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"R?a?ry, I had never hoped for such
perfect comfort in a corset"
It's an expression that carno straight from thc heart of one of
our "La Camille" customers.
Madam, can you conceive of a condition more desirable, or
more appreciable,-especially In the Summer-than "perfect
comfort" in a corset?
Kt? Trida MUK. tl. M. ral. Office.
Front Lace Corsets will give you this "perfect comfort" and
even more. Style, durability and your own good health are
"Perfect Comfort" in any aritcle of dress comes only when
the wearer is unconscious of Its presence-be lt shoes, dress
or corset.
A La Camille wearer Is perfectly at ease in any position
walking-sitting-or reclining, but still there ls that keen,
satisfying aease of bouyancy and the Ideally graceful figure
control so much desired by women of today-yet never a
hint of stiffness or rigidity.
: La Camille Front Lace Corsets have the
"La Camille"
The Front-Lace Corset
_s Anderson and Spartanburg.
Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Shorthand, and Typewriting. A knowl
edge of these subjects means SUCCESS. Come, and let us prepare
you for an independent career. A good position awaits you. Day
and night sessions. Enter any time. Write for catalogue.
36th Annual Mid-Summer
Ia connection with the Bine Ridge Ballway.
Premier Carrier ef the South.
Wednesday, August 114?, 1915.
Final Unit ef Tickets Aagast Mik, 1916.
.fae ?Howing extremely low roand trip tareas
Anderson, S. C. to
Tickets will be honored os all trajas.
WaskJaftes, D. C.flt*
aUehmeed. fa. 19JD9
Benetta Ya.MU*
Wilmington, H. ?*..... .
Captain of Eastland.]
C?ptala Harry Ped er s OB.
Captain Pederson of the Eastland
vas in charge ot the vessel When she
turned over in the Chicago River.
Ho was placed ur^er arrest shortly
after when be objected fa* rescuers
boring boles In the hull of the vessel.
He will be one of the chief figures In
tbs investigation now being made.
Built Fer
To accommodate the people of Anderson and vicinity special train will
leave Anderson at 3:26 P. M. August 11th, consisting of pullman sleepers and
steel coaches. Thia special train will be operated out ot Greenville aa sec
tion No. ft and will arriva In Washington 7:46 A..M., Richmond 7:05 A. M.
August 13th. Dining car service from Greenville
You should secure your pullman reserv'.Uon now and have everything ready
to leave on speelal train.
For complete information, pullman reservation, etc, call on ticket agent, or
W. R. TAB8H,
Sept Blue Ridge,
Anders sa, 8. 0.
T. P. A.*
Oreeaville, & C.
One hundred narrow-gauge loco
motives of. the Pechnt type, each
mounted on two bogles and provided
with double-Larreled boilers and two
fire boxes, vt.-e recently made ia
America an/i shipped abroad for thc
use ot tba "French government. Al
though these engines are of a design
entirely terelgo and were constructed
according to metric measurements,
they w-ro built and the last one ship
ped aeren weeks siter the order was
#ae#*yse of .ita great ftex&Klty,
which allows Ita use on narrow, un
even xrackvi where sharp curves are
frequent, Ula engine Is being employ
ed hy the French, particularly lal
drawing its maafjoa trains over hur
riedly built lines fonding to tts war}
vemjMi A picture of the* eugne ls i
f?>?tx.re rr tb? August Popular MM
cb an tea Magasine.
A M m m ? A- ? _a. a Ji?liaL ,f? J I. iii il I .liii J I * * * * *
^WVJ'^f^ v -? . v lill "lr I TVTTVTTVT
h soci
-1- T. .t. . ? ?.-f 1 J ,| J, .t. J J.J, J t Jl. I >_t ?
f H H TTTTTT1 ? W w . .
Epworth League.
The following with bc the program
for the Epworth League on Monday
Instrumental solo-Miss Fenobla
Scripture reading, Phil. 4. 4:14.
Instrumental solo-Miss Louise
Vocal solo-Miss Turpin Crout.
Tillie by Mr. Rufus Vant. Jr.
Solo-Miss F/aoda av naiver.
Quartette-Messrs. Heiland Owens,
Mcllhenny, and Lausiter.
League benediction.
The new officers for the coming
term are: President, .Mr. Ed Valen*
tine; 1st vice president. Mr. W. J.
Brown; 2nd vice president, MIBS Ger
trude Turner; 3rd vice president,
Miss Elizabeth Robinson; 4th vice
president. Miss Louise Rigby. Ep
worth Era Agent, Miss Lara Prince,
secretary and treasurer. Mr. A. B.
Farewell Party.
A lovely little psrty waa given yes
terday afternoon by Mrs. D. s. Van
ni vcr and Mrs. A. L. Smothers in
honor of Miss Anna Berger.
