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Twenty-five words or lei?,
One Time 26 cents, Three Times
60 cents, Six Times $1.00.
All advertisement over twenty
five words prorata for each ad
ditional word. Rates on 1,000
words to bo used in a month
made on application.
No advertisement taken for
less than 25 cents, cash In ad
If your name appears in the
telephone dlrootory you eau tale*
phone your want ad to .'Ul and a
bill will be malled after ils In
sertion for prompt payment.
?"ANTEll-Som? one to run boarding
houHo at Townvllle, S. C. E. M.
Brown, Town ville. U-SA-'Mp
WANTER-f.O to 100 hoad of first
clsss, Round mules, 4 to 8 years of
age. Wo aro not buying for tho
war. Want more class, and willing
to pay better price. Tho Fretwell
Company. 8-22-tf.
WANTED-You to know that I am
this scacon handling the Genuino
Tennesseo Blue Gem Coal, nnd not
asking anymore for it than you
navo paid for Inferior coala. ? have
a stock of the best wood in town
im hand. Givo me a trial. W. O.
Ulmcr, Phono ?40.
WANTED-Every house keeper In An
derson to try a loaf of "Aunt Mary's
Cream Bread." Ita made at homo
and your grocer keeps lt. Ander
son Puro ?ood Co. 8-1". Uti
I HAVE a cut down Ford car 1912
Model ta first class condition. Four
new tires' with removable top and
sido curtains, will sell or exchange
for 5 passenger touring car and pay
reasonable diff?rence Box 216,
Greenwood, 0. C. 9-29-3t.
FOR SALE-10 acres with 5 room
house and 7 stall barn on McDuffle
St. See Buck Broyles. 9-2G-3tp.
JACK FOR SALE-Eight .year old.
Black weighing 760 pounds. Well
bred. Will make a close price for
cash. Apply at once to box 15 Cen
tral, S. C. i>-25-:$t.
FAR SALE-My flne family horse,
. cartage and single buggy. J. 8.
Sargent, 187 Provost SL, Phone 810.
FOR SALTE-OtrioB sots; White Pearl,
Bermuda, Prize Taken, Silver, Bkin.
Yellow Danvers, and Multipliers.
This ls planting season. Furman
Smith, Seedsman.
SERS. C. M. McClure would like to ?dd
a few more pupils for piano to her
class. Phone 53. Residence 122
Arlington. 9-25-6L
East Market street at Cheshire's
Btable. W. F. Lanier. 9-21-Ctp
GINNING NOTICE-Wo arp ginning j
this year as usual and thoroughly j
prepared to sive the same splendid
service as heretofore. . Pendleton i
Manufacturing Co., Autun, S. C.
We havo employed an export PIANO
TUNER, who will givo prompt
and careful attention to ordere left
with ?B. C. A. Reed. Plano * Organ
Co., S14 a Main St. 9-1-lm.
WH EN TO? can not sea right step in
oar Optical Department and get Jost
the Glasses you need. Complete
grinding plant Eyes scientifically
tested. Dr. Vi. R. Campbell, Louisa
8. Hilgenbocker, assistant, lit W.
Whitner St, Ground Floor.
Condensed Passenger Schedule.
Effective June 6. IMS.
Nb. 81.7:85 A. M
No. 83. 8:86 A. M.
No. Sfi.11:40 A. M.
No, 87.. .. ...1:10 P. M.
Ns. 88...8:40 P. m.
* No. 41.6:00 P. ll.
No. 43.6:6ff P. M
No. 45.10:80 P. iL
No. 80.. i?.8:86 A. M.
No. 88. 8:26 A, M.
No. 84.. .. ...10:30 A. M.
NO. SS.. ,. ...18:10 P. M.
No. 86.. .. ?'i.8:30 P. M.
No. 40 . 4:60 P. M.
No. 42. 6:40 1?. M.
No. 44.?:? P. M.
as. ALUM,
Judge ?>f Probate's Hule.
Court of Common Plea*.
