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- ; ' t TlTE TyTER-rouyTArN- FA-Ransn. Tuesday motivtvg, BrcrnrryR 2, 1002. k IS
ft , Car Inspector Ends
Life by Poison.
T h fjsBa on rioor of Room In
i 3 Urns Yesterday Aftor-
istF: j,iievei to Have Taken the
i'i?'! j MM Nlght nnd t0 1Uvo
Un .ts Floor in Dying Struggle
"'eyiih Cbirctte In Hand Do
IoiH Xt-ubU Slid to Havo In-
(s nuij)
I thfl ,i J hn 1' i r)stnl, a car
ito-lSt' ""' M''1 "n tnl ,!l
i ill lieidqtnrters at
l,i ir ' found on Ihe floor
H ., , radii house shortl)
" Death, t hM up.
y bi ought on lij his
TL, i the poison route
aij, t utiles,
,!ii J win:
o, a r ir the body was
p r tj on which wns
in it message to Mrs
, hapless mill
1 N 2S -My dear
Tu W rile, nn motlur
ha,i I vv uite I to tlo so
,, 't It cm N iai i;
uc t Hon developed a
retj , ' hi envoi jpo nun
., man a letters In tils
Jk. . r mill w Ulovvctl thn
, 1 rl.l i nlelii Tin
I If. II l llnal struggle .ire
, . I r the prcae mo uf
" t r Tim he had
0! time In advance Is
b( iti ' I us I rid is night lit
, which Is located on
1 c street vi there
; r rprlsoil at learning of
i or men with whom
01 t r i few hours before
ti r VIiIiourIi bin demeanor
in ill) M not that of
' i i roni morhllnoss. vet
ikd ij i i iIihiiro In Ills con-
k t tin he 1 1 in lied the room.
T0 j II v i illreul) to his mm,
It. i -lioit time to hi i out
.-ti wa In the ollle. from
,u nil penell and then rc-
nt: ' m
m niiiiiKsm.i)
i t Is d In writing tho
i not returned to Its
it- he thought nt the
- In k it ns If he were
r sonn thing al
in ) ' ng Hint Mould throw
ti, , ire of bis trouble.
, -ii .tsti i KiAiu.rri:
,. e ii en of Crjslal until
1 ' vr eel whni a clinmber.
I i r i iii to in iko the he I
. i I the polite ere at
J i,7 i m examining the
bt I Unit t'rjstit had died
i, r .. I irette A hnlf.sinokrd
K . I lightly between the
it i ger of Ills right hand
r M 1 1. c Mhi:
ii i 1 lrst il to kill lilirf
i 1 1 established Home
i line I In attribute the
, I llnublo A lad) 111-
u r i rl or llio illy an I who
i I Willi Crvsl il and bis
rltles Msterdiy th it
i Id there Ins been
l mple and tint she
I to hear of the sukldc
i ii nn inn
' nil at Koldlers Kummlt
t c il Me limine sone to
' ilnrke of their furnl-
m ive.1 m this clt t rss-
I cltlnn at tlie riiinimlt
i ritnivc to Kilt I ake
lesrunheil to Mrs i rs.
id he is expected 111
I'. nilliiK her arrlial no
si will be held 'the bod
ic a losrph William
k is eitalillshment
ar or hr! and was re-
w ith emplineeh) the
lie was il member of
.he World Outside nt a
i o liavn no relatives
ie wan the scene of ei
i t. iifiitloual light with
vj TliDusind People Looked nt
the Thorotighbieds.
H i If the number of reo-
11 I the lulerli'ition'll Ue
k ' to hj imii lie tnken us
'lendsiiie nt this )CTr
x cc lint of last ear
ii r rum .Notwllhst inllnir
Hiiudal Jll") people of
' lll'l pnssed throtlRll the
I d-i un I eenhiR
i of the imiebreil Hie.
' tulldlnc will lake place to.
ns Instead of Wednesla)
, H Hr t pinnosed Secretar
II Wilson will dellier the
prluelpal oration Hpeeches
t nl b several prominent
"enilliiR tho ruiHu-Mlin, as
"" ' liu luess will bo trans-
' idliiK was enited at a cost
n if nloii Hlmk nrds iom-
iinnein one for tin rcenR.
I itlonn of Amerlei The
.arloiis (lepirtmeutH will
Noticeable Effect of Weather
on Local Business.
Crisp Atmosphere Caused Noticeable
Improvement In Winter Clothing
and Hardnare-llerchnnts AntlcL
patlng Unusually Heavy Holiday
Trade-Collections Reporter Talr
With But Little Doing In Real Et.
late and Buildlng-Monoy Easy and
Local Commercial Stocks Intcthe.
-t- -f f 4-4- .
X Weekending
" No Vi
f llnnk clearlnm tSTlSlw Wi;(i
itcali) transfers Tow; ;6n
UulldlnK permits snoM tekfl
Bearonnble weather was an Important
fuUoi In In. al Hade during the past
week jnajpi weather, following th
Keiieril stmins eao a stimulus to
Undo In iimii) lines, that was hlRh'y
iippreclated by merelinnts In geneul
The Inipiovement was estieelnlly no
tlcenblc In heay winter clnthliiR foot
wear, woolen Roods nntt liunlwate
Ihc rnoiements In thesi and other
linen was henvy nnd Rale a Rood tone
lo general business. Tlicheax Thanks
rIMiir ti ide helped out the grocers nnd
nut. hers The holiday was never more
generally observed In Halt Lake nnd
tho lesiiltnnt business was neer hea.
