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. . r . tiie TyTEwoiouyrATy F,in:n, Tuesday Moits-ts-g, DECErr.EE n. 1902. 9
fK on the Utah Sugar Company's One-Million-Dollar
Bear River Factory Is Being
lf Factory and Power Plant Both to Bo Ready for Uso
Ncxt Season-Factory Will Be Largest in Utah. With a
Daily Capacity of 1200 Tons-Power Plant to Furnish
40OO Horse-Power.
v Is b v 'fowled by the Utah
' ,inr i on (he Jl iWft 000 sugar
af ( r nd t tih and on the
a Ma r mt at the mouth of
-H )nii two mvl a half
r 1, r ' Ihnstoii Uhe founda
,f n w'th a large fuuo of
, t i int. and no offott will
tni ta I l" both completed on
J(Jt sn The power pl-int Is
ntii business May 1st, and
,jr f t is to be icady to cure
,,j s beet crop.
lE'NR 1' c" 1'On UTAH.
ft01 I'tnh outside the om-
,111, lonipimy have nn
i hit thin enterprise
j , irth menu' 111 the de
aler State The mills ltlnn.
f, l f 11 ai river In the lirl
i I Mill opal up uii cm-
t ' ntid Improvement.
of thin glgiutlc u
j i bilng profits be) ond
,i ivnrlco. the Hear river,
fu milling water to Irrl
, i r In to bo htiiiicsxcd to
t I lower for the north-
,'of'li Milt
n n xtig cut will give n'i
f t i nltude of the sugar
i c iniar of construction
:. i i .Ittle town of flarland
ns i be of tone bileknnd
t jl ' e b fir the ben fnc-
lu luff 'he entire Male of
il i I ip a cupieltv of 1200
rf n eta dallv while the ih.
(i 1 fl I fartoiy and all Its
t I it iron tons flail) The
, r ipnhle of turning out
g i dull) the new Oar-
i nun out 1100 Thl
inru of JIjOOO worth of
the fat. tor) runs at
i '
i ri loo will not be
fill upu.it at oiue. II
ti two units euh unit
, i of rjio turn of beets
T ' unit will be opt tied
t i id the second will be
,' .iiilsltlnn Juiit iih noon
u Is In the new coun
i additional expendl-
T ly Tor the one unit
vi ' Id iffoids, h is been
i i Hi plato and read)
x fall. 'When It Is In
I ' I lead) to turn up-
' 1 i n III lime been ex-
int 'I he completed
lime til III 1 000 000.
'W n ro ruTOUY.
irtn f v that Is to excel In
ii fictitrks heteto-
' Mi Huh III be In.
illllieiHt of (lallinil In
r' H ai Itlver countr)
i-in hi i t hie In to conjunct
rfioin iinne to (lailand foi the
lf'i ' foi) and huperlntend.
i ' il ieslenlay that wnik
' t irted at him and
i i fa permit the "ugir
11 'i 'on lis ninlcil.il fi om
' i nlte of the fin tor)
tl i i 1 r f'oi'NTnV.
' ugai beets In the
F die) in no experiment
I" T . mu nf Ihe l.ehl fnc
' for the ntitement
' f lulaeil 111 I tah the
i fixed In this allc)
" i imate faiinot be ex-
1 ' ' filled Mules foi this
I f ii of nRrkulture. and
1 i" u c of water upsmed
1 hi, in sight to prevent
it i i re a ulthln the next
'i irs
AH' ii I'fiwmi PLANT
1,1 ' iiuiKiituiHP and nf
' i inleienl Is the estih-
float power plant Just
I of Hen lllvcr iuh
1 ' ' ml a half mllen directly
'on 'this plant Is to
1 i -uer when completed,
10 000 Thlt) Is also In
' ni Hon b) tho Ctah bu
nd the intuitu I tills
of pnwei Ma) 1st next
'" nnn of the rompiny to
' ii for "000 hoise power
' " lllllleo II KOUII IIH till)
i fioni Ihe fiii toiles In
,' iiiaclilnci) In operate
, Mil nine wheels la ion.
mi hind rehru iry 1st
i soon tin leaflet us
mi of J12 1 ooo will be
in the building all I
T" ' in. powrn
'.' " iii furnlhli the pow-
" ed fioui tho lulls In
I'uli plant thioush
'leht feet In dlamelfi
1 Mi) feet long There
, i mil on imh side
1 ' 'h will nlteinite, o
" ! is out of order the
l an I there will be no
time In the truns-
I nu
ia of lominnn Knowledge
' In en iNpendid on thin
1 ii(iifiMllnu befoul tin.
' look linlit of tho in it-
' i The Utah Hugai
uly cn ended HOIIOH
no mm Jjooooo more 1 1
' ' hi tho Installation of
' ' ' llANDLI) POWIIlt.
n mil tliH plant Is nil lo
. 1 ight ami Power com"
' kf and It will be ie.
