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sla ai this time would bc lb? forcing
of the Dardanellen, it is possible < <.
elites may'com bine both in tie- mig
; !. .1 attempt.
The Italian ropurt some prog rons
In Ibo iiiouutnlns IMSI ol Trentino.
French Cain.
London, July ly. Carls reports two
German al in ks both of which wi re *
repulsed. One was in tho vicinity of
Bouchez, the oilier in the region of
Bt. I lu her Ll II lu iii*' Argonne. There f
were only outpost encounters in lor
raine ami artillery play lu Belgium.
Dardanelles LOHHI'K.
Loudon, July lil Th? tutu! caaUl*
.ties of the allied Dardanelles expedi
tionary forc?s tu killed, wounded
and missing has been 12,1'JI nllleers '
end men. Premier Asquith told the :
house of conimons toduy that ilils In- I
eludes bo4h tin* naval and military I
Austrian Aeroplane drought Down i
Home, July 19.-An Austrian 1
aeroplane Which bombarded Hurl yes
terday was st ruck by rifle lire on its
wuy back to Hs base ami fell into
the sea of llurlolta, according to an
official st.id uienl of thu war olllcu last
night. The uenrplniic and two Aus
trian officers were captured.
And Bc Free From Her Troubles,
bot Finds Better Way.
Columbia, Tenn.-"Many a time,'?
Kays Mrs. jessie Sharp, of this place,
"i wished f would die and be relieved
Ol my buttering, from womanly troubles.
I could not eel up, without-pulling al
somclhinc to> help mc, and stayed in oed
most of inc time. 1 could not do my
The least amount of work tired me
Out. My head would swim, and 1 would
tremble for an hour or more. Finally. 1
look Cardui, the woman's tonic, and I
am not bothered willi pains any more,
and 1 don't heve to go to bcd. In fact,
I am sound and well of all my troubles."
Cardui goes to ali the weak spots and
helps to make them strong, lt acts with
nature-not against her. It is for the
tired, nervous, irritable women, who feel
as if everything were wrong, and need
something to quiet their nerves and
strengthen the worn-out system.
If you are a woman, suffering from any
of the numerous symptoms of womanly
trouble, take CarduL lt will help you.
- At all druggists.
Write fr: Chattanooga Medicina Co.. Ladies'
Advisory Dem., Chattanooga. Tena, for Stttiai
InttrmUtnt on your cake ana 84 page book. "Home
Treatment lor Women." tn plain wrapper. N.C IS!
-Mr. Squeegee
"There are some motorists who
seem to expert tire trouble-think
that, like muasles, you've got to
have 'em.
I Prescribe
. \ *",,<."," TTDUC
10 0 , A T T E N Li E D
-jeting Was Composed Mostly of
Men From Brogon and Equi
nox Mills.
Last ni?ii! operatives from thc
v|ii1m>x and llroRon Mills, iiuinboriiiK
inna IOU, mel in iii? county rou-t
louse for tin' purpose of orguiiizinjr. a
abor union.
A reporter of thc Intelligencer went
o tho roar' hoiiKO ti? attend thc mont
ng hut could liol Kai admittance. For
OHIO thin' in* was not allowed ou
ranee to tin' lobby but finally hi- was
dtniltod there hut artur tin- man at
he door conferred with committees
bout Ihren or four times, lt was de
nied that IK- not IK- allowed at the
joel lng.
Tho door niau said that, several bus
in ss men of the city, Including tow
ers and bankers had tried to attend
nc meeting hut weft! not allowed to
p HO. lt was stated that in one in
tance it seemed that force was go
iK to he used in ejecting one tuan.
/The reporter tried to get In for inn
Ion from sollie of the men who hail
ttended the meeting but, they post
[rely refused lo talk.
Front what could he gathered a maa
rom Groonvlllc came to Anderson lust
ight to organise the labor union and
: was organised. Quite a number,
ls suld Joined. The court room was
0 warm thal many were unable to
tnv for tho entire meeting and they
)ft a'boue' S tf?loVk.
Later the meeting was Mire wu open
1 tho public, when several little talks
'ere made along .labor union lines.
Later Inst eight Mr. W. W. Mat
liows, an organizer from Greenville,
tatod r ..it u ? bram li of the United
'extlle Workers. Amorlcan Federation
f I^uhor was organized with a mein
ershlp of :i!?4.
