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Today's Program
Dave Newmans Musical Comedy Co.WfillPresent
'Two Gay Old Sports
A Rip Roaring Farce
Movies for Today
cr Two Reel Drama
DEED" Keystone Comedy
Wc will continue running the ?and Col
orcd Slides of the Willard-John ion Fight
between all shows for the halal ce of the
week. These are well worth see ftg*
N. B. Beginning today, we will c zn ? 3:30 P. M.,
having only one show in thc afternoon. We will bc cloted
from 6:15 to 7:30 for Supper from now c i through the
Slimmer. This will give us an opportunity to disinfect,
ventilate, ad and purify the air of thc thea rc before the
night performance.
Bi j o u~ T heatre
"THE BLACK BOX" Episod > No. 4
A two reel drama by Phillips Oppei heirn.' $ .
I Iiis city will he visited by thousands of peop e on their way
to the exposition.
IMENT" Joker
A groat comedy.
AU (Oldest lickels will be honored it presented at box of
ftiCCr- . .... -
Hours: Afternoon 2:30 to 6tl6. Night 7:30 to 10:30.
Good Music Universal Service.
Full value given. Come and see our big
stock of premiums and you'll realize
that it pays to save Coupons and Tags
from Liggett & Myers Cigarettes and
Tobaccos. Ladies specially invited.
Evans' Pharmacy
And1 For Three Sommers .Wrt. Vin
cent Was Unable to Altead to
Any o? Her Housework.
Pleasant HUI, N. C.--"I suffered tor
three summers,'' writes Mrs. Walter
Vincent, ot this iowa, "and the third and
last time, ?aa my wont
. ' I had dreadful nervous headaches and
prostration, and waa scarcely able to
walk about. Could not do say ol my
I also had drear"!*!! patas ta my back
and sides and when ona of those weak,
sinking spells would como oa me, 1
would have to give up sad Us down,
until lt wore oft
...si certainly ta a dreadful state of
bea?it wheo ? l < finally decided to ty
trw womsa'a toole, and 1 Prairy
believe I would have died if 1 hadn't
taken it.
After I began taking Cardut, I waa
greatly helped, and all titree bottles re
lieved mr entirely.
I fattened up, and grew so much
stronger ta throe months, 1 felt tike an
other person altogether."
Cardui ta purely vegetable and gentle
acting. Its ingredients have a mild, tonic
effect on tiie womanly constitution.
Cardui makes for increased strength,
improves the appetite, tones op the ner
vous system, and helps to make pale,
sallow cheeks? fresh and rosy.
Cardui has helped more than a mirtna
weak women, during the past 50 ycart.
lt will surely do for you, what ft aaa
done for them. Try Cardut today.
?V CMTUM**? Magda* Ca* Li?**
?towyt***" Chatunwcm. Ty**.. ??S7?l
jOwCwtM aa ymm caa* aol M'aaaa book,
T;aauMM t* wenn," ?aa* la Stale ?maw?
$50,000 STAR WILL
At Age ol Fifteen She Meide Her
Prime Donna Appearance
in "Mikado/*
Alica Nielsen, the IGO.UOO ?tar at
traction of 1 915 Ch lutauquaiV. \hR3
created more audiences than any oth
er singer. Uy that ia meant types of
First she attracted attention a; a
child wonder, starting her profession
al light opera sluging career at the
age of eight. Until ?he was 16 she
sang hoys' parts in a travelling juve
nile opera company singing "Mika
do," "Chimes of Normandy," .' and
'?ucl! popular opera throughout the
When 15 she made her first prima
donna anpearahce as Yum-Yum - in
"Mikado" and gained a new andiene--.
That was her first girl part.
Next'she sang to a new type of
audience In the once popular light
opera stuck companies. Then* . six
got her chance with the famous old
Bostonians, in 1896, and made a blt
as Annabel in "Robin Hood,** the fol
lowing season Increasing- her reputa
tion In a leading part in "Maid Mar
ion," and finally assuming the prin
cipal soprano role in "The .Serenade "
Her tremendous" success in "Tho
Serenade' brought her to another
stage In her career when she wan
only 2" years old. She had demon
strate-! tc such an extent her ability
to draw audiences that Victor Her
bert, composer of "Tbc Serenade."
wrote an opera specially for ber
That was '?Tb? Fortune Teller," and
as star at the head of her own com?
pany In that opera, beginning In
1898, and later In "The Singing Girl,"
she created one of the biggest light
opera audiences that ever followeu
tho fortunes of a star.
