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The Inter-mountain farmer and ranchman. (Salt Lake City, Utah) 1902-1902, September 16, 1902, Image 3

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(eS Romney Shot His For
mer Partner Twice.
Strong's Neck Wns Penetrated
' 35 ciMier Bullet, but the
mil 0rBnns Eicnpecl Deputy
jKriff m clnr'c of the KnlK""
Arrested the Shooter nt tho
L,tt the Saloon Where Shooting
Otiirred Tho Jurors Sw Man
oi 'ij naiiy)
i) m was remorselessly
"r , bullet In his nuk
" link ut 1 IS xsterday
1 " i i) isls wiliion Tho
. k 1 rue I. until of the
1 id Pouth street tor
1 , A f II In n pool of his
" or of Maor Ihomp.
j who iw tho whole
i thing more nor lew j
1 - mitt with Intent
1 1 muiitcr If the victim
re btrong. la under tho
P'T L i nt lho ilory Cross
"" t fair chance of life.
, i hi shoutei, Mto him-
" , 1 sheriff O 1' I'ratt nmt
' i it lho county Jull
' , i vh Urn Till the ur-
' . I re witnessed by tho
... r to trs Merrill Knlghn
1 , n irilcr In tin. brat de-
, , r room In Hit Uurmon
, n i Us over ihe saloon
1 , i r irrcd
. wtl ict-cl by O T llurke.
,f Mlllnm jniililnr. tho
i unit the fourtern-
' H mne It nppenrs thnt
i. b twien llomnej anil
X, j milter riwi hml
r. ,, i, r the Inten st nt Strong
1f r "nt by Itomnej, and
nrfiH I iloon itureb ll U CUH-
', tr a i quarrel Strong 111 I
f ,i,i n the bir nml hulled
' I nut nml be licked thcre-
R , ik his revolt tr from a
ir btnn I Hi hir and shot Ids ex.
n"" cm si "F Qt Aitnr.u
r, iii, r l ago Iti'int n mis llv
' i mi i mlli east of Murray
, b, amlli On August 1st
,K i If Inlerent In the Dial
in n i if oinl South street fiom
s h other halt heloiifced to
irltl K ' Msiut t weeks liter
, trim Murrns, where ho
ili, t 1 hir for Paul Hllnn mil
ji i K i Interest He did not
(i r w 11 with Itnmncs, mid
Hi l i irtnrrnhlp, llomney idv
fli r t t Htr ng tn pas for tho
r, r in ilu business Hlrnng
rid l tl I - for l few dnSB as
-M it I ireil his rnnneitlnn
i. nilnlv .stcrili s nf-
:l, , foil us hj Mr llurko
Mil! I llll I'Uni MII.lt
-lt t it ion ulsiiil fortj tain-
it r ' ling I he front doir
i i ii it the nar Htrnng
in VI Itomnev k ho and tho
i While I wns thoru
r i k In some m m v for
j a I i rim them up on the
r"" ' r I inn noticed tt, an I
4 th I rt I r who wulkel nut
rat Ih Ik hind the bir hlm-
! I f l i) ikliiK .licet with Wrong
t I 1 ' hake for tho second
"IP t d nf Ilninne 'Am I
-J f i k IT I lose?' Uomney
4 Um it
Tl ., r Slronff and he bcKlln to
re i r i. talked bi k anl
i It ipiiand from
I ii Strom, had rnoelieil
( i wh n lii Mill his In-
whlrli hid not If. n
ii sure iKCiuse ho
hail t,lwn the nolo
lli l When the ill
hlrniiK suld In 11. Ho
rn llure ami I it III
t Hint Itomnev
he tiitlt bir mil look
t mm rlii ienlir mil
ii 1 1 if ill hir
l Hull he was not
i i iwarl for pull
i h wis not Innklnir
vmiiI l.uk mil I ut
driwer nKnlu Tim
nd after a few moro
i i in il h- liiMtitlm to
a t th anno tlma
1 mi and rmt and laid
" i ltinine slepi i I to the
" ihe kuii again and,
" in i.xr the bir nt
I IlllllZle nf the KUII
l n mi n than three feet
f i ii the tlmi
1 i i "I It HllOIr)
'" . inn b. sl the bar mil
k of tho mom Itnm-
ur home pn thra
. i in I ouh heard three
, ' l was llred Hlmni, was
v1 , i lllj.h! uf slips Ii nlltiir
,, ii th" ri ir nnd about
" f I ' m Itninni.) It nillxt hllo
V bull, i struik him In
1 ' r fir he etoppeil sild-
' r nml mine ilonn tlin
' ' ird the fiunt of tho
, .K mil I uk I wenl In ineit
'. .'I rill in niiibiilincx I
1 'f imipitnl When he not
... r ' mi and Mannliur un
,u him out 8ln.ni. Hurled
e llewalk l(nmne stood
hlh . Ion with the niolvtr
"n i ke,i for mi nfflcer.
, N HKIIir
"" 1 on nnH-t lookliiR for a
, " i ehiK nny, turned
. ' ml lei phoned tn tho
Mie wntron fti r at-
' , vmiiI luck on Hi mini
, I nine to Kl rcmtr tho
. . ' "one 1 Riit In tho
, with him to the hos
, ,' k it sei.rnl iliuia that
Ii irt I w i.i at Ihe hos.
, "lilPiel and I know
er In Ml llnthlS llll
ff in li to strike Uoninel,
rT um Iholiali he mlkht
Ir . . un Hi was standliiir
' " Juit like this,1 anl
, , uitliialli with his
wh n tho shut was
.i,1 ilia porli r cniiotii
, , tl Hi Mihst inllal de-
1 tinmen ninth of Ihe
I In two. ii lho two
li in I lie tlurailir-
ill act of a cowatil
V 'he lolhe Missra
, nun to the office of
' i Inl Ion and n lated
' ipt IliirblilKi, tho
I'm I'liuntv Attorniy
r ouij Alii rney W 11
i ' ' upnn n
I dlstlnillv all oir
ii I iiliact.d the at
t , Hlu i Ifl l) P Pratt and
t ' n KilKliu Jun on lho
i in llnriiion block Tho
It 'it flout window an I
f ii malra tu liictli,ale
ill I oiitslilo Ihe door
'Ii Ills reinlier still In
Ir i v Rue up tho wiapon
" i he lenrnid that tho
r 'hi ImiiiliiK that he
, linnet loekid tin Ills
ir ' frl u, to toko thurvo
' 'links llirn, liuom
' i f r and his boh, ho
lit, '"" l'1"
' , . ' tjl I. lilt TALK
II., e.flmul to sa) iillJIhlllR
i "i wiiIiib nil iiuislloua
' ' I t , I" to Hud nut ' ilu
" irrlilor nt Hist, but
Sh , " P'liillir nianntr lint
' ' him up In tho mtnr
., ., hi ,a ilthir drunlt
,, l,V,sl '" ,n'd the Jallel
'1 I hlmsiir iniltled Imei-
. ' ,n he ininplaluiil of a
il he wiintul In be tl-
J" , "nt ouiithlni; lor It
" a in,, i. '!' "iiiper.unil lho
aim if i,o wanlid lo cat.
