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Steward Says Steamer Waa Given
No Warning-Believes 900
or More Are Lost.
h\ noon, May . 7.-The Cunard
steamer Lusitania which left
New York Saturday with more
than two thousand aboard was
siiuk this afternoon off the Irish
coast by German submarines,
which Hred two torpedoes. The
number rescued ls unknown. Not
more than live to six hundred
Were unaccounted for ut mid
night. The ship's ' steward, who
landed at Queenstown, said he'
believed nine hundred an dead.
Seme dead and wounded were
landed and some died since lund
In?.. No mimes of rescued, dead
and Injured are known. The
Cunard office closed at eleven -
o'clock and remains closed until
morning. Nothing is expected to
Ight from Ll ver j Aol.
Up to eleven thirty tonight no of
ficial news regarding the passengers
and crew of the Lusitania has been
published. A dispatch to the Ex
change Telegraph from Liverpool
-said- the Lusitania was sunk without
warning. - - -
The Cunard offices are tonight be
seiged by a crowd, mostly women.
Many wept as trie hours passed with
out definite news of those aboard.
The eagerly read bulletins saying
boats were arriving at Queenstown
and Kinsale. The bulletins didn't
give name and therefore did not al
lay the anxiety.
The admiralty says five to six hun
dred survivors from the Lusitania
have been landed. There are many
hospital cases. Several aro dead.
Some also landed at Kinsale. The
number ot survivors is still unknown.
Ko names were given.
ISO Landed at Queenstown.
Queenstown, May 7.-The tug
Stormcock arrived here with about
150 Lusitania survivors, mostly pas
sengers, many women, several of
crew and one. steward. The steward
said the passengers were lunching
when the submarine appeared and
fired two torpedoes. They struck the
vessel on the starboard forward and
aft of englneroom. The explosions
Were tdrrlfflc. Captain Turner or
dered the boats out. The ship began
to list badly. Two boats put over the
side With four -to Ave hundred pas
sengers in them. A tug picked hlu
.boat.up. He thinks a few officers
were saved. It was fifteen minutes
between the time the ship was tor
pedoed rind the time she foundered,
bow first. He declared it wrs' a
dreadful sight.
The steward ot the first boat land
ing here said he feared nine hundred
lives were lost..
_____ .
New, York. May 7.-It was report
ed that-Cunard officials here had re
ceived a. cabio saying Lusitania's pas
sengers were all saved. This was de
Tho Cunard Comnky tonight re
ceived a message from Liverpool say
ing Queenstown wires the Lusitania's
first officer thinks five to als hundred
were saved. That number includes
passengers and crow.
This is the only estimate possible,
at present.
Bfsemtwad by Havel Officers.'
.Washington, Ma7 7.-Naval officials
here think moro than one torpedo
struck Lusitania if she dido': (lost
longer than thirty minutes. They
say the ship was so constructed that
a single torpedo would not sink her
except 'under extraordinary circum
stances. It waa said that Inside* ex
plosion^ might have aided in her de
struction. The Lusitania is reported
to h?ve beeb carrying extensive war
' stores for the allies. The officials
aald if all passengers and the crew
were removed In boats after the ves
. sel waa torpedoed they accomplished
an almost impossible task. The ship
carried all boats and rafts required
under United .States laws. The Lusi
tania waa double skinned with many
watertight compartments.
Washington Shacked.
Washington, May 7.-The Lusitan
ia*!! destruction shocked United States
Washington, ' ..;-.jr 7.-Official
ntl vires reached herc tonight say
ing the Oriental crisis han been
averted.. Jana has inoditied her
demands on China who ?ill ac
I them.
Tokio. May 7.-Japan is awaiting
j China's reply to the Japanese ultima
i tum. Naval and military prepara
I Hons are being rushed. Plvc trans-,
ports loaded with troops and many
warships loft in tin* direction o?
Chitin, lt ls stuted the government ia
desirous to avoid a rupture, lt is ad
mitted it would prove embarrassing.