During Ihc latter part of the week
the lending stores or the city begun
to take on u liolldij appearance The
display of goods promises to bo more
rli.h and elaborate than eer before.
Hill business men nre nntlilpntlng n
er hea trade. ThN feeling Is b ised
on the fnct that peoplo In general nre
more prosperous that work has been
Plentiful thioiiRhout the car Hnd that
there seems to bo an iibiindiinne of
money in circulation Tho irlsp wea
ther has muth to do with this good
feeling a.ong the tnerihints t'ollec
llons hae been fairly good there have
been few falluns, the heavy snowfall
gives promise of good ciops for next
onr nnd the plies for nil kinds of
farm pro lints an- so high that the
farmers of the entire State feel gicillv
There Ins been no nuterlnl rlnnge
In the mutter of hulIdlhR nor In the
local teal estJtc market. s1ik the pre
v lous week A se ison of waiting seems
to have fallen upon the leal estate mar
ket All eves me turned In tho direc
tion of the new rallroid i rojects nnd
the predl.tlon Is freely made among
dealers that theie will be no great nc
ttvltj In business propertj until some
thing inoie definite Is known concern
ing tho new ronds homo resident
propel ty Is changing hnudi, but the
trade Is slow nnd no great activity Is
looked for until spring Ilulldlng Is nt
u practical standstill except on those
buildings In inursc of constitution
Lncnl bnnkers report business In a
satlsfuitory condition, with money
eiisj There has been little activity
In local cnnimorolnl mocks Utah su
gars ng-iln held Hie center of the st igo
nnd Vtali hugar went up to J.'O 10 the
blRhest point Net rem bed 1'ieferrel
stock of the Am Or minted Sugar com
puny sold during the week nt JOS M
The quotations at the ilose of the vviek
on tho most topular stocks were"
Desent National llnnk .. . j:r en
C M I .... 11 M
Home I Iro Insurance Co it no
I tnh Sugar fo ji ii
Htate Hank of I tnh H3 m
Deseret Hivlncs Hank ., STltM
( oinnienlal Nillouil Hank MM
Ions Sivlngs llnnk ,; trim To 1W rt)
I Irsl National H-ink Oitlen JW o)
Ito.kv Mountain Hell Telephone Co 01 oa
Ogden BavlilBS II ink HO CO
lonsolldnted W utm n MichlneCo,
Preferred irtl so
Common Si on
AuialRimated Sueir Co, preferred . v
common .. 8$ 00
ThurCi iai".
lonsilllated Ilalln i) & Power Co lot
Huniptcr alle lajt
Bank Clearings.
The Silt Lake bank clearings for No.
vember fell WOWOO) under the record
made In Vov ember, lint This Is 11
lieav fnlllng off but there Is no ills
couriRcment In the ftct to local bus!
ness men when It Is remembered tint
In Ibis rcspeit halt lake undo n phe
nomenal rniord list oir directing the
attention of the entile toiiutiy to the
Intermountnln metropolis ua a inonej
nnd I uslness center The 1 learliiRs
Ihls jeal 1110 inoie nenily nnrinil and
even now are very much heavier than
the ilenrliiRi of innnj other cities of
much ri enter size 'llio business month
of November closed Inst evening and
the clearings as given out b C II
Wells, tho nnmRir of the clearing
house were Jll'1751741 lompirol
with It" l.. '!'' fnl November 1101
List week tho tleirlngB were 13,176 -Ml
41 and for the corresponding week
of last eir thej weic $J fl 6D5ii Yes
trdaj's rlearliiRs were 5i IJ5 18. 10m
pared with J6I7 33R JS for tho corro.
spondlng rtu of list oii
" By opccial arrangement with The Tribune, the-thrilling nar- $
rulve detailing the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, (.-,
inert on pngo 0 of this Issue will appear In the columns of the 1.1
'if Mountain Tanner. No other paper in Utah beside The Salt 0
toko TUbune will contain this staitllng story and Important con-
trlbut.on to American history, (J)
,tv il
Murray Health Officer on
Smallpox Situation.
Sajs Two Peoplo Left Quarantined
House at Murray and Started to
Salt Lake Theater Last Night
Says He Will Arrest One Man ns
Soon ns latter Recovers From the
Xllsoase Doctor Says Ho Will Havo
Help or Will Resign as Health
(8unda t)ail )
rr W I. reiiebee. dlstrkt health
odlier nt Murray, reports lamentable
Uiliy In the observance of nuaiuiuine
regulations In the new corporation of
Murray So disgusted la ihe phvslilnn
with Ihe in inner In whlih the people
In the smelter town liiore all scni
blaine of quaiantlnc that eslerdiy he
Infoiined Messrs Anderson, linker and
Home the nutotrats who hold in their
palms the destinies of Stlt Lake eoun
tS thnt It thev dldn t provide him with
a quarantine odlcer, who would make It
his business to see that people did not
leave or entei Infected houses he w is
going to quit bis Jjb as phveliinn In
oritlnar) to thu dlstilet of the county
of Salt Lake There are more than
twite as man cases of smallpox In
Murraj at present ns there are in hct
slstct dtv Salt like
trAitTi:D ron tiii:ati:h
'Dou ou know that there are two
peoplo out of a quarantined house In
Murray who are sitting Just now In the
Nilt Lake Theater, spreading germs of
thnt loathrome disease amonR the soile
li leoplt who luive turned out to set
Htu irt Itobson In The Coinodv of Tr
iors?' staled the doctor Into the tele
phone receiver. 'At least tint Is said
to have been their piojectod riestln itlon
when they left Mrs. Caiters hotel at
Mm raj, which was quarantined on
'There U 11 man of the mime of
Thompson against whom I nm going to
swear out n wntr.uu as soon ns he re
tovns from the attack of smillpox
which at present ennnnes him to his
btfl ' continued I)r renebee "lie his
been hoisting of his smartness in do.
