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OIHc? F. A M. Building
Office 627-Phones-Residence 66
Dr. C. Mack Sanders
Onice 304-5-6 Bleckley Building.
Office Phone 429 Resldenco Phone 149.
U , 1 - ? 1
Dr. Lillian L. Carter
212 Bleckley Bldg.
Phone 168. Residence 318.
Dr. L. Carl Sanders
(Associated With Dr. J. 0. Sanders)
Office Bleckley Bldg.
Phone 329.
Residence Phone 149.
Dr. C. Singleton Breedin
OSes fa St Mary's Hospital
North Anderson,
Hourn 8 to 10, 12 to O and 0 to 9.
CUshobsif Trowbridge St Shiggs
New Theatre Baaldsag
W. ?vmswrat
405-408 BSacSdey Bnfltfing
rt s
s. c.
For Infants and Children
In UM For Ovar 30 Years
Ogro^s of
We have add
ed a Grocery
department to
cv? business
and will carry a full line
of Heavy and Fancy
Groceries-Have just re
ceived a Car Load of the
Finest Flour a Car Load
Of the Best Salt and a
full line of Canned
/Goods, Sugar, Coffees,
You will find anything
in Grocery line here and
j., <. , ... .
our Mr. A. E. Mull will
be glad to serve you at
any hour of the day and
at prices to let you live
Come in and se.e us-We-will
$ave vpu money and give you the
Freshest Goods In town.
Argentine I
Golden Oj
J. KJ vai
Due?os Aire?, Sept. 20.-(Assi.elat
ed Press Correspondence. )-Thc re
moval of the Interdict upon th? im
portation of Anierlcan cattle into Ar
gentina opens to American breeden* a
most promising market that has been
monopolized by Uri ilsa breeders here
tofore. Already some of tho Argen
tine estancieros, aa the owners of
grillt ranches are called, havo taken
Interest in the possibilities of the new
conditions, und as a pioneer lu the
trade, Senor Cclcndlo Pereda, one of
thu most prominent of thc Argentine
ranchmen, has gone to the United
States to select hulls and other
blooded stock for his vast estates.
In view of the phenomenal advance
In thc prices for live stock in the Ar
gentine and thc probability that they
may reach still greater heights, par
ticularly If the European war contin
ues, lt is assumed tuai the estancieros
who seek cattle in (ho United States
will bo prepared to pay well for
choice stock.
The cattle show at Palermo, which
is au annual fixture and which is con
sidered un economic j barometer of
prosperity in tho republic has Just
closed with results that are far moro
encouraging thau could have been Ex
pected, lt madu pia i o the fact that
In whatever other ways tho country
might be suffering depression, its
basis industry-cattle grading-pros
pers as never before.
The Argentine has suffered trnde
disturbance as a result of thc war? ind
during the past two years the country
has been passing through what ia
called hore a "crisis of progress"
tho resiult ot lavish expenditure ol
borrowed capital In national and pro
vincial public works. Hut In the face
ot these adverse conditions, there la
the outstanding significant fact that s
single champion Durham bull, for in
stance, has Just sold ut auction foi
160,000 paper (the Argentine pape:
dollar' being equivalent to about 42
cents gold.)
The average prices at the Palermc
show established recored. The fav
orites breed In tbs Argentine ls no?
the Durham shorthorn, of which 20(
bulls, making up the first lot put u(
at the auction, brought a total of Si.
140,000 paper, or an average of $?,701
a head (about $2,61? American gold.]
And this do? not-lnehide a-ix per cent
commission which, in this cuontry, ii
paid by Hov purchaser.
The Herefor has, it appears, declin
ed in favqr, the champion bull of thal
breed being..sold for $12,000 paper
only a firth,of the price paid for th?
champion Durham.
The polled Angus, which was deem
ed tbs coming breed a few years aga
was in such little favor at ralermi
that lt was difficult to find a bldaer
Tho champion of this class went fo
only $4,500 paper. Tho Angus steel
however, Is In great demand arnon j
the establishment tlhat pack frosei
beef. Only recently prices In the or
dlnary cattle markets went as hlgl
as $400 poper for this type of steer
probably a world record.
One outcome of the flourishing stst
of the grazing Industry may be im
proveniente in the Argentine ranches
With tho exception of a few localities
grazing is carried on under primitiv
conditions, with little application c
science and expert knowledge.
