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This Store Will Be
Closed Thursday
On Account of
D. Geisberg
with any cigarette at any price ! You get the
flavor ^ of the delightful blend of 'choice
Turkish and choice Domestic tobaccos. It's
more pleasing than either kind smoked straight.
Camel Cigarettes
Turkish and Domestic Blend
are smooth and" fragrant. ? They won't bite your tongue
and won't parch your throat and leave nr. unpleasant
cigare tty after-taste
Camels sell 20 for 10c Owing to
the cost of the choice tobaccos blended
in Camels, do not look for premiums
or coupons. I
U year dealer can't eapply yea, l l
i tend 10c for one pachas* or ft. CO / 11
V for a carton of ten package? (SOO Mfm
A cigtrrettet), tent poMtage prepaid. jwfsH
If after cmohing one packageyan ?&awM
Ma are not delighted arith CAMELS, jffmKm
^WSk return th? other nine package* .IBMHB
i|^t .and toa will rm fond yoar dollar j?W^?U?a
[???fft and pottage. J?rtKk
Wiastoa-Salem, H. C _J<f?ffiffalftafll8?
Everybody Is Buying Their
Rack to the Single Track Street Car.
(From The Well Street Journal.)
After oeveral years experimenting
with the old dooblctruck street car,
.Uroot raliway, men are now becom
ing convinced' thp.'?- Uio lighter and
smaller single truck car is the better
and several Iorgo street railway oper
ators arc working on designs for an
improved single truck car.
One bt/eet railway man recently
a3k?d a car building company to
submit designs along new ideas for
a light Hingle truck car. There Is
not aa mach money for the builders
in Hhe single truest cars as In the big
double truck cars, snd the builders
.designs for a new-style double truck
car, but refused to assist in design
ing e. single truck car.
Tho street railway operator was not
cast'down by the action of the car
builders and took his story to one of
the big automobile companies asking
Its ?niel?is to. build a single truck
streft esr according to his ideas. The
automobile people agreed, to enter
the new field. The word gc* out,
however, and the car company of
ficials who had refused ?o design the
eew car at once sought an interview
with the street railway man and said
that they bad changed their minds.
Now he has halt a dozen car com
panies willing to build his car. The
car companies said that ?hey didn't
want the automobile companies to get
into their field ot business.
"Dodson's Um Tone" WH! Clea? Yoor
Sluggish Liw Better TR? Calomel
Mi Cm Hot Saifatt.
Calomel makes you sick; vrai'lose a
day's work. 'Calomel I* quicksilver and
it salivait ;; calormd injures ysnr liver.
if yon nrc hllkwsi foel 1..*r, sduggisn
awi oil knock??! ont, if roilr/bowels nra
constipated and your bend ache? or
Ktnm&rh is sour, j"st take a'spoonful ol
harmless Dodson's Liver Tone insxrad
of using sicken'mg. salivating calomel.
Dodson's Livor Tono is /?Ni? Hw OHMM-,
eire, ^'?,n*ll know lt pext morning be>
misti you xviii wake up feeling fine,
? your liver wld N? w<i>ki3ir. vour head*
oche ?nd dlndnem fdwo. your stomach
will he sweet ?nd 'bowels 'regular. Yoi
will feel like vorkir^r. You'll he ehsrr
iul; full'of ?nergy.fvigor dud au?V?iou.
Your druggist or dealer sells you a
60 cent bottle of Dodson's Liver Tone
under my personal garantee that it
will elena your sluggish liver better than
nasty calomel; it won't make you nick
and you can eat anything yon want
will ont being salivated. Your druggist
guarantors that caeh sj>ortiiul will start
your liver, clean your bowels and
straighten you up by morning or you
net your money back. Children gladly
take Dodson's Liver Tone because it rs
pleasant tasting and doesn't gripe or
ors top or make them ?irk.
I nm rollieg millions ol bottles of
Dodson's Ltvcr Tone to people-who have
found thfct tltls pleasant, vegetable, Hw
medkdas t^ke* the plafte of dangerous
e??nmel. Buy ono bottle on my ?--?und.
reliable gitar?ateo. Ask your
about me.
Few Day? Ago Which Proves That
Work Was Satisfactory-Was
Busy Man During Year.
Mr. Thomas A. Campbell, olly
health officer bas prepared bis annual
report which bus been filed with city
clerk. The report shows that Mr.
Campbell baa been very faithful in
attending to his duties during tho
past year. Tho fact that his ser
vices were appreciated was shown re
cently when Ibo was re-elected to the
ollico for another year.
His report is as follower
To Hon. Mayor and City Council:
Cutlemen :
I beg to submit my annual report,
as follows:
'Premisos inspected ."07. Closets in
spected Wagon loads garbage
hauled '?'j:>. Sanitary cart loads 34.
