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'Just as an introduction to the good people of
Anderson and vicinity we herewith enumerate
a few of the many bargains that are always to be
found here. The more you ?rade here, the bet
ter you will like this store; both the goods and
prices "are right."
Men and Boys Caps, lo dozen Men and Boys Caps.blue serge
and colors a good 25 cent Cap, Special 1 Q
Price. . . . . IOC
Silk poplin guaranteed silk, not cotton, 36 inches wide, 9J^\rt
Special Price, yard.I l/C
Outing Flannels, 27 inches wide, in light or dark patterns, checks,
and stripes; guaranteed to be the regular toe heavy Qi
quality. Price cut to.O3C
200 dozen men and boys heavy Underwear, worth Soc OA " ,
and 60c, Sale Price. .. . . Ol/C
130 dozen Lion Brand Collars, worth 15c the world
over, our price.
32 dozen Big Ben Shirts, white and all colors, very E?ft^w
neat: patterns. Opening Sale Price. . . OUC
io dozen boys school pants, sold at So cents, Sale OC?*%
87 dozen Men's Socks, all colors, good quality, Sale EL*?
I Price.;.
;3o dozen 25c and 5Oe Suspenders for men and boys, ^ i\g%
price. . . . . * wC
4o-inch unbleached Domestic, good quality, worth
I. 8 l-2c, Sale Price, yard.
.5,000 yards Jack and Jill Cloth, made in Anderson, Sale
Price, yard.
Sheets.39c, 30* 75?
Pillow Cases.10c, 15c, 25c
Boys School Pants-300 pair, full peg, all wool in pure imported
Tweed, at.$1.00 and $1.50
j At Sec. pair we are selling the best Pants you will see.
Premiums given for Cash Register Receipts.
Save them. Ask for Catalogue.
Anderson Dry Goods
Main St., Next Door to W. H.. Harrison's Grocery Store.
/ i tl If it'd good, depetix?ab?e Casings
V / f| and Tubes youwahl to buy the
T PULLMAN. A1? sizW and styles.
Salli w
Worth Taefc Wefcat Ia Gold. j Koa* ***** ta Cnsi^lahVs.
.qr have us?d Chamberlain's Tablets "1 have tried r;wt all pf the cough
aod\ found them to bo Jost aa repre- C?TOB?and ?od?; ).thara
seated, a qaiclc reief for raadaches, equal Chamharl.^i'a Conch Remedy
diasy apella aad other sywptoma. de- It has never failed to give nie prompt
netta* a torpid liver and a disordered relief," wylies Wv V. Harner, Mont-,
condition of the digestive, orgnaa. Pf.??, ind. .When yon have a co*dj
They are vorth thetr weight in gold.? ?ive thia remedy a triall aml aee for
writes MisS Clara A. Drifts, Elba, N. yourself what a splendid medicine ft
Y. For sale by all dealers. ls. For sale by all dealers.
Phone 87.
Doe West Alum use Association.
The Due Weat Alumnae association
will meet this afternoon with M:*s.
M. M. Mattlson, and Miss Louise Ag
new, st four o'clock at the home ot
?Ira. Mattison, on Society street. The
subject of the afternoon study will
be Shakespeare's "As You Like lt."
: Gards reading RS follows have been
Mr. and Mr?. Henry Arthur Llgon
request the , honor ot your presence
ai the marriage of their daughter,
Lucile Reed to Rev. Jacob Haller
Gibboney, Jr., on the evening ot Wed
nesday, October 6, at 6:30 o'clock at
tae church of the Advent, Spartan
burg, S.C. At dome after November
1, Anderson,, S. C.-Spartanburg
For Two Attractive Visitors.
Mrs. Harry Geisberg entertained
yesterday afternoon complimentary
to her two attractive visitors, Miss
Minnie Cohen of Elberton and Miss
Susie Cohen of Athens.
Four tables were arranged in the
pretty living room and the games were
most interesting. After they were
over Mrs. John Sadler and Miss
rosamond Burdine tied for the prize
which was won in cutting by Mrs.
John Sadler, a lovely hand embroid
ered maderia worked handkerchief.
Mrs. Hubenstein assisted Mrs. G Ols
berg in serving a dainty menu after
(De games. The guest? for the after
noon were: Mesdames T. L, Cely, L.
8. Horton, John E. Sadler, J. H.
Godfrey. S. R. Parker. W. R. Wonoo.
