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The ixtei
n5iinguishcd Company Dine
With President.
,.n, InTMtlsn t0 n Can"
ttd by Department ot Juo"o
tLirdlng Title to Tanama Canal
Sd,red-Nw York Pontics
,,wd Of Beef Tnut Inquiry
united to Blefly-rolltlcal Situ
,loii In Delaware as Regards Sen-luritlp-
. Ta" " Y Jll,y' :5 A dls"
.tied F'f'y '"enabled nrolInl5 ,h0
'j ,, i ml nt luiirheon In his
'.Lro limin.no today. Aside from
,nl of tho bouse pirty there
. tirnfth Nivy Moody, At-
"rflcn 1 I-nox' eScimlor Spinner
ful.conrtn William Ilrytic. United
,ifi Pls'rlft attorney of Delavvnre.
Uohn Davles, Attorney-Clencritl
.r Y ik fate. u "ftS neither
ii'.H Went, nor et l"ltn by ib-
nlMl nil the members of tho party
it com tog ther at Sagamore Hill
tiMW time Attornei-flenornl
J.Yns e re led this morning, liut
'.. c . Hi bringing Senator Spoon.
s'lih him
Durlwt the afternoon tho visitors dls
wj with Die I'reil.lent nnd Sccre
,V jlc3l sumo of the details of tho
vMiljutlon Ihat In to he comlurted by
Tvtvv nl of Justlco Into tho
Mirror t new Panama Canal com-
it te Pi" n cll"ir ,l,lc '" "" '""on
Sr to Hie t'nlted States. It Is ex
ctfdllHt 111 a few weeks tho Inventl
illm nlll he l full progress Thus
fMf Knox linn been pinking only tha
il'mltiar) arrangement, for It.
srooNxn iNvniJD 10 assist.
A) hcntofoie stolid In these dls-rttic-ri
Pen lor Sponncr him been In
to l Mr Kmiv to npcl t In the.ln
itlKatlon hut It Ih understood Hint
, hmnet de I'leil definitely whether
will take nn nettle part In It or not.
It should It will necessitate his go
j to I'tris, and he Is lielleveil not
v bt drulrnu. nt making Hint trip nt
iit'me No details of tho conference
ituna public
It Is undcrstno 1 Hint the beef trust
qolrra adverted to brlclly, nml In
1.1 ftif of the discussion Attorney
.mal Havlc participated. He vvns
irtl ularl) Intel itcd because he Insll
M mime time ngo, nn nctlon ngnlnst
"t represent-lives of the so-called
tttt trust ' In New York State.
politics in ni:w york.
Tin President nnd Mr. Davles nlso
tassel the political situation In New
itlmltli sioclnl refcience to tho pros
do! Mr Davits getting tho nomlnn
n for Supreme Court Justlco In the
iih clhtrlct Up thinks he will fe
ir the nomination In the event of
i failure to be nominated, however. It
quite llkU the President will name
in to sue til Judire Alfred Cnxe ns
Dltel Rite IjIMrlct Judge of tho
rthren district of New York, Judge
1 hn L n advanced by the Prcsl
otto h- t nltel States Clteult bench.
Mil Mr Dm Irs obtain the noinina
oi It Is unterstnod to ho tho Inten
tacf the President to nppolnt Repre).
cjth Jimcs Sherman of New
rk in the existing vacancy on tho
itrl t h n h
trod i n in Delaware.
Dmlrt Atnrney nyrne went over
(polltl situation In Delawnro with
Vi lh it Deliwnre Is now with
urtprc nt Hon In Hie I'nlted States
M". Ihi LeKlnlnturn In ltepubllcnn
Jt l nfid In ked upon the election
'Hirnoi n effou Is bclnp; mado
itonprnmi the illillcullles so ns to
hi tre i. 1 ' i k. nnd nt n special
1 n of li l,i ilaliiliiro elect two
IjMIi ni before the trims of tho
iit r ml r of tho Legislature
Jllhiie rsiiied,
pil r hut the President enter
""1 i dinner besides Secretary
W r no A Phllblii, former Dls.
' Attoi of ' York city, Trnnk
Ta f ti,. ni.i,,p nr,,i ncv.
"tlijr Jnhn l, Helford nt St. liter's
Tftlnul triurch. Ilrookljn. The
" sent m n last named nre cry
IT. I' ''a'liollrs nnd were Imlted
" T1" lent to discuss with hint
lit n-ri M ,i- ii,0 questions In
ii n to ih ndmlnhtrntlon'a demand
it r ililnwnl of the friars fiom
I I Illr
7m Concludes Ills Campaign in
Now England.
trtfiw (onn. July : -The New
JBiM tour cf llim J. Itrjan was
MJc1 In ihi. cltv todiy. when ho a.l
llritf .'"1,",r'v "' Xl People it Sea
Mil "!l..,"y.'i"eniii't tendered a
uilif.1' ,h' Hrldisepori club An en.
r.lhS.0?,,.,:r","l Mr- I,ra" nt
il .'i'l' ""' wh " ,ln arrhed nt
iii k i "!""' "' them fallowed tho
tin". nn ' "" leceptlon committee
ir h. . '-cnrlert him to th- placo
ktsiS . '.? 'J'.r"k " l,ok" fnr an
'l!n a Inlf his subject lielnir -Ch-
nitlil'l,.!,,""' R""st tonight of
lSi!i '." , eominodoro of tho
' hi iiu i ".', cl"1' Tomorrow after
Until til "H 'nil tho litter's Mcht.
)i nmk-Jn. '" ."'..! nl"' " """t for Ihreo
- ' f.'W.a:!"noi,!!cH:;!;e,(y
'li'MnM i" "','" T,,,kn carried her
'W Hattle Is Now on nt Cliarlea
ton, Wost VlrRlnla.
