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Mr. W. C. Gllmer st'conded farm
ers day, Friday at Clemson college.
Mr. J. B. Douihltt c*f Sandy
Springs waa a visitor yesterday.
Mr. James Jackson o'. Storeville
was a business visitor in the city yes
terday. . :
Mr. L. H.. Anderson ls spending
the week-end In Charlolto.
Mr. Frank Cary of Clemson was a
visitor yesterday^
Mr. Robert Day of Pendleton was
among the visitor yesterday.
Mr. C L. Watkins of Belton was
a business visitor yesterday.
Mr. Ed McCowan of tho Mountain i
Creek Jsectk>rt Bpent ?a few honra In]
Hie c|ty yesterday. .
Prof. T. L. Hanna of Pendleton
spent yesterday ir. Anderson.
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Anderson and
little daughter of Iva passed through
th? city yesterday en route to Spar
tanburg where thoy will spend a few
Mr.* f.. O. Everett of Bosley spent
yesterday in Anderson.
Mr. J. O. Shaw of Iva was a bus
iness visitor in this city yesterday.
Mr. Jule Duckworth of the Leban
on section was a visitor yestorday.
? *
? +
Mrs. Dr. Taggart, formerly Miss
Kate Tennant of Lowndesville, now
of New Orleans, with her interesting
little daughter, Catherine, have been
on a weeks visit to Mrs. Therow Al
len. They return to their city home
in October.
?M3ss Annio Bell of Lowndesvllle
has Men visiting Mrs. Therow Allen
for several days.
' Miss Anna Watson is now at Roa
noke College, Danville, Va., for the
aeapiGus of 1916 and HUG.
Miss Essie Bussey of North Ander
son ls planning her work of teach
ing at "Whhlte Lown," Edgefield, S.
C., the 1st of October.
"I- do hope," exclaimed Mrs.
. Twickembury, "that that quoor-actlng
dog hasn't, got hydrostatics."-Chris-1
Mr. John F?ed, who ls now loca
ted in Knoxville, Tenn., ls spending
u ftvv,' dayk In Anderson.
Mr. ad Mrs. Thomas I .-J ld lave
moved lo R.ck Hill. .Mr. Hold was
formerly with tho Rosenberg Ttall
oilug establishment.
Mr. Charlie Reese, who for some
time bas' been traveling for the Co
lumbia Tailoring company, has. open
ed np a tailoring shop in Kock Hill.
Miss Irene Geer nf the Neal's Creek
section was in the city shopping yes
Mr. L. W. Harris of tfie Whitefield
section was in Anderson yesterday.
Mr. h. O. Robinson of Antrcvllle
was a business visitor in the city
Mr. C. W. Garrett of Greenwood
was a business visitor !n thc city yes
Mr. D. H. Henry of Clemson was
a visitor yesterday.
Miss Mary Norris. of Wilmington
was in Anderson shopping yesterday.
. Among the visitors in the city yes
terday from Pendleton were Messrs.
John Breazeale, W. B. Moore, WT.
M. Russell and Thompson.
Messrs. C. H. Roberts and W. J.
Merrit ot the Roberts section were
in Anderson -yesterday.
Expensive PlaUnnm Boobies.
(From The Wall Street Journal.)
With an embargo placed on the
exportation of platinum hy tfie al
lies, thc price of the "noble" metal,
as lt ls termed by metallurgical ex
perts has advanced! to the phenome
nal price of 540 an ounce. It is not
likely that there are many holders
I of platinum roubles in this country
which are fairly commonly used in
some parts of Russia, but the lucky
ones here, if there are any, may find
that their coins will triple in value
if the war lasts another year and
should hostilities continue longer, the
coins may obtain the valuo of some
of the rarest antiques known to nu
Myto. Bason-He's very inconsis
tent man.
Mrs. Egbert-Indeed?
MTS. Bacon-Woy, ho tried to
break his boy of being left .handed,
and he could only punish the little
follow with his left nani?."-Yonk
rie)ra\js*8ajs*?B?r*'*r^^ -.
