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Mr. Farmer:
If you furnish your tenants you'll have
either cash or credit orders to fill.
We Want
Your Orders
Write, 'phone or better still stop in and
let's talk it over, w? are sure we can make
satisfactory anangerrients-doubly sure
that we can supply your tenants with the
sort of goods that are really worth while.
You'll find here every thing wearable
for women and children and some things
for men.
Our prices are in every way reasonable.
We want your business or part of it at
least. Try us once and you'll admit this
is a mighty good store to tie up with. *
Looking for you and your orders.
Moore-Wilson Co.
f H . i J ? -i' ?. ? -1- 1 - i' iJ--JJ
If thrift does not come natural to you, cultivate it. Realize
the fact that every man who has a dollar put aside is a capi
We earnestly urge you to open an account with'rthisjbank. |
for any sum. Either a Checking or a Evings account, in ad-? J
dition to being convenient encourages you* not to use your-?j
money except in a wise way.
The prosperity you enjoy .?oday does not guarantee you >
prosperity tomorrow. Changes in the business and industrial I
world may later on deprive you pf your present measure of. *
.| prosperity. ; r' Li \
We Pay Interest On Deposits.
?"V BLADES madcof the highest quality
steel? perfectly tempered and properly
r Y HANDLES made of select timber,
\ well seasoned, polished and waxed.
Farmers who have used these HOES
know what they are. If you will try
them you will be convinced of their
\- ; \ superiority.
Anderson, S. C., Greenville. S. C., Belton, S. C.
This is one of the rarest photo
graphs taken in tho war. It show*
General JoiTre, commander In chief of
the French, giving an order on an ac
(Jood Stag? Jokes.
In the May American Magasine
Wajter Prichard Eaton, dramatic ..Tit
le of that publication, writes an inter
esting article. In the courne of which
he tells the following stories:
"There -ls a form of stage humor
which has always been popular, in
America, and perhaps Is an expres
sion of a national trait. It consists
of the joke which is made by thc ac
tor on the stage half as a part of the
play, half out of the play as a sort of
I side remark to the audience, os lt
I were burlesquing the play. It ls a
[favorite form of humor with certain
vaudeville comedias, . who usually
[abuse it. It was a favorite forte.!
with the old Weber and Fields com
pany, who could use it to perfection.
[Once the late Peter Dalley, in a Web
? er and Fields play, came nut on the
stage from the wings, port,ned by
I the applause supposedly off a group
i of diners td whom he had been mak
ing a speech. He jerked his thumb
toward . the . Invisible applauders,
smiled at the audience, and remark
ed, 'Jolly dogs, those stage hands.'
I "Again DeWolf Hopper started to
make a curtain speech after thc fir*!,
?performance of 'Fiddle-dec-dec,' and
hesitate for a word.
"'What's the matter?' asked War
field. 'You did it all right this after
"An audience which had howled
with laughter all the evening br.d?
nnt anew at this personal sally, stau.'
jokes of this kind, which refuse to
take the play seriously and which in
clude the whole audience In the fun, [
certainly mak? for a kind of family j
[intimacy lu thc playhouse-; and If]
[the players are comic and skillful, iff
the public ls keen witted, and if thc
j play Itself baa merits, a brand of en
tertainment results which is peculiar
ly palatable to us Americans. Of
I course, the trouble ls that so few I
players can do this sort of jcBting; i
? can become thus intimate with an
audience, without becoming obnox
ious. Therefore, since the little,
smoke-filled, much-beloved Weberfield
j Music Hall closed its doors we have
had no company in New York, nor
lin America anywhere, to take the
place of that institution which for
so many years was the delight of UR
Your Children Won't Have Good Man.
?era If Yon, Your self. Haven't,
In the course of a very interesting
little article entitled, "Your Chil
dren's Manners.'' In the May Wo
man's Home Companion appears, the
following wise comment:
''Good company manners depend
upon good home manners. Aa for
table manners, the active child -who
from hla earliest years has been ac
customed to regular meals of simple
food with sufficient variety for hts
health and pleasure wil< be hungry
enough at mealtime to eat anything
that ls put before him. If from thc
beginning he haj been encouraged by
examvBe, thun . good table mannera
will be as natural as breathing.'They
will bo a part of him, and he will
make use of them wherever tte la.