In 1902 she attained her first for
eign audience, successfully produc
ing "The Fortune Teller" In London.
Having rea?hcd the pinnacle of light
opera, she, did, what no othen light
" Orjell^Rar MR ever a?ne. bec?me s
star of the first order in grand opera.
She did this with speed that is like
ly to stand as the record. When it
was decided that she should have an
opportunity to ma'tc her grand opera
debut in "Faust" ?ho learned that
opera In Itali m In three Weeks. To
perfect herself In tho difficult role of
Marguerite in that short time she
worked days and nights under a lam
ons Italian opera coach. She captur
led her first grand opera audience lu
tho Bellini theatre. Naples, and has
kept on charming other grand opera
audiences In Italy. England and tho
United States since.
But meantime she has created an
other audience of stanch supporters
in her winter concert tours. And
now she is creating her latest and
largest audience in that unique Amer
ican institution, the Chautauqua. It
promises to bc her most profitable
audience for. despite thc fact thut
Chautuuquas individually pay leas
than patrons of winter concerts and
tin. opera to hear hor. In the aggre
gate they pay more, for tho big tent
holds audiences that would fill sev
eral theatres. Thus thc Redpath
management has contracted to pay
Miss Nielsen 950.000 and a share lu
prollts above a certain amount, tho
largest sum that evor figured in a
contract for Chautauqua talent
rp.to.Rate Equipaient Hendy /l'or
lluslncs* at ?57 West Market- Sec
Ad la This Issue,
Two deserving and hustling young
men are lust starting a new moat
market and fish market at 457 West
Market street, whore they have In
stalled a brand new McCray Butcher's
Ice HOV. and other up-to-date equip
ment In the More house by the side
.)f the railroad, where lt crosses West
Market street.
As one of these young mon staled
vesterday. "It doesn't matter so
much whore wo are located with our
doro house; because tho greatest part
af tho orders in this business are
placed 0'!>r the phone, and so long
as we give the people quick delivery
and nice meats, fish. etc.. wc ncod
fear nothing on account o! our being
located out herc." And thoro's a good
leal to that.
- Tiley have an ad In this issue and
they will continue to have one in each
issue; and from time to time when
they have special bargains, the pub
lic will find mattera of particular
Interest In their announcements.
** At ?reen Pea?.
There wm be aa entertainment at
Green Pond School house. Thursday
evening*. Mav 6th at 8 o'clock. A
small Admission fee will be charged.
The money is to go for the benefit of
the school. Everybody Is cordially
Invited to attend.
They Are 70 Tears Old.
."For some time peat my wife and
myself were troubled with kidney
trouble," writes T. B. Carpenter, Harr
rtsburg. Pa. "Wo suffered rheumatic
pains all through the body. The first
few doaes of Foley Kidney Pills re
lieved ns. After taking five bottles
between ns we are entirely cured. Al
though wa are both tn tba seventies
we are as vigorous as we were so
years ago." Foley Kidney Pills atop
sleep disturbing bladder, weakness,
backache, rheumatism, dlsxtneas,
swollen. Joints and nore musclas.
Enano Pharmacy.
Woman's Health
Requires Care
Women ?re so constituted as to
tte peculiarly susceptible to con
Bilpa ton, and tber general health
depends in large measure on care
ful regulaton and correction of this
tendency. Their delicate or
ganisms rebel at the violence of
cathartic and purgative remedies,
which, while they may afford tem
porary relief, shock the system and
serously disturb the functional
t.rgans. A mild laxative Is far pre
ferable and. if properly com
pounded, much more effective.
The combination of simple laxa
tive herbs with pepsin sold In
drug stores under the name or Dr.
Caldwell's Syrup Pepsin, is Ideal
for women's use. A free trial
bottle can be obtained by writing
to Dr. W..B. CaldweM. 452 Wash
ington St., ^Mocticiilo, Ills.
JJ. J, ,t, JJh Jr, g ltl1m?mm)<tt?%MM 1 J X ' * * m ? m m . .
t Personal t
4~4 I ???* ?????! M ?aw I l l !*????
.Mrs. Vf. M. Shirley of. Houca falk
wa iicre yesterday.