Peking. May 7.-EkI Hioki, Jap
anese minister to China, presented
the Japanese ultimatum to the China
foreign office this afternon. It in
sists that China accede to the de
mands presented by the Tokio gov
The secretary of the Japanese le
gation previously bad vlsltedi.the for
eign office and informed the Chinese
officials that Japan's ultimatum con
tained certain modifications of the
twenty-four demands presented by
Tokio. May fi?-a .dispatch-to-ta*
Niehl N'lchi from its Peking corre
spondent says that China last night
informed the Japanese minister, Hicki,
that it desired to arrange a settle
ment of the demands In such a way as
to avoid a rupture beetween the two
The press generally deprecates tito
Mesara. Frank Farmer and T. S.
. Crayton Discovered Blaze
and Sent in Alarm.
What threatened to prove a danger
ous fire was narrowly averted last
night at 8 o'clock by reason of thc
fact that Messrs. Prank Farmer and
T. S. brayton were in Mr. Farmer n
ofTi?o over the Farmers and Mer
chants bank and discovered a blaze in
a hallway over Parker & Bolt's more
before the flames had gained much
headway and sent in an alarm in
stantly. Had these gentlemen not
been there at the time the fire un
doubtly would have reached danger
ous proportions before anyone would
have discovered lt, foi* it was in such
an out or the way place. The fire
department made a quick response to
the alarm and with the aid of chemi
cal apparatus soon extinguished the
The fire originated in a pilo of
rubbish , that had been thrown up ts
the dead epd of a hallway that serves
as an inlet to the offices over Parker
ft Lott's store formerly occupied by
Magistrate W. C. Broadwell and Su
perintendent of City Schools E. 'C.
McCanta. The wainscoting of thu
hallway was ignited when the fire
men arrived and burning merrily.
The flreraen probably would not
havo had auch an easy time extin
guishing the tire as they did hud not
Mesara. Farmer and Cray ton thrown
water on lt before tho department ar
rived. The scene of the fife is reach
ed by ascending the flight ot stairs
between' tro. Farmers ft -Merchants
Dang and Parker ft BOU'B store. Af
ter reaching the landing ono has to
turn tb the right and go through a
door in a brick wall, then go south
along a hallway and turu at right an
gles and proceed east along anoth/
er hallway before getting to the dead
end ot tho ball where the fire cc-(
cured. It can be easily seen-that the
setting was good for a rather nasty
fire. K
Just how the fire originated had
not been determined laat night. It
started tn a great pile of rubbish, con
stating pf dumpings from the waste
basket, old jute baga, pasteboard
boxea, bottles, etc. It appeared that
ashes bad been dumped In the-corner
also. Whether hot ashes had been
dumped on the rubbish pile daring the
day. the firemen could not tell; but
tt is hardly probable that such waa
necessity of further concession to
China. Some of the newspapers ex
press a fear that tin- impression will
KO ubroml that the elder statesmen^
still are a power behind the throne*
-More than 40 warships, including
thc battleship Hlzen and buttle
cruiser Kengo, are preparing at Sa
sedo for possible operations against
China. A second squadron uuder Ad
miral N'awn has arrived a:.d is hastily
embarking supplies. Hear Admiral
Kamitnura'a licet, including the bat
tleships Sagami and Suewo. hus bein
ordered to the gulf of Pechili to be in
readiness to take aboard Minister
Ilioki in case of necessity.
Tlie police are protecting Poof. Ari
ga, the Japanese adviser to President.
Yuan ,Shi Kai. whom speakers have
denounced as a Chinese spy. Ample
protection ls also being arranged for
Chinese residents'in Japan.
Baron Kato, the Japanese foreign
minister, ls understood to have in
formed the eambasador of other pow
ers that the ultimatum to China, which
expires (J o'clock Sunday afternoon,
was accompanied by additional mod
ifications of Japan's demands, notab
ly on the. questions relating to mu
nitions and advisors, which interested
the United States. The. impression
prevails, that the influence of the el
der statesmen resulted in further con
cessions being made to China, in the
belief that the lasting interests ot
Japan would best be served by con
vincing the powers that Japan is guid
ed by a spirit of justice and a desire
for the preservation of peace in the
No Abatement of Interest in Wel
fare and Progress of
Washington, May 7.-The Japanese
and <'iiine.se negotiations held an in
terest here today second only to the
European war.
