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? IUI I 11. M, j.j.
Bonds Will Be in Three Series ?nd
Will Bear Interest afc Not Less
Than Five Per Cent.
Now York, Sept. 15.-America's bil
lion dollar loan to Great Britain and
France is well on the way to actual
accomplishment tonight.
Bankers familiar with the pledges
secured by members ot the Anglo
French commission thought the an
nouncement that the success of the
loan was assured to be decidedly pre
mature, but Lhere was every indica
tion, they said that the commission's
work had met witli success equalling
their expectations.
This view reflected the opinion of
those championing the loan. lt
didn't coincide, however, with the
sentiments of those opposing the loan,
nor of the so-called pro-German fi
nanciers her.
.The loan will probably br divided
into two, possibly 'our SP rles, the
bonds to boar not, less ??nin live ppr
cent and will be payable In dollars.
It became known today many banks
had pledged themselves to take part
in the loan. The amount ls unknown
hut ia believed to. totat many mil
New( York, Sept. 15.-T?ae pro-Ger
mhn campaign against the floating of
a billion dollar Anglo-French loan ap
peared to"~ttssnllWT$^ plot
threatening even the lives of the six
m commissioners here to - negotiate it.
Members of the commission Have
doubled their body guards. Tnc-y are
requested b; the New York polic e not
to announce their plans for any day
and in no instance to appear on the
streets without detective guards. The
commissioners visit the financia? dis
trict singly and guarded 'carefully.
More than 50 threatening letters nave
been received by them.
.New York, Sept. .15.-The Anglo
French financial commission heard to
'' day that German agents were alarmed
at the momentum gained.in the past
few days by the movement to lend
England and France a billion dollars
to bo spent for supplies here, and in
stituted a country-wide campaign
against floating the loan. Some of
these agents, the commission heard,
are known as men who furthered the
spread of German propaganda dur
ing the presence of Dr. Do rn berg.
Who bas furnished the finances to
maintain these agents has aroused tito
interest of the commissioners.
According to Information reaching
the commissioners, thc German attack
on the loan was launched front the
cover of American cltlsena of German
patronage or sympathies, although
these citizens ara or? the priis^ mer
Tais campaign, according to. reports
coming from sources believed to be, re
liable. Included a proposition to make
heavy withdrawals from all banks
participating in tho proposed loan.
Another - method wa? a proposal to
ttoat a loan of half a billion dollars for
Germany. This, lt ls pointed 'out
would be done only to make K diffi
cult if not impossible f tr .the allies'
Milton dollar loan to be floated." Ger
many, because of her. sea condition,
could not hope to get supplies from
this country in amounto to make auch
a loan necessary''
A lese ^drastic measure was to per
suede every bank, officiai, with Ger
nun blood In Stifl veins to. refjpa^W
participate. This part of tho propa
ganda is reported to have been sys
tematized to a remarkable degree.
New Ydrk banka have been flooded
with protests against participating in
the loan. These protests ore BO atm
tlar aa to lead to the hellet that they
are inpaired by a common source.
Tiio movement 1? roported to have
atarieM in tho east, bat is moat active
In the. middle west. Tho extent of
German opposition in apparent,, when
it is announced that the commission
would no: meet at tho chamber of
commerce headquarters, here. It had
intended* meeting there, but rported
that it feared too much opposition
from the German members.
Maar Prostration*.
New York. ' Sept. 15.-Score* ot
heat proatra/lona were reported hero
today. At roar o'clock tihe thermome
ter registered eighty-eight with six
ty-two degrees of hnmtdity.
PonsHJsHS fa H?fN.
Washington. Sept. ir?.-Ail open
ports la Haiti sra. now under United
States control Rear Admiral Capertou
reported. "...>.. . .-; _
Secretary Lansing Say? no Viola
tions of Domestic or Interna
tional Law Are Involved,
Washington, Sept. i5.-Secretary
Lansing today made lt plain that np
violations of domestic or Internation
al law are involved in Ute proposed
flotation by thu allies regarding loan?
had. expressed opposition to loans by
popular subscription and which would
take large sums in gold from tho
United SUtes.
BY ABOUT 20,000
Latest Figures Give Prohibition
Vote at 35,232; Anti-Pro
hibition 14,907.
Columbia, Sept. 15.-Prohibition
won in the South Carolina flection
yesterday by about twenty thousand
voiles, according to thc latest return?-..
Tho figures tonight give for prohi
bition 35.2.12; against prohibition 14,
907. ..*.
Is Supplement to Note on Serbia's
Attitude on Bulgaria Mace
donian Claims.
Sofia, Bulgaria, Sept. 15.-The
Quadruple Entente ministers present
ed to Ute Bulgarian government today
a supplementary note relative to Ser
bia's attitude toward Bulgaria's Mace
donian claims. The contents of the
note were kept strictly secret.