The union In this city will now ap
ir for ii'charter and after lt ls grant
d nnothor meeting will be held.
AI THE sono?
ind Anderson is Now Tied up
With the Southern Power Co.
Which Has Many Stations.
Anderson ls uow tied up with tho
?lg circuit of the Southern Power
oiupuny. tho.connections at tho suh
tntlon lu this city having been made
Saturday afternoon. lt was stated
esterday that all of thc connections
ad not yet been made hut everything
rould be finished thta week.
The Southern Power company has
. net work ot wires extending over va
lous sections of North and South Car
dion. Georgia and Tennessee. The
on nert inn" in this city means that An*
lemon ls now In the circuit.
?.minn und McNeil Potent Enter thc
Greentillle, July 19.-Ijnst evening
Jordon Potent and 10. M. Poteat, Jr .
trere ordained aa llaptlst ministers at
he First ua'pflSt church. Hoth young
nen ere sons of Dr. 15. M. Potent,
iresident of Fiirmau University. Gor
lon, the older of the two young nun
viii leave for China us u missionary
arly this fall and the younger will
;o to Africa as a missionary, also os
oon as lils preparation ,is complete.
Tho address to the candidates was
lollvered by .Hr. Quick, pastor of thc
first HapUst caurch and the ordlna
lon pricer, offeted by Dr. Cody. The
ervices iverb unirsusl ;fn lmpresslve
tesB owing to the favt that the father
if the. two young ministers preached
he ordination sermon.
Both young men havo lived In
Greenville for a number of yoars and
ire well known here, lloth are grail
l?tes of Furman University und the
laptlst Theological Seminary at
louisville. Kentu.-ky.
W pfi
TTZv'make* sore, burning, tired feet
Fairly dance with delight. Away gc tho
tc li es and pain?, thc corns, callouses,
diatom and bunions.
"TIZ" draws
out thc acida and
po ?on? that puff
up your feet. No
matter how hard
you work, how
long you dence,
how jar you
walk or how long
you remain on
your feet, "TTZ"
brings restful
?foot comfort.
"TIZ" ls won
derful for tired,
lifting, ?wollen, ?marting feet. Your feet
mt tingle tot joy i allocs never hurt ot
crt a"a? astt^sWsfr?i?fr
v dnnrgiat or department store. Ka
->t torture forever-wear smaller ?Inn*
...p your feet iraak, rveat and happy.
i j
I Personal t
+ t
+ +
Mitta .Mamie Ita'upoy is spending a
few da...; m Greenwood.
Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Tomiilctou
motored lo I loudcrsonvlllu Sunday.
.">!r. Hubert Farmer of Caineaviliu,
.'.a., spent Sunday lu tho ci'y with
Mr. K. <'. Kling left yesterday ar
ternooti for Chicago. Ul., and St.
Louis, MO., where Ho will spend uev
eral days.
Mr. Thomas Campbell left ycstcr
luy for chicago. 111., wboro he will
ike his home in tile future.
Mr. Joe J. Galley of Iva was a luis
.ss visitor in the <*iiy yesterday.
Mr. and Mrs. Orr Shirley and .Miss
lizabeth Henry of Hart'.veil. Qa.,
K UI Sunday in Anderson.
Ainoni; those in Anderson yesterday
from TownvlUe were: Mr. and Mrs.
T. Hunt. Misses Ellen Hunt. (Jra
aud Eula Compton and M "8. Theo
Mr. Clay Mahaffuy <rf TownvlUe rs
Biting friends in Anderson.
Mr. Kv; :is Hunt ot TownvlUe pnss
t li rough Anderson yesterday on his
iy to Greenwood.
Mr. and Mrs. C. S. Sullivan and
nighters. Misses Dorothy und Emily
Su 11 i va ii spent the v. ok-end in lue
mountains. Their sou. Mr. Charles
Sullivan, Jr., also went with thcui and
ill remain up there for a few ?laya.
Mr. Mit Nicholson of near While
Water Falls is spending a few days
Uh his nephew, Mr. It. E. Nichol
Master Teni Halley has returned tu
artwell. Ga., after visiting friends
ure for several days.
Mr. and Mrs Walter H. Heese and
r. Henry ll. Harper visited in Hart
ell Sunday.
Dr. F. 1). Snugs and Mr. J. T. 1
adden spent Sunday in Piedmont. ?