ITIK TxTEn-rouxTAiv Fahmt:k axd lUvcnrAy. Tuesday ronNTSo, Sr.PTTrnER 10. 1002. ii 1 ' 1 I
dlnonn t a u,i hi, ' ' "i- n I
urn". ,,?h,f1,,n,1 V1"'" "' 'v, ;,,;!,
'nWZV& '.The-iTt.on-oi
advls.,1 to k home d'talnen, but
acting Si. "i"1 he has been
his eSstim", ,iL ?.mt, u.m' "
most , ,J ,l. 0,?ri" nl" barton lir al
same ZV hu? th,"', LZ"'J?' ,Bloe "
nine h k nfinr n ft X""". m'n w"'l't
sumo his ""k Vbi mhlH1".'? ""'' "
bll'KM lien Burk. PnJ?IoT.r ?lh..a ,n""
'V that Mr.". i,??hra,1t"1t'",,r-
'iiim'S.'ir i'-w"" "i!i ! 'h "-"nt ,?;;f
lVenn.r,,k,:L-0hhVa ',Kt,0.v7 "- hl
lo the .hoorlnf? ""' d"" ',r"r
assl ";
tl "o,,1 ,",. 'Zh" I"'"" through "iS.
het vLS-t-ffir' --'"-
U' VVkre rpKSMj? ir&
tall m,i"SrPokln'' n "bom -x ,1 li
a"" . Ilmo in,V"lm'l".ln w,lm '""
bull,! c '"' 10 horier and of spare
iirknr k. !' Vf "" toKiilar teln mil
flil.i ... 'he walk a poo of the led
i hi? ."" "00" f"ert t)r llene.1 ". ,ais
u "oe MTii1" not C"r"l amor"
mpoTanlirian STSS",,!- lnh' ,V.
"'wtiik'n'e'src'n' ,lhf rA W
1'he.V?, STS ?ne" nWln'Slelffl
wT '"'L'" of th0 Ptlhnt at 7 oVIock
P coutaVk'Se'mm hi,.',non.'i,:J1t,rltnu,$
s nil toms M hll, It po,. lie that
swclllnB tni5 IkbI a,i Coke hln to
death In a few minutes the phiVlehn
ironounec. his dunces of lltlnr; a, ko.
If not brirer than his chance, ff dR!J '
ll!.mmi'.'y.,,, ".on ,nf lh" lnlp Joseph O
Ilomne) an 1 Jane W Itomn. s of K7 i:
lltnme"" a n,"hew ct "'"hop Otorno
.t2.""-!.uf,i'r.""u"h?,,,n,t Ml'r Thomp
son called at the cltj hall to make In.
IV 5. ,When a reiorter asked him If
ine nrrarr wool 1 cause an orders to bo
Issued for the closing of Sundij siloons
he replhd
. )"..' lln,l.ersland It there Is no rtldence
that the to nnn was open for business I
am under the Impression that the parties
Insldi wiri iwineell with the anloon
and amnilliiB to their prltnle nffalrs I
Udef nfVl'l1"1 '" l"illlc,lon,, l0 "'0
Counts Vttornej Chrlstensen stiteil last
iilfchl that hi had talkid with both stroim
mil Itomm) since the shootlnir 1 hi for
mer sill he had bet u i i,kur,-.I at Itoin
liej s plice and whin he .pill thru wriks
nun hud some Mat s comlntr lie put the
ni count In the hands if Attornej Ous
tun liirkinon for colleulon nnd llick
nnn secured a nt from ltomne ihls
proceeillnir Incenseil Itomnev trr much
lie reproached Slrnnif and sold somelhlnu
nliout shiKitlni; cironi; sats he replied
I'lurr nas, then I haven t ant nun
lho Counts Attornet Is tilt iusterlous
about the rctolitlnns of ltntnne so It
ma he assumid that they do not amount
to much
Judge Flshback of Rawlins Has Ut
most Confidence in Ills State
Republican Success Assured.
Judko Charles V I Ishbnrk of tlawllns,
Wjo Is In the cits for a few dns on
Important business In iinneetlon with tho
mlnlni; Inlercsts of his Htnte The Juilgo
has the utmost contlhmo In the future
of lili Kline espeilills In repaid tn tho
coal copp. r petroleum and Iron denislts
as well as Ihe tattle Industrs In all
these lespeits he pridlcts that W'somlm;
will taki a leiillnx placi nmnnc the sl
ternool of rltntiw At this time he Ii
heat II) hili rested In somt larat minim;
enterprisea In miiueulnn with henator
chrk and other lenillna men of the Ktale
His Interests ire In Carhon counts where
the 1 rills HagfcerU mine was sold a few
dnss slme for 41 and he anl his
asiioilates are iletelopliiK in iidj dnlni;
propirts that the an ruiuldent will b, a
wnr,l beater Ju Ir." I Ishlnck orKanlie.1
the Osc, oil .Mlnhm lompins and sill tho
properts lo Hot lllihnrils mil his nso
clatm this now promises lo h. one of tho
Kli.ltKl mine III the Male, and will
mike all council. 1 with it luinitnsel
I am In Pill Ijlke nt this lime ' Judge
I Ishbuk sail latl jtuilnir for tin pur
pnsB nf Inliresllne local cai Itallsls In a
proicrts toiuposid of the t.entle Annlo
and Ihe Home Hun croups We uwrt to
detelop here om of the irreilrM mines of
the tilth, district Oie has been dlsi l
eieil In sin different plnies runnlnK from
10 to 67 per cult copier There mm to
hi exmillllBls Inrke lontncl telns I ex
pect lo have hen tomorrow evening with
one of Ihe ureal expirts of the country
mid If this proper!) Is whnt we bellete It
Is II will bo soil to an l.islern andl-
lludire 1 Isht tck Is ilerpl) Inleresled In
lho inllllcs of his Htnli and indicts a
niord bnnklnn Itepiibllcin ifciorj for
WsonihiK Ihls jeur .,,,,, u
I am r.ined lo leate at Ihls lime, ho
en I.I as 1 am lo op- n the Slate cim
liolan mi Ihe llh nl liiiihKis, Ihe homo
!,f "lot Hlchu.ls I deslrj lo ulve as
much Hint as (.wslbli Ii Ihe ramiHilm
m I cnnsldi r It one of ureal lmr irtanee
Mon hit will bo suit hick ti Cntikrits by
io majirll) miuli mon than lho nor
mal, and the administration or tint
Itlihnnls will be ludorsid bv the larK'st
majirllt utr t,ltin n ilnt.rnor In lho
Stnle Ihe I rtlnn of Stole hennlors Is
also Import int. is tlms will tokt part
two S' irs h'lice In the diction of tho
am cesser of Binamr lark who Is well
Itnonii us one of the most devoted
fr en. Is nf Uluh as well as his own Sialo
Senator CHrk H Justly reRiiril.d as mio
of tho Iruilins IlKures In the I nlil
Htntis Sen He ullil with btiiiliir Warren,
has lielp.il in mike the irpu illlon of
Wjomlna mil klto lur an unlqut iwl
lion of Imporiance nnd liiiliiimo In the
fieri at" I was .hilrman of Ihe ludkltrs
r.innillteo 111 tin Ut l!', of l.1!"-"-sen
Hltis and was ters clos,!) asso
cliud Willi these mull, men In lho rn
ileati'r lo bullrt UP Ihe Industries of Wo
inliiii and 1 can stale thai our laws wen.