' om em The t-ugur com-
' ft fie power even to
"' ud firtory, but will pur-
, ie I lull Light find Pow-
,' 'hat loneein will Irons-
, ' put of tho eneigy lo
ik. """ "f forty miles, und
J" n bo dlsti Hinted to ail-
,'u ' who s engineering this
,J " nterpilse In tho not th,
, ut the nboio Inforina-
,, ' ' I ikea it ciy hopeful
',' "f omiook for HUgur In Utah
1 'hoiffeet nl the perslst-
1 ' ii ienc in tho price of till
i 113 Or' HIKlAli
' i lie said, 'Just about
)fai iiko 'llicrr was
"f in thr pi lie, at one tlmu
i ' weeks llerenlly wo
, ' Bering lost giniind, and
now about whole thty wera
, ' ' w is asked for a reason for
u " ' il In suriu pilcia
I in His ) oi Id's supply" wn
lS ?" fr Hie latest advhes
nil . P " cff ' ''t lnrt
i I.'. J o'J1' " "PPly of siirai w 111
w Ji,30,mo tons comparea with
t Si l.0"" J'"" o'llPUl of beet sugar
'I1'! ,lnl1"' H'"s this lear will "e
lltjnoo ton. a lllt of 10 p0, .., from
what was nxined 1 his Is owing to
111. almoff omplote failure of ihe he,t
rop in Mlehlgan be, aim of the he.n )
I ilns throughout tne fjuuiincr The out-
'.Li "L.T1 URa.' '" ,,,t' ,'n"'"'1 tf"'M
lift )eai wus lii jr, tons I exnci t
Pieseut prl c to hold In fait I txpe
them to go hlghei '
l.l'III PAfTciHY t innK
, vk"'.? f "" orkat the Ililfa.
tor) Mr Cutler said We are now tut
ittg 1000 tons of ,, day , li at
!hin..aim,.,hc,'tuMI!l.l '"'"'ries. Kier)
thing is working like a tliarm, we are
turning out 2100 bigs of sugar eiery
n?.?1!'1 "J1,1 J,e '"'""Rh 'lining bets
Dciember 23rd or 21th ttc have al
loady made oier 1(5 000(00 pounds of
000 000 before the close of th. season
The output for Utah win bo oier 37,000,
vw round ii
..T,hJf,-rtjBull,r. "'"'"'I niectlng of the
rn?h?.'.1rr? "'. '.hc rta" wr com
riiuisdji) Dei ember 11th This will he
a meeting nf more thin ordlnuy lin
l,rnr2nf.C.lOv.,h0. mI""'' '" the old
stork Is to be taken up then and the
new stork In the J., 000 000 lompaii) Is
rued rive new stock both ronunoii and
piererred Is to bo prorated among the
holders of the old stock In Ihe new
.onipaiii thPm m !, MOCK) 000 pre
ferred and 3 000 000 common stock The
common sto.k will not participate m
any earnings of the compain till after
u .per rent annual dividend has been
pill on the prefencd.
f Washlntt.ii in, 6 -Senator
Krurns called upon President
Itoosevelt loh on linpnrtaiit haul
f nrss farhls loiisiliuents and In t he
course of th, laiuview oxprrs.od
the hope that th President mlirht
- lltitl time to l-lt t lah some Ume
f next )nr The President replied -f
tint he hail In coin. mplition a visit
to Yellowstone park In March or
'April via Nebraska and vvonll m -f
f pleased to visit 1 t ih either going
f or coming bill coula not give a dell-
nlte .lite until Hie lllnerar) could
be norkftl mil Delighted Willi ho
Annoiinrement, the Senator Invlud
the President to ho his guest at
iv his paHtlil home In Salt Lake t ,
and Ihe Invltalliu wus mail...
f Senator Clark of Wyoming toda) -f
brouglit the President the compil-
0 ments of his conslltiients He ex-
-t- pects splendid results from tho Irrl-
gltlon law as soon as It Is ell 4-
suited lu hl Mate
HI t H
Oklahoma Ilepiibiicnns Against the
Substitute BUI.
Guthrie ci r, Dei .. Ihe announce
nient 'i made tonight that Die llcpubli
utu Territorial rhalrmin will bsue a tall
tomorrow or Mnnda) lor the ItepuhlliHu
Sialrhool convention for the puiu of
taking action on the Seiuie suhslllute bill
for the admission of Oklahoma to Si tie
hood The convention will Indorse the
pending onnilbuii hill nnd pass tesnlutlons
ilenoiiiiilng the siihsiltme hill us iltrr-c tl
eppoved ti the Kepiihliian 1 art) III Ollla-tiomi
Wife of Murdciert Man Is Indicted
for Pcrjtuy.