, "The place for a parent to begin
training the mannera of her child la
with her own mannera. Whenever a
mother complains to me of tba bad
manners ot her child she Is uncon
sciously lodging a complaint against
herself as a mother. Of course a cerf
tain amount of boisterousness and
willfulness is to be expected, ?md
hoped for. tn the-*h!ld; but bad man
ners spring almost invariably from,
the caretessnealsv-tlack of considera
tion, artificial Ideals, lack of time
many busy mothera, it is-true ,can not
give the time they wish to their chil
dren-of those who are responsible
for the child's training.
"The old ideal of training in be
havior was based largely upon ' tbs
principle of tba child's consideration
for ita elders; tba modern principle
demands also tba aidera' ' considera
tim for tba child."
Order on Battlefield.
ual battled.-hi. General JofTre does
not often pose for photographs and
lie ilitl not In tula case. Tho photog
rapher here got near him and at au
Opportune moment snapped him.
Wild Animais Trust This Man.
In the interesting people depart
ment of the Muy American Mugazint
ippears un article about Sol A. Ht op
ilan, who is doing a splendid work at ?
the Cincinnati zoological-gaden.- He
knows how to perform a surgical op
eration on a tiger, cure a hippopota
mus and take care of all kinds of j
wild animals. His work requires
rare kind of wisdom and ability. Fol
lowing is an extract from the article
ibout him:
"For 35 years -Sol Stephan has pro
vided over the Cincinnati zoological
garden, and hat) boen, therefore, fos
ter father tc every sort of wild ani
mal which has ever been Been in
soo os this continent.
"Stand beside the cage of a fierre
tod monstrous lion muttering with an
ingrowing claw, an abscess or a de
layed tooth. Could-you suggest
safe and effective utethod of operat
ing? Sol builds a false back for thc
jage, ten men pull it forward with
ropes, lt constricts the lion until he
..an not stir, und the trick i& accom
"Could you extend, tho life of the I
inst passenger pigeon in tbe. world |
[rom a normal i?erlod of about elgh
rears to an actual lifo of 29 years and
lever, months? Sol Stephan did it;
ind he ls now caring for a pair of I
European storks w!ft:h have been his
charges for over 19 years, aud for
.luve Carolina parrakeets. the last
survivora^jif-their ruco lu the world, !
J ac h of which ls over 30 years of age, !
md one of which is completely bald,
io long has she lived beyond her al
lotted span of Hummers.
"Colonel Stephen i aises every year
ave ral yoting lions, tigers, leopards,
iv.ffalo, camels, llamas, kangaroos,
ind hundreds of thc young, of smaller
leasts, birds and reptiles: but the
proudest moments of his life are
nrhen be gazes at the flower of the
Cincinnati zoo, the marvelously per
fect young giraffe Daisy, which lie j
raised from birth. You can count on I
he fingers of one hand all the giraffe
nf an ts which the zoos of this conti
tent have over seen, and none but
Daisy has lived more than a fortnight
tfter birth. Daisy ls now four year?
>ld and the admiration of every wild
mirna! lover."
Appalling Pire Risks ea Farms.
A contributor to the current Issue
if Farm and Fireside shows how ap
niling fire risks are on farms. He
ells how to reduce some of thea fire
-iaks and writea in parts as follows:
"The inveterate smoker is about as
langerous aa a walking stick of dyn
unite. It makes me shudder to see
i man smoking around the farm
mllding. One man I know never will
ergot the wajr he was run off the
arm when I caught him smoking
i cigarette white stacking bay. An
>ther dangerous practice of '.filch the
ivorage man la guilty Is that of
:arrylng ordinary matches loose in
tia pockets. He should carry either
lafety matches or keep the ordinary
lind tn a metal box.'