net.r hi tt'riuif. iced an 1 our hilt rests
so ratildl) pushul as n iw
HraaMiiK of Ihe OM'in comciilliin
tvhrli I iUI.nil.il a i spicmior. Julge
i lihknilc suld It was b) far Ihe best
t.mu l.n 1 iter saw In, the West the
I?. leJniea urmd lo be of a hlKh order
nun vttw "n "ny uniisuillv I right mm
.ViiioiiB lhm and Ihe bus ih wis
n h"?l alow iiilinlriihl) I lah has, rm
Son To be proud of Hut contemlon
Superior Qunllty " " Discov
ered Near Iiikom, Idaho.
Tort Hall Indian At,cncy Idi.Pept.
II -rhnrltw V. Hlovturt. i former cm
plosio of thin uktiu) but now u pun
,U ,,s lunihei of liiki.ni. thoio
(ovirlra I n that ti on ,u.
yuai rles,
New Station for the Oregon Short Lino nt Nnmpa, Idaho.
Oregon Short Line Completes
Plans for Building.
Two WnitfiiK-Itooms, OGlce and Bir-Ense-Room,
All Well Arranged
nnd Tastefully Decorated Sloping
rejecting; Roof nnd Turrets With
Stone, TllliiR nnd Other Ornnmen
tttlon Make n Very Sulking Effect
The IIolTat Road Has Arranged
to Place Its Bonds on tho Market.
(Mondaj's Dill) )
The most Important station on the
Phort Line outside of Silt Lake, Or
den und Pocntello, Is Nnmpa, Idi. It
Is at the junction nt tho main line
and the llolso brunch, nlso the llolse,
Xatnpa S. Owjhee, nnd the dills traf
fic at tho stilton Is something enor
mous Ihe stnllon burned some limp
nco und the officials of tho Oregon
Short Line, roalMnK tho needs nf tho
town, did not build n standard station
nt once, prcfcrrliiK to wait until plina
tould be drawn for u station lirgo
enough nnd of such nrchltectuinl beiu
ty as to bo In aciord with the grow
Inc dignity of the bustling place The
result tan bo pirtlolly seen In tho
sketch tf tho front elevation of the
new deisit AKhllcct V V CI like of
Oinnh i made the plins which lute
been npiroteil b ltesldeut Knklneer
Ashton nnd Vlce-Preslduit llnncrnft.
nnd the depot will go up ut unco nnd
be teids for the winter trnfflc
Tho sketch can show but it faint
Idea of the inaut details, but enough
tn at) that the plan Is a most nrtisllc
one railing for a brick building with
stone oinnmentntlou and tiled roof
The woodwoik nnd Rl iss doors wllh
iithtr feiture" will mike It bs far the
most ntttactlte stntlon on the Short
llnlerlng the mnln portnls from tho
town side lho piBionger will llnd it
ticket tistlbulo wnlnicoted nnd lintel
It till bo finish, ,1 with redwood and
tho ticket window Is directly opposite
the ontrunco Through the ticket win
dow will be seen the ofllce, width will
be roomy nnd neat
To tho left of the icstlbule.ls tho
woinens' wnlttng room, 26x22 feet, nnd
tn tho rlhht tho mens wultlng room
of the tame size.
Next to tho right Is the biggnge
nnd expresa room with a public totrl
dor leniltai through tho building from
tho town Tilde tn the tracks mil be
tween the men's waiting loom und tho
bnggnge loom.
llns-wlndows, luirets nnd projecting
loof will glte to tho exterior quite a
line nppenrance, nnd when the build
ing Is up the people of Nampa will bo
er) proud of It
Iitir on If possible, the grounds will
be oinatuontid like those nt Knsstlllo
nnd rurmlngliin which will mnko tho
Nnmpi stntlon it beautiful si'it
The basunent will contain u boiler,
stornko and batters rooms The build
ing will be lighted by electricity and
heated bj slemi
Another Move Toward Completion of
the Molfat Roid Is Made.
Tiom Denver comes tho cheering
newa tint the bonds foi lho construc
tion of the Denser. Northwestern &.
Pnilllc ninnuntliiR to ntrr 20nionan
hate bin plated with New York and
llastern flnnnclal concerns This will
liismo Ihe building of tho load tn this
It wns expected that the nrtlcles of
Incorpontlon would hate been llled In
this Slate ere this nnd that Mr Moffat
nnd assoilites woull hate united nn
such was their Intention nome weeks
ago but up lo now nothing has been
said of their coming or tho filing of thu
U S Weather Office's Weekly Crop
Bulletin for Intermountnin
and Const States,
The cllmitn nnd crop bulletin Is
sued b the I'nlled Slates Weithir
buruiu for the week ending Septom
bir 6th gltea tho following report for
Ulnh nnd nelghliorlng btntcs
Utah Dry week with wirm days nnd
rnol nlfchls beavs frnsls mid freellug
tiuuuiituria In lilghir talliss llrst if
week killed lender plants nugm lints be
ing dug and corn bclnr cut apples iiears,
lliims urapes and t i.iloia rlpo and
plmilful , , ,
Ntwidi Warm and dr, , grihi hirteat
aliout llnlshtd second crop of nlralfa
nearl) all In stark, thrishlng going on
Slold fair to guod. wattr starci . tattlo
look I ntf well
Miintani-Hxtrcrnily drs week temper
niun IkIow normal, heasy or killing front
at many points tluougliout State on 3rd
whuit ami oit hortist prnitlca'l) mm
nlitul generil threshing shows aterago
to t. ry good s leld Iiukl crop of has an 1
aond sitond crop of alfalfa sicurid earls
iiotitots good late crop uusntlsfuctnr)
llithial i mints applu crop unuBUally
toid ranges md drs v ...
mho-WiwIher warrrrnnd dry with
heat) winds III southeast counties
streams low but Irrlgatl m season prunl
cally oer weather exceptloaall) fator
able for basing thi.shlnit. fruit maliirlng
unl shipping third nlfnlf. biirtist pro
griHslng In southwist lounlks wluat,
onts barlo) and llax leldlnk iiboto ate-
r"t"olnroilo-lraetlcolly no rolri, IhieshlnK
nearls done raugts consliUrnbly lm
nroteil In southern districts will nrford
Bond fall iHisturago; corn and potatoes
manning, llsht erois
Washington -Moderately warm and
tery drs light showers In western su.
