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Palmetto Theatre
Empire Musical Comedy Co. Presents
"The Imposters'11
IVlovlcs for Today
-A Broncho Two Reel Comedy.
"OH DADDY!"-A Beauty Drama.
"Your Money Back If You Want It" is our
We close at 6:15 and re-open at 7:30 P. M.
Bijou Theatre
Unlike Other Girl?"-Rex.
A two part drama with Pauline Bush and Wm. Clifford. A
story of a girl versus a corporation.
Shaved in Mexico"-L-Ko.
A giddy riot of fun with Hank Mann.
"How Mary Fixed It"-Imp.
Presenting Mary Pickford. .
AU Contest Tickets Will Bo Honored At Box Office.
4 BIG REELS-5c and 10c
Good Music -j? Universal Service
Suburban Market
New, Clean, Sanitary, Pleasing
Fresh Meats and Fish
Country Produce
of the very best grades only.
Pish dressed, and cleaned perfectly without additional expense.
Free and Quick Delivery Anywhere.
S. C. HAYN IB and R. B. TUCKER. Props.
457 W. Market Ph^ne 887.
Barrnig thc unforscen, each retail buyer of a new
Ford car, between August 1914 and August 1915,
will receive from $4o to $60 as a share of the
Ford Motor Company's profits.
(j Anyone can drive a Ford-it!s so simple in con- . I
struction. No complex mechanism to learn. In
town or country, for business or pleasure, Ford
cars serve everybody, for about two cents a mile
to operate and maintain. j !
Runabout $440; Touring Car $490; Town Car $690;
Coupelet $750; Sedan $976. f. o. b. Detroit with all
On display sale at M
$7,500 Is R
Eve of Bi
TO RAISE $35,000
Committees Will Begin Whirl
wind Campaign This Morn
A total or $7..*,oo wa*, subscribed al
Hi" Initial mooting last nicht of ibu
:oiumlttccH which uro lo conduct this
week, a whirlwind campaign for thc
purpose of raising something like
$:<.'..nini lo lifo thc Indebtedness or
f?t. Johns M-'thoilist church.
This meeting was r.?r thc purpose
>r organization. Actual canvassing
will begin this morning and win be
carried ?ia vigorously throughout lin
day. Tonight the committees will
meei nt St. John's church again for
tin- purpose or comparing notes.
Meetings or the committees will be
held each evening this week for the
purpose of ascertaining how much
money lias been raised each day.
It is not generally known that there
ls a debt of IH&.OOO on the beautiful
Ht. John's Methodist church. Thc
time lias com,-, when the congregation
must lilt this debt oil Hie church, and
they have planned to do lt in one
week's time.
Tho whirlwind campaign will be
carried on by rive teams or commit'
tees, as follows:
? - '.The Addisons." \v. M. Addi
son, captain; A. M. Sharpe. I ?. E.
Moseley, T. L. Cely. A. ?. Bceland.
2.- "Thc Hells"-T. Joe ?ell. cap
tain; W. A. Power, V. C. Caudle.
Ralph Templeton, Clifton Llgon.
:>.- "The Dugans."- Ernest Dugan,
captain; J. D. Hast. John Major. M.
F. McGee, H. S. HiKon.
I.-'The (Seiners."-G. H. C?elger.
apUiri; S. L. Prince, G. ?. Greene,
J. P. Noblett. W. M. Wallace.
."..-"Thc Marshalls." W. F. Mar
ikaM, captain; O. H. Walton. W. L.
Brlssey. J.K. Mosley. C. C. Gribble.
The directing staff it-: composed ot
J. n. Humbert, colonel, J. W. Speake.
l). M. Hoard, Earnest Dugan and 0.
Il, Heitrer.
To show dally results, the commit
tees have devised a large chart. SxlO
feet, representing a stone wall stand
?or li front of th? church so hig?i
that only the steeple shows above.
Tho church debt lr, represented hy i'.r>(>
sqitaros or blocks of stone in thi*
wall. The ohjeet ls to tear down this
wall Hy raising money. As soon ns
n cortaln amount ls rained one or
these blocko will be taken down. It
lo thc nim of the committees to re
move all blocks by next Sunday, this
raising the wall that stands In Trout
if the church and thereby lift the
debt on tho edifice.
rite contests for the Mower nn?l
Kilpatrick medals look plac? on Fri
day and Saturday evening, respective
ly, of last week. Nine young men
contested for tho Mower and five for
the Klrpatrlck. Tho inculty aced as
The literary societies held thriV
lnnt meetings of tho yea-' on last
Friday afternoon. All business was
tended to and closed.
