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On North End Mackensen and
Austrian Generals are Placed
on Defensive.
.London, Sept. 8.-Almost simul
taneously with the. announcement
Chat Emperor Nicholas had taken
personal charge ot the Russian ar
mies and despito the beginning ot
autumn rains, fighting has ben re
sumed on the eastern front with great
intensity on both wings in Courland.
In the north and In Volhynia, Podo
Ho and east Galicia. In thc south
?ae Russians are making determined
efforts to regain the initiative. In
the center Clio Teutons continue to
increase their advantage.
Thus Hindenburg, in Courland, is
still denied his objective, the river
Dvina, and Mackensen and the Aus
trian g?n?rais on the other end of the
line are opposing a Russian offen
sive. In the center Eichhorn and
Prince Leopold of Bavaria are" push
ing forward, and according to Ber
lin, ihavo occupied Wolkowysk, an Im
portant railway Junction.
Another Jay of (heavy'artillery en
gagements ls recorded in the west.
There have also been a series of air
raids as well- aa - the .bombardment of
the German coast batteries by the
British flock.
The Italians clalni to have captur
ed several Austrian positions on Ca
dore front.
Long distance fighting appears the
feature in the Dardanelles, where thc
Turks claim tivoy successfully bom
barded the allied positions at Ana
fart a and Sodau1 Bahr.
The Zeppelin raid on England last
night resulted in the death of thir
teen persons, ot whom ten were wo
men and children.
London, Sept.- 8.-^Emperor Nicho
las is now in command of .the Rus
sian military and naval' forces and
the grand duke bas been transferred
to tho Caucasus. London . ls spec
ulating as to what section ot the
eastern -front Ciao been selected by the
emperor for headquarters. Courland
appears to be -tho critical section of
the Uno. General Russky io? in com
mand there, and Field Marshal von
Hindenburg ls apparently .not making
any great progress against him. The
central section is held by the grand
duke and the efforts of the Germans
to drive a wedge through the
swamps is proceeding slowly, while
the Galicien wing, in command of
Gen. Ivanoff lr? making a stubborn
stand against ?tho Austro-Germans.
Ten persona were killed and 46 oth
ers were wounded in a German air
raid cn tho cast coast of England.
The weather conditions, which favor?
ed tho allies laut fall In the east, ls
again ' helping: Wham. A dispatch
from Copenhagen says the rivers aro
erwollen by the autmn floods to such
an extent that they promise to be
impassable barriers to the - German
advance. Tho dispatch represents the
immediate objective of the .German
campaign as the seizure of the en
tice railroad System* from Riga to
Lemberg, and securing the central
lines for further penetration into
On the ottuer fronts events point to
a concerted i^ovement by the allies.
General Joffre is back from Ute Italian
trent and British warships have
Joined the chorus of artillery on the
Belgian coast, which leads Ix>ndon to
believe au offensive is Imminent.
Guatemala Torpedoed Near Belle
bland-Crew Landed at
V/Jfc Nasaire.
Paris. Sept. il?-Tho Fren ra steam
ship Guatemala wak torpedoed an
sunk nbont 50 mlle? off ot Belle Ldc
The ?-ow escaped in two boats. Th
?inn . wero picked oy by ? British
steamer and taken to Rt. ? ?val re.
The Guatemala ls a vessel of si?
thousand-ion*, owned by thn Cora
. isSfruSe /u9oer}A$e t Trans-Ailaatlc.
which owned tao Bordean*, the yh?k
lng of which ws? announced jester
Watched Steamer Ti? Satisfied
His Vessel Waa in Danger
Then Fired.
Berlin, Sept. 8.-A German sub
marine commander Just returned to
his base, has reported to the ad
miralty that he torpedoed the liner
Arabic believing the Arabic's actions
Indicated sae was about to attack the
submarine. He says he fired in self
The report says he was destroying
a freighter when the Arabio * was
sighted. The sur.marine was then on
the surface. Vhe Arabic swung
around and hcaCcd toward the fr?lPl- -
ter as if to attack the submarine.
The commander was still in doubt as
to 'the Arabic's intentions when she
changed her course a few points but
kept headed in a direction bring her
near the scene.