Mr. O. Ii. van Wyck of Green
ville was a business visitor in the
itv yesterday.
Miss Until Keese ls visiting in Hart
well. Ga.
Mr. J. H. Harper spent Sunday In
?reen wood.
Miss Fannie Harper has returned to
lloma Path arter visiting in Ander
Miss Eva Mitchell baa returned to
her home in Anderson after spending
i week in Williamston.
Miss Mary Nixon ia visiting friends
ii Williamston.
Miss Kate Sharpe and Anni.. Cox
havo gone to Atlanta and Macon, G.a.
Mrs. E. H. Dedcnbnugh <>r Ul.r?
ta. Ga., ia the guest of Mr.?. il. fix.
Miss Eubnnk Taylor and Miarra
Elizabeth Wilmer and Lucia Hi
have gone to Ruckorsvlllo, Ga., to
spend a few days.
Messrs. Joe NorriBs ?nd Vernon
Kay' left yesterday for thc raotritaina
of North Carolina.
Messrs. W. P. Wright. U. TV H<i.
derson and J. M. 'Cathcart have gone
to the mountains to spend a wi .. I: nn
a camping trin.
Miss Sallie Shirley of Pledrrio* I In
the gmsst of Mrs. C. ll. Blackston
on muckley street.
Mrs. J. A. Armann and MIBB Geor
gia Easingheart. of M?ltalo, N. Y..
are the guests of Mrs. P. P. robert
son. They will be In Anderson about
n month.
Messrs. Jumes Kemmtnger and
Marlon Andrews of Wilmington nm
visiting tn the city for a few days.
Sage Tea Darkens
Hair to Any Shade
Don't Stay Gray! Here's an
Old-time Recipe That Any*
body Can Apply.
j The use of Sage and Sulphur for
restoring faded, gray hair to its nut- j
ural color daten gack to grandmoth
er's time. Shp used to Weep her hair
beautifully datk. glossy and abun
dant. Whenever her hair fell out or
tock on that dull, faded or streaked
/appearance, this simple mix: ure waa
applied with wonderful effect.
But brewing at home is mussy and
out-of-date. . Nowadays by asking at
any drug store for a ."io cent bottle of
'.Wyeth's Sage and Sulphur Com
pound," you will get this famous old
recipe which can be depended upon to
reatare natural color and beauty to
the hft'.r and ia splendid-for dandruff,
dry. feverish, itchy, scalp and falling
A well-Known downtown druggist
says lt darkens tho hair so naturally
und evenly that nobody caa tell lt has
been applied. You simply dampen a
sponge or soft bruah wlt# lt and draw
thia through .your hatr,. taking .ehe
strand at a time. By morning tho
jrray: ha*r disappears, and after an
other application or two, lt becomes
beautifully dark, flossy, soft and abun
Manager Pinkaton Has Put on Es
pecially Good Show and Peo
ple Show Their Appreciation
A full hons*.* waa at tho Palmetto j
yesterday afternoon ia witacas fas
first vaudeville1 thai has appeared In
au Anderson theatre lu five weeks.
The votes cast ni tho recent vaude
ville contest showed that people boro
wanted lt and Manager Plnkston suc
c< eded In setting u Pim class com
pany this week.
The play yesterday afternoon was
??.Ile I 'Joyville Limited," a delightful
musical comedy thal kent thu au
dience In an uproar of laughter. The
costumes were extremely good as were
also tho sconlc effects. The jokes
were witty ajsd'the arti-v? of the ac
tors and uetrosses was far above thc
The persone) of the company In
this play was ns following : Miss Isa
he! Van, a m?rttarncal doll. Jack Van,
conductor of the Joyville Limited; Mr.
Long, mannger of stock company un
the train; Miss Minnie Jenkins, high
class ballet dancer and ballal singer;
Mr. Wade, porter on the Joyville
All Of Che girls are good looking
and tin y are backe,I un by good come
dians. That Manager Plnkston will
??ave a tull house at the Pulnictto this
week goes without saying.
This morning at 7 o'clock a special
Pullman train leaves for Spartauburg,
taking Anderson people there to at
tend Ute Bible class federation. Mr.
W. M. Archer ls in charge of the
train, returning Iho train will leave
after the night services.