Did Not Promulgate Pamphlets
Advising Destruction of Amer
ican Munitions Factories.
Berlin, Sept. 15.-An Overseas news
agency say?: "A. German newspaper
which arrived re?e.nUy In the United
Stales contained .pamphlets advising
the destruction ~?f American muni
tions factories. Such prc tice is desig
uted, officially, OB stupid and dan
gerous. Bvtdeutly thia is the work
of misguided and hot-headed priv?*o
citizens, who have attempted to con
duct an.agitation in ibis manner. No
newspaper office was responsible."
Government Orders all Avilable
Men to Southeast Georgia and
Florida to Aid in Keeping Peat
Out of Sea Island Territory. ^
Washington. Sept. 15,-Every avail
able cotton demonstration worko. has
been ordered by the agricultural , de
partment lath southeastern eGorgia
and Florida to aVd in halting the ad
vance of fie Mexican, boll weevil,
which hao brought the pest to tho
edge of the valuable sea island cotton
' Tho wind uti cm*, mg the fta'. cstou
?storm a. few weeks ago ls blamed for
the surprising advance.- Coming Just
at the beginning ol the migration
period tho storm carried the weevil
from Alanamn seventy-five milea into
Georgia In a few days. Ordinarily
the average is thirty-five to fifty mi!es
For years efforts have. been. made, to
save sea Island cotton from the wee*
vii. Low landa are recognized aa an
ideal locaUou, for, the weevils to hiber
Senator and. Aj?/ .Tillman Beturn.
Edgefleld. Sept. 15.-After a
two months' absence, during which
timo they, visited their daughter t*
Portland. Ore., and the Panama
ex position, also taking a trip, into
Alaska, Se.iater ami Mr*. Tillman aro
gain at ?homo. Their trip covered;
about 15,000 miles and that withoi"
and depuetton ot health; on the con
trary, the- senator soys he gained tn
both and never felt better in his life.
Skewers 3fay Heuere Heat.
Washington, Sept. *".-The Weath
er bureau extended fr*r another thirty
six hours, the time U predicted that
tho hot ware wduld remain o-er tho
south and east. ' Showers erny come
in the South Atlantic region.today or
(tomorrow. ,
.;_ j
Villa's Agency Expresses Surprise
and Resentment-Asks In
tention of U. S.
Washington, Sent. 5.-American
coun su ls in northern, Mexico have
been advised by the state department
not only to notify Americans to leavo
the danger zone bul to leavo Mexico
themselves if conditions becamo intol
erable. It described the instructions
issued several days ago, as merely
precautionary because . of disturbed
Obegron's rapid advance into north
ern Mexico and frequent reports of
lawlessness on the border led to the
measurel officials said.
As aoon os Americans have with
drawn there will be no need of tho
consuls remaining, but its denied they
i .iave been ordered to leave.
Latest telegrams to the department
tonight, indicated a general exodus of
American, from Villa controlled terri
tory. Villa's Washington agency
[ heard of tue department's action with
i unconcealed.surprise and resentment.
I Villa's agent sent a communication ex
pressing surprise and inquiring the
United. States' intentions.
San Benito, Texas, Sept. 15.
Heavy cavalry and infantry patrons
I watched this town and the-surround
ing country aa the result'of reports
.planning a general
attack during rae night. No attack
occurred. It ia reported also that
Mexicans planned a d?monstration at
some point neat here, to draw the
soldiers away, and then attack San
Bonito. The soldier^ will remain
several days.
San Benito cilUens organized sev
eral days ago into a public safety com
mittee. Mern bel's of this committee
iwere put on guard In the town and
outskirts and a purse of several hun
dred dollars was collected to pur
chase ammunition. Plans were made
to use the outlying schoolhouses tor
i protection, from which to fight if ne
cessary. Ten automobile lpads of sol
diers alept on their arms all last
night. Shortly after midnight several
horsemen were seen nt a short dis
tance from the town, but did not come
close enough to reveal their identity.
Atlanta, Sept. 15.-Cotton yester
I day reached the high twater mark in
Atlanta for tho present crop v/aen it
;waa quoted at ten cents._
Spot cotton gladed, good middling
? was Quoted at 10 cents. Buying was
brisk and cotton men here' are of the
?opini?n '.hat there will be still fur
thm advahee. They base ttl? prr
iictlon on the Bhort crop, continued
unfavorable, woathr, and .the expected
buying for export to the allied coun
-;-. '*
Are Gratified With Appointment
of Sir Percy Scott to Take '
Charge of Defense.
London, Sept. 15.-London news
paper editorially and in letters to edi
tors are giving much space to recent
air mids. Two. general lines Of com
ment -adopted, one ot gratitude at the
appointment of Sir Percy Soot U?
take ?marge of the def coso? of London
from aerial attack and other sarcas
tic criticism. that similar steps were
r.ot taken bet?re.
