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Followed Friend's Advice
After trying Frnltola and Trazo, Mrs. h. V. Clark, S4? Melba Ht,
Valias, Texas, arete to tbe Finns laboratories as follows i
"I have buen a aufferei from gall-stones, and Frult
ola and Traxo wan recommended and I am glad to sar
1 took advantage of your most wonderful medicine, with
wonderful results.".*.
T .a'fl'i
Frnltola and Traxo are (wo remedies that are used In combina*
?on. Fraitola arts on the Intestinal organs as a powerful lubricant,
softening tbe congested waste and breaking up> the hardened par
tkles.se that easy elimination follows quickly, to the relief ef the
patient.. Traxo is a ? ompeaud of speadld foale properties, of sp?
cial value tn strengthening and restoring the erstem that has been
; weakened by constant suffering.
The FInus laboratories have many letters on file testifying to tbe
merit of Frultola and Traxo; letters from people who have used the
remedy and knew from actual experience what It has done for them,
fer the convenience of the public, arrangements have beru made
to sappi/ Frnltola aud Traxo through leading drug stares. In An
dersen they esn he obtained at Evans Pharmacy-three stores.
168th commencement. of
- The photographer here caught the
Inventor, wtotuA*.. known the. earth
around, and the. engineer, whose work
os the Panama Canal bas made btu
perhaps the best known in his pro
fession in the! world, in the same
picture. ' Mr. Edison was so tickled
by the honor that be could not re
press his twttm?* into a mere smile.
He laughed outright, despite'the dig
nity that 'Princeton thinks ought to.
go with \ht?. degree of doctor of
science which ned just been conferred
on hlm^fc. iGeAAtal Goethals, whose
photographs seldom show him with a
smile, seemed to bo wrapped in his
professional fciobm as he was made
a doctor of laws.
Says Cream Applied la Nostrils
vHcu>vr* Head-C?ids at Once.
Thomas A. Edison not only smiled
ut he roared with laughter, wblle
eneral George W. Goethals not only
Hailed to riedle, but wore bia usual
ifrown, jost as they received degrees
?from Princeton University at tho
If your nostrils are clogged and
your head 1B stuffed and you breathe
freely because ot a cold or catarrh,
JjfcfBt S'aidait bottle of Ely's Cream
Balm at any drug store. Apply a Ut
il? pf th'ifr' Tragraut, aptispatic cream
Into your nostrils and let it penetrate
through every air passage ot your
hear, soothing and bealing the inflam
ed, swollen, mucous, membrana- aaa
you get" instant relief.
Ah! how good lt feels. Your nos
tril? nro op'.-::, your head ts clear., no
more hawking, snuffling, blowing; no
more headache, dr? oess or straggling
for breath. Ely's Cream Balm ta Just
what sufferers from bead, colds and
caUrrh freed, jtt'a a delight. .,>.
Fanerai Services Will Be Conduct
ed Thu Afternoon and Inter
ment in Silver Brook.
The death of Mr. Bailey Harton
Breazeale occurred yesterday murnini;
about 9 o'clock at bia home ?bout tlx
miles east o ftbo etty, at th? age of
?8 years. The funeral services will
be held at tbe late borne this after
noon at 3 o'clock, being conducted by
the Rev. L. E. Campbell, and. Intern
ment will .be made In Silver Brook
cemetery at 5.o'clock.
Mr. Breazeale waa ' rn in Ander
son county near his L.e home where
be has spent the greater part of his
life. When the war between tbe
States broke cut. he Joined the 4th
South Carolina Volunteers . under
Capt. William Anderson. .When this
command was disbanded Mr. Brea
zeale Joined Aiken's calvary*--In ('apt.
Knight's company. At tho close of the
war he returned to Anderson county
and L <rted to farming. It was about
this time that he married the widow of
Major Anderson, he having been killed
In battle. Before ber first marriage,
she was Miss Lucretia Mc Fall, daugh
ter of Ure late John Mc Fa ll ot thia
To this union were born faur sons,
Mr. Claude Breazeale of Texas.. Mr.
Thompson Breazeale of Mt. Olive, N.