Mri. Marshall Joncs nni Mir<?; Vita
Spf ou of iva were in toya y^-uerday.
J B,. Callanan) of Iloicn PalU wan
a i usfir&ia visitor in town yestenkty.
Mr.?. W. lt. Mills and. Mr*, li. N.
Dun'els of Clemson College were h?Te
} encrday. - *."
.?irs. it. M. Aull of Amuri spent
yesterday In the. city.
Mr. and Mrs. Char!.'} Humphreys
ar' charles. Jr., and Mi?* .Ullin Mux
v.'? ll spent yesterday in town.
Mrs. !.. O. Bolt and daughter. Miss
Ruth of roberts neighborhood were
in Anderson Wednesday.
Unclaimed Letters.
Following is the list of letters re
maining uncalled tor in the postoffico
at Anderson. S. C., for thc week end
ing May 5. 1915. Persons calling for
these wt'/l please Bay that they were
ad ceri!sed. One cent due on ail ad
vertised matter.
A-Wfll M. AHten.
B-Nelly ^Brownlee. Mrs. Cleo
Beggs ttev. *fJ Hardin. Anoto Belt.
MTS. MwrTom Davis. Mrs. Annie Hell
F-ll. F. Fox. D. F. Floyd.
<:-J. R. Clenn. Mrs. Margaret Gil
more. C. O. (Jilmcr.
H-Miss Vena Hawkins. Mrs. Joo.
Hawkins; E. L. Holllday. C. H. High
tower, D. P.'1 Hill.
J-J. T. Jerikins. E. C. Johnson.
L-Mrs. Julia Lyon.
M-Simon McCanty, Mrs. Ruby
McAltstor, Joe Motton. Earvin Mc
I'-Mrs. Mary l'opham, Mrs. Arra
R Mrs: Carrie Read. Woodie Rice.
S it. C. .Simpson. Lula Starks.
T-D. II. Thomson Dry (looria Co.
W-Earnest- Wure. Ellzor White;
Hugh White. J. C. White. Mrs. J. B.
To f'lnsr Hour Ker Supper und DIsIn.
feet Theatres Ki cry Night.
The manfern of the. several mo
tion picture thcatres o ftho city ha*?.*
aerccd among themselves to close
their respective theatres for the sup
per hour a' 6:13 and re-open at 7:30
Hgaln. This will give them timo to
disinfect tho piacc. ventilate the
theatre, drive out the impure air,
eool off thc air and In se.voral ways
improve the service to thc public,
and at the same time give thc em
ployees time to ont their evening meat
without ?nv rush.
4 Reel Mutual Masterpiece Fea
? tonna*
This production ia exceptional
ly good. The name doesn't sound
Wte it, but we guarani the pic
tare aa being above tho average.
Clara Kimball Young m
5 Reel Warida Production
Admission :-t S & 10c
We Close for Sapper nt 6:15
15 l*JO REST
\-Social Favorite of Her Com
munity-Was Prominently
At thu Ebenezer M. E. church yes*
erday afternoon assembled une ot
thc largcHt crowds ever gathered
there. ' It waB tho occasion of thq
funeral of an estimable lady of the
community. Mn- Jane Emerson;
Drake, widow ot the late James A.
Drake. The church, was tilled to ita
itmoHt capacity ami lt wan estimated
bat the crowd or. the outside would
tave more than lilted it again. Old
ind young of all ?lasses were pres
ent to pay a last tribute of respect to
.his "Mother in Isreal," and on nil.
sides were heard words of highest
irai se of her Hf? and labors.
Mrs. Drake wa? bom on- March ?-.
1822 and was married to Mr. James
\. Drake In November, l&V- To this
inion were born nins children as fol
lows: James Lawrence' Drake, Mrs'.'
\nna Drake Leak. Tho-s. P. Drake,
Mrs. Eugenia Drake Kay. Miss Lucr?
la Drake, Mrs. Minerva Drake Stiv
.ndcr. John lt. Drake, Jesse ; T.
Drake and Miss Mary Delle Drake. Of
these only fotir survive her. Thorc^
iro several grand-ch lidien and great
rrand-chlldren. Among thc grand
children are Messrs.. Wade, Ralph
ind Balley Drake, well known citi
zens of the county
Mrs. Drake united with the First
Kaptlst church at thc age ot 9 and
was a consistent and consecrated
member until the day of her death.
