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j ? Reliance v?&
itl? h * Vaudeville Motion Picture of tb? Famous Monkey
"Alisander the Great," whoso antic? convulsed
in the principle cities of the U. S.
Reliable Goods
Satisfactory Service
We strive to please
May we serve you?
Caioiinas Greatest Hardware Store
f thrift does not come natural to you, cu'Vvate it. Realize
th fact that every man who has a dollar pu? aside, is* a capi
ta st.
I Ve earnestly urge you to open an accost with this bank
foi any sum. * Either a Checking or a Savings account, in ad
di] on to beim* convenient encourages you not to use your
m ney except in a wise way.
i The prosperity you enjoy today docs not guarantee yo?
pr sperity tomorrow. Changes lu the business and industrial
\y rid may later on deprive you of your present measure of
pr sperity.
We Pay Interest On Deposits,
H*yh ?f Fifeafc Tbmrf? Mr.
l|g)Mi Ww?? Die, BR*
Ows Hclj?a Ha? to
Por4 royton, Ky. lc Interesting ad*
Mom thia pisco, Mr. A. j. Hughes
IN fbSowt : "I ?at down with
trouble for ?ve (3) years, tad
have ttcfc headache to feed, at
{hat t ib?<aght ?xery ? would ?Qe.
oT?ereRt tmtswnts, but they
i$o do me any gaod,
1 COUld ?Ot C4?0?S?5*3,
taking other aedk?ees. I decWcd lo
take ait advice, tutboagft I did octave
any cocfideaco bi lt
I have BOW bean ?Hag B*?*-Dftaght
tor three months, tad Itt bas cured ma
havea't had thcee acrful tick tuxJtctet
staca 1 begee utteg H.
t ara so thsaktei for watt Btftefc*
Draught tea dono tor mc."
Tbsdkxd** Btexfr-Draegai Dat beta
found a ?ry va?aajbt? eyflktoe icy da
rangement? ot tr? atot?echandSver. It
is competed cf potra, vege?ahio her%*
eonttint no dtngereut f*gredlents, tad
aett gently, yet tandy, it caa be freely
used br vouas and okfi-aad should ht
Machinery Foe ' Mixing Concrete
Will Be Placed Today and
Tbii Work Starts Soon. '
The work of grading Weit Market
street preparatory to the laying of the
concrete for the asphalt paving .ls
progressing rapidly and the officials
stated yesterday that they were well
pleased with the progress that bad
been made. The work of lowering
the jrater. mains by the Southern Pub
lic Utilities Company is far ahead of
the grading forcea now and lt is
thought that they will haue uo trou
ble in keeping ahead.
It was stated yesterday afternoon
that 3,000 yards bad been graded and
ls ready ?for the concrete. The con
crete foreman ls expected to arrive
this morning and the placing of the
machinery cm. Weat Market street
will begin today. Mr. W. E. Bar
nett, who is superintending the grad
lng,' stated yesterday afternoon that
they would need 30 hands Monday
morning for the concrete work.
The machinery of the asphalt plant
has been placed abd there will
no delay on this account when th?
concreta is ready fer thia cover.
Mr. Osborne sta/ted yesterday that
he was expecting his engine last night
or this morning. He says that aa
Boon as it comes be will begin using ]
lt to pull the plows. He also stal
ed that he would hare to do some
haul.'ng thia week In order to get
the rock and sand ready for tho mix*
lng of the concrete.
There Will Be No Court Next
W?ek t'ntil Thuia?ay nt IO
O'clock. a
. For the benefit of 'the second week
jurors lt was announced yesterday
that there would be no court on Mon
day and not until Thursday morning.
July 1, at 10 o'clock when they would
be expected to report:
The second week Jurors are:
O. W. Bagwell, Anderson.
rt. M. Smith. Varronnes.
J? V. Kay, Hones Path.
John T. Long, Garvin.
T. A. Ivster, Varennes.
W. T. Moora, Wlltlamston.
P. B. Martin, P nea Path.
E. A. Whltmlro. Wiliamston.
J. A. Hall. Anderson.
C. O, Harris, Garvin.
.li. L. Bsjsdlay, Anderson,
E. E. Gruber, 'Ytlllamaton.
jW. H. Shearo. Vnderson.
C. 8. Shirley, Martin;
W. H. Olean. Savannah.
L. W. Werts, Belton.
J. M. Bell. Anderson.
W. C. Shirley, Martin.
F. F. Arnold, Marvin.
D. K. Taylor, Anderson.
A. P. Poors, Belton.
W. W. Ellison, Wiliamston,
T. W. Belcher. Hall,
L. A. Glenn. CentervUle.
TV. D'. Spearman, Brushy Creek.
