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Iron a fresh Shirt Waist, or a Shirt the
hottest day of summer with an Electric
Iron, with an Electric Fan turned on you,
and still you're as fresh as a daisy ?. nd cool
as a cucumber.
Southern Public Utilities Co.
Phone 223.
Photo Taken of Suicide's Daughter While
He Was Shooting Himself to Death.
Daniel Leroy Prefer.
V At the moment Dani'l Leroy
Dresser, the spectacular financier of
Nsw York City and relative of the
Vanderbllts and other prominent
familles, was shooting 'himt'lt to
death in the fraternity house of the
{Delta Psi of columbia University)
Saturday afternoon, his daughter, Miss
' Susan Fish Dresser, waa 'being photo
graphed at the Southampton, Long
?Island dog show. Many society
people had congregated there to look
at the prise dogs and 'Miss Drescr,
daughter of the financier by his fir.-1
wife, who was separated from him,
'.Was among their* enjoying herself.
'The father she himself at about 2
o'clock in the afternoon, and (his
body lay In the parlor of the club
Shouse for several hours be foro it waa
Dresser was a relative of the Van
derbllts, and descendant of an old
New York family which has figured
ia New York and Newport society for
more than a generation. He left a
bride of six months to mourn him,
.'and four sisters, Mrs. George W.
Vanderbilt of New York, Mrs. John
Nicholas Brown ot Newport, thee
Husan Fish Dresser.
Counite_c d'Osmay of Paris, and the
wife of the dRiev. George Grenville
Merrill of Tuxedo.
Later his wife obtained a divorce
and was given custody of the two
children, one of whom was Susan
Fish Dresser, whose photograph ia
shown here.
Mr. J. E. Breazeale Reelected
Moderator and Rev. W. W.
Leathers Clerk.
Tho Saluda association oponed Its
113th annnual meeting, at starr yes
terday morning with an unusually
larg - attendance. Devotional ser
vices were held at 10:30 a. m., af
ter which Kev. F. L. Smith ?>f Pen
dleton preached the ainual introduc
tory Hermon.
Mr. John E. Breazeale then called
tho meeting to order and organiza
tion was perfected. Mr. Breazeale
wa? re-elected moderator and Rev.
W. W. l^tithers was re-elected
olork. The F"V. Edward S. Beeves
of Monea Path, chairman of tue com
mittee on the order of business, real
tho program and it was adopted.
This was followed by several an
nouncements and tho Introduction of
visitors. Reports on religious lit
erature wore then hoard, after which
a recess for dinner was taken.
Afternoon Session.
The mo " Inn was called to order
again at 2 o'clock In the afternoon
and aftor devotional services. Dr.
Jones, secretary of tin? State Baptist
Educational Board, delivered a very
able address on "/Christian Educa
Ho was followed by Dr. C. M.
Burts who spoke about Kile Baptist
hospital in Columbia. Dr. Butts is
pastor of thc First Baptist church tn
Columbia and lils address was splen
Afterwards tho reports on tho Sun
day schools in the association were
Sieurd und short speeches wore made
by Dr. Reaves. Br. A. L. Smethers
and l'icv?. Kugeley.
Thc program for Che meeting today
Is as follows:
9:30-Devotional service.
9:45-Miscellaneous business.
10-Report on state missions.
Report on foreign missions.
12?-report on ministerial educa
12:SO-Adjournment for dinner.
2- -Devotional service.
2:15-'Report on temperance.
3- Report on education.
3:15-Miscellaneous business.
Good Boles For Peddlers.
In the current Issue of Farm and
Fireside appears the remarkable story
of a family Just outside of Boulder,
Colorado, which ls making a fine liv
ing from five acres. The woman or
tho family takes the vegetables into
Boulder and peddles them among her
customers. The name of the family
is Reeks, and Miss Esther Reeks, who
dos tho 'peddling, glveB the following
rules for work of this kind:
"I, carry nothing 'but good goods.
Have them carefully washed, arrang
ed, and graded.