S.V !'"n" W V" ' Jl,,- M -Tl,; cnn"
, J,1 "' of nistrlct President John
' 'fhirts and nlhers promlo to be
'"' lit.lo IhsIIii throush next
nth. Jh. ,""xn" commenced today
' "dirni rourt beforn Jjdnv Kcl-
sl h" , n y" ror nithards snuirlit to
Up. kil """"n of the court, but
inh, refused to consider tho
&S rr!ln!l Piesldent nf tho com
nil ii ,., . Cf"l'any, won on tho
rn-yi ,,.,1"? "" ,ho afternoon. At
fl lh. "liliardi stated In court
wirh inX,c "'' '" 1" ,llnt th
"riUii Cf"npay tinplojcd an
"It si,i"J11'p'''. Incn cnpablo of na
",mlii"ho ttfro In tho habit of
" ill ,," """ n,ul nnned them
"ken i , 7,,,m nf prooklnif the
h,tlhei, hrenili of the peace nnd
ltiir..,,'r" ot "" Mrlkers, rtlc.i-
b, crir rs ennnsclcd tho strikers
' 'i 'Ii ', Ul'd not allow tho eunrda
Juo-r. ,' ,'V
'"M ilmi .i r "nM " cn"ld not ho
"li V ii . niplnlnanl hnil done
'lc'rili . ,!ul '! roud ' Proved that
rly, A,ii1."""!l"1 "' men to bo or
' lo ,.'." fl" "Iclmrds will seelt
"Iny 2,f lh,at ,lle Collins Colliery
-"e liquor to tha men who
had been at work In the n- n . ,r.
the strike ton.m n I 1 ", ".'"" '
mm beinin rui.k ar ! a , ' l ,h?
ciused troubl - ny and
served for contest inSVr'h'lX
Tuimoll In the Mining Town That
Is Likely to Provo Very
Tnmanuti, Pa jUl 26 -This evening
nbout nft strikers captured William
Lgnn, a Lehigh Coal nnd Navigation
company brakeman, and made nn at
tempt to march him out of the legion
m..?"i ,!)"'. "achel a point near
'twen'.i Cl,u".k ihty w,rc "' ' aboSi
ter r LL''"",' e!', nrn"'d nllh WnchM.
.!, in At ""' rolnt of ln,,r Runs
, ?i,hllcer" marched the men to a train
. fnrSS'fli- iWI,C" ther arrlc'1 'e
2l.outSV."Vii'i f ',rl'' Knlhered
ntiout the train ant made a demon
stration. The deputies surrounded the
prisoners nnd. kecplnt: the ciond bieli
inellm? tholr pnn nt them, took
' i e .mnrfh to the jail About 8
?, .i i '," ,,ul" made nn erfort to
tnke the prisoners tn the otllce nf a
Justice of the peace When thei
the crowd pressed In and the prison
ers mnde a dah for llbertj, all but
seventeen of them making their escape
At present the town Is In a stnto of
turmoil and serious rioting Is feartd.
Tapers In tho Case Are Referred to
tho Embassador.
Washington, July J6 Some wieks
obo benntor Penrose nit tt papers with
the President, which he asserted tended
to substantiate the thniRe made by
Mr Mcaloj, tho Amerlcnn who Ins
been In trouble In Mexico, mrilnst
United State IJmhnsnidor Cliston, to
the effect that the Kmli issmlor was
directly Interested to the extent of 100
shins In a minim; corporatlm, antaito
nlstlc tn Mealej's claims The papers
weio rcfencd lo the State department,
nnd now the Senator hns been Informed
by Acting Secretary 1 1 III that the Piesl
dent has derided to wild them to
Mexico, Invltlnir Mr. riniton to cxtm
Ino them nnd make n report.
The ensn of Menley was nno of two
referred lo In the stlnliiK debite in tho
Senate 1n th Inst session, Involving nn
encounter between Senatms Halley and
Vigorous Criticism of Action of the
British Government.
Iindon, July ! Lord ColerldBC,
spenklm; at Ksllns. county of Middle
sex, tonlcht, vlcnrnitsly crlllclBcd the
Oovcrnment's treatment of tho lloers.
He declared that Lord Mllner, llrlllsh
IIIeIi Commissioner In South Africa
nnd Oovernor of the Trnnvaal and of
the Oinnue Colony, bernme nn nctlve
partisan Immediately after ho had ar
rived In South Africa.
"If," said Iird Coleridge, "the Gov
ernment hnd only had a tincture of
llbernllsm, It would hnve known that
the war would he costly nnd that men
would flBht to tho death for their coun
try. The loss nf lives and money since
the enpture ot Pretoria must be laid at
rirest llrltaln's door. Had the terms
on which a surrender was finally ef.
fected been then offered, tha Hoers
would have necepted them."
Ixird Colerldue added that If the
flovernment Intended tn police tho new
country with mtlonnl siouts "those
traitors." Irfird Coleridge rnlled them
peaceful settlements would bo Impossible.
Denver Alderman Meets Death and
Supervisor Is Fatally Hurt.
Denver, July M Andrew Kelly, Alder
mnn from the Sixth ward, was Instantly
killed and Supervisor Carl M IJnqulst
fntnll) Injured In a runnwny near Like
WelllnKton, fifteen miles couth of Huf
lafo Creek, Colo, while en route with
other members of a committee of tho
City Council to Inspect the water com
pany's new reservoir on account of tho
thieatened water famine,
Th party went as far as nuffnlo on
the train There eonvevnnees were e.
cured. When shout elsht miles from
Lake Cltrcemnn the roughness of the road
Jolted tho driver of one of th four
horse carry-alls from his seat. Tho
horses ran. and all either Jumped or wero
thrown out. Alderman Kelly received In
juries from which he dlel n short time
Supervisor I.lndqulst suffered a com
pound frneturo of Iho left leg- Just nbovo
tho nnklo nnd posslblo Inlernil Injuries
None of tho others wero bully hurt.
Montana Senator Will Soon Bring n
Collection of Pictures to America.
Vlennn. July S The Neues Welner
TnR-eblatt snjs that United Stales Sen
nlor William A. Clark will shortly ie
move to tho United States the famous
Preycr collection of pictures, which he
iKiught In December Inst nt n cost or
l.r.OOCOO kronen (nbout 37ii0O0). Tho
plrturcs. the paper , have hitherto
villained In Vienna, ns the Unltel
Slates Onv eminent deminded lonooo
kronen (about J100 000) duty, hut Sen
ator Clark Is reported tn have seemed
n. reduction nf this amount to eniblo
him tn temovo tho collection to the
United Slates.
Northwest Washington Furnishes n
Chapter of Accidents.
Dverett Wnth, July M A fatal runa
way accident occurred nt Cnupevllle, nn
VAhldhy Island, Inst nlsht. In which Mrs
lmwnhiK of Ciillfornli Ind her neck
broken fii iiltemtxlnc to Jump from o
T& rnn Into a lumber wicnn near
Port L'nsej, fatally Injiirlnu Iho driver.