H. S. Brooks, Hopewell.
G. F, Dee, Anderson.
W. A. Buchannon, Rock Mills.
W. A. Massey. Pendleton. ,
C. M. Willingham, Broadway.
A. G. Pepper, Brushy Creak.
Claude English. An treville.
Thomas R. WUtt, Corner.
J. A. Gentry, Broadaway.
W. ?. Scott, Varrea-s.
Sago Tea ?nd ' jjwfpbn- Dajrkene j
So NatgrnUw TW No
body Cnn Tefl.
Almost everyone knows that Bago
Tats and Sulphur, properly compound
ed, brings back the natural color .and
lustre to the hair whe_ faded, streak
ed or ?ruy; also ends dandruff, itch-,
lng scalp and stops falling hair. Years
ago the only way to get this mixture
was to make lt at home, which la fus
sy and troublesome. Nowadays, by
asking at any drug store for "Wyeth's
Sage and Sulphur Compound." you
will get a large bottle Of this famous
old rad pe for about 50 cenMtv' ___H
Don't stay rey! Try lt! X_ orte
esa possibly .tell that you darkened
your hair, as it does lt so uaiu??lJy
and evenly. You dampen a spo#ge ?jr
soft bruah with lt and dra-r this
through your hair, taking , ona snsatl
strand at a time; by mornir
gray hair disappears, and at
other application or two,
becomes beautifully dary, tbk
?">?? .i-.-. t.. ,
Resta-ed ta Oe?- ffealtfc,
"X waa sick for four year? with
stomach trouble," writes Mrs. Otto
Gaas, Xenesrtlle, f$to. "J. lost weight
and felt- so. weak that I atmest gar
up bop? of being cured. A friend told
rae about Chamberla in "a Tablets, and
stare using two bottles of them X hare
beena wer CMttr-Jftle
After Evangelist Finished Numbers
Confessed Christ-Sermon
Yesterday Morning.
Over 8,000 people were ont lest
night to hear the- evangelist pr?ach
cm thc Second Coming lot Christ.
This text W88 the basid ot one of the
strongest sermons yet delivered hy
?Rev. MoLendon and when he finished
scores professed religion.
The se. mun yesterday morning was
also good *-:d Mr. McLendon has re
quested dine intelligencer to print j
Psalms 136;6 Wilt thou not re- I
vive us again? ?
?> This Psalm seems to have been
written soon after the return of the
Children of Israel from the Babylon
ish captivity, as you will easily see
from toe language at the commence
ment of it. The Psalmist felt that
God bad been very favorable to tho. j
people, and whUe contemplating the 1
goodness of the Lord in bringing,
them back from tho land where they
had been carried away captives and
while looking at tho prospects boforo
them he breaks out in a fervent pray- j
er for a revival of religion. God had
already reestablished the audiences'
of his house among them, and then
be prays that there may be a revival
ot religion to crown the work. Now
what is a revival? It ls purely a
philosophical result of tho right
use of divinely appointed means. It
ls not a miracle, lt is not dependent
on a miracle. Religion is the most
common-sense thing In the world to
day. Wherever you see an effect,
there is always a cause. You have
a headache. Don't run your forehead
because^ tho cause may. not be there,
but in'your stomach, and the pain
In your head is Juftt *K.c signal, . *?x ,
something is wrong. Ali xne ?ope
you rub on your hes?;'won't take
away the cause/ Hore Tu:'U?>H over
my head. That is the effect, but .-ie
cause ls down yonder in the power
house. where the electricity is gene
rated. Jual so with promoting a re
vi vii, lt l? a matter of cause anu
effect, Just like anything else, but
means will not produce a revival, wc
all know, without the blessing ot
God. No more will grain When it ia
sown, produce a crop without the
blessing of God. It is impossible for
as to say there is not a*'direct an in
fluence or agency from" God to pro
duce a crop ot grain' ah there Is to
produce a revival.
Promoting religion is lust: as com
mon sense as plowing and planting.
It takes a cooperation of the divine
and the human. A re vital always In
cludes a conviction of shs, first In the
church when Zion travels, sons and
daughters will be bom, are the words
of our God. What we need is a hew
beginning of the old obedience, tue
renewal ot faith which breaks Ute
i power of the world, over tho -church
Sand of sin and the'devil over the
church. So God Almighty can mus~
ter more at the prayer meeting than
the devil can at a card party or a
leg show.
When is a revival needed?. Well,
whee do you take medicine? You
say, when you're sick. When do you
call the tire company? When your
house is on fire. > When do you use
water? When yon are dirty or thirsty
When do you need a revival? When
yo ehre going to the devi!.
When la a revival needed? When j
there ia a want of brotherly love and
Christian eonfldeaco among profes
sors or religion. When ChrlsUan.
n*oplc have sunk down to a low and
backslidden state. They neither
hn'\o nor ought to have, nor is then
reason to have, the same love and Ob?f
fldence towards each-other as what
they were alive and afire for God.