Argentina ls an ideal grazing coun
try, but the natural pasture, excer
in privileged zones, is very scrubby
Owting to these visible advantage:
lands were sold by the league In th
old times, the prices hoi nfl based uj
on the quantity of stock that coul
be carried. Thcro are .vast, exton
eions, hundreds -o fthousands <
lesgues, that are still obtainable ?
prarie value. The poor etetler ca
do nothing- wkh these lands. H
would starve on a league ot lt if li
had not a gun to shoot birds. Bi
the rieh syndicate or privato In ves tc
could, and many do, buy with a vie
to improvement. WSien this ls doc
Judiciously ?lie results are surpris
In this country stock ls never hom
od-Borne animals preparing for tl
show, aro raised in special paddocl
but the animal raised for tho buetel
er rarely sees the lnsido of a bulldin
or tastes anything but pasture gr&si
This out-of-door life saves cxpem
and. doubtless, avoids somo of tl
cattle diseases. Tho settler who pu
chased land forty yeera ago at prar
value and put lt under alfalfa,
the wealth estanciero of today. Son
of the big estancias havo been bani
ed down fdom father to son, but A
gentlno Jaw' governing succession
altogether contrary to tho maint
nance of hereditary interest, for win
Mis owner dies there ls generally
division .of all his estate among h
The groat enemy of grazing ai
agriculture. Is drought and at prese
it ls keenly felt tn C?rdoba, tho prl
ctpal alfalfa province whore tt <
complicated by the docusts. a' plata
which has cost the republic millie
to keep down. It ls claimed Chat ti
depredations ot the varaclous tnse
are not so great as formerly, ' b
just now It ls admitted that the dil
ages being caused are vety groat. T
insects come m rom Bollca, Bras
and Paraguay. They return tb th?
quarters tn those countries after A
gen tine has spent much money kl
tng 'a more ot less negligible perce
tage of them and they return
clouds the followIrig season. In i
gard io drought the problem ls
loss complex. The republic ls
largo, and the natural rainfall is
unequally distributed that the troul
ls eudemlu In about nins lin tbs of t
total area. The rarlbhs schemes
Irrigation have cost enormous sums
ot money and created only as oa
The skilful settler or wealth ?
tandero contents himself with si
lng wells and erecting windmills tn
supply lils IIOIIKO and stock, but it ls
obviously impossible to overcome, by
artificial means, lite heavy handicap
imposed by nature Mr. Ross an
American expert who ha? been tour
ing the provinces, eug?osta a solution.
Ile finds that there aro ??00 varieties
of the cactus naturul to the country.
Ile thinks that this piont, deprived of
thorns hy breeding them out, would
solve the difllculty. The cactus will
thrive In tho poorest soil, and ?JO per
cent of Its leaf weight in water. The
fibre of the plant ls ai.io declared use
ful for the textile industry. The al
falfa plant, however, must still con
tinue to lioltl Hie field in a literal
Sinews in Reserve.
(From the Louisville Courier-Jour
Six hundred workmen from Annum
have arrived at Marseilles to be em
ployed in French munition factories.
?That au Associated Press dispatch
follows the name of that remote and
inconspicuous cor"try with tlio expla
nation ' at lt ls part of French indo
china, .hus enlightening many a read
ier who \.i rusty upon Asiatic geog
raphy. is significant of tho resources
I of the allies, as compared with those
lof Germany, in human units and in
Annam is a, strip of tho Indo-Chi
jnese peninsula skirting the China Sea
So little is known by Westerners that
not one newspaper reader among a
dozen, in America or Europe, could
say orr hand what is its principal city,
what its form or government, its nat
urul resources or the language and
racial extractions ot its inhabitant:;,
or whether Annamese women wear
skirts or trousers. eYt Annam has
15,000,000 Inhabitants. It 1B a part or
"Father India," which includes pop
ulous Burma with Its large agricul
tural, mineral und timber resources,
and Cambodia, which Americans re
call as the country whose kink-In Do
Wolf Hopper's comic opera, "Panjan
drum"-gaye someone an elephant
which "ate at night and ate all day.'
A majority of readers of Kipling know
Burma vaguely, as being the soil from
which spring Rangoon and Mandalay,
and Moulmeln with its old pagoda and
"tinkly temple bells."
