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He is Secretary of South Carolina
Charities and Correction Com?
mission Recently Created.
Albert S. Johnstone, secretary of
the South Carolina Charities and Cor
rection commission, which was croat- ?
ed by the last legislature, is In the j
city for several days on otliolal biisi- |
ness. Mr. Johnstone arrived yester
day morning and will be herc for prob
ably two days more. After that he
will go to Greenvillo. MT. Johnstone
said that he would make public n re
port as the result ot til? investigations
herc, but probably would not have
timo to write the report untill after he
reached Greenville.
Mr. Jt hnatone spout yesterday in
BpVytting the city guardhouse and one
of the county convict camps, tho one
in charge of Capt. Carl McConnell.
He has throo institutions yet to in
spect, tho county Jail, cac county
home or poor house and the otr:er
county convict cami).
Mr. Johnstone is an old Anderson
boy, having been born and reared
here. Ho is a son of Dr. A. J. John
stone. For tho past secvcrol years,
however, h? has been living away from
Anderson. Ho took up his present
work upon his election to thc office
by tho members of tl:? board of Char
ities and Correction last spring. Ho
basan assistant, Mr. A. D. Oliphant,
ABOUT $6,500
Will Be Two Stories High With
Two Store Rooms on First
Floor-Offices Upstairs.
Mary Miller Earle has lot tho con
tract to Mr. J. Li. .Master for the
erection of a two story building on
her lot on Church street, tho work to
begin immediately. The building
..ill be erected at a cost of a pp rax i
jatelly $6..r>00.
Tlie plans call for a two story red
brick building, with two stoic rooms
down stair? and a basement under one
of these, thc front part of the second
story to be divided into offices and
the rear to be used as a hallway. The
plans were drawn by Casey and Fant,
architects of this city.
"Wiy did that young man look so
cross when Mrs. Smith told him ?Me
heard he lind such killiug ways?"
"She told him that? Great Scott!
He's a doctor."-Baltimore American..
formerly of the staff of the Colum
bia State. Among Mr. Joh us tune's
duties are those of inspecting .'the va
rious penal institutions of the state,
with a view of reporting on thc same
lo Che proper authorities, who are
expected to take wfmt stc?s aro nec
essary to bring about Improvements
and reforms that arc' needed and rc
Our Store will be closed
tomorrow- SATURDAY
account holiday. Open at
6 o'clock Saturday after
During the hut thirteen months and more the people have
been economizing.
Many a woman postponed for a year the buying of a dress
that she coveted.
Many a man 'Vent without" the suit of clothes that he
needed last winter.
Truth to say, thousands of people have been more
economical than was actually necessary. They were sot
nearly so "strapped" as they thought they were.
That cotton is selling for ten cents or thereabouts is a fact
that dawns rather slowly in the popular mind. Some weeks .
will pass before the people discover that Use dress and Ute
suit of clothes can be afforded this winter.
Fact is the people are not at the moment allowing them
selves to consider that the new clothes are necessary. The
season is in its infancy.
In a few weeks they will begin to realize that there is
money in their pockets. This isn't mere prophecy--it's a
certainty baaed on cotton and cotton seed together worth
around $65 a bale.
It ?a not for the editorial department to discuss advertis
ing. Nowadays the brisk merchants and the lively advertis
ing solicitors are all experts in the art or science of publicity.
They can talk all around mere editora and make them "feel
miall." Besides, your clever "ad man" m these ames can
write all around an editor.
Nevertheless, we think we can discern the certainty of
money-lending by the people in a few weeks. There will
not be extravagance but the promise is that the people w?i?
not be poor and in despair and they are not likely to be afraid
to buy what they need. Much of what they didn't buy last
winter they must and can buy now.
One kind cf bu sinew man wfll wait iSl (rosiness shall be ac
tive, very active, laen he witt ?tart an advertising cam
paign which v/iLI educate the public in regard to what he has
to sell about the time the people's autumn and winter bely
ing campaign Ss ended.
Another kind of business man will advertise ahead of the
business activity. The procession b coming m the distance.
It ia approaching a paint where roads radiate in many direc
tion* towards aa many mercantile concerns. Some of these
houses already have their signs up, the people can read them
from afar and they wfll not be uncertain about the rod to
Some things about advertising even an editor may know, i
_The Columbia State Editorial
And Enrollment Will Be Made To
day Then Schedule of Classes
for Year Will Be Made.
Yesterday afternoon at 2 o'clock
the new students at Anderson college
reported in the library in order that
they might bo classified ns to classes.*
Dr. Kinard stated last night that this
had. been done very auccessfully.
This morning at 9 o'clock the stu-*
dent8 will report in chapel when im
portant announcements will bc mad?..
Afterwards the student will report in
the library to enroll. Dr. Kinard
.urges all to attend to this matter so
tLst (he schedule of classes may be
The enrollment of tile out-of-town'
students at the college ia as follows.
Miss Annie Hello Strickland Pelter.
Miss Floride Pruitt. Starr.
Alias Fannie Sue McCuiry. Andoi
son. H. F. D. 6.
Miss Mary Bolle IJowlc. Starr.