Hon on Jr.l not uiourh to benellt I is
turea nnd late crops, whhh are In iiiurh
need nf molsturei fotorablo for hartest
iik. threshing, and nil firm work hop
picking about lo begin, corn crop ripe
Oregon W arm and drs tery fat nrablo
for completion of harvesting and thresh
ing Bruin yield In w stem portion ton
tliiues unsatlsf ictory. about average east
en inrllon, hnp-plcklng In i regress,
vlclil sllshtlj btlow nteiagi, qualll) ox.
iollint silo corn mil susar beets doing
will all vigetillon needs rain, lite fruit
a,anrfornl"'-lfilier temperature fuvor
tl for hops, gropes lain fruits and
fruit-drying, been, beans ant hops b. Ing
hnrveBted goo I crops, muih deilduous
fruit rotting In orchards, owing to Int.
blllty to proper y handle; giape pleklnr
a 1 curing and 'flg-i'l klmr pi m ;n
slells gnoil Ihreshlne and ha) -baling
nearly tompltteu,
New Track at Agricultural
Park Thrown Open.
Gtcat Satisfaction Expressed nt the
Splendid Condition of Ttnck Bids
Fair to Bo rnstest One of Its Kind
lletenbouts Ten New Stalls Near
ly Finished Stabllnp; Accomtnoda
tlons Will Be Still Moio EnlniRed
Out-of-Town Horsemen Com
mence to Arrive.
(Mon lay s Dolls )
There was great rejohtng In the ranks
of the horsimei s etirdiit its the new
Agrlculturil park spieling track was
throw ii en to them fur the first time and
nearlv rvers hoi so own r In the city look
ndtiintage uf the fut to give his tqiilno
a worming up joiirncs around 'he half
mil, i rule
So endeavor was male to reel off any
fns' time II was more of an Introduction
to the new training grnunls un 1 a sort
of soilil session more than mis thing else
.At the ilose nf tin arternoona rn)nsment
the horsemen were Inn 1 In Ihelr praise of
the Hi. mil. I cin.Uil.nl Into whlih I hi.
truck had lieen worked While not vet ns
rust ns Hi old alnmi lug ground nt ("aid
rrs ariordlng lo the opinion of the mi
Jnrlt) It Is spiedlcr than was ixieited,
nnd with careful nursing should be In
llrst class shape by ill. lime the race meet
Is rull-1 off Its possibilities are unllin
Ited and bs constnnt i ire un ler expert
handling Ihe b irsemen expict it tn trove
tho fastist In this part of the countrj.
n.NTItll.S Mill KOI 8
An untistinllv larre number of horses
will be cntrred In the coming races and
mi effort will be mud, to gel some of tho
llurs In tie northern countrs down heio
ror Ihe event W 1" Htone promises tn
I ring his won lerful loial User. Hobo hero
It possible nnd will uuluitor to Induie
some of the other hors. men In the North
west clrilill lo send thilr fan ones down
to competo with bin
Ten iiiw stalls nn nearh completed and
bs luisdiy there will be n goner il ex
iHlm of hirsemcn from the old Callers
lark tiarnieks to the fru.li and ban Isomo
quiit. s it Agrkuliuril park Mevtrnl
liewromers fiom out of town nmong them
lelng a promising green later ownl by
Henrgc Hhepnrd of Mount Pleasant nr
rlveil siBl.nl ij and wire put up at tho
park quarters
Among the loiul hors. s who took sev
eral warming up si Ins wiro I rank Wil
sons Hmah llreui Masnr Ihompsnns
istn t. C J l rill Ire. s Monroe H . Adam
Hrears Cluster 1(1 Neclhnm s Lynn T.
II (1 Pox s Can Haines J lllakimoro.
lilnrkinioor with several othirs Johnny
MiCo) also showed up for a few whirls
Willi n retn racer whosi spied lookid
mights Hue to Hit onlook rs It wns an
animal which foxs 'I mil has been coyly
kceilng under cover fir the past two
stars, ind this Is ihe llrst opiortiinlty
which Ihe hors. fins havo been fdven lo
see Ihe fast 1 It tl. liter work J. llll was
bielcged Willi questions as In where he
dug up the raur. but refused the an
swrr fllmils put on llmt wlso look of
his anl sail nothing
A numlitr of the runners also rambled
over ntloss the clt) to lake a few romps
around the new ilnle which was the
llrst lime the) hivt I . . n nlliweil on tho
surface Bun Clark hid the oil veteran,
l.sunvllle and Hhorl) l.vaus appeared
mi the btitittful l.a.lj Alatott while Pat
Its ans n. nil. e niadi up a trio that did
an equine ulke wilk which woull have
mndfl Jim 1 rancls mil his rlckalilnnlea
turn while wllh envs
I rem now on all tt,, prominent race fol
lowers will boll their working out dnss
at tho Agricultural traik anl by next
Hundas hive all their animals safely and
coinfottabls hous.it there
Man Who Made Washington Hand
somest City In America Crosses
the Great Divide.
Washington Sept 12 A private tele
gram reiclved here this afternoon from
Ititopllas, Mexko, nnnounros the death
there this morning of Alexander It,
Shephird who wna vice-president of
tho Uoird of Public Atnrks of the DIs
Il let of Columbia during the territor
ial Kovernmenl of the district In 1871
nnd two seirs Inter Onvcrnor of Um
district lie wns f,7 yeais old The
cause of death wns peritonitis brought
on bs' nn attack of nppendicltls
.Mrs bhephnrd nrcoin panted by her
son-ln law anl diughler Dr nnd Mrs,
Prank Merchant, who iislde In Wash
Inglnii, vvero Informed of tho sudden
Illness nf the rtovernor vesterday.
(Jov. bhephird as tho executive of
ficer of the Hoard nf Puhlli Works, In
1 Ito of vigoiuiis opposition, began and
sum Hfu,ls lontlnued Improvements In
all pirts of tho tlty, with the itsult
that Washington betunit u magnificent
lo the Goinnir Is given credit for
nlppinrt In the bud the movement for
tho rcmovnl of the tapltnl to soino
western ilt vvhlth vvus warmly ngl
tntel nt one time At the cxplintlun
nf his teini ns Governor In tompany
with Ntw 'V.ork tuiilliillsts, lie pur
chased the nil Ilatleuihi Han Miguel
sllter mints at Hatopllas which In
later senia have provul piofltablc and
there ho has slnco resided He Itavcs
a widow and seven chlldten,
In Oltumwn la last night the street
car nrlke was sailed
Judge Moire of the District court nf
.Sum." has il uled the motion nf United
Htnlis Marshal Prank III hmds tn eel
aside the Judgment of Judge Wlrkernham
llndliig lilt hards kullls of contempt of
'Jhi 1 rogrammo selerdas of the Na
tional 1 rlson assoilitlon in Philadelphia
lonslsted irlnilpalls nf rellcloui xor.