celvlng Hit touutj authorities One uf
his daughters hnd smallpox for two
vweks before anj one knew of It She
Rot better ntid went to halt Lake Now
the test of the fntnllv, eight pctsous,
.arc coming clown with the disease
Thompson will ho at rested ns soon us
ho Is well enourh Norman Iiekson's
sevens ear-oil win. l'ercjl, died tonight
of confluent smalliiox.
' There Is nuothci Tliompson, one of
Ihc school ttustees, who Ins committed
11 Migrant violation of the quarantine'
legulatlnns. One of bis chlldieu had
smallpox, nnd while she was nt home
sick one of tho other t Illicit 011 was at
tending school In Murray and another
going In cveiy day to tho BUto Unl
vcrslt) '
(Monda)'s Dill) )
Dr W 11 I errebeo Is still In serious
trout lo in Murray over tho smallpox sit
nation In'nnd nrounl that place The
chief trouble seems to be duo to laxity
In the enforcement of the quarantine icg
illations list evening Dr l'errebee re
ported that threo cases of the disease
had broken out recently In tho 'ller
hotel In Mumi) hut thit the pitlents
had lieen transferred to 11 tent and tint
the hotel would le filmliiHte.1 todd)
I'll Ml HPitliMJ 01' UIHI.VHK
In the commtinlt there are thirty eises
of smalliMix, he 011s uluiost all men em
pled In llio HlKhlund Itoy smelter
Neally all or them ato vaeclnalel so
that no ratHlltlit nre expected among
Hum I be chief danger Is that the dls
eise will spnal to those who are not
vaccinated thn c otlonwood dlsrlct Is
I111II1 Infeited with III. allsensc, there tie
bm fnl I 11 fly eases iipmlcM 1 or the
most part the dbense Is In a mild form
ami tho little seven year-old I'rekson bov
Is the oil) nno Who has thus far died
from smallpox,
Iir Tirretiee was imalite to Live an
nldlllonal inforinnlloil estirda In re
gird to ibe two persons win went from
an Infected house lo the the iter Hiturdiv
night lne of the greatest dllTliultles
wllh wbh h lie has In contcnl lie savs is
the evident determlnatlea of lb" eople
to keen the disease ui de cover ond s.
mie tie quiranllne regulations lie Is
of the opinion thnt lie has nil esses un -d-r
quarintlno now, and ho has hopes of
stamping out the dleaso tiefnio col 1
neither sets III stendll) lie Is deter,
mined to have the officers look Into tho
matter and uco that tho health lawi iiml
regulations aro rigldlv enforced, cap, clal
lv so long ns the present giuit claui.er ex-
There Is another Interesting ll le lo the
sltuilioiint Muirac pre k ntc.l li lames
II Miikrs.ui chairman of tho Hoard of
Count! t oinnilsslnners He res its ver
enrnihtlv tho Imputations 1 1 iced nn tho
loard by Dr 1 cm bee
The chief illffleultj Is that lr I'crre.
beo has mndo no reports as he i re.
qulreil to do under the slntules ' siss
Mr nderson ' lh onlv means wo havo
of know lug that Ii Is the health officer
for that illelrlil Is that wo pa Ills sal iry
rrguliilv Th' eases of smnlliox at Mur
rav have not been reported to tho Hoard
of Health, ant It hai teen a matter for
eomilalut from the beginning of Dr
lerrrliees iiilmlnlslrilllnn that 111" he tilth
icpnrts Invn been nejl.cteel I hei-e re
poila should ro to the Hoard of llealtb
not to the c. nnunlsalonrrs We have until
lug to do with ihls matter Dr erreb
be nppolntel lo look after this parlkular
pirt of the eolirtv; business If he Is un
able to enforce the laws wb does lie
'" ,!,,s.B7.l?L.r'!a,.es,'i1,S
re, folk vv (
counties. i 3 ; p. : . j .
.::...::.-::::::: ftlSi ' Ai,,?5 'II1"'618 .