At a recent mooting of the student
body the following officers wove elect
ed for tho next school year: President
ntudont body. W. W. Wolff; pr?sident
athletic association. D. It. Kennedy;
manager baseball. T. Ti. Miller; as
sistant manager baseball, ?. H. Mc
Donald; president tennis club. R. S.
Galloway. Jr.
All recitations v/lll be closed on
Tuesday an ' examinations begun tho
following day. The Seniors began
last week nnd will close a week earlier
than the other classes.
Mr. A. M. Simpson was a visitor
on tho campus for r few days last
Glass of Salts If
Your Kidneys Hurt
Eat Lesa Meat If Y* u Fcc! Back
achy or Have Bladder
Meat for.ns uric acid dwhich ex
oltles and overworks tho kidneys in
their efforts to filter U from the
'.?yatem. Regular eaters of meat must
flush the kidneys occasionally. You
must relieve them like you relieve
vonr bowels; romoving a? tho acids,
waste and poison, else you feel a dull
mlsecy tn the kidney region, sharp
pains in the back or sick headache,
d'sxlness. your stomach sours, ton
gao ts coated and when the weather
is bad you have rheumatic twinges.
The urine ls cloudy, full of sedi
ments; the channels often get Irri
tated, obliging you.to get up two or
three times during the night.
To neutralise those irritating acids
and flush off the body's urlnous wost*?
get about four ounces of Jad Salt*
from any pharmacy; take a table
spoonful in a glass ot wa'cv before
breakfast for a few d?7" and your
kidneys will then act fine and bladder
disorders disappear. This famous
salts ls made from the acid of grapes
sod lemon joice, combined wita llthta
and baa been used for generations to
clean and stimulate sluggish kidneys
and stop bladder Irritation. Jad Snits
ls inexpensive: harmless and makes
a delightful effervescent llthla-water
drink which millions of men and wo
men take now and then, thus avoiding
serious kidney and bladder disease.
lised On
g Campaign
Resolutions on Hit? '/colli hi Town
lille Illili SIIMM.I.
Whcrcar, ii baa pleuscd Mic Supreme
linier of Mic universe lo lake from UH
Mr. j. Waller Dickson, chairman of
iur board ol trustees, be ii resolved
hy thc patrons, teachers and pupil.
if the Townvllle IMKII school:
Finn* : That we how in humble sub
mission tn thc will ot our Father who
(Ioctl! all things well.
Second: That this go on record nu
a token of our appreciation of bia
loyal support of every phase of school
Third: That wp express our pro
found grief to the members of tho
family of the deceased.
I-our th: That a copy or these re
solutions bc sent to tho family or the
deceased, and that a copy be recorded
in the minutes of thc hoar i of trus
tees .
Fifth: That a copy of these reso
lutions also he sont to the Anil' rson
dally papers.
W. T. HI XT.
L*. C. KAY,
(Miss) Nell Kellett,
< 'ommlttcc.
.Hr. Walter Simpson.
Mr. Walter Simpson died at Iiis
father's home in southwest Georgia
last Friday. Ho was the son or MT.
Sam Sim'.?son who until n tew years
ago lived here. Mr. Z. c. Simpson,
who lives north of Anderson. Is his
brother. lin leaves n large laniily
connection and a host ot friends herc
In this county who will bo pained to
learn ot Iiis death.
Herbert Morgan. Hie two years old
s'?n or Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Morgan,
ot No. H. street. Progon Mill vil
lage, died at the home Monday morn
ing The funeral services will be
held this afternoon at o'clock.
Mrs. Harris Kelly of Heizer ls
sp"i)diiiK this week with relativ?.:; ip
Dr. nnd Mrs. John Walker of Eas
ley. and Mr. and Mn, \V. A. Howell
of Williamston wore guests at thc
home of Mr. J. J. Copeland Sunday.
Mr. and Mrs. Miles Ellison, Mr.
Charley Johnson of Anderson, and
Messrs. Mn v King and Lola ('ope
land wcrp guests at thc home of Mr.
W. T. Hruee Sunday.
The Cheddar seimol will close on
May 21st. A j icnlc will bo given
on Saturday. Mav 22nd* on tile School
and church grounds. HoglnninK .m.
10::t0 a. ir. tho school will give a
short, mother's dav program alter
wlrjtch addresses will be made by
several prominent Speakern. In the
nfternoon the school boys will have a
game or baseball. binnet" will bo
served (/ the ground and wo cor
dially Invited thc public lo ho pre
sent with well rilled dinner nasKCts.