"On most farms the lantern ls still
he usual light for , working about
he buildings- after dark. A good
. iv to keen ft clean and safe ia, first,
o take ont the . burners and clean
hem by boiling in strong soapsuds,
rbis will keep the ventilating pas
ages of the burner working proper
y. Thea '?ripe alt leaking or spilled
?il ott the basa.
"String a wire along behind the
torses ?vd cow? high enough so that
to switching talle or a man's bead
KW) strike a lantern bung to it.
"Put a few short slid log hooks on
his wiro so tho lantern can be hung
o throw light wherever needed.
"Nevar set a lantern down: either
told lt or bang lt up. Then when lt
. accidentally struck it will swing
?atead of. upsetting."
Entered by Several Defendant?
Sentence? Ranging From 7
? Years Down Imposed.
With tho urralgptuent of ('urmo
Alexander, the 1'elzer nilli operativ*?
who has been In the county jail here
?ince last winter, on charges of hav
ing murdered bin wife, the tirst day
of the summer term of the court o
gc ncral sessions for Anderson county,
which was convened at lu o'clock with
Judge Thoa. S. Sease, of Spa rta? burp
presiding, came to a close yeaterday
afternoon at 5:40 o'clock. With the
exception of the above case, there were
no matters of extraordinary Interest
taken up the first day. Four cases
were disposed of by jury trial, whilt
defendants In four cases came for
ward an entered pleas of guilty. Thc
grand jury recessed about the same
Hum as the court, without having
completed Its work.
Alexander fuse.
Curran Alexander. It will be recall
ed, is the man who. it IB alleged, be
came Infuriated with his wife on Feb
ruar ? 14 last, at their home in thc
Felzer Mill village, and attacked bet
with a razor, aliuoBt severing be
head from her body. He then turned
thc weapon upon himself, lt Ls stated
and came dangerously near severing
his owu throat. For several week:?
tho mun lay In the county juli herc
in a precarious condition.
When brought before the court
Alexander stated that he had not se
cured a lawyer, whereupon Judge
Ssaee appointed A. H. Dagnall, Esq.,
and Sam'l L. Prince to represent the
defendant. Counsel for the accused
man announced that they would asl
tho three days allowed by law to
defendant between his arraignment
aud trial. The matter of salting &
definite date for the calling of the
case waa taken up, but the solicitor
stated that he was not In a position
to do this. He stated, however, that
the cese would not bc called tor trial
before Thursday.
Other fuses Finished.
Hubert Bowie was fouud guilty by
a jury of charges of assault and bat
tery of a high and aggravated nature,
he havlug been Indicted for assault
and battery with intent to kill. Sen
tence was not passed lu thia case.
Indicted tor burglary, Remus Har
ria and Ester Morris were found guil
ty by a jury, with a recommendation
io mercy. They were sentenced to
servo o' years each in the penitentiary
or on the public works of the coun
ty. -,
Cooley droves pleaded guilty to an
Indictment for assault and battery
with intent to kill and waa sentenced
to serve 8 months on the county chain
Grady Evans pleaded guilty to SQ
indictment for housebreaking and waa
sentenced to serve one year on thc
chain gang.
Flanders Santera entered a plea ot
guilty to an indictment for larceny
and was sentenced to serve 16 months
on the chain gang. (
Lee Robinson, indicted for murder,
entered a plea of guilty to manslaugh
cr, and wan sentenced to serve 7
yeara lin the penitentiary or on the
public works of the county. ,
Bills Kel urned.
The following true billa were re
turned by the grand jury:
Robert Bowie, assault and battery
with intent to kill (two cases.)
Curran Alexander, murder.
Mamio Williams and Mamie Kay.
housebreaking and larceny.
Rem.ia Harris and Eater Mprrffc,
burglary and larceny.
Flanders sanders, larceny.
Lee Robinson, murder.
S. Curtis Armstrong, murder.
Cooley Groves, assault and battery
with intent to kill and carrying con
cealed weapons.
Floyd Ellison, violation dispensary
Clyde Devlin, assault and battery
with intent to kill.