'"VoY,!, linrVls'on. a lr rmnlasM In the
mia'rTi f'i'ad hlr-ieVkb?okcn"'by8,ToJ;
trom a falllnit tri-e
Suit riled. Against a Colorado Mining
Denver, Colo, July 2C-A nult has
been filed 111 tho United States Clicult
couit by the Mornlnif niory Cold Mi
ning company, nRnlnst the Mniy Mc
Kenney Mining compiny. nnd i tern
potory inlunctlon U pi cd for by
lomlng (Hoiy compiny to restgilr. he
defendant from removing ore from ho
Allien vein untl tho merlin of the suit
hi'vo bun decided Doth ' '"m:
pnnles are cpernthiB In He f-rlpple
reele district. The complnlnt nlleKes
that tho Plaintiff Is the owner of the
Aleen von nnd the nvvnei or the ' tc
Konniy company entered and by force
of aims took possesion nf the vein
aunmvVext.ac.od gold and si ver or.
from It to the amount of ll.oooew,
judgment for II W',000 and possession
of the vein la asked.
n-Mouvmy Fatcmeti axd Rgcroay, Tuesday sroioaNo. July w, lnoa. T SHfl
Former Executive of Idaho
Injured in a Vreck.
His Chest Is Bruised nnd Ills Cheek
Cut Several Other Persons More
or Less Injured Accident Occurs
in the Yards at Cheyenne, Hie
Westbound Denver-Salt Lake Train
Colliding With a Freight, Due, It
Is Said, to Carelessness of Yaid
master. Chcvenne, Wjo, July 26 The Union
P-tclllc pnssenger train from Denver
collided with a freight tialn ns It pulled
Into the sards hero tonight and half u
doien passengers wereslnjurcd.
Kx-Oov. J. McConnell of Moscow,
Idn., chest hiulsed, one hand crushed
and cheek cut.
William Clllchrlst ot Chejenne was
thiown ncroai a sett and badly hurt
W, lloiclt, a colored cook, sustained
a broken rib.
The accident was due tn the careless
ness of tho jordmaster In falling to
char the main track.
Donnelley Mountain In Nevada Is
Likely to Trove a Second
Amndee, Col, July SO Is Donnelley
mounlnln another TnnnpnhT It begins
tn look as If Nevada was to witness
another mining excitement equal to
tint ot the great bonnnia In Njo
count. Pnrllculnr In regard to the
new strike thnt has set this part of
tho country wild confirm the reports
that have been nlready published.
Some of the ore Is on exhibition nt
the hotel Iieie. It Is n hard, white
quarts Pieces of the oro are literally
covered with free gold and It also
shows who gold.
.Mr. Shearer Is one of the discoverers
nnd owns n fourth Interest with the
llnzer brothers. Ho looks for a erent
future for the new camp. He broucht
out with him a hundred pounds ot the
rock. From that lie had four nssnss
made. The highest showed over 10,
OoO In gold. Tho other three were less,
but tho lowest was over $200 In gold
to the ton. It was from this that the
excitement spread.
Now more than n hundred people hav e
gone Into Hie district from this point
alone. The distance from Atnadee Is
110 miles, A stage lino runs every Fri
day from here to Deep Hole, sixty
miles, nnd nbout forty miles ncrosa the
Nevada line. From Deep Hole to Don
nelley mountain one must provide his
own conveyance fifty miles. Hut one
can drive a wagon anywhere over this
From Humboldt House on the Central
Pncinc It Is only ninety miles Into Don
nelley mountain by tho wnv of Jack
son creek, Qulnn river and Black Hock
This point Is a good outfitting point.
Here are the finest hot springs In the
Stnte. The water comes out boiling
hot. This place Is renched via the Ne-vnda-Cnllfnrnln-Oregon
railway, from
nenn eighty miles. Susanvllle, the
county scat of Lassen county, Is
twenty-six miles away.
Frank Carlson Is Slain by deorge
Baldwin In Tortland.
rortlnnd. Or, July td Two joung men,
Frank Carlson ami CleorKo Hal twin, ench
nged 15 vcars, quarreled this evening over
two girls, to whom both were paving nt
tentlon. Carlson challenged Dnldwln to
debt. The fight took placo with bare
knuckles In the presenco of Carlsons
brothers nnd other friends, nnd of Maid
win's father, brother nnd others of Ids
follow eis L
. Itoth of the snunc; men were searched
for weapons before the beginning of the
light, their penknives. kes, ete , being
taken from them Tho light wns nppir
ently of two rounds, lnsllng altogether
nbout twentv minutes. At the end of that
time Cnrlsnn received n Mow In tho slom
neb. gnspeil nnd fell to tho ground W hen
Picked up he wns dend llaldwln sur
rendered tn thopollcc nnd Is In Jail,
Tho light look placo on Nlcolal street
In nn unfrequented pnrt nf tho city.
Ephrnlm B. Kwlng, a Washington
Attorney, Wandering About.
Denver, July V- MaJ Charles n.
F.wlng, IT. S. A , arrived In Denver from
his post nt Fort Preble, Me, to nnkn
a sennli for his brother, Fphilim 11.
lining, a. well-known nttnrney of
Washington. D C, who Is nupponcd in
be wandering nbout tho country Insane
The livings uro hrntheis-ln-lnvv of
United States Senator Cnckrell of Mis.
rourl. Tho last seen of Hphrnlm Uwlng
wns about two weeks ngo. when ho up
penred nt tho Wells ranch nt the head
of Snnke river In Womlng, where ho
used to spend hln summers. Ho was
then suffering from lack of food. Ills
clothes wete ragged nnd he looked n
physical nnd mental wreck. He applied
for wntk ns a laborer.
Ilwlugs friends wire notified by vvlro
of his picsenco In that section, but be
fnro a reply vvns received ho dlbap
peai cd.
Calumet and Hecla Now Itccelvtng
Exceptionally Good Ones.
Boston, Mnss , luly 50 Calumet and
Hecla people hnvo been receiving ex
ceptionally goo I Inquiries for copper
for some time past, but tho figures have
not been satlsfnclnri to tho romp my
Iho change of sentiment Is a naluinl
nno nnd It simply marks the wotklng
nut of the law of nil ply and demand
The chnnge will prove tn be a permn
ncnt one and It Ih rnld the price of rop.
per will be materially higher within tho
next two months.
Oencral Ordci Issued Announcing
Award for Merit,
Wnihlngton, July !C A general order
hns been Issued by flen. Miles, com
innndlng tho army, nnnounclng tho
nwnrd of medals of honor and rllll
rates ot merit tn ofllceis nnd enlisted
men for sped illy meritorious service.