Des Moines, la, Dec ft -Mr Plln CSitl
lauktll, who was leiently in iiultled al
Iowa I lt of the murder of her himliind
his been Indlilfd for perjnl) bhe cm
not be located and Is reported lo havi
hune lo C illada 8lie Is alleged to hiiv.
sworn falselv In her own detcnto
iharlis llolula who I lo.i.lrd gulli to
cniuiillclt) lu the crime is n vvliness
against her He lias been ientonccd to
tho penitential) foi life
Cashier Tiumbo of Bridget, Montana,
Itecognlzcs His Assailant.
Hed Lodge, De. 5 Cashlei Tiumbo
of the Hrjdger .National bank uirlved
hcio todi) and llils evening posltlvel)
Identllled the four men held heic us
those smpeitel of lobbing tho llildgei
hank ii few da) ago of about 13500
I'liwhlei Tiumbo Identified Jess l.lud
K) is the man who In Id Iho gun In his
fain while Will ('ountl)liian seemed
the lush 'Ihe other nun arrested and
lilciitllled aio 'Lonesome Joe' unci Pat
Muiiii) All of the men tue known to
hive bad lepiitillons tluoufhout the
Hock) Mountain eountiy
Blizzard Prevails Throughout New York and the!
East; Railroad and Telegraph Communi
cation Almost Paralyzed.
In tho Country Districts the Storm Was Very Scvoro and tho
Snowfall Was Much Heavier Than in tho Cities Steamers
Wero Delayed by tho Thick Weathe. Several Lives Lost
Duo to the Blizzard Conditions.
New lork Per ".A liciw wlnt
slorm, accompanied li rain and I itei
by snow slrti. k New nrk tod I) and
toi a time ssrlousl) Interfered with ill
nllrond and steamship trallli as well
an with business hi genetal 'Curfa.c
cm lines llw elevated rail load and nil
fill) boats vveic t oinpelled to abandon
lliolr sihedules and inn ns best the)
could Pirt of the Third avenue lie
aled line was tied tip complete!) The
lle-up was so severe that even the stok
exchungo begun the day with mi ex
tremel) small Httendanee l'ovvird noon
the snow eeasett to fall, but the vvlnt
continued high and It tieeame much
toldei The iimxtmiim veloclt) of the
wind was fulty-olghl miles an hour
Tclegtaph sen lie was mm It Ii mi
le red b) the siorm ltoth the Western
Lnlmi and Postal conipHiiles leiwrted
thit theli s)slems had been shaken up
The vvnist loiulltlons for the telegraph
companies wrre In New Ungland and
In the Hudson vnlley although husliiem
to the houtb was somewhat dela)ed
Dispatches from up the Mute showed
that the storm was severe In the coun
ti) dlslrliln and the snow fill In the In
terior wis much heavier than In this
The gale blowing acios the Jersey
Meadows today tore down eleven tele
graph poles west of the est Haiken
saik bridge on the Delaware Larkn
wanuu Western railroad 'Ihe fast
mnll fiiim the West w is caught lu Ihe
mesh of wires and the windows on one
side were brnkm the ft) lug glass tut
ting one of the women pass, ngeis The
train was bloi ked tluee houis
At Albiny the (.now fall Is vol) lieuv)
mil till trains nre n ported from one to
live hours lite llllszatd conditions pie
vall at Sihenertad) New burgh Niia
toga and olhei pla.es in the eastern and
not them palts of the Mate Prom
Hot hester lo Iluffalo the storm Is muih
mlldei , ,
In this ilty the slnim developed Into
a bllzzaid as the da) grew About an
Inch of mow fell diiilnr Iho foienoon
bound ste liners nirlved several bonis
I ilc and their ollleein repotted the
ftoim tr) heiv) up the sound
Four Inches of the Beautiful in the
Itegion of Philadelphia.
Phlla lelphla Deo 3 The snow and
windstorm which swept over Ihe east
eru put nf Penns)Ivanla during the
morning abated late th a afternoon Thr
Tall of snow In this elt) and sunound
Ing etinntr) nniotinted to about four
tin hes hut Hi" greatest clninngo w is
done b) the high wind vvhl.b at II
of link attained i velocity of flflv fotu
miles in hom Telegraph i omnium, a
lion between this ell) and Pittsburg
was piaitUall) pHraDzed and subuibiin
sliest uir and railroad tralllc wis badl)
During Ihe height of tho storm (leorge
elievertou drove an express wagon Into
a nolle) inr and was Instnutl) killed
ind two persons retolved frnctuied
llinba b) Ihe collision of two trollc)
c irs In West Philadelphia
In the anthrailte coal region the fall
of snow amounted to eight Inihes but
mining opeiullons wero not scrlousl)
Inlerfeied, with
The onl) shipping disaster of mo
ment icpoited lo the maritime ex
change wus the sinking of the three
masted sihooner Virginia Itulon at As
taeguc a , ubnut llfl) miles below the
Delaware bronkwalei
Severe Etoim Sweeps Over the New
England States.