W : fSasa 1 aJf't'-i' ' aJ S'KJ 1. "is 1 low) 1 STJis hinu
J'l . G.N.NI Hji; I H ,'i- S" IBM ' W.1WJ
Sj .. :.::::::::::::::: .. ,d'JIV rflS sXffi !. i.s k JKi...fl"1 'iJSSr
;'""" . .. : :. '".." && ,,!fg iiSii i-m1 '""jl.11-"
n 10 1
Tor tho Hist time In tho thlrtv two
ears nt hts life thai I . ltoth 1. the
convicted murderer, stool before Ihe
camera esl.'idns mm of the fron
Her ntnl a follower of the wild life be
has heretofore had no o 1 aslnu to deil
with 1 hotnsrnphers llowev.i Wiiidiu
Don of tho Mate pilsim has bad ihe
pi u tic e of i life time broken by phot 1
not call upon Depute V him and I) putv
"mini In ids llslrl. f Vol If he 1 11 lot
enforce the liw Willi III aid of thiso
.bpiitlcs be shout I 111II upon th Mb. riff
or the c oinitv Mtorniv The ear r
nient of llu.e laws l 1101 within the ju
rKlletion it th. Hoard of loiinti 1 0111
mlaaloncix Wf appoint tin luallli ..ITI
ilals and tnv lb. Ir sal 11 1 s and there our
jurisdiction In the null, r ends
rnoM tort or boston
No More Cattle on Hoot Will Be
nOSTON Dec 1 With the de
parturc of a drove of cuttle on the
steamer bjlvnnla for Liverpool jester
day the Iloston export cattle m irket on
the hoof offliially closed for nn In
clellntte period Permission to ship
these initio was given lo the Depnit-
lucnt of Agikultute at vVnshlngtnu,
us the bad been pronounced ph sleal
lv sound and ftec ft 0111 font and mouth
Di halatnoti and a corps of assist
ants fiom the department nt OAushlug
ton villi urrlve here tomorrow nn 1 Im
mcdlatel begin an examination with
Dr Peters and the Slate Cattle llinc.iii
of the Infei toil bonis in Ihls State It
Is cxpeeleel that pime laditnl meas
ures will bt taken In stamp out the dis
ease Tor one lliing, n vigorous quai
nutlne Is rxpeetcd to bt established
wherever the disease Is found
Ship Agents Making Ready to Ex
port Trom That Point,
Halifax, N H Nov. 30-Onlng to
the cattl" embargo on New Knglnnd
ports the agents of the Leylnnd line of
steamers ate miking airangements for
the housing and shl nient of initio nn I
sheep from bete The 10 In iiecotninu
datlou for SOwl cattle nnd 1900 sheep.
Ran Into Open Switch,
YOL'NClSTOWN O, Dec. 1-Tho Chi
(iign ctl Italllinore ext rcss train No C
on the llnltlmoio cl Ohio lallwa) cust
bnunil, ran Into 1111 open switch ut ( 111
bon I'a , seven miles east of here, early
etmli) and collldoel head on with
it Height train line man was killed
ultd tlneo cittietn Injured one scrtou&ly.
Pennsy's First Snow.
I'HILADI.LIMIIA Dec 1 -The first
snowfall of tho secsoii octurrecl Hunday
In cet trnl reiinsjlvunlu It was wet
nnd melted ulmost as fnst ns It fell In
tome plnees the snow fell ut the rato
of an I11c.l1 nn hour
Will Spend $100,000 to Secure Set
tleis In the South,
CIIICAOO Dee 1 Moie than JIOO 000
will bo spent hv the management of
the Southern 1'ieltlc In the tit xt llvo
months lit inlonUatlnn of southwestern
LnuUlnnn nnd southern Texns Tho de
cision to Ine reuse (lie effort nnd ex
penditure which nre being made to Mil
up these lands wus renehed In a gen
1 ral meeting of tepresentiitlves of lliu
rlinun lines held hero lust week nnd
closing tnnlRht
'ihe work In Texas nnd Ioullnna Is
In charge of Col Morse, who declared
Hint In the next ten nrs tho develop,
tnent of these sections would be i,reat
ei thnn that of nil) other sections of
equal nrea In the vvnrlel
"You will iippieclnte thnt this ma
not be nn exaRgeiutlon" sold bo
'when I tell vnu the land Is being sold
there tndav ut tho rnle of 100000 utrea
per month '
Agriculture In the Philippines Ham
pered by Epidemic.
Manila Nov 30 The efforts to re
store ngrlcultuie In tho Philippine
have been bloc keel by u dearth of flelel
animals Muetv pel eent nf the iitin
baos died In the original epidemic of
rhlndorpest and of the small number
left many have slnco 1II01I The gov
ernment baa planned an extensive Im
portation nf these animals to meet tho
crlng need nnd had arranged to have
them Immunised It was foiceel to
abandon this rlun " account of tho
lack of money to meet Ihc purchases
'llio general cultivation of tho planta
tions Is liupns-elbln without them and
the ubsenco of nns Immediate prospect
of getting the Held animals leaves the
agricultural situation In u serious con
Indications Point to Murder, but tho
Noto Says Suicide.
KI.MWOOI) lnd Dec 1 Mrs.
Charles Dubois, a brldo Qf but a ow
months was fouitel dead In her room
huutrtln) afternoon, with a bottle of
carbolic rdd Ivlng nl her side and u
note, In whlih Is stated her Intention
cif inking her life An nutopsj was
hell hiiiunloj night and no poison was
found In Mel stnmnch Ihe side of her
head was crushed apparently bv the
tlow of 11 blunt Instrument 'Ihe Coro
ner held an Inquest Hunday, which
led to tlia arrest of Charles Dubois,
husband of the dead womun, who Is
dunged wllh the inurclei.
