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Twenty-five words or les?,
One Tune 26 cents, Three Times
60 cents, Six Times $1.00.
All advertisement over.twenty
flve words prorata, for each ad
ditional word. Rates on 1,000
words to be used in a mouth
made on application.
No advertisement taken for
less than :<6 cents, cash in ad
If your name appears in the
telephone directory you can tele
phone your want ad to 321 and a
hill will be malled after its in
sertion for prompt payment.
WANTED-Some ono to run boarding
houso at Townvllle, S. C. E. M.
Brown, Townvi'.lo. 9-23-3tp1
WANTED-r>0 to 100 head ot first
class, sound mules, 4 to 8 years of
age. Wo are not buying for the
war. Want more class, and willing
to pay better price. Tho Fretwell
Company. 8-22-tf.
WANTED-You to know that I am
this season handling the Genuino
Tennessee Bluo Oem Coal, and not
asking anymore for lt than you
Have paid for Inferior coals. I have
a stock of the best wood in town
on hand. Give me a trial. W. O.
Ulmer, Phone 6?9._
WANTED-Every house keeper in An
derson to try a loaf ot "Aunt Mary's
Cream Bread." It's made at home
and your grocer keeps it Ander
son Pure Food Co. 8-15-Dtt
LOST-Ring set with eleven dla-]
monds and ruby In center. Howard'
if returned to Hubenstein'? s'ur o.
FOB SALE-10 acres with 5 room
house and 7 stall barn on McDuffle
St. See Buck Bray Co. 9-26-8tp.
JACK FOB SALE-Eight year old.
Black weighing 750 pounds. Well
brid. Will make a close price for
cash. Apply at once to box 15 Cen
tral, S. C. 9-25-3t.
FAB SALE-My fine family horse, |
carrego and single buggy. J. 8.
Sargent, 187 Pr?vost St, Phone a 10.
FOB SALE-Onion sets; White Pearl.
Bermuda, Prlio Taken, Silver, Skin,
Yellow Danvers, abd Multipliers.
This ls planting season. Furman
Smith, Seedsman.
have their . opening Monday, Sep
tember 27. 1916, at 9 o'clock. To the
flrat 12 ladies calling will be given
a complimentary massage. Miss
Honea ia 'charge. 9-26-lt
3CBS. C M. McClure would like to add !
a few more pupils i r plano to her j
class. Phone 62. Besldence 122
Arlington. 9-25-6t.
Biest Market street at Cheshire's
stable. W. F. Lanier. 9-21-6tp
GINNING NOTICE-We are ginning
thia year as Usual and thor ouch ly
prepared to give the asme aplendid
service as . heretofore. Pendleton
Manufacturing CO., Autun, S. C.
..-M:..;.y . i i. . ? i.
We have employed au expert PIANO
TUNES, who will give prompt
and careful attention to ordet-a loft
with na C. A. Beed, Plano & Organ
Co., 314 8. Main St _9-1-lm.
WHEN YOU can not sea right step tn
our Optical Department and get just
the Glasses yon need. Complete
grinding plant Eyes scientifically
. tasted. Dr. M. R. Campbell, Louisa
8. Hllgtnboeker, assistant, lia W.
Wbttner St, Ground Floor.
Condensed Passenger Schedule.
Effective June 6. 1616.
No. tl.7:86 A. M.
Ho. 98.. .. .. .? .? .. . ? 9:86 A. M.
No. 26.11:40 a. M.
No. 87.1:10 P. M.
No. 89.6:40 P. M.
Nu. 41. .. 6:00 P. M.
No. 43. 6-60 P. M.
Na 46.10:16 P. M,
No. 80. .. 8:26 Au M.
No. 63.8:25 A. M.
No. 34.10:30 A. M.
No. 8?.16:10 P. M.
No. 88.. .. . 8:80 P. M.
No. 10.4:60 P. M.
Nb. ?8.. .6:40 P. ML
No. 44...ttlCKla.
a 8. ALLEN,
?rafle Manag*?,
Slow Listless Game at Greenville
Went to Tigers By Score
of 9f> to 0.