, Ises llie afurnoon was sepnt at fllen
Mills a fiw miles from Die cits where
the house of n fuge for bo)s Is loeatsd
bin lrnnclio reiorls the tisnspnrt
Kllpitrlik Ins arrived from Manila wMh
Tin soldiers on bouul 'Ihe eight months'
old chill of i apt and Mrs J Lynch
died Just befoie land wns slghteil. and
Prltute Heck of the hospital corps died a
wiek ago
lit the accidental discharge of a rifle
Ii lho hands of a deputy at the Lehigh
Coal nnd Nntlgatlon tampans a stock
ale neir Nes iui honing Paul Ifaulltk a
in n-unlon man was Insiantls killed The
I oroner s Jurs rcturnid a verdict of acci
dunt d duiih
A Huiiaarlan bleeding from it number of
cuts on the face and heud appealed to the
officers In command of the troops at
Manila I'atk lamuquah, Pa, for protec
tion He said he was walking along the
road from I oalsdile to I angsford whrn
ass tutted by a number of bli own coun
trs mf
Secretary Shaw Sees No
Occasion for Alarm.
Arrangements lltvo Been Mndo to
Releiso About Tour Millions of
Treasury Holding New York tho
Only rinre Where Theie Is it Scar
city of Money, und liven Theio tho
Rate Is Not High far Commercial
Taper, nnd fot Commeiclnl Paper
Sccietniy His llladicst Solicitude,
Washington, Pepl. 11 Ruretsiy
Shaw tolas Issued the follow Ing state
ment Hecretnrs Hhaw has nmde nirange
ments In rehxise about tlwKiiXK) of the
treasury holdings Ho has had n list
prepaid of those nntlonal banks
throughout the lounlry vvhlth held fire
oi pledged bunds nt the date of thilr
last reisirt und has mule Inquiry for
others After making iillnwnnie for
changed lonillllons slnie last report be
expetls thlHWIll u lease nt lenst J I noil -000.
He his Kiut n. illi e to nil suih that
It the) will stud Iheso bonds to tho
Trcnsurei of Ihe Pulled mutes In sums
of &0 000 or tuoie the) will be desig
nated us lempornrs ileposltarli s und
the faro value of the lion Is will bi do
tnslted wllh 111. ill I" Ihe irullt nf tin
"lrrnsunrof the Pulled Htitti-H. Hi has
pursuit! this uiurse In prerennie lo
designating ,leistnrliK In Ihe nrdln iry
wuy, which u.iniiels lh, in to bus bonds
In the market nl a large pienilimi tlnti
I using out niiiro fin the bonds than
the ml ft um the llovi mini nt Ihi
iiislnniH ruilpts are ixtienuly heavy
nt Ihls purlkulit miimmi nf the senr
nnd the tash biliiue uf lho TruiHurtr
has graduiills Iniiuisul
"lie h is nNo dt i bled In iililii ip ite the
Oitober Inliust iiiiioiintlng to about
JKOOOOi) und wllh this In vhw onhiH
have linn Issued In the vnrlous sub
treusurliH lo tush kui Ii loupiuis as innj
be iiemiited Hi. m for pnsinint and the
Trcasuici of Hit t'nllul states has been
instruited to mall limits fur Interest
on the reinsured bunds All this was
decldul iiimii somt duss tigu tin I let
ters nnd tthgranis pn paled for Indns.
'The Hecretnrs sets In present iiindl
tlons no miHHliin for alarm He cills
attention to tin fm t that there Is no
evidence of n i in rimy famliio prwent
or irospeillvo ilstwheu than In New
Aork mil even lime the rule Is not
high foi tomiuertlal piper nnd for rnm
merrlnl inper In has the gnnler sollel
titdi. He Is well satlslleil with his ef
forts to Iniritsu ilictilntlon which hu
df elded upon III the mils mitnln. r,
when prteint loiidltlona vine visible
nnl baa ihe pns.n busy pnpnilng to
meet nn enierkinty whlih lit doea not
txjsict but whit h be thinks It is wise In
provide ugnlnst Thus far he bus in ulo
loqueMa mils nf such hanka in hold
laigp dcpnsltn und hnvi viry llnilud
clrculatliin nnd be la not asking these
to Inireiw In Ihe maximum nnr lo
InereoM' nt nil for the pies, nt lie iloen
not ib sire lo force the banks lulu tho
market to buy bonds nt n ml" higher
than the flote rniiient Is willing to puv
Ho does deslri to make tho best isissl
blc use of the free lunula now held by
the hnuks Intldentally he llkca to en
tournke banks to hold fie,, bonis dur
ing lho dull months, billeting It Is
mil h letter to hold bonds that will
vhld one-half pel cent than to mnko
tall loans nt 2 per tint 11,. la there
fore kiting Hit bunkH that hoi I Ibesn
an opiHirtunlty tn use them In must tx
rellent udv intnge '1 his method If nur
sued by the bulks, would give it slight
element nt ilastltlts lo our iithtrwlse
Inel latlc e uriency ssslem
"Ills TioslHon ns ligiids Ineiinslng
circulation Is ptrhipa lust exi rosH.i In
n lellcr which he reienlly vviol,. a I ank
er that had abends been busing bonds,
und which lie haa eonstntul to miku
public It is as follows
Treasury D pirtmenl Washington Pep.
lembir 10 ll Mv Dear Kir our let
ter of the Klh Is rec.lveil I llnd It well
nigh ImpnuHltde to tonv.s the nurtxirt
of my request iveu to tlie binks of whom
I hnvo nude the rcqutst, much less to
the public
1 Irst In ruse of Imminent danger or
actual disaster 1 will la. mum. Hid to use
Ouvtrniuint deposits to buy lutreased cir
culation Second I desire lo have from llirmannft
to V0imm additional circulation irlnli.l
prrpamturs no lhal It um be issuul In
fnur dass InMend nr fortv
"l Ii It .1 I will I., gild to huve lho bulks
holding di posits nrrauge If they can, to
borrow tho binds
Fourth I dinlio tn st nd no bunk Into
the market to biy bonds at thu present
I irtri I do not Lain to have the cur
rency lisued unl ss tondillons inaku It
well nigh !mi tratlve
1 am miking no d man I uia.n any bank
Tho amount of Ihtir tin ulailoii must Xm
determined by their dire, tors hut Inas
much as the publle holds the Heirelur) of
the In isurv somt what respnnslbl. for
existing conditions I dt em ms si If Justitu d
In using the iil.llu funds now held by
various banks on .1. posit a. 1 Hunk best
for II" public good anl In cusi of trou
ble I may Ihlnk last to use these to buy
Increased rlrtul itlon lh, banks now hold
ing surh funds h ivliig riff rente
I.ittr In the tl iy lho fnlluwlnK wns
given out nl tho 'lieustiry ib pnrtment
Tho New York banks nie uiuiplainlng
because the unprecedented demand lu
the West Is re.hu Ing their uvuMnble
cash 'liny then foi e ask that they
may be allow, d to go Into the tuaiket
pay tl 100 M fin n million bonds and
receive fiom the treasurs n million dt
poiiit with tin bonds as sctuilly 'I hey
seem willing to do this and lm nase tho
reserve isroooo against this linn awed
llahlllts Thus tho Links would de
crease their mailable eash $110 Oufl but
they would be drawing tho Inietest on
the bonds Inst ad nf this the "iecre
tars Is loaning to mis bmk wlnr.vir
situated upon Its free bonds In this
way the WeHlorn demand upon the
banks will be nlleved mid they will
only have tn protut themselves '
Woman Claims to Be Miraculously
Cuied of Cancer.
