 2b,
O nrle'i. 3b Wheatlev. If; Graham, lb,
llanforcl, cr, Henderson, c, lingers, p
The Invlncibles looked upon the game
as an assured lctoiv ror themselves
Their irnck pitcher, Dick Ives, was In
the box, and ho had not lost a game
roi neatly two jeors Ar.ir both teams
hid pinctlced for fifteen minutes tho
Invincible innio to tho bat.
1'erseveiance made a good Impression
b putting out the first three Intsmen
in ordci, and nclded to the good effect
by scoring a run ln the lattei hilt of
tho Inning on u slnglo by Ilex nnd
Heubs three-base hit.
Dick lvc braced up after this, nnd
did not allow a man to tea. h second
till the ninth Inning In th- mean
while lto Ilngeis was knocked out of
tho box In the fifth inning liming
given thiec bases on balls mid mado a
will pitch Itcub t hinged positions
with him The wore was now i In 1
In favoi of the visitors The Invlnci
bles Bcorcd twice In the (.evcuth, on er
rors by the Perpevcrnnrc Infield W htn
the home team came up for the latter
halt of tho ninth the score still
0 to 1, Grnhani and Hanfnrd went out
on giouuders, but Henderson and
llogers in ido s ire hits Ilex got n
lMse on b ill making three on base,
and Heub cuinc to the hat amid loud
cheers from the reiteverance suppoit
ers. He fnt a long drive far nut Into
lert Held, nnd tho crowd tose to their
rcet ns one man thinking It was u safe
1,11 In every one's surprise, however
tho left fielder leiped Into tho air nnd
pulled tho ball down with one hand
'I he batsman was nut. the gjmc over,
and the score w t- still 6 to 1
Wold was received liter In tho day
tl at the Golden Knlghta had beaten
the ltangeri 13 to I! so the vftolden
Knights nnd Invlncibles weie nccoid
Ingly tied for tlio Ie.ideri.hlp of the
The I'eraevernnce team prictlced and
trained harder than ever alter their
defeat, nnd on the roltowlng Saturday
they went to Park Heights and plnjed
tho Itang.rs llie bom plijeil In the
pime order as on hiturday, except
that Harry Hanroul pitched nnd Tin)
nnd Heub plnjed centet and light
llelds. lespectlveb
rtoth teann scored one run In tho
opening Inning, then neither scored till
the sixth, when the Perseverance got
two moie In tlio seventh tho Hangers
got a tall, but Charley Olmsteids
three-bagger drove In three runs for
the vlnltors, making the scnic b lo :
The tlnal score wan 10 to 1 In rnvni or
I'crseveren.e, The Invlncibles how
ever, beat the Onlilen Knights. 2J to i,
po the league standing was now as follows
Our sclioolbojs must not lmnglno that
they are the smartest In the world, for
tllere la a little boy in Iloston who Is
rieir, dumb and blind, and who, In spile
or this,' will mike every one or ihem
look out good and lively ror Ills honors.
In manual training Tom fatilnger has
few equuls and no superlois, more yet,
he Is a mcchnnlcul genius,
Tom la now 15 ears old. The llttlo
fello.v lost hla sight nnd hearing when
he vvna about a ea, and a half old,
from spinal meningitis Ho forgot how
In walk, nnd ot live yearn of ug(, when
ho was admitted to the Terklns In
stitution for tho llllrd, In ISoston, ho
riept backward Now Mr. Anagnos,
tho dlrcctoi ot tho Institution, consid
er Tom tho enunl of any boy of hla
ago In inentnl development, so that all
he bus learned, Including how lo walk,
hiis been accomplished In ten jenrs
Tom's composition for the commence
ment cxei rises of UJ3 vvns ,
, TWO nOSTOV ufovs
mi: rmtiTAN nor or loop thd
nobTON noy or i?
"Boston Is an old city. More than 500
'iyi) u
W on Lost. P C
Invlncibles .... J 0 1
(.olden Knights .1 1 tvm
Perseverance Club ,,. t 1 .NO
lungers 0 2 .500
On May 10th the final games In the
schedule were to bo plij'ed The Per
severance boa tried conclusions with
their old rivals, the tlol.len Knlghtp, nt
ltlvcrvlen, and the Invlncibles played
the lungers at Glend lie. hoping to
win the league championship by a
third victory.
Hoy lingers pitched for the Knights,
and his work was of a high order
During tho nine Innings he nllnvved
only three bnse hits, struck out four
teen men nnd gave hut live bases on
bills, four of them In the last Inning,
when be got tattled nut let down
Pereevernnce batted hard nnd rnntist
entlj, securing a well-earned -victory.