Greenville. Sept. 2.ri.-In a one
sided game of foot bul! Clemson de
feated Purbian here UBS afternoon
hy the score of 99 to 0. Furman did
not at any time during the game have
the hall in Clemson's territory, neith
er did the locai team ever make the
ten yards on four downu. The con
test was void of speeial features and
of interest. The Forman team play
ed a ragged and disinterested game
from the start to finish. On Clem
son's part there was no particularly
brilliant playing.
Tie summary follows: Touchdowns
McGill 3. Littlejohn 2 Findlay 1, Orr
1, Hanks 1, Harris z. Major 2. Adams
2, Whltsel! 1. total 15. Goals from
field .Major 1. Goals after touch
downs Littlejohn 1. Adams .>. Re
feree Holmes, l.'mnlro Haskell. Time
of periods ten minutes, weather fuir,
allen lance GOO.
Was Once Referred to By English
Police as "Most Dangerous
Woman in Europe."
London, Sept. 1.-Associated Press
Correspondence)-Mme. Sorgue, a
Socialist leader, who only a year and
a half ago was referred to by an Eng
lish police official as "the most dan
gerous woman in Europe," was an
honored visitor at the Ministry of
Munitions recently. She bad been do
ing Red Cross work in France since
the carly days of the war, but has
now returned to England to address
Socialist meetings throughout tho
county. "I shall urge the British
Socialist to follow the example of his
French brother in determing to see
this thing through to the end at any
cost," she said of her lecture plans.
"And I p'iall emphasize especially
that we must lay aside, agitations and
strHfes ubtiKms more*'important busi
ness of the war Is finished."
Tho advocacy of strikes has been
Mme. ' So'rgue'A chief reason for clash
ing with the authorities in times past'.
"Modame Trouble" she was general
ly called in Europe, for it is said that
she adopted her name because lt re
sembled the German word-Sorge for
"trouble." She marched at th- head
of the women's Hunger March to
Tower HUI In London in 1912, and in
the same year she was prevented
from speaking at a coal strike meet
ing in Belfast because a general or
der had been issued Tor her arres! if
Bhe landed in the United Kingdom.
She has been imprisoned several times
for her part in disputes, and her face
is known to the pollen ot nearly all
European industrial storm centers.
Mme.- Sorgue'tS ttitt daughter of Du
rand de G rb SK a F?snch philosopher.
Her grandfather was a Russian Gen
eral, Crlpkoff. i
Sham Battle In New York.
New York, 8ept. 25.-Van Cort
land Park resembled a miniature Eu
rope when 10,000 citizens took the
field for. one ot the biggest "war
games" New York ever witnessed.
Two thousand camped in the park
all night.
A sham battle will be fought this
Madge-Why did you throw him
Mabel-He would have been a
xery parsimonious husband.
Madge-But he fairly lavished
money on you during the engagc
! ment.
Mabel-Yes; but as soon as we
began to talk honeymoon thc first
thing he did was to look up excur
sion rates.-Judge.
The regular examination for teach
I era will be held In tho court house on
Friday. October 1st, commencing at
19 o'clock a. m. Persons Interested are
[asked to take notice.
j, J. B. Felton.
Supt of Education.
Getsberg's Potato Chips Fresh,
I and Crisp Daily, Phone No. 733.
>^-^4 j. -L..-..,--ag
I Charlestoo & Western
Carolina Railway
Augusta, Ga.
To and From thc
No. r>:., wt,?;08 A. M.
No. 6 ., . r.i >3:?7 P. M.
j No. 2* <vi > >in*5 A. M.
?No. 5 . . .; 3 :07 P. M.
?Information, Schedules,
j rates, etc., promptly
* *
* ?
Won. Lost P.C.
New Orleans. 02 63 593
Birmingham. 86
Memphis. 81
Nashville. 74
Atlant. 73
Chattanooga. 73
Mobile. 68
Little Hock. 65
Won. Lost P.C.