'Iho nunnls covei a perlol beginning
with the rlvll war nnd extending to Inst
winter, nnd me In addition tn a list
published two jears ngo, when tho first
awards were nrnoiinced.
In Iho proaont Hits are the names
of Cm, Ilotaco Porter nnd Col. AHlejt
L Mills, sup rlntend nt of the military '
n ileiny, both of whom a e glv n m -als
for acts of brino the f imer at I
Atlanta nnd the I itt. i nt Santiago i
The medal i f honor list In part l I
ns follows William II Ilerkhclmer
Mnlor Artlller coips, t' s A V t
llnm C ltrn, hospital steward V 8
A Iternnril V Hvrne Major Thir
teenth Infantry Itobert O Carter Flist
Lb utenant. V S A ltohert Temple
Finmett, First Lieutenant Ninth env
nlr Frederick 1 unston Ilrlgadler
Ocnernl USA, .tames Kelphnrt pri
vate Compnns C First battalion Thir
teenth lnfnntr , John A I-ogan Major,
Tulrtv -third lnfantr v S A (de.
censed), William II Sage Captain,
Twentv-lhlrd Infantry fieorge 1! Stew
art First Lieutenant Fifteenth Infnn
try U S. A , Oeorge W Wallace, 1 Irst
Lieutenant, Ninth Infantry.
f Atlantic riu N J July Set-
f Charles : M Schwab piesldent of the
I'nlied Plates Hterl corporation,
while out drltlng here this alter-
hoen suffered nn nttaek of what
Is reported to be nervous prostrn-
Hon, nnd tonight Is under the care
of a phvnlrlan nt his handsome cot-
tnge on Peiinsylvniili iivenue
Mr Schwab ennie from New verk
e- todnv to visit his fither nnd moth-
4 er. who have been oirupvlng tho
cottnge. nnd his sister, who arrived
here Friday from Lnretta Pi .Mr -
Sehwab hnd spent the greater part
ot the do nt his cottage but In
the afternoon took a stroll on the
board walk Later he suggested a
f drive, nnd, accompanied bj his
4 mother nnd sister started along -f
the Long Port eprcilwal. .
-f hen a short distance nut Mr.
f Sehwnh complained of feeling nn- -f
well nnd the cnrrlnge wns hastily 4
driven to his roltnge and n ph) - -f
slclnn summoned lonlght Mr
Schwab was reported as resting
fairly well.
-r-f-f-f-f-f-f-f-f -f -f
Desperate Conflict Between Officers
and Outlaws In Oklahoma.
Guthrie, Okla , July J6 Another des
periitc bnttlo was fought on Caddo
county soli nt sunrise today between
Sheriff Jim Thompson nn 1 Deputy
Smith nnd n hand of borsc-thleves un
der the leadership of Chniles Johnson,
nn alleged Mexicnn outlaw, for whom
a rewnrd Is offered The oinccis reached
tho pastuto where the horse-thlcvcs had
rounded n bunch ot Pinion nnlmnls.
Johnson and several of his men were
wounded nnd captured, the horses and
guns being confiscated The officers en
caped unwounded. The fight occuncd
on tho South Canadian river.
Telegraph Operator Almost Loses
Llfo In Wdser River.
Welsor, Ida., July 28 Harry Wil
liams, day telegrnph operator ot the
Short Lino depot, this city, came near
losing bis llfo by drowning while bath
Ing In tho Welser rlvert Ho got beyond
his depth nnd being unable to swim
had gone under the third time when ho
wa rescued by friends who were In
vvltli him. Ho was tnken In tho shoro
and after considerable tlmo was re
stored to consciousness.
Bryan Refuses to Discuss Their
Statements About New Party.
Bangor, Me, July 56. William J.
Ilrjan refused to discuss the state
ments ot Senators Dulwla and Petti
grew that they hnd conferred over tho
question of forming a new party. Thero
wns no reason, ho snld, why ho should
discuss what any other two men should
say who hnpptnod to meet nnd ex
change views, lie regards tho two
Senators ns Sliver Republicans.
One Hundred Thousand Laborers Are
Now on a Strike.
London, July JO A special dispatch
from Vienna asserts that over lOomn agri
cultural laborers, most of them Russians,
are now on strike, nnd Ihat a full-fledged
rising ngilnsi tho landed proprietors Is
. e't Lemberg extensive stores were
burned down yesterday, while excesses are
reported to have been committed In other
localities. The landlords n mulct to tho
Onv ernment for troops to mnlntnln order,
but the authorities recommonded that nn
nttempt st conciliation be mado by In
creasing the wnges nf the laborers.
Iliifstnn students In elallcln. nccordlng
to this dispatch, are Joining In the move
ment, thereby adding political to economic
The executive council of the American
Federation of Labor concluded Its session
n San I rnnclseo nnd adjourned to meet
In VVnshlngon, . C, early In November
The operators of the Government tele,
graph office north of Dnwson have gon"
out on strike, owing, it Is stnted, tn the
non-pajment of wages and a cut of 33 1-3
ler crnt In silsrlrs.
The IlosenwIU Interrst In the Rrltnnnla
copper mines on Howe sound hns been
rnl I tn Lngll.h rnpltnllsts hy J snd I.eo
I "LI lloscowitl 'lhelr Interest amount
In to lhree..ixteenths of tho whoir has
been trnnsferred
At Aberdeen, Wash , lire, supposed to
have como rrom West's It Ignited Mi
VAIilnno s shlpnrls nnd the whole plant
wns consumed The Inst sehiionir built
by them (mil heen Iminrhc.l u few dnis
ngo '1 he duinngn Is about !lfi,Vl.
. lip Ily, n Chinese, Is the first mnn to
bo nrrrstiil while lleelng from Iho scon
of hls'irline in Alaska through the me
dium of trligruphlo tnmmunlrallnn but
teccntly rstnhllHlud He uai arrested nt
Port 'lownsctid charged with murder.
Tho Haeugerfeat now 111 irogress ot
Seattle Ii Hit list attended of any until
c rln i; ever held In Hie Northwest hang
ers uro there from Portland Tuoomn, Hhi
knne, Walla Unlli and VV halrnm The
concert Mien Inst night at the Seattle
thriater wns mi unqualified success.