The position of the United State3
government regarding the negotia
tions between two Oriental govern
ments was set forth in a statement
which was issued by Sccertary Bry
an last night, after a consultation
with President Wilson.
Tho statement explains that there j
ls no abatement of the American gov
ernment's Interest in the welfare and
nroyress of . China and declares that
Us Sole interest in the negotiations
Is that they, may result in an agree
ment satisfactory to both the Chinese
and Japan' and thereby contribute to
world peace.
The pronouncement BS; a that Japan
has proa.Ss??d t??? United States that
..he would not violate the American
treaty rights nor interfere with the
"open door" policy* to which the
United States and the other powers
are committed.
lb soute quarters tho statement
today waa interpreted to mean that,
although. the United States will not
tender its good offices to bringing
spout a settlement of the questions at
'.?sue between China and lapan, Ita
services are'at their disposal, if they
are wanted.
UARRV. 8!ri?Elt!*iTE*!>B*iT OF
Columbia, May 7.-The state board
of education, at a special meeting this
afternoon, elected C. P. Barre county
NUperlntondent of education for New
berry county, succeeding George D.
Brown, resigned; and Donald Huggins
county superintendent for Cherokee
county, to succeed E. S. McCown?
deceased. . ? .
Unie Interest le Libel Suit
Syracuse. May 7.-There was Ut
ile of interest In developments today
it the trial of William Barnes' libel
mit against Theodore Roosevelt. Tho
l?y waa occupied by attorneys wrong
ing regarding the . admlsalb?lty of
ivtoonce.^ _.^....^-"-^_
dons. ' aa one would not hare been
likely to hare had a fire on such a
lay aa yesterday.
$500,000 DAMAGE
Thirty Persons Dead as Result of
Storm-Houses and Other
Property Destroyed.
I T' n I
New Orlcansi May 7. . Thirty per
sons are known |o he ?lead today us
.1 result of the storms which devested j
Acadia parish in southwestern Louis
iana und Coahoma county in north- |
western Mississippi, yesterday. All !
except one are uogrocr..
Fifteen persons were killed at Egan j
and Meruientau iii Louisiana, while !
M were killed near <'larkr.dale and
Jonestown In Mississippi. At least
4T> persons were injured in the Louis
iana storm district some perhaps fa
The estimates of tho property
damage in tills State are placed nt
$500.000. Numerous structures are
demolished in the'Bath of the storm.
At Mer.mentau, an iron sufi", weighing
'-'.OOO pounds was carried a distance
of 200 feet. One house and a pump
ing plant .lust outside the town we--e
lifted by wind and were deposited in
Mermentau bayou.
. A heavy rain accompanied the gale
lu Mississippi. The railway tracks in
severai sections of the state were in
undated, wire communication!, in
many sections were Interrupted.
Tho report todak said, that one per
son had been klHetf Tn Saint Helena
parish and several were injured. They
are also negroes.
All Negroes.
Clarksdalo. Mis?., May 7.-Fourteen I
persons were killed In a wind storm j
which swept Coahoma and the ad- j
joining counties ot Mississippi late j
yesterday, according to the reports|
here today. All are negroes. Manyi
negro cabins were demolished by Hie |
storm. The property damage on Hie ?
plantations will be large.
Situation There Tense-Press
Thinks Only Miracle Can
Keep Italy Neutral.
Hard fighting continues in thc Car
pathians and tn Galicia. A vienna
statement says the Russians are atill
ertreatlng, pursued across the He
skids'by the Austro Cern?an army. It
declares the Austro-?erman? huye re
pulsed the desperate Russian attacks
lu the Fast ern Carpathians.
Petrograd says thc fighting in C?ll
ela hss assumed the nature of a great
battle. Had weather prevails in the
went. Little fighting is lu progress
there. In addition to the Lusitania,
German submarinen have sunk the
British steamers Candidate and Cen
turion off the Irish coast. The Ital
ian situation ls growng more tense.