"2. Always meet customers smiling
ly and courteously; never get out of
humor; look for the bright side of
every experience, and the interesting
and ainushiK things about the wm-ir
We Should Drink Lots of Water and Eat Less A Meat, Says
Noted Authority on Kidney Disorders
econtinends a Spoonful of lad Salts In Glass of Wafer Before
Breakfast to Stimulate Kidneys, and Eliminate
the liri! Acid
Uric ?cid tn me*.., excites the kidneys, they
tac?me overworked, get sluggish, ache, ?lid feel
like htmps of lead. The urine becomes cloudy,
the bladder is irritated, and yoi? may bc obliged
to seek relief two or three times during the night.
When the kidneys clog you must help them flush
off tho body's urinous waste cr you'll be u real
sack person shortly. At first you feel a dull
misery in tho kidney regi?n, you suffer from
backache, sick headache, dizziness, stomach gets
?our, tongue coated and you feel rheumatic
twinges when the u rn thor ts bad. ?
?. Eat han meat, dripie tots of water; also get
sfaiTTmstMsi. fmtr ounces of JV.d Salt*;
% glass of water before
breakfast for a few days Bud your kidneys will
then net fine. This famous salts is made from
thc acid of grapes and lemon juice, combined
with lithia, and has been used for generations
to clean clogged kidneys and stimulate them
to normal activity? also to neutralize tho acids
in urine, so it no longer ts a source of irritation,
thu* ending bladder weakness.
Jad Salts is inexpensive, cannot injure, makes
a delightful effervescent lithia-watcr drink which
everyone should take now" and then to ket p thc
kidneys clean and active. Druggists here say
they sell lots of Jad Salts to folks who believe in
overcoming kidney trouble while it is only
trouble. .
Nourishing Plants and Cven Insects
Capable of Sustaining Life, at
a Pine*.
According to aotne reports great In
genuity In the UBe of scientific knowl
edge In extracting food values from
in *i Mil sources la being employed,
the Haltlmore Star states. There sre
many articles good for human food
and wholesome food at that, which un
der ordinary conditions aro not drawn
upon at all. There are the angle worm,
the grasshopper and fully a score of
plants not ordinarily UBcd as food
which, properly prepared, constitute
nourishing foods. It is nerhapB only
tho most desperate end i.-solute sort
of appetite that would stand for the
earth worra, but they have been eaten
even by highly civilized people and
when properly prepared are said to be
not PO bad. Why should we be squeam
ish about tho angle worm when we
eat the oyster, stomach, lungs nnd ev
erything but the shell?
As to grasshoppers they were an an
cient delicacy and are yet so regarded
by many races who know what's what
In the way of good things to eat. All
tho grasses that are eaten by animals
have nourishing juices. Clover and
green timothy possess a higher food
'inallty than cabbage or potatoes.
Rolled to tenderness they would pre
vent Btir ration. There have been
famine periods when human beings
have been obliged to eat field grasses
and wild plant roots.
Seimlng Puzzle of Two Sunsets In
. Two Minutes Easily Explained
After a Little Thought.
A rambler was reading an Incident
that had been no part of his planning
for that particular trip:
"It was Uko one of those moments
the neurasthenic knows when he
doubts the testimony of his senses and
trembles with the fear that at last
bis mind is giving way. But the twain
behind me exclaimed together at the
phenomenon, and I breathed easily
once more.
"leaving Tarrytown toward five
o'clock on a perfect afternoon, I set
tled back comfortably to enjoy the
setting of the sun ns lt traveled with
what seemed undue haste toward a
high peak of the Palisades. Then, as
if at a signal, lt dropped behind the
peak, leaving a dull braden trail of its
glory. I shut my eyes, a little disap
pointed at so hurried a closing of one
of those days wheu lt seems good tai
ne alive. .
"As the train jolted out of Qr|y
stone I blinked and beheld In upset
ting wonderment the sun again going
down, this time goldenly, slowly, wan
a fitting majesty of motion. Lovpr
and still lower it sank, until there. '
visible only a lovely field of njratly
toned amber."
"But two sunsets?"