I.nndon Serf 1" Tho Dili) Chron
Iclo this morning nisi that ;i Mr3 Not
le.man has rt turned to her homo In
I in li n fr-im t in itnai, to I -illrdri,
Promo wl i to ,n ipi nrun ah
was mlriiiiiiiHiv ut 1 of an Inti mill
cancerous lum ir Mrs Noll, rnmtl
wa unnvnlllnglv tr. alt d for cam-ir bi
fnn golutc to Pram i bs oxperli In the)
London hospitals On mlirlng the wa
ters, nt laimdiashi ixpirleiued ll flint
III sensillon at i mill allied bs pain III
n few minutes this pass, , I nwa) and
with It the swelling tumor lioth nl
Iiurdes and situ her return to lam
don Mrs Solterman has lietn exuill
Inel b) ilnitorH who prnniuin, ed hir
nbsolittelv cured She uttl Unites her
line to the tgi n. s of the llbssul Vir
gin Her ens, ueimd n gnat sinsu
tlon among the Kngllsli pilgrims.
If American Control Continues Ten
Yenra It Is Likely Ctty Will
Re Entirely Rebuilt.
N onhlnnloii Mept II It American
ionlr.ll eoniliiiies ten yi irs it Is likely
Manila will lie rutin!) rebuilt Otti
lia! n pints t,i tH. War department
stale that i!ov 'I aft bits approved u
plan itiiimiiiended lij tin- llenllh bnunl
fur liiirliih down large set Holm of thu
mills Ins; suburbs while the poorest of
the people lit. Tin expirlenu. during
the lust few tnoiilhs In i iintrnlllng tho
t'Pldimlc uf ibid, ra 1ms satlslleil the
Ainoiiinn aiithnrliles that only tho
most rlgurmpi nteiisures will sulllre In
proteet Manila from pi anient c when
ever iiiutslnii arises It bus lieen de
ildel Unit ev.iy building vvhlth Is tin
anltiuy nutsi In numved (lit low
plsies In ihe city are lo lie tlllul In,
stlllitbl.. sewerng, Is In b, Inslslui on
walls ate to In built tn hold bin k the
waler nnd new buildings will be per
mlllul only In strl. t rnuipllnnie wllh
slrlit legulatlonn ar to plumbing and
uinslriii Hon whlih will Insuie heulth
f ill itindltlnns
It Is eslliiiitrd thnt when Hie bull 1
Ings lu ih,. slums an1 lorn down as
Hits will In siioii mm,, than loooii peo
ple will Imvi to be moved nut Into teni
pnrnry tamps Hov Taft annouiuia
that he will do this nml hnvo the peo
ple i an fulls looked aflet In their li m
porary qu irt. rs '1 he w Hon deslg
n lie 1 lo be Ihe llrst to be .band of
lis iKipnhitlon l Son Mi obis bom b
Capt Millligoi tin l Itv engine, r
gives It ns bis opinion that It will be
iittessars to nil In over tin whole silo
of Ihe ell) lu order to secure lho grades
thnt will make It possible to drain the
sin eta und holism und nuompllsli safe
simitars inuillllniis The eost will be
llirgi It If esllin ilt I thu the reitninn
Hon of Ran Miolas hem li will mat at
I. nst IvsiiKk) 'Ilu Pllliilnn rlllnus nn.
frit mil) to Ihe Idea nt Impimlng thu
Nnvy Depirtment Considering Ad
vlsabillty of Condiictlne; Kxperl
luents Which Interest World. ,
Wnshtnrtnn, hept. II llio boird nf
mnstiiiitlnn of the. Nnv depiiitiiieiit
has mult r tnnsldi rnllnii tho iidvleal. li
lt) of i on. lm ling n number of exp, rl
mi tits w hlcli w III lie of i misltli ruble lit i
IKiilniiie not imlv lo the Navy ilepatl
mi nt ItKelf, but In the ileilrluil world
nt laige, nml which may ii still In Hit
iiihlltloii or considerable luformalliiii to
Ihe giniral kwmlidgo of stoiagu but
teries '
Home weeks ngo n boird of Inquiry
Intisilgnlwl nn arildint which ne
currcl on tho Kiibiiiarlne bo it Holland
nnd riiorted Unit Um pn poiub raniu
of ivlhnce vtint to show thnt tho ex
plosion Vina due to tho Ignition of b
dingeii boh given off by tho stoniko
b liters
'J he experiments will be conducted
nt the New k navy nrd by llnv
e rnnient cheinlsiH who will lugln with
it pirfeitly iiiw bntlery nnd llieu by
liplaelng tho plntes with others woin
from time tn tlnu the) tmi In Un end
have n uimpli lily worn out bjti ry
III the mtanwhlh they will vwttch
the charging of the battery, the amount
nf gas tin cut li off in milt slugu of the
oxpirlini nt, the cimhustlhllliy of tho
gnu mill the danger of lunltlim frnni
sparks from swlUlits, mid the forte of
the explosions of hue h gusts
Home nf lho oflbera or the nivy be
lieve the Hiilimnrlim boat nf the fuluii.
will be up. ruled tntliils by Ktnriige
bnttciy powet If tlda In In bo tho i use
tho rnntter l om of grint Important o
In counectloii with the devi lopnu nt of
this type of lighting vessel for It la
very neieeanry In know how long bnt
teilis me to list und Ilu ir inmnirit
live v Hue from Ihe time of their In
Klnllatlnn until thty bitoino vteutli-
'lhe batteries In tho Hnllnnd were In
stalled six sears nip! mid hnvo bud
aubslanllally no i epulis dining the past
four jours, so that tiny wen In Mry
bad nil ie 1 he btltiry was um .1 very
Irngitlirly, fiuitiuilly ihnigliig nnd
dlsi hnrglng twice n tiny, nml nnine tliuea
wtnt for weiks without dlsihirglug
These ItHltirlis un piobibly Un" most
expensive part of Ihe eqlllpu eut of bub
injillio boils
Resume of Whnt Foreign Navies Ac
complished in the Last I'lscnl
Washington So t it A splendll
resume of what has hecn neenmpllshul
by foielgn navha In the I ist llsinl year
Is to bo found In 'Notes nn Nuvnl Pin
hntM," made public tod iy by t'npl
Charles D Hlgsl.ei, chief nf the naval
indllfgenio butimti It says In p irt
"lho cnnsti notion of ships for the
lltils of tho lunllng nnvnl pern pis) has
hone on iy lively during tin pist )eul
nnd the now estlmatea show either un
iidhi renro In it well delliied pinginmmo
for u stunly Increase or n desire to
make such addition us tho pre sent
financial inndlllon of the v irlous coun
tries vvmiint While there has been
no marked change In tho design of
shliM tho tendency has been townrda
greater illsplaeeineut In batibKlilpa
and nrmorid trulsers, better pint.