A. S. Farmer, Frank Reid, Harles
ton Harton; Misses Louise Gilmer,
'Linda Thompson, Lucy Carpetitor of
Washington, D. C., Zoe Broyles,
Rosamond Burdine, Janie Hamlin.
Mrs. J. F. Atkinson of Rlchbourg
is visiting her son, Dr. W. E. Atkin
son, and Mrs . Bol em ap.
i Personal I
' Miss Sara -Smi'tfli will return to her
home in Columbia Sunday after a vis
it tolher aunt. Mrs. J. F. Shumate.
Mr. Levi Gable ef?l daughter, Miss
Annie Gable of Antrevllle were visi
tors in the city yesterday.
i Miss Pauline Ruben stein of Augus
ta ls the guest of Mrs. J. A. Ruben
- Mr. i Charlea Pearl baa returned to
Augusta after a visit in Anderson.
Rev. B. 1?. Robertson and Mr. W.
L. Killingsworth of Antrevllle were
in Anderson yesterday.
Mr. E. G. Evans and daughter,
Miss Virginia Evans of Pendleton
we-3 in Anderson yesterday.
. .. . > . ? -
j Mrs. H. J. Armstrong of Hones
Path was In the city shopping yester
Messrs. Luther P. Harkness, C A.
Buber and. Dr. Anderson of Antre
villo spent yesterday in Anderson.
i I " . . ?
Rev,, J. L. Singleton of Starr, was
visitor In Anderson yes
Mr.. Joe Norton of .Walhalla spent
yesterday In Anderson.
Mr. Yance Cooley aud Dr. Frank
Lander were'visitors from Wiliiam
stoo yesterday.
Mrs.. Luflior-E. Dean of Starr was
in the city'shopping yesterday.
No Chance to Try lt.
A man who sella, shower baths on
five days* trial told this story:
"I sent ono out to a man in the ru
ral districts. I told him to use the
shower bath five days and lt at the
end of Ibis time he was not satisfied
to send it ?nek. Thia la the letter I
"Your shower bath looks good and.!
perhaps lt. ls all right. I don't know]
whether it is or not because the fl'
days of trial passed before Saturday]
bight came around, and I didn't have
a chance to try it ont*--Louisville |
?ea, ...
Darken Caray Hair
Look Young, Pretty
Sage Ten and Sulphur Darkens
So Naturally That No
body Can Tell.
Almost everyone knows that Sage
Tea and Sulphur, properly corapoaud
ell, bringa back the natural color and
lastre to the hair when' faded, streak
ed, ot gray; also, ends dandruff, irw
ins: .scalp and stop falling hair fears
ago' the only way to get this mlx'.ure
WM to make it at home, which ls mus
sy .and troublesome- Nowadays, by
asking a? any ?treg store for "Wyeth's
Sai? and. Saiph?r Compound." you
?nil get a.largo bottle of this famous
old; recipe for about 50 cents.
Ikia't stay trSyj Try itt No oae
can \ possibly tell that you dern?M
yoyr, hf lr aa K does lt BO. natural)'
and evenly. Ytou dampen, u sponge
or soft brush with lt and draw inls
through your hair, taking one amati
Strand at a time; by morning the
frai' hair disappears, and after an-'I
oth*r application or two, your hair
becomes beautifully dark, thick and
U. S. Ambassador
May Be Sent Home
Ambassador to Austria.
Ambassador Frederick C. Penfield, I
the American representativo in Aus
triu, may ?? sent home hy the govern
ment of that nation as. a result of
the request by Prceidut Wilson thai
Austrian Ambassador Dumba be re
called.. Wallington diplomata have
not yet beoa able to guage the situa
tion, but they fear this will bo tho re
sult of President Wilson's action.
Revenge nf the Poor Old Horse.
An old horse that lay sleeping in his
stall was rudely awakened hy tho
j hired mah who jabbed '.vim with a
[pitchfork, relates J.iulge.
"Ob,.ho, ho!" said tho horse, arising
atffly., "Another day's work ahead,
I suppose."
"For once," Bald the hired hand,
j who was a college graduate in dis
I guise "your1 suposition is incorrect
You will h permitted to remain in
I your stall, and rest. Your master ls i
Idead, and his funeral will be'held
"But I am going to the funeral,'
said the old horse.
"Why for the love of 'Mike," gruffly j
I asked the hired man, "should you go !