' Miss Wilma Ervin, Landruin.
Miss Basic Cook, Iva.
Miss Nannie Smith, Anderson, R.
F. D. 2.
Mis J Mildred Wright, Piedmont, R.
F. D. ?.
Miss Edna Mayoa, Pendleton, FX F.
D. 3.
MIBS Grace Watkins. Relton.
MIBB Ethel Norris, Anderson. R. F.
D. G.
Miss Ixetta Pruitt, Starr.
' Miss Maggie Shirley, Anderson, R.
F. D. 8.
Miss Lucile Haynle Belton, lt. F.
D. 1.
MISB Vivian Cox, Belton.
Mies Grace Campbell, Belton.
Miss Amanda Shirley, Belton.
Miss .Margaret Clement, Belton.
MIBS Sara Lucile Devlin, Verdery.
Miss Rosada Talbort, FarksvlUc.
Misa Sarah Sanders, Hagood.
Miss Nancy King, Belton.
x Miss Mary Aiken, Abbeville.
Miss Mello Whitlock, Jonesville.
Miss Ka tv oro v/t her, Anderson, Fi.
F. D. 8.
Miss Nelle Gentry, Belton, R. F.H>.
Miss Janot Bolt, Easier.
Miss Nora McAlister, Central.
Miss Elizabeth Buxton, Newport
News, Va.
Miss Ruth Anderson, Anderson, ll.
F. D. 8.
iMlas Irene' Martin, Anderson, R.
F. D. 1.
Misa Gladys Chamblee, Anderson. Bi
F. D. 4.
Miss Helen Oaamblee, Anderson, R.
F. D. 4.
Miss Bertha Hall, Anderson, R. F.
D. 6.
Miss Etrulla Hombree, Anderson,
R. F. D. 3.
Miss Margaret Byrum, Anderson,
B. F. D. 4.
Miss Mary Blancho Dalyryumple,
Anderson. E>. F. D. 2.
Mles Martita Ann Welbornc, Ander
son. R. F. D. h.
MIBS Ina V. Cartee. Anderson, R.
F. D. 1.
Miss Mario Nelson, Charleston.
Miss Bruce Owlngs, Laurens.
Miss Lake McAlister, Central.
Miss Carolyn McFall, Anderson.
Miss Sarah McFall, Anderson. R.
F. D. 8.
Miss Annie May Canady, Ininan.
Miss Lafayette Johnson, Clinton.
Miss Lois Anderson, Anderson, R.
F. D. 8.
Miss Martha Owings, Laurens.
Miss Lila OH vis Samper, Ward.
Miss Lucy McPhail, Laurens.
The young ladies from fae city
who are resident students at An
derson college are: Miss Katherine
Sullivan, Miss Emily Sullivan. Misa
raith Anderson, Misa Lois Anderson,
Mis8 Marguerite Henry, Miss Louise
Henry, Miss Helen Burrlss, Miss
Catherine Fretwell, Miss Gladys Wt Jte
and MIBS LOU Nelle McGee.
Her Own Version.
A little girl in Connecticut, sged
two and a half years was allowed to
go to church Christmas Sunday on
condition t?ae would not talk cat loud,
but could Join in the singing, says
The 'Detroit Frees Press.
The first hymn happened to be
"Joy to the World," song to "Old
Antioch." . She recognized {tho tuno
and felt (her opportunity hud come;
But the only words associated with
that tone were not the words ot
Isaac Watts. This made no differ
ence, and the congregation was con
vula?d to hear a high, childish voice
riiifc!ag clear above the voices around
her: 'There was a man in our town
and he was wondrous wise. He
Jumped into a bramble bush, and
scratched out both his eyes."
Especially effective waa the repeat
of the line line whon, instead of hear
ing: "And heaven, and heaven an-1
nature sing," then . hoard, ".And
scratched, and scratched out both the
At Salem Church.
There will he preaching at Salem
church Sunday morning at 11:30 by
Hov. W. B. Hawkins. All members
are requested to attend for church con
ference will be held and a pastor elect
In Lighter Vein.
.'Why ila! **?u retreat?" demanded
tho gen-ral wfio was directing the
a.sm fattie. You hsd the other side
f utr.u.T.6ered and technically defeat
ed." I know general, hut a nest of
hornets got Into the game."-Louis
vil?'} Courier-journal.
Has Been Established By Mr. Elias
McGee-Will Haul 50
Bales Today.
Mr. Elias McGee, one of the most
extensivo farmers of this country who
lives near Starr, yesterday bought 15
bales of cotton fruin his neighbors
and carried tf:em :o Hartwell where
he sold them. Mr. McGee stated last
night that he bought most of the cot
ton at 10 1-4 cents per pound and !
sold lt at IO 1-2. a profit of about $1.J?5 j
a bale.
i.Mr. McGee stated that today bel
would haul about 50 huies of cotton to
the Georgia market, buying lt ns he j
did that yestcrduy. He also stated
that Ije intended to keep this un nil
during t?ie fall. Ile hus teams of hin
own which aro idle at this time of
year and a kind of cotton train will
be operated.