Street sweeping loads 12.",. Houses
quarantined from smullitox 1. Hous.a
fumigated 18. Public building inspec
tions 110. Hydrants flushed i daya.
Premises inspected 530. Closet* in
spected 515. Wagon loads garbage
hauled 434. Sanitary cart loads 4 11.
Street sweeping loads ?4. Houees fu
migated 13. Public building inspec
tions 120. Hydrants flushed 2 days.
Premises inspected 635. Premises
not sanitary 1. Closets inspected 845.
Wagon loads garbage hauled 389.
Sanitary cart loads 40. Street sweep
ing loads 34. Houses fumigated 28.
Public buildings inspections 1.76. Hy
drants flushed i day. Sewer tests 7.
Contracts mudo G.
. AprU.
Premises inspected 655. Closets in
spected (167. Wagon loads garbage
hauled 434. Sanitary cart loads 50.
Street sweeping loads 42. Houses
fumigated 10. Public building in
spections 175. Hydrants flushed 2
days. Sewer tests 10. Contracts
made 13.
Premises inspected 486. Closets In
spected 495. Wagon loads garbage
hauled "09. Sanitary cart loads 40.
Street sweeping loads 48. Houses
fumigated 7. Public building Inspec
tions 140. Hydrants flushed 2 days.
Sewer 'esta 15.
Premises Inspected \G43. Closets
inspected 650. Wagon 'loads garbago
hauled:284. . Sanitary cart loada 56.
Houses fumigated 12. Public building
inspections 130. Hydrants flushed 2
days. Sewer tests 12.
Promises inspected 515. Closets in
. spected 510. Wagon loads garbage
hauled 315. Sanitary cart loads haul
ed 40. Street sweeping loads 46.
Houses fumigated 6. Hydrants flush
ed 1 day. Sower testy 12.,
Premises Inspected 500. Closets In
spected 535. Wagon loads garbago
hauled 322. Sanitary cart loads 40.
Street sweeping loads 44. Houses
furn waied for diphtheria 1. Houses
fumigated 8. Public building In
spections 123. Hydrants flushed 2
days. Sewer tests 7. Typhoid fever
cases 5.
Premises inspected 610. Olozcts in
spected 590. Sanitary cart loads 40.
Street sweeping loads 44. Houses
' quarantined for dtptheria 1. Housea
fumigated 8.
Premises inspected 575. Closets in- ,
(peeled 582. Wagon loads garbugo
hauled 320. Sanitary cart loads 38.
Street sweeping loads 40. Houses
fumigated for scarlet fever 1. Housc3
fumigated 10.. Public building inspec
tions 135. Hydrants flushed 1 day.
Typhoid fever cases 2.
Premises Inspected 61*3. Closets in
spected 600. Wagon load garbage ;
' luhd 350. Sanitary cart loads 42. i
?,erect sweepings loads 44. Housea
quarantined for diphtheria 1. Houses
imitigated 8. Public building inspec
tions 130.. Hydrants flushed 1 day.
Premises Inspected f>20. Closets in
spected 510: Wagon loads garbage ?
hauled 340. Sanitary cart loads 40.
Street > weepings loads 42. Kruses i
fumigated 6. Hydrants flushed 2 daya.
Thos. A. Campbell, i
Health Officer.
* Union Grove.
A protracted meeting will begin at :
IT'nlou Grove church Sunday. Rev.
i S. W. Danner preaching. Thc'pub-- :
Ile ls cordially Invited to attend, i
Pardon Board to Meet.
Columbia, Sept. 7.-The state ]
hoard of pardons has been called by ]
Gov. Manning to hold a special Ces
sion Sn Columbia. September 8, when 1
several Ira portant. cases will be re
viewed. The appeal of foo- Chester
negroes under sentence of deaCh will i
be considered. Joe Malloy, a Marl- <
boro negro, ls asking that hie death ;
sentence be commuted to a life term
In the penitentiary.
Cholera and Typhus Growing. i
Parts, Sept. 7-A Hayns dispatch
from Rome says: lt is officially an
nounced hers that cholera and typhus
are increasingly prevalent In Austria
and Germany. - *
In Austria daring the last twenty ]
days of Joly there were reported ?
7.427 cases Of cholera with 3,295 i
?deaths and 8S5 ca'* s of typhus were'
And Many People in Anderson
County Will Await Outcome
With Eagerness.
Court of general sessions conven
ed at A Iltur vi) i . tills week also and
liiere is one case in particular that
the people of Anderson county is in
terested. It is the Scott murder
case which occurred near Lowndcs
ville in the early spring.
