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From the Novel By J
In FOUR Reels, Featuring f
Mutual Masterpiece.
Chees Dav?' Big Minstrel First Part and Vaudeville ".
Two Reels. ,
In Three Parts Kalem.
This store will be closed
tomorrow- SATURDAY
account of holiday. We
will open at 6 o'clock Sat-^
urday afternoon.
We have a beautiful line of Birth An
nouncement Cards.
Opening Ei
Several Speeches Were Made and
Opening Exercises Were Well
Anderson college began its fourth
year yesterday morning at 10 o'clock
with appropriate exercises held in thc
college auditorium. There was a
large number of visitors present at the
The exercises were begun with the
singing of tlie hymn, "Holy, Holy,
Holy," whidh was followed by prayer,
offered by Dr. W. H. Frazer. M?HB
Stranailiian then rendered a plano so
Dr. James P. Kinard arose and be
fore introducing the first speaker call
ed attention to the fact that owing to
the'death of Dr. Howard Lee Jones,
both Dr. John E. White and 1),-. Z.T.
Cody of Greenville had been called to
Hartsvllle to assist in the funeral ex
ercises, and, therefore, could not ho
present at the college as was intend
Mayor Godfrey was then introduced
and in behalf of the city at large
welcomed tho former students, return
and thu now students to Anderson, as
well as the members of thc college
faculty. The mayor's speech was fol
lowed by a selection on the plano
beautifully rendered by Miss DeVarnc.
Spechea of welcome, congratulations
and encouragement were then mado
by Capt. H. H. Watkins, chairman
of the board of trustees; Mr. It. S.
Llgon, chairman of che executive com
mittee of the board and Mr. C. S.
Sullivan, trustee.
Congressman Wyatt Aiken was in
the audience and was called to the
ror.trum. Mr. Aiken stated tuat he
considered Anderson college one of
Anderson's most valuable assetts. He
otated that you could place a value
on the mannufacturing enterprises in
the city, the railroads, etc., but the
value and the worth of the college
WBB inestimable. He . tated that the
college had at its head in the person
of Dr. Kinard ono of tho greatest edu
cators of thc soutu and complimented
the president on his able corps of
Dr. Kinard then aroso and before
making his usual announcements re
ferred to tho death of Dr. Ho ware;
Lee Jonos, a former member of the
board of trustees. Dr. Kinard stat
ed that Dr. Jones had been a true and
loyal friend to tho college and had al
ways shown tho deepest personal in
terest in lt. He stated Unit he bad
sent the following telegram to Mrs.
Jones lupon hearing of ber husband's
death :
"The faculty and student body of
Anderson College sympathize with you
in your great bereavement and wiri
Coker college in the loss of its dis
tinguished president."
After the reading of this telegram
iSr. Ri. S. Llgon suggested that Dr.
Kinard, Capt. Watkins und Mr. M.
M. Mattison be selected as a commit
tee to draft resolutions of sympathy
for the loss of Dr. Jones.
Before making this announcement
in regard to the work to bc begun by
the pupils this year Dr. Kinard stat
ed that the college was opening its
fourth year witSi tho largest atten?
dance yet, 53 or 51 already having ar
rived. He .stated also thar ho ex
pected 10 or 15 more within tho next
few days. He stated that the college
expected to enroll about 50 or. CO
406-406 Beachley Bafldtng
S. c.
VBaK&oun* ifvWiMKtge os
M.,. TL ..|f , ?>.,7T fl i ii
now aneacre i winnis
The "R"- Months are herc
and so are
Served any Style by chefs
who know how they ought
to be prepared.
Order Now
! from tit? city OT nearby points which
would bring the present attendance
up to about 115. "we realize," stat
ed Dr. Kinard, "that In order to have
a healt'ny growth, the college must
grow slowly. lc would not be the
best thing for the college to spring
up in a hurry bu? by growing slowly
lt will develop prominence."