No one will blame Mr. McGee for
doing this for it ls perfectly legitimate
and he can make a reasonable profit
oe1, of the business. Thc farmers in
his section will be ?lad of the oppor
tunity to sell their cotton on the
ground at the same price that they
would get if brought to Anderson be
cause they will not have to go to the
trouble and cxneusc of hauling it.
A reporter of The Intelligencer
vestcrday in conversation with a prom
inent business - man of thc city was
told that for a number of years the
Anderson cotton market dad not been
on an etjual plane with that at .Hart
well. Ga., and that there 'had been
much complaint on this score. Rvery
year thousands of baies of Anderson
grown cotton are taken to Hartwell
to be sold, the market there being bet
ter than li is here at Anderson.
Another man stated that the reason
cotton brought a better price at Hart
well was because the staple of North
Georgia grown cotton was better than
this on this side of tho Savannah
Fiver. Hes stated, however, that
Carolina cotton taken to the Georgia
UP ti? AND
This old time akin healer ia
used jost like any
cold cream.
( Sulphur, says a, renowned dermatol
ogist, just, common bold-sulphur made
into a 'thick cream wilt soothe and heal
the akin when irritated and '?wen out
with Eczema or any form ox eruption.
Thc moment it ia applied- all itching
, ceases and after two or three applica
tions the Eczema disappears, leaving the
skin clear and smooth.
He tells Eczema Bufferers-to get from
any good pharmacy an ounce of bold
sulphur and apply it to the irritated
parts the same ss you would any cold
For many years common bold-sulphur
has occupied a secure position in the
prflftice of dermatology and cutaneous
affections by reason of its parasite-de
stroying property. It is not only para
siticida!, but also antipruritic, anti
septic and remarkably bealing in all
irritable and inflammatory conditions of
the skia ?While not always effecting a
permaacnt cuno it never? fails to in
stantly subdue the angry itching and
irritation and heal the Eczema Tight
up and it is often years later before
any eruption again appe?.-? on the skin.
All Pork Sausage
and Mixed Sausage
? t- .. . t's'*." ' I
Since the first of the
month we are making all
perk and mixed sausage daily
and it is as fine aa we ever
We also have sdi kinda of
good, rich tender beef at
prices that will tickle y our
Prompt Delivery.
Saoitary Market
Frank Dobbins, Mgr.
Phone 755.
Atlanta, Sept. IC.-Sumo of tho big
gest rattlesnakes arc being killed
this fal* In Ceorgiu that (his slate has
ever seen, and they are said to bo
moro numerous lt un in many years.
F. O. Wade, o? Cordele, killed u
big rattler that was five feet ten
inches long and had nineteen rattles
and a button, the lurgest of those re
ported. Ho ahot tue snake in the
head, being unwilling lo get into close
quarters with u club.
WUlter Pritchard, a Cobb county
farmer, killed a ruttier four feet long
near the Fulton county lino on the
river car line.
W. M. Strickland, near tho Savan
nah rh or aboye P?U mond county kill
ed a rattle: that was ns large round
as his arm, hut which hud lost its rat
tles and part of its tail in a fight jri?fil
some animal or perhaps in a irup. .
market always brought just us good
price as U:at raised over there. Ho
saLl tliut evidently there was some
thing wrong somewhere.
Of Supreme Importance-Your Duty
School begins within a very few days, and then study, study,
night work, and more night work, which means a strain on
young eye sight.
are the nearest approach to Sunlight that there is. They are
better and cheaper than any other light made.
(See Window Display.)
Represent the utmost service,
safety, mileage and pleasure
obtainable from an Au to-Va
cation trip.
Opposite The Palmetto
N. Main.
Greatest Souvenir Spoon
Offer Ever Made
These Oneida Community Ltd. State Souvenir spoons would sell at RETAIL at anywhere
from FIFTY to SEVENTY-FIVE cents; but on account of the ADVERTISING the manufac
turers get out of the advertising and pron., tion of these Spoons by the different Newspapers
throughout the country, they are sold at FIFTEEN cents each, which covers the ACTUAL
COST and the cost of handling them without any profit to the newspaper.
. . -jil* ' . '
Regular 50c Souvenir Spoons for 15c
Each Oneida Community Ltd. State Souvenir Spoon is wrapped in the PRINTED GUARAN
TEE signed by the Manufacturers, which .leaves nothing to be understood or guessed at. The
Guarantees state fully and explicitly just what-it docs guarantee.
If you have not already started a set, begin today. Clip a coupon
from The Intelligencer. You can redeem it at The Intelligencer
Office. 6
Souvenir Spoon Cou
This coupon, when pre
sented with 15c (or by mail
20c), r.oo? for one State Son
venir Spoon. If ordering by
mall, address Spoon Depart
ment, The Intelligencer, An
derson, S. C. ,
No Spoon sold at Any Price With
out This Coupon.
South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama,
Delaware, Georgia, Florida Tenn. Texas?
Virginia, Kentucky, and
College Students,
Attention !
The Daily Intelligencer will make you a
For the full College Term. Drop in TO
DAY and attend to this matter, because it
will be -like a letter from home" to get the
Daily Intelligencer every day.
All the news, if true, and fit to publish,
but not otherwise.

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