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perfectly by our corsetiere
$3.50 to $12.60
B. Graves Boyd
"The, Autocrat of the
Breast Table"
Is Nice, extra-thin sliced
vb *
They ar
sliced veftj
We carry ,thg.celebrated,
Armour's? PV?f Be*t"
and Kinlihs 'Reeliable"
brands, ll
[skinned, and
thin by auto-1
matic nla chinery, and
packed ia perfectly sani
tary cart? s, without the
?reakfasl bacon being
touched uk y any man's,
hands. If lis insures an
absolutely sanitary meat, |
and aa tr? price at which
we sell il you can't af-]
ford to bl without it.
Packed if
weight 1
THwuflH ?If E. v
Cartons, net
>buna'.'-35c I
Amie, mm
Grocery Co.
. Did you er < atop to think that
your. ever, i j lon. every thought,
your dlapobidi | and character are
Influenced eve r day by the condi
tion of your I er? . Failure in Ute
may be the di e st result ot a disor*
dered Liver.
Dr. Hilton's 1 e For The Liver and
Kidneys will 1 i p your liver In per
fect condition, H let a bottle.
For Sale by? 1 Druggists.
MURRAY DlU CO., Distributora
CoAAta. 84 ^
TheyLckz In Front.
$2.0c8 :o $10.00
-Fitted bl ?ar Camttara.
40S-40S Blcddey Boiling
_ Aadecaoo, S. C
lrtli?ijlaaal saan TV*, anni*m%^ZJ?mm J^L* ^ZMMSMSI
New Ttertfsj Brnkfiog
You can bay a bottle of Dr. Hilton's j
Life For Tba Liver and Kidneys No.!
*. and cleanse your ayatam from alt
Impurities ot your body, and save
lota of BtcknefM and lost Una. Price!
?* and 60 csa ta.,
For sale by all druggbrta,
Drlstribuied by Murray Drug Co.,
ootcubta. aa
Bridesmaid and E
? spirited daughter of a wiall
known southern family that has fig
ured socially for many generations,
a miss ot sixteen, has 'just set soc!
et: agog before she has been allowed
by a-watchful mother even to make
her formal bow to it. A few weeks
! ago she returned. from a European
school to be bridesmaid at her sister's
wedding, at which this demure school
girl figured in a most unusual man
j As one of the bride's attendants,
she waa1 permitted to be present at
some of the social events preliminary*
to the wedding and in -shy little
sister fashion made the acquaintance
of the groom's ushers and.friends.
The nearer cama the wadding day,
tbs more gay and Joyous grew the
little school, girl. Thea eare the
wedding rehearsals and. finally the
wedding itself, an event of wide
spread social interest. After the
ceremony In the lonk oak; drawing
rooms of the charmias southern,
home there were feasting and danc
ing on the wida verandas and the
lawn. . "
The bride was about to don h'e?
travelling dress, the groom's car was
standing in thc porte-cochere ready
for the run to the station, when sud-,
denly the demure little sister brides
maid was missed. Search high and
I low could npt fled ber. Servants
were'sent over the* house and thb'
I gardon In vain. Ko one seemed to )
notice .that somr.- one else was miss- j'
ing. too. The wedding party waa]
forming Itself Into a search Party. 1
* +
* Iteme cf Interest ?nd Paraca?
Wireless on HM Sb
* ? ? ? . ?. * ? ? * * * * *i
1 ./.
To L?t Contract Fer
Bmutlful ?es iden ce.
The contract for the beautiful resi
dence to be built by Mrs. N, B.
Sullivan on South 'Alain street will
be leC in about two ,vcee:B. Oho of
I stated yesterday that there was no
room for people of Anderson to be
saying that there would be no build
ings erected this summer, ile cited
to prove this statement the Ander
son store room on North Main street,
the buildings at the Equinox milf?nd
the house to be erected by Mrs. Sulli
Travelling Man
Talla of Atlanta.
Mr. Gordon . Woodruff, a traveling
salesman, was -in the city yesterday
and while bete slated that he waa In
Atlanta on Moncay and Tuesday. He
stated that be trailered Ute majority
I of the best eitzen s of Georgia were
well pleased with Governor Slaton's
action in the Frank case and . that
I lhere' were very few voters who took
part in the riot demonstration on
Tuesday night. He also cooke ot
the manner bi which the militia look
ed on the crowd as bottles and bricks'
were hurled at them and stated that
they' showed that they were wei;
trained men not to haye opened fire
I on their assailants.. .
(ride In an Hour.
when down the drive came the honk
of a motor and up to th? door spun
a, tontine; car- with tone other than
the demure aliteea-year-old anti the
groom's younger brother. Tbs two
dashed upstairs, paused at the top
and J soked back?.
"You'll need more rice," called the
. "Here's a chance for auother
bride!" cried the shy little sister, as
she threw her bouquet of pink rosea]
V^noog -the- astonished assemblage.
"vVe've been married at the parson's!"