Dr. Kinard then called attention
to gifts received by Hie college during
the past year:
During the early full thc ladies of
the College association secured
through the efforts of Mrs. A. L.
Smothers a new and complete copy
of fae International encyclopedia
which was presento.1 to tho college.
A beautiful stage curtain was pre
sented last sprlpg Just before com
mencement by Mr. C. S. Sullivan.
The Winthrop chupter of Anderson
had presented four large illustrated
volumes dealing .with English litera
Dr. Kinard stated that the college
needed an endowment fund now more
than anything else since these were
necessary to cope with fhe state in
stitutions in giving scholarships. He
?tuted Uiat the people expected a
college to give scholarships and I .al
Anderson college, ought to be able to
give some. He also stated that a
few of the girls had been able to bor
row $100 through friends and the
college to lielp them defray their ex
penses. Ho stated that there were
several more now who would like to
bo assisted in this way and that if
anyone wanted to help by loaning
these girls money it would be appre
Dr. Kinard stated that the coopera
tivo system ?of government which
worked out ao well last year would
bc used auain this term. He calle 1
attention to tho need of the college
of an Kdl.son or Victrola machine,
v/nlch would enable thc girls to spend
some of their recreation hours pleas
1 antly.
j Ttl I? year chapel exercises will be
conducted at 9 o'clock instead ot ll
as was done last year. He stated
that all students along thc interurban
could reach the college by 9:20 in
timo for the first classes and that this
was the reason the change waa being
made. All students living in town
will be required to attend the exer
cises on fhe mornings that they have
classes Immediately after ctiapel.
Tho president called attention to the.
music department' of the college stat
ine that they were prepared to. give,
lessons in this department to anyocs
desiring to take;' it maka no differ
ence whether they havo other work at
the college or nat. The department is
prepared to take beginners and will
have faelr I iou V.H arranged so that it
will not interfere with their school
I work in the graded schools. The do
I mestic science department has also
been developed to ? great extent and a
I two hours class ?ill be held once a
! week for the ladies in the city who
wish to take.
Dr. Kinard called attention to the
lyceum course which the ladles of the
college association were at work on.
Ile stated that nearly enough tickets
had been sold to warrant the course.
Dr. Klnard's anniucements was
1 followed by a recitation by Miss Quer
ry, the new expression teaoher. Mr.
Webb von Hasseht"?then rendered a
selection on the violin which was en
cored so much ti'.at he had to re
spond with another. He was accom
panied on the piano by Miss De Varne.
The exercises came to a close by
i the singing of the hymn. "God. il io
' Father," and the benediction pro
nounced by Rev. J. M. Garrison, D.
D., pasto", of the Associate Reform
ed Presbyterian church of this city.
By Ministers and Laymen of Va
ri?os Churches- Getting Ready
For Their Animal Report.
An Important m ce ting, of the pastors
and laymon.of the different churches
in the Anderson 'district of the Up
per. So-rlh Carolina Methodist con
ference waa held yesterday morning
at ll o'clock In St. John's Methodist
church, for the purpose of tnlklug ov
er affairs pertaining to the winding
up the c'iiurch affairs of this year.
The meeting waa presided over by
the Rev. T. C. Od?ll, presiding elder
qf tho district. The attendance waa
rather large and nearly all of the
churches were represented.
It is now only ten weeks until con
ference and thc ministers In this dis
trict are very anxious to straighten
out some affairs in tho churches so
that the reports may be made out aa
soon aa possible.
The meeting was lr session until
1:30 when it adjourns ?.
Discovered New Comet.
Chicago, Sent. 1$;-John E. Moi
llsch, who already has discovered and
given his name to thrree comets at
the Yorkes observatory, has found
another brand new shy wanderer with
a bright nucleus sad a crooked tal).
Mel Usch Is a Wisconsin farmer boy j
abo taught himself Astronomy, made
hts own lenses ead t?lescopes, and
now makes lenses for the great ob- '
serva tor ks everywhere.