A telephone message frosu Abbe
ville last night stated that the case
would very likely he tried today, and
at any rate some time this week.
Four negroes, Logan, the first one
arrested, and Will Johnson, Kd Mas
sey oud Earle Uurton have IK en in
dicted for the murder by the grand
Jury, lt will be remembered that the
latter negro was shot . in the woods
near the scene of the crime a few
days afterwards, the identity of the
assailant never being Icu rued. Bur
ton's whereabouts were unknown for
sometime but he wa? later arrested
by the Anderson authorities and j
turned over to Sherill Burts of Ab
Tho Scott caso, it will be remem
bered, was ooo of thc must brutal
that bas occurred in this section of
the state tn years aud the outcome
of the trial will be awaited with eag
Tuts caso was called at the lastl
term of sossions court lu Abbeville
but Solicitor R. A. Cooper asked for
a continuance since he hud more |
testimony to gather up.
? ? * *****************'
Southern Lougue.
At Atlanta 0; New Orleans 2.
At Atlanta 2; New Orleans 8; both
seven innings by agreement.
At Memphis 4; Nashville 10.
At Littlo r?3ck 3; Chattanooga 2;
eleven Innings.
At Birmingham 3; Mobile 4.
Nut Ional League.
At New York 2; 'Boston 7.
At Brooklyn 7; Philadelphia 1.
At Pittsburgh 3; Cincinnati C.
At St .Louis 1; Chicago 3.
American League.
At Philadelphia C; -Wiahln&ton 5.
At Philadelphia 4; Washington 7.
At Cleveland 1; St. Louis 4; eleven
At Chicago 10; Detroit 8.
At Boston C; New York 0.
Federal League.
At Newark 0; brooklyn C.
At St. Louis 3; Ch?^jjo 0.
At St. Louis 2; Chicago 3.
At Kansas City 2: Pittsburgh 3.
At Kansas City 2: Pittsburgh 4.
At Buffalo-Baltimore, wet grounds.
* * * *******************
* *
* +
* + ? *******************
Won. Lout P. C.
New Orleans. 81 64 COO
Birmingham. 75 69 660
Memphis. 75 64 539
Nashville . 71 ?6 618
Atlanta. 65 70 481.
Mobile. 61 74 462
Chattanooga. 58 74 4 30
Little Rock. 56 80 412
Won. Lost. P. C.
boston. 83 42 664
Detroit. 85 48 649
Chicago. .. 78 63 695
Washington. 68 69 635
Kew York .A .... 59 66 476
at. Louis. 50 78 391
Cleveland. 50 80 885
Philadelphia ..... 37 88 296
Won. Lost. P. C
Brooklyn. 70 69 642
Boston. ... 66 68 632
St. LoUls ....... 63 67 486
Now York. 59 65 476
Chicago. 61 65 484
Philadelphia. 59 66 472
Pittsburgh ... 63 70 474
Cincinnati. 58 69 467
Won. Lost. P.C
Pittsburgh. 72 55 767
Newark. 67 68 636
Kansas City. 69 60 634
Chicago. 70 62 630
BL' Louis. 68 62 523
Brooklyn .. . 64 67 489
Baltimore. 43 ?4 339
Buffalo .,. 65 '68 489
Portland. Me., Sept. 7.-Tbs third
consignment of gold sent to the Unit
ed States Dy 'England arrived at Port
land this morning by a different route
than thone taken hy the former ship
ments. The shipment, comprising
680.000,000. arrived at Halifax yes
terday on the cruinser Argyle.
fha regular examination for teach
Wllt -be herd in the court bouse on
ly. October 1st. commencing at
hdocfc a. m. Persons interested are
to take notice.
j. B. Felton,
Supt. of Education.
Marks the Creation of the World,
Supposed to Have Taken
Place 5,676 Years Ago.
Tille evening at 0 o'clock thc Jewish
New Year will bi' ushered In. Thl&
will mark tho close of tho 667tu year
of the Hebrew calendar. Rosh Hnsha
nah, the Hebrew New Year, will be
followed in ten days hy Yuin Kippar,
the day of atonement. These holidays
will be observed by .lews over tho en
tire world.
In the Jewish tradition, the nosh
Hashanah marks tic creation of the
world, supposai to have taken place
?.678 years ago. Thc present Roth
Hauhanah will mark the begiunlng of
the year 6676.
Thc Thursday morning service com
prises a more elaborate form of wor
ship and combines some vestiges of
antique ritual with expressions of hu
man t xperiences und feelings true aud
.real for everybody and at all timos.