"Getting rather hard to keep up wHh
air raids, ' Fall Mall Gazette saya:
rLately they seem to hare taken place
every night. We are Inclined to fce
Meve that onlv a little,extra luck en
abled the invader to slip through a
week ago.
|> The Globe arranging, a mass meet?
ting to 'demand reprisals so that for
{wrenr r*kl over. Loudon, a Gem?an
town may be bombarded from oVove.
Lewers Pacing Bern rd.
. Syracuse, Sent. 15.-Directum l.
chapton pacing' stallion, today lower
ed the worlds decor*; of-1.58 hy pac
ing a mile without a wind shield in
i.r-G 3-4,
Foreign Bankers Come to Borrow a Billion From American.!.
Left to right t ?.
Beading, ResR IV
Homberg, Ernest
These British or
I Iva ve -esme to
forgan, liaron
Blackett, Octave
French bankers
United States a?
borrow a billion dollars. They were
received by J. P. Morgan, of tho big
banking house which acte as agent
for the- British government in tho
United States. Baron Reading, who
heads the Britlt? cominis:-icm. was
Sir Rufus isaacs. He was given tho.
title ot'Baron when he wa8 made lord
(iriel justice of Great Britain. Mr.
Blackett was hero-last year with Sir
George PalBh in connection wk h
I British loans aim finances.
Slr Edward H. Holden.
Slr H. Babbington Smith.
House of
Company Ask? Far Policeman on
Each Car-Told to Wait Till
Trouble Begins.
Colombia, Sept: 15.-Tho local
traction company ls an endeavor to'
"break" the strike of motormen and
conductors that has bold absolutely
Inoperative the street car system nf
Columbia since .'sst Friday, 'Ms af
ternoon comment od tho T?crnt on of
some of thrJr < nrs -*^.'a -striRo hrrxik
ers." An n?P??a ot .;.',Tipany
states tha'. an ^rfort will be mude to
operate V.:i entire system before thc
end of the week.
* Larje advertisements have been
In? .red In the papers asking for
moUnw.in end conductors. Today
General Manager Wallace called on
Major Griffith to place a policeman
on cadi of the cars for protection.
Mayor Griffith Inferentially told the
official to wait until trouble started to
ask for protection. At present every
thing ls quiet and the -strikers have
given no Intimation; that they will
endeavor to resent the presence of
"striko breakers" on the cars.
Lutherans to Meet.
Greenwood, Sept! 15.--The Pied
mont conference of the Lutheran
church In this section ot tho state
will he held at Ernrnanua! Lutheran'
church Saturday" and Sund ny. A
number of ministers and laymen will
bo In attendance. The program will
be published in tomorrow's Journal
Helgiaa Keller 8blp Ashore.
London, Sept. 15.-A. steamship
flying the signais of tho American
committee for tho relief of Belgium
haa gone ashore. flVmr VnemberS of
ber crew*are aliasing," Thia ia tho
steamship reported sunk yesterday.
Kitchener Announces Reinforce
ment of French'? Force* By
Eleven Divisions.
London, Sept. 15. -Premier As
quith iu the Youse on commons and
Earl Kitchener in thc liouso of Lords
Save an exhaustive survey ot the fi
nancial and military situations. As
quith >iRked a billion and n quarter
dollars credit which filially passed and
which brings the total to six billion
three hundred and ton, million dol
Ho explained tile financing of th:
war and warned his hearers that al
tnongh the dally expenditure^ Ls pow
over seventeen and a hal? ' million
dollar il 1? Ilk ly to increase because
of advances to dominions and allies
and. provisions foT munitions. Nearly
three million are enlisted in the army
en? . navy and eight hundred thous
and making munitions, ile said both
figures mast he increased anevastf
pealed to women to aid. Discussion
of conscription followed.
Kitchener told tue lords t.tai Ger
man gas, ?lre and asphyxiating shell
attacks now fail because of the lack
of elements of surprise. He lifted sie
veil of secrecy in announcing that
eleven divisions of the no wormy had
refuforced Field Muihhall Fftmchto
forcea lo Franco and moro aro to fol
low quickly.
. He spoke optimistically of the rit
ual lon ton the various front and ex
pressed the opinion that; fie "Oer
ihaaa Kana shot their belt'' in their
o/!^ns|vc against- JRusaJa without
acuievlng their object 'of destroying
the Russian* army.
s Votes
ter Credit
IN ?wc DENT;
U. S. Submits Evidence to Show
Vessel Was Torpedoed
Without Warning.
Washington, Sept. 15.- Ambassador
Gorards has been instructed to pre
(?sent to the German foreign office a
summary of the evidence the United
States ?I an gathered In tho Arabic
case and which it regards as conclu
sive evidence that the vessel was tor
pedoed without warning.