'He continued to observto the .liner's
actions until the Arabic again chang
ed her course and iheaded dtrectlly
for the spot where the submarine lay
as if she had sighted flic under sea
boat. 'Then the submarine com
mander, believing his craft endanger
ed, submerged and fired the torpe
Conspired to KOI Wealthy Fann
er and Wife and Divide
Decatur, Ga., -Sept. 8.-Dr. Bryce
S pray berry and John Ozner were in
dicted today on t?c charge of poison
ing William Sprayberry, aged 80, a
wealthy farmer and his wife aged 82,
near Ellcnwood in nineteen ten based
on an alleged confession made by Dr.
Sprayberry when he thought he was
dying last Kay. It is alleged.ha Bald
ho, his erother William and Osner
conspired to kill the aged couple and
divide their property. .
Dr. Sprayberry attended tino ?ged
couple, who were taken suddenly lil.
Their aliment was diagnosed as pot
malne poisoning.
George SttUth Shot Wife and
Mer Sbter-Went to Home
and Suicided.
Nashville, Sept. 8.-Panic stricken
passengers In a street car, ssw
George Smith fatally shoot his Wife,
and her sister, Mrs. Maud Hunter.
Smith left the car nt once and "weat
directly home and shot himself?
through tho huid.' All are dead'. .
Smith started the shooting with
out warning and punic ? reign ed as he
emptied his revolver, abd the
bodies of one woman after the other
lolled to tho floor. Mrs. Hunter died
.as. sits was being removed from the
car and Mrs. Smith twenty minnies
later. OfflcSrs hurried to the Smith
heine, and' heard one shot in the
house and as they went to arrest
Smith they fou?d him dead. Su>Jth
and his wife wore separated, and ?he
waa suing for o divorce.
Amer ic
Secretary of Statt FrjbCrt Lansing
has announced a new and great
American policy, nothing less than
the control of the Caribbean ct?a,
which ie necessary to the protection
and-control of the Panama Canal.
Such ls the interpretation put on the
treaty (he has Just offered the now j
Hey lian, government prov1 ding for a
llJStfiptorate .of. tea years. Of course,.
ToUl Wheat Production Will
Probably Reach Billion Bushels
-New Records Also Indicated
For Other Food Products.
Washington, Sept. 8.-Bumper
grain crops wita half a dozen new
production records seem assured.
The agriculture department estimates
based on September 1, canvas show
ed that prospects were improved
greatly during August. The wheat
crop is piscad at 381 million bushels,
ninety millions over last year .When
the final canvass is made the entire
wheat production will probably reach
a billion bushels. -
Cora prospects increased sixty
seven, million the forecast "being now
two billion aine hundred and eighty
five million bushels. Thig is one
hundred ana thirty-nine milli s un
der tibs nineteen twelve ree; 'ls.
Oats may make a rccort* 1 The
September forecast ls on billion
four hundred and eight miliuM. Thia
ls tan million below the nineteen
twelve record.
Indications point to records for
nsw v.??.vye, sweet pots toss, tobacco,
rles ?>J hay.
Aboies and peaches are far above
tKe. average.
i-r- . 4 \
Captain and Save* of, Crew Lost
When John G. Whiiden Was
Wrecked Sunday.
Mobile. Sept. 8.--Charles FOBS.
sols survivor of tho fishing schooner,
Mm O. Wilden, wrecked off ibo
fHbfhia coast Sunday, herc today said
Captain Heneadas and seven of . tho
crow, including George Olson of Pert
saoola were lost.
Doe ft? Need.,of Merchant** Karine.
Washington, Sept. 8.-The need of
the Marchant Marine for: a naval aux
iliary, was the reason given >v Sec
retary McAdoo for the administra
tions intent on enlarging American
. This is to be a part of the plan f.**
the national defense co-ordinate with
the forthcoming session of congress.
a's New Policy, C
Hip <
the policy ls not stated in the broad
terms that tho Purpose ot lt is to 1
dominate the Caribbean; but far see- {
lng Washington observers, who have ,
believed ever since the American gov- 1
crament decided to build the Panama ?
Canal, that domination of tho drib- '
bean was absolutely necessary to its i
protection, think the time has at last <
come when thia-oew American policy
baa tffhvf* absofft
. Washington, Sopt. 8.-Administra
tion oiTlclahj nre closely watching the
military situation in Central Mexico
where Carranza forces arc planning
a general attack on 0'ie Villa forces ,
either at Torre?n or Chihuahua.
Consuls have been asked for all avail- '
able Information on troop movements.
A message, dated yesterday, from
tho consul at Torre?n, said Villa i
troops from . t?atilio are _ arriving :
there. Several train loads " artillery j
have been t.**?--toned'hy Villa. ?