Fatalities of Hunting Season ,
MILWAUKnil. Dee 1 The sea
son for hunting In the nnitheiu woods
closed ;eleiilay rntnlltles weie un
usually frequ.nt 111 the woods this wu
Kn fourlien men having been killed
while hunting deer in the Htuiis of
Mlnneiota liuonsln Mi'd Mi luian
At least eleven othrs have been shot
and sellout!, vwunded.
graphing Hi tb 1 fni th-toRno gallerj
llellhll SUbn lite I HI HV I Hi Ollleal
nnd when lb. pi tun- Ii 1 1 bee 11 elc
elipol gi'i I at 111. photo Willi eeinsld
n ihle Inn t. - 111-. I I tun will be 1.
Mimed fimn Ibi 1 igio 1, ill. iv whin
llntli 1 forf. It bis III f.11 killing hi-.
wife mil 1111 ild. n 111 in who wan 1 11
lug foi In 1 II Is in be -.hot 1 1 ileitlt
In the pi Ison ) lid D. . mliei .-lib
Haworth Sentenced to Be
Shot January 16th.
Trlsoner Betrayed No Emotion and
Said Nothing When Judge Rolnpp
Ordered Extreme Tonally nt latm
lngton Yestctday Haworth Ap
pcara to Havo Rcslgneil Himself to
His Fate and to View it With Calm
ness Stoty of Sandall's Mulder
Notice of Appeal Given.
(Sunday's Dall) )
Valhnn 1" Haworth tho convicted
niunlerei of lhiimis Huiulall, tho aged
w ctibmun of Lnjlnn will puv Hie pen
all) of his crime on Vrllii), Januurj
lbtb between the hums of lo u m nnd
I p III lie will be shot to dentil !)
Hlierirt Alibnlt of Divls toiinty In the
Jail ard at the KMilteutliir Haworth
was leseuteiiceil at 1'ai inliiRliiii by
Judge Itolapp SOBtordaj hi ll Ihe
woids Hint menu ileith In Mm were
pronoiiiii.il the prlsouir betiaed not
the sIIhIiIcsI eiuntloii Ills ilimianor
was tint of u mill who has eleel led tn
incept the Inevitable. Not ic muscle of
Nathan Haworth.
his face was seen In move during the
lime the Judge wus pronnuui lug tho
death sentence
Kiiowni) Lirn.i: l.Mfirin.v
llaiwirtli waff uken to I'.irnungtnn
esterda morning b Hheilff bbott of
Divls count) nnd (Hun I htowo nf tho
State prison Ho said little nr nothing
during the trip appearing tn be ab
sorbed In the landsiapi tilting tho route
Ho wus led Inln .unit ut II to a m , es.
cortiMl bj the nlllceis nnd un ompanled
by his uttnrnevN, Missis Welier mil
Hamilton Tho loom was inmplctel
filled with the morbidly i urloiis who
wuti heel witli hienlhlca slnterest the
pilsonei s face dining the time he was
III i null Ills cxpiesHlnn nltereil little
cluilng the entire proeo. dings Ap
piiontll he hn'l ipsigneil himself tn the
Inevitable and regarded the plot codings
as a meio nuittii of inullnc as ho
ha 1 been ircvlollsly sentenied the
usual folln or pieiceeluro WHS etlllllted
'.Sallian Haworth stall 1 up"' nr
deied the eoun Hblllldlv
Hnwnitli lose slowly mid stood look
ing Into spnie the stolid expression nf
his Thii sliowiiiK that lie w is expei ling
what followed 'ilia loom at onto be
came silent
' The court having fully Inquired Into
the fin ts III the case pnwpcilod Judge
Itolapp and theie uppeurliiK un legal
leasotiH why tho Judgment of death
lieietofoit ironouiiied ugiilnat cm
should not be executed according to
law therefore In pursuant e of law It
Ii ordered that ou .Nathan r lla
woith In now icmuudid to thi Hheilff
of thi tho count) of Davis Hlule nf
t'lah nnd that nll be by liini rnith
with taken nnd delivered Into the nn
tod) of the waiden of the Mule pi Ison
t,f Ihls State, that you le bv the sail
warden sifely kept In wild prls n until
1 ilelio, the lClh day of Januar 190
and that between the hours of to n m
and 1 P tn of said da) vou bt takei
fiom sail plaie of i-onllnenu nt in tb.