Ladies! Look Young,
Darken Gray Hair
Usc thc Old Time Sage Tea and
Sulphur; and Nobody Will
Gray hair, however handsome, de
notes advancing age. We all know
thc advantages of a youthful appear
ance. Your hair is your charm. ,lt
makes or mars tho face. When it
fades, tunis gray and looks dry. wispy
and scraggly. Just a fow applications
of Sage Toa and Sulphur enhance. Its
appearance a hundred-fold.
Don't stay gray! I*ook young!
Either prepare the tonie at home or
get from any drug store a 50 cent bot
tle of "Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur
Compound." Thousands of folks rec
ommend this rendy-to-uso prepara
tion, because it darkens thc hair
beautifully and removes dandruff,
stops scalp Itching and falling hair;
besides, no one can possibly tell, ns
lt darkens so naturally and evenly.
You moisten a sponge or soft brush
with It, drawing this through the hair
taking one- ?mall s rand at a time.
Ry morning the gray hair disappears;
after another application or two, Its
nr*.ural color Is restored and it be
comes thick, glossy and lustrous, and
you appear years younger.
Think not ambition wiso because
tia grave.
-Slr William Devenant
The paths of glory lead but to
tba grave:
What la ambition? Tia a glo
rious cheat,
Only destructiva to tba bravo
and great
What*s all tho gandy gtttor ot
a crown?
The way to btise Ilea not oa
beds of down.
-Francis Quarte*.
TM Fire Sale Is Now on
in Dead Hard Earnest
Since Saturday morning wc have been . handing . out Perfectly
Good Clothing, Hats, Shirts, Shoes, Haberdashery of all kinds at
Remarkably Low Prices, and to a Steady Stream of Satisfied Cus
HUNDREDS of Wide-awake men of Anderson and vicinity, who
keep posted have been here and bought clothing, etc., for their pres
ent needs, and some have anticipated their wants for months to
come-at thc Tremendous Sacrifice Prices at which we arc Cleaning
up this stock.
Just a Sample
We have just received a big shipment of Brand Uew Gray and
Blue Serge Suits, which sell for FIFTEEN DOLLARS all over the
Country. We are closing them out at d* g^u g\f\
only ...q>?U.UU
We have a big stock of Palm Beaches, in a great variety of colors
and styles, which we are selling at greatly reduced prices. Wc are
also closing out our stock of New Spring Hamburger & Co. cloth
es (none better made) at Fire Adjustment Sale prices. Everything
in our stock is Going Out the Front Door By the Cut Price Route.
Nothing is to be reserved. We. will re-open with a perfectly new
stock of goods.
If you have not been here, to take advantage of this great sale
Come At Once!
"The Up To Date Clothier.'
^?ew York Gangster
Makes a Confession.
"Doney Benny."
"Dopey Bonny" Fein, gang leader in
iew York City, who several month?
ince pleaded guilty lo a charge of
xtortion, and was on thc way to tho
cnltcntlary for a long term, has mado
o the district attorney of the county
confession which has resulted In thc
ndlctment of thirty-four persons,
Ight for murder.'- -Mont or those are
abor leaders, who employed him and
is gang to heat up employers in the
net orv garment business or laborers
tho would not obey them. Ho told a
ale of oppression and murder about
he east side of Now York that those
? ho don't live there found it hard to
Ile made the confession after he
alt Tortain his followers and alleged
rlends would not go to bia aid and
et him ont of his trouble.
Ills record ls said to show more
han 500 assaults growing out c?
fill ia Hons between gangsters and
thor union leaders.
According to the statement Fein
sade, he and his chief rival, Joseph
iosenswelg, better known ne ".Too
he Greaser." who ls Indicted for mur
er in the f'rst degree, got big 1n
omes by making a speciality of
iron g arm work. Fein placed his ln
ome at $12 a day for personal s?rv
eos and a rake-off of from $8 to $5 a
ay for each strong arm man he em
>!oyod, for whom he says he charged
be nnton leaders $8 a day. In pros
perous times, he says, he made $10,000
. year.
in a few Instances when bo had a
ob ltke beating up a factory fore
nan, a straight price for the job waa
rom $50 to $500.
When our front entrance becomes impass
able, come through the back way-down
Whitner Street to C. & W. C. Railway
there's a good road running beside Anderson
Mill into our back yard-fine service ready
both gasoline and oil-big yard to turn
around in
Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday and Saturday
Choice any Suit in the
Values up to $30.00 -
?>. Gehberg

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