I when you'may as well stay here and
"For 20 years," replied the . aged I
horse, "I have been wanting to at-1
tend, my master's funeral, and now
fthat^the opportunity ia presented. 1\
wtTl'not'.'jne denlefl. ~ ." j
Occasionally lt happens that ali
I those lu the funeral train are hot there
for the purpose of shedding the scald
ing tear.
Unelo Ozlas Pike cleared (his throat,
shifted his quid, seised his chance to
get a word in edgewise, says Judge
and began
"About tho war-"
A murmur of protest dhecked him.
I But again he began.
"About .the war--"
When a dozen determined men
draw in breath with a.hissing sound,
such aa the spake makea before it
[strikes, will know wt ot lt means.
[Uncle Ozlas knew what it meant. But
ho did not lack courage. Again
seizing bia moment, he exclaimed.
"About the war
"Shot up about Che war!"
"Shet up about lt yereelves," ahout
[ed Uncle Ozlas. in return. "About
fth*-warlntee-deed^theni- Smith -
gala -*-wue-f-giv*-ye -on-th -
skulchus -lot-they-won't-giv*-ye
none-HSQll-durn-r-ye !-an6--serves
I ye-righi!"
Their Relation.
"Are you shiters?" asked the census
taker of two colored women who sat
on tho tiny, porch of their cabin, sc
[cording to Everybody's.Magazine. .
"No. eir." one? ,o? .the .admen "re
plied, "pa alu' po blook. kin. You
see"--pointing to a rather pretentious
leaking houHC on tho hill-"hit's dis
er way: "Sanders,'up dar in de whrth
house, he married, me fu'st; der? Sin'
Lisa boah come 'long, aa' ho 'vorsted
mo an' put me ?nit heall in de cabin
so lie could marry her. But bl moby
he fetch her down de ?111 to be cabin,
to make room for dat young gai. Cora;
he,done married. No, sit, us oin'
blood kin-i gu?aa we'a .wlv?s-ln^sw."
Speaking Softly.
A Virginia farmer was driving a]
refractory cow down the road, andj
cow and driver came to a cross-roads.
The man'wanted the cow to go]
straight ahead, but the cow picked
out the cross-road- A colored enan
waa coming along the cross-road, says.
The Pittsburgh Chronicle Telegraph.
"Haid bed off! Haid her off!" yelled
the driver. ?
The colored man Jumped about the J
pad and waved Ma. arma. Tho cow
i proceeded calmly on her way.
"Hold uer off! Hakt her off!" yelled
the driver.
.Use tryin' ter.* replied the colored
. '.Speak to her! Speak to her and
sfoe'll stop!"
"Good mawln" cow-good tnawn
lng," aaid the other politely.
BfliousncHH and Constipation.
-Mi. ls certainly snrprt*:ng that any j
woman will endure.thc miserable feel-1
inga caused by biliousness and con
stipation, when relief is ao easily liad
and al ao little expenso. Mrs. Chas.
Fecky Catee, . N. write? : "About
Chamberlaiu'fl1 Tabnrt/ari?f ta%r Sured
me of biliousness sad constipation."
For sale by all deners.
YOU will want ??varal of
these good-looking Ruga
th? moment you eeo them.
They're different in texture from
ordinary grass, fibre or ?tbrlc
1 rags; cost lees and wear longer,
t t No piece) for din to settle and
frequent washings won't nana*
t them. )
Every rocm the house should I
* have ? Congoleum Rug. Ccme
in today and let us tell you all
J about then!
B. F?cishmain ck Bro.
Anderson, S. C.
Luther Burbuuk States, However,
That He Would Not Attempt to ,
Produce lt.
(From the New ork Times.)
To an inquiry whether tho produc
tion .of black cotton is possible, as
predicted by a Georgia planter who
has succeeded ingrowing various
shades of colored cotton. Luther Bur
bank 'lo 1er; rallies:
To the Editor of The New York
lt is somewhat doubtful if black
cotton will ba produced during thia
generation, if over. There are yel
lowish and brownish cottons, and
black cotton ls not an absolute Im
possibility by any means, though I
would not underuako Its production
mysolf at any price.
My congratulations to the man
who ?hall i>:*oduce black cotton.
Luther Burbank.
Santa Rosa, Cal., Sept. ll.
Goamany, always "well provided
with lotteries, was Just before, the
great war came on full of exportions.