Mrs. Lizzie Harton, as udmlnlstra
trix of tlie estate of M?as Jane Lev
erett, deceased, Plaintiff,
Mm. Wannio Powell, Defendant.
In obedior.ue to an order of ?ale
granted heroin I will ?ell on sab-nday
In October, 1916, in front of tho Court
1 louse. In the City of Anderson, ti. C..
during usual hours of "sale the real
estate described as follows:
"All that (rad of land in Hall
Township, Anderson ' County, South
Carolina, containing twenty-three
(23) a< rcs, moro or less, bounded on
th" north by tito lands of T. C. Jack
son, east by the lands of Harvey
IA-ver?lte, south by the ian?!s of Mrs.
Lissie Burton, and west by tho lands
of C. P. Hanks."
Terms: Cash. Purchaser to pay
extra tor papers and stamps.
W. P. Nicholson,
Judge of Probate.
.Indue of Probate** Sale.
Court of Common Pleas.
Katie Henderson, Hooker Hender
son and others. Plaintiffs,
Kozlall Henderson and others, De
Pursuant to an order of sale grant
ed herein J will sell on sulesday in
October. 1916, in front of tho Court
House in the City of Anderson, S. G.,
during the usual hours of sale the
rout estate described OH follows:
"All that lot of land in the Village
of Williamson on the Wilson Bridge
Road, boundad by lands now or for
merly owned by Mrs. N. Sullivan und
D. D. Moore, and by said Wilson's
Bridge Bond, containing one-half acre
of land, moro or less, and being tho
land conveyed to Margaret Henderson
by D. D. Mooro 'by deed dated Novem
ber 12th, 1897, said deed being record
ed In tho Clerk of Court's otflcu for
Anderson County In Deed Book . S. at
page 29 and 30.
Torms: Cash. Purchaser to pay
extra for papers and stumps.
W. P. Nicholson,
Judgo of Probate as Special Ttefree.
Judge of Probate's F ''e.
Court of Common Pleas.
George Mattlson, Plaintiff,
Lizzie Ellis, Ella . Mattlson and
others, Defendants.
Pursuant to an order ot sale grant
ed heroin I will soil on Balesday in
October, i?15, in front of the Court
House, In the City of Anderson, S. C.,
during the usual hours of sale tho real
estate described as follows:
"AU that certain tract of land,
situated In the County of Anderson,
State of South Carolina. Wllliamstnn
Township, containing Hf leon acres,
more or less, bounded by lands of
Nelson Mattlson. Henry Nelson and
John Whit, this being a part of the
tract of twenty-nine and one-fourth
(29 1-4) acres conveyed by Thomas J.
Martin to Qeorgo Mattlson, Sr., by
deed .dated January 21st, 1896, said
deed being recorded in Clerk of
Court's office for tho County of An
derson. S. C., In deed book C. C. C. C.,
at page 62."
Terms: Cash. Purchaser to pay
extra for papera and stamps.
W. P. Nicholson,
Judge of Probate as Special Itcfree.
The regular examination for teach
ers Will be held In tho court house on
Friday, October 1st, commencing at
9 o'clock a. m. Persons interested are
asked to take notice.
J. B. Felton,
8upt of Education.
"Bo careful about asking favors of
people, my boy." "Why?" "Becauso
once a man does a favor for you you
are in hhls debt for lifo."-Detroit
Free Press.
Charleston & Western
Carolina Railway
Augusta, Ga.
To and*From the
No. 22 . . ,6:08 A. M.
No. 6 . . . .3:37-P.M.
No. 21 . . . lt:i5 A. M.
No. 5 . .. .. . 3:07 P. M.
information, Schedules,
rates, etc, promptly
Sees Sign of Awakening in Unus
ually Large Enrollment in
Schools and Colleges.