plaio or exeeutlon within the exteiln
wulls of the said Hlule t rlson and then
and there shot by the th. riff or Divls
count) until ou shall to d.ad Mid
aay (Jod have meiiy on )our n-nil
As the com lulling words fill from
the JudRes lips the eonde timed inun ie
sumed his sent In a quk t unmneern'J
manner He was qulikl) lilt n fi m
the courtroom b) the ollle tis an I .i
corted baik tn his nil In de nil i w
at tho ptnltentliir) Duilng Hi r tuin
Hip ho said nothing to th. olllms
close walih was kept on blin as It vv ii
expeetc I he might ntumit n " ipc
but hl conduit was ix mplan
mors or Tin: i iiimi:
Tho erlmci for vvlelcli Haworth Is to
forfeit his lire m i un eel nt f.a)ton on
the night nf Manll - IH81 At tn
time hi was engaged In burKlarlcIng a
store when h was di-tuihel In I i
ot eiations bj Thomas hand ill ana,. I
nl!itwat hman Haworth killed tii-
witihmm with s shotgun anl n a l
h ei a f r iho t me being Later he
Tito Kind You llnao Alivnji Kotigltt, nntl avlildt lint ltccn i fl
In ti'o for over no jentw, It.ts liorno tho n!gnntiiro oC M
snj!? - "'"' l'"" ' nnilmiiiilrr lili prr i M
WlLs JVfr?2s "onnI H"I'i,i Nl"" slm o Its InfHiioy. WM
wz.SS. '-OMCAXt. A11owinioiio(iilpccl0 50Hlutlil. if
All Cotmtrrlilt, lmllntlcitiH ttml .Tlst-a-Kool, nro lmt I 11
r.V)rrlnt(.i(s Unit It llio xvlHi mill rntlniigor ttto licitUli of j I
InUtiUs nutl tlillihoii-i:iierli-iioo iigtitust i:pcrlmcnt. fc
What is CASTORIA il
Ciitnrln U it litruttoss stilicitittito for Cnstor Oil, Pnro- 'OI
tfiirlc, lliopt unci .Soolliliit; Srup. It I lMcnsiiiit. It If
ttitidttiiH iR'Ulii-r Opium, .'Morpliliio nor otltor Xnrrntlo lH
Milistume. 1'h ago in Its (;ii,uiiti(oo. It (IcstrojH WoiiltFt P
.mil ttllnvs IVti'iMiitcss. It (ihoh Dlurrlm-it ntnl AVIntl Vl
Colic. It li'llc'vcs 'IVctlilni; Tiotiblrs, t'ttrcs Constipation 1 11
Jttttl rinlulciuv. It assimilates dm rood, i emulates tlio !j I
.SIottiiKli niiil J'.oviids, (iilitir ltcnllliy nnd natural alccp. 1 J2
'llio Cliililicit's l'.iimccn Tito jMolliot's rilcnd. Il'l
rf Boava tlio Sigimturo of J
The KM You Have Always Bought 1
In Use For Over 30 Years. i jjjj
was caiitui.d nnd mad. a e onfesslou j
Ills attoriiivs sought to hn. th con
r.exlon act isble on the Kl nun Is that
llitwoitli vv is in. utull) hrisiiouslbli
II whs lonvl.tid linn .0 1900 mid
sentiiuid in bo.oxeiuled Henlember
lllli Ills attoniDs sin i ceded In get
ling 11 stuv of exeeutlon p. inllng n nm
Hon foi inw tilal 'Ihe motion was do
nlo I tiy IiiiIro Itolapp si veial dais ngo
Haworth made i se nsiiilonnl bieuk
for liberty ilutlug bis trnl but wus
eaptiili'd Itefoie bo wus aid In get nut
el le the Davis, count) e ililtliouae nl
though be did SULieeil in getting nut of
the ciiuitloonl
Minn: or vpitw. oivi:n
Notlte of uiihh! tn the Hupieine tnurt
vvns llltd by bis attorneys nt tho inii
elitslcm of )esterda) s l iik codings, but
ll Is geueinlly thought Huvvurtlt has
but little to bono foi
Symptoms of the Malady Ravaging
Now England
New o.ork Nov JJ n oi ling In the
batteilnliiBlsts of Hie t It) Health elc
paitmenl, tho hoof and mouth dlsouse
Is new to this nitiutly hut Is well
known In l.uiopi esimlall) In Helgiuui
Iho moitallty fiom It is not high but It
Is exticiuily contagious It Is clue
laigcly In the hint from nigiiiili tint
tcr, nnd It attacks I lie bin I boors Mist
whole Ihe anlmils stun) In their stalls
The dlse nee Is lniiiHinllle-,1 in the mouth
whlll the ailluml lb Its Ills feet anl Is
Hum e illil the hoof and nmiltli iIIspiim,
Th h nns of tin tails in enti r the bhsid
Ihinuull tin stnuinli nun b the sunn
in the c of dlphth. I la tit. Hit- ti iii i i
lure Is ilevilnl and tho fevn sets In
ThH of emus. nfT. its the milk of the
cow and will iintuiiillv Injure ibow who
drink it Disinutlou or the Infeitel
aniunls 1-. t ild lo be the only wuy to
thick it
Tlie fill .wlllg llal I inverlng 0 poil.i.1 of
Iwrnlv elRbl tears have In en tomiUeil
rr in Hi vvt .1 li r bureau lleoiils at Halt
I, k c ll j I lab
Month of Dot i nilar for IwctiD-elglit
tUr" ll.MI'l.ltVTI III.
Mean or liorniul le i.ih r itlire 33 elegroes
'Iho warmisi nioiiib was that of 1-K'i
with an aver iro of Ii degruos
lboeebleil Mill, was lhal er IkM with
an average or 4 d. gre. s
Tho blRbosl lrmi'.taiuru was tl dcgrccis
on Ilecembor 1 lil
'llio lowest temperature was -JO degreee
on Dree ml er .!., IKlt
Average dale on width first 'killing
frost en tirriil III autumn October lull
Avcr.m due. on which last kllllnu
frost ocLiiniil In spilug irll Kn
I'ltl.c Il'l l HON
(Halo mid melleel snow )
Average r.u Ihe lilouHi lltlluilies
veraRR imiiilHT or da)s with oi of nn
In, Ii or mor. 10
Th. greatest monthly precipitation was
It; Incites In IU'
The leiesl mnnthl) I reclpltnllon was nil
llli e III Ikiv
Th. greatest nmeiiint of (tree Ipltatinii le-
cor.l.d in hid twiut) fnir .onsei tilt,
noma iinord exlemlliig to winter of Iski
H, oul I was ID lathe a on lie. e mlier 5 ISM
Average number of clear clsvs, s psrtl)
cloudy cla)s, 10, clouet) da)s 13
The prevailing winds have been rroin the
sunt In sst
Hit highest veloillv of the wind was Ml
tnll.s fiom the uoriliwest on liPitmber J
million Halt I.uke I Hv I tall
Dato of Issue Nov mtier 2S ro!