The Plant in Thu City is Very San
itary-Is Doing Big Business
in This Section.
Talking about bottles, what do you
know about one concern placing an
order for GOO gross-72,000-bottles Ot
one clip. That's exactly what Capt.
R. J. 1'amer of the local Coca-Cola
Bottling company did yesterday. And
this ia not anything like all the bot
tles that is required for thia enor
mous soft drink business in the course,
of a year. Aa a matter of fact, lt
takes three or four carloads of bot
tales to meet the demands of tue bus
iness during a twelve mond).
Representing the U ra'.iain Class
company, with general sales and exe
cutive offices in Evansville, Ind., Mr.
diaries J". Hoffman yesterday clos
ed a deal with the Coca-Cola Bottling
company for this big order of bot
tles. The concern has factories at
Evansville, Ind.. Loogootee, Ind.,
and Okmulgec, Oklahoma. The con
cern turns out an exceptionally hand
some piece of gooda and one of splen
did quality.
Speaking of the .soft drink business
generally, it is surprising to the aver
ago layman to view tl ie scale on which
this industry Is carried on In this
city. The local coca cola confnany
serves ali of Anderson county with
Came to Her Rescue
From her home In Mountain Park, Oklahoma, Mra. 0. A. Strange
writes to the Pinna laboratories x
"I am taking Fruitola and Traxo for gsll-stoaes willi
good results. If it bad not been that it came to my
rescue, I would have been dead I am sure. I cannot
say too much for Fruitola and Traxo.
Frail?la possesen properties that act directly upon the intestinal
parts. It ls a great system cleanser, softening the congested waste
and disintegrating the hardened partirles that eau*? so much suf
fering, and quickly expels the accumulation to the latease relief of
the patient. Traxo ls a tonic alterative that acts on the Uvfcr and
kidneys, stimulates the How of gastric juices to aid dlgestloa and
r?noves bile from the general circulation. It serves to build np
and strengthen the weakened, mu-down system.
For the convenience of the pullc, arrangements have been made
to supply Fruitola and Traxo through leading druggists. In An
derson they can be obtained at Evans* Pharmacy, three stores.
the exception of a small strip adja
cent to Greenville county and all of
Oconee county with the excentrons of
the towns along the main lino bf the
Southern llalli way running through
that county.
An inspection of tho local plant is
a thoroughly interesting experience
and well worth the time one might
devote to viewing the workings of the
business. Absolute cleanliness and
quality seem to bo tho watchwords
the local company makes use of in its
business, and ono ls certainly convinc
ed of the cleanliness of conditions un
der whlCh tho industry is carried on
after an inspection of She plant. As to
tho quality of >the goods bottled here,
it is univcrsallly conceded that there is
nono better in the country, A de
tailed explanation of tho manner in
wbich soft drinks are bottled at the
local coca-cola plant would be too
lengthy for a newspaper article, and
bestes, a personal inspection of tho
plant in operation would be better, for
then facts will be impressed upon
ono in more forcible way. One can
rest assured, however. Shat If ?xere
is a germ or a microbe in a bottle af
ter it passes through thc cleansing
process, there ls no hone of ever per
fecting a sterilizing process. If the
cleansing process in ?use at Capt.
Hamcr's place doesn't * kill all the
"bugs," then a German siego gun,
turned square upon one and rammed
with a full charge, wouldn't kill said
To the Pabllc
"I feel that I owe the manufacturers
of Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera aud
Diarrhoea Remedy a word of grati
tude." writes Mrs. T. N, Witherall,
Gowanda, N.T. "When I began tak
ing this medicine I was in great pain
and feeling terribly sick, due to an
attack of summer complaint. After
taking a dose of it I had not long to
wait for relief as it benefited me al
most immediately." For sale by all
Monday, As Usual, "Will
Be a Big Day Here
Read These Values, and You'll Certainly Be Here, Too
TI;is will be a "suit season" as foretold by fashion experts
and already proved by the extraordinary demands for suits not
ed here. Anticipating just this condition we planned exceed
ingly well, with the result that our buyers secured Extraordi
nary Values in Millitaire-Russian Fur Trimmed and Tailored
Suits in all the leading shades. For Monday we are naming
Special Prices on all Suits and Ready-to-Wear. We have them
from $10.00, $12.50, $15.00, $20.00, $25.00 and $30.00.