It was a little farewell party as
Miss Berger will leave next week
for ber former borne in Conn., after
having mado Anderson her homo for
many years.
It waa given at the home of Mrs.
Smethers and about thirty of Misa
Berger's special friends were invited
for the afternoon to come and bring
their sewing. It wa adellghtfully In
formal, an>J> a ver yhappy occasion,
tho lt ia a sincere regret to her hoat
of friends that Miss Berger will leave
Anderson. For years abe has toen
closely identified with the religious
work here, and haa gone in and out
of hundreds of homes with a bright
smile and helping hand.
She has done a splendid work and
there will always be a very warm
apot In the hearts of the people here
for her.
Beautiful Concert.
A very elaborate and delightful pro
gra mis being arranged by Miss
Rhoda Vandlver for the concert to be
?'.Ivon on the evening of August 9 in
I The Anderson.
Mrs. Caro Miller Lumsden who pos
sesses a voice ot rare sweetness and
beauty, will be ably assisted by by
ome of Anderson's best musical tal
ent. The concert will be given for
the benefit of the Robert- E. Lee
?Chapter, and Ms being looked forward
by a large number of Interested
friends. ?"?l?
Delightful Bsa ce.
Mr. Glenn Lass I ter and Miss Es
ther Lasalter entertalne*! st a delight
ful dance on Friday; evening In honor
o fthelr house guests Misses Mary
and Ethel Baxter of Greensboro, N.
The dance was given at the beau
tiful home of the Fisse HUI Club In
North Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. 8.
|N. Gilmer and Mr. and Mrs. A, 8.
?Farmer were the chaperones for the.
evening, which was most delightful
ly spent. Nectar was served during
the evening by Miss Nelle Findley and
Mr. George William Brown.
Spend tho Bay Party.
LUtle Miss Elizabeth Burriss enter
tained a few little friends on Thurs
day at a apend the day psrty st her
ho ?DOO Calhoun street. The guests
were Francos and Lucilo Thompson,
Cora Jane Davis and Dorothy Davis,
Cora Payne McCown and Jean Bur
PaUntaea Class.
The Wesley Ph Ilathea Class of St.
John's Methodist church, will meet
Monday afternoon at six o'clock with
Mrs. Robert Moseley ! on Manning
?street. The members are urged to be
Born to Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Fel
I kel on Joly 26th a girl. Catherine
I Douglass FeHiel.
Mr. Rufus HUI asa gone to Ashe
ville to spend several days.
Mr. Frank Barton has gone to At
lanta, Gs., on a business trip.
Misses Rosa and AS kau ra Wharton
I of Ira were In the city yesterday.
Mr. John McDonald ot Fairplay
waa lo the city yesterday.
Mr. Otis Hayes of Sandy Springs
[was In Anderson yesterdiy.
Mr. B. E. Allen of Lowndesville
was in Anderson Friday.
Miss S. L. Templeton has gone to
Ninety Six for the week-end.
. Dr. and Mrs. Lois sanders have
gone to th emountalns for the week
Miss Jennie Cox. of Belton spent
Friday night here with Mrs. W. F.
.Miss Panie Chapman of Greenville.
ls she guest ot Miss -Luelle Burriss
st her home ia North Anderson.
Miss Helen (Fant left yesterday
afternoon for Grimes, Calif., where
shfe will visit her slater, Mrs. Joseph
Brown. Miss Font will at so attend
the espoltton and visit relatives tn
Taxas, returning to Anderson, Sept.
Miss Midilene Brown, who has been
spending the peat several weeks with
Mrs. Morehead on the Isis of Palms,
la expected home Tuesday. Mia*
El?*?cbo McClellan, who ls siso with
Morehead, wUL. fegend < several
d*M longer there. - . ^
?w"?1 41 4' .f14141 ^ 4" ^ 41 I
Miss Lucia Richardson has gone to 1
Asheville. N. <\, where she will spend
two weeks.
Miss Lois Jackson of Iva and Miss
Ruth Goggins of Newberry will spend
the week-end with Mrs. J. JO. Wat
son on Calhoun street.
Mr. and Mts. John Frank. Miss
Virginia Frank. Mrs. T. E. Howard.
Miss Anna Julia Howard and Edward
Howard will go to Jocassee today for
a stay of several weeks. They will
make the trip in Mr. Frank's car.
Miss Mattie Lou Brown of Hamp
ton. Va., who has been visiting Miss
Gertrude Sauders left yesterday for
Dr. aud Mrs. Herbert Harris have
returned to the city froir? their wed
ding trip. They will make their home
at- the St. James Hotel.
Mrs. W. H. Reese and Miss Ruth
Reese are at home after a visit to
Hartwell, Ga.
Miss Eubsnk Taylor has returned
from a two weeks visit in Elbert
county, Ga.
Mrs. Bessie Taylor is here for a
Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Stribling have
returned from a trip to tho moun
Mrs. F. A. Arnold of Greenwood ls
visiting her daughter, Mrs. S. R.