Columbia, Sept. 27.-"Tue reports
Of unusually enrollment in our iint?
lle HCIIOOIH and colleges aro very grati
fying to nie.'' uaiil Governor Manning
today, in discussing education und
prosperity in South Carolina, "lt ls a
licaithy .sign to note thc awukcniiiK
of our while citizens to thc very great
uecessity for universal education, es
pecially along practical linen-cook
ing, Hewing, farming, mechanics, otc.
it is also an evidence of tho return
of prosperity to oar iain!. W at a
marked contract to t.ne conditions ex
isting a short willie ago, when as ?1:1
eflect o? tlie European war our finan
cia'? systedl waa In a turmoil, lar,;e
numbers of our people, ihougu clam
oring for tho cdu< .ition of our boys
ami KirlH. w<lre not in position to RJ.HI
er UiKcther enough money lo pay even
the liinall expense items Incidental tn
tho education W.lfch they HO JIIU<:!I
desired tor their children, .\ia:iy of
tliem could not purchase thu hooks
necessary to he used in their school
Now I learn, tho most important i|U< s
tion before us is; how wo are to
provide the tendier? and room nec
essary to properly < ar?: tor tile lal w
numbers applying for admission. V-a
cry "hard times" lian been forgotten
in South .Carolina, and our people
are looking to tho future with a de
gree of optimism heretofore un
known. There is no o/jcstlouing thc
fact that if we aro to continu? to
progress alon;; business and moral
lines,. WO must provide for the Child
ren of South Carolina the education
to W ich tiley aro entitled. A grave
responsibility rests upon the mothers
and fathers of South Carolina in this
matter, and I havto such gTcat confi
dence in the honesty and integrity
of our people, that I know this re
sponsibility will IK; met with the pro
per response and ll .e necessary facil
ities for the training and education
of our youth will be provided. If
we cannot provide as well as wc
would like, then let us hy all means
prov?Ie ns well ns possible. Well
lighted, well ventilated and well heat
ed Behool buildings with fir&t-class
toachers are always desirable, if pos
sible, but a log cabin, with a good
teacher, makes a much better placo
to train a child than no se.iool at all.
It ls far better that tho parents mako
personal sacrifices, if necessary,
rather than have the training of the
mind of the child neglected.
"Tho people of South Carolina are
aroused along educational lines as
t'.iey have never been before. Tills is
best ovidenccd by the fact that In ap
proximately 1,400 school districts out
ot a total or 2,000 in South Carolina
tho people have voted on themselves
a special tax for the improvement of
their educational system. In other
words they h"ve, by their ballots,
spoken In no uncertain term's In favbr
or Uate progress of tho state and thc
advancement of our civilization
through the training of tho minds of
our children. Especially ls this true
in tho mill villages und rural com
"Anothr commendable feature about
our educational progress is the ad
vanced ideas our people arc putting
into practice along tho lino of voca
tional training. I am especially in
terested in this particular branch of
tho work. Wo (mva come to the
point in our educational lifo where
our children are now hoing taught to
uso not only thoir bruins, but their
hands as well. lavery year wo note
that -no schools aro turning out
moro skilled mechanics and farmers,
and more mechanics* wives and far?
mers* wives than over before. Tilts
is true, not only of the colleges and
universities, but of the smallor pub
lic and high school? as well. My
whole heart Is in this work," said tho
governor, "and I hope that wo may
soon see tho day wt'.en our educa
tional facilities, especially those in
the mill villages and rural districts,
aro brought to the highest standard.
The money wo spend In the Improve
ment of our common schools is on
investment, tho return from which
cannot be estimated lu dollars and
cents, but 1? Improvement of tho
minds of a rlsiag generation, thereby
assisting them In making of them
selves'better citizens.
"lt ts tho duty, and I believe the
pleasure of every true South Caro
linian to "offer to the younger gen
eration every opportunity to properly
preparo themselves for the struggle
that awaits thom in -this life, and to
my mind, Che best mcleod of per
forming this duty is to provide for
them tho education and training that
is best suited to the needs of the in
dividual child."
The governor has always been an
enthusiastic advocate ot education,
especially in the. common and hlg'v
schools 01 South Carolina. Ho H
dovotlng a great deal of his time to
thc study of this subject Just* now,
an-i will likely, have some important
recommendations along this lino at
the proper time.