The people w'ao are attending are
uot composed merely of members of
th0 Wesley IJtble class at St. John's
Methodist churjeh, hut also of many of
the other Sunday school pupils In thc
The train' Is composed of six steel
:oaches and lt ls expected that it will
?any u full load.
Best thing for constipation, sour
stomach. !azy liver and sluggish bowr
els. Stops a sick headache almost nt
".ce. Gives a most thorough and sat
isfactory Mushing-no pain, no nau
sea. Keeps your syBtem cleansed,
sweet and wholesome.-lt. H. Wolh
r-cht, Salt Lake City, Utah, writes: "I
lind Cltrolax the best laxltlve I ever
used. Does not mini-no unpleasant
nftor-e.ffects." KvanB' Pharmacy.
Phone 37.
.Miss Lavinia Kinari! has gone to
Charleston to visit, frionas.
Palmetto Chapter.
The Palmetto chapter. II. 1> C..
will meet this afternoon at five-thirty
with Mrs. K. P. Yandi ver.
Mrs. Lewis Meng has issued invita
tions to tito marriage of her daughter,
Kmily Bernice to Mr. Barney Lewis
Jones on Wednesday morning, August
4th, at half past ten o'clock, First
Methodist church, Lauruna, S. C.
Mrs. J. B. Marshall has gone to
Asheville for a visit to Mr. and Mrs.
Zclglcr Marshall.
Mrs. H. II. Coney of St. George,
S. C., and her daughter, Mrs. C. P.
MUls of Charleston, S. C.. accom
panied hy her two children are visltt
lng Mrs. C. Gadsden Sayre on Sayre
street. Mrs. Mills will he remember
ed aB Miss Beatrice Coney and is u
sister of Mrs. Sayre's.
Mis- Marion Wilcox of Elberton ls
visiting her grandmother, Mrs. G. F.
Mis. Minnie Derienx of Columbia ia
the attractive guest of Miss Annie
Miss Mamie Pompey left yesterday
for a visit to Greenwood.
Mrs. R. E. McDonald of Huntsville.
N. C., is visiting her mother, Mrs.
W. H. Glenn.
Miss Marion Wilcox, of Elberton,
Ga., is visiting her grandmother, Mrs.
G. F. Tolly.
(?rave Words.
(Minneapolis Journal.)
By no stretch of thc terni could The
Hilcago Tribune be ealled a jingo
?ewspaper. Of course, in tho view of
the extreme pacifist, any person or
l>aper that ?loes not object to seeing
the United States slip into the inert
ind helpless condition of China is
preaching Jingoism. But when the
largest newspaper in the second Amer
ican city speaks out its mind, und
what has lain more or less lutent in
he minds of countless American cit
izens, vpn** the subject of our relu
.ions to Mexico it win not do to dis
iiiBs tho ir.attcr by calling it jingoism.
Fro?n an editorial article entitled
'Timo to Act in Mexico" we select
his passage:
So long as the balance of power in
Europe was doing what it was intend
ed to do ; ?nd . wasi preserving tho
jeace. we had a free and with Moxi
10. We shall not have, a free hand if
in European dplomacy lt be consid
ered expedient to meet the importuni
ties of some enation insisting upon
greater spoils by offering Mexico as a
leid of development.
Croat sums of European capital nre
nvested in Mexico and the proporty
.vhicli represents the mop? y is boitig
lestroyed. A collector may appear
Greenville W(
Greenville, S
imparting the Knowledge, 1
of Perfect I
No Southern Institution affords youm
broad, lllinral education tlian does ttl? (!r?M
BVery way to train Ila .students lor Uvea <>f I
equipment, "acuity, <?.??:.i .-?!?!;.. ?md c
willi pressai ?lay requirements.
Administration, Instruction and dorn
modera linea. Tor cnnycnlont. comfortable
rooms, twenty llvo i>latio practice room , la
willi well tn|iilpiiert laJwratAIloa, dining PM
t?.r?nn. improved heating niant, dairy furn
Htiuicms* moma furnished with the Uurto an
grounds affording full opportunities fur om
Entrance requirement'? upon 14-unit
n. A.. ii. L. and M. A. degrees. Literature,
training in Domestic Science. Butin??* Ct
Thorough courses Icadimr todlploma;
Art. Exprt-ttion, Phyical Culture, Kindel
I-ocated In ona of thc most hrallli
Cl.ri stlan teachings und Influences. Kind!