"The difference in altitude ot t ??
cliff towers at various points ia t LO
Ever Hit Thumb With a Hammei
Here is a little device which yogiqpt
make at home by which the
tack can be held without posslbll
Injury to the fingers. Take a st
tin about three-quarters of an Ba fr
wide and about six or seven lach ta
long. Shape lt with a small slot itt o ie
end. Then double lt, bending at them i
die. When ready to Insert the nail, r, it
lt into the slot, which wiU hold lt j
its head. This gives a kind of handle; :j
means of which you can hold the n il
perfectly upright while yon hit itjwi h
the hammer. Of course the holnjci
must be pulled away before the?ri U
or tack has gone all the way into t ie
wood. If you have not tho tm. it
hand strong cardboard' will servf \ is
purpose. Try this little devicef J* lt
once and I am eure you will feel amt ly
repaid for your trouble in making
as lt will prevent many a bruised
finger.-Woman's Home Companion]
A Short Memory.
Uncle Jed was a trifle slack abt|a
quitting the bottom when the p
broke, and had to taite to a tree
lng came, and there was sixty f
Mississippi flood wat'.-* between
and shore. The preacher hap;
along on the high ground and sa vi
but there wasn't any boat. Moreover,
Jed's suspicion that there were^spi
gators about was* r.ell founded. .
The preacher besought Jed to sw
bat in vain. Finally be called oat
"Jed, have faith. Remember??jhr
Jonah was cared for tn the whale 4pd
saved after three days."
Jed spoke earnestly.
"Tas. suh, I remember; I ala' deify
tn' mithin' 'bout Jonsii, 'ease I Wet
nigh um. But dis year alligator,
ain' no whale, sub. Alligator, he ht
a nigger an' go off aa* sleep a ten,
sur, an' dlsremember all tmut dat nag
ger Inside um!"
His MS*.
Those angelic-Jooktng little
with golden curls, are usually jua"
other boys; a fact often overtook,
female relatives and other adorii
dies. One of thia cherubic bra
Small boy came back from school ?fia
other day rather dspreaai
bad no nickname.
"I spoke to the teacher about it
vouchsafed, bis big eyes opened
a mournful look about his
mouth. "I told fer? so- r.e nie?
that Td like"
"And what were the names?"
quired a rapturous maldon aunt.
"Banco Bid or The Sluguer,* replied
the angelio oas.
IMione 37.
Dance ut Kose Hill.
There will be a dunce at Hie Rose
Hill club on Thursday evening and
a splendid orchestra will furnish
music for the occasion. Alt the mem
bers are Invited.
In Honor of Misa Ligou.
A 'beautiful little affair fo?- yester
day afternoon was gh*.'n by Miss
Louise Ligon a charming visitor from
?lpartanburg. This lovely home was
n Ideal setting for the puttily gown
d women who were the guests for
the evening.
Au interesting little contest on
baskets was both original and amus
ng. .Miss Lucy Ligon winning a
pretty sweet Brass work basket, for
tho most correct answers. Music
(luring the afternoon by Mrs. Ligou
Misses Brewer, Hunter rad Henry's
was Kreatly enjoyed by all. Each
guest was Riven a dear little long
handled basket of daisies and glow
ng glow as a souvenir of the after
noon. A delightful sweet course was
[served. Assisting Miss Ligon were
Mrs. B. A. Henry, Mrs. Raymond
Mattison, Mrs. ('. 15. Allen and Miss
Mbertu Hrock.
Hearts Delight Club.
Thc* picnic which had been planned
by tho Heart's Delight club for July
9th has been Indefinitely postpon
Mrs. D. W. Kbaugh of Greenville
lis vlstilng her sister, Mrs. J. W.
Miss Bonnie Orr of Charlot'e, NJ
, arrived yesterday to be the guest
|of her sister, Mrs. J. Irving'Brown
Mrs. D. J. Simpson of Toccoa is
pending this week with her mother,
kirs. W. Ii. Nardin.
MT. and Mrs. Sam Brunson of
?Greenwood Bpent yesterday here on
Ihelr way to W.U..alla.