The stnrj ot the gumo is best told In
tho tabulated score.
,.. , ... A.H. 11 11.11- PO. A i:
Wright. !b 4 n ro 2 1 3
Weston cf 4 0 t o 1 o
rioblneon lb t a n n o I
Hllllkln 31) 4 0 0 2 0 3
Jones, 1 f 1 1 A ," l 0
Hughe rf 1 o n o o o
V oort, ss 3 n 2 1 4 0
Miller, C 10 0 4 10
bands, p 3 0 0 0 11
Total 31 1 3 21 13 7
pi:nsi:vi:n .Ncn.
ah n mi po a. n
Tlcknor, s s .') 1 J 0 f, i
Holes, r f 4 11O0A
Olniolead 2b ,01121
(l llrlon. 31 1 1 2 1 o 0
Wbe.tle If ' 1 1 2 0 A
Orahnm lb 2 1 0 s o n
llanfonl cf 4 ft .1 1 n n
Henderson, c I 3 4 11 1 n
llogers, p 3 o 2 0 0 0
Totals 3T 1 U 3 1 1
Huns by Innings,
1 2 1 4 5 6 T S 1
Perseverance Club o n . i o 2 0 03
Uolclen Knlzhta 0 0 a 0 0 0 0 ft 1-1
1 ft on titises p.rr-everance 6, Golden
Knights, 1 1 Irst bise on errors Perse
verame, 3. Two-base lilts heatley and
llemlerron Ibree-base hlls-Hav 1, and
llcknor. Home run Henderson Btruck
out It) lingers II, by Hands 2 llnses
on b ills-Oir lingers, C, off Hands, 4 iu.
bio plns Dcknor lo Ol instead to Gra.
ham (.;,
Tom IlaiDt the club scorer, kept a
full iKoro nf cveiy g uno In tho form
given above, and sent an account to
the lllvervlew papers every week.
It wus supposed tint the Invlncibles
had ti minced the Kangeis, ami there
by had seemed the championship and
nllk pennant. However, we cm Im
agine how much surprise there was
when the news came that tho Hangers,
by n grand uphill light, had muniger)
to win nut, taking advantage of the
fact that Ivea hid nn oft day and
could not control the ball.
This wna an unlooked-for alnte of nf.
fairs Perrcverance nnd tho Invlnci
bles had each won two games and lost
one, while the Hangers ami Golden
Knights were aim tied, each with one
game won nnd two Inst.
Delegntea from the four clubs met In
the Perseverance clubhouse Tuesday
nrteinoon unci decided that tho lnvln
elblo nnd Persovernncc teams nhould
plaj n deciding game foi tho chum
plonshlp ut Olcnddlo Batmday, May
Tho final gnme between tho leading
clubs went down Into loial history as
the most exciting of the season. Hpace
forblda descilblng It this week, but If
jou look for the next tnlo In tho serlea
nu will learn how tho rival teams
fought It out, and which of tho teima
finally won the .hnmplonshlp pennai
of the Amateur Hiseball league.
sears ago the Purlluns came ncrosa tho
ocean to find a new homo In Amerlci.
rhey built a town on three hills and
named It Hoston That vvua their old
home In Hngland.
.v,Vr.ho.. '.'ille '"''"'n boy walked
through the grassy lines Instead of
stieets. He rtiove the cows to postuie
on tho common Washington street Is
the old c looked cowpnth Thero was
a lflt,h beacon on Heacnn Hill. The
bo) h liked to coast down Deacon Hill
lp vv Inter.
"An Indian was tho pnstmnn who
carried letteia from town to town The
people traveled by stage. Tho only
ships wero sailing vessels Hccause the
peoplo In Iloston town were good unci
bravo. It gtew to be a big city. Theie
nro W.ooo peoplo In iloston now.
'The Iloston boy of 1800 rides In
steam and electilo cars and cuirlagea
without horses.
'"lho mall and telephone nnd tele,
graph tarr our messages, steamboats
cioss tho ocean In a week 'lhero was
not land enough for all the people, so
more land was mado In the harbor.
Tho old town dock Is pnit of tho sub.
way now, Tho little Puritan boy woull
find everything changed except the
1 am very glad Hint the llttlo Purl
tan boy came across the sea from Euz-
All the recess gimes thit wp nro
I rlntlng ire Intended to do three things
first, to amuse oi, teennd, to help
our studies, ni ut le 1st to reficsh our
memor, and third, to teaJi ou to
think qulcklj and to answer pioniptly,
The third object Is perhaps the most
Important, for qul.k thought nnd read
iness nf expression will be of Immense
tervlce to jou us m, grow older.