Almost every city had one, says The
New York Evening Post. Connected
with, a certain exposition was a lot
tery which .offered as prises to the
lucky, tickets enMtllng the bearer to
a free voyage on a Zeppelin- A good
citizen of Munich won such a price
and was the (happy possessor ot sudh
S' ticket when the war gave tba Zep
pelins something better (qr worse, to
do than toke slght-seerB on excur
sions. The air voyage waa off.. As
lt happened the citizen who- wai aa-,
signed to the second Landstrum, de
cided instead of waiting for his. call
to volunteer for the alrn'iips corps,
i "Have yob," asked the recruiting
officer, "any special equipment for
service in this department?"
Tho Volunteer solemnly handed
over hts lottery ticket.
"If yon please," he said, "I am the
possessor ot this free paaa to the
A Gift of a Moaatatn.
(From the New York Press.)
Representative Kant of Callfornh
haa given to the people of that stats!
a big section of .Mount Tamal pal s
which he bought some yoora ago to
prevent the destruction of Rs natural
attractions hy a lumbering interest. P.
dncludos the Muir Woods of splendid
old. redwood, and a wonderful natural
amphitheater. Mr. Kent tried to have
this land made a National reserve;
failing In which be bought lt and BOW
gives it to. his state.
In the amphitheater there is pro
duced' once each year some notable
theatrical production: "Abraham and
Isaac/' tlie first year; then "Twelfth
Night," and a year later "Sakuntaia;"
.tills yean it was "Rip Van Winkle."
From 4.000 to 10,000 people have each
year climbed the 2.000 feet ot moun
tain . trail which leads to nature's
amphitheater to see this production.
With thc gift ot the theater tto i hq
stato it is honed that aa annual fete
may be developed not unlike the
"Oberammergan" presentation. which,
baa become famed throughout, tho
world. In any event, Representative
K'.>nt has done something tor his state
very much worth while.
."??'', >'.j.J]..lj..'."- 1 J.--. .: -.V
nfc ?i r in im i mn
Jour Oor jiirift'
Save a Dime a Day
Y? Become a member by get
, ting one of oar IMME
1 HEftiS^' ^ HANDY,
I rr is TOO
jj Thousands are ?sine
1 .t them. There's osa? watticg
fl ; for you. Why not eall by
I MENT and get it?
I I* I i" 'i I ui.nj
-ia the
We have opened with a stock ol Fancy and Staple Gro
ceries that are Second in Quality to None.
We carry the Famous "Danvalley" lines of Flour and
Feeds ; call and try them.
We are now ready for business, and we will appreciate
your basmesc.
"Bob" and "Bill" Robinson
Phone 574
First Dc- West of The Peoples Bank
"Full Weight and No Waits."
Serges, Mohair, Cassimeres
; ATI Thia Season's Make
Having: addia Ladies S'Jrts to our stock this season, we are
; naming an Extremely Low Price on them in order to Introduce
them to the public.quickly.
This week we offer line of $7.00 Skirts Jg QQ
The Dry Goods King :-: West Side Square.
Tuesday, September 21st, 1915
In Connection with Blue Rridge Ry.
Rt Far?? Rt Fares Rt Fares
Havannah Jackson ville Tampa
Belton. 4.00..... 7.00 . 0.00
Hone?: Path.3O0..
Wlllia>nsion. 4.00. 7.00.. 0.00
Don aid* .. .. .... .. 8.80. 6.86. 8.80
Shoats Junction ... ... 3.76......... ,.... .6,60. .*. ?.......... 8.76
Tickets wilt'bo aold tor all train's. September 21s? Tickets good returning ',
on all regular traine to reach original starting point before midnight as fal
lows: To Savannen, Sept 26th., to Jacksonville, Sept. 28th., to Tampa. Sept. i
80th-. 1816.
*-?-BCHBDt?l?:*^ ~- -
Leave Anderson 0:16 A. M. 4.42 P. M.
Arrive Savannah 6.40 P. M. 4.60 A. M.
j_Ar. Jacksonville 10-30 P. M. 8.26 A. lt._.
* Through coaches and pullman sleepers will be handled.
>* For completo lnformatior, pullman reservation, etc., apply to vinket ageste.
J. R. ANDERSON, Supt. M. R. Ry., W. R. TABER. T. P. A.
Anderson, fl. C. Greenville, 8. C.
W. Bl. M?Oe?, A. Q. P. A.,
Columbia, B. C.
??< ._L.il.ijL-. V. - ' I_Llull-i-JH-?- '-?

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