C., Mr. Frank Breazeale of Anderson
county and on? daughter, Mrs. Rus
sie Sullivan of Easley, who will be un
ab!s to attend tbe funeral because
of the serious Illness of her daugh
Mr. Breazeale was one of the most
respected and most substantial citi
zens ot Anderson county. He WSB
loved by all who knew him and he
will be greatly missed. He was an
especial friend ot the young people
and .they all loved and respected him.
lie hud bern lu bad health for the
past few years and was recently tak
en to the Anderson county hOBpltal,
hiving been removed to his horn? on
ly a few days ago. Yesterday mom
bo waa found dead lyf J across a
bed .where he had geno for the pur
pose ot tatting a. nap.
v" ??" "
Pelser, June 21.-The writer, while
on a visit to Pelzer, found one of the
most up-to-date and latest parks to
bo found In the upper Coralinas. In
fact there are two parks-a base ball,
park and a pleasure park titted up
with skating rink, soo, comfortable
seats for the weary and so on. One
of tho latest additions to the park ls
a net-'coon call "Mat" In honor of his
new mau ter.
That base ball park! well its a
'Yonder, You can't conceive of what
lt ls unless you would see ,11. Two
thousand feet board fence and eight
feet high .with entrances ali arouna
through the different gates. Built on
the national highway from Ander
son to Greenville. In the interior cf
tala park is one ot the most Up-to
date, grandstands to be found, li*
seating capacity le 1.500 grown peo*
pie and strong enough to hold r>,000
people. Its a wonder within -itself.'
Seats as comfortable as an easy :??.-&>
Within this park is a quarter ot a
mile raie track flited for motorcycles,
automobiles and horses. The man
agement tails mo that some Very In
teresting motor races have been held
on thia track.. But this year the
program will be changed and some
very high clans trotting ar I pacing
races will be held.
The baseball diamond wilt compare
favorably with those of the big leagues
ab far as evenness is Concerned-as
level aa a.boar.d floor surrounded by
beautiful grass, and on the interior
of . the race track. Nature has pro
vtded a most beautiful shady clump
of oaks for the bleachers, just in tho
right place so that you can locate
yourself anywhere along the elevation
among the trees and see everythini;
going on tn the ball park.
I am advised the Pelzer .people
dont do things in halves. They will
celebrate the Fourth this year, which
comes on Sunday, on the neeond and
third. The mills will close Friday
nt noon: and tho park snanagement
hes provided that the entertainment
ehkU start Immediately after dinner
on Friday. AH Friday afternoon at
ball park. Friday evening at. moving
picture air ?lome. Saturday morning
again at ball park for the wkolo day,
and agata nt picture show at night.
If you want to spend Friday o?d
Saturday. July 2nd and 3rd. and en
Joy yourself don't fall to go to Pal
ser. There you will flsjd high class
entertainment and plenty of tt, the
kind that ls flited tor the hohles, the
young folks, father sud mother,
grandfather and grandmother, tf you
nra'not in Pebser Friday and Satur
tmeOtn sold on th?
furnished by the bc
ate. Plentv swim
A College Witjh Distinctive Features in the
Education of Wo?ien :
Small classes, kvith close personal attention to the needs of each student.
Fourteen teachers, with accommodation in'the dormitories for only 100
students. *?
i r s t :
_ Jj ^ Special attenti )n to the health and physical development of the student'.
?COOQ . Campus o? 32 acres. Basketball and Tennis Courts. Gymnasium. Spe
" ' <g rial training injall suitable outdoor games and sports.
] . .
.TT* M-, . JW- Cooperative government, by which students, under careful direction, are
A IH UT Cl . aided and encouraged to govern themselves in all matters pertaining to
* i ..j ' s the home life in the College.
The College i? under the control of the Baptist denomination, but is absolutely non
sectarian in teaching.
A standard course of study leading to the degree of A. B.
An exceptionally fine Department of Music.
Excellent courses in Domestic Science and Domestic Art.
A material reduction has been made in the cost of attendance. The prices are low
enough to meets the present economic demands, and high enough to ensure care, and safety
in the education of your daughter.
Send for New Catalogue to
Anderson, S. G.
Pam Wow??'? Work Easter Thad Ii.
Used to Be.
