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Bat Wiag Tie^
They're taking the
country by storm.
Neat polka dot hows
and attractive four m
hands will lend a
sprightly touch to any
man's appearance.
means an Umbrella at
home and another itt
youmplace o f business
T. L. Cely ?
Will Have Great Profit Sharing
' Featara and Those W?o B?y
Quick WOJ Save Money,
in this issue of The Intelligencer
?here appears a fail page ad gt the
I-.'orth Anderson evelopment company
that ii" worthy of a Henry Ford or
some other great captain of nuance \
' and Industry.
The promoters of this suburban r*al j
estate addition to Anderson first bi- j
vested their money, Improved the pro- .
perty, sold the lots just as they could,
built hornee' ?or some,.' and took all
the rick of making a profit or loslnc |
their investment and now 'when sm -
cess is assured, they come out with
B'^.-Very liberal co-operative plan of di
m. vIQing . their profits with the par
chasers ot the frat seventy-five lots.
They take th? public Into their con
fidence', and tell them that by an
actual audit of their buslo ess for the
I year of 1014 they chared over ten
I 'thousand dollars, and offer those who
I tn0 Aeceraarr nerve and fore
sight to purchase;lots (up to the first
I .ajftnty-flve) tweufy per Cent of tho
net profits of the'company for the.
? firai year ead ten per cent for the
next two years thereafter. Thia not I
? ;dfly includes tho profits from tho j
sale of lots, but also *rpTu the balldihg'1
and Belling of homes erected and:
sold at a profit too. ;
Thespian is'\??t only a very liberal
one, but abie ari ingenious one also!.'
They- make lt co-operative In .everjr
sense of the word. They make lt well
worth while fer the Investor to buy
now, In th? fact that they will pay
him A bigger*; ~r cent ot the twenty
,pe'r. cent of th s profits that they will
divide with their patrons that they
will the' buyers who Wait until th?
nest menth or the oce. thereafter, or
sUll later. This will .prove a very
?t ron g incentive tb the' mao or wo*
man who has iult?itrve/ or those who
study a proposition, over and decide
quickly to take lt.. Then again they
have madB the" terms BO that almos*
every or.? can take advantage of this
mpst liberal offer irt a real- estate
proposition of known.,worth.
What you would net y.isb dona .it?
y urself do not do unto others.
Ghlneac. ''?-*
. ,A BODY.
Many Stated Last Night That Ser/
mon WAS Best Yet Preached
--Interest Growing.
There were.-a total of 2t)2 profes
sions of conversion in Anderson yes
terday as the result or the Mc
LeadoQ, meeting. IS at the morning
service and. 186 last night.
jphs members of -the two Bible
classes at St. John's Methodist church
ellenden" last night in a body ?nd it
was estimated that the number, of men
In {hese two classes who were present
was som-iiing like 250. The mem
bers of, Ja? Barraca class'at the First
eapt'it Vuurcb also attended in body
and sat in the choir.
The sermon last night was one ol',
if not tho best yet preached hy the'
evangelist, and the number or con
version n ; outnumber - that of any ono
service except that oo last Sunday
last evening . et 7. o'cloek people
were seen going to the tent, some
walking $nd others in automobiles
and baggies,, coming' from different
sections of Uto "fcotmty. The people
went to go early' ip order that they
may get a seat ? aside of the tent and
If-the ?r?wds continue to increase, in.
humber, no doubt many will start s
?IWpt dea^ earlier than they have
for the past few night, when now
they go an hour and a half ahead or
"The subject, of my. sermon tonight
is, "Will dod Excuse, yptt?" Over In
tie? 14th chapter of Luke our Lord
sets forth the manner in which God's
invitation of-Iovs, grace and mercy
would -be received, ?nd that is precise
ly the way In which God'*5 Invitation .
ot people in Ahderson tonight. Tho
Lord In this nara Ola gives three: illus
trated excuses and asaolv ene- of these
three, excuses ia j?erf?ctly' absurd.
Arid that i* th?,point of I*. Jesus
wants us to see bow absurd and .ille
gitimate are all the excuses moa
make for not coming to God.
The finit man said that he had
bought a piece of ground and must
need go .and see it. That sounds all
right at the first hearing and looks
rai<ooai at the first glance but when
you look at lt, how absurd it IB. If
he had already bought the gronn?,
there waa no mah for him to go and
look-?t it, and if he h?d baan a KCU
boiight lt. And no ono has ever board,
ot a fellow going out after, supper |
time in the night to see land.
"Then the r-econd said that he
had bought fiv? yoke of oxen and
t'jat he had to go and provo .hem. lie
oijght to havfc proved them befora
ho bought them and day time Is betPj
ter to prove oxen than night timo.]