How many countries obscure to the
Westerner whose geogrophical studlea
were begun and ended in school might
be listed as dependencies or protector
ates of Great Britain and Franco
?capable ot sending to the European
j battlefields such hordes as may bc
I needed. Many of these far-away, out
of-the-way countries are capable of
supplying enormous quantities, of:
[food, fabrics and raw materials for
manufactures. Their products may be
sent to tho British and French ports
over seas thus far controlled by the
allies and despite the pestering of
commerce by the German submarines,
comparatively safe channels of trade.
Anderson Tonight, Ladies Free.
Watch for the Football ?Specials"
in Friday's paper. They will be well
worth while. There will probably be
a page of them.
*?**?++?*??*?**??**. ? ?
+ ?
After the rather poor showing mode
by the Tigers against Davidson
aggregation, tho big victory over the
Volunteers was a great surprise to
I the most ardent Clemson followers.
It ts now the belief that Clemson
will put out the best team that has
represented the Tiger camps in
?years. Tito players seem to have tho
pcp and snap that can be desired,
but better they show remarkablo
team play for the season's age.
The Clemson team pict with a
I royal reception from tho Clemson
alumni In Knoxville and with a mons
? ter celebration when they 'returned to
the college. They have now a taste
1 or the sweets of victory, lt 1" expected
(that they will work yet the harder.
None of tho men were hurt ser
iously In the game at Knoxville. Har
mon and Gee got slight twists of the
knee, but they will be all right In a
few days. Ail Gie men will be In
tine fettle for the strugglo wltii Au
burn in Anderson Saturday, tho 16th.
even Loplo Major ls about to got his
charlle-hoss In condition to ride into
Ute fray. He is especially anxious
to play in his home town where" his
brother, former Auburn star and cx
Clemson coach lives.
Harris bias the most talked of foot
?in college now, since he booted tho
pigskin for those three points that
I spelled victory for Clemson last. Sat
urday, such to the dlgust of tho Vol
unteers. He ls showing great im
provement, and promises to bo ono of
tbe leading punters of the South for
this season. Capt. Mfeglll ead "Mule*'
Littlejohn are doing wonderful work
at tackle, and Randie's defensive work
at center ls of high order.
Almost Gio entire oorpe will go to
Anderson Saturday- for the game with
Auburn. A spacial train will be mn
over the Sine Ridge. Preparations
are under -way looking to a big par
ade in Anderson. If Clemson does
win from that ancient foe, there wilt
be big doings in Andereon Saturday
afternoon and night.
Anderson Tonight, Ladle* Free.
Watch for the Football "Specials*
Ila Friday's ??aper. Thar will be wet!
worth while. There WOI probably be
a page of Ute m.
Lady Senator at Work.
Mn*. Heirn Hing Robinson,
Colorado's Lady Senator.
Senator Robinson has temporarily
left her home in Colorado to fight for
woman suffrage in those eastern
states wtjdch failed to see as early aa
did Colorado, what she considers on
I of the vpry Important questions of th
I age. Some of these eastern states are
now in the thick of the fight for an
against woman suffrage, and thi
photograph, taken Just tho other da.
shows her making an outdoor specc
to New Yorkers, asking them to Toto
for the state constitutional amend
ment which will permit women to
Anderson Tonight, Laches Free.
Bow it Happened.
Senator Ciaron co D. Clark, of Wy
oming, smiled' the other day when,
reference Was" made, to the bright
saynlgs of, tho, kiddie folk. lie said
he was reminded of a small party
named Jimmy! relates The Phlladel
[ phia Telegraph:'
One afternoon little Jimmy had
been 'playing'nititer strenuously in
I the street, und when ho returned to
his happy heme he had on overheated
I look.
"Jimmy," exclaimed his mother cn
seeing thu youngster, "como here a
I moment."
"Yes, ma'am," obeyed Jimmy j
quickly hustling to his mother's side.
"What in the world have you been
doing f" demanded tho fond parent.
["Your head is all perspiration."
"That's all right, mamma," was tho
I indifferent response of Jimmy. "My
roof leaks."
Watch fer the Football "Specials"
in Friday's paper. They will be well
] worth while. There will probably be
[a page of (hem.
? HM ll' ' -
Anderson Tonight, Ladies Free.
?Take tablespoonful of Salta if
Back hurts or Bladder
We are a nation of ment eaters and
our Moot' is lilied with ??ric acid, says
a well-known authority, who warns
us to bc constantly on guard against
kidney trouble.
The kidneys do their utmost to freo
Ute blood ct this irritating aclu,
but become wea* from the overwork;
they get sluggish; tho elimlnaUve tis
sues clog and thus fha waste is re
gained lu tho blood to poison tho cn
jtlre system.