gectlnn Dlreeioi Weather llureau
It Is no longer ueiessar) that a gen
tleman should know bow to hnnill. a
riipir or be liaincl In the nl e c on
du t of a iloudtd i hi. but spell he.
liiusl cnthigi iphv b I- ll 'ii to th.
rank or i virtiu n I n si. I bull)
ts wl ke I oi it I ist ll Is vilt,ar
whli Ii as we know is woise lns
n in a M igilin
li I', nc--t..l m t Pi
l i.ui.l hie QL-' (? I
ft kin it dirp, jr , IS
ho. .-ii. JA . ft
f lact in (l, t ?iA K
ji I Sn'"! r''l'"? V I
SUndird Oil i WJ v
Comptiny C
I III M I i"s s i ;, M I
W litr. is Minn Kabn I) a deed nl If I
irust in I muii s mi ,u I lull in a MM
I v i. Mini in lb , inn .1 Hi, l limlv It,, H
e irbr or riill I ake eoimt Ht it nrtl.li. Jll
on the sin d:i r Viull I'm md th, ro. Ml
lifter dill) riled ill look IV , f 111 lit- H
gages tnui. hn ot III Is if ill Jll
Hi, following it s.'rlhc l"l, ll 1-1 11 ' sit- jH
UHt, i iii th. , unit t,r sin i ii iii IS
Htille er I I ill I , Mil Vn iiiullvld I out
hair iiiitKsriit i oiiiin i inn Hunt m fa
tJki rods uoriii of iii, suiiiw,-t i i utr f
of III, siiiltiensl , pi til r ,f ,,lliu In 11- m
t seven I., I limutehli, i II i. nil. HE
tange (li ,ai roiiiiliiK Hi i i ast Zl
lint) Hn I Hi null- i r.u r is. hf I
l In in , si. nih eeveu ban s mil thirty Oil 1
minutest ibu )i ml iw ut v v- Mil
in and . lulu lentlis t.'TKi ro Ik tli i Sf JE
south ln.lt, .1, si, a and llil.lv mm lies if I
tli d.g Ji mln l vvtsi ildrlv Iglit i.H) .tiV.i
I.. Is lo a K.llll mi Hie bank X Mill creek, ' 'il
the me noil h eight) two .1. ki..- anl tlf. '!
Inn nilnulis Ilk! d.g It. mln l w l thlr- i ;
l)-nlilt an I lltelentla I Si I nils the uco J.I
stiiith eight) thru il.mi.e ami Hdrty ,1
mluiiies (sj ,1 g on mln i w st tw nt) 11I114 J
ii rods Hi. mi iinith mi, un mil two. .
1. 1, His ( Jl i, ,1s IbniLe east ivv, ut) eight ' ' ! i
mid s.iiiil)-sls tun buii.liMltl . I-S i.j - 10
mis Hi. ii, in rlli seven ( i rol topilm ,
of UgliiiilliR tout ill lug In all iwtnlv J
live ami s.viui)-t igbt mi, Ii iii.lriilth J
l;) I, in. Vis,, ell of lots one II) to ll
live IM III. lush. Mm k two 1.1 Hlilrauit fj.
Curlla MlUllvlsinil. us aullie Is lalle I ami Vj
rcor.ttd Iii molds ..r Hal. I tli mnt); M
also all ot lots tllirt) llv (I I n I thlrtj. ' I'S
six (i Inclusive bio, k on ( I or HI M
mil i III. ins llmt ...I. Illl. ii as the iianio M)
Is plait ,1 mil Itt.ii.le.l In r. i irrt. of Hilt . fi
laike omit), also li.ue one ell to llilri).
mil (111 llli III! Ivu nn. I Ins llllrt) lint to
foil) tight 111 to -111 liulisiti li.lins 'Iii
suIhIHIsIoh ua the aauit Is luted and j M
leee.reli.l III tli. lemrel. of Hilt I ike loun- J K
lv I lab also all ol lot ilnlil IV II i k J
lortv-tliif HI) tru-airi I I .1 A eke pl.t ! ,
right nl wai ..in Hi, sain In 111. Hlo If 'eH
lllilli.li U.Hl.rn Itillwa) . in in sub- 8j J"
ig llnal sild iiremlses last i ell I to- A k I
gitliu wllh ill the rights ti the ise of 1 ll
wale l fi l lirluiillug pill 1 1 is mil r ii do- K SJ
meslli use llii-noii to wbl b the ail.l -1
put) of Hit llrsi part or tl iircmi s j
I r l.v ...ni.j.d me nun n ma he e- II
,1(1.1 I.. , nm inlltled or vvll Ii ate now, I
oi iiiiiv b 1 1 alter lie- us il in mid in em H!