The Jewish Now Yoar'B festival ls
the oldest of all festivals celebrated
In tiie civilized world. Hut it ls unique
for ltd significance as well as for lu.
antiquity. The secular New Year's
(on January 1 ) ls u day of gratifica
tions, men rejoice In what tiley have
achieved; lt ls a day for sordid Inven
tories. A statement says: "The
Jewish New Year's day, however, ia b
time for serious thought on the mean
ing of Jifo; lt evokes pious con tem'
dilation or the difllcult and inevasiult
problem as to right and wrong anil
its appeal ls not thnt wo should get
more out of practical life but value
moro genuinely, more truthfully, mop
morally the life God ?as entrusted
to us.
"Much of the success and failure
pf our work depend, not upon our
equipment, but upon our fjiotlves.
Thc Jewish New Year's day, accord
ingly, ls placed by a wise tradition al
tho beginning of autumn, whon men
enter upon their enterprises and obli
gations with zest and neal. Just then
thoy need a right Interpretation of
'if" and a true measure of Its values.
"Thc antique features of tho ritual
of that day express the aspirations
all men fool ? ;?nally. The trumpet
cnlls, constituting tho central pavt in
the worship of that day, arc appeals
,for the moral stir which men should
feel when they contemplate their cx
.perkaces and eoek for reinforcement
ot their hopes. Tho calls aro also
an appeal to the large seuss of life.
Our week-day wishes and prayers uro
.self-centered and do not glv. tis a per
spective of our relations nud ovula
tions to the community and fell nv
man, and of their Influence upon us.
But t':o Now Year's day.offers us au
.occasion to reaffirm our respect lor
jths trust in Providence, which lu thc
organization of all lives into an all
encompassing lust ice. The Jew
I'oniprchends tula as a comfort in
.the case of misfortunes and as moni
tion in thq successes ho may have.
.The functlou of the New Year's day
1B to establish a moral Judgment In
our life and experiences."
Banks to Report.
Washington, Sept. 7.-Tho comp
troller of currency today Issued a '* ill
lo all tho national banks, requiring
them to report to him 1'ielr condition
at the close of business on Thurs
day, September 2.
Dunkirk, Sept. 7.-Tho British
so, u ad ron bombarded all the Gorman
positions along tho Belgian coast ae
far as Ostend this morning.
Johnsen Tenues Champion.
.' rest Hills. N. Y., Sept. 7.-Wil
liam M. Johnson of San Francisco,
defeated Maurice E. McLoughlln al
so of San Francisco, for tho American
tennis singles championship. Scores
1-6; 6-0; 7-5; 10-8.
One That Should Be Heeded By An
derson Residents.
Frequently the first sign of kidney
trouble ls a slight ache or pain in the
loins. Neglect of this warning makes
the way easy for more serious
troubles-dropsy, gravel, Bright's dis
ease. Tis well to pay attention to the
first sign. Weak kidneys generally
grow weaker and delay is often dan
gerous. Residents of this community
place reliance In Dean's Kidney Pills.
This tested remedy has been used in
kidney trouble over 50 years-ls rec
ommended all over the civilised world.
Read the following proof of merit
Mrs. David Burrows, 131 N. Mc
Duffte St., Anderson, says: "Hard
work weakened my kidneys sad
brought on backache. When I waa
ironing, sharp twinges darted through
tny loins, driving me almost frantic.
I had a too frequent desire to pass
thc kidney secretions and they dis
tressed me. I had bsd dizzy spells,
loo. Reading about Doan's Kidney
Pills. I got s box at Cray ton's Drug
Store. I felt better after I had taken
x few doses and three boxea fixed mo
ip In fine shene. I keep Doan's Kid
icy Pills io the house now and use
them occasionally aa a kidney tonic."
Price 60c, at all dealers. Don't
dmply ask for a kidney remedy-?et
Doan's Kidney Pills-the same that
dre. Burrows bad. Foster-Miltmrn j
Jo., Props., Buffalo, N. Y*.
We ve sold already more
College Girls* Fixings
than for any previous sea
We can supply your girl
from head to foot with
things that delight a college
girl. You can make your
bill here inexpensive, too.
And while buying the pretty
things for the young lady,
don't forget for a minute
Your Fixings
are ready and waiting.
Bookkeeping, Penmanship, Shorthand, and Typewriting. A knowl
edge of these subjects means SUCCESS. Come, and'let us prepare
you for an independent careen A good position awaits you. Day
und night sessions. Enter any time. Write for catalogue.
Women's Kid
Moir Slippers
. Just received a big lot of Womens
BouJolr SHppcra In Black, R*?d, Pink,
Blue, and Lavender. These are the
prettiest we have ever shown. They
are mado with low boola and quilted
innersoles and largo 311k Pan Pans.
On sale at

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