Ia the July Woman's Home Com
panion Frank A. Waugh , writes a very I
Interesting article entitled, ? "The I
kountry Woman's Opportunities." He I
takes unjT several subjects?-church
kork, rural work, neighborhood social I
work mid work for country boys and
liri*". On these various subjects hal
relates a number of Interesting and
entirely practical suggestions. Dis-1
?ussing old-time drudgery among
'arm women as compared with Pres
ent-day life on farms, he says in
part: .. 1
."Some women 'there are who crave
Ehe city Hie. Let them live lt. To
jthors the country makea the ?trong
?r appeal. They love Ita breadth, its
juict. Ita simplicity, ita wholesome
ness, its unquestionably better eu
?ironinert for children. Yet ia the
past many wpiuen have given it Up
mt of disgust with ita grinding- labor h,
md many still fear that country life
i?es not supply th* opportunities for
the serviceable employments of civic
ina social life which tttey feel .they
should undertake for the sake of hu
manity and their own eoosoJences.
It is time all dougie on both heads
were cleared away. The slavery of
woman's work has been or csu be
abolished on ?vary fsrm ; and in every
country neighborhood are opportuni
ties for social service."
A House Unlit From Advcrtisemcfats.
in the July Woman's Home Com
Eanion appears a page contotuibg
alf a dozen good ideas for the teach
er and others. In the following HtUo
article s contributor elves some prac
tical advice to prospectivo house
ft'44 M houser? built ot ada: Someday, I
am looking forward to planning and
owning a home of my own, and 1 have
started a novel filing book, which may
"Whenever X so? an adytertlsement
of a new Invention, appliance, labor
raving device ?r.convenience of any
oftejKarticle, which appears to mo
i#Ar t^ ao|n?)Rg of Its hind hith
erto (tb tho martel, I cut out the ad
vertisement and patsie. it In a blank
ii.i'i). that. I ke^p for that purpose.
I'nderfit %"write : ^ i r marka J may
care tn ma;
the narnu of tr*? article, adnera! dsw
crlptlon, and name and addrosn of
manufacturer. When I nm ready to
buy I have only to turn '-brough my
hook t? find nit the information nec
essary lo purchasing tho art^rlo that
I have long bees acre i .wanted.
"I hnjje an index to wj book with
al! the -advertisements In alphabeti
cal order according to subject. Of
course, jRs I keep adding to the book
lt is inpossible to keen U strictly sys*
?sraallosjiy any other way. I do not
woke ?fgtank of keap the book, and
lt is. ?deed, -'ono ot my .favorite
?>o Y0tt- ??inea,ber the t?ooe* fcatfa?
of Your Gallea*?*?
Ia the Inly Woman's Home Com
panion a contributor writes an article
on country life, entitled "Alderbrook
Farm." It ls full 6t Interesting Tacts
and practical suggestions. , In tho
course O fthe article the author tells
the following story about his father,
and comments on it:
"My lather, on the old Ohio '.arm,
used to have a fixed Idea that we must
always have green peas and new pota
toes for dinner on the Fourth of July.
Ke always worked toward that end
and rarely missed lt. I can well re
member, too, how good those ?mall
tender round potatoes used to tanto
all cooked together with the peas In
an abundance of cream.
j^ltls odd how much of-th? enjoy
ment" of all such things comes 'from
purely psychological associations
from the mernot les of youth hov.- much
ot lt. in short, ls pure imagination
simply postry. Many of the jps
country lifo are ot this poetic, imagi
native sort." Indeed, right here iles
the point of disagreement between
those honest persons who: think term
Ufa all drudgery and those who. think
it all so gio.ius. The matter of fact
man or woman finds everything bard
enough, but the person ot imagination,
who can sec tho poetry of life tn-sim
ple things, fi ..tis large rewonde in
country living."
"No, sir, I've never written for a
comic paper be/ore.
."Then how. "did yon get that, ugly
scar on your face!"--Yalo Record.
'Claise* *i lek.
Not long 8lnco the pastor ov a small
church In a rend?te section ;gdt luto
a rolaund?rstanding with the deacon
Over some smail matter, and even
tually the coldness spread to the con
gregation. The pastor stood lt Tor
awhllB and Oten went to the deacon
for an explanation of the congrega
tion's attitude.
"Wtell, among other things." - said
the deacon, pausing In bis work Ot
planting peas, "ye don't practice wha*^
lye preach." "i don't practice what
preach!" Hifj the amazed rejoinder
of the parson. "What do yo?;mcan?"
"I mean," rirsronded the deacon,
"that ye*ve pr?achln* on the sub
ject of resignation fer nigh on two
years now^juV ye hain't. reatgnjdjyet.^

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