Isis bow. v.r the sum. miv Ii vll n it 111
anl log. th. r wllh all slums of -it h or II
shirts of Hielor In miv dll, Ii r Ii r nli.u 1
mi n v wbl Ii In niv nm in r in hi- II
iltlt sail pmiv or the llist p.ri to win r ill
foi IriUniliK ir il.miistlt pu p upon 1
""in t'riisl 'lonevei I l s. ire t ie I - !
in. in of a niiulii linn foi lit II. hi-nit ;
imai ilollnra in. I i ullvi annual unci t , fi
Ihele-nn ilkcirelllig lo Us HIIIK of n 11 3, j
dale wllh said trust (In .1 ex me I a t 1
delltci.d hi tin said Hir.ih K din ami , jv
Whir, is Mill not ami tli ele I of ' ' i
trust given le. see mi llv .am vvero on
Hi. isth dav of Vorll I9H i iign I to D
II lltle I VV.HHlwalil or Km sis I lit Mo. . I
will, Ii sail isslglim.nl was il It re onl ,1 t
on Hi. Ixth .lav or Vi.ill nil in boik ill
i.t slKlim Ills or M.illt.K I Res
UT, mil l'sl lee. lids ol Mill I iki ciunl), 1
I tali mil I
Whereas lisralilt bus lien mule In thn
n)Rillt of the Mlllirtellv Insliillliienls of
inn i- r svcnt mi ddlns noli diia hi
on said li. H on lillv S UI lie timer 8, Tfl
lUnl lauiiiirv ll tl prll k ,.i Jul, it, 14
M mid ci. ti.b. r IM. '-i ,atlng In Ic,
II foil hundred nnd lift) il li I r i Ml
son or whli h .ItlKiilt Hn lial hoi I nf llU
said note has il. i hn id Hi .me wholly Jll,
I due and nij.il.li In aeeorilil v.lth thn in
cspiess It i ins ol sal I nun in I I us ele el; JW
"" he reus It Is provlled li II trust ffl
deed that In illse mi) mil e nf ll of fl
said tin mis. s shiill le pulillshi I a I sul 1 I
lrdlili.ini ss ahifll lie l I I r lei lerel
during or after sail pub I hi i " lb"; ' W
fore sale sul I Hist part) In sill .1 I of M
trust shall liuy the . i.i. ol u ll pub. j W,
ll.alloi, aiief lfl elnllir- li ill ir stto 9W
l,i e it lessor for his sere I is JM
Now th, telore at the r. i i I ol thn AH
legal liililn owner aid at mu of sail M
noiV II ml, I VVondwaii Hi unci r- MB
slHlKd (Hen Miller trust I ii-.i.nt to HI
llli is. wer mid aiithe.llt) In blm t sled by BF
the said trust deed will sell I ir e cub thn fjff:
premise above disirlletl ur o mi li as ;
ma) be neeesaarv lo earrv nut the pro- Bg
visions or mil. I tiusi dee I in tlie west Ms
from door or Hie Joint t ll v mil iiunty SIS
building that '"-lug Hie bull lb g us I as M
tl iinl) i oiirtboiise. In Hil; I ako ( It), gu
I tab I)Liemberl7 IS at I. o Ink noon W
in satisfy the sail noli md ii tei n and vth
exmnse of this trust Hit 1 nib g a reason- fM
uble attorney and counsel ties unit e im- UfiJ
liensatlon to sail tiuatve for Id- s rvices, Wl
1 (II I.N Mil I I It Trustee W
Dated Salt I k c lt I tab November m
.1 IISC mS
V I IloipuuKli Attoruc) CH
I i li I Suites ljni.l nrriie Salt I.llcn IfcP,
i li Itii .November rth li . fflfr
I wl m It ma (oniern Nnllis Is jSli
I itbv tlv.n that the Htute of I tnh has Hi
I l this orrie a list No n of lands M
I bv ih sail htate for tho estah- m
1 -nn ut ml miitntt tuin t of nn Insano
I tn in d r siulim I. or tlie Act o( f
i m ss apnnveil July In I Mil Tho foi- jfjl
I wing iraels ml raced In said list ar fr
it a t iwusblp containing mineral claims TV
,r re rl vis , , , I
1 ns 4 ml r. se i, nvii U svv e, no i,; JI
twnblp t north rungs 1 west rl I, Mer UBS
A i pv of -all list so fir as It relate fW
t sail traits bv elc st rlptlva subdivisions, 91
I is b ii t liispliuoiul) posted In this of. iX
II f r liisn Hon bv anv person Inter- M
tut ti md li) tb, puhlli gen. rail) m
Willi ii the ntxt sixty dnvs following1 luM
the dm I this notlie under depart- Jflf
m. .mil hisiiuitlous of November .;, 1S91 IN
ut I 1 4'si protests it contests against u
ll inni of Ihe Hlate In nn of the tracts tjl
ir s il dlvlsl ins hrlelnbef ire el sullied o fra
ib ur itiud til it th same Is moiu valut, Ijit-
bb foi mm, ml ihau for ngrlculiurai imf
purpos s will be reielved ond notetl foe '
report to the (irn.ral Land Office, at fcf
Washington l '" , I'al hire so tp piotest my
nr ciut.ut wltllln the time spe llled will tf
b. t n.-'lil. li I surf Ic lent villi, of thn flA
i ii ml ill ebaraiter of tbci trn I and 3
the sole Hon then of be ng otherwise rree Ml
fi mi onji.Hoii, will bo rcomincinlcd tot Mi
i aPr'' "nHMIU HOUnt Rsgliu-. 'fflW
I tl533 OL,C RUB A B.M TH, Recelv er. Jjr

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