Lansing sr id plans for the meeting t
pf the Pan-American conferees next i
week have been completed. i
Ascribed Sinking to Self Defense t
and Offers to Refer Matter of
Pay to The Hague.
Beiflin. Sept. 81-Germany's' note
concerning the sinking of the Arabic
waa ae?t to Ambassador. Gvrard yes
terday. It ascribed .the sinking to
an net. of self defense. It expresse}
regret for v Americana Jost and offlerc
to T??fer the question, of reparation
and compensation to The Hague. I
says submarines are Instructed no:
t? attack passenger vessels unies:*
they try to escape or .attack the Bub
Welsh Miners Strike Again.
Cardiff, Sept. 8.-(Jpr the third ,
time since the war began s :
strike hts been called in the South
Wales Coal district. Thirty-five hun
dred miners in two collieries have
quit protesting against tim employ- ?
ment ot non-union miners.
Tea TfrpiU Hasn't Qa!t. ?
Berlin, Sept. 8.-The repi?t that I
Grapd Admiral Von flrpits conten?- I
plates resigning is declared untrue, i
Ho is on a short vacation and will i
resume his dullen shortly. i
England J BA lided.
Bristol, Bngland. 8e>t. 8.-The
Britisb Trade Union hhs adopted res- I
I dutton* expressing hattet la the <
?complete justification la the partiel- i
> pallon of England in the wt?.-, I
>' "'. f ; :
ontrolof Caribe
it the Caribbean Sea. Ai
Control ot the Caribbean requires a
port like Port au Prince at the east
end. Tho Panama strip itself serves
sis a naval base on the west end ol
the sea, while New Orleans naturally
becomes the Ut.*ge naval base neces
sary for the success of the policy.
The treaty the' secretary of state bat
offered to Haytl must, of coarte, tx
confirmed by the United State senate
and many members of that body maj
disagree with the new policy. Bul
Brownsville, Sept. 8.-The United
States army today took tho most
Important step yet in the border com
plications on the lower Rio Gk ande
valley, when an order was Issued herc
giving the army officers command ovet
tho actions of civilians on the river
In caso ??hooting across the border was
Brownsville, Sept. 8.-Catranza
authorities announced that they be
lieve they can better cooperate with
the American in suppressing bandits
if there is no divided authority os
the American aide. , and they car; deal
only with American soldiers. Army
sfficers have no authority to make el -
rests away from the river border.
3u,t Shops Making Tools Used in
Manufacture of Shrapnel
for Allies.
Chicago, Sept. 8.-Seventy-five
German and Austrian machinist?
employed by Terris-Wold and com
pany, struck today ' when they learn
sd the company bad taken a con traci
to make tools nsed In manufacturing
shrapnel for thc allies. They made
no demands, the officials said.
President Hastings, ot the HUnoit
MsnnaTaoturers* association, said the
strike was one of many called to hit
?Uentlon recently and that an invej
t Iga lion is being made. He may re
port to President Wilson, after thi
Dumba case is settled.
Ootd S?ment Overestimated.
New York. Sept. 8.-Great Bri
tain's tnt rd shipment of gold to thc
United State! .in flvo weeks was pul
in the sub-treasury here today. It
amounted to 819.465,000, and not $66.
100,000 ss reported by Ute J. P. Mor
gan consignees. No statement was
?eade of the value of American securi
ties accompanying - the gold but lt ls
reported at thirty millions.
Hesperian Enquiry
Washington, Sept. 8.-flecrotary
Lansing today cabled Ambassador
Morard at Berlin to forward Infor
mation available In the sinking ol
the Hesperian.
an Sea
0?0O**r*IC*t- HI Lt S
T * rf r/.c
O C ? fi N
mao * V *
laural William B. Capcrton, ' i
there ls little doubt in Washington]
that t theafmdrsltan
thst the administration has committed
Admiral William B. Cap? ?. ton ls j
now In control or Hay tl. Although a
new president bas been elected the [
11 American IB almost dictator . He or
tl some other repreeentative of the
uavjy department will likely remain |
there until the treaty for an Amer
ican protectorate has been acted ou.
Ordered to Cajtyaegs By Emperor
-Made Viceroy ?nd Com*
mander of Southern Army
la Demotion.