This gime, like the others, has been
made up speclill ror the bns and
girls, nnd Is now printed for the flist
time There may be an number nf
pliMrs, but wo will Hiippnsn ihem uro
twelve, not counting the lender lie.
b the mi should be selci ted nt Ic 1st
a day ahead, so that be may prepare
himself foi proper!) conducting It, or
It he Is 11 bright scholar perhaps he m i
land to live ln Iloston In 1M0. but I
would rather be the boy nf H09 "
Tom wrote this composition In Ilrallle
point characters dm lug hla play hours
When that part of the work vvaa done
ho set himself about making his Illus
trations. They consisted of the old
stagecoach of ltiOO and the electric over
head trolley car of 1S09, n sailing ves
sel tho beacon oil II. neon Hill, and the
windmill on Cnpp's Hill, which ho cut
lot of while papei anil pasted upon
black cardboard The unique feature
of Toms Illustrations vvaa that they
weie nil made out of stialgbt lines, nnd
et uuy person lould Instantly tell
what the) were Intended for.
If nnjonc Imagines this would he an
easy task, let bin, blindfold himself and
Iry to cut out of stiff white paper nn
old stagecnich pulled by n hoise, nnd
11 trolley car, with Us overhead electric
wire, nnd Its track to run on Tho wind
mill, sailing vessel nnd beacon look
easier, but they would bo hard enough
goodness knows, with one's e)ea shut,
The commencement exeiclses took
place In the Iloston theater, before an
Immense nudlence, and when It came
Tom turn to rend his composition this
Is the way it was done. Ho j assed the
reading finger" of one hand over tho
raised churaetcis and with tho other
hand, spelled It nut In the manunl or
deaf-muto alphnbet to an Interpreter,
vvhlch Interpreter repeated tho story of
the 'Two Iloston Ho)8" to the as
sembled audience. At thn right time
Tom hell up tho Illustrations be hid
made The table upon which his man
uscript rested hna beeii made by his
own hands Nnno ot the pupils that
day got longer or heartier applauso
than deaf, dumb and blind Tommy
get along nl.ely without an) prcpara
He takes bis stand In rionn of the
pin) el s and tells them that ho Is going
lo send cat h of theiii cm a little- Journe)
dining the .online va.1ll.111 An lip.on
slders It ver) Inipoitant Hut all bo) a
and girls should be well Infnimed about
th.lr own toiiutr), nil the Jennie) s
will be mide hen. nnd not ntmrul
He will send the twelve plncrs tn
tw.lve States ea.h tn 11 different KtntP
nf ccuiise, 1, tut the cmlv letinii li) win
ask Is that null tmvoSi shall tiling
bark with him 11 small part nf the
pilnrlpal product or ptolucta ot the
Hint, be visits
I'or Instance, ho begins by sivlng to
thn plu)cr at the bend of the Hue to
his right 'John, I inn going to send
jou lu the State ot Maine Ibis va.a
t Ion. what will jou bring me when jou
eoino back
If John la read) ho will piomptly
answer I will bring jnu soimi lumber
mid 11 box ot spruce gum Hut If be
cannot give an ansvvei the iiuestloii
goes to the next plijci, and so 011,
-- z 1 f r tiW
until someone Ins given a sntlsfirtnrjr ?f JrM' c9I
nuswei FsSiiU' CsBbH
Then the leider hijb to plajer num- f?Hi itfsH
her two 'l.dltb I nn, going to send feff I IJs
von to the Mate of Ixiulslnni: what i'M lt
will )ou In Inn; me' Hdlth piomptly LVrTMa IH
answers 'I will bring jnu somo can iriM' iCaB
sugar and a live pelican " JiTK 'VbH
Nunibei Unco is tn bo sent to tho j'JL! ji?.H
St lie of Keiituckj, nnd ho promises tn IjIssIj t!H
bring hick n ' line horse nnd a sack ot 'j kM v' :!