lioston Dec 6 -After an unusually
long period of mild weather a stoini
from Ihe gulf brought grim w Inter In
New 13nr!und toda) with great aud
dennes nnd for the first time this sei
snn eovereil the entire teuton with
snow to the depth of eight Ini lies The
norm was seveic In noitthivcstern New
lhistind where theie wan inueh wire
Pinstintlon and dela) lu rnllioid tiaf
flc New UnaKiud icielved the full
benelll of a northeast cile vvhlih lu
aome plaies uttulned a velorlt) of fort)
miles mi hour The onl) shlpvvreek le
pnrted w is that of n He homier which
ran on Dog liar bienkvvuter In tjlnuces
tei hiibor No lltea vveie lost
A IWhlng vosel fioni Hoston the
James It Clink ran Into the birakeis
oh" Mtnihestei iiass tills afternoon
but she Is expected to le pulled out of
diiugei bevou nf the twelve men on
board I Hided In sufet)
A bad rallioud wreck due to the
storm nciiirred at hutith Ashbiiriihani
In which one biukemun was killed and
illiothci fat ill) llljllled
Many Ml' l Casualties Occur Among
London Dec C nitlei cold weather
.onllnues In ptevall tluoiighout the
I nlled Kingdom Oales and heavy seas
Intel fcrc with the channtl tia'lle and
theie have been nun) mliini t isu titles
among shipping The fall of snow In
guieial, Ini hiding the channel tslu ids
which Is almost unprecedented
lelegrnms from all pcrU of I'urope
te. i I seveie weather and snow Ihe
lenipei nine being srveial degrees be
low freeing rnilnt l,e Put.h caniils
nre frozen ..v(i and ihe hsrhoi al c o
peiiliagen Is psike.1 vvlili he and man)
ships are I. e-bnun.t Heavv rails of
snow ate being expeiien. ed lu the Alps
and some Swim villages aie Isolated
Ihe Hora (the dr) wild vvhlih sweeps
an oss Ihe Adriatic from the lullan
All's) Is blowing with great violence
Powerful New York Syntllcite Dla
poscd to Furnish Mctnl.
Mexico c it) Dec 6 -It It roll-rated thlt
a powerful New Vork sndleil Is dis
posed to furnish the fiov eminent with
sufficient gold to establish III ml a ,i,l
standard hete Ihe stun iiamsrt Is
j.-ji i..i i Home Ivinkers think half of
Ihe iiniouiil would Iw ample There l a
strong sentiment for retaining the sliver
dollars although giving ihem a nominal
Interesting Event Takes Plnco nt
Prcscott, Arizona.
Prescott Ariz Dee One of the most
Interesting events of carnival week here
has ! n Ihe miner drilling mutest
Owing 1 tho extra In rdiifss of the urali
lle furnbhril poor r. .ids win ma le
The prises ottered wer. Jl n fni Iho double,
h ii d . onlesl end - for single hand drill
Ing lb. innner was won hj Mnllov mill
Itoss of tllhee wno ilnllrd 1IM Inrhea
loin rtoss of Colorado won the single
paud ev.ut with a reroi I nf 17 el Inches
Lieut. Loring, Who Witnessed Assas
sination, Dies in Oswego
Oswego N Dec 1 -II . ,rnir
llrst lleulcnant I S N letlred l dead
Si.ln..,imw,fl,r.r ,'le witnessed the as
A hl'nl,1.,,,llk"! I In.oln anil was
om of tin first t ri,lh th stricken nuiii
In ' .lied " l"r" '"m ' tlK """ ne're
-f -f't---'f
c lrvoll.il f Pe M I 4o k 4
Ilns li Tans wl II inrnib r f Hi 4
ill ilepirtmri i w.r sill llgluliis 4
Ihe Homes In iV nuns of ihr l.ikl
.V l!o k. . fe iii) nt the conur
of easr mil Hamilton streets a
- portion of the wall fell upon mem-
tiers or nigine companv No II
Inn v Ing -hem In Ihe detirln
Those thf s e lugllt wire l apt
Daniel lulu in James 1 f'sl'or
gri imil Vrlhur tlarner vvlin w.ir
wnrklna just otiilcle Ih will
II. ul Koh. rt MeNenna Host man
Ham ie! Jolt s l harles Medina and