A Summer Deceit.
He, so h? said, waa a millionaire,
and she was a banker's daughter
at least she said she was ns they
spooned on the snnd7 beach by the
They talked of the wealth that
each ono fiad and their future seem
ed much brighter-and. then he re
turned to his Job as clerk anJ she
to ber old typewriter.
Oar Plan.
From a health column-"Irritabil
ity in a woman can often be cured by
feeding her wkh cream." We gener
ally ?Ivo whey to her.
Ge?bcrg*s Potato Chip? Fresh,
and Crisp Daily, Phone No. 733.
Recent Uprising Brought About By
Adherents of Conservative
Form of Government.
Lisboa, Sept. 1. - (Associated
Press Corresponden'*--. )- 'l in- rifling
in Northern Portugal which have been
suppressed for U.ic lime l>?ing- nt
least were brought about by adherents
of tho republic who desire a moro
conservative form of government than
tho present extreme Radical ouo in
powor. and not by Monarchists HH
appears to bo ?apposed outside Por
Great reserve ia observen] In official
(| uar tors, but the Indlvatlona u.'e that
the government docs not yet consid
er the danger as past, 'lioops are
kept in constant readiness day and
night for service. SearchligtAe front
warship? in tho harbor pRiy nightly
upon the waters surrounding vessels,
with the object, presumably, of pre
venting attacks from insurgents who
might attempt to board them from
boats or barges. Among distinguish
ed republicans arrested aro Miguel
de Obren, a deputy and son of a rev
ered republican leader. Dr. Eduardo
de Obren. Tdo Republican provin
cial civil governors '.:a-/e also boon
arrested an 1 forty other persona moro
Many of tho prisoners were ston
ed and attacked in the ntroets by
Carbonarios, members of thc secret
political society which upholds the
pit-sent, government.
Senhor Tonto Mayor, a great land
ed proprietor of O?>orto and a known
Royalist, waa arrested and taken to
a police station for examination. His
body was brought out half an hour
later. Tito ami.:oritIcs say ho com
mitted suicide, but there is consider
able incredulity and Mayor's death
has caused a great sensation in that
part of the country.
When the revolt broke out two
Spanish destroyers entered the Tagon,
ostensively for coaling, but the pub
lic took their entrance as a remind
er that Spain is now watching con
stantly. It ls generally believed that
the Spanish warships in the Tagus
during the uprisings in last May
would have disembarked marines . to
guard legations, consulates and for
eigners had such disorders contin
ued twenty-four hours longer.
Barbalos, British West Indies, Sept.
1.-(Associated Press Correspon
dence.)-While economic conditions
in. some of lite islands of the British
West Indies have boon considerably
affected by tho war In Europe. 4t ap
pears, after a yeajTB duration of tito
conflict, that gains in some lines nf
business have quite offset losses in
others. The war has in fact, caused
lesn depression and less real ufferlng
among,tho people than a long draught
ha caused In other years.
Tie Islands have contributed freely
In both money nud mon to help Croat
Britain in war. ?.nd as a result of
this public expenditure there will be
increased taxation; but the improve
ment In prices of sugar, cocoa, and
limes, which it I's' confidently expect
ed will continue for some years after
tho war. will prevent the additional
bujrden being felt. Tho large
amounts annually spent by the well
to-do classes of the West Indies in
traveling to England and Europe
have been saved tijds year r t the pri
vate subscriptions to war fund--- are
moro than recouped from this source
alone, without any exercise of local
Somo few enterprises have been
checked. The electrification of tho.
Barbados Tramway, which was pur
chased a couple of years ago by an
American syndicate, for instance, has
beon postponed. On the ob ter hand
Improvements aro -being made on
sugar plantations nnd machinery or
ders are being placed tn the United
The trade with South America has
declined and the large colony of
Brazilians and Peruvians resident in
Barbados has dwindled. But the
business of coaling steamer.^ -running
between North and South America
has never boen betjor. ; Trade be
tween England and' tfjo West Indies
has fallen off as the Poyal Mail Ser
vice has boon rcduccvl from fort
nightly sailings to monthly. The
quickest route ls now via Now York
Swiss Maids for dost Farm
(Philadelphia North American.)