Newspapers think only a miracle can
keep Italy from war.
Japan has waived points in her
demands to Chin?t . China has an
nounced she will accept the other
Japanese proposals. It is believed
this will prevent a rupture..
l.-pilon, May 7.-Turkish official
announcement at Constantinople, re
ceived here today, says severe losses
have beep Inflicted on ' French and
British troops landed ou Gal'.ipoli pen
It is declared one entire battalion
haa been annihilated.
Reports direct from Dardanelles,
while containing no details of land
fighting, say sea, bombardment of
Turkish forts ia proceeding success
fully. Some forts at Chanak - and
Kllld Bahr, and probably others on
yoth sides of the _ straits r up to the
Two Victims of %
( harlie Murray.
One tenement house section of Wsw
York City contain!" ts hundreds of
thousands of foreigners ls ii a furor
over Hie murder of two children by
a "Jack the Ripper." More thun 100
detectives of the police force are on
the hunt for the murdered, who they
believe ls a maniac lucky enough' so
far to escape.
leonore Anna Cohen, five years old,
was attacked In the second floor hall
way of her home, in the tenement of I
No. :i"i2 Third Avenue, March li?. Her
abdomen was slashed. No sound was
heard by tenants. The murderer I
made a clean escape. <
Charlie Murray, four years old. was
attacked In the ground flo^r hallway
of the tenement in which ito lived, i
No. 270 First avenue. His abdomen i
was ripped open with two long knife I
slashes in precisely the same manner i
as that of the little girl The crime i
Supreme Court Affirms Verdict
Rendered Under Lynching
Columbia, May 7.- Governor Man
nings, this morning, reprieved Green
wood I ogers, a negro under sentence
of death, who was to have been
electrocuted at ll o'clock on Augus
4th. Rogers waa convicted in Lau
rens, for murder.
Clarendon county must pay $2,u(>o
for the death of Marlon Cantev tin
der what is known a? tho lynching
statutes. The judgment below was
affirmed today by the suprema court
in a decision by Anoociato Justifie
Hydrick and concurred in by all of
the Justices of. the court.
The action against the county was
brought jast July by .Madison Can
ley, a relative. Marion Canley waa
being carried to Jail, having boen ar
rested op a warrant charging assault
and -battery with intent to kill, wheu
he was seized by a mob of 8 or 9 I
men and shot to death, according tn
the statement of Ute case which wu>;
filed with the court/ The action waa
brought by Madison Cattley io secure
"exemplary damages for the lynchs
lng bf the interstate" Marion Canley."
Italian Senate Opens May 20.
M?me. May 7--The date for con
vening the senate and chambo :> of de
puties hus been postponed from May
12th to May 20th, by a royal decree.
Frosts in Nebraska.
Kaasas City, Mo- May 7 - All Ne
braska except the extreme eastern j
portion. Colorado and most of Kan- j
sa* and the Texas Pan Handle expe- I
rlcnced killing frosts last night.
00 SWEl
Jack the Ripper"
Eieonore Anno Cohen.
was committed swiftly and tu ab
solute silence, at the dinner hour,
with tenant? m ?heir rc^nm or. all
?ides. Tho nturderor escaped without
leaving the sligntest clue.
The utter recklessness displayed by
the criminal of this type ls shown in
the fact that both crimes were com
mitted about the dinner hour in the
r.pcn hallways of crow'ded tenement
buildings, with a polyglot, excitable
population teeming *n all sides. The
cleverness dismayed by both r rder
ers ls evldcn'. from tho mai.?er tn
which they made theL* appearance on
the scene of the crime and their es
cape afterward. Despite the pools of
blond, found beside the bodies of both
little victims, and Ute certainty that
their assailants must have carried
away long bladed, blood stained
knives, no person was found Iii either
case who had seen the murderers de
Denies nil Testimony Given by
Negro Maid-Never Used
Mine?la, May 7.-MTB. Florence
C. Cannan testified in her own de
'enso today. She ls accused of kill
ing Mrs. Louise I). Bailey In Free
port on June 30th lust. The shooting
x cured In the office of Dr. Edwin
'atman her husband. She dented all
hat her former maid bad 'testified.