Piirlck H Joice who were on ihe
mbulsnces were hurrtedlv called
a id the Hremen toon broughi from
the ruins all hill Jcvee tstei I hi
denl bodv of Jovcc was recovered
-f He had been t rushed beoecth nianv
tons of biuk and mortar nnl heave
-s niaehlnerv Tiie other llremeti win
were caught under Ihr falling wall
will re over riie injuries or Mc
Kenna Jones and Mcdlng are serl-
ou -f
Number of Bills Upon Trlvatc Cilen
eki Acted Upon
Washltiglon Dee S The House de
voted tortav to bills on the private ,ilen
dsr The most Imporiam hill passed was
one to iidjiifli ale lu lli. c otirt of rialnis
the .lalms of leriuln linnorters o( strcl
blooms uhl II bet -en llffll and iss.' paid
custonm fllllles eilulvalenl I. I i"r cenl
a I valorem when It I c laltiif d the eom c t
rato sh.ittid havi liecn 30 ih r c c lit About
MSUim la linolvi.l
V bill lo pav Smith Mever Pels ur
fhlieeiH em the ( ongressinnal hhr.tr
lAovi n.ldillnnsl lotiipensutlnn wus de
bill was passed authorising the fnl
lowing persons to ae.ept presents mid
dee orations from foeelBii Ooveriunrnls
Call II II Mel'all I "1 S Dis I il
gene Wnsllll and II II elrddtags t iC
M II ' llenrv 1 Ufi.rd A Tav
lor II W Vlle M v I'ailetnn and
lohn I Shillle of thr Dciinrltnenl of Vg
rlciilliite lohn A nkennaii of Clin Mis
elsslipl rlv r- c ommtssloii Cnsinr 8
I inivnlnsllleld I H i oiumerrlal agent
Miss vniiu lolninii Smllli und Lieut -Col
1" II I'hlpps
M I ft. p in tlm II iiise adjourned until
Schooner Wtcckcil nt Hnttcrns nnd
All on Bonicl Drown
Haltiras S f Hi, , 1 1, observer
or the w.alh.r hurra i r. pons that the
foili in iiled si himii r V . -I M (llrr
wrnt ash ie at lliitl.ru ink t Ur. sulliiK
stjillon . irlv Ihl'i nimning .luring III.
"!""" ' '" ' ' ,lnK '" " surf
alt itit n mill nlT short when th, fotemist
went over carrvliig irlihli th. h,i
lira lmol Irani dlu l Hie ,,
went If) I I. us Hi. r aclng crrcv
loiihl do llolhlng to siv tin . r w No
ho.llr- hive bi n washed ashori vet
Decomposed Remains of Unknown Person, Be
lieved to Be Murdered, Discovered in a
Pond Near Marysvale,
Ho Arrived in the Utah Town on June 18th Last. Slopped at tho
Bullion Hotel Thero and Noxt Afternoon Disappeared.
Dropping Complotoly Out of the World Search Made at
the Timo, but Without Avail-No Clue to His Identity.
Mar) sv ale ftuh Dee r Dp June
18th last a man apparently of liei
nian natlouallt), came to Mur)svnle
on the evening train, put up nt the
Itulllon hotel and ate bin suppei, nnd
staling that he was sick from tho ef
fects nt a dilnk of heei In Denver, vvni
given u loom He was hoaid to go out
two or tluee times In tho nlgln, nnd
the next day nbout l p ni was found
missing Ills hat and coat nnd vest
vveie found nuclei the bed and Ills Klip
containing wearing apparel was fiuinil
in tho pnrloi wheio he hid left It tho
nlEht befoit (
Ditoppiu) our or would
bearth of the luccine llelds and lOtin-
tr) lu seiifinl siiiinundlng Mul)svnle
i was made but not a Iruto of tho nilstf-
I Ing man inuld be found nnd his effects
f gnvc no flue as to his Identlt), nud be
seeiiud to have dinpped out of the
world us foinplctel) ns thouzh he hall
never been boin
cstcida) a duck hunter on the Ta)
lot pond nbout ii half mile tiotth of
Mar) sv ale tllsioveied the skeleton of
u man piesuiucd to bo the missing
pait) I) Ing lu the pond extended at
full length In ho watci, the uppei
portions iloshl a
The body waa after Inspection by a
Coronet s Jur) lemnved lo town and
Dr r J I.jon mule an examination