We place on sale Monday-the following
specials. We are going to make September the
best we ever had-ready every line of this, and
be here Monday :
2 dozen Waists, $l.5o* values, an new styles, d? <| fM\
Children's Red Sweaters, sizes 20, 22 and 24, KA**
One Rack Children's Dresses, Ginghams, values to |*AA
tUSO, Monday. .... ?VC
t lot Black Near Silk Petticoats, on sale GiA?"?
25 dozen Children's Drawers, Hemstitched and 1 Ai*
Tucked, Monday . . .A MC
Ladies.* Serge Dresses, just opened up, t?? fi AA
Monday . , . ,.VW.VU
.' Coat Suits, Black, Blue Brown, Mon (JQ
Ladles' Wool Sweaters, Red and Green, A?>
Monday ...< . ?P??**0
Ladies* Silk Petticoats, Mon
day... ..
Ladies* Knit Sliort Petticoats, Mon- 50 C
We have the prettiest and largest line of Coat
Suits, Dresses, Goats, Skirts and Millinery in
New Gossard Corsets Opened Up.
? *
For Thursday Altern?os.
Mrs. Joseph D. liant has issued in
vitations to an At Home, "Resteste'*
on Thursday afternoon, September
30th, 19)"., 4:30 to 6:20. Mrs. John
Raet. Cards.
{irs. Howard to Ku te rt aln for Miss
Tr ibbie.
Another charming little affair for
next week will he given on Tuesday
afternoon by Mrs. T. E. Howard ia
honor of Miss Anna Tr Ibbie.
Cateeebee Chapter, D. A. R.
Cateechee Chapter, O. A. R., will
meet on Wednesday afternoon, at four
o'clock with Mrs. J. D. East at ht-r
home on River street.
.Mrs. J. R. Vandlver has returned )
from Reston where she went with
Miss Rhoda Vandlver who will study
music there tfUB winter. Mrs. Van
dlver spent two weeks there. i
Miss Sara Hayes who has been with
tho intelligencer for the past two
years leaves this morn g for bar
former home at Madis .?ville. Ky ,
whore she has accepted a poatina
with thc Water, Light and Powar
company. Miss Hayes possesses a
charming personality and ls s young
woman ot rare mental endowment.
She has many friends here who wish
her the greatest success.
Mrs. James A. Psge of Clover. N\
C., is ere for a ten days vial*, to
her elster, Mrs. Horaco McGee cu
Greenville street.'
Krs. Taylor Entertains. *
Mrs. E. W. Taylor charmingly
entertained a few friends on Friday
afternoon at an auction bridge par
ty, at her home on Franklin street.
As l' ie guests arrived they were serv- |
ed to delightful nectar by Mrs. John
Frank, and after several Interesting
games the cards were laid aside and
a dainty menu was served. This wss
the first ot a series planned by Mrs.
Taylor, and her entertainments are
always a source of great pleasure to
her friends.
Dixie Chapter.
The Dixie Chapter ?. D. C., will
mest on Tuesday afternoon at 4
o'clock at the home of Mrs. Jas E.
Barton on Calhoun street. Mrs. Bar
ton and Mrs. Lottie Estes, andi Miss
Nelle .Barton will be. hostesses.
At tile Anderson ea Monday.
The faculty and sbudei. . body of
Anderson college . wilt bo entertained.
on Monday evening at the - Anderson '
theatre by tho management.They.
'gggdi liff for that day tue. great*tni*t-T
tary picture, "The. Tangle," and lt
promises to be one of the greatest ?<
and most interesting pictures ever
shown here. It will doubtless draw
large crowds. \
- i
For Xis? Tribble.
.Mrs. David S. VandMer has issued
invitations for an "At Home" on Wed
nesday afternoon, September 29? t nt
four o'clock In honor of Miss- Anna
Triable. S3
Mrs. Frank Cunningham of Groote- -
tills was here this week the guest of
Mrs. J. D. Maxwell. 8r., who has
been spending.some time in Chicago
wil l her B'.iter, Mrs. William Cole
man, li hate or a visit to relatives.
Miss Genevieve West ot Greenville
is the guest of Mrs. J. P. Trow
bridge for the week-end. .