Fitting, ' incidentally, to the unusual
part she played as bridesmaid and
bride In one short hoar ls the ex
quisite frock ta which thia saucy miss
is pictured: It ts made' after a sug
gestion ' she brought home from
abroad and embodies all the. crisp
ness that is > delightful part o fthls '
Jane's bridesmaids' ' frocks. AU in
ethereal blue silk net ,it corers s blue
taffeta underdress corded to flare at
the hen.. The simple coraake is
bound by a soft girlish silk saan,
held with a spray of pink apple
blossor?B. The gathered skirt,
flounce sewed to flounce, widen? sir
Hy to the hem, which emphasizes the
abbrevatlon now evident in all smart '
frocks, whether brldes's, bridesmaids'
or everyday folks.* The Hat combines
blue net and apple blossoms.
So there were two bridal couples,
Instead O tone, to leave for tba train
that afternoon, and society in half r.
dozen cities ls still gossiping about
the shy iittle school ?irl bridesmaid,
whc so suddenly bloomed into a bride.
I Hntioa CM?!* Ovar thc *
toots, of AiidbiiBOB
! * ? * ? ? * ? ? * ? ?
Dr. Teasley
' Bringa Patjeat.
Dr. Teasley of Hartwell, Qa.,
brought to thc Anderson hospital yes
terday the nine year old son of Mr,
J.J. Dobbins of that town. An oper
ed yesterday and he was reported
last night to be resting well.
Kr. Herta Rae*
In Anderson.
Mr. Meris, the traveling represen
tative of the Southern Paving com
pany arrived in the city yesterday
morning and stated that eight err
loads ot brick were en route to this
city for the parlue He sta:<d that
he was well pleased with the pro
gress of the preliminary work.
Oat} a Few Caa Go.
Those who are so fort?nate that ex
pensa does not have to be considered
are now going to health resorts to
get rid of the impurities in the sys
tem .that cause rheumatism, backache,
swollen, aching jointe nd astiff, pain?
ful muscles, jf 70a are ona of those
Who cannot go, yet feel that you need
relief from auch pain and misery, try
?ley K?*aey PIUS. They restore
kidneys to healthful activity and
ike you feel weU and strong. Evana
Plumbing Is a
With Us
The Best Plumbers
The Best Material
The Best Prices
Repair calls receive the
most prompt attentions
We are now prepared]
to install new outfits]
either on* contract or|
time and material, un-1
der the supervision of J
an Expert in Plumbing
and Heating.
See us before you let
your contract for
Plumbing or Heating
and you will not be
sorry. If you need a
Plumber That is a
Plumber, Phone 253.
ot Beer, Pork or Mutton ia really on?
of the beat meats. For it la just ai
good cold aa bot. So you can har?
several meals with only one cooking.
Tell us to .send one for Sunday din
ner. M?*re lt a big one, for our meali
are so choice that only a big ono will
have enough left to cut np old.
The Lily Whice Market
J* N. LINDSAY, Proprietor.
We wish to thank our dear neigh
bora and friends who were no ..kim!
to us during the illness and deatt
of our dear father. We also wini
to thank the doctors, the nurses sn?
the orderlies ot the hospital for tb?
tender care they rencered him. Maj
the Lord reward each one of them.
? Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bray*
Best thing for constipation, sou'
stomach, issy liver and sluggisl
bowels. Stops a sick headache al
moat at once. Gives a most thorougt
and satisfactory flushing-co pain, nc
ixjusea. Keeps your system cleansed
sweet and wholesome.-R. ' IV
Welchecht, 8alt Lake City, Utah
writes: "I find Citrolax the best lax
a ti ve I ever used. Boos not gripe
no unpleasant after-effects/' Bvsni
Fer Comwitflng Assault ea Six Tcai
Old Negro Oki.
Sheriff Ashley stated yesterday that
he waa unable io locate the negro
named ??*'?*h Ble/*, who' ia '"?i**'
for committing assault: oh a alt.yta*
ont negro near Honan Pam. mace
Want Advert
Twenty-riv? words or leia, On? V
BU Timas ILOO.
All advertisement orar twen?y-flv
word. Kates oa 1.000 words to
Ko advertisement taken for l*ea
If yow nama appears tn th? tal?
your want ad to I? and a bill will
prompt payment
O ' '
SOWING SEASON-June ls tba prop
er month for sowine of Rutal>\ga
Turnips. Prepare thorough seed
bed czi BOW in the dust for best
results. We have the right seed
stock, at fifty cents per pound de
livered by parcel post. FURMAN
SMITH, Seadsman.
During the Daily Intelligencer con
test which closed March, 11*14, in T
der to secure votes t*? win the cap
j Ital prise. I pureba- .?1 a number of
'.? subscriptions to the Dally Intelll
1 gencer at the rate of $6.00 a year.