nud found whul appoired to be a
wound extending from the light shoul
dei Into Ihe bod) lownid the veilebrie
of tho back but the bod) was so badl)
decayed that no tollable opinion could
bo formed as In the ehniacter, extent
or time of Injur)
whu'itd in MYhn:n
The Coroners Jul) Is still In session
and wailing for the appeuianec of moie
witnesses but 111. whole case sesnis to
be vvrappe I In Impenetrable miner)
with llttl chin e that the niiunei of
the poor old nun s demise will evel be
"lived lie was about 6. or 70 yenis of
age grii) beard and bill nbout five
feet elglii Inches tall ana weighing
16j iHltln Is
Iho place where the hoi) was found
was siirioiiuded b) soft idaelc mud so
deep thai It seems impossible hi tould
evei have roiched II nnd so secluded
b) brush that no (Jo has appaientl)
seen the leinalua slnio last June al
though motes of penile passed ulthln
a few feet hunting euip and vvuter
MAY IIAVi: 11LLV Ml'llDnitl.D
Did he wander In ihe night In the
pond nnd falling Into the mud and wa
ter dmwn 01 did the hand of minder
dispatch Iih helpless victim und con
ceul tho body lu the wain mud und
lushes of the 'lttloi pond' The proh
lcm Is )rt unsolved nnd imlnhl) he
ond the ken of moiial Tiie iini.ilni
have been Interred 111 the little glnve
)aid on the hill and ma) his last test
be pleasunter thin his tiklui, oir
Biirctt to Succeed Buck
WASIIIM1ION Dot fi When the
Piesldcnt i nines to tike up the 'iiirjilon
nf the siieiesaluu lo ilie va. in. y c tused
h) tin fit- .til ur Mlulsiei I tei k in o
kin Ii Is undersinid Una he will nine
lohn lliti.it of Oregon it pres.nl
.oiuinlsslonet gen. lul of the bi Louis
i Mention lo Asia ind Aiiulrilusla to
bo Minium
. Persptctlvo ot ?1,000,000 Beet Suija' Tactory for Bear Blvor Valley.
i1en Interested in District Plan Association to m
Assist in the Development of Prop-, 1
erties There. ;J J
Meeting at Commercial Club Addressed by Prof. M. E.Jones i I
and Committee Appointed to Prepare Articles of Associa- I, 1
tion Pamphlet Scttintj Forth Claims of District Discussed jj;K
Prof. Jones Says Some of State's Camps Show Decline. If-1
I'lftv of the pe !. Inn i sli I n Hi
dcvelnpmi ,l of the Deep t irk mil Ing
distill t met In one or the piiln- nf i lie
Commercial ilub last night and an i
listening m unions rxpnsslons us to
Ihe trnst feasible means of developug
this Immense mining dlstrh t and g. i
ling the ores on the market il was
ugieed to ronn a pcimunoiit ussoclu
tlon with John Dei n as chairman and
J. P Clnrdner as secretin) Prof
Marcus R Jones give an Interesting
discourse on the Deep Cnek rclou
A rnininlttre of throe was appointed
by the fhiilrmun of the meetli g, John
Dein, to diuvv up a set of nrlleles of
assoilailun and uiiiingB foi iiinnthl)
meetings of the nsso, lulloii I his sec
tion was decided on lu conformlt) with
a resolulinn Intintluted ii) It M John
son or C'hlcugo who Is Imcieslcil with
Allot ne) J M Hamilton in the Dewey
gioup of mines ul I ha pull The ehalr
upiHilnled T P Illid II 11 W Indsot
and tleoigi iilsinou to druw up the
nllcles of assoiliitloit
J P limdiier mined that a inmmlt
teo of llneo be appointed to prepare a
pamphlet, setting nirlli tin resmnces
of Deep c leek ami ihe f fall up
lioliiied William Haheoik 1 P tlurdnor
and J I. Mnals In get out thi pami h
let Mi llnrtllici suliairlued HIIH) to.
winds the publishing of the eluulnr
. leorge Moats sitl.l ho would be willing
lo give from Sl',1 to 1200 Habiocl.