Hon nnd tho massing of guitH of Ine
second caliber In n tcnlial citadel In
Blend of separating ihcin in ease
mints It Is declared that there li uigent
neetl for quli k-llrlng high powen I
guns well proioctcd by armor of tho
highest resisting power, and I'irvtras
lll-stnrrod rush out nf hanllagi bur
bur Is cited ns it tragic Illustration of
tht poorl) protected gun posiiluin
' Kentwed Intuest In rcxnI hhootlng
wna displayed lu the lltlllsli navy thu
past sear dmlrubb reiords Imvi
been made by tin Terrible and Ilau
lleur In Clilna while In ihe Mcdller
innuin nthei shli s buvo tn lompllslitd
oxitllent results Prm tlco Is now car
ried on nt ranges nevir before conMd
ered ror real llghlli Som) und 7000
"A grut future for electricity on
board of vvarshlpa Is becoming moio
und mote assuied mid Us ndoptlon la
opening up numberless possibilities,
chief umong the latter being the great
military advnntftge whleli would be
gained by uttuitlng dlitclls from tho
hi Idi o of the conning tower the rru
pcllers of n ship
The material protiess of tho enr
In wltcless telegraphs." It la said, ' may
ho said to bo In the mattei of lenrth
of transmission, In whlih wonderful
udvumo has bieii made "
At llcntimont, Tox , tho burning gusher
oris 1 11 wing of Its own in cord s sler
da morning anl Ihe Hi was easily extin.
k ii h d mm hlerlng lire nt tho Us
tank Is all that rcniiUu of lho Hjjum.
Department Making Progress !l4fl
Toward Paying Basis. !l!!fffl
him H
ii'l t' W ssH
Intcrcstlnrr Talk With Third Assist- 5'l WU H
nut rostmnster-aenervl With Ono j . 'W sl
Rrnucli of Govcnitnent With ,-V .J-IBj M
Which All People Come in Contact sjj sIl.H H
Forthcoming Annual Report of iJiu H'S
PoslmiiBtcr-Ocncinl Will Bo of Un- 'f'tffl H
usuil Interest llrltish ParccU i ;
l'ost Is to 11 o Inaugurated. ' ( jl ' H
Wnshlngton. Kept II -"If It were not iL kl H
for rural fne tlillv.rs ' said Thirl As- ViJ B
slstant Pistiiiaster-tliiieral Madden to1' llflfi H
The Irlbune eorrespondent, one cent $j . kJjH
postage could be ills, usee.1 Willi some ' Wl Ll
prospeet of getting It lu a ft w Jems In f Wife B
olhir words lho Postofflce dipirtment din H
will enme ver) I enr lo being on it p t Ing ' pffl H
basis on ii uior. If llie same pr ,r Is UiM H
in III.- In tht prisint list nl star t it wns Ulll H
malnt lined during last The n lu us for ' (ill H
lho senr whlih in. led Juno titu 1 t nrn )JX BBVJ
not rmnpleli, mid tin at turn dell It for llH sBVsi
Ihe sear la based on intimitis r r tho . InB
business of tl,,i Inst quart, r 1 or th first 3 JilB sBl
iiuurlii- Hiiro was a il.ll.lt or J.K.I.HX1, Awl
but for lho set on I ami third q triers , I 'ffl BAVJ
IHiidltursa, mil with mi istluiatid ex cat till
or ruilpts for the third quatt.r bis Ion ! If IB
the btishliss of fill) titles whir over l. flllH
per eint ur th. postal btislmei if tho ii J sB
eniinir) Is triinsailtd there will lie nn ifl
tht thm qturtus am, tinting to J SOU (I llfl
Ihls will tiitki n ptol.ibl.. dttl it r ii tho Him
lit., ill ) . tl ot 51 .?..) II should also bo ifrl
siltl tli il In ihls ...Untitle till tw. in c Is ! bjm B
lu postal txpcnsia for the list quarter nt ( j VfflH
criaso shiinii for the prictdlng quarters, i ' t ijfifl
'I bus the f .rthcoinlng nnniinl report of !jV!k vfliH
Ihe Piistm ist, r Hi tu ml will have un lm- if,! ;
p.rtnut Interest from the r ut lh it It will ljLj 'Ifflif (
muitloiis it. H nine tnuiird overcoming trvn iS.'lSl VS iVJ
lirki dellrlt Unit hasoiturreil for the past rtlifl ( '.
elghtiui sears In 1CI tin. depirtment I Sj'f I1 HI
was on a rolvent footing Tlie ler Ipta 'Vgiii hit. BsH
Hint sear exit i ded exptnses In K 191 HOD. I'lIB jHj
'I till ttext VI lir llll. est.. Tl llltil-ei. Wern 'I'Srltl'lS H
Kiuilir t lut ii tlie re i ilits by notjuw In W.VTK ' ssssH
IW, tins jimp. . 1 to ).:(iiii in istl they lir W ssssB
riiuhl mm million,., mil In lot; tho de- i IT
iiarlmiiit had to y i to the treasury for .3 V ST
illlir.c.i to fnot the ditlcbncs Hlnco 'Stit 'Jo H
linn there has lit en a urn, Hull ritliictltm. VWIv KKB
lut still tin, ngures wen lirkc In 1M)4 BW iff
Ihe ilelliluit) wns nenrlv nlni millions! f ? Vim
lu IW) It Ml lolt iili.ni, lu isotolsjam, 11 ivBff.
nml Inst si ir to 1.1 liini Ihls delicti ncy , fyU ssssssl
list si nr, woull hnvi birn less than a ., ' ftfl HH
huudrid thousand dollars but for the 11.- ifc H-M sl
Hhi spent tn mint llah rural free dillv '''i'; jilB
alls slartil Ilu rural fru delivery up- in 'i1 iflElH Vja
I ropil ill in for Ilu passing llscnl sear ,!B if D
was ; 6t.i nil wlikli rrpnsuilH it good I IB lit f
long sttp toward 1 1 mis postage tinier IMS i sl
the ehi i.rdir of Uiliiits bi fore rurnl freo ft, 3 !