Petrograd, Sept. 8.-Grand Duke
Nicholas bas been transferred to
Caucasus by Emperor Nicholas. The
emperor took this action on assuming
command of the Russian military and
naval forces. The Grand Duke was
made viceroy of Caucausus, and com
mander of the army ot the southern
The action of the czar in transfer
ring the grand duke ls perhaps the
most Important change of this nature
made by any belligerent .nation. The
only comparable incident was the re
tirement by 'Emperor William last
October of Count Von Moltke, chief of
tbs German general staff.
The part to which the grand duke]
baa be tu transferred is relatively un
important, compared with bis forme:'
vast, power, as the Caucasian cam
paign presents only minor aspect* ot |
the war. The Russian forces la the j
Caucasus is not large and the fight
ing there has been perfunctory for j
several months.
Seriously Wounded By Husband
of Woman to Whom He
Waa Disrespectful.
Orlando, (Pla.. Sept. 8.-George
Thompson, a negro who was taken
near Gt. Cloud hy a mob last night
and wss thought to have been lynch
ed, escaped. He was found near Taft
today In a critical condition from
wounds Inflicter? yesterday by Dbe hus
band of f.c womer he was disrespect
fal to. The mob told him to run,
fired and missed.
Korest Hills, ?. Y.f Sept. 8.-Wil
liam Johnson, national tennis' cham
pion, andTC. J. Qriffin today wrested
the national double?' from Maurice
Et. McLaughlin and Thomas C. Bun
day. Scores 2-6; 6-3; A-4; 3-6; 6-3.
Goes Unattended to State Depart
ment to Discuss Matter
With Secretary.
Washington, Sept. 8.-Austrian
Dumba returned late today to the
summer embassy at Lenox. Mass., to
await word from Secretary Lansing
whether tho United States la satis
fied with the explanation of bis Inter
cepted letter to. Vienna outlining
plants for withdrawing Anstro-Hun
garian labor and thereby handicap
ping American war supply factories
The ambassador's statement to
Lansing that be was acting under in
structions from his government ap
parently made the affair more serious
tthan the mere question of ethics or
propriety involving Dumba him
Officials are silent on the subject.
Wilson, carrying a cabled copy ot the
letter, walked to the state depart
ment and talked over the Question fif
teen minutos with Lansing.
Before leaving Dumba called at the
labor department to seek co-operation
in his program for provirtlnr em
ployment for the workmen expected
to walk out of munitions plants.
Secretary Wilson was not in and
Dumba talked to Acting Secretary
It is no secret in official circles
that the administration would not
countenance any sort of participation
in such a movement. It . IS under
stood the ambassador proposes to go
ahead with his plans without regard
to the attitude of the American gov
Washington, Sept. 8.-Unattended,
President Wilson went to* the stats
department today to confer with Sec
retary Lansing. The president said
that he Just brought over papers" of
a routine nature,
The action was so unusual thal
White Houso men and state depart*
ment attaches were slow to realise
what had happened. - Tho president
left hia study and passed but of the y
executive building through a little
used entrance, crossed the avenue and
wslked up the' main stairway to the
State department building, while sur
prised tourists stopped to look. Mrs.
Lansing was calling on the secretary,
who was st his desk with (his coat re
moved. Men of the secret service
guard filed out of tine White House
Uto the state department building
and finally caught up with tho'presl
It is customary for the president
to summon the secretary to the
White House when (he wishes to con
ler with him.
lt ts assumed that the president
conferred witta the secretary of state
In the case ot the Austrian ambassa
Ambassador Dumba called on Sec- '
rotary Lansing yesterday and an
nounced that bis concern in the manu
facture of munitions in America was
due to the Austrian governmental In
struction. It ls known that officials
regard this statement ss making the
situation more complex, as bb ey had
previously supposed 'Dr. Dumba waa
acting for himself.
K^lt was later learned that the
president took Secretary Lansing a
copy ot the letter thst Dr. Dumba
seht his foreign office, and Which was
found by the British secret service.
Hoke Smith Gets Notice This
Amount WW Be Purchased for
Civilian Use at 15 Cant?.
Washington. Ge pt. 8-Hoke Smith
announced the receipts ot a cable
gram from Berlin stating that guar
antees to take a million hales, of
American cotton at fifteen cen ta for
the ase of the civilian< population aaa
basa deposited with, the American
British Steamer Sank.
London. Sept. 6.--The British
steamship Dourn has boon sank by
gun fire, p? esumably by a submarine.
Th* crew Was saved, tl wn> ot the
Douro-Ellerman luis.

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