torn ' Nunibei four will bring from itiiFfs UifsH
Mississippi n 'lllllo liiln of ration." .JIB IPH
number live will bring from Montana, jtyf JJjH
soiup specimens of oie and a big bllz- VtiK f T'sH
nard.' number six, from California. VftH1, 1'l.tH
'n nuggi t of gold and a basket nf t'fl' 'lllisfl
lust lous fruits " ami so nn, until enough J (Ml MjhH
Slates hnvo been visited to glvo each, iJi'L IT'ls
of tho phoers a trip yjffH WrlH
This gamp will be right 111 lino with! M'i ;fJ)M
Jour studies nnd jnu ma give It art f. Liiff A'trtH
clonic ut ot fun by winding up eneh l (yfl
answer will, a humorous allusion. For ?5jK'Siasssl
ex ttuple vim may add tn tho nrnductfi . ift Jktsfl
or the Slate or Maine "a big bear," A A?WM
anil to those or Montana, "1111 nld-tlmri . I Sri Jl ,,'SH
cuwbo),' and uthcrs in tho snmo way. 1 !n,l' Haass
, -.., . W rlaH
I Will Send You to tho Stato of Maine. ISs Hssfl
A portable boat should bo made of
pine or white wood boards, free from
knots and vveuther checks und thrcc
quirleis of un Inch thick.
Tho two sides should be one foot wide
and eight feet long. If jou are Intend
ing to build a boat to carrj' 0110 person,
und ten feet If jou nro to carry two.
Ariel )il have rut join hoaida the
proper length, plate a mark fourteen
Inches from tho end on each sldo nf
the bontel (sco figures) which you In
tend to bo the bottom. Draw a line
from that mark to the corner of the
other side. Do this on both ends of lho
bonds, which will, when stvvcd, glvo
jou lho shape of tho bow and tho stern.
Smooth tho ends of tho bo irda with
a small plane.
Your boat should be sixteen Inches
wide Inside, so the next opeiatloi, la
to cut out enough short pieces of boirds
seventeen nnd a half Inches long, to go
ucruss the ends and bottom.
llui Iiwu -u.
iu,nu bvneu wuilu luuu unci Mucar. tbej
t,u0s ut law sjuia ui. hjia.1i uu ura ui
l-u ..i,c ..i. huh ,., ui.v.Ub cacu
UWAIU UvbCl) ICl IU IlcltfflDU,.
The last board on each end should
be beveled to receive the pieces which
1 are to cover the ends. This end should
- ifaH Shaaaai
be while-leaded also. i HHal HiiH
lluj a few cents' worth of oakum, oe SfaW'f IMiaafl
cntton wick will do If tlio oakum In fHH'' SfisaH
not nbtalniiblc. 7ako a blunt-headed 1bH- laapaBH
luld chisel nnd with a wooden mullet SwSiBBaa
drlvn Urn oakum Into tho clucks be- HflK 'tUBsasl
tweeii lho iMtrrds cm tho bottom, 1x3, UMBIlW
Do not caulk between tho edgo and iMmM JtWsBsM
thn bottom, tAiBiHliH
I'or thn wheel use nn otd'wheelbnrrowr HfiuHl SfnaaH
wheel, which should bn fastened he- IsHflfcr igHlaM
tweeii two pieces nt wood two by three H&K (MUtH
Inches find long enough to let thn wheel raMSMHaH
clear thn edge of thn lxial during Its SIsW&IbISbM
transit by land, VHawHBsaH
A hair-Inch bnln bored In each stick SilffHaaB
iv III take tho axlo of an Ordinary wheel. rtJtlWaBaaai
Ilavn lho blaeksmltli ipako jou four fMelnH
Irons shaped llkn drawing and largo mlW iDHHra
enough to let tho pieces which run I R ShHIH
from jour wheel slip In jind nut easily. X xSr JSaBH
Pollen tho Irons with tllree-elrhths i 'TMSiSBaal
bolts, ono nnd one-half Inches loir;. ff Ji oVealH
Use a iloublo or slngle'lbladcd raddle. I Vii JTilaH
Paint with three tniitsmf good paint. vt' ljlH
You will find this bo it a very handy I h 1I1 .tHlmlsaaaai
Ihlng to use, particularly If jou llvo . HplV l , CwlW
some dlstanro fiom thn i,ivcr or like il ';' I niSaaaa!
nnd do not like to leave It In the mercy V ' ! tm b jfiaBaa!
of malicious perilous. It, In aa con- Evf'li- IvllBaaal
venlent to 1110 on a rlvnr which has Ini-tlfiflaaaai
rapid or shallow spots, for ono can n t n i !l;t4H
easily trundle tho boat utround them. ' ii !y .J duLH
Showing: now to Transport tho Boaf. r" J i.l tBrLB
Can Our Littlo Headers ToU What Is Wrong- With This Picture!" H&fHEf
, imhI

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