The love and benevolence may bo
the Bsme, bat not the love ot com
placency. oGd loves all men with
th? love of benevolence? but he does
not feel the love of complacency for
any, but tboso who are on the square
fa? him. Nowadays, people are try
ing to divert attention from their
pnsllaaimoua pusllanlmtty by knock
ing other people, and yon can bet your,
lifo there is more wrong with the
knocker tt.?u Ci? -vue Ui?/ knock.
When ia a revival needed? When
the church standard is low, when
there 1$ dlssentlons. jealousy, evll
speaklng. bickering and strife among
church members, Uten User? is a great
aced for a God -sent, heaven t bert
revival. Why. totee of you professing
Christians here la Anderson, never
ask crave ?t the tobie; neither dote
a hog. No woader we have fol so
many little rabbit faced, fe hoon ar
ti ead ed, cigarette sucking, pool room
fiends In Anderson, that can't be
reached with th? goopel ol' the Lord
Jetes Christ. No wonder ice have
got so many little friskily h?aded
flips, that haven't sprouted long
drosses, that kucw more devilment
than their grandmothers, when you
cb.urch members are such dirt? trait
art* and are so false to thtf- vow?
that >ou made at the altar. Oh, you
hay? got to admit that the devil has
get jfi^ylfe?ttrf^Afp.1' the ch.:. '
than Jeana Christ has, when ?orne
cheap Skate circus or dirty les ?how
will get a higher crowd than any
church prayer meettnt
ih# evaneelifif rae*
devtlle baot ambasttag a*
Under Your Hat
"-A mao. paya for whatever he seta,
In this world. ' A wise man gets what
ho paya for. A man who pays and
doesn't get, ls the other kind ol a
man,-and, there are plenty like him."
Thevoet had threemenin mind
First tl\je man who goes to a Clothing
Store ejecting to get more than he pays
for. Heigets left. Second, the maji .
who, spending his good money, doestft
get value reagived. He gets to the. wroaj
store. Third, the man who, thinkin
economize, "saves" the pric? of a n
Suit, and pays for it just the same in Ufss
of comfort*, satisfaction and self-respffit.
He gets another think.
Of course none of these mei* lfve
herc- But, if you should ever meet
a man, you'll know just what to tell mm,
and how to direct him here,-to a store where he'll always get
the most for his,mohey. It's a good thing to remember.
AU the Latest Models
$10, $15, $18, $20, $26
Parker W Bo lt
The One-Price Clothiers
town, by a dirty gang that care no
more for the souls bf humanity than
a creature of the brute world would.
But to perdition with your opposition.
That le often-God's time to work,
when tho black winged imp? and
pimps'1 of hell- cometh in Uko. a flood,
then the Lord lifts * up a sta-/Jard
against him. Let hell boll over aa it
will, and: spew, out as many devils as
there are grains of sand In tho street,
if lt will only, drive the Christians to
?God in prayor.
Greatly Benefited by Chamberlain's
i *T hare used Chamberlain's Lini
ment for sprains, brufsea and rheu
matic paine, and the great benefit I
have received JuBtiflea my reconi
mendlng it ini the- highest : terms,"
writes Mrs. Florence Slife, Wabash,
Ind. If you ara troubled wj(ta rheu
matic patna you will certainly be
pleased with the prompt rc-liei which
I Chamberlain's .Liniment affords. Ob
tainable everywhere..
Trees Come ?>o wn, ,\ ;
. The oak trees havo bean removed
from In front of tho Richardson-Block
on 'Main street, allowing Old Sol to
get a peep at tho usually damp -Spot
heretofore sheltered b ythetr thick
foliage.-Summerville, Advertised.
' A Ristafc* Sade by ?any.
Don't wtk.it ti? rtununaUian tn Uw?
cate diseased kidneys. Wlr^a you shf?
ter pains and aches by day and sleep
disturbing bladder weakness .by night,
feel tired, nervous and run down, the
kidneys and Madder should be re
Istored to healthy, strong and regular
action, lt f? * mistaka fia postpone
treatmoht. Foley Kidney Pltta^ttnt
the kidneys la aoed. heithr condition
and keep them active and strong. Be? j
gin taking today. Geou resulCt fol
low the frat dose. Evans Pharmacy.
j Mrs. C. B. Maret
i Towcville after a *ii
i the city.
Aflderson, S. C
was like
estfield, Hm
and had another Professor Lewis B. Allyn, of Pu* Food Came,
he would havo to, "hand it to ns" cn the eieanfeess of this |
Grocery and Meat Market, I
Ve go to considerable troublo and expense to safeluard the food
yoa get hore, especially through the heated term; but wo charge
no mora tor thia than others who do not take suth precautions
Think this ov*r; it *-y?uis much to you.

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