I Mrs. Peter W. D. Jones will enter
tain at a luncheon, at her homo in
the Colonial Apartments tomorrow at
h o'clock, in honor of Miss Sarali
FranceB Stephens of Anderson, S. C.,
Kvho ls spending several weeks here
ks the guest of lier mint, Mrs. H. L.
Adams. Mrs. Jones' guests will in
elude Miss Stephens, Misses Gladys
knd Elsie Palmer, Misses Alice and
Roberta Walker, and Mrs. Adams
[Yesterday morning Mrs. Adams en
rgrtalued S fcjw friends at a uwtiutr
picture party at the Broadway to
honor'of thor niece, Miss Stephens.
Tomorrow afternoon Miss Virgfinia
Wingfield will entertain at a motion
picture patty ter Miss Stephen. Sev
eral other entertainments are being
planned in honor of Miss Stephens,
who ls one of the session's most pop*
ular young visitors.-Charlotte Ob'
.s.m. ?- .a-| a- e. a ?, ,?, e. ??? 1 t il ?r * -** ? *- -*
j Personal j
Messrs. . W. A. Jamison, Henry
Martin and Will Rankin of the upper
part of the county were In tho city
Mr. Walter Garvin, formerly of
Pendleton but now of Atlanta, was
la the city yesterday.
Mr. Howard Halley has returned to
Hartwell, Ga., after visiting lu An
derson for a few days. ..
Mr. C. S. Moore of Columbia waa
i business visitor In the city*yester
Miss Helen Harri? r\nd Calvin Har
ris spent yesterday at Halley's ferry
with friends from Hartwell.
Miss Myrtle McKinney ls spending
?evera! days at Shelby, N. C.
Mrs. M. B. Clarks and Mrs. J.
R. Sadgrove have gone to the
mountains'to spend a month.
Mr. Watkins Retanted.
Mr. T. Frank Watkins.tern retarn
3d from a week's vacation spent down
>n -che coast. Mrs. Watkins, who
lias been visiting her mother in Spar
tanburg, has also returned to the
Marr ?ed.
Miss Ines Rowland and Mr. Wm.
T. Stubblefield, both of equinox
mill, wr.re married Saturday after
noon, July 24"at the homo of Mr.
Ino. Peace, three miles south of
\ndflrson, Rov. Lewi? M. Smith, of
... . ? , i ?-. - , o
Lega! Notices |:
Al! peL*sons having claims against t
tho estate of B. B. Breaseale deceased, <.
we hereby notified to present them lt
within the time prescribed, by lats j >
ipd those indebted to make settlement. {t
M. T. Breaseale, h,
Exor. 2
Pilo . claims either with executor c
ML Olive. N. c., or with Breaseale sad ii
^carmen attys., Anderson, S. C. v
r-l?-ltaw-8w. . i
There will be an election at Moun
aln Creek School House in Mountain
2reek School District No. 70 on Toas
ts/. August 10, 1915 OD thc question
>f levying an additional special tax
Tweuty--flve words or leas,
One Time cents, Three Times
DO cents. .Su Times 11.00.
All advertisement over twenty
five words prorata for each ad
ditional word. Kates on 1.000
words to be used in a month
made on application.
No advertisement taken for
less than 25 cents, . sh in ad
I . our name appears in tho
telephone directory you can tele
phone your want ad to 3221 and a
bill will he mailed alter its in
sertion for prompt payment.
i'ASTEU - Two salesladies, single,
over ls years of age. Apply 3 P
M. Friday. 3. II. Kress & Co.
IVA STE D-You to know I am still on
the job with the belt3. The best
belt on the market. If you don't
believe it. abe me. Try one. C. M.
Ranton, ^7 ,*It St,_7-25-:5tp.
)VASTEI>-Afuics six to ten years of
age. Mus? bc sound and straight.
Bring them in and get the c sh. The
Fret wei I Go. 7-18-tf.
JVANTED-i'ou to know th. I am
still on tie job with the h. it wood
and coal/ on the market, if you
don't begevo it try me. W. O.
Ulnier, Phono 649. Successor to
Piedmont Coal and Wood Co.