Boston. 98 46 680
Detroit. 95 52 646
Chicago. 87 61 588
Washington. 80 64 656
New York. 66 80 452
St Louis. 62 85 422
Cleveland. 66 02 378
Philadelphia. 40 10. 276
Won. LoBt P.C.
Philadelphia. 85 60 580
Boston. 78
Brooklyn. 78
Pittsburgh. 71
Cincinnati. 68
3t. Louis. 67
Chicago. 66
Mew York. 66
Won. Lost P.C.
Pittsburgh. 82 63 566
Chicago. 81 64 559
:5t. Louis. 82 r.r 658
Newark. 76 68 528
Kansas City. 75 69 521
Buffalo. 72 75 490
Brooklyn. 70 79 470
Baltimore. 45 97 317
? _ ?
Southern League.
At Chattanooga 1; Birmingham 6.
At Chattanooga 3; Birmingham 2;
both seven Innings by agreement.
At Memphis 8; Atlanta 1.
At Nashville ll; New Orleans 7.
At Little Rock 5; Mobile 3.
At Little Rock 6; Mobile 9; both
seven innings by agreement.
At Pittsburgh 2; Boston 5.
At Cincinnati 4; Brooklyn 8.
At St. Louis 3; New York 5.
At Chicago 4; Philadelphia 5.
American League.
At New York 5; Cleveland 6.
At New York 6; Cleveland 1.
At Whlladelphla 1; Chicago 8.
At Philadelphia 3; Chicago 5. '
At Washington 1; Detroit 5.
At Washinr -? 3; Detroit 9.
At Bosto-. ,; ?it. Louis 2.
F cuera! League.
At St. Louts 10; Buffalo 4.
At Pittsburgh 2; Newark 4.
At Pittsburgh 1; Newark 0. .
At Chicago 12; Brooklyn 6,
At K a n s a s City-Baltimore, two
postponed, rain.
At Cambrai!RC-Harvard 39; Colby
At Princeton 13; Georgetown 0.
At New Haven-Yale 37; Maine 0:
At Athens-Georgia 76; Newberry
At Greenville-Furman 0; Clemson
At Philadelphia-Pennsylvania 7;
Wost Virginia 0.
At Nashville-Vanderbilt Bl; Mid
dle Tennessee Normal 00.
At CharloUsviUe-Virginia 20;
Randolph Macon 0. . .
Cleveland, Sept. 25.-John D.
Rockefeller left Cleveland last night
after a two months' stay and went
back to .Pocantlco Hills,' bte New
York' estate. His last act on tho
platform of the East One Hundred
and Fifth. Street station of the New
York Central railroad waa charac
Solemnly shaking hi-.? hand of his
three-and-a-half-year-old grandnep
hew. little Edward Roberts, he drew
out a handful ot corns-the majority
ot which were bright, new '? pennies
-and gave the child a penny. As
the boy dropped the coln and recov
ered lt he added a nickel to the gift.
"Goodby, Edward," Rockefeller
said, "Be a good little msn and put
the money in your savings bank."
In giay suit and overcoat and in
evitable black square hat Rockefeller
beamed in high good humor on gsa
crowd. Though feeble, he appeared
In good health, and on the trip from
Forest Hill had insisted on sitting
tn the front seat of tho limousine
with tfue chauffeur.
Frederich Ubllcb Dead.
St. Louis, Sept. 25.-Frederick A.
?blich, aged 91, ?nd one of the pio
neers of Lutheranism in America, is
dead here. He was one of. two survi
vors of 700 who sailed from Bremen
in 1828 In quest of personal liberty.
One ship was sunk. The others land
ed st New Orleans and came hy
flatboats here.
? ..
European--Our war ls terrible. I
knt>w o'fa colonel who cammanded
a regiment of 1,000 privates and lost
half of them in one battle..
lW?xican-That's nothing compared
wkh our war. I know of one private
who was cammanded by 1.000 gen
erals and lost 750 of them in one bat
"Mks. Judkin read a paper before
the suffrage club yesterday after
"DM it show careful preparation?"