Secretary lansing, In making the
announcement *nade it clear that no
representation- or expression of
opinion were made tn the communica
tion. Tho next move awaits Berlin's
exaa(nation of evidence and consid
?ration of von Bemstorff's sugges
tion ff.
U. S. Cartridge Co. Employes De
mand increase of Wages and
Shorter Hours.
LowMl. leas*.. Sept. 15.-About
forty-five hundred employ?s out of
flvo thousand at the United States
Cartridge company's plant here
herc struck today. They asked fif
teen per cent ".'age increase., an eisht
hour work.day abolishment of night
work and Sunday, work for men. The
women demand ? eight hours and <i
twenty per cent wage Increase. It ls
understood the company has ~ large,
orders from the allies. >
Artillery Bombardments and
j Aerial Attacks Continue--Brit
ish Attack Belgians Coast
London, Sept. ic.-Von Hiuden
berg's drlv toward the Dvlnak-VBna
railway 4s not progressing aa feat
aB tho others, and except midway be
tween these towna where the cavalry
baa cut tba nUiroad be ls still belog
stubbornly opposed by Russian coun
ter attacks. However be bas reached
a point west, of Bridgehead across from
Uvlnsk and ls preparing to attack.
The German advance has slowed
down along the rest of the lina. In
Galicia tho Russians ar still attack
ing. According to unofficial reporta
the Teutonic armies are falling hack
across tho Dniester.
Just north of the Gallcian border the.
Russians are trying lo . .ure the
fortress of Dubno which tba Aus
trians took bast week.
It is believed this offensive will
have effect on tba rest ot the line as
tbe Teutonic forces risk being out
flanked unless they send reinforce
ments. Despite this the Auteraian
have sent heavy reinforcements
against Italy and at some points have
have assumed the offensive.
. Heavy g HUB continua their bom
bardment in the west. In Vosges
auQther battle tor Hartmans Weller
kopf ls In progress-- According to
Holland dispatches Brtttsh warships
have again attacked the Belgian coast.
AH* raids by allied airmen on towns
occupier* by Germans and by Zeppe
lins on England are dally occurru
A Reuter dtsp&trj from. Massluls,
Holland, says fcoavy firing, heard In
a westerly direction tonight became
so violent that Window? there and at
Hook of Holland, were rattled.
London. Sept. 16.-Although von
Hindenburg's cavalry is astride of the
Petrograd railway, and the Germans
have made captures of prisoners and
guns in Courland, tho Russians Ara
again countering these efforts, ?-ot
only by checking the attempt of the
Austrians to resume the offensive In
Galicia, but by Inflicting another re
verse on tlie Auatro-Gertnau forces
In the same, vicinity. Swientiaiany,
where the Germen cavalry cut the
railroad, ls half way between Vii
na and Dvinsk, and about 400 miles
from Petrograd. The.Russians assert
that thia Germen raid has formed a
dangerous salient in their lise of
which the Germans are likely to take
advantage. It ls clear, whatever stra
tegic move may be involved In the ad
vance, that recent events Indicate, the
near approach ot an Important en
gagement In the Vilna region aa pre
dicted a fortnight ago by General Pc
llacoff, Che minister of war.
The German armies operating on
both sides of the Niemen havo not yet
formed a Junction, and the Russian
rear guard ls still withdrawing.
Russian military writer? are warn
ing the people not to expect too great
developments from the Gallcian offn
Copenhagen reports thai Che motor
schooner Norte, owned in Christiana,
bas been blown up by a German sub
marino. Th? crew waa saved.
It ls announced in London that
Premier Asquith would ask the com
mon-; to vote a credit ot ?1,260,000,000.
Premier Asquith said tbs. new cred
it would carry the war into the third
week of November, and there baa been
some huge expenditures rW it 1s not
In the public Interest to disclose. Ha
give statistics to show that aa tba war
progresses the cost to England ls In
creasing every day. He reported that
recruiting hsd been good, but regret
ted to say that, lt la falling off in
'be past few weeks. Ho, said that
all that was needed Ia the munition?
department waa labor, skilled and. tin
ukliled. In 715 establishments 800,000
persons are employed.
London-From July 18 to September
1 Cbc war has cost ?aglend about
$17.600.000 dally according; to a
statement by Premier Asquith In the
'XMnmcns when he requested a voto
of credit of 11,260,000,000. He atoo
said three million men- had enlisted
since the beginning of the war.
Many Saw Veal.
New. York, Sent. ir?.--^e^co?Ueg? to
the official statement made to the stats
boxing commission today by the oro*
motors ot Glb?K>ns-M$^rlaod bent,
24.845 persons paid adni?*?on to rli
nees th* contest Saturday night. The
state receives $4.351?. 17.

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