For Monday we are featuring some beautiful Serge, com
bined with Taffeta and Plaid Dresses, worth $20.00 anywhere,
for Monday only.t.$15.00
Serge Dresses, made up in ail this season's bewitching style,
^nd in all the wanted colors, at any price you care to pay.
Priced from.$4.98 to $25.00
Crepe De Chine Dresses in all the wanted shades, and of a
great variety of different styles and grades, from $12.50 lo $25.
Separate skrits are to be worn very exten
sively this Fall, and we have a very compre
hensive line of them in Serges, Gabardines,
Poplins and Broadcloths, made up in all
this season's best styles, and in every desir
able color at.$1.98 to $6.00
EXTRA SPECIAL. For Monday we are
closing out a big line of beautiful waists,
made of China Silk, Voile nd Organdy that,
sold for $1.00 at, Choice Monday .. . .69c
Crepe De Chine Waists. For Monday we
are cleaning up a lot of exquisite crepe de
chine waists in all colors, well worth $3.50
at. . . ..$2,50
Silk Sweaters. Monday only we are sell
ing choice of all colors of a regular $5.00
Silk Sweater for Monday ;. .. ... .$3.48
S?k Kimonas. Monday wc offer a beau
tiful line cf long silk Kimonas, Japanese pat
terns at Very Special. .$4.98
Monday we are selling Black Taffeta and
Messaline Silk, 36 inches wide. Regular
$1.00 values the world over for only. .7ftV
Mondya, your choice of a beautiful line of
brand new Plaid, and Roman Sstriped Silks;
regular $1.25 values at Monday.98c
School Dresses for Children Monday,
made of Gingham Galatea and Percales
which sell for $1.00 at only (This is a great
Bargain) .. ,. .. .. . . . . .. . . ..75c
Childrens and Misses School Shoes of the
very best makes at $1,25, $1.50, $1.75 and
Ladies Button and Laced Shoes inf all the
latest shapes and style toes at $1.39, $1.48,
$1.75, $1.98, $2.48 and up to $3.48
Brand new Hue of Men's Shoes in all leath
ers, and in every shape toe, button or lace
from ..............$L69 to $4.00
Boys' School Shoes. Made of solid leath
er and made to wear at prices from ?1.25
to $3.50
EXTRA SPECIAL. All Ladies, Boys and
Mens Oxfords at COST and LESS.
Big line of School Suits for Boys at $1.00
to $7,50. This is undoubtedly the prettiest
and best line in Anderson. .
Blue" Serge Suits, Regular $12.5o values
Monday.. .$7.98
Big line of Khaki Pants for boys, regular
50 cent value at. -25c
Ten dozen Cotton Boys Pants, regular 25
cent values Monday ...IBc
EXTRA SPECIAL. New line of John B.
Stetson No. 1 hats that others ask $5.00 for,
here Monday for. .. ... .$3.50
Mallory Hals in all this season's shades
and styles at.$1.50 and $2.00
5 dozen Mens Sport Shifts in plain a,nd
stripes, welt worth'5oc, Monday Special 39c
Our buyers have returned from New York and other Eastern
markets where they secured some great bargains in Trimmed hats
and Untrimmed shapes, In all this season's best styles.
We haye a hat for every face and a price for every purse.
Come see our line of millinery before buying, We can please
your taste and your pocketbook, too
Trimmed Hats from ...98c to $5.00
"Where You Pay Less."

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