George Ftoughton. nged 52, nnd his ten
V em .oil son e'luude, hnvo been killed bv
dropping from the rallrond bridge which
crosses tho Wlnooskl river poor Hurling
ton, VI
filneo tho organisation of the Mhiiourl
River commission I7,i50ivti) have been eip
prnpilotvd for work under It, of wlidi
t.'IV'Ki has been expended on tho rlvtr
above hluux City, la.
The third annual encampment of the
Sianlsh-Vnurlran veterans will he held
In Annapolis on September Z.'nd 2Crd nnd
.Mlb i'resl lent Roosevelt has written
that a expects tn nttend the encampment
on bVitcinbcr .Srd
A commlllee appointed by the Central
1 (derated union of New York to devlsa
wns and means of aiding the strlk'ng an
thracite miners has deel led to levy a per
tnplta nssessment of A cents per member
per week, to tontlnuo while tho striko
The demnnds nf the emplnvees nf the
Chleneo Itnllwny cnmpaiiv, which wero
sul milted to nrlltrnnon, havo been grant
ed In the uward bv the hntrd of nibltrn
tors The men secure Increase of wages
in SI cents li n hour, 'lliey wero receiving
21 cents
After Inklnc nn active part In the or.
gnnlintton of Hie Fqultnblo National bank
nt Tenth street nnd llroadwn. New York,
mid being elected Its presllent. Postmas
ter Van Cott hnndrct In his resignation to
Iho dlreetois nf the bank lamia M Hell
has been decled to succed Mr. Van Cott
Gives His Version of Trouble
in New York.
According to Mr, Snow's Statement
Ho Went Into the Mnttcr to Asalst
In Arrest of Confidence Men and
With the Assuranco That lie
Would Bo Tiotccted Against Pub
licity Says Mastorson's 810,000
Suit la a BluiT and Criticises tho
ileorge A Snow seetcrday gave out
a signed statement ot his side of his
recent trouble with lint Mnstcrsnn and
others In New York Mr Snow snjs ho
deplores the public Ily of the matter,
but dealres that his stor bo given out
m Hint It will come in the attention nf
file nds In the West whom ho cannot
see crsonnllj The manager of cine
of the unit i.nke pnpeis" lefertcd tn
by Mr Miovv wns not the in dinger of
The Tribune which has nt nil times
been rcncl In publish anj statement
Mr Snow might make I enrlng on the
nnttei Mr hncm s statement follows
To th Pulilli -Now Hint the Kill Like
press seems to ho about through with lis
guessing, tirade of abuse rldhule and
misrepresentation icspectlng me and m
reeent experience In New cirk I think It
but J 1 1 -1 to ni)setr, fiunllj and ftlcuds,
that I miko lids statemrnt
I Irst nnd singular us It ma seem,
prior to m nrrlvnl In Salt Like 1 Ind
not Iteen approached b) a single r pre
senlntlie of the Halt Like press and
asked for my side of the stor Itnther
has It seemed lo tie content to publish
one side, nnd Ihat the gibberish of that
notorious nnd loud-mouthed Hat lnster
son, whom I neur saw In my life until
he wns piled Into a cab and on bis wn
The facts nre these I went to New
vork on business nnd ptuvsuro and
stopped nt tho Waldorf A verv smooth
commence mnn b the nnme of Leopold
1 rank eilled on me nnd clibnet to have
been Introduced lo me at lint Hprlngs,
Ark Inst Manh He also c rofessed an
acquaintance with n number of my t'lnh
friend He rtna)l submitted a i reposi
tion, which according to his represent i.
tlons wouii make me eousldernble
mono, but 1 was not then asked lo put
up n dillnr Laler I was Introduced to n
man who npprartd nt Hie Waldorf In full
evening dress nnd who represented him
self ns being engaged In the rattle busl
ness In Mlselsslnpr nnd lids fellow was
to put up 20i) I was convince,! that
tho deal was not straight nn 1 th H If Ibis
woulil lose ll the following da), nnd I
hinted this lo him but he claimed nn ne
qiialntnneo of several vrnrs' slnndlng
with Ibis mnn Prank nnl considered him
sirilghtfnrwnrd I hnd nn thought of in
clining In tho undertaking, but believing
ns I did thnt this cattleman would cer
tnlnly lose his mnncv. 1 brought tho mat
ter lo the intention of the nsslslunt man
nger nf the Waldorf who suggested a
conference with the chief detective of Iho
hotel, nnd he, without my knowledge,
took the mntter up with Capt Tims, the
chief of the city detective service, nho
nt onco detailed two of Ids cleverest men
on tho ense t wns asked, ns a special
favor, to aid In landing these crooks, and
was Informed Hint lliei had fleeced ono
prominent mnn nut nf III nn nnd another
oul of Iliid.i nnd no telling how man.)
others, who had failed to report How
ever, under promise of protection ngalnst
nny ptibllcll), or of m appearance in
court either ns n complnlnnnt or a wit
ness, 1 consented to aid Hie detrctlves tiy
carrvlng on negotiations The following
diy this alleged cattleman claimed he hnd
lost nbout III ii on the rates, nnd nn tho
denl could not bo carried through unless
LflOfii vvns rnlsed. It was 'up to me' to
put up this amount, or forego ni share
or the profits so 1 agreed lo put It up
Menntlme I wns reporting to tho detec
tives nnd working under lhelr directions,
whllo ihey In turn wero shadowing the
crooks Iho plan carried nnd when I
reported to ie "skinned," 1 wns supposed
to have llli.i.) with me, when In fact I
had but eleven II bills At the appointed
moment Hie house (a private residence)
wns rnliled nnd Iho nooks, together with
their crooked pnrnphern ilia, wero taken
Into custody.
Tho detectives elnlmcd thnt Masterson
and n fellow giving the name of Maunders
were pla)lng the part of 'outer watches'
and had been shadowing me for several
da)s, i resinnably for the purpose of sat
IsDIng thriiiarlcvs ns to whither 1 wns
"on to Hie game," hence they were or
rrsled before the house wns rallied I
wish It clearly understood thai no arrests
were mnde nt my request, neither was I
a Kimplilnant or witness In court as 111"
records will show Just us Mnslerson vvns
stnrtlng for Jail he cnlled mo by namo
from Hie enh nnd said he wanted to
sreak to me, nnd nt tho officer's request
I stepped over lo benr what he hnd to
sny Ho staled ho wns a cousin or a Salt
Lake friend nf mine vvhu was then In
New lork, and nsked mo. nn n favor to
him, to tell this friend that ho wns In
trouble, which I did Nnturnlly enough,
these crooks were sore hciuuse 1 lipped
the denl orf. and ns the) sinned for Jail
threatened mo with a couple of columns
In tho i npers The reporters who wero
hovering round the Jail woie refused any
Information bevond that shown by tho
court records, nut when Mnslerson wns
relensed on ball the reporters grabbed ids
story of Injured Innocence ns a sweet
morsel and rushed Into print in bhr head
lines, then called on me iho following day
for my stntement, but I courteously de
clined to be Interviewed Muslerenu'a
bluff suit of tin isn amounts to nothing,
nnd I doubt If II ever comes up for trial.