Lander Club Meeting.
"In rapt reunion blest"-Those
present at the first meeting ot the
Lander club on Friday afternoon Sep
tember 24th felt Pint thia quotation
wss especially applicable . to them,
when they were so cordially welcom>\
ed to the home of Miss Maggie Gar-' !
lin gt on on Fiver Heights. Mis? Dar
lington, her mother and sisU:,' Miss
Annie greeted the members ano seat- >
ed them oh the wide sta arty porch. At
four o'clock the president, Mrs. .??.'>.
E. Prince, rapped.for order and caus
ed mush merriment iii her opening
address by announcing tbs slogon for
this year, "Do not be a scelldotuoro."
After finding out what a scelldothcre
really is every one emphatically
agree not to be one.
The Tear Book ?were distributed .
and the program discussed. The club
will Btudy the two Americas. Since
the -Panama canal ls Of so much iu
tvrest to both. Miss Eddie Davis read
a most instructive paper op the "Canal
Zone Then and Now." - )
Ti:e Pan ama-Pacific exposition be-'
lng tho blgrest thing for North Amer
ica this year; and Misses Evie Lewis
and Jean Harris having spent many
weeks at the exposition this summer
they were invited ' to meet with "the.
club and tell something of this great
fair. Their talks were simply de
1 ipi':tf.nl and so much enjoyed. I
While post cards -and kodak plc-1
turee were being passed and ?oin
mee ted upon the hostess served most
delicious wafers and ices. Beeide?
attending to a considerable amount of
business two new members were wel
comed tb the clttb. Sara. Lissie Car
lington and Mles Clara Osborne.
Miss Fraser ot Winthrop college
wbc needs no Introduction to Ander
son people and Miss Findley, who ls
now in charge of the welfare work
at Riverside, Toxawa mills were pros
eat and Miss Fraser favored the club
with a few words about her work. ,
Tfie whistle of the 6:60 ear and toe
honk, honk from some impatient
chauffeurs brought this pleasant
meeting to a close. . I
Just think ot lt, a "mere man" yes
terday waa ushered back tato the
"sanctum sanctotum" cf the flee
dress department of the Ready-to
[ET Y .
wear section of Moore-Wilson's andi
shown some evenings gowns, and
without a moment's notice, was asked
to express his opinion.
Ralpl* Wilson has played many a
trick upon his unsuspecting friends,
but this laat practical Joke was too
much. To aay that this man was
"flabbergasted" ls mildly expressing!
his mental condition when ho saw
those beautiful gowns.. His innate
love fqfr the beautiful prompted hun
to exclaim: "They are perfectly love
ly," and then lie felt like a sheep
Mliing dog, for tt.at expression while
approaching the superaltlve. doesn't
In any manner describe or give any i
idea whatsoever abc ut the beauty of
design, colors or fabrics of these j
dainty evening gownB.
As they are on exhibition there to- !
morrow afternoon and you belong to
the feminine portion of the population
of Anderson or it's adjacent territory,
ft would be well for you to "..?sten
. Major?Daly.
Of the early autumn weddings one;
of the loveliest was at Neal's Creek
church, September 21st, when Miss j
Allie M. Major became the bride of
Mr. J. Astor Daly of Atlanta, Qa.,
Eev. D. W. Hlott of Easley perform
ing the ceremony.
The large number of friends pres
ent attested to the popularity of this
young couple. The ctuarch was beau
tifully and artistically decorated "'or
the occasion with ferns, smilax and
lilies, the color scheme being white
and green. Near the middle of eith
er aisle waa an arch dt white and
green with lilies, the letter M. be
ing suspended from one, D. from the
ol) :er white suspended from large
arch at altar were two hearts bor
dered in tiny green Scotch ivy, which
were tied with white satin ribbon.
On either side of altar was the pret
ty banister effect, back of the altar'
were banks ot ferna and smilax. Be
fore the arrival of wedding party, j
Miss Irene Geer aang "I Love You",
and "Dawning."
At the appointed hour aa tue notes 1
of Mendelsshn's wedding march
sounded the doors were thrown open ;
and the four ushers, Messrs. Joe
Major and Ted Daly, followed by
.?ases Varlna McDaniel and Claudia!