When your kidPdyS ache and feel
Uko lumps or leud. and yon have
stinging pains itt'the bach, or Ute <
urine ls cloudy full of sediment, or j
Ute bladder ls irritable, obliging you
to seek relief during the night; when
you have severe headaches, nervous
and dlfcsy spells, sleeplessness, acid
stomach or rheumatism lc bad weath
er, get from your pharmacist about j
tour ounces of Jad .Salts; ?ake a
tablespoonful tu a glass. e| water be
fore breakfast each morning and In
? few daya your kidneys Will act fine.
This famous salts is made fri m the
acid of grapes and leaioo juice, com
bined with l?tala and has been used
for generation's to flush and stimulate
clogged kidneys, t?L...th??tralise the
acid?, so lt no longer ls a waree ot Ir
rlUtlon. thus ending urinary and|
bladder disorders.
Jad Salts hi inexpensive sud cannot
Injure; makes a delightful efferves
cent Uthla-water drinks and nobody
can make a mlttake by taking a little
occasionally to' heep the Wdneys clean
?and active.
fWia Usa a vzZs v??y vasa tss br^szj
$3,00 & S3.50 SHOES JL
VALUE GUARANTEED L. ^ ? Tf||^~||r^lj
For 33 yeavsW.L.DoiigioG same has stood for shoes / ?\ U?54?Uy?33
of the ?f&h?st standard o? quality for the price. His L W> L> DOUCLAS
name anti the price siumpets on the bottom guarantees ^ v??- WA S'P'JT TO
full value. They ar s the bese known shoes in the world. ^\ W*S MSEVES
W. L. Douglas chaw ??a made of the moat carefully ? jg? ?E^ECAM r?
selected ieathc.r?,afitr the latest modela, in a well equipped ?gmm^ f OFACTUR?NC irJ
factory at Brockton, Ma- under the direction and per, y/rf^m*-:/} iSZtb J?? DLARS
sonni inspection of a most perfect organization and the J^^ML CEST MAKER OF
highest paid sk j'led shoemakers; aUworkingwithaahoaeat>^y^ /I^?^*3? *3-5? AND ***.
determination lo make che best ahoea in the world. ^^^?^-S?Jf^f?fefvSHOE wo Ta.
W. L. Douglas $3.00 and $3.50 shoes *r*i(i$??^^ ^hocc,
just aa jyood for style, fit and wear aa other J^Mjl/U^ ^?^W^??S^^??^-^^-m
makes costing $4.00 io $5.00, the ^y^B?w ~ %^S?HB^H^^ ?Ss?00
paiceptiblc different: is the price. ^^^^^py^^oo%<r^g| H^^^^^T^L *2"M
W. L. Douglas r? Tie and J^jojj^
If your local dealci c.mnot ?jpply you, wilie TBM^O^^MSK^? w^Mflj j^E ^^^^v^sOT IL^iwSffl RMb ?E5a^B?Hl
(oi Illustrated Covalo? ?hmvin? Low lo oeder ^^BHBMwsar J' !/W?I^BB ?-- ^ ^^NNSISBM E^TOn iSmaKmL^B
f l(*J S?nrC Stfrt. Riockt?n. Mass. ^^*HHM^W\^^F lu^STmrTKS X^^^^^^B?BIP^ ?
A Goasvractira Suggestion.
"I am too liusy," said tho popular
author, to Judge" to spend uny time
polishing up my literary style. A man
?who'has to write 100,000 words u
week hap no time for sue") triviali
"Then," said thc critic, "you should
employ a literature valet to do it for
you>; to koei) your punctuation mark?
ia order; to brus!; your phrases; to
press your paruKfafJuV'which an* in
clined to bag at thu kneos and to snip
off the fraying cilgt-s of your gram
1 JJ
Represent the utmost service,
safety, mileage a-iid < pleasure
obtainable from an Auto-Va
cation trip.
Opposite The Palmetto
N. Main.
"THU -
?wv MM? ata*? mm iWjgNwi.i? ?4 aas?, ?s ge costosa ?a aunara a* ?anu?as setsumuw
canoas* uNota ia vgAaa, naur noes S
AdsntMkm tickets and reserved grand stand chaira will be on sale circus day at EVANS' PHAR
MACY NO. 1. Price* **aeetjy the same charged ?t the show greonns.

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