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A Metro Five Reel Vivid Talc of the Battlefield
Featuring /
Selig. 0
Essanay 2 Reel.
Palmmettto Tkeii?hf<
T?vo Reel Broncho.
Ice Cream Freezers at
\v*inter Time Prices
Being overstocked on Ice Cream Freesen we have reduced
the prices ?nd they are going rapidly at these prices; especially
is this true when it is known that we handle the "Coldest
Alaska," and thc "North Star," two of the best freezers made.
Six Quart freezers reduced from.$3.50 to $2.50
Four Quart freezers reduced from. . .$2.50 to $2.00
Three Quart freezers reduced from.$2.00 to $1.50
Two Quart freezers reduced from.$1.50 to $1.25
Tate' Hardware Co.
If thrift does not co.nc natural to you, cultivate it. Realize
the fact that every man who has a dollar put aside is st capi
We earnestly urge you to open an account with th'.* bank
for any suri. Either a Checking or a S?vings account, in ad
dition to being convenient encourages you not to use your
money except in a wise way.
The prosperity yovi enjoy today does not guarantee yo?
prosperity tomorrow. Changes in the business and industrial
world may later on deprive you of your present measure of
We Pay Interest On Deposite.
We have a splendid line of Cambridge and Bagster}
Bibles and Testaments.
Girl In And<
Vote For the One You Think the
Mott Beautiful-She Will Com
pete V.'ith Others for "G^een"
of thc Harvest Jubilee.
Thf most bvauMfui young lady in
Anderson couuty n to bo selected aa ?
tim representativo if this county In
Stutu-wld?- beauty COL lest to choose
the "que< ii" of the Harvest Jubilee,
to lie held lu connection with lite
State Fair, October to October 30.
The young lady who will represent
Anderson county fcs the St?te-wide
contest is to be selected hy popular
vote. She Is to bu selected fruin among
eight candidates who have been nomi
nated hy tho publicity committee of
tho Harvest Jubilee. This committee
lias requested The Intelligencer to
[conduct thu contest for tho selection
j of Anderson county's representative
in the contest.
Here is a copy of the lotter The
Intelligencer has received In regard
to this matter, which will give thu
names of the young ladies who have
been chosen as this county's candi
Columbia, August 6, 1915.
Editor Anderson Intelligencer, Ander
son, South Carolina.
Har Sir: Dr. L. A. Grifllth, mayor
I of Columbia, hus toduy sent out a
letter to the following young ladies in
?your ?ection, notifying them of the
fact Uiat tiley have been nominated
candidates in tlx; State-wide contest
I for a beauty queen to reign over the
Harvest Jubilee ut Columbia, October
Miss Frances Trlbble.
Miss Rosamund Hurdlnc.
Miss Llcwcllcn Ligon.
Miss Carrie Fretw?ll.
Miss Eleanor Frank.
Mlas Elizabeth Van Wyck.
Miss Lula Dell Ramsey.
Miss Evelyn Browne.
We aro wrlUng to a?k that you an- j
I nomico iliis fact In your columns and'
proceed at onco to select by popular j
I vote, the young lady who will finally |
represent your county In this contest.
When you have made your final deci
sion please forward th** young lady's
photograph to the writer, who willi
I see that it ls reproduced In the special
State-wide beauty supplement which
will bc sent you lu time to appear in
your paper of August 27th.
Your prompt attention and co-oper
: cou
fr MISS . .
J whom I consider the JIM st beaut
fr who have been nominated for the
J for Anderson cornily In thc Slate
fr for the Harvest Jubilee.
Machine Passed Over Him and- He
Was Knocked Unconscious
No Serious Injury.
[ Tho young son of Mr. D. L. Mit
chell narrowly escaped serious Injury !
yesterday afternoon when ho was run
over by an automobile on East Ben
son street. Although the machine
paased ovnr him, he waa only bruised
about the head and his right arm "was
The boy waa riding a bicycle and
was turning from tho square into
East Benson street. An automobile
driven by Mr. Adger Cobb was com*
lng Into tho square from Bast Ben
son. When the boy saw tho machino1
he turned to tho loft and then to the
right. The Auto was right on him I
then and struck his wVcel. throwing
him to tho. ground. Mr. Cobb had
already applied the brakes and seeing
tho boy fall, he turned the machine,
so that neither of the front wheels
would pass over him.
The machInQ was lifted off the boy
and he waa taken soto Geisberg Bros.
thoo store unconscious. Medical aid
was summoned and soon he weis all
right except for bruises on his. hesd
and arm.
Tho accident was one that was uh
avoidable sad no blame ls attached
to anyone. -
Mr. Ernest Driscoll and Miss Lo
rena Hopkins, both of this city were
married Sunday morning by tbs Rev.
J. D. Croat. This wedding came ss
a surprise to their many fiends.