4-16-tf. j
IVASTEBJ-YOU to look at page No.
2 of your telephono directory and
tot busy.? Do not count the cover as
|>age No. i.
Durinf the Daily Intelligencer con
test which closed March, 1914, In or
der tc secure votes to win the cap
ital prize, I purchased p. number ot
subscriptions to the Dally Intelli
gencer at the rate of $5.00 a year.
In ord->r to get some* of the money fl
back . which I put into the contest, I
I will sell a limited number of sub- fl
intelligencer ?
at the rate ot $3.00 a year to anyone j
wlshjfeg to subscribe or renew their
rlption to this paper, or at a
rat ey of $1.25 a year to the Semi
weekly Intelligencer. If Interested,
addrVBS P. O. Box 347, Anderson,
8. 0. _6-17tf
rVHEH YOU can not see right step In]
our optical Department and get juat
tho Glasses you need. Complete
grinding plant. Byes scientifically
testf-d. Dr. M. R. Campbell, Louisa
S. Rilgenboeker, assistant, 112 W.
Whither St, Ground Floor.
f two (2) mills on all of the .property
if said district to be used for general
chool purposes, making a total spe
ial levy of toujt (4) mills on said
All voters must exhibit a rcglBtra
lonj'certlficato and tax receipt. Polls
Jvlll open at 8 a. m. and close at 4 p.
By order of theCounty Board of
?Vacation for Anderson County.
J. B. Felton,
ty Superintendent of Education.
e Board of Registration of. Ander
en County Will meet the following
Intments- to reglar, renew or
sf er certificates:
onea Path, Friday, July 30th.
Belton, Saturday, July 31st,
Anderson, Monday, August 2nd.
Williams ton, Tuesday, August 3rd.
Polzer, Wednesday, August 4th.
Piedmont, Thursday, August 5th.
ivudloton, Friday, August 6th.
Town vi ^- e, Saturday, August 7th.
.Starr, Monday, August 9th.
Iva, Tuesday, August 10th.
Anderson Court House, Wednesday,
Jliursday and Friday. 11th, 12th, and
W. IM Anderson,
W. C. Burris*,
io. T. Tonteen,
ard of Registration of Anderson
Common Ploas.
Marni J R. Johnson, Plaintiff,
Jane . Simmons, Annie James, an
ett Rutledge, Henry Rutledge, Frank
tut ledge, Elisabeth WiUlaros, Matta
ttitledge, Henry Rutledge, , eon
Tom Rutledge, and all and singular
heirs at law, of Scott Rutledge de
cased, Defendant*.
Action for partition of real estate.
To tho defendants abovenamed:
'ou are hereby summoned and renulr
d to answer the complaint in this ac
ion a copy which ila oa fita in the
lurk of courts office for Anderdon
lounty, S. C., and to serve a co ?y of
our answer to the sahl ocinpK^l on
Ito subscriber at ht* office in Sleek
ly Building, Anderson, S. c., wltnir*
0 days after thc ?erv?ce hereof
lusive of the day of such service
1 you fall to answer the com pl
. tl-,in the timo aforesaid the plait
i this action will apply feu the -7*
or the relief demanded la th.
Plaintiffs AViorney.
Joy 7, ISIS.
Jas. N. rearman,
,?. CC.**. 7-?0-3t-lta^
405-406 Bleckley Building
Anderson? S. C.
Chisholm, Trowbridge & Sugg?
New Theatre Building < j
W. VVhiteer St
Cox-Townsend Bldg.
Anderson, :.: South Carolina
Fro L& Sexy
I &ronf Ugced Consete
Fitted perfectly by our coreetiere
$3.50 to $12.60
Mrs. B. Graves Boyd
Has 158 imita
What's the Answer?
I fte compounding ot a prescrip
tion we reg&rd as a-watter of most
j serious importance.
We use nothing but Uie highest
Quality of Drugs which h.ivo an
?s we red certain standard tests.
As in drugs-everything cl
t'ie way of> medicines- proprtc
l lary remedies and toilet necessities
j Proprietor

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