With my answer I tiled affidavits nf tho
two officers who mode the arrest, setting
forth the rart Ihat I wns In no wny re
sponsible for it, nnd Hint I knew nothing
of It for more than nn hour nfter It oc
curred I conducted myself, ns I aim to
do nlwn)s. In n gentleman!) manner, nnd
did nothing to bring dlsciedll upon any
one I never lost a dollar In New 1c-t
clt), nellher wns 1 a more 'conspicuous
ngure nround no co.rllors of Iho Wal
dorf ' than other guests 1 have never
seen the Inside of Hie Wnltorf wtneroom,
while tho statement made by one of tho
Kilt Luke papers that I was 'discussing
sporting matters nnd deplored the fact
tliat gambling houses wero not running
wide open In New lork ns they were In
the West," Is painfully ridiculous nnd
linirue i couicsH inai i 1011110 ic stiuu.
mlsinko hi attempting lo do nn unnppre
dative public n fuvor by exposing Hits
iiowd of crooks, while 1 nm not n little
sirprlsed that my home papers should be
so keen to till o uitv intngc of rp nb
since nnd the ipporttmlty to outriiKO nnd
ridicule me an I untnrruss my fumll)
1 have mnde nnd lost money In veil Ions
ventures, nnd have iven been "skinned,"
lull I hnvo usually been counted ns a
cheerful loser nt least I wns never before
licensee! of being h ' squealer " I never
nsked nor expected an) favors at the
hands of Iho nnslcrn prise, but I did wire
tin. manager of one of tho Salt Like
pnpers, nnd nskel thnt his New lork
correspondent cutl to see me nl once for
u statement of fncts bit this courtesy
wns denied me VMIh the above stnte.
inent 1 shull leave vou to draw our own
conclusions as tn how fur 1 have been
fairly treated nnd correctly reported
In Justice to I'npt Titus ilnd oilier off!
clnls In New 1 ork I wish lo sny that they
Ire eted mo with the utmost fnlmcss and
consideration nnd did ull In lhelr power
to prevent nny pnbllrit) of my connection
with tho case Mr lerome, the prosecut
ing nttorney sent for mo several limes
and urged me to Join the detectives who
made tho nrrcst, nnd go beforo tho grand
Jurv and havo the wbolo crowd Indleted,
but In view of the untilr treatment ac
corded me by the pi res I declined to take
such action ""PlTon A SNOW.
Former Pastor Methodist Church of
Salt Lake nn Authoi.
Rulte Mont , July I'D -Rev Alfred II.
Henry, at present pastor of tho Moun
tain Vim M I! church nf nutte, hns
written n book entitled "Hy Order of
the Piophet,"
It opens In Cornwall, Hnglnnd, with a
heroine who falls In love with and mar
ries n soung Mormon missionary, Tho
story shifts to Utnli and the climax Is
reached when an otdcr comes fiom the
Mm man prophet that tho missionary
must take another wife
The author wns for five jenra pnstor
nt the First Millndlst church In Salt
Luke nnd It woh there ho collected the
lunterlal Tho bonk la not nn nttnek
on Mormnnism, but Is bused on condi
tions prcv ailing during the eirlv Mor
mon rule In Utah,
Trees In Tnrke Blown Down and
Coronation Stands Destroyed,
London, July Set A gale sprend over
London tonight, demolishing the man)
trees In the parks and Waving havoo
with the remaining coronation dci ora
tions In vurloiH pnrls of the clt) The
cnronntlon stand at Clements Inn,
Strnnd, was blown down, causing In
Juibs to n number of pedestrlins nnd
damaging pnsslng vehicles. The Rtntuls
about Westminster Abbey ulni were
Costa Rica in Similar Condition to
West India Isle.
San Jose, Costa Rlcn Jul) M Tho
nfllclnl report of the commission ap
pointed to Inquire Into the tecont erup
tion nf the Costa ltlonn volcnnoes Mlra
V Hills nnd Itlnrlndde La Vlciii, eighty
and slvt) miles southeast of Iaiko Nic
aragua Is iilnrmlug Prof l'lltler m)s
'We are In the same loiidltlou hn tho
Island ot Martinique. ' No alarm, how
ever, Is felt
Remains of Tlonecr Interred Bcsldo
"Mother of Wyoming."
Chejenne, Wjn, Jul) ta Tho ic
ninlns of John Mortis, a pioneer who
dle.1 at South Pass In l7tt, have been
removed tn the I hoonne cemetery nnd
interred beside those of his wife Fs
Iher Morris, or, ns she vvns better
known, "The Mother of W) tuning "
who died n few months ngo A Ma
sonic escort nccompnnlcd tho remains
from South Pass tu chejenne.
Young Early, Wounded Switchman,
Dies in Bakor City.
Huntington, Ore, July Id S. II, llnr
ly, the switchman injured In the Hunt
ington jnrds Inst evening, died enrly
this morning nt linker Clt) The order of
Hiotherhond of Rnllwny Tinliimen have
tnken chnrgo nf the remains nnd burial
I will tnke place nt Raker City as soon
as the father of deceased cnn reach
that plnco from Hlnckfoot, Ida.
Disposes of His Business In Southern
Wyoming to a Company.
Chejenne, Wjo., July SO J. C. Teller,
the tie king, has sold his business In
Southern Wjomlng to the Cnrbon Tim
ber compnnj'. Tho denl Includes tools,
cnnips, unexpired contrnctn with tho
Union I'licltlo nnd Teller's bond not to
cngngo In business In competition with
the purchasers. The new compnny has
secured n Inrge trnet of timber nenr
the hcnil nf tho Fiicumpineiit river and
expects to have JoO men nt work Insldo
nf tho next thirty dnjs. Thero Is
enough timber In sight to keep tho
Union Pnrlllu supplied with tics for the
next thrco or four jenrs.
Work of Rocky Mountain Bell Com
pany In Wyoming.