Delewaro City.-Negotiations are
being completed by Charlea. J. Wink
ler, rf W""' ' * ..' 'he purchase
of n \long the
Chc&apcaho a > '. t-'a-vn c canal here.
He Intends to placo n-? ord of at least
200 goats on the farm and to equlpp
it with a darry, vv'.ieh will be on
exact replica of the Alpine establish
The goat's milk will bc used In tho
manufacturo of S viss cheese. An un
usual feature will be thc employment
of a score of Swiss milk maids.
The herd will be to charge of thea*
girls, whoso llvoa have' been spent
upon < ;e snow-ripped heights of tho
Alps and who are experts in handling
their troublesome charges. The goats
are being shipped from southern Col
Geese are fattened tor market in
some parts of Eurone by confining
them In dark rooms, to which light
ts admitted at intervals, causing them
to eat seven or eight meals a day.
? "Heart etopi 16 minute-, but girl
hves." Saw another girl with a hst
just like ti Je eSNftslve design for
which she paid ^50?-LouisrtUe
! Courier-Journal.
Revival Service? in Progress
Classes and Literary Societies
Elect Officers.
Clemson College, Sept. 24.-The
union rt>vl\*al services conducted l>y
Dr. % E. K. Hardin of Washington,
D. C., are growing in Interest. Hr.
Hardin ?3 a preacher of great power,
and his sermons aro drawing lur-'e
crowd3 and accompli:.hin? mue i
nie classes have elected otlieers as
follows: Senior, c. itothcll. president;
lt. Ii. Waters, vice president; VY. E.
Wright, secretary and treasurer; W.
T. l*utriek, historian; ?.. E. .McCall,
chaplain. .J-inior class, 3, Littler
john, president; J. IO. Hunter, vice
president; H. M. Marmon, secretary
and treasurer; ES. C. Kolh, historian,
VY. Schirmt:', chaplain. Sophomore i
class, T. M. Jordan, president; El. C.
Hanks, viet- president; it. VY. Wehl),
secretary anti treasurer; P. il. Kuy
kcndail, tilstorlan; J. A. Eleazar,
The first issue of tho Tiger was re
ceived titi? week. The paper is in
new form, being about Cte sise or tin
regular dally paper and containing
four pages. There ls a snap and
vervo about thc stylo and make up
of t'ne paper that indicate success.
The editorial r,:aff is aa follows: ll.
Agnew, editor; 10. ?. Koli), assis
tant editor; reporters, \V. VY. Mal
lory, athletic; C. E. Littlejohn, alum
ni; S. C. Striblin?, literary socie
ties; A. S. Carwile, Y. M. C. A..
and lectures.
More interest is hoing taken in the
literary societies than ever has been
known. There aro six societies and
many of them have wore m om bo rs
than they can accommodate. The
ofllcors ?or tho first term follows:
Calhoun, lt. H. Waters, president;
A. II. Carwile, vice president; D. P.
Folger. literary critic; F. C. Ander
son, treasurer, S. W. Graham, rec
ording secretary; L. G .Hardin, cor
responding secretary.
Carolina: W. L. McMillan, presi
dent; NV. H. Dicks, vico president;
J. P. Dc-rham. secretar*"; H. M.
Adams, treasurer.
Columbian: S. J. Sheppard, pres
ident; E. D. Kyacr, vice president;
C. E. Littlejohn, critic; H. H. Wil
lis, recording secretary; C. G. Har
ris, corresponding secretary.
Hayne: J. P, Jeter, president; L. t
WI. Verner, vice -president; J. D. J
Blair, secretan*; S. M. Simpson, .
treasurer; W.' H. Jenkins
Palmetto: C. r.othall, president; S. !?