"Thh third excuse. ts the jj;ost Jool
lah of all.. He Just came righi ohk
ab;, aald that he had marrieti a wire
and therefore could not.some. life
ought to have bron)p8S*bla- wife ww?
him. 'cause women always like to /go
to feasts and fonctions and. fcanec
foiward today for ?ot; coming to
Chrltit and show you tbs utlar abaur
sey that- there ts. too much to give
ul?. Well l do hot mean to say thst,
thore^ la nothing to give up if you
cou?>: to God. I sever knew anyone'
to come to tho'Lord Jeans Christ'
that did not have to do a lot of giv
ing itp and sloughing off. The drunk:
?rd, has to stop hitting the. booie,-one
what Christ ittvv un ior us. 'li? left
heaven and ?U i tia ?lorie? and cann
I to earth with all it? abfctn>. He ?tl
the songs of arch angels and Che an
geln and cherubims and seraphim* 4*4
came down her? toth|3 o?d ala-curs
ed, dcvilrpo.Huled. Oodforgotten
world and hung ou the cross withfj
the spikes in bbl hand? and the aatlsjj
In his feet and a crown of thorns oe
bis brow to open up a pian of redemp
tion for you and roe- Don't you see
that we are traitor?, renegades and
ingrates when we talk about what wc
gave up . ipr .Jesus Christ whw wc
think of what; ??-e gayo pp'for ?5.
"Another man sagB.that he would
like to bc hut that he b
too great a sinner to coma- to Christ.
Well, I belier* sorue people make thal
cacase honest' 1 ?eve'there in
men who bavojiard^ued ibeir hearts
and trampled on their blood and
grieved the.apirH ?iat when they look
ba?\k over th?. :at they bav?
traveled they Aay. it ?is no use I an;
too far gone. But, brother, thc on?
that w??? <??. rainboaLjnto a scan
and wrapped it t>rounu^Sw- shoulders
bf the dying ?torm said, "Com?, now
and let us reaaoa together, thougfc
your sins be aa scarfe!, they shall b<
aa ?white as enpw. Though they tx
rod like crimson, they shall bo a*
Wool. I do not care how debauched
and bow degraded and how devilish
you are, and deep down hi the quag
mires of filth and cesa pools of ini
quity you have sunken. God says to
you, 'I have come to save the chief
W??F^9^^!^^? YOU *AY I?AT YOU
'fjMwnAJrWjfr ont ir you come; since
? ta ve been a minister, I have had
the privilege of marrying several cou
ples. Suppose about the time that I
naked the grooia If he would takt this
woman .to be his wK? he had enid,
5Mac?. I nift afraid tVo't I canuot hold
ont.'. God d^a^not. ask you to hold
out. holding'ouV ta n?t your business,
that I? tho business of the I-iord Jesus
Cbrfst. Jude 24:'?..No mah is able to
hold out in his own strength, but no
man is so weak that Jesus Christ can
not k>?p hi mann give him his sus
taining, grave and his preventing
grane. Some of you are old and de
crepit and you"haye resisted the ap
peals of the Patlrtr- oud o? the Son
and or the l?ply ?hoat; ' you hove re
sisted the appeal*.of th? Bible, the
church, ,of your, feolher and father.
Yon have resisted all of the tender
pathetic ^oftsiicgs of calvary and the
warnings-** 'j$?at*ato?rWhen you want
to,, you can come to ?od end be abie !
to resist the devi! by. i be sato? will.
baa made rest
.ind signed ph
all bnt one a
Into the ' hand
??rico thiuL day
after an
is Chrbn and
1 bani to hold
I ?ord
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? li
jjLed to bli Idol., let bim alone. ? ? ? ? ? * * * . ? . ..??*??? ? ? **?*?*?
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? and 60 cents. vereity. They were joined at Oreen- a ?bow room and the rpar for tho
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Ith Distinctive Features in th?
Education of Worner
E" * g? ? f? V Ingall classes, with close personal attention to the needs,of eac^stuu?
S & ? fiyrteen teachers, with accommodation in the dormitories for only 1
^sssss?sssssssi Indents.
iftcial attention to the health and physical development of tne stude
.^Bhpus of 32 acres. Basketball and Tennis Courts. Gymnasium. S"
ll? training in all suitable outdoor games and sports.
-operative government, by which students, under,careful direction,:1;
?Kasel and encouraged to govern themselves in alt matters pertaining
*k* home life in the College.
the control of the Baptist denomination, but is absolutely i
study leading to the degree ot ?. B.
e Department of Music/ ; . V \ "'"fiS?
om?stic Science and Domestic ?rt. V '?'
has been made in the cost of attendance. The prices are low
?nt economic demands, and high enough to ensure care and safety
aughter. f :
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f S* Cs*
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