-No; but Mrs. Judkin dld."~Blr
ilingham Age-Herald.
The Service of tLe Sanitary Barber
Shop is Absolutely Sanitary
It is an easy matter and costs nothing to name a shop
"Sanitary" b-u-t to render a PERFECTLY
SANITARY barber service is different
In shaving, the lather is rn st made from Soap Powder, sifted into an absolutely Clean Mug and
Brush, which wa* first scalded out with boiling water; this avoids the use of the "leavings"
of the lather from the man who was shaven just before you. The Razor is emersed into a Car
bolic Acid solution before it is used on any patron. All Towels are taken from our Famous
Buffalo Sterilizer, where in each towel is sterilized just as a Surgeon sterilizes his instruments
before a serious operation. The Combs, Brushes, Clippers, Shears, etc. are all. kept in For
maldihyde Antiseptic Sterilizers. . , -, ;
This Means Much to You But Costs You Nothing Extra
IYou, Mr. Particular Man
You shave yourself because you are in the habit of doing it, and get it off your mind the first thing in the morning when von
arise. You cannot, however, cut your hair. We have a corps of expert barbers who pay particular attention to particular men.
We wijl give you a head-barber's cut every time, sanitary in every detail, and one which will please you, ito matter how fastidious
your ideas may be. Try is next time! You'lj be glad, and so will we.
"Treat Your Face To the Smoothest
Shave In Town"
i ? ?
The Sanitary Barber Shop
IP. C. OSTEEN, Picpiij'.cv, Casement of Brown Building, Under Dime Savings Bank.
- -!-Ly; .?,-. ? -. - . ? ? . ? I
Picking Up Wounded in Dardanelles.
The hoar'.tal sh!p L-orra Venada,
norw In tho Dardanelles, has been
specially equipped, to pick np the
wounded from tho battleships t'nero.
The men who fall into tho water
when they are injured may now be
the more readily saved. Sailors from j
the ship ate lowered into the water j
in the cage hung at V.ie end ox
spar and they easily drag the
wounded men to safety.
Grubbs-I have "Jusi thought of
something we ought to remember and
be grateful for on next Thanksgiving
Stubbs-What is it?
Grubbs-That ttiere will be mighty
few returning European tr avoirs to
whose experlenc? we. shall have to
linsten.-Indiana Kills- News.
"She says I am dell." "Ton should
crack a few Jokes occasionally. Ask
her to marry you, or something Uko
emt."- Puck.
"Very credulous is he?"
"Why you could sell him a mort
gage on a castle tn the air."-Judge.
"What's tho trouble in tho house
hold?" "Mother gave away, all o?]
father s old clothes. And he retail
ated." "How?" "By. throwing away!
all tier old medicine bottles."- De-1
tr oit Free Press.
Biliousness and Constnstton
It ts certainly surprising that any
woman will endure tho miserable feel
ings caused by biliousness and con?
Bttpatton, when relief ls so easily hsA
and at so little expense. Mrs, Chas.
Pc sk. Gates, N. Y., writes; "About
a year ago I used two bott'ls of
Chamberlain's Tablets and they cured
me of biliousness and constipation.
For sale by all deaera. _ .
We are recommending our 10-1-0
and 10-2-0, and 10-21-2-0 for
Wheat and Oats this fall when you
sow it.
This will give it stalk and^l.grains in the
head, and that is what you want in grain. If
you will sow five acres in wheat arid five in
oats this fall, after preparing the land well and
fertilizing it well with either of thesj goods,
you will find it advantageous. The 10-2 1-^-0
is an especially fine goods for grain. Let us
hear from you.
j Anderson Phosphate & Oil Co.
s> Anderson, S. C. {
Danger of
Can .be avoided by plen
ty of Electric Light
Your Child's Eyesight
There is MORE danger of your children injuring their eye
sight permanently from poor, or insufficient light. They are
compelled to study at night, so vhy not get the Best light For
is Thc BEST and CHEAPEST Light
Southern Public Utilities Company
Phone 22?.

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