C. Stribling. vice president; F. E. ?
P . ,. ? Q vv. Ward, treas- *
a:v., li. !'.. -.~ itv?, literary critic
Recommends a Speofi
Breakfast to
TTric acid la meat excil?kTBj<
t-rt.cimc ?vcrvrork?^r'ftct sin;
like lumps of lead. Thc urine I
the bladder ia irritated, and you
tr... seek relief two or three times d
When tho kidneys clog you must
off the body's uriuous waste or ;
sick person shortly. At firet y
misery in the kidney' reprion, y
backache, sick headache, d?sxincf
sour, tongue coated and you
gwinges when tho weather is bat
? . ?at less meat, drink lots of
Item any pharmacist f *,r ounce
|dw a tablespoonful ia A glass <
Came to Her Rescue
From her lu-nu- In Mountain I'nrk, Oklahoma, Mrs O. A. Strange
?rit?-, to lin- I'IUUR laboratorlesj
"I mn taking Frultola and Traxo for gall-stones willi
good results. If it had hot been thut it cam? to my
rescue, I would have been dead I um Bure. I cannot
say too much for Frultola and Traxo.
Frultola possescs properties thal n< l directly upon Un- Intestinal
pari-.. It ls u gnni system cleanser* softeiiinu: the congested waste
and disintegrating tlu* hardened particles (hat cause NO much suf
fering, and quickly expels th? arcumiriatinn t<? tho intense relief .of
the patient. Traxo is a tonic alterative Unit acts on the liver and
kidneys, stimulates tho flow of Rustrir juices to aid digestion and
removes hilo from (he general circulation, lt serves to build up
und strengthen Hie weakened, run-down svsteni.
For the con lenience of the pulir, arrangements have been made
to supply Frultola and Traxo through leading druggist?. In An
derson lliey cnn be obtained nt Flans'" Pharmacy, three stores.
Wade Hom pion: L. A. May, presi
dent; J. C. Hamlin, vice president;
J. G. Hunter, secretary; J, M. Jack
Bon, treasurer.
The Florence county alumni asso
ciation ls the first io establish a
scholarship lu Clemson. That asso
ciation lias planned to send a new
man every year for four years, tims
establishing four scholarships^ Tho
charleston chapter will start a schol
arship man in 1791G,
Anderson has sent more men*' to
Clemson than any oiher county in
tho state. An Anderson county
Clemson club was forced today.
We are recommending our 10-1-0
and 10-2-0 and 10-2-?-0 for wheat
and oats this fall when you sow it.
This will give it stalk and grains in the
head, and that it what you want in grain. Ii'
you will sow five acres in wheat and five in
oats this fall, after preparing the land well
and fertilizing it well with either of these
goods, you will find it advantageous. The
10-2-J-O is an especially fine goods for grain.
Let us hear from you. '
Anderson Phosphate & Oil Co.
Anderson, South Carolina.
Represent the utmost service,
safety, mileage and pleasure
obtainable from an Auto-Va
cation trip.
Opposite The Palmetto
N. Main.
ts of Water and Eat] Less Meat, Says
lithority on Kidney Disorders'
? . _.
ifol of lad Salts In Glass of Water Before
Stimulate Kidneys' and Eliminate >?c?
the Uric Acid / /
> kidneys, they
, ache, and fcci
iconics blondy. "
may bc obliged
uring the night,
help theta flush
you'll be a real
ow feel a dull
ou suffer- from
ts? stomach gets
feel rheuruntic
1. e.
water,' nb? get
s of Jad Salts;
if water before
breakfast for a few'daya and your kidiii?ya ?Hil
titea act fine. This famous salts is made frorr
the acid of grapes ?nd lemon juice, combined
with iithia, and bas been used for generations
to clean clogged kidneys and stimulate them
to normal activity,, also to neutralize the acids
in urine, so it no longer ?s a source of irritation,
thus ending bladder weakness.
Jnd Salt* is inexpensive, cannot injure, makes
a delightful effervescent bthia-watcr drink which
everyone should tak? now and then to keep the
kidneys clean and active. Druggists here ?av
they sen lota of Jud Salts to t??JSSjSSt^?

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