She was faithful ii tho' discharge of
ive ry obllgarlcr. tnipnscd upon her by
lier membership in the church, and
lier faithfulness was a constant In
spiration to others with whom she
was associated. She spent her entire
life in ..Martin township of this coun
ty and lived to exert her Influence
and to give her blessing to several
Socially sho was a favorite of the
Entire ftVnfthuritty. Sh*Wes^-whjftfr3
Intellectual woman, possessing a rare]
memory of dates and events, and lier
iiscussion of happenings of Ipng ago
was greatly enjoye.i -.nd often re
lucsted by her large circle of friends
ind relatives. She lived in a com
munity where, some of tho best fam
ilies of thc State resided and she was
nodally connected with the very bent,
people of her communltyv Her cheer
ful and optimistic disposition made
t a real pleasure to converse with
?cr. and even to the time of her death
she maintained her eheorluincs of
iisposition and continued to bo tho
.-enter of a large circle of devoted
The funeral was (-(inducted by Hov.
IV. H. Fraser, D. H.. pastor of the
First Presbyterian chu rob of Ander
son, assisted by the Rev. .Mr. Wright
if Belton, a life long friend of thc de
Local Cotton...?. ..I) l-2c
New York Markets.
Open high low clo80
Way.?.72 lui 9.50 0.C0
luiy.iVKI 9.91 9.04 9.?1
Jct.?O.-'H 10.?% 9.98 9.98
Doc.10.1. 10.4.? 10.18 10.18
Sputa 10.50.
Liverpool Cotton.
Open Clone
May-June..-.5,40 6,34
luly-Aug.c..*r> ?.4?
X't-Nov.$.75 6.W
Spots 5.46.
Sales 6.000.
Receipts 17,200.
Market Spots *i.50 a Bale.
New Orleans. May 0.-Cotton
Iroppcd more than a dollar , and a
lalf a bale early tn the afternoon on
cotton market! herc as a result ot
critical relations between Japan and
[iCsser Window Replay Freres Mas
Ca? Dress Neatly and Keep
Cool at Ssiall Cos,,'
Sicking of advertising and win
low dressing yesterday, a gentleman
ailed the atte ntion of the crowd to
he display ?a the window' of The
teaser Company; tn which " there ap
peared a dummy dressed in a Palm
?each Suit, pair nf white canvas
hlrt. canvas hst. pair of sos and S
?retty tia, with a display ca"A bearlu*
be prices tn datail of each? arttclo
rtilch totaled $3.90 for the entire out
it. Thia being trae, it appears that
dntost anyone should appear neal
nd trim, even tf tho war ts on.
Boat Thief far a Bili?s? Attack.
"On account of my confinement lu
ho printing ufflce ? have for years
ebn a chronic sufferer from indiges
ten and liver trouble, A few weeks
go I had an attack that was 00 Be
ere that I was not able to g6 to the
ase for two days. Falling; to get
ny relief from any other treatment,
took three of Chamberlain's Tablets
nd the next day I felt like a nea
lan,"** writes H. C. Bailey, editor
lisa. Newe, .Chap?n. S. C, Obi
ve ?j where. ? ?*
"The Exploits of Elaine"
Thia is Truly a Wonderful Serial Picture
"Pattie News Weekly"
Pictures of World-Wide Interest.
"A Pathe Cartoon Comedy"
This Picture Would Make a Wooden Indian
Shake With Laughter.
This is a Paramount Feature in 5 Reels; said
to be the Greatest Railroad Motion Pic
ture Ever Shown on the Screen.
Thrilling, Compelling, and Heart Gripping.
Be Sure to Attend The Paramount Today
and Friday.
Suburban Market
Wc are experienced Meat Market men,
and will give this business our undivided at
tention, thus insuring you the very best of
service. We propose to Dress all Fish
FREE of any charge whatever, and to dress
them cleanly.
We wi 1? carry a very complete line of
Country. Produce at all times and at Right
brices, too.
Remember please, that we too, are Out of
the High Rent district, and with the aid of
the telephone and a Mighty Quick Delivery
service we are just a? close to you as your
nearest neighbor.
Our Meats, Fish and Produce MUST BE
SATISFACTORY, or You get Your Money
S. ?. Haynieand R. B. Tucker, Proprietors
/457W. Market Phone 887.

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