inonilsed 1100 and (lie Uniilson tjoid
.Mining enmputi) );n
hi oi i: op woitic
Mr, Ilabeoek subniltted llgllles on
Hie pniuphlei which II Ii pinposc I to
have published foi dlsitlbiitlmi In tin
llast Ills iriisiHltlnn was thai It
should contain slxiv foiu pages tweuiv
of which should he tuken up with
llluslrailons and Ihe balance with d
siilpllve mallei b) Pmr Jones lie
sultl Unit he hud pnpaied eslimaifs in
two guides or paper und that Hie
pami hlel would iosi .'7 und JS louts
each lespecllvel) In low lols m as
low as 6, nnd 7St 'ems In snoiw lots
llf pioposed Hint the wotk shoul I be
tho'ough nnd tninpielieiislVf und suili
that the books i mild be used for lefer
onto the oi leu )ettrs henre Ills views
on tin subjeit might be expnssed In u
nutshell Hie llasliin iienpl. hid Ihe
mono) nnd the people here hud the
propei t) The) nske I foi a ie..rt on
the pioputv b) a leliable mining ex
pert mill the) ought lo hnve It
Piof loms gov. n very Inleiesilng
ills oiiiso on the Drri Creek nulling
dlslrlfl Hi sill the objiit of tin
me. ting was to us. n lain vvheihei sulll
Unt Intnrsl i mil 1 be in ills .1 In
Ihe nutlet to get logethei mil gather
llirniiuutlon lig.iillng Iho Deep Creek
region for dlslrlhuilou uiiioiig luople in
the i:.iat lie nthl lie IkhI nisi gone
thinugli the dlstilit In lsjl fni the lllo
ilrnnde lie wint wlih Ihe expectation
of finding u wnithlcsu coiiuli) which
hud been liooiurd by Iho n.wspupcis
Since thin he hud been llirnuah the
legion u dozfii oi llftien times
niisi niiTioN or disiiiilt
Tiie piofessoi then gave u description
nf eueh of the mining euiiiis couiiiieiu
lug with tho Dummy lunge lift) or
sll) miles west or the Onilrih moiiii
tutus He salil Hint twenty-live )eaisugo
Ihe) began In put up suulteiH in that
lociillt) 'Ihe) wote a falluie bowevn
foi lack of evperlenie "1 lie sinceeil.il
lu melting Ihe uie lo about the ion
slsiene) of n olasses 'Ihe si ig could
lie found lu Unit iiitinti) .vol silent
testimony to lai k of expo lcm c The
luufcssoi Ihcn went mi lo deaciltio I'lsh
bpiiugu tin glint Deep fuel, Km
miles long and hniicvimnhccl with ml
nliig camps Ihe 'Ihurbei nielope
bpiuio mouiitiilii Chcii) Cierk Sliell
Creek mouiitulns mliieiullseit for llfl)
miles, the Munsc) nud Cilszl) I 'In I
coiintr), the Oseeolu und While Clou I,
300 miles long h) l.Vl wl.If
'io hi:i i in: itAH.itoAD
Tho L'aslein people would tutu
tally ask why Mils Immense mi
nim legion had not been de
veloped nnd they would have lo
bo shown wh) As soon as ihe peo
ple inultl show a palng Inunnge ho
bedleved Hint one of the iiillroada would
imueiit In build Inio Deep Cieel At
pieselit it wus ii case of the niliieis on
one side and Ihe tulhoids on Ihe other
They weio loekli.i, horns nnd had been
Ini the Inst fifteen )e.irs Tho professoi
advised the pit pulutlou of u geneiul
tieniilnt of Ihe la) of Ihe Innil lis ugrl
.illluial nnd lumber resniireen Its
Halispoilatlon futilities and vvaiei
supply A description should be given
of cmli of the mining camps
He said that the luikei lumps nf I uh
vveie already full) hair win ked out
Park I'll) and Tlntl. me iilrtu.l) on
the deilliie and Uliighuiti was be
glniililg to show signs of ilnlln. 'I hi
Deep Croek legion was pi utl. ill) uu
iicratclled It would not be long befon
lailioada and sniflieis wmill s.ek II If
It were properl) advriilsed In ihe Lust
Ihe pamphlft should ulso sei forth Hie
latino of the on mil givi llliixiru
lions of the pilnilinl nln. mil mill
the ehiiu. tei of lb. ir nt in llux
end an iiemate m if o' Il
I show hi. ih miiis rt. the water C I
mi piv II I s f.u in f' Jl
Hoih.is wh. iidli.ssed the ineetpii V
I weie lohn Ikiu VngllsM I alulon II. Jl'S
H Wiudsot 1 D II mull n and It M. B'lf
Johnson of i hi. igo fij 1
Two of tho Men Who Looted Eaglo kjS
Clubroonislin Foeatello Now f' U
In Jail. - ty
Poiatello Ida Dee S There was ft 7
sudden sequel toda) to the daring roh- : ft
beiy of last night when the Kagl chili- W
rooms weio inhbed of liooo h Ihreo
men who dlsilnlned In musk Uu i fa s. . .
Two of Uu men aie now In tin coiintv '!