3he ?aid she had neve/ used a re
/olver. but admitted there was one In
ter room at the time of the shooi
:urtailment Saje of Cheap Spirits
is Object of Legisla
landon. May 7.-An official state
aent Issued tonight says as most of
he mischief ls done hy raw,, cheap
pirlta ot a fiery quality, the gov
rnment proposed to substitute for
heir taxing a complete prohibition
f the sale of spirits tess than three
ears old. Time ia to be given to
Tovldo Btoraga. Beer duties are
withdrawn unmodified. Wine duties1
re also withdtnwn.
Portion of Business Section
Wrecked-Three Killed in
Columbia, May 7.-Seven person*
were Hill.MI. many seriously Injured
and much property destroyed by a
tornado in the Pee Dee section of
South Carolina this afternoon.
Clarendon. Orangoburg, Darlington
and Marlboro counties suffered.
Houses wore wrecked, trees uprooted
and crops budly damaged. In Man
nine,. Clarendon county, a portion ot
tho business section waa practically
destroyed. Three died there. A girl
and her little brother wero killed'toil
a plantation In Marlboro county. The
Marlboro county almshouse was
wrecked, resulting in two deaths end
eleven Injured. Dotatls are delayed
by crippled wire service In the af
fected s?riions.
Columbia, May 7.-Clarendon conn
ty was struck by a tornado this af
ternoon, causing doath ano destruc- .<
lion of property, according to a re
port reaching Columbia tonight. Tho
town of Manning caught the brunt
ot tho storm and a telegram from
Sumter says that eaveral people wave
killed tn Clarendon county and much
property ruined. Telafftoaati t and
telegrapli wires to Manning are down
and lt ts-hard to get any details.
Marlboro county also, suffered
heavily from a terrific atorm today,
reports reaching here tonight aaylhg
that it is believed several lives were
lost In the county, and much proper
ly damaged. Telephone w?r?? io the
.nunty am out of commission "and It
is impossible to get the names of par
ions thought to hare been killed or
the property damage. Calhoun coun
ty reporta some damage from the
storm, a barn at St. Matthews hav
ing been set on fire by lightning and
A heavy rainfall ls reported
hroughout the State, and it ? feared
hat the heavy wind did damage at
)titer places than those indicated. It
will be another day before full re
ports of the damage eau be obtain
ed. ?_
Examination Began at 9 O'clock
and at 5 AU Applicants Had .
Nc: Finish.
Sixty-four white - persons and 20
olored stood the regular annual
i achers examination conducted yes
erday by tho county board of educa
lon. The examination for white ap
llcanta was held hi thc county court,
ouse, wh|lo thu colored applicants
vere quartered at the Reed, Street
cbool. Thia ls .tho largest humber
f applicants for teachers certificates
0 undergo an examination 'of this
Ind in years.
The examination was conducted
long the usual lines, that is, quea
lons In algebra, arithmetic, grammar,
cdagogy. geography, physiology and
yglene, "hiatory, civics and current
venta and agriculture.
The following requirements for
(truncates were published by t)f>
ounty board of education with thc
st of questions propounded:
Eighty per cent average with not
;ss than 50 per cont on any one
ranch will entitle the applicant to
first grade certificate.
Seventy per cent average with not
.ss than 45 per cent on any one
ranch will entitle the applicant to a'
?cond grade certificat-;.
Sixty per cent average with not less
ian 40 per cent en any one branch
ill cut lt'.- the applicant to a third
rade certificate.
The examination began at 9 o'clock
1 .'day morning, and was to have
sen completed at r. In the afternoon,
ut at that hour there wera se*?n?l
pplicanta who had not completed
ie answering ot the questions pro-',
The examination papers will bc,
one ovar .carefully l? tba near fu-,
ire by the county board .of ednca
on, and the resulta of the same mude

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