dellvirs wits Ihoiiklil of I if course no on.. S ?i
nn. un I Ihe il, pirtmuit thinks for a mo- Ifc' t. a sl
nn nt of il, log auas wllh the rural de- jl E'l
llurv II Is tin gn atest prarllcul under- tfilit?
taking Hint the dipirtment has ever pro mffl X H
Jicied for the Amirlcait fnrmer, who as luUJuJ iH
a rule has lad In pit taxes for turning jjlHr j
his ells cousins mill lh.ee miny sears. jp H
who fun poit Ri:iticn lil!'iil-it BI
In fact, a study or our postal ssstrm I MEgf ll
si ems to show that litiich of tho servtco lIliiDnirlti
Is luld for by lliosi who do not git tho fl?L9i3 a H
benellt of the st rv Ice rinderetl It np- .&&), H
lnis tint llie lucrinse In the revenues UmI Vi isH
which now I rings tho business of Um iKEfo
list sear so nenrlv lo a solvent footing illKu, , H
Is due to tin in lion of tin. Postm strr- !!.,! ' B
lb nc nil and rhlrl Assistant Pnstcmasltr- 1 1 T ' H 1
lluitral Maddili lu ilasslfylnlr mnll mat- Htftial ' III IH
li r proiierly so that llioan wro get tho miila i m H
I I nellts of tho nervbn should liny for UjuNl . i fl HH
what this get It wan at llrst notleed la llfivjtt H !!
the offlit of lho sixth ntlditor, who hill- FHV V I W HH
litis postorriti accounts It wns observed Ilff, ,f 1 A H
tint as the publlcallons of various sorts rl!) ?f i
that had bun using the tnalls under tho jU.ii 1 'fl H
lix rigillatlons governing second clnss ! !J 'IA. '11
inatler wire reiulrul tu pay prnper post- K I 111
ugt. the n venue a Incrtas. d 'ilu so publl- M 1 Si 'V H
eatlons bad lien using the nulls for es- ii 1 I nl
senllnllt prltnle uses inslag u rent n ,t J. '41 H
poiin 1 for traiismlssl in whin they should irf 'i 1 H
liavu pill u unt for two ouoria Tho I t tl sH
cost to the ilipirtmtnt for cirrylng was : t ., B
4 tents a pntinil so that tho tlovernment !' V I I H
was nil tho time prnctlcally paying it : K. H
subslls to the piihlhliers if (7 1 B
1 hem wis n itumlls n goo I deal of out- " 3 ) H
try against Ih. new order of things nnd la ,. .id
Sit Hut ns fast as lho people hci,ln to , i Bl B
s.o thnt whin there Is a deficit In the I I (J ' H
Poslnfllen dtpurlnitnt It Is neicasary lo ii ill ; '
go to lho Ireastirv ami take siveral mil (if, H
lions nf the pcopn s money nnd pay tha ' '' H
lallroails tho postmisters, the eirrlers, I ffi
and Ihe el rkn for ban llln gall this m.il' '' V t
iiinttir this cease the criticism Ihorult l fl'
that rompelt.Hl put Mentions nf n special 4 , H
mil prltnle tliiirutiir to pay 8 cents it , p A
jnuitl piiHtiigi lua Hindi, matter nt that ) , tl C
iltss rentable to th (lovernment Id . j ,t .
It. nml iraellie the ratn runs up to 13 'ftti H
eeula or II mils, owing In the frucllona X l .(
of it pound 'llie de artmciit would havo ,' ',, iJ6jltt H
lutvn made morn out of rrcl itslfleil bust- ll f .flJM
in sa toil for dehiv caused by Injunction II . .ddfii HBJl
stills not yet iliclleit 3B 'JSItl
nitiriHii PMicni.') pobT. m wi HI
A hovel experiment Is to bo undertaken Ml m If fl iH
next niontli by th. llrltish imstoUlte lha (' ,V ) III iH
Unit,, I blnles having refused to J ilu In Wl it iH
eslalllshliig an InUrnatliinal parcelt post I Ml 'h IH
Ihe llrltish iiiturili o his in Kiev n .It nt ' t. "I ; flH
with th, Adams llxprcsn company tn re- 3, It li iH
relvn and deliver larkaiica 111 this coun- i (rt.h I H
Iry Our postal ofllilaN laugh at Ihe ulet ;i. H ' ' sH
and say ll will not work The limit of TJ I ' Ji iH
wtlght Is ibveq ulnds and the demand E IjV flH
for the ssstim comes from r. Intlves o I I H
Imtnlgranla In out Wiatern lltnlts who .7 . is t! iH
waul tosuitl keepsikes ml r, membrane a I' k WAfi H
lo tin IovmI ones far from h m Tim j S. .1 1 iH
illfllcully Is ruing lo br In p. Ing lho flJitil' iH
customs duties Thev cannot b kn .wn In "H A iH
advmiie ami tho llrltish llnverumcnl tali I'f.lJI f iH
not tin lertake to piy tin in In advanco tli,w3i iiS
and colic et of the sender afterw irrta Our IIS, M' H
Government will havo nothing to ill with, I vf, Je X B
the si heme lu fail uur pustul t xporti iMtlllJti. ssssl
lu v steadily ri fused to go Into a pircls L 51 filr t iH
lost urnttik m u with flnnt lirlnln Wo Ell "1)1 , sH
sh uld kit but half Ilu. rates mid carry U i,l LH
Ih atk ii.. s nln l nibs nt thi whole ilia. PK l I H
itnte I i miind woull cirrv tem hut a LytMl, nl
few hiinlrul mil air ss Ireland ur I iik- fi'ti I ; Bil
Iml nntl w would UK them itious nils r f' I sssH
of nil a to Mont ma ot l lull for tho samu hi fl I kH
rtte of piy ft lIV J BI
Would M Insure Him. f $ I
The Rev. T, W. Ycbley of St. Paris, ftl Wfk, M
Ohio, had Kidney trouble. Ho began to iM SaH H
talco Ur Uuvia Kennedy's Favorites ifK JHH H
Remedy nnd it cured him completely, fiij! BJKe H
His recent acceptance by (our diHereoK J w 33s? H
lite Insuranco companies proves this, J'SI ,M' H
Dr OitrU Ksnnedy I Pa.orlta Donledy b) Bid vfLoIT sB
only sure curs kn&trn for dJseiiil of tfn KMneiyi, lnSnLl iH
Llr, BliJlsr, B ood, Rheumstluii mil Dnpepils. 7isl;ia? iH
All drjygim sell k in On NEW 00 CENT flllli iRf IaH isH
and ths renlar St 00 sus bottiss I'ari'iill iil
SinfUljtlltniiiLfhfrtritt,frntTmiiXX J I, fir I iH
SS D",l'i K"nd Corpor.tlon, Rand.ul, N Y? HillS sssfl
Dr. Datll Ktaaety'i Rslt Ttbtim CreiB curs thlM SSSH
01(awt-SUaulkllfllluUuutlu(o j'JI x M

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