Tho Institution niuis to afton! tho ue;?
minimum cost. For Catalogue iddress
^^n^^^. RAMSAV^P. P., Prc
nd Mcxco cannot pay. That could be
sod as a reason for intervention with
view to occupation and administra
The possibility Is one which the
rnited States cannot Ignore or dismiss
ontemptuously-not In this year of
..rath which has made facts out of
mtastic impossibilities'.
What gives President Wilson's pol
;y Its dangerous turn is that it lu
?tes such an invasion of thc North
merlcan continent. It permits tho
xeuso for Interference to continue,
t will eud In making a good, sound
ause for European intervention out
f a pretext.
Tltuv; words nro grave under any
Ircumstonces, but when H is realized
li?t they are addressed to tho peo
le of a i country as grossly unprc
arcd as ?3 thc United Strtes the
'ords become exceedingly grave,
lither the views expressed are sound
r they are not sound. No one per
in or Bet of persons can know what
du exact truth is In this world or
hat the future hoId3 in store for us,
nd that being the case the best we
in tin jg to ruasoii to'fothor.
?mans College
outh Carolina
deals and Accomplisfimentl
: wotnoti moro comploto advantages for a
. ii v ilio WOIIIHH'H Cufteca. lt la prepared tn
im fallest efficlooey and rKpuffstblllty. lu
..iltur .1 Influence* arc entirely lu biumour
illcry buildings equipped atong the most
Ht? anit efficient. work. Seventeen clnss
rgo library, six parlors, science, deparltneut
? III !iMllllK30O. kitchen turill lie,i at cost nf
i .I-1 M . r mi ahiindauce. or pure, rich milk:
ul completeness or a good hotel. Athletic
'.-door sporu and exercises.
6tj??f. 111 ir lt standard courses loading* to
, l.auguagn!. Science?. Valuable practical
?ra*. I-.nil II:: to diploma,
lin Conservator* of Music, departments of
rtarten. Normal Training Coarsm.
ly eitles in America. Keflned associates,
y, constructivo discipline,
it educational advantages obtainable at a
ito today for a testing bottle of 0
s most famous perfume, every drop as sweet
blossom. For handkerchief, atomizer and bath,
aving- AU thc value islnthopsrfumc-youdon't
a taney bettie. Thc quality ls wonderful. The
:. (6 ?z.). Send 4c. for tba little botUs-cnough
errbMs- Write today.
URIE ED. PU.'AUD, Department M.
If the war is developing an epoch
of aggressive militarism The Tribuno
is absolutely right in holding that it ls
dangerous for us supinely to permit
Mexico's chaotic condition to endanger
our own security, let alone the main
tenance of the Monroe doctrine. With
a world war going on we cannot sbut
our eyes and pretend that we live in
an agc when war has become obsolete.
That ia sheer madness.
There ls now neither Beeret nor
sham about the ends and the aims of
the war. It is being waged for world
trade, foreign possessions, and ex
pansion of the spheres of empire.
That being tho caso, Mexico is un
doubtedly a hold of wealth and re
sources aa untapped as that of China.
Wc know wha'. has happened and is
likely to happen to China. And-judg
ing by that example, may we not pre
sume that a similar fate awaits Mexi
co? Accepting this premise, are we to
allow ourselves to pursue a policy of
careless drifting, untii wo awake and
find wo are too late to defend our
right on this' continent? Tho ques
tion is, indeed, worthy of grave and
ceaseless consideration.
A College With Distinctive Features in the
Education of Women :
First :
Second :
Third :
Small classes, with close personal attention to the needs of each student.;
Fourteen teachers, with accommodation in the dormitories for only 100
Special attention to the health and physical development of the student.
Campus of 32 acres. Basketball and Tennis Courts. Gymnasium. Spe
cial training in all suitable outdoor games and sports.
Cooperative government, by which students, under careful direction, are
aided and encouraged to govern themselves in all matters pertaining to
? ? the home life in the College.
The College is under the control of the Baptist denomination, but is absolutely non- j
sectarian in teaching.
r A standard course of study leading to the degree of A. B.
An exceptionally fine Department of Music.
Excellent courses in Domestic Science and Domestic Art.
A material reduction has been made In the cost of attendance. The prices are low
enough to meets the present economic demands, and high enough to ensure care and safety
in the education of your daughter.
t \
Send for New Catalogue to
JAMES P. K?NARD, President

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