Martin entered, taking their places on
either side of steps at the altar. Next
came the! little flower boy and girl,
little Pr?nk. Major bi a lovely em
broidered ault of white linen and Mar
garet Elgin in pura wtiito dress ot
silk net, and, shirred ribbon carrying
baskets of ferns and roses. Foin
lowing these came the bridesmaids 1
sad groomsmen, (Mr. M. F. McGee
?S?^S^SM?^S?' iSy^of Seneca!;
prettily-gowned in yellow crepe de
chine and carrying ye'low asters
with Miss Alice G. B'sin, of Ander
son, who waa lovely In her dress of
silk lace flounces and -bodice of pink
taffeta and1 seed pearls, carrying pink !
asters; Mr. Charlie M. Byrd of Sen
aco with Mr. Foster F. Mcconnel of j
Anderson; Miss Sallie Geer of An-j
dorson beautifully gowned in silk net]
and green- satin carrying white as
ters with Mb? Nellie Martin of Fel
ton, fwbo was charming In her dress j
of icream lace and blue crepe do chine !
aleo carrying a bouquet of white as
ters. Then came the maid of honor,
Miss Onida Major, sister of the bride, !
who was charming in her beautiful
gown of lavender taffeta and1 real J
lace. ? 1
As she took her place at the left of
the altar the bride came in with ber
father and wis met at tho sitar by |
the groom with his best man, Mr.
Chartes B. Key of'Columbia. Thc
soti.light from the white and green
candles lent their soft. rays to this
beautiiul tableau scene. The bride
looked lovely in her dark blue suit
with -fer trhnmmga, ?with bat, gloves
and shoes ter match, abe carried a
bouquet of brides' roses.
As Miss Major, Gie bride waa a so-1
clal favorite. The groom is a sue-J
ceesfnl newspaper reporter, of At
! Monday ulght from 8:30 to 11:30 j
tb? hospitable home of bride's fati .er.
Mr. John A. Major was thrown open j
to the friends -qt the happy couple.
Receiving at the>door was Miss Al- j
lt? K. Major and Mrs. H. P. Mc !
Daniel, from there Mfaa Bessie Major
carried guests to i.iceivlng line
where the bride's mother and entire!
bridal party greeted them.
The dining room, hall, and parlor
were prettily decorated? with roses
and'ferns. Ab elegant salad course
waa served ey h?ra. W. Clarence
dmkacaies. Misses Uss te Kay and
Mildred Wright. Souvenirs were
pinned on by Bttle Ida Major. Num
erous presenta ' af silver, cvt-glass,
china and Unan were received from]
their many friends.
I With the Clara Women
State atosfea Bay.
Tba Woman's ttTfealonaft-y' society
of the First Baptist church will ob
serve State Mission day on nest
Thursday, by aa all day meeitrg at
the church. The services wiM begin
at 11:30 o'clock and the address for
the morning will be delivered by Dr.
White. Lunch, will be served at one
o'clock and In tbs afternoon the exer
cise? will be ia charge-of the differ
ent organisations ot the church. All
the ladies ot the church ara cordially
invited to altead.
"Whit* (be auto ?thief waa speed
ing away, the stolen car turned turtle |
pinned bim te the ground."
?ht with the gooda on him,
-Boston Trasse ript.
Gc&feerg'a Pot??& CMps Fr?wh,
Crisp Dafly. ADM Nc. 733.
? ?ii' in I?I
An Exhibit
Evening Gowns
in our place
You are cordially invite J to mew it
$25.00 to $60.00
Moore-Wflson Co,
.Mit" ... . . ? ..i L ' . ;.. ,:; 3!
"The Daylight Store"
Represent the utmost service,
safety, mileage and pleasure
obtainable from an Auto-Va
cation trip.
?. Opposite Tip Palmetto
"Tb? L
Showing every move in this notorious tragedy
from the finding of the body of little Mary
Phagan on through to the Lynching of Leo
Frank. Every ?nan, woman and child in Ander
son county should see this picture show.

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