Chejenne, Wjo, July 28 A. J.
Vance, Wjomlng superintendent nf tho
Rocky Mountain Hell Telephone com
pany, snja tho lino which tho compnny
In now building from Cnspcr to Lander
will be extended to again connect with
tho main lino of tho system nt Rock
Springs, Instead of Rnwllns ns wns
oilglnnlly Intended, It will p ibh through
the South Pass nnd Miners' Delight
countries nnd will give Liinder Its first
telephonic communication with tho out
side world. A forie of tho company's
men Is engaged In building n line from
Iho Cnspcr-1 ainder wire tn Thermnpo
lls. This line will later be extended to
n point neur Red Liclge Mont, mik
ing the first north and touth lino
through Wjomlng.
Squad From Fort Douglas Arrive
nt Fort Russell.
Cheyenne, Wyo , July 20 A squad of
twelve men from Tort Douglas, Utah,
arrived nt Fort Russell this afternoon
and next week will engago In target
practice. A septad will roine from Fort
Lognn, Colo , In u few dnys, and tho
practice will cover a period of live dnys.
Tho best marksmen will be chosen to
represent tho Hlghteenlh Infantry In
the national shoot which will oeeur
at Fort Sheridan this fall.
Remains of Missing Olrl Found by
Missoula. Mont , July 21 The remains
of Mary llogun, who disappeared from
her home Muy slh, were today discovered
lodged in a tree that stood out In the cur
rent of the St Regis river by some fish
ermen.. The girl left on a horse, nnd it
Is supposed she attempted to ford the
stream, which wns then flooded,
Call for a Stato Mass Convention
Has Issued,
TOI'RKA, Kan. July M Another State
ticket Is to bo placed In the Held In Kan
sas under tho nsmo nf Populist A call
for n State mus3 convention at Topcka.
August 21st. wns Issued today, signed by
J II l.athrop nnd N Itebblns of 'lopeka
Ihey represent the strnlghtout Populist
rii'D Hut nominated Wharton Barker ot
Philadelphia tw a years ngo Tho resutar
Populist convention hell here recently
named a fuel in ticket, dividing the offices
with tlio Democrats,
On Many Forms About Connndalgua
It Is Irreparable.
Cannndalgun, N, Y July 26 Another
terrific ntorm visited this section last
night, doing gient dnmngo to crops
nnd property that had not already suf
feied. Ddwurd Chamberlain was
struck by lightning nnd Instantly
killed. Canandnlgua laka tins risen still
higher The damage on hundreds of
fauns Js Irreparable. From evcrj pirt
nf the country comes reports that
wheat In sprouting In tho Hhock and
that a serious blight has struck the
apple Hers,
Marrlige Licenses ol Week.
Matthew Itackvvell, Salt Ijike city 20
Agnes (Irnhnm, Snlt Lake Clt) , If
inhn Kesler, Halt laeke City , . 21
Pearl K Hose, Salt L.ke City .... 13
lacoh A, Williams. Salt Like City ,, 41
Mars II II Wilson, Sill Lake City .. J!
Hrnesl flower. 1'aysnn City, Utah 21
.l.tlicl Turiln, Orunt.tr, Utah is
. '''I'll iiJB B
H?pH I
Utah Will Produce 45,000,. fH&l
000 Pounds This Year. Mm 9
Notwithstanding the Trevalllng Low ,A jpldfl
Price ot Refined Sugar and tho fnjj.f 'iJ.lfB
Transfer ot Control to tho Trust IjWjf ijtB
Interests, Utah Beet Sugat Factor- m jtj!H
les Aro Preparing for tho Biggest U , t 'iWL
Output In Their HistoryUtah jj , if, ill H
Sugar Company Hns 00OO Acres, fF.I 1" H M
Which Will Produce 100,000 Tons. !f M H
mlrM I
Weekending 4- L't'J klfsB ssssi
Julvia July 21 4- ij, '' lif
llmk clearings MUTMl US3 tVl: U !
Itenlly transfers Msll St-i'-l jr f xM H
Building permits Ml !I.W h c ! B
f t t J; it H
Fortv-flve million pounds of sugar I1 IB M
will be manufactured by tho six fac- I, t1
lories In Utah this yea l, according U t , gKtl B
the esllmnte of T 11 Cutler, manager MJ .., KH
nf tho Utnh Sugar company, who ha , , , , KM
been Investigating tho prospects for ' j fl Bssl
the best crop nnd In thoroughly con I H Bssl
versant with tho sltuntloii Last jc-ar lid
32 000 000 pounds vvns the tntnl output I,' Bf HI
of the Stnte, so rnnt nn Increase of ''
fully 10 per cent Is anticipated The. . , n
Increase will be pretty evenly divided t I
between the two factories controlled by -" ,. 1 1 H
Hie Amalgamated Sugir compiny and j I jm BMJ
the four plants of the Utah Sugar com- t V !