Mr. Driscoll ls employed as drum
mer at the Palmetto theatre. Mr. and
Mrs. Driscoll are at the home of the
former's father. Mr. J. D. Driscoll
on MbCully street.
[ost Beautiful
erson County?
ation will be greatly appreciated.
YOUTH very truly,
H. P. Eldridge,
Chairman Publicity Committee.
The Intelligencer does not know j
who furnished the committee with the
names of the above candidates, and
knew nothing about the details of the
contest until we received the above
letter asking us to conduct the local
.contest for the selection of a repre
sentative for tills county. Wu arc
glad lo serve the committee, and will
ask thal the public forward us thoir
votes Immediately, as the time in
which thc contest ls to be conducted
is very short, only a week.
Here is how the contest will bc
conducted: Uelow you will lind u
coupon which la good for IO votes,
v ..(. mis coupou uod write plainly in
ilie blank space which one ot thc
above eight young ladies you thiuk
Hie most beautiful. Then mull or
bring your coupon to The Intelligen
cer, cure of the Beauty Contest De
The contest opens this morning and
will close at midnight, one wa k
hence, that ls, midnight of Tuesday
August 17th. Tho votes will then be
counted and the results of the elec
tion forwarded to the publicity com
mittee of thc Harvest Jubilee. The
Intelligencer will uko forward to tho
committee a photograph of the young
lady who is voted to be the most beau
tiful of the eight who have been nom
inated. This photograph will L<e pub
lished along with photographs of 43
other young ladles representing the
various counties of thc State, and
when the 44 photographs have been
published in the papers of thc State
the public generally will be culled
on to select the most beautiful one of
the 44, who will bo crownod "queen"
of thc Harvest Jubilee. The young
woman selected will bc equipped with
au elabroato trousseau, betltting her
royal beauty and grace, and she will
sit in statu on a handsomely deco
rated "float" in tho parade, attended
hy exquisite maids of honor, and
chlvalorlc courtier.* will pay her honi
Now don't forget how the iocnl con
test is- to be conducted. Below 1s a
coupon worth to votes. Clip this
coupon and write plainly on lt tho
name of your choice of the eight
young ladies whose names appear
above. Mall or bring in your coupon
to Thu Intelligencer, care of Beauty
Contest Department. The contest
opens today and closes one week from
this midnight. There ls no limit to
tho number of coupons one person
may send In. The standing of the va
rious candidates will be published
from day to day in The Intelligencer.
hTho final result of the contest will be
'given on Wednesday morning, August
[llith. Tlie coupons for voting will
appear 'in each hmue of thia paper
during tho week thc contest ls on.
Here is the coupon:
.it. *
ifni one of the eight candidates +
contest to select s repr?sentative .?
-wide contest to name n "queen" *
Hew Senrke Will Start Today
Under New Management
Good Shows Promised.
I The moving pictures In tho Ander
son theatre will start thia, afternoon
at 2:30 o'clock. Mr. J. J. Trowbridge
'and Messrs. s. M. Trowbridge, man
agers, having made fais, announce
ment yesterday. Pictures will bo
shown both morning and night.
Mr. J. J. Trowbridge weet to At
lanta' on Friday and has made' ar
rangements with the General Film
company to usc their service, which Is
recognized to bc among tho best.
Tuesday will bc feature day at the
Anderson. -
Mesara. Trowbridge state that they
will keep thc theatre cool and well
ventilated and that it will be thor
oughly cleaned dally.
A four piece orchestra consisting
ot plano, drum, cornet and flute will
furnish music.
The program for Gie show today
ls as follows: "Hearst's Selig Neva
service, "Life's Changing/ Tide." and
Gie romonse of an Attmerlcan-Ducb
The Besary.
Tho channing play, ."Tho Rosary,'*
will be given at Gie Bijou, on Thurs
day, August 12. It will bo a bene
fit performance for the St. Joseph
Catholic church, and wilt doubtlesn
draw a large crowd. Vb* boc* bad
an unusually pooular run, and waa a
great favorite, wirb all who read lt.
During the show Gie song. "The
RosaTy*\will bo sung by Mrs. Wilkie.
Aurthur la Meeting*.
Dr. B. T. Jones of Newberry is
assstlng Gie Rev. O. L. fcertin ta a
protracted meeting at- Hopewell this
And Large Crowds are Expected
to AttenJ-Railroads Are In
terested in Meeting.
"Pendleton District Farinera' So
ciety will pull off the most important
meeting lu one hundred years next
Thursday morning .August 12th, at
10 a. m. At this meeting everybody
who desires to register their names
upon this society roll, und honor
himself and this old Boclety, will feel
proud so long as he lives, and his
descendants will share this honor for
ages to come," writes Mr. J. C.
Stripling, president of ttic society.
"Come out to Ulis laut quarterly
meeting of thc ceulury and take part
In arranging the program, selecting
speakers for the celebration, and give
us your Idea as to what kind of sou
venir tlie society should send down
the next century in honoring ali ac
tive members who take part In mak
ing this a successful celebration.