Frank E. Tinsley, assault and bat
tery with Intent to kill.
Oae No-Hill.
But one no-bill waa returned by the
grand Jury, that being tn the case of
Pani Jones, charged with housebreak
ing and -larceny.
..TlorbtnrT IKlfl
The honor roll for April ts aa fol
Mar. Welborn, 98; Roy Craig, 98;
Peart Webb. 98; Bessie Harris. 9T;
Lois Richardson, 97; Wade Rcbbins,
9?; Edyth Hutchison, 96; Cecil Cope
land,) 9$; Malcolm Dockworth. 95;
Mildred .Smith, t?5; Madeline Smith.
A number of the pupils attended
the closing everoises of the Walker'
McElmoyle school Wednesday night
Mias Janie Carlington and Miss
Perrott State super /teer of the to
mato club, visitad tbs school last
Wednesday. Misa Perrott made a
very (Meresting Ulk to tba members,
of the tomato club.
Misses Broylea and Coober enter
tained 18 boys and girls at a theatre
party on Thursday night May C. at
the Anderson theatre with Mrs. A. J.
Smith aa chaperon.
Tba censor ta the leading character
la a naval by a war correspondent
wboaa only regret mast be that ba
couldn't kill him in. the middle of
V '. . '.-."--.V
' I.
You are proud of the bank with which you
deal, what about your grocer. He is whole
lots more important-are you proud of him.
Is he all you have a right to expect and de
mand. Our patrons are, proud of us, and we
try every day to justify that pride. Ask your
neighbor-he's one of them.
If it's a grocer you need-you need us
Anderson Cash Grocery Co.
Gold Band Soap Wrappers and ll"^"
Ryan's Naphtha Powdered Soap Coupons
Wrappers Caa Be Redeemed at
Peoples New Furniture Co. ^"rT" w*
Come In and Uet flor Premian Lint
They are the tires that carry you longest, far?:
therest and easiest, with most milds per dollar and
fewest stops ou the vay.
For Sale By
Todd Aiito Shop
Do You Carry Fire Insurance ?
The business man protects himself ;ag?inst the loss of1 his
factory by means of lire insurance. For reasons much mow
imperative he should insure his family, against the ?oss of his
producing power by life insurance. The factory may never
burn, but the man will die. Though the factory, should bum
uninsured, the owner might live to accumulate property ,worth
many times, its value. But if the man dies' uninsured *fls
family suffers an absolute and irreparable loss. Only through
life insurance can this consequence be avoided. Life insur
ance does not insure life, but it does insure the productive
value of a life, and it affords the only means possible for the
vast majority of men to continue an adequate provision for
their families after they themselves are dead. This is not
only possible, but it. is a duty. Thc law requires a man to
provide Ipr his wife and children, and the highest sentiments
of noble manhood demand that he should also make provision
for his widow and orphans.
If you are not insured in The Mutual Benefit
r(.- or ' \ ..
If you do not carry a sufficient amount of Mutual Beneiit pro
tection, communicate with
. . \ :\." ; ?
M. M. MATTISQR General Agent;
C. W. Webb, J. J. Trowbridge
District Agent. Special Agent.
Bleckley Bldg.,
Anderson, S. C.
RICHMOND VA., MAY 31st 1S?15
. . ' . ' ?. " * -* ,..?,?*. i v-H ' ?*.*..?; **.* ?Sf
':, For accommodation of Confederate Veterans, Sons of Veterans
Families and Visitors to Richmond, Va., June 1, 2, 3, 191S, The
Blue Ridge and Southern Railway will run a special train leaving
Anderson 6:30 a. m., May 31st to arrive at Richmond, Va. arfo p.
m. same date, consisting of one combination car one coach and one
standard pullman car, runing via Greenville, Sparenburg and
Charlotte at fare of $8.85 for round trip.
Tickets on sale May 29th to June 2nd with final limit toJfcturn
june 10th, 11915.
' Parties deucing to take advantage of this rate on SPECIAL ?fcAIN
r *
J. R. ANDERSON, Supt. f ^JBg,

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