pony 5 m BH
In four counties of Utnh sugar beets i m m
nre being raised on 9000 acres ot ground 1 lllfll
for the Utah Sugnr company nlone. Tho )j ,jflH bbbbI
acreage Is distributed ns follows. M IMBB
Acres, i l flBss! bwI
rteir River velles I.o V n " tiM H
fnlt Like county ; ?; f,'i! hnsl
t'tnbeoiinly . P'e f PBv H
San Pete county . 1.100 I v-.j lnB
In Utah county nbout 1S00 acres aro J:, ','!MH B
being raised about Lehl. an equal , ,11'iH XM
amount about Sprlngvllle, and the re- ft Mwj, shb
iiuilnder nt Prnvn, Pnyson, Spanish v vriCjJS tjM
Fork (Inshen. Nephl nnd other points, i m jMf
In Sanpete county It Is estlmuted that ( (IB HP
the flint nnd tho grasshoppers hnve de. lit,! Jl T7B
slioyed about one-third nf the beets, flfcj H,lj m
but In nil other localities the beets aro ?!s'!j! JJJ
doing well nnd there Is every promise t.'HiJrl MH
of a Inrce harvest Xri.liHd IB
From these 5000 nrres the sugnr com- "',5,lfefl
pnny expectn tn gnther from 90,000 (n t Jd 1 jfH
100 uoo tons of beets. This tonnnge, tho iv'l.-JlB BjB
sugar tienple cnlcutnte. will produco w , jL sJH HH
about 22 oonnno pounds of rellned sugar flMr Ssl ssH
Assuming that the Ogden nnd Iogan I 5 Kl ' 3
factories together produce an equal i I-i' nl
amount, tho Immensity of the product t i Wm ssssl
cnn easily be computed. It would be ''' ISM ssssl
sufllclent tn nil 7o freight cars ot or- S W IHj
ellnnry capacity, or nearly forty trains. ( Ji ! MM
Ot the loo 000 tons nf beets to be cut it 5 9j
up by the I'tnli Sugnr company about M h ' WM
90 per cent Is being raised by farmers m , ji', j Wm HB
who will receive 1175 a ion for beets f ffV nm
polarising 14 per cent Tho transfer ot n 'v'u W1
the product from the grower to tho Ji:':t',4 wM
inatiufiieturer will thus bo the means Jt 'IS'iV iiM BH
of distributing almut tlH.MO cash h iV 4 U bbbbI
among tho agricultural Interests of tho (jIH'i jfll HH
State, Double this amount for tho E ,a j '9J
northern factories nnd It reaches closes ft lU.W1 TIM IBB
to the million mnrk It may not be T; i Si'ft.'IB H
generally known that Utah ranks H jiTiMiKl Bssl
fourth among the sugar-producing H'JlSJBiflH Bssl
Slntes at the country, California, . illlifiM
Michigan nnd Colorado outranking her J. deBll j jtH HHJ
In the order rramed, f rSlPiSol ssssl
Despite the fart that prices ot refined a, jff" IfS
sugar aro lower than they havo been trNfeeaJ! Jul
for a long' time, beet-sugar maniifnc- iM CiTOi tW MB
Hirers nro not nt all discouraged at the )3, ,11 ' ill MM
outlook, expecting tn mnke up In ceo- b) ftr ffl Bssl
nomloil methods of production tho dlf- Jr i .', )
ferenre In the selling prices. New pro- fj; fkk Wsl
rcsses nre being Introduced constantly P r ,JBJ
to cnnhlo the manufacturer to save a !I 'if. -i IBP
larger percentage of the sncchnrlne K ;' tHU
mntter In the beets. The Osmose pro- !l I ) jM
cess, for example, which the Utah W t, , EM I
sugar fnctory adopted last jear, wan i ' -.. I IB
the means of saving hundreds ot thou- 1 ?, ' HI
sands or pounds of sugar whlcn by tho . ,'ii' M
old methods would have been wasted. , U1 i " M
'I seo nn chance for Immediate re- L t !IHI ssssl
covery of prices In the faco ot tho enor- ', ;M BJbJ
mous sugar output of the world," said h i 'H H
Mr Cutler yesterday, "Lnst yenr the ij J. SiH
beet factories of tho United States pro- If' ft him BJ1
diiced 200000000 pounds of sugar, and ii!li A iHJ
this jenr the total will bo fully UO.000,- I'T H VM Bsssi
000. Of course this Is nothing com- I,; iaVm
pared with the amount consumed every Hi '1 Bm BJ1
yenr by the American people. It will jii'j 'IfxP iVJ
bo many years before tho production jj H ifH mWM
keeps pace with tho home consump- 111 'JlHv
Hon. Hut with the regeneration of the (jfj y jBJ
sugar Industry In Culm and the con- kM' 1 "i B bBI
stnnt Inrrciso In production by Curo- .: I in
penn factories, there Is small hope that it, I ffi " !
the pi Ice will bo lowered, except, per- S 'j ', u iVJ
haps, occasionally, from spasmodlo , L iWi iVjjl
causes. Wo must turn our nttentlon to i 18 'L WJ
producing mnro cheaply, nnd perphaps IV1 AM mW
be content with smaller profits," ; I Jtfll
Nothing Doing. Willi!! H
"Whnt Is the matter with mils?" '?l- 'J-9B
"Worrying over business uffalrs " It 'itfiW 1
"I dlilnt know he had inn business" ,' ( fj W
'That's It. He hasn't "Indianapolis l if (H MM
1 t, iTza i
For Infinite nnd Children. '? i Ijfj J
Tlis Kind You Have Always Bought , W
Boaro th, rf .SttT &' (I , jjj H
blgnaturo of LtLil&jCTciZcAt'K j t Slti H
U 'i Ste' sBH
aril when yMm
i'iw'S' " 0i ""er from snr j ' If ISlil
,3BgrVXte '"' elines or dl- J I f i-l1l aVJ
IWSKVvui X snee. siccMor conlsmoa I I, i Ml'V
KtSVTBVj rouswiiiofsinenoa lai :,W. MM
ns.J-l I J We. l,.o l.roT.d our r I , Jl,.!
Ml 0 w sucilcci. sktlllnourlossllLhronlo (.IJ 'J.nf'
ell.os.ei brl.obll.hliig ' ! , Tl.itf BBBBsl
ttiouisriitlorroluntsrr teiilmenlilacf home peo "'ft TR'tT 1
pie sleles nimfi iilo nee ana sa lesitts. t v Y.
Wacinlpulillitioul cuici In liliste dlteaiu ' i 'A
teraiiw It woulil 11 ir HM. ' 1 pi'll
We ours joa tlr.l snd ! I ' '' BjfJ
fans In lllslis NaenarM MijmmfllmT& lift' lil! BBBBsl
" ? -Vuti' iu"aiiinci S 'frTTttmt nYn 'IPf ssbbbI
unlrritanlliK llisl wo I I-22WB A I'fl
will not ilvinatd s fro Ull A. J. iuoices, f , ii ,u
niitll wa cues rou Wo I'V'a BBBBsl
enrslaai Manhood seminal vveaaneai, Vsrtoecels, I ii J(t bHsI
ileriiialorrla flonurrlioea Septillla aud all if h3s ,.B, bbbSI
wenkiic.io.uf men lon.utiatloii and adtlce f tee, J M' 1 1 if
IT lelltl or lu .rm (alleirwilte 'J jl4fA15 bbbbbI
ni U aikrirn nf the I.unga, Ueitl, v; flwl lH
Htomncb Lltftr KlUimti MUdtler Nervea bkin, SCl unJUBBfllll
lii-nin tudslllhrvD oiltbcuuof iuoa, wuuieaftuil (MJuSlr IflH
cUil Iren. AttBaVjifll
i mtoln rui IT itfflStinflD .Iflfll
OmcelIouriKvrnint.aTioii. vJJJmWTmWM flflfll
LYON ULOCK, 56 W. Second So. St. B8hH fl
E)ie 'II flj
n fjffij,W bbbbbI
s'rjh !

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