"The secretary of agricultura of the
United States, Dr. Houston, says he
ls coming to deliver the Centennial
address, and wants to shake hands
with all Its members, and judging
from prospective members he will go
back to Washington with a sore
"Remember when you pay in the
$1.00 for the membership fee that you
get all the benefit of this foe in
the valuable history of the society,
and at the same time have your name
recorded in the Centennial Souvenir.
"When you Join this society you do
not join a bag of hot air, but the old
est live progressive Farmers' Society
In America that owns valuable prop
erty with Incomes kn rents, etc.
"A popular idea ls to invite all pros
pective candidates for any ofTlce to
come to this meeting, and after the
business meeting has bern concluded
to turn the meeting ovfer to the au
dience to call on any speaker de
sired to address it.
"The society will not Btrain its
credit among the ladies who are ex
pected to have a Uno picnic dinner
October 13-14, to bring baskets full
at the August 12th meeting, but of
course all will provide dinners in
their owm way."
J. C. Stribllng, Presldont.
Kai broad H Interested.
The railroad officials are taking a
great deal of Interest in thc plans for
the centennial celebration. Tho Roy.
W. H. Mills, vice president and
chairman of thc publicity committee
of thc society, ls in receipt of the fol
lowing letter from Mr. M. V. Rich
ards, agricultural commissioner or
thc Southern railway:
President, Pendleton Farmers' So
Pendleton, S. C.
My Dear Colonel:
On my return from the south this
woek, I had opportunity to read tho
history of your society. I found much
of interest therein, and am glad te
know that you are going to celebrate
Its centennial October 13th and 14th
Mr. F. L. Merritt, industrial and
immigration agent for this depart
ment for South Carolina, has head
quarters at Columbia. He waa here
yesterday; and ! told him about tho
proposed Centennial, as well as the
quarterly meeting to be held at Pen
dleton on the 12th Inst. Ho will pro
bably see you at Pendleton this week
or next and discuss plans for promot-.
lng further interest In your centen
nial meeting. If it ls possible for
bim to db so, be will arrange to bo
In 'Pendleton on Thursday, August
12th, and will be glad to make a short
talk at your opening meeting on that
day. If thora is some especial agri
cultural Bubject which you wish our
representative to discuss at your
qarterly meeting,( Mr. Merrit will try
to have one of or agricultural men
present for that purpose. You will
find Mr. Merritt a splendid gentleman
who will be glad to co-operate with
you in making your centennial a
great success.
I havo engagements in - Virginia
on Wednesday, the 11th inst. If I can
get through in time, I may he able
to be in Pendleton on tho 12th.
We are deeply Interested In the
further development of the state nf
South Carolina, and if we can render
you any assistance in advancing tho
splendid work which you and your as
sociates have boen doing, it will bc
our pleasure to aid In every way wc
can. consistently.
i thoroughly enjoyed my recent vis
it with the people of South Carolina
and was especially glad to meet you
personally, one who mis had BO much
to do In building up that state.
Yours v*ry truly,
M. V. Richards,
fleed Meeting Closed.
New Prospect church has just clos
ed one of the greatest protracted
meetings she lisa ever held,, adding
to her membership SO new members.
Also forwarding to Connie Maxwell
orphanage as follows: cash, $13.78;
$10.20 worth of chickens; $21.IC
worth oj; dour; expenses. $1.26; ex
press 35 cents.
Bles Graveyard.
All parties interested in the Rice
graveyard are asked to meet there*
Thursday morning August 12 to clean
off the grounds.
New Grocery
J. F. Gary, Proprietor
Having lost my right hand in the As
phalt Plant two weeks ago, and having a
family to support, I am compelled to seek
some other means of support; so I have de
cided to open up a Retail Grocery Store,
and cater to the Mill people around An
derson for the greater part of my business.
I have bought a stock of Brand New and
Fresh Groceries. They are being put into
the store NOW. We will open for busi
Wednesday, August 15,1915
and we will appreciate your trade. We
will show our appreciation by close prices,
and fair and honest treatment.
Mr. J. C. Burk will be associated with
me in the management of this business,
and any courtesies shown him will be ap
preciated by both he and I.
Remember the place-Brown Building,
East Whitner Street, where you will re
ceive fair, honest treatment.
? y iftrS ^SBjj] B "*^*HHIF?MI^IB fcT *^ML?M H rai Wm ^H^k HTK?M
' fl ]fl?y?^ ?a metal ea?*^ts4ate? ?ad oct J
Batterie s
25c Each
Wc hav* a lot of ft e?H, high
grade Batterie?, bought prior ?o
last advance in price, which we
wiD sell subject to present stock,
at price named..
i i 'J; .>;*,.
Thia ju your opportunity.
Sullivan Hardware Co.

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