I In order to get some of the money
( back which I put Into the contest,
? I will sell a limited number ot sub
I scrlptlons to the Daily Intelligencer
I at the rate of $3.00 a year to anyone
I wishing to subscribe or renew their
"j subscription to this paper, or at a
J rat? of $1.25 a year to tho Seml
\ weekly Intelligencer. If Interested,
I address P, O. Box 347, Anderson,
I S.C. 6-17tf
I move next Monday. All feed stuffs
I sold at and below cost up to that
? time, but all purchases must be
'? moved before next Monday. O. B.
f Turner. 6-24-8t
s All persons having claims against
abe estate of Annie Ellison, deceased,
are hereby notified to present them
properly proven to the undersigned
within the time prescribed by law,
pud those Indebted to make settlement,
5 Notice to property owners abutting
tm the following streets and parts of I
streets in the city of'Anderson, and all j
parties Interested, to-wlt:
? 1st. North Main street between
Earle street and Bleckley street
I 2nd. North Main street between
Bleckley street and Roberts street
3rd. South Main street between
Church street and Norrie street.
? 4th. West Market street between j
South Main street and Maxwell street.
S 6th. Church street between Peoples |
Street and Manning street.
6th. East River street between
South Main street and Cougblin ave
I 7th. North McDuffiie street between
wast. Whitner street and Greenville
f| treat.
1 8th. South McDuffie street between
feast Benson street and Hampton
s 9th. Greenville street between North
ptain street and Boulevard.
10th. West Whitner street between
Charleston A Western Carolina Rail
way Company track and Monroe street.
11th. Calhoun street between North
Malu street and Evans Street
Notice is hereby given that the "As
soient Rolls" showing he names pf
1 persons owning property abutting
n the above named streets and parta
f street, the amount of frontage of
h, and the assessment levied
(nat each for paving auld streets
d parts of streets, are now on file
the office of the City Clerk and
urer ot the City of Anderson,
uth Carolina.
These "Assessment Rolla" will re
main on file and open for examination
for the period of one week from the
date of publication ot this notice, and
during such period of one week, any
person concerned may inspect *he
same and file in writing with said
City Clerk and Treasurer such excep
tion or objections to such assessments
as they may desire.
At the expiration of one week from
the date of publication ot this notice,
the "AsBtasment Rolls," together with
shy exceptions or objection thereto,
will be referred to the City Council
for Confirmation or ratification.
E. 13. SCOTT,
City Clerk and Treasurer.
Dated June 24th, 1915.
'I The public la again warned that on.
*j ly such work done on the public roads
of the county aa ts authorised by the
supervisor or one of the Board of
Commissioners will bo. palt by tba
Board of Commissioners. 1?? ouiy
parsons authorized to buy material,
goods, wares and merchandise for the
county are the supervisor, the county
commissioners, the steward of , the
county home and the
ising Rates
loa? Sf cen4?, Three Time? M ?eat?,
. words prorata for each additional
ba used In a roath mad? on appli
than tB ??ats, ?ask In ad mc ?a,
phone directory yea caa telephone
be malled after its tnsertlon for
WANTED-You to know that I ami
atlll on the lob with the best wood
and coal cn the market, lt you
don't believe lt try me. W. O.
Ulmer, Phone 649. Successor to|
Piedmont Coal and Wood Co.
j Wanted-1,000 suits to clean and press |
-expert cleaners and pressers. Sat
isfaction guaranteed. Phone 767.
Anderson Cleaning and Pressing Co. I
WANTED-Position by young lady I
stenographer, or will work during ]
summer very reasonable. Have had
some experience;hold splendid rec
ommendation. Apply to "J. E.," care
Intelligencer. 6-23-3t
For Sale Cheap-60 bushels of un
known poas. See H. S. Dowling
or A. W. Kay. ? 6-22-St
Bye and Bye
Leads to the house of |
at *" .
Begin* now, save
psrt of your earnings
Continuous Savings |
will soon count
when deposited In tbs I
Savings Department of
Bank o? Anderson
The strongest bank]
in the county.
?Decide tte Question
next time you suspect
yourself of wondering if
it would pay to buy a
tackle the coal range all
day one of these Hot
Days and cook for your
wife. That will decide the
question for you quickly
Anderson Gas Co.!
Phone 844
The time for making Income Tar
Returns will close the 1st of July.
All who tall to make income tax by
that time will have to pay cost sad
penalty. This ta from Carlton yt.
Sawyer. Comptroller General, at Co* i
lumbla. 8. C., so 1 would bo glac
have you make these returns at once. 1
so your Auditor will not be wuber
My! My!!
What Sincere
-this continual
procession of
imitators of
"Made m Anderson" Plumber.
We Now Haw
J. P. TODD, N. A. VOYLES ?ad
"OLD PAT" in our employ.
Every one en A Nov 1 Good
Experienced, Tried ?nd True
Remember please, that we cen ?nd
will send you the man best suited
to your needs; so? '/hen in need
of anything in plu* ohing, phone
Glenn Plumbing Co.
The Plumb Good Plumbers.
128 Bose HUI. Phones MS and 508
We Are There With the
Goods end Our Price?
Aid Digestion,
Wliat are we talking about?
Meat! Fish! and Produce!
We are out here on West Market
street, out of the "High Rent Dis
trict," with small expenses, and
Quick Delivery, so why hesitate?.
Try us ONCE ! if we fa'l to meet
your expectation, Don't Try Us
/Vga in!
But We WH! Come Across!
18? W. Market Phone 887
aaggggBsg'n y",.'."H.Jrs
have Fresh Country
Squash, Irish Potatoes, Cal

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