Miss Lola Wilson returned yester
day from Abbeville where she had
been spending a few days.
Dr. Porter Cauguman of Columbia
arrived yesterday afternoon to spend
a few days with Mr. and Mrs. W. F.
Mr. N. Fleishman, local manager
of the B. Fleishman and The Leader
stores, leaves today for a business
and pleasure trip to Baltimore.
Messrs. W. 3. Bellard and E. G.
Evans were visitors In the city yes
terday from Pendleton.
Mr. Haddon Bu rr las of Iva was
among the business visitors in An
derson yesterday. .
Mr. A. H. Garrison of Sandy
Springs was in the city yesterday.
Mr. D. C. George was among the
visitors tn the city yesterday from
Mr. Frank Cox will go to Greenville'!
this afternoon where be will Juin a
party of young ladies and young mei'
who are to spend two weeks camping
at Cedar Mountain.
Mesara. Andrew and Ernest Baskln
of Ivta were in the city yesterday.
Misses Hettie Jackson and Izetta
Pruitt of Starr were visitors in the
city yesterday afternoon.
Miss Mabel Pratt, who has been the
guest of Mrs. Brownlee at Iva, pass
ed through Anderson yesterday en
route to her homo at Due West.
**r. TJ. Milton Sherard of Iva- waa
a business visitor in Anderson yes
Messrs. Henry and Harvey Jackson
of Storevllle were in Anderson yester
day afternoon.
Mlaa Annie Carlington spent Wed
nesday in Williamston attending the
Mlaa Lillie Wray Robinson will
leave tomorrow morning for Sulli
vans Island to visit her friend. Miss
Marlb Nelson.
Mr. States Jacobs of Houston,
Texas, and Mr. Thomas Jacobs of
Clinton are visiting John and Ben
nett Townsend.
Logic la Speedway Design Shown by
Chicago Saees.
Five world records were establish
ed without a death or accident occur
ring when Chicago's new speedway, a
two-mile board oval, was opened with
a 500-mile derby on June 56th. In
?pit? of the unprecedented speed,,
averaging 97.6 miles an hour, which
was attained by the winning motor
sar, at BO time was there an excuse
for a sense of danger to obsess the
ninds of the spectators. The Aupust
Popular Mechanic 'Magasine says:
"The track ts built for speed and
safo ty, and the result of this race
serve to uphold its design as logical
md to Indicate that sane motor rac
ing ls mecbanlcall yposslble. On this
:ourse a race instead of being a bat
tle between tires, ta a contest between
Ibely tuned motors. This was res
ponsible for the establishment of a
MW racing record won by an English
iar which' completed the distance
without making a atop and finished
onrth After averaging 96.06 miles an
toar. The machine entered with Ita
ms and water tanka full and coaatedv
ic ross the finish murk with them dry.
tr pilot did not once take hts hands
rom the wheel throughout th? entire
ace and experienced no tire trouble
"Thump-ratUety-baa g ! " trent the
llano "What are yea trying to play,
anet" called oat her father from
he next roora.
"lt's an exercise from my new In
trudion book, 'First Steps In Mu
le."* she answered.
?Well, I knew you were playing
rita your feet," he said grimly, "but
oat step so heavily on the keys-lt
lateran my though**?."-Pittsburg
/chatter, chatter, OM
To ?oin tho trimming
Por men mcj? come
an J men may jo,
?3u? I ?o on forever.
77><? Sian?ar? JioVera?o
Imitations of COCA-COLA come and
po-none last more than a few seasons.
This has been going on for 29 years
yet COCA-COi A, unchanged in name
or self, keeps ito cid friends and makes
new encc.
lX-.r.anJ ?V. t,?nu::-i? by t!?e full name.
Ct lus i.upi.vU bo many imitations.
you oee art
Arrovr, tliinh
cf Cuca-Cula
123 W. Earl St. :-s Phonel37.
Attention, Farmers!
If you have more oats or wheat than you
need we will exchange anything we have
for it and allow you a good price.
We have several nice driving horses that
we want to sell or trade for mules, also
have nicest line of buggies and carriages in
the upper part of the State, which we want
.to sell or exchange for good sound mules.
We wiil guarantee more for cotton to be
delivered this fall as part payment on bug
gies and carriages.
We Are The Farmers' Friend
Try Us and Be Convinced
Who paid the most for cotton last fal!?
If you don't know, ask your neighbor!
We bought more cotton at ten cents a
pound than any other concern in Anderson
county. We did this simply to help our
Let us paint and repair your buggy. We
have a first-class rubber tire outfit, use best
material and guarantee our price and qual
ity of work. This department is in charge
of an expert. Call around and let's do
business together. We will appreciate
you trade.
Yours very truly,
The Fretwell Co.

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