Jail here and a isse under Mherlft-elect L
Heorge tlilillih. Is so .lose on Ihe trill V
nf thr Ihlid mini lhat his escape Is re- jl f
garded as Iminisslhle X l
The two men iiiptuied give their
names as Hob Adams and (lenigc W'll- M g
son and fioni inemoiuiida fmnd In JJ El
their clothing they mine heio froni tho m 1
West Chi. f of Police Cleois, Unss. Rf
who offet ted Iheli taplure fnurte 11 1
mllos east or Inie sa)s Unit the) be- UM
Ii ng lo Hie toug'i class that Is now be- f I
lug ill I vm nut nf 4eiittl J
It Is posltlvelv known that the men 83 if
have uu lied Ihe sw ig somewhere cist BB (
of here ami Ihcn Is every lonlldcnce W I
I ho t Ihe mono) will bo leeiivoied jM I
The inhbei who Is sllll al largo It Bb I
believed b Hie illhela In he u gieen BI
hand and Is llinught lo he atteniptlns M I
to sepiiute himself fioni his miiro ex- U t
peilen. ed nssoi hues '1 In men captured H Ii
an positive!) lib muled b) u number ot B
men vvlin vveie piosent when Hie hold- W I
up was pei.iratid, und Ihelr cunvlc- I
Hon Is assiiied SR I
Chilrmnn Iclnho Itepubllcnn Commit- 1 W
tee Not in Senatorial Fight. ' ffi
llolso Ida, Dee S lit Mow of th ( ' jfl
slaieiuents being mudo fioni time to & K
lime In dineient pints nf the Mtatc. that
he was n euiiilld ito for the Hcnaloishlp. ' ' I
1 lank It (Iiodlng ehalrm in of the He- 'i I
I iiblleiin Htulo eomniltlcc, said this , : I
i veiling that ho ileslicd lo hnve himself I j
set light befoie the public. Mr Hooding '
salil ho ver) much uppieelnted Urn ,
I iiiillluess nr Iho uieillvoH of the puperi
tint had spoken of him favor ibly In I jl '
lonneiilon with tho contest for the high ' i
lislllon. but It was duo them for him
lo slate Unit he was not a e mdldate. .
I urn not a ranillduli for Hcnatnr." '
snhl Mr Cooling '1 have not been a ' '
iiindlcbite mid 1 shill nut become a can- J
did no for the place '
Employco of Butto Tea Store Is Under ' ffl
Aircst. I
Unite Mom Doc, crt. O Hweel, an 'if
etuplo).e of Iho Alliiiille Tea store, hal ' n
lieen am sled on u charge of nrson Thn
pollet st Sivet lint rrepuntlblo for the ) 5
blase whlcli o(eillied hi ihe tea slora ' I
fiillc lids nioinliiK lire thief Sanger 1
d. Iar"d after the lire was extinguished, , I
with a l)ss of uboiil J. Ibut gasollm '
had b. ii spilnklwl nlsiut Uie Door and J
that th. ilr. was uf liueiidlar origin ' 5
Ihe ttu store which Is liuuled In Ilia i
hemi of the tit), Is u vuiuible property i
an I Is henvll) Insured lin I lu view of tho i
fa. I lluil business has hern sink It II , 1
suspect .1 bv Iho ofllters Ihil Ihe accused ' f
was anxious to see the place burn .
esiir.h.) was ' Live-slot k association '
.In) ul Hi- liuerniilloiiil Live-stock ex- (I
position cliliiigo and Uie newl) elected t
boards or illiiiliiti of Ihe various asio- , i
c In I inns held Ihelr first meetings '3
John llrev lic.jd a well-known lawyer !S
and one of Uh last known citizens of B
Porclhsin N ) bus fallen from a slop- ?,
ladder lu Ihr i llur of his home and sus- 'I
lulled a frariun tif Uu skull, fioni tho 1 fl
elfeita of which lie died 1
llrlilsh rluli has been formed among
ule students Ihe pioj.ct has been 'i
under was for some lime u In the at
three )ears ovel tweul).flve griduales
of Calia.lluu li.stlt.it I ins hnve Joined tho U.
grnduuiv s. Inn. I ami ihe senior cluii '
I II Hni In r n who Is lining an en- i'
giigeineni at Powers s theuter i Id ago, a
Is lo have a louulrv mat In VValri, on 8
III. west slope of Mount miowdru the J
highest inoiiiiliiln lu l.nglalid The es- Iff
tun rniluaies .Duo uens, us well as Iho '
ehulrl and hold Jfi'
II Is esilnuieil thai 1 . persons at- j! '
ten led Uu fun. nil In New ) nrll nf I lin ll 11
lie Ii llullun bunker ltuplia. I Hove, known Il'lt
ni; The Mug of Mulberr) Ik lid u
rlilrlv iMillc euieii vv.re reiiulred lo pre- '
serve or.br In Ihe areat throng unruly '"
only beiatisi of uumbcrs H
Corresi onden. e lutfieepled and found In
he possi salon nf three nun nirestsd at
M. I'hirsmi Kan and charged with tho '
liiimlan if Iho pustofflce at Claim Use llr
vviek leads the police to hill, ve the nu tl (
billing li a ngllhirl) oigaulsrd g mg o if
safe irack.rs npeiallng out of l 111 ago ,
V iirlo.ll ul devol.d lo tne doings of
soilciv pco li bus ills, iv i red that lhi (. i
so.iil c.iu.r nf N.w )ork .lie Is mor. I
ig ui i mn at th. rai or a hioi k u 8 i
r II i ' r i in ilallon i far t
l 1. 1 Hal i od nre con- J,.
r I ii thi c r it I ific second street If 1 '
- - '" ' . S !

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